A directory of free gay and lesbian-themed ebooks, from the authors and publishers at Smashwords.

Deadfall (Fellfire Summer Short Story #3) by Blayre Delecour Deadfall (Fellfire Summer Short Story #3) by Aug. 15, 2017 16469 words
Short story sequel to "Argentine Winter", following Lir and Finn as they learn to navigate one another and their new relationship.
Hunt For Love by Amber Ross Hunt For Love by Aug. 14, 2017 19299 words Sample 20%
Set in Boston this story follows Jen a 2nd year surgical resident and Maddie the head of the Neurosurgery department at the hospital and the course their relationship takes. Jen has set Maddie on a course to find her. After years together and a separation following some tough times will they find their way back to each other? With the help of their 4 year old Jen hatches a plan to fix things.
The Evening Blade: Edge of Awakening by Kyle Oates The Evening Blade: Edge of Awakening by Aug. 13, 2017 124648 words
As a new generation comes of age, the world of Trista is on the brink of unspeakable turmoil that has not been seen since long before recorded history. Three people find themselves on a path that will lead them towards their part to play. Parts greater than what they could imagine or even desire. The day is over, and as wars rage the Void begins to stir.
The Stall by Richard J. Wolf The Stall by Aug. 09, 2017 3217 words Read a sample
In this highly erotic short story by author Richard J. Wolf, Jack has a chance encounter with a beautiful, young boy in a public bathroom. Outside the stall, Jack struggles to find the solution to his biggest problem. Is this boy his downfall or his salvation?
Classified Connection by Victoria Zagar Classified Connection by Aug. 07, 2017 3547 words Read a sample
When Aron creates a classified ad online hoping to find romance, he knows he'll probably end up with a one night stand. So when Graham shows up at their agreed meeting place with a ring mark on his finger and wants to go straight to a hotel, Aron is not surprised. However, things are rarely as they seem and Aron is about to make a connection he never anticipated...
Tube Ride by HM69 Tube Ride by Aug. 07, 2017 2335 words Read a sample
Jon Hardwick’s routine Tube ride becomes rather memorable when a tattooed stranger cums up to talk to him. This story is inspired by an actual conversation I had with a tattooed guy on the tube one day.
Publicity!: Scandals of a Hollywood Crisis Manager by Edwin Betancourt Publicity!: Scandals of a Hollywood Crisis Manager by Aug. 03, 2017 53246 words Read a sample
Laurel Quinn is a Hollywood Crisis Manager hired by A-List, B-List, C-List and/or D-List clients to help fix their images and reputations suffering from scandals. This book contains 6 short stories about Laurel Quinn that are filled with absurd characters, scandals ripped from the tabloids. secrets that Laurel will discover about her tragic past and and an ending that readers will not see coming!
Teddy Brown by HM69 Teddy Brown by Aug. 03, 2017 2727 words Read a sample
Toby is approached at the hotel bar by Ben and unwittingly ends up inviting him to his bedroom. Ben confesses that he is missing his ‘Teddy’ and Toby becums the substitute ‘teddy’ for the night….
The Flower Princeling by Hector Denis The Flower Princeling by July 31, 2017 2936 words Sample 20%
Bachus is back.
Kinky Kim by HM69 Kinky Kim by July 30, 2017 18043 words Sample 20%
Dr Hammond is hoping for a good time with a busty blond. Though it begins promisingly, their 2-some quickly becomes a 3-some and Kim adds an incest and transgender elements to spice up the evening. Though knowing Kim, nothing s/he says can be taken at face value. Roller coaster evening of sex, delight, danger, fear and intrigue leaves Dr Hammond wondering WHY ME?
Night with Nonu by HM69 Night with Nonu by July 29, 2017 3233 words Read a sample
Have you ever had a crush on a colleague at work? Have you ever thought…what would happen if I got naked with this HOT person? By happy chance, Ajay and Nonu meet in an office and their ‘friendship’ flourishes at the restaurants and night clubs. An accidental spill leads to a delicious game with ‘peanuts’, ending in a blissful sexual embrace.
Samoa Sam by Mike Bozart Samoa Sam by July 28, 2017 3352 words Read a sample
An adopted, active, mixed-race lady in her mid-20s goes on an epic weekend cycling and rowing excursion to help maintain her slim physique. Yet, the outing is also for psychological reasons, as her mind soon goes into overdrive. Sam is wondering about her sexuality and her future on the North Coast of California. As the skies start to darken, will it all become clear? (3333 words)
Unforgiven [Bleach Fanfiction] by Beverly L. Anderson Unforgiven [Bleach Fanfiction] by July 27, 2017 98927 words Read a sample
Bleach Fanfiction. Ichigo has worked the streets a long time, and he's finally made his way to "escort" so he gets some of the better johns. Things begin to spiral out of control when a black haired john takes him home one night, and his world is turned upside down. He starts feeling ways he thought he could never feel.
Contractual Obligations: Part 3: Strictly Business by Zoe Miller Contractual Obligations: Part 3: Strictly Business by July 27, 2017 9296 words Sample 20%
Marie offers to sneak Arsa, the hapless seduction demon, out for her first night on the town and Arsa couldn’t be happier. This is her chance to impress Marie, maybe even seal the deal! Of course, not all crushes are reciprocated. But no need to worry, Arsa--sometimes when god closes a door he opens a window!
Contractual Obligations: Part 2: Performance Review by Zoe Miller Contractual Obligations: Part 2: Performance Review by July 27, 2017 5890 words Sample 20%
Skints are BORN to seduce, so why can't Arsa get past the training course? After a week of failed liasons, the young demon's future at occult law firm Harris, Harris, and Clay is looking bleak. The firm doesn't like demons who don't produce, so Grace decides to take a firm hand with her demon. Bend over, Arsa, it's time for your performance review!
Contractual Obligations: Part 1 by Zoe Miller Contractual Obligations: Part 1 by July 27, 2017 4591 words Sample 20%
Arsa is a Skint, a sensuality demon who preys on human essence. Inexperienced, but eager to steal the souls of the unwilling, Arsa is surprised when her first summoner turns out not to be some drunk college kid with a Ouija board, but Grace Gallant, Esquire of the occult law firm Harris, Harris, and Clay.
Antiquity's Scion by Zoe Miller Antiquity's Scion by July 27, 2017 8826 words Sample 20%
Desperate to save her family's failing honor, young noblewoman Chaudette Merlotte submits herself to the trial of Antiquity's Scion--only to discover the Scion is an imprisoned succubus, and it's her body the Scion intends to test.
Fist Full of Gringo Dollars by HM69 Fist Full of Gringo Dollars by July 26, 2017 4338 words Read a sample
Pedro and Duncan are locked in a strange power play. Duncan wants to see how far he can push and compromise Pedro for a fist full of dollars. Rich gringo vs poor Latino. Who will win?
Between the Sheets by HM69 Between the Sheets by July 26, 2017 3874 words Read a sample
Marco, the handsome bellboy, is always looking for new sexual conquests. Sucking cock is his favourite activity. Marco rarely gets refused. Having sucked men of every description, Marco is somewhat of a ‘cum-connoisseur’. Marco likes the taste of the new guest Raj and wants MORE! ....................................................................................................................
Serpent's Kiss [Bleach Fanfiction] by Beverly L. Anderson Serpent's Kiss [Bleach Fanfiction] by July 25, 2017 41379 words Read a sample
Bleach Fanfiction. Gin Ichimaru survives Aizen’s attack and escapes into the World of the Living. In doing so, he finds himself hiding in plain sight in Karakura Town. He finds himself, however, drawn to a powerless Ichigo. He senses someone else is watching him as well, and finds himself doing something he didn’t think was possible: caring for what happens to Ichigo.
Out of the Shadows: Extracts for an Anniversary 1967-2017 by Manifold Press Out of the Shadows: Extracts for an Anniversary 1967-2017 by July 23, 2017 30870 words Read a sample
It is 50 years since the Sexual Offences Act 1967 decriminalised private homosexual acts between men over 21 in England and Wales - a partial victory, but also a deeply significant one. This free anthology of extracts from Manifold Press titles illustrates in a modest way the changes experienced by gay men over the centuries in Britain, and how these may have affected individuals.
Con música en el alma by Always Asker Con música en el alma by July 18, 2017 2956 words Read a sample
Dos jóvenes preparan juntas un concierto de música, una canta y la otra toca el piano. Pero la cantante tiene un secreto que la carcome y no sabe si será capaz de confesar sus sentimientos siquiera por medio de la música que tanto ama.
Personal Relations by Anna Butler Personal Relations by July 15, 2017 25515 words Read a sample
Kit Lewis and John Hogarth are two thirds of one of the best Public Relations outfits in the business. Kit has loved John for years now, but John's wary. He's seen far too many of Kit's loves fall by the wayside to risk it. One day, though, Kit's sober when he makes the offer and John is particularly open-minded.This collection of six light-hearted short stories charts their relationship.
La mia coinquilina by A. S. Red La mia coinquilina by July 11, 2017 2024 words Sample 30%
La relazione tra una studentessa universitaria fuori-sede e la sua coinquilina.
The Men of Ramshire - Season 1 by Diane Lennox The Men of Ramshire - Season 1 by July 05, 2017 128663 words
"The Men of Ramshire” is a gay romance soap opera based on the lives and loves of the men in the fictional city of Ramshire. Ramshire is a small, quaint, but modern city. People have cell phones, computers, and relatively normal jobs you would recognize. But there are just a few things you should know… There are only men. There are supernatural creatures. And there is always drama.
Blue Dawn, the Sequel to the Blue Series, Part 2 by Josephine Dillon Blue Dawn, the Sequel to the Blue Series, Part 2 by July 04, 2017 254974 words Read a sample
Please read Blue Dawn, Part 1 prior to beginning Part 2. The remaining three hybrids are challenged to either evolve for the betterment of both angel and humankind, or face extinction when the theory of human evolution is put to the ultimate test. (Contains adult content, graphic violence, profanity, and explicit M/M sexual content)
Synchronicity by Keira Andrews Synchronicity by July 03, 2017 10214 words Read a sample
It’s the opportunity of a lifetime for young Tyler Bourne to compete in Olympic synchronized diving with veteran Aiden Oxford. The last thing Tyler expects is to fall head over heels for his gorgeous--but distant--partner, and he struggles to keep his attraction under control.
Missie by Rene David Rivero Missie by July 03, 2017 7425 words
Cody and Peter are high school seniors from the tiny little town of Jeffersonville, CO. They’re avid outdoor and nature enthusiasts who’d love to explore the wilds of their adopted home state. Trinidad Lake is a park that serves as their go-to spot for everything hiking and camping. But it’s a park with a twisted history Jeffersonville cannot forget. And tonight its ghosts come back.
Whispered Chaos [Bleach Fanfiction] by Beverly L. Anderson Whispered Chaos [Bleach Fanfiction] by July 03, 2017 98639 words Read a sample
Bleach Fanfiction. Sōsuke Aizen left behind a private counseling practice in Kyoto to teach at Karakura University, where he had graduated a couple years before. He was looking forward to quiet, and less stressful situation so he could deal with his own personal problems he was going through. Then, he comes face to face with someone that strikes the deepest chord inside his soul.
Wine and a Russian by Dwayne Trapper Wine and a Russian by July 02, 2017 5515 words
What do I get when I accept a cryptic invitation from my Russian lover accompanied by a bottle of very expensive wine? Twenty-four hours in the French Riviera that I won’t forget. Now, I need to make sure that an escape like this can happen again. Good thing I'm good with my hands...and my mouth when it comes to my delicious Russian money man.
Rescued Love by W.M. Kirkland Rescued Love by July 02, 2017 6543 words
A rescue in need of cash. A broken heart in need of mending. Giving up and going back to work as an attorney didn’t appeal to Jay, even though he knew it would bring in money to save his failing rescue, 2 Hearts Ranch. When Cody shows up after walking out on him too many years ago, Jay wonders if his former lover is playing a trick on him, or if Cody’s arrival answers more than one of his prayers
Born To Be A Queen by Ronnie Born To Be A Queen by June 30, 2017 17556 words Read a sample
From the hood of Chicago, Ronnie knew ever since he was young that he was different, and that he wanted to be fabulous when he grew up, becoming one of the most talented drag queens, and meets with a entertainment manager named Lucky and moves to New Orleans to pursue his dreams! But when bad experiences leave Ronnie traumatized, he starts to rethink his dream.....
What's Up, Pussycat? by Louise Lyons What's Up, Pussycat? by June 21, 2017 23903 words Read a sample
After Finley's lover died, he tries to move on by taking a role in a musical that his love previously played. An irritating fellow actor becomes the bane of his life. But things change and Finley finds himself attracted to Karl. Could this man be his future?
Friends and Boyfriends by T.T. Kove Friends and Boyfriends by June 20, 2017 4798 words
Talk about awkward.
 Tarjei and I’ve been together for a short second—and I’m still not used to this boyfriend-business. I might also still like Nik, and now Nik’s home and ambushing me as I finish work.
Once You Go Black 1 by Edua Erasmus Once You Go Black 1 by June 16, 2017 22255 words Read a sample
Going to prison was the worst thing to ever happen to Barry, but it was also the best thing to ever happen to him. It was in prison that he met Wesley, the charasmatic thug he shared a cell with.
No Sister Of Mine 2 by Really Rashida No Sister Of Mine 2 by June 13, 2017 29990 words
In this fast paced sequel the Cooper empire is still in jeopardy. Henn is knee deep in drama with his forbidden lover with nowhere to turn. Genie is on a war path and is more dangerous than ever. Will this family be able to get it together before it's too late?
All My Loving by J.D. Walker All My Loving by June 08, 2017 6100 words Read a sample
"All My Loving" is a collection of snippets that give a glimpse into the daily lives of the men in J.D. Walker's best-selling series, Let It Beatle. Whether it’s to get married -- or not; celebrate a promotion; write a song of love; or discover the love of painting again, love is all you need.
Lord Lynster Discovers by Adella J Harris Lord Lynster Discovers by June 05, 2017 68308 words Read a sample
When butler Daniel Rivers finds his employer, the Earl of Lynster, has shot himself rather than be arrested for treason, his first thought is to protect James, the new Lord Lynster, a man he’s secretly been in love with for years, even if it means letting suspicion fall on himself. James, the new Lord Lynster, knows the Crown suspects him of being a part of his father’s plot.
How to Get to the Future by Bethany Ebert How to Get to the Future by June 03, 2017 3821 words Read a sample
In the short story "Aloha from Hell", we met Dave Sommer and Keahi Takegawa, college roommates in the American Midwest. Dave fell hard for Keahi, and they slept together. "How to Get to the Future" begins when Keahi wakes up the next morning, hungover and full of regret. The pair can't reconcile their differences. They attack each other, throw fists, and Keahi is kicked out of the house.
Jack of Thorns by Amelia Faulkner Jack of Thorns by June 02, 2017 110701 words
Desperate to fix his rotting life, Laurence prays for aid and accidentally summons a fertility god who prefers to be called Jack. Jack is willing to help out for a price, and it's one Laurence just can't pay: he must keep Jack fed with regular offerings of sex, and the florist has fallen for the one man in San Diego who doesn't want any.
Dapper Gentlemen by J Rocci Dapper Gentlemen by June 01, 2017 3422 words Read a sample
Delaney Bixby owns and runs his own barber shop, The Dapper Gentleman, which prides itself on offering an upscale grooming experience to a very select clientele in New York City. When Delaney is closing up shop one night, a special customer drops in for an after-hours shave that leads to slow dancing and professions of love.
Souffrir pour être rebelle by Lizzie Crowdagger Souffrir pour être rebelle by June 01, 2017 23496 words
Je m'appelle Jessica, je viens d'emménager dans une nouvelle ville, et je cherche juste à être une fille normale et épanouïe. Sauf que mes seules opportunités professionnelles sont de bosser pour des vampires, que la voisine sur laquelle j'ai un crush est une skinhead louve-garou, et que mes tendances masochistes ne sont pas toujours très bien comprises...
Fairground Conspiracy (Cult of the Butterfly 8) by Paul Smith Fairground Conspiracy (Cult of the Butterfly 8) by May 30, 2017 1643 words Read a sample
Devan takes Sebastian to the fair. There's ice cream, arcades and even a Ferris wheel. That is all… (honest)
School Yard Blues (Cult of the Butterfly 6) by Paul Smith School Yard Blues (Cult of the Butterfly 6) by May 30, 2017 1759 words Read a sample
Having survived his initiation into the coven, Seb now faces danger of a different kind: a night babysitting Raina’s kids.
Taking Shield 01: Gyrfalcon by Anna Butler Taking Shield 01: Gyrfalcon by May 30, 2017 100985 words Read a sample
A colony of long-lost Earth, Albion is losing the war against an alien enemy. Shield Captain Bennet is dropped behind the lines to steal priceless intelligence that will change the course of the war. He expects action. He expects to risk his life. What he doesn’t expect is the impact on his partner Joss, or on his father - or to meet Flynn, the new lover who will turn his world upside-down.
Hey, There's Fur in my Wedding Cake (Lost Shifter Book 12.5) by Stephani Hecht Hey, There's Fur in my Wedding Cake (Lost Shifter Book 12.5) by May 28, 2017 4950 words
What happens when you go back home? Maybe something you least expect.
Run Away and Other Stories by Elizabeth Simmonds Run Away and Other Stories by May 27, 2017 2292 words Read a sample
RUN AWAY AND OTHER STORIES is a collection of short stories ranging from tragedy to romance and drama. The diverse cast of characters and compelling storylines will leave you clamoring for more.
Wiping Out Guilt (Kina McKevie #1) by Laurence Moore Wiping Out Guilt (Kina McKevie #1) by May 18, 2017 77882 words Read a sample
Out of prison. Looking for redemption. Caught up in a murder inquiry. Now it's time to put things right. Wiping Out Guilt introduces readers to Kina McKevie - a complicated woman who slides into the world of private investigation. "There wasn’t a day that I didn’t hate myself. What can you do with that? Disappear, that’s what and London is the best city in the world to disappear in ...”
Deefur and the Mistletoe Incident by RJ Scott Deefur and the Mistletoe Incident by May 17, 2017 7000 words Read a sample
The story of how Deefur, after the great mistletoe incident, ends up with the best bed in the house.
On The Red Road by Ja en On The Red Road by May 15, 2017 3729 words Read a sample
Eren and Nick might be too young to seek the most important thing that they dearly desire. They did. It was worth it.