A directory of free gay and lesbian-themed ebooks, from the authors and publishers at Smashwords.

Pass The Candle by Sasha McCallum Pass The Candle by March 20, 2018 37,150 words Read a sample
An eccentric old Professors house sets the scene for a sequence of events in which the end of one life drastically changes the others'.
Into the Deep by S.A. Meyer Into the Deep by March 18, 2018 5,230 words Read a sample
Hattie's always felt like a fish out of water. She had no desire to get married or start a family. All she wanted was to travel the sea and learn her secrets. She didn't care that it was improper for a woman to be a sailor and she had no faith in superstitions. Hattie should have been more careful what she wished for.
A Broken Billionaire by L. Loryn A Broken Billionaire by March 18, 2018 11,380 words Read a sample
Leo's a man who has everything-- except his first gay experience with his new business partner, Coby. Can he have Coby, too?
The Summer Nightingale by I. N. Elend The Summer Nightingale by March 18, 2018 20,440 words Read a sample
The Summer Nightingale is a Saudi-Arabian inspired novella about a man who has lost his lover in a tumultuous war. Set in a fictional desert landscape, he meets a young dancer who dredges up his memories of his dearly departed. But Dancer hides secrets of his own behind their smiling façade, and what is uncovered may cost them their lives.-Features a non-binary character
Where Death Meets the Devil :Coda by L.J. Hayward Where Death Meets the Devil :Coda by March 17, 2018 7,370 words Read a sample
Jack Reardon's homecoming isn't quite as peaceful as he hoped it would be . . .
Omega Society Auction: Episode One by Eileen Glass Omega Society Auction: Episode One by March 15, 2018 21,680 words
Powerful alphas seek mates who will submit themselves voluntarily. But who would sell themselves and become a breeder? Rourke’s terminally ill mother needs a cure that’s only accessible to the very rich. An omega auction can pay for it.
Growing Pains by Megs Pritchard Growing Pains by March 15, 2018 8,700 words
Being a single father isn’t easy after his wife died, but Damian loves his son with all his heart. When he encounters another single father at the same nursery, is he ready to embrace a part of his life he’d left behind? M/M Romance – hot sweaty man sex! Don’t read if you don’t like men getting it on.
Grey: Dangers Of The Heart (Preview) by Edwin Betancourt Grey: Dangers Of The Heart (Preview) by March 14, 2018 6,760 words Read a sample
In this preview, Prince Ezra Hunnington is set to walk down the aisle but when his husband-to-be ends up missing he enlists the help of Judias for an odd request that the Witch quickly rejects enraging the spoiled Prince. Meanwhile, flashbacks to the Magic Realm in the 16th Century, reveals the day Nathaniel met Judias.
The Adventurer King by K. A. Cook The Adventurer King by March 10, 2018 11,990 words Read a sample
Seven years ago, Darius Liviu met a talking sword belt in the Great Souk, an eldritch being who changed his life forever. In that time, he has learnt something of the sword, mastered strange magic and survived dangerous jobs, but he still feels out of place. A wandering monarch, Efe Kadri, has an offer that might provide that certainty, if only he has the courage to say yes...
Rx for Sex by Bru Baker Rx for Sex by March 07, 2018 6,210 words Read a sample
Dr. Barr Campbell and his partner Dr. Charlie Winters are no strangers to long hours and brutal schedules, but when Charlie has to pick up extra night shifts Barr finds it hard to adjust. Luckily for him Charlie has a plan--and an Rx for Sex might be just what this doctor needs.
Unwilling Marriage by Bosy Elselhdar Unwilling Marriage by March 04, 2018 92,000 words Read a sample
[This is Draft free version] For better version you could read this on wattpad. Two partners made their decision for the sake of business to arrange marriage between the young daughter of Mr clark and the young son of Mr smith .. But the young kids made a small prank by changing the wedding invitation and removing their own names and putting the names of their older brothers ... What will happen
Shousetsu Bang*Bang 71: Like and Subscribe by Shousetsu Bang*Bang Shousetsu Bang*Bang 71: Like and Subscribe by Feb. 28, 2018 42,180 words Read a sample
Shousetsu Bang*Bang issue 71 was released on February 26, 2018. The theme is Like and Subscribe. Shousetsu Bang*Bang is a webzine for original gay fiction/boy’s love stories. This issue contains stories of romance between men which are between 1500 and 25,000 words and include explicit male-male sexual content. Find out more at http://www.shousetsubangbang.com/wiki/index.php?title=Issue_71
The World in His Eyes by A.J. Thomas The World in His Eyes by Feb. 22, 2018 45,060 words
Can a flirtatious young doctor and a work-obsessed computer engineer turn their hot Grindr hookup into something more?
Historias de Pascua by Gaby Franz Historias de Pascua by Feb. 17, 2018 7,170 words
Esta obra contiene 4 relatos cortos relacionados con la saga Manada de lobos hambrientos de amor. La reunión de Pascua Los creativos en acción La Pascua de Thomas y James Puta soledad
Jaynell's Wolf by Amber Kell Jaynell's Wolf by Feb. 16, 2018 35,590 words Read a sample
Previously released Sometimes it takes a little magic to find true love…

 His father’s dying wish had Jaynell Marley signing up to attend the Mayell Wizard Academy. It only takes him a short time to realize he doesn’t belong. His abilities, far more advanced than the other students, cause jealousy. Knowing how to speak Gnome and summon a dragon puts him beyond everyone’s skills but the teachers
Grey: The Witch by Edwin Betancourt Grey: The Witch by Feb. 12, 2018 18,650 words Read a sample
Judias Grey is a Male Witch who has been living his Immortal life in New York City for the past five Centuries. When an old friend is murdered, new threats will arise threatening not only the life of Judias but also the Mortal and Magic Realm. With the help of a mysterious Knight named Nathaniel Echoes, it is up to them to save the Realms ; while one hides a shocking & dangerous secret.
Bone Sliding by Anders Flagstad Bone Sliding by Feb. 09, 2018 64,790 words Sample 20%
What if you weren’t comfortable in your own skin? What if you weren’t comfortable in someone else’s skin either? Paul Olsen isn’t comfortable. But he has no cause to be that way. At least that’s what everyone keeps telling him. He has everything a teenager could want. But Paul is not satisfied. What’s wrong with him? Maybe the nagging suspicion the Universe has him unexpectedly switching bodies?
The Omega's Gamble by Colbie Dunbar The Omega's Gamble by Feb. 08, 2018 4,700 words
Saint Valentine’s Day is for lovers, but for one omega it’s full of painful memories. Lord Cuthbert ‘Cuddy’ Trenton, has agreed to attend a gathering of alphas and omegas, but instead of a dreary evening making pleasant conversation, he meets an alpha who prides himself on never being tied down or tamed. But what begins not as an attraction but revulsion, finishes with something very different.
Masquerade: Chapters 1 & 2 by L. Loryn Masquerade: Chapters 1 & 2 by Feb. 04, 2018 13,460 words Read a sample
Sawyer and Zane come together at an annual masquerade party. Sawyer is jaded, rich, and good looking. Zane is a bad boy gone good-- but still has some secrets. The masquerade brought them together, but will Zane's past tear them apart?
Hidden Talents: A deliciously twisted M/M trilogy by Claire Cray Hidden Talents: A deliciously twisted M/M trilogy by Feb. 03, 2018 240,220 words Read a sample
A trickster telepath running for his life. A yakuza sex-hustler trying to go straight. A surly young torture survivor who just wants to eat some pizza. These are just a few of the beautiful weirdos called Talents. Born with extraordinary abilities, they walk the razor-sharp edges of sex, power and madness -- while trying to outmaneuver a sinister global corporation determined to enslave them all.
Always You, Only You by Suilan Lee Always You, Only You by Feb. 03, 2018 40,290 words Read a sample
Miki Hayashi moves into Shin's loft for one year of college in Seoul, and falls in love Shin. They are happy for a year, until Miki leaves to go back home to Tokyo. Can they keep the happiness they find in each other?
Heart Eyes (Adam and Penn's First Valentine's Day) by Teodora Kostova Heart Eyes (Adam and Penn's First Valentine's Day) by Feb. 01, 2018 8,960 words Read a sample
A short story featuring the characters from the West End series by Teodora Kostova - Dance, Mask, Dreaming of Snow and Piece by Piece. Could be read as a cute Valentine's Day stand-alone.
Ur Mom Gaye: A Short Story by PcPowerUp by Adalyn McComb Ur Mom Gaye: A Short Story by PcPowerUp by Jan. 31, 2018 4,900 words Read a sample
is your best friend a homosexual? yes
Dawn of Dystopia: Prequel to Dystopia in Drag by C. M. Barrett Dawn of Dystopia: Prequel to Dystopia in Drag by Jan. 30, 2018 31,010 words Read a sample
Gerry, abandoned by his parents when he’s ten, gets adopted, along with his best friend by a gay man who lives in Greenwich Village. After famines and plagues threaten their charmed lives, their very survival is endangered when the Redeemers, a powerful evangelical church, threatens those who don’t toe their religious line. A tragedy shocks him into the truth of his not-quite-human nature.
Sex Tape by Dustin Chase Sex Tape by Jan. 26, 2018 5,350 words Sample 10%
Their bosses perverted friend has been asking them to perform on video for some time. It's a quiet Sunday morning and Stephan is in the office alone hoping to get a jump on an upcoming project when Nate knocks on the door. Stephan looks up from his work surprised. Nate suggests that maybe they make that video and Stephan willingly agrees.
Buckled Up Episode 1: An LGBT erotic romance that'll give you the ride of your life. Whether you're looking for it or not. by Karen Botha Buckled Up Episode 1: An LGBT erotic romance that'll give you the ride of your life. Whether you're looking for it or not. by Jan. 26, 2018 7,000 words
Elliott Judd has a lot to be thankful for. Men and women alike fall at his feet. A red hot racing driver, he's out for as much as he can get his hands on. Until Kyle Beaumont. A mechanic with a dream, he's wanted to be the top of his game his entire life and he won't let a woman ruin his chance. With passion, testosterone and way more grease than is proper,
MEN! by Aaron Ronnie Hawkins MEN! by Jan. 24, 2018 23,040 words Read a sample
The "Waiting to Exhale" for gay men! It chronicles the lives of 4 guys, Steven, Braze, Jonathan an Princeton who move from Indiana to wild Atlanta an they get into all types of heartbreak an situations as well as love an happiness! As they deal with these MEN, the realize at the end of the day, thru tears, hugs, an even a death....they are there for each other!
Moravia MontClare, Vampire Vexed by T.T. Thomas Moravia MontClare, Vampire Vexed by Jan. 17, 2018 9,060 words
In a fit of non-existential pique, and an irrational fear that she may have the plague, Moravia MontClare, top recruiter for the Karnofsky vampire family, quits her job, gets a pet and looks for a new lover. On the night of her birthday party, she sees something she can’t have: Basilica Sauternes, a gorgeous human, an art historian, and Straight. Life is long, and then you can’t die.
Strong & Sexy by RJ Scott Strong & Sexy by Jan. 17, 2018 117,000 words Read a sample
Excerpts from gay romance stories featuring strong and sexy men. A taster book from the authors of the Queer Romance Freebie & Fan Club.
Sunrise on Birdcage Walk, and Other Flash Fiction Stories by Stuart Page Sunrise on Birdcage Walk, and Other Flash Fiction Stories by Jan. 15, 2018 2,760 words Read a sample
Sunrise on Birdcage Walk, and Other Flash Fiction Stories is a short collection made up of 25 multi-genre pieces, all at 99 words each. These bite sized experiences are perfect for when you crave the feeling of being swept up into another world, but you just don't have the time to invest in bigger works.
Fire of Ennui (Evocation Book 1) by Ivana Skye Fire of Ennui (Evocation Book 1) by Jan. 13, 2018 37,380 words
Nena has already done the one thing she wanted in life: become the champion of a major athletic competition at a younger age than anyone else ever had. So now what’s she to do? Well, apparently, discover that she has superpowers…
The Unexpected Gift of Love Anthology by Suilan Lee The Unexpected Gift of Love Anthology by Jan. 13, 2018 13,150 words Read a sample
The Unexpected Gift of Love Ren Hill has fascinated Ryan Pape for years, but he was always unreachable. Until they meet in the parking lot at a no-tell, one star motel. Ryan must now take courage to convince Ren that they are right for each other. Monday Evenings, Thursday Dinner and Sunday Afternoon Reed and Kristos have a fight, and Reed is worried that they might lose their perfect life.
EGGPLANTZ MAGAZINE: ISSUE #2 by Ronnie EGGPLANTZ MAGAZINE: ISSUE #2 by Jan. 12, 2018 3,130 words
EGGPLANTZ MAGAZINE ISSUE #1 by Ronnie EGGPLANTZ MAGAZINE ISSUE #1 by Jan. 08, 2018 1,510 words Read a sample
The Kid (Cult of the Butterfly 22) by Paul Smith The Kid (Cult of the Butterfly 22) by Jan. 08, 2018 5,190 words Read a sample
Seb goes to confront the coven, a fistful of surprises firmly lodged up his sleeve. But seems fate has a few of its own in store...
Spread Your Wings (Cult of the Butterfly 20) by Paul Smith Spread Your Wings (Cult of the Butterfly 20) by Jan. 08, 2018 3,930 words Read a sample
As Seb prepares for the final showdown, his unknown allies make plans of their own.
Inadvisable Liaisons (Cult of the Butterfly 19) by Paul Smith Inadvisable Liaisons (Cult of the Butterfly 19) by Jan. 08, 2018 1,580 words Read a sample
Seb reaches the end of his tether. It's time, finally, for the endgame...
Bodies (Cult of the Butterfly 18) by Paul Smith Bodies (Cult of the Butterfly 18) by Jan. 08, 2018 7,620 words Read a sample
Seb must don the drag once more for the coven meeting. But Alex has a special surprise in store this evening. One that involves a couple of chairs and some restraints...
The Lake by Sasha McCallum The Lake by Jan. 07, 2018 29,460 words Read a sample
After a shocking, life changing revelation about her past, Lauren moves to a remote lake house. When a woman turns up who claims to have preternatural abilities, Lauren finds the artistic inspiration she's been missing.
Unwilling - a Shifter Romance by Hannah L. Corrie Unwilling - a Shifter Romance by Jan. 06, 2018 109,130 words Sample 15%
Things aren’t easy for an Alpha-born werewolf, Jared has lived this truth for all of his life. Darwin doesn’t see life this way. Family is everything and he would do anything to keep his father safe. When Jared meets Darwin, he doesn’t expect to fall madly in love, and he definitely doesn’t expect to care this much about what might happen to Darwin if Jared doesn’t step up and save him.
麟潜短篇合集 by 麟潜 麟潜短篇合集 by Jan. 03, 2018 2,110 words Read a sample
影成双 by 麟潜 影成双 by Jan. 03, 2018 6,550 words Read a sample
占有欲强狼性影卫攻×笑面逢迎温柔影卫受 影九九(攻)×影十三(受) 年下,先虐后甜,破镜重圆,双向暗恋,后期撒肉撒糖~ 1v1,HE,风格炫酷装逼,不可思议强生命力,强强 那啥,会开车的,至少宝马以上,戏多的话兰博基尼,戏再多的话劳斯莱斯
醉里挑灯看你 by 麟潜 醉里挑灯看你 by Jan. 03, 2018 3,110 words Read a sample
面瘫冷厉将军攻×武功高强忠犬美人受 钟离牧(攻)x乔鸿影(受) 桀族与汉族的后代乔鸿影,被迫去刺杀大承国驻守边关的将军钟离牧,如果刺杀不成,回桀族也是死路一条。 阴差阳错被钟离将军误会,将军以为这从天而降的小美人是来救自己的。 乔鸿影被来偷袭的敌国兵将围攻,钟离将军英雄救美,抱起美人就跑。 乔美人(花容失色):诶!我才是想杀你的那个啊! 钟离将军(面瘫脸):给你个机会重新说。 乔美人(小腰一扭小眉一挑):…将军,床暖好了。 HE,有肉肉吃哈
Stargazer/Trailblazer by Reese Alcobendas Stargazer/Trailblazer by Jan. 03, 2018 50,770 words Read a sample
Set in a world where every human possesses some degree of magic, this LGBT urban fantasy follows a reluctant, but capable young mage and her companions as they attempt to stop a royal assassination.
Do You Know? by Suilan Lee Do You Know? by Jan. 02, 2018 14,510 words Read a sample
Saki wants to find a place he belongs, somewhere someone wants him, he wants to find someone who loves him. Robbie falls in love with his new neighbor, falling so deep into Saki's world, that he can't imagine a life without Saki.
Chatoyant College, Book 6: In the Orchard by Clare K. R. Miller Chatoyant College, Book 6: In the Orchard by Dec. 31, 2017 61,150 words Sample 20%
As Corrie, Dawn, and Edie probe the secrets of Chatoyant College, they find themselves falling ever deeper and deeper. Edie keeps disappearing, and when Corrie and Dawn look for her, they find things that might not want to be found. Is she being used and manipulated? Or is she really helping willingly? And just how far will Leila go to keep her secret?
Blue Checkerboard Scarf by Georgia Tell Blue Checkerboard Scarf by Dec. 29, 2017 4,680 words Read a sample
Relationships are hard. Both Rena and Odette, eighth-grade best friends, are navigating their dating lives, and none of the relationships ever seem to work. But at least they have each other. This is a short story.
There Will Be Blood by Sasha McCallum There Will Be Blood by Dec. 21, 2017 22,710 words Read a sample
Haley's reality is already in question when a childhood friend reenters her life and makes her an irresistible offer.
Corazón de Mar by María Acosta Corazón de Mar by Dec. 21, 2017 71,510 words Read a sample
Remi Delaney debe viajar de Francia a América para casarse, pero por el camino es secuestrado por piratas. Aloys Van Bartel es el médico a bordo del Liberté. Será puesto al cargo del nuevo rehén, cuya fuerza de voluntad e innata curiosidad le resultarán irresistibles. Conforme el tiempo pasa, los sentimientos surgen entre ambos hombres.
The Reader & The Writer by Sasha McCallum The Reader & The Writer by Dec. 20, 2017 36,360 words Read a sample
Alicia and Heidi have more in common than they ever expected.