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The Wretched Tales

Volume 3


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by Sharita Lira Writing as BLMorticia

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The Wretched Tales

Volume 3



Edited by Kym Reed

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BL would like to dedicate this book to all the metal heads out there who needed a voice. Regardless of what gender, race, or sexual orientation, we all bleed red! Mosh for equality!

Sharita thanks her loving husband Adam, beautiful kids, Jordan and Nadia, friends, especially Erika Kristen for the lovely covers and listening to her ramble as well as Adriana D’Apolito and Kym Reed for reading.

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Book Thirteen

A Welcome Blast From the Past

Sometimes what you really need isn’t truly what you truly desire.”

Trey’s lyrics from Burnt Ash’s Unhealthy Habit rang in my head while I shoved Nicolai out of the elevator.

“Yeah well, I need you Trey, but you’re busy hugging up with your woman.”

“What’s that stud?” Nicolai turned around.

“Nothin. Keep walking, asshole!”

Just the thought of Trey’s refusal made me sick to my stomach. The man I called myself falling for dropped me like yesterday’s bad trash and now I had to make nice with Nicolai to keep my career intact.

Too bad we aren’t outside…

Nah he ain’t worth it.

Despite my horniness, I hated this sonofabitch just as much as I desired him. Forcing him off the roof of this hotel would be satisfying, but it would stir up another set of problems my feeble psyche wasn’t prepared to deal with.


Frustrated, I quickly walked ahead of him and plucked my keycard from my pocket.

“Come on, hurry up Corey. We gotta show to play tonight and I wanna make sure we get to spend the rest of afternoon all alone.”

I could hear Nicolai’s smug smile through his voice. Man, I hated ending up with the shorter end of the stick.


“Yeah, yeah.” I kneed his hip and pushed him inside my room.

“Damn, you’re a grumpy bottom,” he joked and slid his black leather jacket from his shoulders. Once he had it off, he stood there with a look of hunger in his eyes I couldn’t ignore.

Damn this cocky asshole!

Yeah, it didn’t matter that I was hurting from being rejected and despised Nicolai. I still wanted to fuck him like there was no tomorrow and since we had the moment, I’d get that chance.

“Who said I was bottoming?” Horny and angry as hell, I snatched my t-shirt from up over my head and tossed it aside. “I may be the sorry one, but your ass is mine right now, bitch.”

Nicolai laughed, “Who the fuck you calling, bitch?” Nicolai looked over his shoulders. “I don’t see anyone else here and from what I recall, I’m the one calling the shots.”

Fucking cocksucker!

“Not now you aren’t.” I unbuckled my pants, sliding them downwards and removed them along with my shoes. Before he could say another word, I took two steps towards him and shoved him on the bed. I pinned him to the mattress with my body and crushed his lips against mine. Right now, I lusted Nicolai and wanted his ass wrapped around my cock.

Today, he‘s due in the ass reaming of his life and I’m just the man to provide it.

Shit, I’m a crazy motherfucker!

Just to catch my breath, I stopped kissing Nicolai. I inhaled sharply and pushed my hair out of my face.

To make a point about my control, I clasped both his hands, keeping them over his head. “And who’s in charge again?”

Lips swollen and staring back at me starry eyed, Nicolai gasped, “Fucking hell, Corey Patrick. Damn you’re like a bad drug, ya know? I guess−”

“No, no, no guess, who’s in charge Nicolai Zander?”

“You, alright? We’ll play you’re little game, Corey, but don’t get any ideas thinking this shit’s permanent.”

I cocked an eyebrow and flashed him a sly grin. “Whatever.” I leaned in, cutting off his breathing with my own mouth again while rubbing the head of my cock against his crotch.

Nicolai groaned underneath me and bucked his body against mine.

I responded, finally letting go of his lips with a pop. I smacked his chest and twisted his nipple with one hand, while I slid the other downward to work on his jeans. Once I got the buttons free, I shoved them down to his ankles and squeezed his nutsack.

“Oh shit, Corey. Damn, damn, baby. More…”

Repeatedly, I caressed his jewels and stroked his shaft. Though I was excited that Nicolai was hard as nails in my palm, I had to impale his ass first.

One good fuck deserves another!

We would be going there later on tonight but for now, I’m topping my lead singer and making him mah biatch!

While continuing to turn his nipple like a radio dial, I spat on my other hand, rubbing some of my saliva between my fingertips. While kissing his lips, I plunged one finger inside of his ass.

Damn tight.

I didn’t think his pucker would be so damn snug knowing he liked Renee to fuck him with a strap on. I had to experience this and make him see I wouldn’t be treated. If this shit, this, whatever you call it, was to work, we’d be on equal ground. Versatile. Switchers. Or else we wouldn’t be doing anything at all.

No question, I liked being a submissive from time to time, but I relished being in control a whole lot more.

“You gonna do it or what, stud? Make it hurt too. None of that weak shit!” Nicolai spurred me on.

Fuck I loved that.

Yeah, I loved being called stud by my favorite dickwad and Nicolai talking dirty was the added bonus. “Oh yeah, it’s gonna hurt mothafucka!” I removed one then shoved four in with no warning.

“Oh shit, yeah Corey. Gimme that cock!” Nicolai’s eyes rolled up in his head and he clawed my back, adding even more fuel to the fire.

“Fuck!” It hurt like hell, but I loved it nonetheless. Yeah the man made me mad, but I desired Nicolai to help me forget about Trey. Not completely. At least enough to quell the sting.

Wanting him, I pressed my lips on top his again and removed my fingers from him to prepare myself. I tore the foil quickly and rolled the latex on my dick. I sucked in a breath as the pain surged from my balls to my groin. I grabbed the lube, squeezing a little on my fingers to prep Nicolai’s ass for my assault. Oh yeah, this would be fun. A whole helluva lot too. The only thing missing was Renee and Hirah watching us from the side, tangling tongues, and butt naked humping one another.

Fuck yeah.

I could see that shit. And hell, since Hirah and Renee were both into me, surely we could make that a fucking reality.

“Shit, Corey. Get in me!”

“I am… you’re the fucking bossy bottom aren’t cha?” I slid my fingers out and positioned my cock at his entrance. I shifted just enough to be comfortable and in less than a minute, I plunged my cock into the bowels of hell because being with Nicolai was nothing like heaven. Nevertheless, I wanted that dose of hell wrapped around my shaft.

“Fuck, stud. Like that, babe. Harder!” Nicolai writhed underneath me and clenched his thighs tightly together.

“Oh yeah!” I threw my head back and slammed into his body, repeatedly, rocking the bed against the wall. I had no idea if anyone was close by or on the other side. Actually, I could give a flying fuck if anyone was around to hear me fucking the great Nicolai Zander. You wanna know why? Maybe I’ll tell you later because I can’t get fucking philosophical while screwing.

“Sweet Satan, hot damn. Get that shit, baby!”

Amused, I couldn’t help but chuckle between gasps for air. Nicolai was such a freaking card. I groaned, pulled his legs atop my shoulders, and leaned in close, looking into his blueish greens. I wiped his sweat and mine from his forehead. “Damn… Nicolai.”

Nicolai opened his eyes and grabbed a handful of my hair. “Yeah, just like that. C’mon down here and give me those lips.”


A part of me wanted to do that while the other wanted to wrap my fucking hands around his neck. Though that asphyxiation shit was sexy, I didn’t have the balls nor the training to try it, so suffocating him with my mouth was the only option.

Without thinking anymore, I collapsed my mouth on top of his, cutting off his breathing. I plunged my tongue down his throat while I continued to pummel his ass into this cheap mattress beneath us.

Adrenaline filled me, sending electric shocks from my brain to every part of my body. It wasn’t like it was with… er, what’s his name, but it was damn near close. Could I fall in love with Nicolai Zander?

Would I accept being the third in the Renee, Nicolai relationship and not think about being with anyone else long term?

For now I would because my heart had been broken into a million pieces a couple of hours ago. As Hirah said, who needed commitment at such a fucking early age? I like fucking men, women, transsexuals, drag queens, and everyone in between. I could get laid quite a bit and not have to worry about the emotional bullshit that comes along with love.

Why should I put myself in that position again? Not when I had one of metals’ finest in my corner. As fucktard had already said, I had a promising career, money, and fame. And now, I got Nicolai and Renee to grace my bed some nights and anyone else who comes my way to fill in the gaps.

“Ummph, damn Corey. You trying to kill me er somethin? I swear that was hot, especially…”

“Especially when I bite your lips?” I repeated the action and sucked them into my mouth. I slowed my thrusts down a little just to push my beloved fuckwit to the limit.

Nicolai squealed and smacked my shoulders in response. “Ergh, Corey!”

Only then did I let go and picked up the pace. “Like that. Yeah, you like that, hmm?”

Nicolai gawked at me. His lips were swollen and bleeding. “Fuck yeah, babe.”

Quickly, I kissed him again and reached down between us, jerking his cock in my palm. Any minute now and I’ll be shooting my load into the latex barrier.

Between breaths, “Come for me, Nico. C’mon, gimme some of your spunk!” I returned the dirty talk.

Nicolai grabbed my head, forcing our lips together once again. I got the point. More lip action, less talk. And I had to admit, locking lips with Nicolai was hot as fuck. I wouldn’t even try to deny it. I reciprocated the embrace and slammed into him some more. The faster we went, the more intense we became. My brain went into overload, only thinking of how fast I could make both of us get off.

“Oh shit, Corey!” Nicolai broke our kiss and in moments, his jizz spurted on his body and mine.

I swiped my hand through it and sucked my fingers.


Something hot about tasting a man’s cum on your fingers. Hell, I always liked it anyway. I would’ve liked to have more, but my only focus was filling the condom with mine. With my groin filled to the brim, I knew it would be quite a lot there.

Nicolai shuddered and gripped my shoulders, still clenching himself tight while the trembles overtook my body.

I inhaled deeply and closed my eyes, allowing the pleasure to take me over.



Regardless of who, having an orgasm was an outer body experience to me; kind of like jumping out of airplane or bungee jumping. A fucking freefall with all the adrenaline rushing through my body. I collapsed onto his mouth again while my body shook uncontrollably. The minute the first spurt filled the latex, I broke our kiss and yelled at the top of my lungs.

Damn good.

Painful? Yeah.

Enjoyable? Fuck yes.

I loved having sex and at this point I didn’t care if I was in love or not. I was busting a nut, damnit. This was every young horny man’s dream no matter what their sexual orientation.

When I finally finished, I laid on top of Nicolai, completely spent and out of breath from our sexual encounter. And although I was sticky with sweat and cum, I didn’t want to move from this spot.

From the sudden turn of events, I was mentally and emotionally drained.

I’d just fucked Nicolai Zander like I been wanting to do for months and hell, I didn’t regret it not one bit.

“Corey? Corey, man wake the hell up, stud.” Nicolai’s voice pulled me from my wet dream about Trey. Yes, fucking Trey was still haunting my thoughts. I needed to get him out of my head quick.

“Hmm? Damn, wha… what time is it.” It took too much effort to open my eyes so I left them closed.

“Two thirty, babe. We gotta go, but...” Nicolai smacked my chest and rolled over on top of me. “We got a few minutes beforehand.”

“No we don’t. We gotta make our way to the venue. We’ve missed sound check too, asshole. Why the hell didn’t ya wake us up in time?”

“Didn’t wanna.” Nicolai pressed his lips on top of mine, grinding his crotch into me. “I’m in charge here, remember? I can miss it if I want.”

“Well douchebag, when they ask why I’m missing with you, don’cha think assholes like Allen will start talking?” And I knew he would the dickwad. Beating him down again was top priority on my to-do list.

“In all honesty I could give a rat’s ass what Allen or anyone else thinks. This is some real shit here, Corey. I didn’t think it would happen but−”

“What?” Uh oh, no, no. He could not start getting all wussy pussy on me. Not when I’ve already made you guys sick with my puppy love talking bullshit. “What the hell you mean, Nico? We aren’t lovers…”

“We are, Corey. You’re my man, period. If I wasn’t so in love with Renee, I wouldn’t bother sharing.” Nicolai smiled smug and pressed a swift kiss on my lips.

“No, no, man, we can’t. I can’t do any more emotional shit now, right? I just got my fucking heart stepped on…”

“By a real douche,” Nicolai finished the sentence. “Trey wouldn’t know a good thing of it smacked him in the face. His girl is fine, but she can’t hold a candle to Renee, Hirah, or to you. By the way, Hirah’s nice ain’t she?”

“Yeah, but… that don’t have shit to do with what you’re talking about, Nico. Don’t go changing the subject.” I tried my best to push him off, but he wouldn’t budge. Why the hell was he trying this shit? Getting all sappy on me when all I wanted was the badass version of Nicolai. I couldn’t and wouldn’t be sitting idle allowing this crap to occur. He cared, I get it, maybe he did love me, but I couldn’t love him back.

“I’m not, Corey. I’m giving ya options, my man. She likes you and I’m sure you feel the same. I’m making sure your ass won’t stray too fucking far.”

I narrowed my eyes and slapped his chest. “Who, what… aw shit. Get the fuck up off me, Nicolai before I body slam you. You got no right…”

“Yeah I do, Corey. I told ya. You mighta fucked me, but I still own you. Now, like I said…”

“Get off, asshole!” I wouldn’t pay any attention to this man, even with my dick fully erect and ready for more. I needed to play and forget about everything that had transpired over the last twenty-four to thirty-six hours, except for Hirah and her band. Yeah, I wanted to remember that, including the little time I passed out with her wrapped around me in my bunk. I could have something real with her and since she’s a metal gal and likes a little of both, I could see us doing the, ahem, c word, maybe sometime down the line. We could enjoy ourselves for a while and then when she and I had enough, we could play the celebrity dating game.


I covered my ears and starting shifting under the covers. “I don’t wanna hear it, Nico. You got me in bed to play third for a while, but don’t think for one minute that you’ll rule me.”

Corey.” Nicolai repeated my name in a gruff tone.

I grabbed his arms and lifted him off my groin. “Shut the fuck up, man!” I dropped him on the space to my left and attempted to move. Fuck, I had to get away from this madman. Yeah, I liked him, a whole helluva lot, but he was talking that crazy stuff.

Nicolai tightly grabbed my arm. “Corey. I told you how I felt and I meant every word of it. We’re in this shit deep now. I know you wouldn’t hesitate to use this against me just to get a leg up, but I’m stopping that now, my man.”

I looked back at him, eyebrow raised. Just what was the point he was trying to make. “Why and how could I do that, Nicolai? You said yourself no one would believe a word I said.”

“True, but I’m saving you the grief of making a complete ass outta yourself, too,” he laughed. “Instead of you turning your back on this, let’s move on. I get rid of the recordings of you and Jake and we keep quiet about this whole situation. I don’t wanna have to out you, man. I care for you, a lot. I want us to work together for a long ass time.”

A part of me wanted to believe Nicolai. Was he serious or using this to his advantage? In truth, all that this man did was use things and people to get what he desired. What the hell was stopping him now? “Just what the hell are you saying, Nicolai?”

“Be a good boy, Corey. Be my man, keep your mouth shut, and let’s fucking play metal. We got too much of a good thing going on a professional and personal level. Renee likes you. She wants this all to work between us. As much as I wanna join the very short list of outed metal celebrities, I just can’t. I like money. I like power way too much to be openly bisexual. The homophobic metal crowd ain’t as forgiving as the pop kids who accept Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert. We’re on top and I’d like to stay there as long as we possibly can.”

“So do I, Nicolai but…”

“No buts, Corey. I got a plan, babe. You, me, Renee and Hirah. I’m offering her a chance to be…”

“Be what, asshole?” Like I said earlier, the minute Nico and Renee a new flavor I’ll no longer be the third. I’ll be way down on the totem pole. I’m not even surprised that it didn’t take long.

“Be in on our thing, Corey. Renee is in love with this girl and I know you will be too.”

“Yeah she’s the goods but…” Of course this ass was trying to make Hirah part of our union. Something to pacify me so he and Renee could shack up. Like I said, this bastard could not be trusted. “Nicolai…”

“You like her, right? Fucking Renee might like her more than you.” Nicolai appeared a little worried. “She was not happy about what happened two nights ago. She thought we’d gotten too close.”

“We had.” Yeah we did. I couldn’t blame Renee for feeling like the odd woman out. “She didn’t like that we were all hugged up.”

“Exactly. She cursed me out and told me I better start recognizing that she’s my woman. I do but… aw hell Corey, I fucking care about you man.” Nicolai grabbed my face and kissed my lips quick.

That gesture knocked the wind out of me. I felt myself getting all emotional, falling for the Nicolai b.s. then I caught myself. “Nicolai, I ain’t doing this with you.”

“Yeah you are, Corey cause you’re mine. I’m gonna let this shit go on because I want my woman to be happy and I want you to be happy. You’ll have me, Hirah, and Renee. Then you won’t wanna be with anyone else, right?”



We hugged and shared a kiss but my mind was elsewhere. Like I said, I wasn’t doing this emotional bullshit with him, not now not ever.

Besides, now was the time to go out there, appease the masses, get drunk, and smoke some weed. It was time to party and rock the rest of this fucking night away.

Prince wouldn’t be the only one to get the Minneapolis crowd at the city’s finest venue eating out the palm of his hand.

Finally after several gropes and kisses later, I got Nicolai to leave the room and join the band at the venue to warm up in our dressing room. We’d made the plan for me to come in like twenty minutes later, smelling like liquor and weed to give them the impression I’d been drunk all afternoon. That wouldn’t be too far from the truth since I planned on hitting the bottles hard tonight before and after the show. Who needed sobriety on this tour after all the shit I been through?

Not me.

“Hey Corey, what’s up man?” Other members of Burnt Ash passed me in the hallway and I saluted them with the universal nod.

“Hey gents. See you all later on.” I kept walking, not bothering to ask them about their lead singer.

What’s his name?

Oh yeah, I remember; the douchebag that broke my heart in a million fucking pieces. The openly bisexual dickwad who had anvils for fists. The one that claimed to love me and his girlfriend… Bri.

Oh yeah, her.

Like I said earlier, she was hot, but she couldn’t hold a candle to Hirah or Renee. Bri and Deborah were like three and four at the moment of the hot metal gals. Yeah, I still held Deborah in high regard despite her not giving me the time of day after catching me and Nicolai in the act.

Her loss.

That might sound douchey after I said I wanted her so bad, but so what? That girl didn’t give me the chance to explain anything so why should I continue to chase her ass? Not saying I would refuse if she came a running my way, but I won’t continue to be anyone’s fool.

Everyone better get that shit straight here and now, including my wanna be man, Nicolai Zander. Corey Patrick would not be treated like yesterday’s trash any fucking more.

I’m better than that.

I’m stronger.

I’m worth it.

And fuck you if you don’t agree.

Yeah, I was feeling smug right now because I really didn’t have a lot to lose. Nicolai just told me he’d get rid of the recordings, he claims to love me, I have lots of people who want to get in my boxers one way or the other so why shouldn’t I be conceited?

There’s no one else here to back my ass up if needed. All of them either wanna fuck me or fuck me up. That’s was the hand I was dealt when I joined and I’ll wear that like a badge of fucking honor.

Feeling good with a freshly opened beer in hand, I boarded the elevator and pushed ground floor. Keeping with the plan, I’d already had two shots of vodka and three beers as well as a joint while Nicolai was getting dressed to leave. No question I was feeling high on the hog right now even after all the bullshit with Trey earlier. I was determined to get over his ass soon, real soon. Perhaps a few more shots and tokes off the bong would do it.

“Hey hold that elevator!”

That voice.

It sounded familiar, but who knew after I’d downed shots, beers, and smoked weed?

Though I was feeling spacey, I had enough energy to punch the open doors button. The minute the face came into view, I dropped the bottle letting it roll to my fellow occupant’s feet. “Spescha? What the fuck are you doing here?”

His wild blues met mine and he ran his pierced tongue over his slim red lips. “Corey… aw damn man, I’m so fucking happy to see you!” Showing me how much, he crushed me with his weight.

Feeling the pain from his body, I grimaced and swallowed hard. Despite being crushed, I loved having him this close again.

What the fuck was this cat doing in Minneapolis? Seeing Spescha meant Amadeus, Psychotica’s lead singer wasn’t too far behind. “Uh, yeah what’s up Spesch?”

Spescha didn’t stop hugging me. Instead, he kissed my cheek and rubbed his crotch against mine.

Oh fuck don’t do that!

The minute we bumped cocks, I sucked in a breath and my dick took notice of Spescha’s actions. Spescha and I had more than a moment in Psychotica, we had a freaking, you know, well almost.

And just when I said I didn’t need any more emotional baggage.

Yeah, of course Satan almighty would be keeping me on my toes by bringing my former bandmate and lover to Minneapolis. “Um Spesch, cool it. There are cameras in this elevator.”

Spescha shoved me. “So! I fucking missed you, dude. I swear after our spat I cried like a little bitch for days.” Spescha backed off a little and pulled his fiery red from out of his face.


Peeping that I had to clear my throat cause this man always did take my fucking breath away. Oh yeah, what was I saying? So, I suppose I need to tell you a little about this man.

Spescha or Daniolkavic Markus Spescha, his legal name, was the lead guitarist for Psychotica. We were inseparable since age six, we started this band along with Benny Ulrich, yes I said, Ulrich. And he was in no way related to Lars in name nor in talent. Benny was the fuck who started shit to get me kicked out, claiming he’d walk if I didn’t stop making my love affair with Spescha interfere in band business.

To be honest and keep our past story brief, Benny was jealous about Spescha and I’s relationship. He wanted in on our union and we turned him down flat. After that happened, he asked Amadeus to make the choice between me and Spescha or him to stay in the band. Amadeus chose him over me because that fuck was jealous too. Interestingly, Amadeus did it without so much as batting an eyelash. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought someone baited him into it. But no one gave a rat’s ass about our subpar band anyway.

Anyways to make this long story longer, I left the band and I wanted to take Spescha with me but I told him, when I joined The Wretched, I wouldn’t be owning up to being his man in public. That hurt him so bad we ended up arguing and exchanging blows, leaving me with a fat lip and blue balls. Spescha didn’t talk to me at all when I departed which is why I changed my phone number. I didn’t want Amadeus to contact me and I assumed me and Spescha were done.

Coming back to the present, I shook my head and gripped his shoulder. “You look good as always, Spesch.” And he did. Spescha had always been a hotttie and dressed in tight black leather pants, a jacket to match along with a blue button, down, nothing had changed. He was as tall as me, weighing about two thirty, with solid inked muscle. The man was a Swiss god. There I said it. It hurt like hell to leave him behind because I truly felt for him.

Spescha’s blue eyes brightened. “Thanks Corey. I been working out… a lot,” he blushed.

Yeah I could tell.

Spescha liked to take care of himself. There was no doubting that.

More on my man here; he was emotional. In fact, more than. He wore every emotion on his sleeve and didn’t care who knew it. If you got along with him he was your friend for life.

And he was gay, so fucking queer, and made no bones about it. For the band’s sake he didn’t say things to a lot of people, but when others asked him about his orientation, he was happy to oblige.

Just another reason why Psychotica might never be as popular as they could be, oh and the fact we weren’t the best players in the world. Yeah, we sucked. That Cradle of Filth look and rap/rock shit made us a lot of fucking enemies.

Seemingly caught up in the moment, Spescha dropped his gaze and looked back up at me. I could tell he had something on his mind. “I’m here with Amadeus to check out the show. We knew you’d be here to jam for the benefit so we decided to make the trip.

“Well shit, thanks. Is um, uh, Benny with ya?”

“Nope. Benny’s back in Boston. Amadeus kicked him out like two months ago for repeatedly being late to practice and then he missed a gig. Ooooh wee. Amadeus was pissed too. Ama (Spescha’s name for Amadeus) was so riled up he started chanting on his ass. It was a thing of beauty, man!”

Spescha’s gleaming eyes warmed my heart. I fucking loved this man, always would. He’s a gem but he isn’t all that good on guitar. We we’re all a bunch of pretty boys who sucked at music but got a lot of attention. Just never enough to get a record deal.

“I’m sure. Ama still believes he’s Satan’s anointed son too, right?” Yes, Amadeus Berkoff was a crazy ass bastard. He was more than an atheist this asshole had pentagrams tattooed on his back. He didn’t just watch the fucking Exorcist, he lived it. Amadeus truly believed sometime down the line, Satan would make him one of his chosen demons.

“Yep, he sure does, crazy fuck. Anyways, we’re here to support your ass and uh, I had to ask you one thing.” Spescha came in closer and lay his hands flat on either side of my head. Again, he swiped that long thick tongue over his lips.

Somewhat distracted, I punched the stop button on the elevator so we could chat a little, but mostly so I could get my ass together before I stepped off.


The things this man did to my libido. Oh. My. Satan. He was fucking lethal, so damn sweet he’d give you a fucking toothache and besides that, he was hella sexy. Damn sexy. If you were straight, you might go gay after being around his ass.

“What’s that, Spesch? And don’t ask me if I’m coming back cause I got a−”

“No, no, I wasn’t gonna ask that. I think Amadeus is ready to kill Psychotica anyway. He says his true calling is to be a Luciferian before his ‘Father’,” Spescha held up his hand in quotes, “comes to get him.” Spescha rolled his eyes. “Anyway so, uh, when Benny left he told me something that shocked the shit outta me and I dunno if you knew but, Benny said he didn’t really take issue with our relationship. He mentioned Nicolai contacting him and Ama beforehand and paying them money to start shit and get rid of you. Did Nicolai tell you about that?”

What the fuck?

Upon hearing Spescha say that, my mouth dropped and my eyes bulged. Immediately, pain surged through my chest, nearly cutting my breath off. I balled my hands into fists and started punching the fucking paneling behind me. I swallowed, but kept hitting the wall. Despite this, I closed my eyes a minute to keep calm. I opened them again, looking at the sorrowful expression on his face. “I’m sorry, what?”

Spesch stepped closer and nuzzled the side of my face with his head.

I saw red and it wasn’t just Spescha’s hair getting in my face.

He sighed, “I take it he didn’t. Shh, now don’t do anything hasty…”

Hearing that, my eyes narrowed and I didn’t stop attacking the wall behind me. “How the fuck am I not to do anything hasty? You’re telling me Nicolai bribed you guys to oust me!”

“Wait Corey, I didn’t get a penny, babe. I knew nothing until…” His eyes pleaded and he lay on my chest.

Though angry, I mustered enough energy to rub his back with one hand while the other was making a nice hole at my right side. “Okay, no, not you personally, but Benny and Ama. They took money from… Nicolai?”

Spescha met my gaze again. “Yeah, Benny told me when we went out drinking a couple of weeks ago. I tried calling you but I suppose you’d changed your number. Your mom didn’t even have your new digits, Corey. Me and Ama been trying to get at you to say we’re sorry.”


Spescha had nothing to be sorry about but that douche Amadeus, yeah, he was due for an Allen like beating. And kids, just to let you know, Amadeus is a lot like Nicolai, but hotter. Same, ‘I’m the shit’, attitude who loved the devil. He was just the younger version. Blue eyes, blond hair, and he’s hot as fuck, but he won’t be when my fists repeatedly connect to his fucking face.

“Corey, don’t fly off the handle, okay? I mean, you actually have to ask yourself. If someone gave you a large sum of money to do what Ama did, knowing that your band ain’t going anywhere and you don’t wanna work a day job, you might’ve done the same thing, right?”

“Mighta?” I tried to be humorous at Spescha and his proper speech.

Spescha grinned, “Yes, mighta, but its might’ve. Stop with the east coast slang, Corey. You’re better than that now. You’re big time LA, rockstar. When you get famous, you’re supposed to talk different. You certainly dress better,” he winked.

Though angry as a bull looking at his target, I had to crack a smile at Spescha. We used to argue a lot when we were together, but I couldn’t stay mad at him. Even after I left, I couldn’t. “Uh huh… well, I’m mad as shit at Ama, but I’m even more angry at Nicolai.” And I was. This ass paid my band money to get rid of me. Why? Why couldn’t he just ask me?

No question, I loved Psychotica but I wasn’t contractually bound to them. I could’ve left if I wanted to, I could’ve…

“Ama wasn’t letting you go, Corey, And before you jumped conclusions about him, Ama convinced us to make a pact, remember? We promised each other to stay no matter what.”

“Yeah but…”

“No buts, Corey. Nicolai was the aggressor. In order for Nicolai to contact you, he had to go through Ama. When I talked to him about it, he mentioned how Nicolai was on him like white on rice about you. He kept upping the ante until Ama finally gave in and broke the promise.”

“How much was it?”

Spescha sighed and caressed the side of my face. “Nicolai paid Ama twenty g’s and Benny ten to start the shit. Benny said that cash only lasted him like two weeks. He said he felt like shit for what he’d done for some blows, liquor, and a used Trans Am. You know Benny. He’s all about the rock and roll lifestyle but doesn’t want to put the work in.”

I knew that to be true and cracked a slight smile.

Fucking Benny.

In disbelief I shook my head. “Serves him right.” I’d finally stopped punching the wall and held up my scarred, bloody knuckles. Good thing it wasn’t my playing hand or that douchenozzle Allen might be playing bass tonight.

“Oh fuck Corey! We gotta get you somewhere to take care of that!” Spescha panicked and nearly pushed the open button but I grabbed his hand with he injured one before it got there.

“Baby I don’t feel a fucking thing. I’m drunk, high, and you just told me our former bandmates sold me out for thirty g’s, a Trans Am, and some drugs. But you know what?” I took both hands and cupped his face. “It’s all right babe cause you just made things better for me, you know? I got Nicolai Zander by the balls and because of you, I might be able to bring him down to his knees!” I seethed, just speaking that asshole’s name. “You helped me, Spesch. You always help me!”

Spescha smiled wide and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. “You bet I do, Corey. I fucking love you, Corey Patrick. I always will.”

Spescha’s love was the only one I believed in because he was true. Always honest, would never stab me in the back.

“I know Spesch and I love you.” I ran my bloody hand over cheek and he didn’t flinch when I did it. More than anyone I ever had, he’d always hold a special place in my heart. Yeah I know the pun. Being like this with him calmed me, brought me back to earth, showed me what was truly important.

When I stepped on this elevator, I was a badass, a drunken and high bastard with a broken heart. Now, I’m stepping off with new perspective. I do have someone that loves me, who feels the same way I do about love. Who wants those sloppy kisses in the morning before breakfast, who wants to make love whenever, who knows what a relationship really means and desires the vanilla. He’s been with me all along. His name is Danoilkovic Markus Spescha, and I don’t care who knows that he’s my man.

“What the fuck, Corey Patrick. Kiss me!”

And I did, not allowing another minute to pass before I attacked his lips. Our lips connected and I swear, I felt lightheaded, like I was floating above the clouds. Heat swarmed around my head and my body was bathed in flames. Every part of me tingled from Spescha’s touch and his tongue tangled with mine.

Fuck yeah.

Sex feels even better when someone loves you. Yeah I know what I said earlier. Fuck that noise! This shit has more of a chance to work because I have someone by my side that truly knows me and cares.

Loving someone, having their back is what I’ve always wanted. I said it at the outset. I needed to have that one somebody, the one I could sit down and talk all night with.

It wasn’t Deborah Meyer.

It wasn’t Renee.

It wasn’t Trey.

And definitely wasn’t Nicolai.

It was Spescha from day one. When I made it to The Wretched, I made the mistake and left him behind but never forgot what we had. We had this and because of him, I should be able to get Mr. Bruvakka to eat out of my fucking hand.

Nicolai would be following my orders and he would be my bitch. With this information, I owned him and I’d make him like it. “

Still locking lips with Spescha I was lost in the moment. With the man who always took up for me and…

“You know…and aw shit, what the fuck? Corey Patrick?”

The doors must’ve slid open because we let them go some time ago.

Just when happiness was in my grasp, I was faced with yet another issue.

I broke away from Spesch and peered into angry yes.

“Aw yeah, I knew it, I knew it all along. Wait until I tell everyone what I just saw.”

Book Fourteen

Caught Up In the Moment

“Aw yeah, I knew you were a fuckin' fudge packer!”

Allen stepped back and did a little dance like he'd scored a touchdown or something. “Wait until I tell Nicolai, asshole. He’s gonna throw you out on your fag ass real quick. We don’t like faggots in this band!”

Eric looked at me like he smelled some shit. “Damn man, how could you? With another man? You got chicks wanting to fuck you left and right and you wanna be with a guy?”

I balled up my bruised and bloodied fists, more than ready to kick Allen's ass. Again. “Yeah you homophobic fucks, I do. I love men, women, and everything in between, and I don’t give a rat’s ass who knows it!" I glared at the both of them. "So go ahead, you just run like a couple of bitches and snitch to Nicolai and see what he says. Then watch me kick both of your asses with my hands tied behind my fucking back. And you already know, Allen," and I pointed a finger right at his scrawny-ass chest, "I’ve done it before, but this time no one's gonna save you."

“Two against one fag ass, unless your little boyfriend wants to join ya in getting the beat down.” Allen rolled up his sleeves.

Spescha merely threw his jacket aside and cracked his knuckles. The sound was as loud as gunshots and just as scary. Spescha's got huge ass hands, big, blunt and quite capable of putting someone down with one blow. The smile he turned on Allen and Eric was as crazy as The Joker from those Batman/Dark Knight flicks. “Nope, I’ll join him in giving it. I need to let out some aggression anyway and I can’t find a better way than to destroy some wannabe gay bashers.”

Eric suddenly didn’t look so confident, getting a good look at Spescha's massive arms. "Shit Allen…we can’t!”

“C’mon, you idiot. We can…”

Before Allen said another word I went at him, lifted him up and shoved his punk ass backward into a wall.

“You’re next right?” Spescha said, eyes focused on Eric.

“Oh hell no!" Eric took off like a little bitch. He definitely didn’t want any of Spescha. Nobody with even half a brain did. The guy had beatdown plenty of fag haters in the past.

Ready to serve notice, I laughed maniacally and lifted Allen by the collar of his Ramones t-shirt. “You got something else to say douchenozzle? Not feeling so tough now, huh?”

Spescha got in back of him, put a sleeper hold on his neck. Through gritted teeth, he taunted him. “Come on big boy. Talk that shit now, huh?” The east coast in him came out big time.

“Ugh, get off of me you fag,” he yelled.

I chuckled then gave Allen a left hook, then a right across the nose.

The minute I delivered the blows, his face reddened and started swelling up. I couldn't wait to see Nicolai's face when Allen showed up looking like he'd had the shit stomped out of him. And knowing him like I did, Allen would never tell Nicolai (or for that matter anyone) the truth; that a queer messed him up.

“Wanna talk shit now bitch?" I hit him again, busting his lip. "Gonna tell Nicolai that I kicked your ass again?

There was no reply because the sonofabitch was out. Dead fucking weight. Spescha dropped him like a sack of potatoes and he hit the floor with a thud.

The two of us looked at Allen, then at each other. I saw something flare like green fire in his eyes. I knew exactly what it was.

“Damn Corey, you still got it!” Spescha and I slapped hands like old times as he picked up his jacket. "What about him?"

I stepped over the dead weight that was Allen. "Leave him. The maids are gonna pick up the trash soon." Adrenaline and lust coursed through my veins and I grabbed Spescha tight around his waist. "The band goes on at seven. What do you say we go back to my room and rekindle some memories?” I rubbed my clothed dick against his.

He groaned and rubbed my shoulders. “After we get your hand bandaged up. And Corey?"

“Yeah?” I planted a wet one on him while I ran my injured hand through his red locks.

“It doesn't have to be like before. Whenever you want to make this exclusive or if you don’t, I’ll still love you, m'kay?”

We locked lips and tangled tongues as we backed our way towards my room. I would've never been so bold, making out in public like this, but truly I no longer fucking cared. Corey Patrick had had enough of being dicked around by people who didn't give a fuck about him.

Spescha was gonna be my one and only true love from now on.

Now, we might have some fun with other people on occasion, as long as both of us agreed. Spescha understood my being pansexual and was cool with it, but no one would replace him in my heart, no matter how beautiful or good looking they were.

* * * *

“Ow! Dammit Spescha!” I winced in pain while he used the first aid kit to wrap up my hand. I told him I hadn’t broken anything so we didn’t need a hospital but he insisted on at least putting bandages on to cover the broken skin.

“Hold still, Corey.” He wrapped my hand and cut the excess off. “All good now, I guess. I really wish you’d let someone check out your hand though.”

“I don’t need anyone to check my hand.” I growled, yanking Spescha onto my lap, enveloping his lips with mine. This man, damn, he knew how to bring out the beast in me.

When I left Psychotica, I hadn’t wanted to remember the closeness he and I had. Other than not wanting to be out, I wasn’t sure I was experienced enough to be in a relationship. I was young, dumb and full of cum. But once I joined The Wretched, a part of me was still in Boston with him. I tried my best to ignore it, to forget the man that made my heart do fucking flip flops. I thought I had it again with Trey, but that was all a farce. Perhaps my heart was betraying me when it thumped hard for Mr. Delaconte but really, Spescha was the one who had me from the beginning.

“Fuck Corey, damn!” He began tugging at my clothing. First the shirt, then he went for my button fly, yanking while he practically thrust his tongue down my throat.


With each kiss my body was in flames, cock hardening with every small touch. I needed inside of him now before I shot my load too early.

“Oh shit baby!” Nearly naked, I pushed him onto the bed. Like Trey, Spescha loved to be manhandled in the sack.

Shit lemme stop mentioning that name.

Now that I had my significant other, perhaps there could be some playtime for all three of us with Bri down the line. Yep, with Spescha at my side, telling me he loved me, I wasn’t afraid to revisit that possibility after all.

Remember, I still like girls too.

“Oh shit, Corey!” Spescha wiggled out of his clothes, tossing them aside. Once that beautifully sculpted body was butt naked I pried them apart, dove in head first between his powerful thighs and dipped my tongue into his ass while massaging his heavy balls. He tasted hot and spicy, the smell of his body wash fucking intoxicating. Spescha didn’t believe in being sweaty or smelling funky. You could never accuse him of having BO.

“Oh God, Corey!”

His moans were deafening, definitely would attract attention but I didn’t give a flying fuck. I wanted him to make all the noise in the world to serve notice. I was in love with a man and though I liked a little of everything, I wouldn’t be wavering all that much. Yeah, I still wanted some Renee, some Hirah, and hell if that damn Deborah would finally let go of the chastity belt, I’d serve her some too but not on a long-term basis. Only to keep me and my man entertained.

I eagerly licked and sucked at Spescha's tight pucker like a lollipop. His dick was rock hard in my bandaged hand, leaking pre cum like a fucking drippy faucet. Not wanting to waste a drop, I took his cock between my lips and drew more of his juices out of him.


So fucking sweet, tangy like a Jolly Rancher candy and I slurped him up as if he was my last meal before execution. I gurgled his cum like mouthwash, swishing it around my cheeks, then moved on top of him and with my mouth on his started snowballing, sharing his cum. Hungrily, he swallowed and wrapped his arms around me, binding my body with his.

“Oh fuck, Corey. I…damn…” He clawed my back while we played tonsil hockey.

Though pained from his nails in my back, it didn’t deter me from locking lips with him again. “Yes, I want you, Spescha. I want inside you, then you return the favor. We got like an hour.” I reached into the drawer, grabbing the supplies.

Spescha teased me as he snatched a rubber from my hands. “Damn, only an hour?”

I returned the grin while I quickly sheathed myself. I don’t think my dick could get any harder. It knew what ass it wanted to be in. Bareback would be next for us, real soon as a matter of fact. A visit to the nearest clinic would be in our future. I wanted this something real to get even more complicated but he was worth it.

“And we have after the show, Spesch. I’m sure Amadeus can find some girl to lay up on for the night.”

“He’s already got one which is why I was alone in the first place.” Spescha reached down between us, fingering himself. “Damn Corey, I wish we had our bag of toys. I haven’t used them with anyone else.”

“You really expect me to believe that?”

Spescha pushed me off and turned on his side so we could do our favorite position. “Uh, yeah. I have two sets. I’m not gonna lie to you and say I was totally alone while you been gone. I love you, but I needed sex.”

“I know.” I slipped in behind him and lifted his left leg. I spat on my hand and jerked his cock while pushing mine beyond his snug ring. The minute I did, surges of energy ran through my veins making my nipples hard. Fucking static. Prickly. Like someone tried to plug me in a socket with the highest amount of voltage.

“Shit Corey! I missed you. I fucking missed you.” Spescha turned his head and covered my mouth with his.

I devoured his mouth while thrusting my cock into his sweet ass. “Oh damn, Spesch, you’re still amazing. You…” My breaths hitched and my heart slammed against my chest. The feelings resembled a heart attack but I knew it was the feelings I had for him. I felt it each time me and Spescha made love. That longing to be with one another, to have our bodies together as one.

“Corey, oh God, I’m so close. I… uh!” Spescha helped me massage his cock, putting his hand on top of mine. “I’m gonna explode like a volcano baby.”

I continued to pump him, wishing I could suck him dry but my cock enjoyed the hot feeling of his ass wrapped around my length. Excited, I picked up the pace and reached around him, jerking his dick in my hand with the same motion.

“Oh my god Corey! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Spescha arched violently and shot all over my hand and his own body.

With that visual, the tremors completely took over. My mind went blank and I closed my eyes seeing bursts of stars behind my eyelids. It didn’t take long for me to shoot directly into the latex, filling it with my spunk. “Shit, oh damn Spescha!”

With my cock softening inside him, I brought my hand up to our lips and let the remnants of him drip in both of our mouths. Once it stopped, I plunged the finger into his mouth. Then I replaced it with my tongue for an intense, deep kiss.

Spescha pulled away a moment. “Damn Corey, I could come again just from this!”

“You are such a freak of nature, Spescha!” I slid my hand down, kneading his jewels with my hand.

“Yeah, and you know what I want to do with it?”

“What’s that, babe?”

Spescha smiled, “Feed it to you.” He pulled away and sat on my chest with his loaded gun right to my face.

I grinned wickedly. “Oh yeah, give it to me baby.”

* * * *

Six o’ clock came too damn soon for us but I knew we had the rest of the night to make up for lost time. After this show, the band was heading west to spend the next couple of weeks in Arizona, Oregon, California, Utah, (yeah don’t ask) and Washington. Being that the band was based out of San Diego, Cali was last on the list and we had like five shows scheduled there. I couldn’t wait either because I planned to get plenty of sun, sex and relaxation--not necessarily in that order.

After a far too quick shower, we dried and got dressed. Spescha actually helped me put together a band outfit that fuckin' looked good--black buckle jeans, a matching bondage top with no sleeves and a spiked collar around my neck. I looked in the mirror with Spescha behind me.

"Dude, we look fuckin' hot." I kissed him, squeezed his hand. "Come on sexy. Let's rock."

I walked to the venue holding Spescha’s hand, fucking proud. I knew damn well what I was in for. By now I was sure Allen and Eric had been blabbing to everyone that Corey Patrick was queer. Knowing those fucks, they probably gave exclusives to Spattermetal, Kick Ass, and every other metal site in the world.

And you know what? I didn't give a flying fuck. I pulled Spescha closer, ignoring the stares and whispers.

“Corey, you don’t have to do this,” Spescha whispered in my ear as we strode past fans gasping and pointing at us.

“Hey, hey, I told ya, I’m doing this. I fucked up once but I won’t do it again.”

“Yeah but…”

“Shh, no buts.” I kissed his lips quickly and led him to the backstage door with fans snapping pictures on their cameraphones as we headed in. Like I said, I no longer cared what anyone thought. I was going to play some metal and then make love to my man later. I’d deal with Nicolai and Ama tomorrow.

“Dammit Corey dude, you’re a fag now? What the hell man, you used to be cool!” Someone shouted my way before we disappeared inside.

I flipped him off, never letting go of Spescha’s hand. I wasn't about to let these assholes get to me anymore. Besides, I had to face the other bands and my bandmates. That would be the real test, not these homophobic douches who called themselves metal fans.

We walked through the narrow hallway towards the back dressing room. I heard shouting before I put my hand on the door but I was determined to keep myself cool.

Spescha gripped my shoulder reassuringly. “You know I'm with you, right?"

I replied with a kiss and walked in slowly.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the little faggot,” Allen said smugly, the black eye and bandaged nose did nothing for his looks. I heard Spescha chuckle behind me.

Eric rolled his eyes and looked away.

Bryan stared at me blankly, not saying a word.

Nicolai drew his lips into a sneer. “Damn Corey!” He laughed and crossed his inked meathooks over his chest. “Why the fuck?”

That smug asshole had me seeing red again. I tensed up, ready to charge. Spescha's hand on my arm stopped me from killing him.

“Why the fuck did you bribe them, douchebag?”

My lead singer narrowed his eyes at me. “So I paid your mates off to get you here. I was desperate for a good bass player and that asshole Amadeus wouldn’t let me even speak to you. He gave me some bullshit about band loyalty, but that quickly went bye bye when I showed him the money. It cost me a second mortgage on my house but, damn boy, you were worth it.”

Everyone stared at Nicolai.

Allen's mouth dropped. “What the hell, man? You bribed someone to bring this fag into our band?”

Now it was my turn to look smug. I had Nicolai by the balls right and I couldn’t wait to throw it in his face. “Why don't you tell the guys the rest of it, Nicolai? Just why else you had to have me?"

Nicolai blinked.


Everyone seemed to be holding their breaths.

“Well fuck Corey, you’re a damn good bass player. Your er, uh, sexual orientation notwithstanding, you’re still good but you know, I can’t do this longer than the tour, man. I can’t have a fucking fag in my midst.”

Spescha inhaled behind me.

It was no shock that the asshole would turn on me like the turnstiles at Six Flags. I had the urge to grab him and kiss him right there just to show them that Nicolai was into guys as well. Instead I waited, plotting my next move. I’d get my revenge on this fucker one way or the other. “Your point is?”

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