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You can call me Stephen.

I’ve always been a loner. People never really took the time to learn my name and I never theirs until the day I met my future-best-friend, Jennifer. We hit it off from the start and have been friends ever since. I remember we used to walk home together from school every day after picking up her little brother.

That was almost ten years ago and we’re still the best of friends. We share almost everything from every day things to secrets – I said we share almost everything. There was no way I could ever tell her that I had a major crush on her younger and very hot brother.

I watched Richard grow up and he was like a brother to me until the day he turned 19 – that was the day I found myself falling head-over-heels in love with the sexiest straight guy I’ve ever come across. He was perfect from head to toe with his charcoal black hair, green eyes and slim, but muscular body. The only problem was me – I had a dick between my legs and that wasn’t what he liked.

So I kept my feelings bottled up inside and let my heart do its little dance of joy in silence every time I saw him. This went on for months and the longing of my heart increased every time our hands accidentally brushed against each other, but to him I stayed a friend and I started thinking of ways I could change his perception of me.

We decided to throw him a surprise party for his 20th birthday and I was in charge of the decorations – opting to go for the Fire Island theme with torches, masks and plants to set the mood along with a big bonfire for that extra touch of authenticity.

We always got together over the weekends, made a bonfire in the backyard and drank till the sun came up, but to make the party feel completely different from our normal Saturdays, except for the decorations, I invented a dare game. Not only would it be a fun way to spend the evening, but it also served as my hidden agenda to get a bit closer to Richard.

The idea was simple: you draw a card out of the hat. You then either had to do the dare or take a penalty shot of alcohol. Knowing my friends as a bunch of alcoholics and that they wouldn’t really do dares, I scribbled every random thought that popped into my mind onto pieces of paper from fun to the downright insane… little did I know that this would be the night all my friends would be game for anything.


The decorations were up, the bonfire was lit and the guests would arrive at any moment. Jennifer was putting together snack platters in the kitchen while I set up the music in the backyard which looked more like the Easter Islands than the Fire Islands, but at least I tried and it looked cool.

I heard the doorbell ring in the distance followed by Jennifer hollering at me that she was busy and I had to answer the door. I gave the backyard one last glance, gave myself a nod of approval and then went inside to answer the front door.

John and Jean were the first to arrive and though they were an odd couple, they looked cute together. She was small and just barely higher than the doorknob while he was a slim and tall guy who had to bow his head ever so slightly to get through the door. I bet when she gave him a blowjob she looked like a hamster chewing on a banana.

John was a ruggedly good looking cute-ish guy, but a bit arrogant at times and I once overheard him state that he didn’t like gay guys – so I usually avoided him. Not so much out of fear that he’d hit me, but rather because I didn’t like prejudice guys. Just like he wouldn’t try to fuck every girl he saw, gay guys didn’t want to jump every guy they saw.

“Hey.” We greeted each other and I gestured for them to come inside.

John lowered his head, and as they entered another car pulled into the driveway. The car belonged to Unity, our only friend of color and probably our most self-contradictory friend in the circle of friends. She liked to party almost every weekend, but made sure she was at church on Sunday to teach the Sunday school kids about the deadly sins and what it meant for them to commit these sins.

“You can go through to the backyard.” I told John and Jean as Unity got out of her car.

Unity wore a very short and tight cleavage-hugging dress that had trouble covering everything as she walked up to the front door.

Nikki showed up next and looked stunning with her individual style that protruded the essence of n 1980s Joan Jett and soon after she pulled up, the rest of the guests arrived – some of whom I’ve never met before.

I saw Richard’s motorbike pull up and quickly shut the front door, rushed to the backyard and hushed everyone. Since we normally got together over weekends and his birthday was actually only on Monday, chances were that Richard wasn’t expecting anything like a surprise party.

We all stood in quiet anticipation; listening as the front door opened and shut, followed by footsteps leading towards the backyard and when he finally made his appearance, we all shouted’ “surprise!”. We definitely caught him off guard as he quickly jerked his finger out of his nose and smiled while trying to hide his blush.

“You guys!” Richard gasped excited.

“Happy birthday.” People one by one wished him as he walked over to the bonfire.

The closer he got to me, the more my heart felt like it was ready to jump out of my chest. I gulped and put a brave smile on my face as the object of my affection walked over; greeting guests as he went along.

“Happy birthday for Monday, Richard.” I said with a shaky voice.

“Thanks, bud” He embraced me and my heart skipped a beat, “Did you do the decorations?”

I nodded with a smile and after scrutinizing everything once more, he gave me an approving nod and a pat on the shoulder.

“Thank you.” He said, “This is the first time someone has actually put some effort into throwing me a birthday party.”

“You’re welcome.” Was all I could get out.

“You’ve really outdone yourself. “ He was clearly appreciative, “I’ll have to pay you back some day.”

“Richard!” John called him over with a wave.

Richard patted me on the back again and gave John a smile as he walked over. Those torn jeans of his clung to his tight ass and made my legs feel numb. The jeans looked like they were sprayed onto the contours of his ass and as if they were ready to tear apart at any moment, but restrained from doing so just to punish me. He was perfection. God…

I decided it was time to get drunk and forget just how much I wanted him. There was no point in baiting for fish that wouldn’t bite… and then I remembered the dare game – there were quite a few risqué dares in the pile and I just had to hope I got to draw at least one of them. That way I could make sure to make the night memorable – at least for myself.


The music was pumping, the guests were having a great time and the alcohol flowed like there was no tomorrow. Richard tried to spend a few minutes talking to each guest, but every time I tried to push next in line, somebody else managed to grab his attention and he stayed just out of reach for most of the night.

“What a great turn out.” Jennifer said next to me before taking a sip of her drink.

“Sure is.”

I barely knew half of the people she invited and was only interested in one of them. She babbled something about someone or something, but my attention was directed at her charismatic brother as he talked and laughed with a group of guests a few feet from the bonfire. How I longed for him to talk and laugh with me even if just for a few seconds.

I spent many nights fantasizing what it would be like to be his; tracing his body in the air as my hands explored my body as if they belonged to him.

“Did you hear what I just said?” Jennifer sounded annoyed.

“Sure.” I had no idea what she said or asked, “When can we start the game?”

“What game?”

“The dare game I told you about earlier?”

“The dare game?” She sounded uninterested, “Everybody’s having such a good time. Do you really want to ruin it with a truth or dare game?”

“It’s not a truth or dare game. It’s a dare game. You draw a dare from a hat or bowl and then you either do the dare or take a shot of alcohol. It’s a drinking game and I’m pretty sure the guests will enjoy it.”

“Sounds silly.”

“Sounds fun.” Richards’s abrupt presence startled me, “Let’s play…”


We formed a circle around the bonfire and were about fifteen people. It was the first time I got a good look at the rest of the guests and though I only knew about five of them, it was safe to say – by the looks of the group – that I was the only gay guy at the party.

I explained the simple rules to everyone and since it was my game, we unanemously decided that I should begin the first round. Jennifer handed me the bowl and I drew the first dare card.

Name one of your fetishes.” Was the question. Not such a difficult dare, but not the one I was hoping to draw. Luckily there were about fifty dare cards – meaning that I might just draw one of the fun dares as the game progressed.

I had a bunch of fetishes ranging from guys with firm balls, red pubic hair, watching guys play with themselves in public, seeing a black dick cum, etc., but wasn’t sure whether I wanted to disclose my perversion with such a large group.

“A guy with hairless balls.” I picked the least weird one.

I handed the bowl to the tattooed skater-boy to my left, whom I later learned was called Nathaniel, and he drew an interesting dare.

Remove your underwear without taking off your pants.” He chuckled and pondered.

For a moment I thought he’d take a shot of alcohol, but to everyone’s surprise, he removed his belt, undid the button of his jeans and in slithered his hand. He fumbled around in his pants for a moment as he tried to pull down his underwear while holding his pants up with his other hand. He stumbled a bit and his pants slipped out of his hand; showing his junk for a split second before he covered himself up laughing.

“Two shots for you!” Richard called out.

“Why?” Nathaniel asked.

“You heard Stephen’s rules. If you fail at the dare it’s two shots of alcohol.”

About half of the group decided that if Nathaniel’s dare was anything to go on, they didn’t want to participate and I heard a girl say ‘I’m not much of a drinker anyway’ as they left the circle. Seven of us remained. The most important one, Richard, seemed eager to continue playing – much to my delight.

Richard handed Nathaniel a shot glass and he twitched as soon as he swallowed the first shot.

“Jesus fucking Christ.” Nathaniel gasped, “What is this shit?”

“Alaska.” I said proudly.

I specifically picked the worst tasting alcohol in Jennifer’s cabinet in hopes that it would deter Richard from chickening out of any dares the game would throw his way.

“It tastes like peppermint flavored dog vomit.” Nathaniel said.

He forced down the second shot and handed the bowl with a twitching hand to Jean who giggled nervously and drew a card, “kiss a player of the same sex.”

“Alright!” John cheered as his fantasy came to life.

If the person you pick refuses, you both get three shots.”

I could see faint arousal in John’s sweatpants as his girlfriend looked at the group that only had three other girls. Jean smiled and walked over to a protesting Jennifer as John started cheering.

“Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!” John cheered with clapping hands and then the other guys joined in.

“I had unions earlier.” Jennifer protested.

“Come on! It’s just a game!” John laughed, “Don’t be a spoil-sport.”

“It’s three shots each if you refuse.” Jean raised her shoulders.

Jennifer sighed and all fell quiet as they locked lips and when Jean pulled back, all the boys cheered as if their favorite sports team won a world cup. Even though I hoped to draw a card like that, it wasn’t all bad. John had a quite visible boner and the outline of Richard’s magnificent hard cock was visible as his tight jeans chocked it against his inner thigh. They were both turned on by the girl-on-girl action and their arousal turned me on a bit.

Jean strutted back to her spot in the circle and handed John the bowl with an arrogant smile on her face. He reached into the bowl a bit hesitant after the dares he had witnessed; fearing something even worse and when he had a card, he read it out loud.

Show your ass to the group.” The way he read it already said, “I’m gonna pass on that.”

“Who’s a spoil-sport now?” Jean teased.

“I’m not gonna show my ass to everyone.” John chuckled nervously.

He glanced in my direction and I knew what he actually meant to say was, “I don’t wanna show my ass to the gay guy. He might try to fuck it.”

As if…

John was still playfully protesting when Jennifer brought over a shooter glass. He downed the shot and looked as if he stepped on a live electrical wire as the alcohol went down; making everyone burst out laughing.

“Oh my God!” He shook it off, “That’s disgusting.”

Jennifer held out another shooter glass.

“What’s this?” John asked confused.

“You failed the dare.” Jennifer announced, “Rules are rules.”

“You want me to drink another shot of that shit? You wanna kill me… what if we compromised? I already drank half of the penalty shots. What if I did half of the dare?”

We all stared at him in silence and with smiles of anticipation on our faces as he turned his back on the group. He took a deep breath and started undoing his pants… and then slowly started sliding his pants down until the top of his ass crack was showing. He lowered his pants a little more – enough for me to see that he had no ass hair – and when all the other players started cheering, he quickly pulled his pants up again.

He turned around again with a broad smile of accomplishment on his face only to be met with the shooter glass again. His smile faded and then he glanced at me as if asking me to save him. Despite not liking him, he put up a semi-interesting show.

“Referee?” John asked me.

“Okay.” I finally said, “You passed the dare.”


Unity drew the next dare card, read it to herself in silence and chuckled in glee; making me wish I could trade places with her as it was obviously one of the many naughtier dare cards. She glanced over at Richard and then bit her nail as she looked down at the dare card again and I knew exactly what card she drew.

“Well?” Jean asked curious, “What’s your dare?”

Remove one item of clothing off the birthday boy.

The girls shrieked like a pack of laughing hyenas as the guys all laughed with embarrassment. I, on the other hand, was excited that the dare card was picked. There were four of those cards and Richard was wearing only a shirt and a pair of jeans – meaning that the game just became interesting to me.

“Oh God.” Richard chuckled nervously as she stepped closer.

Unity looked him up and down as she decided what to remove – looking like a shopper eyeing an outfit on a mannequin. She winked at him and then started lifting his shirt up; putting his chiseled six-pack on display as it tightened when he lifted his arms and allowed her to pull the shirt over his head. His body was gorgeous and I had to bite down on my lower lip to keep it from quivering from excitement.

I felt my mouth dry out and my heart rate increased as I scrutinized his marvelous, brawny body that looked like the blueprints for the body of a Greek God. I didn’t really pay attention to the game and missed two players’ dares. I couldn’t stop staring at his magnificent body until he spotted me. We briefly made eye contact and when he smiled at me I looked away foolishly like a love-sick teenager.

A chubby boy named Martin had the bowl next and drew his dare a bit warily, read it to himself and chuckled, “Pick a player of the same sex. You both need to show your underwear to the rest of the players after which you need to swop. You may do it in private, but need to show the group that you swopped underwear. You have sixty seconds to swop. Failure results in four penalty shots each.”

Martin chuckled and pointed at Nathaniel who responded, “Why me?”

“Less arguing.” I laughed at Nathaniel’s anguish, “Are you in or are you taking the shots?”

“Fuck that nasty shit.”

Without giving it a second thought, Nathaniel dropped his pants to his ankles and showed his bright blue briefs to all the other players. He proudly folded his arms across his chest as he waited for Martin, and judging from his bulge, Nathaniel had a lot to be proud of.

Martin pulled down his tracksuit pants and showed off his Scooby Doo boxers.

“Now swop.” I instructed them, “You have sixty seconds.”

The two of them hurriedly pulled up their pants and giggled like mischievous kids as they rushed off into the darkness around the corner of the house. Jennifer did the countdown and when she reached 10, the two of them ran back over to the bonfire and quickly dropped their pants as she reached 2. Nathaniel threw his arms in the air as if winning a race when his pants hit the ground and the other players cheered them both upon seeing that they were wearing each other’s underwear. The boxers were a bit too big and slipping down, so Nathaniel grasped the waistband with one hand and pulled up his pants with the other.

Martin handed the bowl to Jennifer who hesitated when she read her dare to herself.

“I can’t do this.” She protested, “He’s my brother.”

“What dare did you get?” Richard asked.

Give the birthday boy a lap dance.”

“Put it back in the bowl, mix it and draw again.” I said.

She did just that and burst out laughing when she read the dare card, “Tell the group which one of the guys you think is circumcised. If you’re wrong, you both have to take two shots. The catch: to make sure the guy isn’t just avoiding a shot, you need to make a hand inspection.”

“What is a hand inspection?” Jean asked.

“No way!” a boy whose name I didn’t know said, “I don’t want you touching my junk. What if I get a hard-on?”

“This is an easy one.” Jennifer said relieved, “Richard is circumcised. I should know – he’s my brother.”

Knowing that Richard had a circumcised dick aroused me a bit. I loved a cut cock – they looked presentable and tasted delectable. I could practically see his dick in my mind as my imagination ran wild.

“That’s cheating.” Unity said and then everyone stared at me.

I had to play referee again?

“I’ll allow it.”

I could tell from the groans that some of the other players felt it was unfair. How could they know for certain that he was cut downstairs? It could start a rebellion when it came to other dares.

“I think it would only be fair if someone checked the validity of her claim.” I announced.

Before I could volunteer, Unity slipped her hand into his pant, fumbled around as he flinched a bit uneasy.

“Yip.” Unity stated as she pulled out her hand, “He’s cut… and big.”

The girls giggled and the guys cheered while John gave Richard a hi-five and all I could think was what a sneaky cow Unity was to steal my thunder.

The bowl came round to me. It was my turn to draw a dare.


All the dare cards in the bowl were specifically written with Richard in mind – in hopes that I would draw at least one to get close to him, but it hadn’t been my evening. I remember thinking, “please… please… please let me draw a dare that involves Richard” as I fished for a card and I opened my eyes as I drew one. My heart skipped a couple of beats when I saw what card I drew.

Remove one item of clothing off the birthday boy. If you’re removing pants, undo the zipper with your teeth. Failure will result in two penalty shots for both of you.”

Despite the music playing loudly and the other players laughing hysterically, all I could hear was the fast and untamed beating of my own heart. It wasn’t exactly the card I was hoped for, but it was a step in the right direction – towards seeing him naked.

This was it… I nervously clenched my clammy hands into fists as I walked over to him and it felt as if time slowed down with every step I took. I’ve been waiting for this all night and now that the moment had finally come, I found it difficult to go through with it.

Richard smiled nervously at the other players and rested his hands on his sides as I got down on my knees. His torso was even more spectacular up close and I found it hard to pull my eyes away from his defining v-lines that led down to his washed-out jeans that hugged his crotch ever so tightly.

I licked my dry lips and everyone around us fell quiet as I undid the button of his jeans. I tried to control my quivering hands which was harder than I thought it would be. I heard John whistle as I lifted the slider with my tongue and took a hold of it between my teeth. This was the closest my face had ever gotten to his crotch and as I slowly pulled down the slider with a struggle, I could actually smell his dick which aroused me even more. It wasn’t the smell of a dirty dick that had been sweating in underwear all day, but rather the clean smell of 100% raw delectable, mouthwatering dick waiting to be sucked.

As the slider reached the end of the zipper, my chin accidentally grazed the shaft of his dick. He felt it and pulled back just a little as he chuckled. I glanced up at him; expecting him to pull away completely, but he seemed to enjoy the attention as he stared down at me.

“Get on with it.” He said smiling, “I don’t want a shot.”

The open zipper let the sides hang open like lapels and the top of his bulge was visible as his tight, white undies imprisoned his cock. I took a hold of the open sides and slowly pulled down his jeans; keeping my eyes on the white undies a few inches from my face as the jeans slid over the bulge – pressing it down and setting it free again with a sprung as the jeans traveled down to his knees.

I gulped down my lust as I stared at the firm bulge of white underwear in front of me and then everyone cheered as he stepped out of the jeans; snapping me back to reality. He took the pair of jeans from me and threw them aside on the grass next to his shirt, held out a hand and helped me to my feet.

“That was… intimate.” Richard joked.

I faked a smile, but I wouldn’t soon forget that bulge and how close my mouth came to his cock.

“My turn.” Nathaniel said and picked up the bowl.

He started laughing at his card as I took my place next to him. I wasn’t really paying attention as Richard’s bulge was still etched into my mind.

Act out your favorite sex position with the person to your immediate left.” Nathaniel read; signaling a holler of laughs.

I completely forgot about that card… and before I knew it, Nathaniel had me lying on my back in the grass with my legs resting on his shoulders while he grinded his crotch against my elevated ass. The others cheered and laughed and then he bulged out his firm belly to rub against my balls as he dry humped my ass. It was the first time I got a good look at the skater-boy and from where I was laying he was pretty good looking.

He kept bumping his bulging crotch against my ass and I felt myself not only getting hard from the pretend action, but I started dribbling pre-cum in my underwear. He had his eyes shut, head tilted back and groaned like a porn star as he rubbed his groin against me over and over in an array of frottage movements that pushed me closer to the edge.

And then he pulled away, jumped to his feet and threw his arms in the air as if he just won a race. I lowered my legs and glanced up at him just as he gave me a wink. He got even cuter when John hi-fived him for passing the dare.


Jean was next to draw a dare, but my mind wasn’t really in the game anymore. I was torn between two sexy straight guys; Richard with his sexy body and Nathaniel, who from the looks of his dare, clearly fucked an ass or two in the past.

Jean did something with her bra over her head and everyone cheered as I stared at Nathaniel in a daze. Maybe he was one of those straight guys who had sex with men on the down-low? How else would he know about the trick of rubbing up against the bottom’s balls with his belly with each thrust?

“No way!” John burst out laughing at his card.

Back to the game. John had dawn a card and from his reaction, it was one of the naughtier dares intended for Richard.

“Don’t be a pussy.” Richard said, “I’m standing here in my underwear and you don’t hear me complaining. How bad can your dare be?”

John hesitated and then read out his dare, “You’ll be blindfolded and tied to a bed or chair. Each of the other players will get a chance to write a secret message on your upper body. You have to guess who wrote each message. Failure will result in five penalties shots… Who came up with this?”

John chuckled and then stared me. I wasn’t sure whether he wanted me to bench him as referee or whether he was blaming me for drawing the dare. The other players started cheering him on and he finally gave in; allowing Jennifer to lead him into her bedroom and then she drew shut the patio curtains.

A moment later she returned and gestured for all the players to quiet down before handing the marker pen to Richard who chuckled behind his hand before entering the room. About two minutes later, Richard emerged from behind the curtains and quietly handed the marker pen to another player who I didn’t know. A couple of minutes later the player returned and handed the marker pen to Jean.

Nathaniel was on his phone checking messages and Richard playfully flexed in his underwear.

“Your turn.” Jean whispered and held out the marker pen to me.

I glanced back over my shoulder at Richard’s flexing body as I entered the bedroom until the curtain shut behind me. I wasn’t quite prepared for the sight that awaited me inside; John lay blindfolded and hands tied to the headboard with his shirt pulled up to his neck. His feet dangled off the end of the bed and despite being one of the tallest and skinniest guys, he had a well-defined body.

I quietly shut the sliding door and sat down on the edge of the bed; taking a minute to read the other messages, “I was here.” “Skinny guys are the best fuckers”, “Vote Trump”, “Justin Bieber is the best singer in the history of the world”.

What should I write?’ I wondered as I leaned in closer to his body. He had nicely defined v-lines and though it didn’t compare to Richard’s, they were worth a mention as they reached down into his pants. I decided to write the ‘One ring to find them’ quote from Lord of the Rings just above his waistband so I Ieaned in closer, rested my upper arm on his crotch and started writing.

“Careful.” He twitched as my arm touched down.

I suppressed a laugh with a smile and continued writing, but needed more writing space when I got to the end of my canvas, so I carefully pulled down his pants until it was just above his dick.

No pubic hair’ I thought to myself impressed.

“What are you doing?”

I hushed him; trying to sound as feminine as possible and continued writing. The movement of my arm against his crotch must’ve turned him on somehow, because I felt his dick get hard as I got to ‘and in the darkness bind them.

The tip of his cock peeked out from underneath the waistband – begging to be released and for an unknown reason, I found his bound and vulnerable body alluring. I glanced back at the door to make sure the curtains were shut, took a deep breath and let my hand slip into his pants.

“Who is that?” He asked; trying to see out from beneath the blindfold, “What are you doing?”

I hushed him again. His protest sounded more like he was enjoying it as my hand slipped over his hard cock and cupped his firm hairless balls that were as smooth as a baby’s bottom. My own dick immediately thickened and hardened; pressing up against my jeans as I gently jerked his foreskin back and forth inside his pants.

He started groaning in protest and then finally gave in, “Wet it a bit.”

If only he knew it was a guy that was fondling him, he’d probably have a heart attack. I was never one to pass on an opportunity and having a homophobic straight guy like putty in my hand was an opportunity I wasn’t going to get twice.

I pulled down his pants and his hard cock sprung into sight in all its uncut glory. I couldn’t stand John, but God… his cock looked delicious as it stood on display. I took a firm grip and started jerking it again a couple of times before slipping my lips around the head – making him groan in ecstasy.

I jerked him vigorously a couple of times and then ran my tongue down the shaft of his pulsating cock; teasing his smooth and firm balls with the flicking of my tongue before making my way up and swallowing his dick again.

“Don’t stop.” He begged.

There was a knock at the sliding door and Jennifer asked, “Are you almost done in there?”

I couldn’t respond or he’d know it was me so I just pulled up his pants until it covered his hard cock and most of my message.

“Don’t go.” He pleaded.

A wasted opportunity’, I thought to myself as I gave him one last look before leaving. I could’ve had some real fun with him if Jennifer didn’t interrupt. I’ve been known to give blowjobs so intense it made some guys shoot their jizz in a minute or two.


The other players each took turns to go write messages on John’s body and when he came out to guess who wrote what, he only guessed 2 right. Being the referee of the game, I lowered is penalty to only two shooters which he took like a laughable wimp – not that anyone could blame him. Alaska tasted like shit.

Unity drew the next dare and it was quite a funny one – she could barely contain herself as she read it out for the rest of the players.

Pretend the tallest guy here is a stripper pole and you’re a stripper. Failure will result in three penalty shots for both of you.”

John was a great sport, but it was clear to everyone – except to Unity – that Jean didn’t like the fact that her boyfriend seemed to enjoy the attention. She kept her comments to herself as she folded her arms and put a fake smile on her face. When the stripper dance was over, John’s smile faded when he saw Jean’s annoyed smile.

It was Richard’s turn and he drew “make out with a member of the same sex for at least ten seconds. Failure will result in 2 penalty shots for each.”

With a naughty smile upon his face, Richard eyed the guys in the circle – looking for his victim. If I drew the card, I knew exactly who I’d pick. I’d make the best of those ten seconds; I’d make him question his own sexuality.

John jokingly hid behind Jean as Richard strolled up and down like a shopper who couldn’t decide between a variety of specials and then he stopped in front of Nathaniel and I. My heart beat furiously in hopes that he’d pick me, but he turned to Nathaniel.

“Let’s do this, bro!” Richard exclaimed as John and Martin cheered.

“Oh come on!” Nathaniel protested, “Why am I being targeted?”

Nathaniel playfully protested and then everyone, including myself, started cheering them on as Richard stepped closer to him. Richard pressed his bare chest up against Nathaniel who took a firm grip of the back of Richard’s neck and pulled him closer. Nathaniel giggled a bit as their lips met and then Richard visibly slipped his tongue into Nathaniel’s mouth; rolling it around as they made out. Richard took Nathaniel’s other hand and pushed it into his undies so that Nathaniel could cup his butt – making everyone shriek with laughter. Martin even took out his phone and took a video of the two smooching.

Although I wished I was the one Richard was kissing, it was pretty hot seeing the two of them really get into the dare. Nathaniel was squeezing and rubbing Richard’s ass cheek as they kissed and the movement of his hand slowly pulled Richard’s underwear away and down – exposing his ass.

I was in straight-guy-fantasy heaven.

“Time’s up.” Jennifer announced.

Nathaniel threw both arms up in the air in victory as they kissed and then Richard pulled back, pulled his underwear up and laughed as he returned to his spot in the circle.

“You’re pretty good kisser.” Nathaniel joked.

“You’re not too bad yourself.”

Straight guys kissing each other – and doing a decent job at it – and then compliment each other on their kissing skills? What can be hotter than that? Richard’s casual approach or Nathaniel’s playful victories after each dare – I didn’t know which one was hotter…

I was so taken aback by the fucking hot straight-boy kiss that I didn’t follow the rest of the round until Jennifer handed me the bowl. I looked down at the bowl and noticed that Martin was putting his shirt back on and I was glad I missed whatever-the-fuck dare Jennifer drew as I would’ve most definitely barfed if it involved a bare-chested Martin.

I held my breath and reached into the bowl of diminishing dare cards. I unfolded the card, read it and glanced up at Richard who still stood in his underwear.

“Why are you staring at me?” He laughed uncomfortably.

Remove one item of clothing off the birthday boy.

“No fucking way!” Nathaniel laughed as he grabbed the card from my hand, “Yip… that’s what it says. Failure will result in five penalty shots each.

Richard covered his crotch as if shielding it from harm, “But I’m down to my underwear.”

“Rules are rules.” John teased.

“I think we played long enough.” Richard said.

He backed up as I stepped closer to him. The moment had finally arrived and I would be the one to pull down his underwear and expose that illusive dick of his. He backed up until he found himself against the wall of the house and then smiled nervously at me as he clung to his bulge.

“I don’t know about you,” I said as I stepped closer, “but I don’t want to take another sip of that horrible Alaska shooters.”

When I was up close to him, I leaned in and whispered, “There are two more cards like this one and judging by your bulge, you have nothing to be shy about, but as referee I say your junk can be covered up if it’ll make you feel better.”

He let out a sigh of defeat as I took a hold of the underwear waistband and then he slipped one hand into the front of his underwear. He gave me the go-ahead nod and I pulled down his underwear with one swift movement; making everyone cheer and laugh out loud. I even saw a camera flash go off as he stepped out of his underwear.

I really wanted to see his dick and decided to pull a fast one. I swirled his white undies above my head and announced in a loud voice, “Richard wins the game!”

Instinctively he and Nathaniel both threw their arms in the air in victory and for a brief moment, Richard’s dick and balls dangled for all to see in their glory before Richard realized what happened and covered up. Nathaniel and John laughed the loudest while I gloated inside – I finally got to see his dick. My night was fulfilled.


As referee of the game – and being satisfied by the preview of his cock – I declared that it would be unfair to continue with the game as Richard had no more clothes to be removed should someone draw another card opting the player to do so.

The party continued and we continued drinking and laughing at the outrageous game. Some of the guests left at about 2AM and I decided soon thereafter to call it a night and walk the three blocks home. I made a quick stop at the restroom before going and had to concentrate very hard not to miss the toilet as my head felt dizzy and the piss seemed to wanna spray everywhere except where I aim.

I cleaned the floor and as I opened the door, I bumped into John who seemed a bit pissed – and not in a good way.

“I know it was you.” John said infuriated, “You’re the only Tolkien fan I know of. If you ever do that to me again—”

“I’m sorry.” I quickly spoke before the punches landed, “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“I’m not gay.”

“I know.”

“If you ever blue-ball me again I’ll beat you up.” John said, “I’m not gay, but if that ever happens again, you better finish me off.”

He gave me a stern look, readjusted his crotch and then walked away without saying another word; leaving me baffled. ‘Finish me off’? Did that mean… what the hell did that mean? Was the homophobic giant secretly into guys? The night did not turn out the way I thought it would.

I said my goodbyes to everyone, made my way to the front gate in the darkness as music and light still came from the backyard. The gate clicked open and then I heard movement behind me.

“Stephen.” Nathaniel said as he stepped closer.

He held out a piece of paper. Confused, I took it and opened it – it had a number on it.

“My number.” Nathaniel said; shrugging his shoulders, “If you ever wanna hang out.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I simply nodded and smiled at him. He let out a chuckling smile of relief and retreated to the shadows. That was unexpected. John was on the down-low and Nathaniel liked guys? I stared down at the number in my hand and then finally put it in my pocket with a smile. I planned the evening differently and at the start of the game I hoped to be sucking Richard’s dick only to end the night with two straight guys interested in me.

All in all it was a fun night.


Believe it or not, this was based on an actual birthday party and dare game we played a few years back. I had a massive crush on my friend’s brother back then and constructed the game with him in mind for almost every dare.

Everything happened as detailed in this story; except the boy I had a crush on had blond hair – not black as per this story and the dare game was moved indoors that evening because of rain.

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