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Mac and Jez do Valentine’s Day


Jay Northcote


Cover art by the author. Image sourced from Pixabay (Creative Commons CC0).

Proof reader: Lennan Adams.

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Author’s Note

This is a short scene that fits into the Housemates series. It takes place during the timeline of book five, but focuses on Mac and Jez who are the main characters in Helping Hand (Housemates #1). It can be read as a standalone without any spoilers, but you will probably enjoy it more if you already know Mac and Jez’s story.

I wrote this outtake as a Valentine’s Day gift for my loyal readers who kept asking for more of these guys!

But it’s Valentine’s Day,” Jez whined. “Surely your work can wait till tomorrow?”

Guilt tugged at Mac’s gut. He hated having to be a grown up about this. But these essays weren’t going to mark themselves, and he had to give them back to his Year Ten class first thing in the morning.

I’m sorry, baby,” he said as he gestured to the papers in front of him. “But I have a pile of marking this high. Can we rain check Valentine’s Day and celebrate it on Friday instead? This teaching practice is really kicking my arse.”

Jez huffed. “Well if you’re going to work all evening on Valentine’s Day, I’m at least going to keep you company. No arguments. I’ll come and read in your room or watch Netflix with headphones on.”

Mac raised his eyebrows. He didn’t trust his boyfriend as far as he could throw him. “You’ll end up watching porn. I know you.”

Jez looked wounded. “I won’t. Cross my heart. I just want to be with you on Valentine’s Day.”

Okay.” Mac sighed. He couldn’t resist Jez’s kicked puppy look. Marking essays was the last thing he wanted to be doing tonight. Having Jez there would make it slightly less onerous. At least his evening would probably end with blowjobs. “Come on then.” He picked up his pile of marking and led the way upstairs.

Sure enough, Jez was a distraction. He was incapable of sitting still and doing anything quietly. Mac kept hearing the bed springs creaking as Jez shifted around. Then every now and again there’d be a snort of laughter at something.

“What are you watching?” Mac asked at last. He’d got through four essays, and only had twelve to go now. He could afford a quick break.

Jez didn’t hear him, engrossed in whatever was on his laptop screen, headphones in place.

Mac balled up a piece of paper and chucked it at him. “Oi!”

“Are you done?” Jez pulled his headphones out, face eager and expectant.

“No, I was just wondering what you were watching.”

Oh,” Jez’s smile slipped a bit. “Funny cats on YouTube,” he said. “Chasing their tails and falling off things and stuff. When we get our own place, can we get a cat?” His face lit up again at the thought of it. “Cats are awesome.”

“Yeah, sure.” Mac grinned. Cats were cool. He couldn’t wait till he was earning enough that they could get a flat and he could have Jez all to himself. But he wouldn’t mind sharing him with a cat.

“I’d better get back to these essays.” Mac yawned. It was already eight-thirty and he probably had three more hours of work ahead of him.

“Would caffeine help? I could go and make you coffee?” Jez offered.

“That would be awesome, thanks.”

Anything to help. See, I told you I wouldn’t distract you. Look at me; helping.” Jez drew an imaginary halo over his head.

“Yeah, well… we’ll see.” Mac was getting to the point where being distracted sounded quite appealing. Maybe he could take a break for a quickie once he’d done another hour.

When Jez came back with the coffee, he put it down on Mac’s desk, just stealing a quick kiss before going back to sit on the bed with his laptop. “I’m going to watch a movie now,” he said. “Nothing funny, then I won’t distract you by laughing.” Headphones in his ears he settled down with his own coffee, intent on the screen.

Mac stared at him for a moment, fondness all gooey and warm in his stomach, mingling with frustration that he had to work when they could be getting naked instead.

Fucking essays.

Against all the odds, Mac managed to get into the zone and flew through several more essays fuelled by caffeine. He emerged from intense focus an hour or so later, and stretched, his back cracking where he’d been hunched over, scribbling notes in the margin. He counted the pile of essays still to mark. Only five left. Awesome. Another hour should do it.

He glanced over his shoulder at Jez who was still watching something quietly. Tempting though it was to take a break, the sooner he was done the sooner he could give Jez his undivided attention.

Mac turned back to his work.

Are you nearly done, babe?” Jez’s voice pulled Mac out of work mode a little later. “I finished watching my film.”

Mac spun around on his chair with a sigh. “Four to go.”

Jez was sprawled on his bed looking sleepy and rumpled. Mac badly wanted to crawl over him and kiss him. But he was so close to finishing now, and he knew that once he started kissing Jez he wouldn’t want to stop.

“Okay,” Jez said, resigned. “Well, I’ll be here waiting. It’s still Valentine’s Day for another hour or so. Reckon you’ll be finished in time for sex before midnight?”

I hope so.” Honestly, if Mac wasn’t finished by quarter to twelve he was going to pack it in anyway and get up early to finish them, because fuck it. It was Valentine’s Day and Jez had been incredibly patient—and so had Mac.

The first clue that Jez had run out of patience was the soft sound of fabric being rubbed. The repetitive quality of it was impossible to ignore and cut through Mac’s focus like a hot knife through butter.

He glanced over his shoulder, and sure enough Jez was rubbing an unmistakable bulge in his sweatpants, gaze fixed intently on his laptop screen. His cheeks were flushed in a way that Mac recognised all too well. Mac wondered what he was watching. Presumably—hopefully—it wasn’t funny cat videos.

A surge of arousal rolled through Mac and his cock went from soft to OMG-suck-me-now in the space of about thirty seconds. Jez seemed oblivious to the fact that Mac was watching him. But Mac knew his boyfriend well enough to assume this was deliberate.

Sneaky fucker.

Mac turned away quickly, trying to ignore that soft swish-swish of Jez’s hand. How was he supposed to concentrate on marking essays about glaciation now? The words on the page were meaningless when all Mac’s focus had been rerouted to his dick.

With a growl of frustration Mac pushed back his desk chair and stood. When he turned, Jez was looking at him with a wicked glint in his eye. His hand was still moving over his cock, and his gaze slid down to Mac’s groin where he was tenting his sweats.

Jez took his headphones off and grinned victoriously as he ogled Mac’s bulge. “Happy Valentine’s Day to me. Are you finally done with those essays?”

“No.” Mac took his hoodie off and reached for the hem of his T-shirt. “But I’ll finish them in the morning. Now shut that fucking laptop and get your kit off.”

He’d never seen Jez move so quickly. By the time Mac had stripped out of his clothes, Jez was naked and lying waiting for him with his hand back on his dick again.

Mac paused a moment longer to admire the sight of Jez hard and jerking off.

Beautiful though the view was, it wasn’t enough.

Mac pounced, the bed springs creaked, and Jez’s laugh turned into a moan as Mac batted his hand out of the way and swallowed Jez’s cock to the root.

He sucked Jez like he was starving for it. And he bloody was. Having Jez on his bed all evening, knowing Jez was waiting for this, had been torture. Mac thought he deserved a fucking medal for getting through twelve-and-a-half tedious Year Ten essays about truncated spurs and terminal moraines, when he could have been blowing his boyfriend instead. Now he’d started, nothing was going to stop him.

“Whoa there.” Jez pushed on Mac’s shoulders. “Slow it down a bit Mr Eager or I’m gonna come before you get your dick anywhere near me. And I don’t know about you but I was hoping to come with your cock in my arse tonight.”

Okay, so maybe the promise of fucking could stop him.

Mac pulled off and wiped his mouth where he’d been drooling. “Oh hell yes. Turn over then, and I’ll get you ready.”

Jez flipped onto his stomach. Funny how he always did what he was told when it would end with him getting fucked.

Mac took a deep breath, trying to quell his desire to rush. He’d spent all evening hurrying to get to this point, but now they were finally doing this he wanted to make the most of it.

Jez wriggled. “Fuck’s sake. Hurry up! Get the lube.” Clearly he had a different opinion on how this should go.

Mac ignored him. His tongue was self-lubricating.

He grabbed Jez’s arse cheeks, held them apart and licked over his hole. Jez made a strangled sound. Mac grinned and did it again, enjoying Jez’s whimper this time. Anything that made Jez stop talking for a minute was a bonus in Mac’s book. He loved Jez dearly, but he was terribly bossy in bed. A cock in the mouth always worked too.

Soon, Jez was rocking back and his whimpers had turned into moans. Mac’s cock was aching with the need to get inside him, so reluctantly he finally pulled away.

“No! Don’t stop!” Jez begged.

“I thought you wanted lube. You’re so contrary. But that one time we ran out you didn’t enjoy me going in on spit alone—remember?” Mac had the bottle in his hands now and he flipped the cap open and smeared the gel liberally on his cock. “You ready for my dick?”

I’ve been waiting all bloody night for it.” Jez glanced over his shoulder, his cheeks flushed and shoulders tense. Then he added. “That was a yes, by the way.”

Good.” Mac grinned and lined himself up. One hand between Jez’s shoulder blades, the other holding his dick at the base he pushed against Jez’s hole, feeling the brief resistance and then the glorious give as Jez pushed back, and in one swift slide Mac was balls deep. “Fuck,” he gasped. Now it was his turn to lose the ability to speak as the sleek heat of Jez’s body gripped him.

Jez was panting, head hanging down and ribs lifting with each breath. But Mac knew he could take it. Their bodies were totally in sync after two years of being together. Mac knew what Jez could handle, what he liked, what he needed. He started slow, though, to give Jez a little time to adjust. But as soon as Jez stared to move with him, squeezing him on every stroke, Mac picked up his pace. He drove in deep with his hands on Jez’s hips, losing himself in the act, letting his instincts take over.

Jez had his hand under his body, stroking himself, and Mac knew this wouldn’t take long. But even so he was caught out when Jez blurted out, “Fuck. Gonna come soon.”


“Fuck you. I’ve been waiting all evening for this. My body was ready!”

Mac huffed out a breathless laugh as he thrust harder, trying not to be left behind.

Jez came first with a desperate groan and the deep rhythmic clench of his muscles tipped Mac over the edge too. He stilled inside Jez, cock pulsing as he filled him—literally. Barebacking might be messy but it was so fucking hot.

Mac’s heart was still pounding hard as he carefully pulled out and collapsed on his back beside Jez. Jez flopped onto his side and threw an arm over Mac. He nuzzled Mac’s cheek and Mac turned his head for a kiss.

Finally,” Mac said softly when they parted. “I knew I was missing something.”


“I forgot the kissing part earlier.”

Jez grinned. “Yeah. You did. But nothing says romance like skipping straight to the dick sucking.”

“And the rimming,” Mac reminded him.

“That too.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day.” Mac kissed him again, and Jez kissed him back slow and sweet and perfect.

When they finally separated again, Jez whispered, “I love you.”

Mac stroked his cheek. “I love you too.”

About the Author

Jay lives just outside Bristol in the West of England. He comes from a family of writers, but always used to believe that the gene for fiction writing had passed him by. He spent years only ever writing emails, articles, or website content.

One day, Jay decided to try and write a short story—just to see if he could—and found it rather addictive. He hasn’t stopped writing since.

Jay is transgender and was formerly known as she/her.


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