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Closet Exhibitionist

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Closet Exhibitionist

The hands on my shoulders are fast and sure and for a second I’m caught off balance. I’ve barely stepped through the door of the bedroom, thinking I was home alone. Where the hell was he? Hiding behind the door? Startled, I drop the mail I picked up on my way into the flat, and it scatters all over the carpet. My shoulder bag of files and papers falls with a thump beside the bed.

“Hi, sexy,” he murmurs.

I roll my eyes, but there’s no denying the shiver of excitement down my spine. Amazing how he can still do that to me, after all these months living together. “Davey, let me at least take my bloody jacket off. It’s been like the worst day at work, in the worst week, and I've got a load more reports to review before I go to bed.”

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