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LGBT Erotic

Paranormal Romance

Rescued in the Shade

Billionaire Vampire Series Book 1


Terry Anderson

© 2016


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Chapter One

Alan couldn’t help but to look at himself in the bathroom mirror of the fast food joint he had just eaten in. He had heard of a party happening that night, and he hoped that it’d give him a relatively safe place to crash. To him, it was better than being on the street, and that’s the mindset he was going to stick with. Losing his job and getting kicked out of the house because he was gay, right after he turned eighteen, was too much. He grabbed his backpack, since it was the only thing he had now, and started digging through it.

He changed in the bathroom stall, making sure that his hair was done to perfection, even though he did really need a haircut. It’d have to do for now. There was no way that Alan wasn’t going to get into this party. He wasn’t going to let himself sleep on the street and get chased off again. There was still passion in his eyes, and he was thankful that the last place he crashed at had a shower. It was enough for now, and he’d continue a job search later.

He made sure he had handed in his job application to the fast food restaurant, and then he started to walk out with his backpack slung over his shoulder. It contrasted with his put-together look. His clothes may have had a few wrinkles, but there was no denying that they were nice. Alan didn’t have a tan. He had grown up mostly indoors, and coming from a wealthy family, he always had nice things. The tight blue jeans he had put on clung to his body, showing off his best assets and emphasizing his legs to their best advantage to get into the places he needed to go.

He shook his head as he got on the bus, shuffling his way to a seat and riding to the part of town he needed to be in. Alan looked around when he got close to the address, but there didn’t seem to be a place to stash his backpack. He couldn’t carry it in with him. In a rich neighborhood like this he knew they might kick him out if he didn’t fit the bill. He settled for stashing it behind someone’s azalea bushes, but he had to push away the fear of leaving everything he had left.

He hoped this party would be one he could hook up with a guy at. Hell, it could even give him a place to stay at for a little more than just a night. Putting a smile on his face, he rounded the corner and he could already hear the music playing. The bass was loud, and he shook his head. Well-dressed people were hanging out just about everywhere.

Silk button up shirts and sparkling dresses with beer in their hands. It was an odd sight, but it was a party that was obviously for college students from well-off families. He knew that given his course he would have found himself at parties like this in a few months anyway. He put a smile on his face, and immediately he was let in.

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