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LGBT Erotic

Paranormal Romance

Rescued in the Shade

Billionaire Vampire Series Book 1


Terry Anderson

© 2016


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Chapter One

Alan couldn’t help but to look at himself in the bathroom mirror of the fast food joint he had just eaten in. He had heard of a party happening that night, and he hoped that it’d give him a relatively safe place to crash. To him, it was better than being on the street, and that’s the mindset he was going to stick with. Losing his job and getting kicked out of the house because he was gay, right after he turned eighteen, was too much. He grabbed his backpack, since it was the only thing he had now, and started digging through it.

He changed in the bathroom stall, making sure that his hair was done to perfection, even though he did really need a haircut. It’d have to do for now. There was no way that Alan wasn’t going to get into this party. He wasn’t going to let himself sleep on the street and get chased off again. There was still passion in his eyes, and he was thankful that the last place he crashed at had a shower. It was enough for now, and he’d continue a job search later.

He made sure he had handed in his job application to the fast food restaurant, and then he started to walk out with his backpack slung over his shoulder. It contrasted with his put-together look. His clothes may have had a few wrinkles, but there was no denying that they were nice. Alan didn’t have a tan. He had grown up mostly indoors, and coming from a wealthy family, he always had nice things. The tight blue jeans he had put on clung to his body, showing off his best assets and emphasizing his legs to their best advantage to get into the places he needed to go.

He shook his head as he got on the bus, shuffling his way to a seat and riding to the part of town he needed to be in. Alan looked around when he got close to the address, but there didn’t seem to be a place to stash his backpack. He couldn’t carry it in with him. In a rich neighborhood like this he knew they might kick him out if he didn’t fit the bill. He settled for stashing it behind someone’s azalea bushes, but he had to push away the fear of leaving everything he had left.

He hoped this party would be one he could hook up with a guy at. Hell, it could even give him a place to stay at for a little more than just a night. Putting a smile on his face, he rounded the corner and he could already hear the music playing. The bass was loud, and he shook his head. Well-dressed people were hanging out just about everywhere.

Silk button up shirts and sparkling dresses with beer in their hands. It was an odd sight, but it was a party that was obviously for college students from well-off families. He knew that given his course he would have found himself at parties like this in a few months anyway. He put a smile on his face, and immediately he was let in.

It made him proud to realize that his hot looks were still able to get him in, and he was still good-looking as he did the best with what he had. There was something about the place that seemed off, though, as he walked in, but Alan just couldn’t put his finger on it. Shaking his head, he passed it off as just having been out of the scene for long enough to feel like an outsider. Alan looked around the room, trying to figure out what was different, but eventually he gave up.

When he got to the kitchen, someone shoved a drink into his hand, and without a moment’s hesitation he downed it. He wanted to get through this night as easily as possible, and Alan wasn’t going to refuse a little liquid courage that would help him with that. He grabbed another cup almost immediately before he started to scan the crowd, cocking his hip to the side so that he looked at ease and available. He let a smile curve his lips as he arched his back in just the right way to show off his solid pecs, which didn’t need much help thanks to the low-cut neckline of his T-shirt.

Alan had to find someone tonight. A few nights off the streets would do him some good, but he also knew a little stress relief under the sheets could do him some good as well. With the alcohol coursing through his system, he could already feel himself getting a little tipsy. He knew he was a lightweight, but it was a little different than usual.

The room began to spin, and the laughter seemed a little too loud. He tried to push the feeling from his head, and in the crowd, he saw a glint of red before it was gone. It left him puzzled, and he tried to turn around. He got a drink of water, and the night passed uneventfully until there was another drink in his hand. He felt like he had a little more courage as he downed it as well, but then all he could see was black and a hint of red as two strong arms came down to catch him. He could swear he heard a few muttered curse words and a growl, but his eyes wouldn’t open.

He didn’t know how long had passed until his eyes opened again, and when he opened them, Alan couldn’t help but to think that he was still dreaming. The first thing he felt was the feel of silk cradling him, and the first thing he saw was the red sheets that he had nuzzled into in his sleep. If it wasn’t for his splitting headache, he’d have thought he was dreaming. Forcing himself to sit up, he looked around the room. What he saw was a dream come true.

Chapter Two

Alan could see the sun was starting to go down through the thick curtains, and he went to look out of the window. When he got up his head started pounding more, and that’s when Alan noticed a glass of water on the nightstand with some Tylenol for his head. He took three before downing them with water, and decided to look around the room.

Alan had been laying in a four-poster bed, and it was luxurious. There was beautiful red silk adorning it, and even curtains. It looked like a bed made for a queen—and the fact that he was called a queen in some circles is what got him kicked out of his parents’ home. The hardwood floor made his feet cold as he walked on it with bare feet, realizing that he was still dressed except for his shoes that were at the end of the bed. Someone had put him to bed, but Alan couldn’t figure out why. All he could remember was passing out, and then he woke up here. He didn’t feel any different. There was no feeling of soreness between his legs or in his throat, and it led him to believe that nothing had happened.

Alan knew that nothing had happened yet, but he still thought he should leave. Grabbing his shoes, he went to check the door only to find it locked. His panic began to rise, and the luxurious room started to look like a prison. In frustration, he threw his shoes to the floor, and tried the door again, but it wouldn’t budge. He shook his head, and tried to see if there was another way out, but when he looked out the window, all he saw was greenery and woods in the distance.

He was on the third story, and it didn’t look like he was in town anymore. The sun was sinking over the horizon, and even if he wanted to jump out, the window wouldn’t budge. A marble bathroom and closet was all that was left. Alan sat on the bed and waited, staring at the door with panic raising in his chest. Luckily, he didn’t have to wait for long.

When Richard opened the door, he saw the 18-year-old guy staring at him from the bed, and he could hear his heartbeat before the door had even opened. He was obviously scared, and Richard tried to be as nonaggressive as possible. He leaned against the wall, and smiled at him, making sure to keep his posture from being too tight.

“I see you’re awake,” he said, and Alan’s mouth nearly went dry. The man was tall, muscular, and he was handsome. He couldn’t help being attracted to him, but his anger won out.

“What. The. Hell,” he said. It came out angry, and he got up, not allowing himself to just sit down. “Let me the hell out. What the hell did you do to me?” he snapped at him, and his anger was the only thing that gave him confidence. Richard only found it amusing. This guy barely came to his chest, and he just shook his head. He could see the anger, and it was attractive to say the least.

“I gave you a place to stay because it looked like you needed one. I only took off your shoes, and I saved you from the men who drugged you,” he said, shaking his head as if Alan was being ridiculous. Alan’s temper felt like ice cold water had been dumped on him, and he just was embarrassed.

“How do I know it wasn’t you who drugged me?” he said, looking the man up and down as he tried to hide his arousal.

“You don’t, but you can leave. You’ll never see me again.” He said. “I’ll even call you a cab.” With that Richard stepped away, waiting to see if he’d go, but he knew he was in a bad situation. Alan knew it too, and he didn’t move.

“Thank you,” he mumbled, and the appearance of surrender made Richard ache for Alan. It was arousing to see the fire leave Alan’s eyes, and he hoped he’d see him surrender in other ways soon enough.

“You have one night here. Or you can stay here permanently. As mine,” he said, and there was such certainty in his voice, but Alan shot him a puzzled look.

“Yours?” he said, trying to shake off the way the word sent a shiver through him. There was something dangerous in the man’s voice and his stern face gave nothing away. He could feel his thighs sweating as he got excited, and he bit his lip, trying not to let it show. The man only nodded at him, and Richard watched as he bit his lip, clenching his legs together just slightly. Many wouldn’t notice his arousal, but Richard did.

“I have enough money to provide for you. I can give you a life here, but you’ll have to agree.” He said, shaking his head before turning to leave. “You have two hours.” He said, and there was a hint of a smile in his voice. Richard walked out of the room dismissively, leaving Alan to think. When he was gone, Alan couldn’t help but to try to calm his breathing and heartbeat, unable to explain why he was so aroused, but there was no denying it.

Alan slipped out of his dirty jeans, and went to the bathroom. He didn’t know why, but he trusted that Richard would be back in two hours on the dot, and he had no idea what to do besides clean up. The marble bathtub seemed perfect for him, and the water was warm with various soaps and oils to use in it. The luxury took his breath away, and as he closed his eyes, relaxing in the water, he couldn’t deny the feeling between his legs and the way Richard made his heart pound.

His hand slipped between his legs, fondling his balls as he moaned, fixated on what Richard had said. The word “mine” echoed in his head again and again, seeming to urge him to say yes, just as his sexual frustration began to build. He started to arch into his own hand as a soapy finger slid into his asshole.

Finger fucking himself slowly, he remembered the way it felt for Richard’s arms to wrap around him before he fell into oblivion. He arched out of the water as he moaned, his sphincter clenching around his finger as he sank breathlessly back into the water, a blush staining his face. All he had now was to think about the proposition before him.

Chapter Three

Richard came back two hours later on the dot, and he didn’t bother to knock as he opened the door. If Alan agreed like he thought he would, there would be no knocking later. What he saw shocked him, and made his cock harden almost instantly.

The guy was sitting there on the bed with his dark hair clean and drying naturally. He had only a towel wrapped around him as he sat there on the silk sheets. Richard didn’t need to clear his throat, Alan’s bright blue eyes locked on him as soon as the door was open, and Alan knew what he had to do next.

What he wanted to do. With more confidence than he knew he had, he reached up to grab the edge of the towel and pulled. It fell off of him as he stood up, revealing his tight, young body. Richard’s breathing hitched, and Alan’s heartbeat hammered, causing Richard’s inner beast to growl and his muscles to tense.

“Yes,” Alan whispered, but Richard already knew the answer. Richard crossed the room in an instant. His arms wrapped around Alan, and Alan wrapped his arms around him. Richard could smell his arousal, but all he could think about was Alan’s blood. He kissed his neck before grazing it with his fangs.

Alan gasped, his heartbeat racing again as a shiver ran through him. Pulling away slightly, Alan could see the red glint in his eyes again. His eyes wandered down to Richard’s mouth, and that’s when he saw the fangs. Alan couldn’t help but to shiver, because he knew exactly what he was staring at.

The word vampire was on his lips, barely more than a whisper, but Richard nodded, waiting for his response. When he didn’t move, Richard took it as a good sign, and went back to kissing his neck. Alan groaned, trying to put his fear aside as he concentrated on the way Richard’s touch sent fire into his veins. Richard moved in to kiss him again, his lips crashing down on Alan’s as Richard pushed him to the bed. Alan spread his legs for him, as Richard kissed down his chest, toward his navel and what laid down below that.

Richard’s hands encircled his wrists as he looked up at him. Alan’s legs spread as Richard laid between them. Richard let go just for a moment to unzip his pants, letting his obviously well-lubricated cock free as he rubbed it against Alan’s belly, an act the French call “frottage.” Alan’s moan was pleasure to his ears.

Alan felt him pressing at his asshole, and he groaned. As Richard lined his cock up with Alan’s ass, his hands came back up to encircle Alan’s wrists, pulling them above his head. Alan looked up at him, fear and arousal mixing together and causing him to buck against him as he began to slide his cock into Alan’s tight asshole.

Alan could hear him growl as he pushed into his ass until he was balls deep. Richard paused for only a moment before he started to fuck him His grip on Alan’s wrists was almost bruising as Richard went down to kiss his lips again, nipping his bottom lip. Alan gasped, feeling a drop of blood pool there as Richard licked it away, kissing down his neck and to his chest as he continued to fuck into him.

Alan felt on edge as he arched into Richard’s mouth. His teeth grazed Alan’s nipples, causing him to gasp and moan as he sucked on them. Alan could feel Richard’s cock pumping in and out of him, forcing him closer to the edge as he closed his eyes. His mouth was parted open, groaning as he tried to fuck back against him, clenching his sphincter as he fucked him.

Alan could feel him getting closer to the edge as he climbed closer to his own climax. His breathing was hitched, causing his pecs to jiggle as Richard sucked on his hardened nipples, being careful with his fangs as he held down his hunger. Thrusting hard, he pulled all the way out to tease him before bottoming out in his asshole with one hard, long thrust.

Richard hit a spot on his prostate that Alan didn’t even know existed as he cried out, his sphincter spasming around Richard’s hard cock as he arched up against him. With one more push, Richard came inside of him. Alan’s asshole milked every last drop of cum from him as Richard sank his fangs into Alan’s pecs, growling as Alan’s sphincter clenched around him, and he drank deeply of Alan’s blood.

Pain and pleasure coursed through Alan as he cried out, riding out his own orgasm as he felt Richard filling him. The pain faded to pleasure as Richard drank and Alan closed his eyes, panting before his fangs were slowly pulled out and he released Alan’s wrists. Slowly Richard looked down at the panting guy, obviously in pleasure as he leaned down to lick the holes so they’d close. He pulled out his still half-hard cock as he got off the bed.

Alan looked at him confused, before realizing that he wasn’t done. Straddling his chest, careful not to put his weight on him, Richard’s cock head moved to press against Alan’s lips, and he parted them, groaning slightly as he wrapped his lips around the head of Richard’s cock. Richard groaned as Alan finished getting him hard and ready to go again. Alan could taste his own cum and Richard’s cum mixed together on Richard’s cock, and it made him moan as his hand crept down between his own legs, arching so he could fondle his own balls.

Chapter Four

His fingers worked over his own balls as Richard started to slowly fuck into Alan’s mouth, making him suck their combined juices off of his cock. He couldn’t help but to moan around his cock. Richard thrust into his mouth once, making Alan gag as the now-hard cock hit the back of his throat before remaining there for just a moment. Tears sprung to Alan’s eyes as Richard enjoyed the feeling of his warm, wet mouth before pulling all the way back and smearing his pre-cum on his lips before getting off of him.

Richard stood up, running his fingers through his hair as he gained control of himself, his eyes still glinting red from just feeding. He looked at the guy with his hand between his legs, rubbing his cock even after he was just fucked to orgasm. Richard’s hand went down to stroke his own cock as he watched him. Alan paused to look at him in confusion as he saw him stroking himself. It made his blush deepen and he adverted his eyes as he paused his fingers. A growl escaped Richard’s lips.

“Continue,” he said, and his voice brokered no arguments as Alan closed his eyes, imagining that Richard was on top of him again, fucking into his mouth. He could still taste their combined juices on his tongue and feel Richard’s pre-cum drying on his parted lips. Rubbing his cock, he felt his sphincter clench as the cool air hit him with his legs spread wide, Richard’s cum starting to leak out of him and onto the red silk sheets.

His pec ached where Richard had bitten it, but somehow the feeling turned him on more as he arched into his own hand. Sliding two fingers deep into his asshole, he reached up to rub his sore pec, massaging it as he started to finger fuck himself to another orgasm, his thumb reaching up to rub his scrotum as he clenched on his fingers, unable to feel full after being stretched out by Richard’s monstrous cock.

With his fingers playing delicately over his pecs, he hit the half-closed fang holes and cried out, his sphincter clenching hard on his fingers as Richard watched. With his legs still wide apart, Alan slipped in a third finger, fucking in and out slowly as he began to build to orgasm with a prostate massage, just like Richard had fucked him. With his eyes closed he could still feel Richard’s hand encircling his wrists and Richard’s breath on his hardened nipples while he had been rutting into him like a beast.

Richard watched as his breathing became harder. He heard Alan’s heartbeat quicken and the sounds of his sphincter clenching on his fingers as they slid in and out. Alan’s lips were still parted as if waiting for Richard to shove his cock back into his mouth, and Richard never stopped stroking himself to the idea, watching his new pet play with himself.

He was so beautiful with his medium-length hair splayed out on the red silk sheets, Richard’s fang mark still adorning his chest as he arched off the bed, toes curling as he cried out in pleasure. His sphincter spasmed and clenched around his fingers as he gasped, reaching his climax and going over the edge as he rubbed his dick, riding it out before falling back down onto the bed exhausted.

“Mine,” he growled, as he stopped stroking, refusing to spill his cum on the floor instead of on him. In him. Alan heard the word as it sent a shiver through his core and he could feel his sphincter clench again as the last of his orgasm faded, leaving him breathless with his knees weak. His hand stopped massaging his pecs as he opened his eyes to see him standing there, cock in hand with a red glint in his eyes. The word echoed in his mind, as if sinking in, and Alan’s arousal began to build again. There was something about that word that sent him closer to the edge as his oversensitive prostate ached despite it.

“Yours,” he said, looking at him, and it was almost too much for Richard as he groaned, clenching his cock harder to keep from coming as he looked at the beautiful young guy splayed out before him. He wanted those inviting lips wrapped around his cock again, and he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. Not that Alan would say no to him.

“Come here.” He said, glancing over Alan as he tried to sit up and obey his command, lost in his own post-orgasmic bliss, which stayed plainly written all over his face.

His knees were weak as he forced himself off the bed, but he didn’t have to stay standing for long as Richard guided him down on his knees before him. He rubbed his cock over Alan’s parted lips as he kissed the head, knowing exactly what Richard wanted. Without any hesitation, he wrapped his lips around Richard’s cock, tasting his pre-cum as he sucked on just the head. He wrapped his own soft hand around the base of Richard’s cock as he let go, while Richard’s fingers were wrapped in Alan’s silky hair.

Richard growled as Alan teased him with his tongue, pressing the tip to the sensitive spot right under the cock’s head as his grip in Alan’s hair tightened. Looking up, Alan could see the pleasure he was giving him as his muscles tensed and his hips bucked just slightly into Alan’s mouth. He brought his hand down to Richard's balls as his other hand went between his own legs, stroking his fingers up and down his own rod before Richard growled.

“No.” It was all he said, and it caused Alan to whimper, but his hand dropped to his side as Richard yanked Alan’s head down harder on his cock, forcing him to take more. Richard liked being in control, and Alan gave him that pleasure.

Chapter Five

Richard fucked into his mouth as Alan’s hands dropped to his sides, with Richard hitting the back of his throat as he fed every inch of his cock into Alan’s mouth. He groaned around his thick shaft but Richard could smell his arousal and feel his expertise as Alan continued to suck him off. His throat tightened around the head of Richard’s cock as Alan gagged and whimpered. Richard pulled back just enough to let him breathe, but never enough to let him fully catch his breath as he continued to suck and gag on Richard’s cock, drooling just a little as he quickened his pace.

“God you’re good,” Richard groaned as he used Alan’s hair to pull Alan up and down on his cock. Alan’s tongue never stopped moving over him even as he gagged. Then Richard loosened his grip, letting Alan have a little more control. He continued to bob up and down, taking him inch by inch before he took him into his throat, deep throating him despite the tears that sprung to his eyes as his gag reflex wouldn’t go away.

Alan’s arousal was almost too much, but his asshole was too sore, and the word “no” echoed in his head. He wouldn’t disobey Richard. Pulling off, he gasped before Richard pulled him back on, taking the lead again but fucking into his mouth a little slower, making him gag a little less as his balls began to tighten before slamming back into his mouth one more time. Alan could feel him cumming deep in his throat as the salty, thick liquid slid down. Before he was done cumming, Richard pulled out just enough so that his cum coated Alan’s tongue, reaching down to plug his nose.

“Swallow.” It was all he said, but Alan didn’t hesitate after seeing the seriousness in his eyes. Alan swallowed every last drop and moaned around his cock when he was done. Richard slowly pulled out his softening cock, wiping the last strings of cum on Alan’s lips before watching his tongue dart out to lick it away, as if by instinct. It made him smile, and Alan’s heart beating loudly was almost too much.

The animal inside of him called for Alan’s blood, and he groaned, helping Alan to his feet as he stumbled into Richard’s chest. His arms went to wrap around him and his face nuzzled in his hair before kissing his cheek, and turning his neck. He kissed the hollow of his neck before sucking on the pulse point just enough to get Alan moaning. He could feel his fangs grazing the skin all over again, and Richard couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into a real vein to drink.

The pain was sharp, but quickly faded into pleasure as something coursed through his veins as he drank from him. The more he drank the weaker Alan’s knees grew, but Richard’s strong arms held him up, another hand working over Alan’s cock one more time as Alan tried his best to buck into Richard’s hand. He could feel a strange pulling sensation as Richard mumbled something against his neck, but all Alan could concentrate on was the way Richard pinched, pulled and rolled his stiff rod as Alan climbed closer to orgasm.

Just as Richard’s teeth started to pull from his neck Alan came, nearly screaming in pleasure as he collapsed in Richard’s arms, dizzy and not quite sure from what. Richard picked him up, carrying him back into the marble bathroom where Alan had decided his fate before laying his naked body against the cold marble. Turning the water on to fill, Richard smiled as hot water washed over him.

“Mine.” He whispered again, stroking his hair and going down to lick the bite mark so it would close, sending another shiver through Alan’s spine. He looked up at Richard, unable to find the words to speak, but Alan nodded. He could see the red fading from Richard’s eyes as he was sated. As the water finished filling, Richard reached up to turn it off, sitting with him beside the tub.

“What’s your name?” he asked, and for a moment the question floored Alan. He racked his brain for the answer before laughing. The man just bit him, fucked him, and so much more, and yet he didn’t know his name. He didn’t know his name either. It was almost enough to make him mad, but in his state, it just didn’t seem to matter.

“Alan.” he said softly, and Richard grinned at that, as if he liked it. Reaching down to tweak his nipple, he smiled at the moan that escaped his lips.

“Well, Alan, rest up.” Richard said before getting up to leave the bathroom. Just as he was about to turn around and close the door, Alan spoke.

“Wait!” he said almost in a panic as he looked at him. Richard paused, just barely turning around before arching a delicate eyebrow, waiting for him to continue.

What’s your name?” he asked hesitantly, and it caused Richard to chuckle, shaking his head ever so slightly, as if it never occurred to him that Alan would ask him the same question.

“Richard Darling, but you can call me Sir,” he said, emphasizing it before slipping out the door. Alan rolled the thought over in his mind as he relaxed in the tub, feeling safe and satisfied for the first time since he got kicked out of his parents’ home. He didn’t know if what he did was smart or even safe, but what he did know is that he wouldn’t change a thing if he could. The ache between his ass cheeks and the smile on his face told him that. He relaxed before toweling off and crawling into bed, dreaming of red eyes and strong arms.

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Terry Anderson is a modern person, very private, who identifies as a male but is pretty much pansexual. Terry rides a small motorcycle, and drives a compact pickup truck, gardens, does home repairs and vehicle repairs, and is looking into going solar. Terry was educated at a well-known private school, and dropped out of college because he just couldn’t get into it. Terry has been writing for small publications and websites for about a decade, and has recently decided to write erotica. There will be revisions of these same story lines for those who prefer other casts of characters, such as straight with a dominant female, and perhaps straight with a dominant male, and there will likely be lesbian versions as well, all somewhere hopefully within the next year.



John Waaser was the perfect person to write this book. As a student, both at Mount Hermon School for Boys and at Northeastern University, where he studied Mechanical Engineering, he was elected Vice-President of the camera club for two years running, four years total, where his principal duties consisted of coming up with the topic for each meeting, and securing the educational material for that topic from top companies such as Eastman Kodak and Ansco. It also fell to him to find someone to proctor the discussion, which about half of the time, he did himself. He later became a freelance photojournalist, and for two decades, he principally photographed motorcycle races, and other motorsports-related activities, including an occasional road test and other features. As a journalist, he showed an ability to take a highly technical subject and break it down so that ordinary people without a technical background could understand it. He took any number of portraits of up-and-coming racers as well. He did a few portfolios for models, and he photographed a few weddings. He spent about a year as assistant editor of a biweekly tabloid newspaper, where he wrote copy, took photos, set advertising, and laid out the pages. He owned Adpho Graphics, a photo studio and advertising agency, in the early 1970s. His personal hobby has long been night-time available light photography outdoors, where he frequently hand-held exposures of up to 30 seconds. He had his own photo lab at one point, where he processed film and prints including both black-and-white, and color negatives, and color transparencies (slides) as well. He constructed a film dryer and an enlarger stand with variable height easel shelf, and published articles and photos of their construction in “Popular Photography” Magazine. For several years, he was listed on the masthead of “Cycle World” Magazine as their Eastern US Contributing Editor. He has owned a computer store, and has owned digital cameras since they had VGA resolution or less. He now owns an Olympus E-PL1 camera with two lenses, and carries several phones and/or tablets at all times. He also taught an adult education second-year photography course at a local community college for two semesters, while one of their regular professors was on a sabbatical.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: General Discussion

Chapter 2: What is the relative size of the subject?

Chapter 3: Location for the shoot

Chapter 4: Subject location within the photo

Chapter 5: Lighting

Chapter 6: Background

Chapter 7: Foreground

Chapter 8: Viewpoint

Chapter 9: Color

Chapter 10: Special Considerations for Portraits

Chapter 11: Fireworks!


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Chapter 1: General Discussion

I felt it important to discuss composition before even telling you how to operate your camera. For one thing, the owner’s manual for the camera has more specific information in that regard, and you should consult that and practice using the camera until you are quite used to the functions of that particular camera. But the biggest reason why I thought composition was the most important first lesson, is that a technically perfect photo that lacks good composition is of no interest to anyone. I have sold photos for good money, that were lacking in technical perfection. I once sent a 120 roll-film transparency to “Cycle” Magazine, without magnifying it to see if it was perfectly sharp. They loved that photo, and ran it as a full-page inside color photo. When I saw it in the magazine, I was shocked. It was blurred very badly, possibly due to focus, maybe camera shake, or a combination of factors. I was absolutely ashamed to see that photo in print, yet they probably gave me about $300 for it (they paid ASMP—American Society of Magazine Photographers—rates, which were quite high, much higher than I was used to getting.) I questioned why that photo was run as a full-page photo, and they said that they loved the fact that three riders going around a tight 180-degree downhill curve at Bryar Motorsports Park in Loudon, New Hampshire, looking like they were stacked one on top of another, was unusual, and they just loved the photo, and thought it was deserving of full-page status in spite of its technical faults. There could be all kinds of reasons for technical problems, but when a shot is one-of-a-kind in terms of composition, and all of the elements come together perfectly, technical perfection is not an issue. People will love it. That is why composition is the first lesson in this photography course.

And composition covers any number of areas. The subject and how it is posed, is one big one, but the foreground and background, the lighting, and the color balance all enter into it. What leads the eye to the subject? What separates the subject from the background and the foreground? Is the lighting good? Is the subject at the best angle? Do shadows, or blocked up highlights, detract from the overall view of the subject? Is there a bunch of unimportant flotsam and jetsam around the subject to detract from it? The perfect photo must be carefully staged. A few small things might not detract too much, even though some will notice them. Case in point: the cover photo of this book. I should have stepped a little to the right, to center the sun into the dip in the tree line at that point. I did not notice that in the screen on the back of the camera while shooting, but I sure did notice it in the finished picture, when I blew it up. But that’s not a really major problem, and I was able to select the sun color to brush over the few twigs that were in front of the sun, and you would never know that they were there. I used a free app (well, I paid for the pro version, but you can certainly start with the free one) on my Android tablet to do that. The app I used was Photo Suite by Mobi Systems, who also make OfficeSuite and File Commander, both of which I have loaded in all of my Android devices. And I cropped the picture (using the tools in Microsoft Publisher, a free download when you run Office 365), and made some other changes that brought the sun to the center of the photo, even though the subject should ideally be one-third of the distance from the two closest edges for a balanced image. But I was more concerned with the cloud formation at the top, and I wanted it to frame the photograph, coming down the sides the same amount on either side. So I lived with the sun in the center. These are choices you sometimes have to make. I had dozens of photos of that sunset, and this was the most appealing one, to me. So I went with it, and lived with the minor faults that existed or that I created, in cropping it. It’s also closer to the bottom than one-third up, but it’s close enough, and I wanted enough dark cloud up at the top to permit me to use white lettering. I had plenty of dark area at the bottom. I still have had numerous comments about how much people liked the photo on the cover. I have noticed that when shooting sunsets, where you point the camera is important, in determining the exposure. Your camera will have a way to set the exposure from the meter, to give you the best image, and then move the camera to get more foreground or background into the image. Usually this involves simply holding the shutter release partway down, short of actually tripping the shutter.

Composition is composed of many areas of concern. There is the position of the subject, the position within the photo itself; whether the subject is leading you to something else within the photo, or to someplace outside of the photo; lighting; shadows; color values; and a number of other things, which we will go into shortly. The more technical ends of photography will be saved for future books in the series.

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