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Avalon Moving On

Wesley Jade

Copyright 2017 Wesley Jade

It was February, the month of love. The sun was slowly sinking behind Table Mountain, and the hot air began to cool down. Standing on the shore of the lake close to his home, Avalon silently watched the birds flying off to their nests, and the people packing up for their journey back home. He watched silently, and his face started to hint at his sour emotions. His unhappiness was beginning to seep through the cracks. The month of love was quickly becoming that final straw that would break his back.

Shaking himself out of his doldrums, Avalon retreated from the nature reserve, and briskly returned to his home.

The house keys jangled loudly in the quiet house when he tossed it into the drawer.

“I’m home,” he said. But there was no one home. He stayed alone, which suited him perfectly. He said it for himself. To remind him that the outside world had no right to intrude here.

There were messages on his phone when he checked it. Most from his sister Viviana. He scrolled through them absentmindedly, but the last one snagged his attention.

We went to look at flowers today. Oh, Lonnie, the bouquets were exquisite, and I can’t decide which one to choose. My heart says red roses, but my mind says to go with daisies.

Avalon’s heart quickened at the very first word.


His fingers flew over the phone screen as he replied to his sister’s text.

Go with your heart. It never lies. You can always have daisies on the tables.

It hurt to send, but he tapped on the send button, and the message zoomed into cyberspace to be received by Viviana. Two ticks immediately appeared next to the sent text, and turned blue. She’d read it.

Tossing the phone onto his bed, he headed for the kitchen. He set a glass down on the table, took out the red wine, and poured about two shots into it, before topping it off with coke. The name of this combination eluded him, and many found the drink unpleasant, but he loved it, and could drink as much of it as he wanted, and not got drunk.


Viviana’s wedding would be held in two weeks. She would marry the man she loved. And the man he loved.

There was no greater reason for Avalon to hate the current month of love.

He heard his phone go off. Ignoring it, he decided to do some work on the computer instead. But after a few minutes, he reached for his phone.


Dayaan. The last person he wanted to speak to right now.

And yet…

What’s up? You okay?

The man’s reply was quick, as though he’d been waiting for Avalon’s text.

I’m okay, I guess. Just feeling overwhelmed. Was your sister always a whirlwind?

Avalon couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped his lips. He could imagine those deep, dark brown eyes of Dayaan go wide with wonder at the sight of his sister. Viviana could exasperate the most patient person.

V is V. There’s no changing her, he sent.

He received a laughing emoticon. That’s true, the message continued.

My dad is on my back again.

Avalon frowned at the message. Dayaan’s father was a devout Muslim. The fact that Dayaan was marrying a non-Muslim was something his father disapproved.

Imagine if it were me instead of V, Avalon thought.

I’m sorry to hear that, Dayaan. I’m sure he’ll come around, Avalon sent.

The reply took a few minutes to return, and somehow, Avalon felt dissatisfied with it.

Yeah… maybe.


The dream woke Avalon up. The realization that it had ended sent deep disappointment coursing through him. But his arousal didn’t slake, in fact, it throbbed beneath the sheet. His heart was racing in his chest, and he could still recall quite clearly, the dream sequence.

It starts out with an argument. Dayaan is over at his place. The man is younger, wilder. He is the rebel Avalon once knew. The man before the responsibility of running a family business. The cause of the argument is hazy, but it becomes a screaming match between the two of them. Hands are flying and gesturing. Dayaan is taking up all the space with his pacing. Avalon grabs Dayaan and pushes him, tells him to leave. There are tears in his eyes.

“Fucking bastard, the hell I’m leaving!” Dayaan shouts.

He grabs Avalon and pushes him up against the wall, arm pressing against his neck. The look in those intense brown eyes stir Avalon and he’s not sure if Dayaan has seen it.

“Let go,” Avalon demands.

Dayaan removes his arm, but moves in closer. Avalon’s breath hitches. He can hear his heart beating loudly in his ears.

“The hell I’m leaving,” Dayaan grinds out, and crushes his mouth to Avalon’s.

The dream played on in Avalon’s mind, while his hand crept down over his body, rubbing, caressing, stopping at his nipples to rub and pinch, before going lower.

In the dream Dayaan was pressing against him, and his hands were roaming all over. Avalon’s body felt so hot, so good. His hand reached its destination. He gripped his hard manhood and shuttled his hand slowly up and down, gasping at the delicious sensation. The dream was no longer in his mind. Now he thought about Dayaan. He imagined those eyes watching him as he pleasured himself. Imagined Dayaan telling him what to do. Talking dirty to him.

You’ve got a pervy look on your face, Avalon. Do you love it when I watch you play with your cock?

Dayaan’s voice was deep with arousal, like a dark whisper, enticing and tempting.

Answer me!

“Yes!” Avalon shouted. His other hand was caressing his balls, squeezing and rolling them alternately.

You’re close, huh? You wanna cum? You wanna shoot for me?

Avalon’s hand moved faster. He pumped his hips, pushing his cock in and out.

You’re a dirty boy, Avalon. Come on, cum for me. Shoot that load. Do it now!

“Ah!” Avalon gasped. His cock was throbbing and pulsing, while his hand continued to jerk it. He felt the droplets of pearly white heat coat his stomach.

When it ended, the fall came. The moment of regret, or dissatisfaction. The hollow instant gratification. He didn’t wish for the dream to be a reality. He wished for it not to be a memory, a moment in his past that continued to plague him to this day.


“My brother is a fool.”

Avalon guffawed, nearly spilling his drink all over the table. He looked at the source of the comment sitting next to him.

Falkia looked at him as though nothing were out of place. “Don’t get me wrong Avalon. I love my brother, I love you, and I love Viviana. But my brother is still a fool.”

“Why would you say that? Is it you’re father? The religion?” he asked.

Dayaan’s sister rolled her eyes. “Oh please, Dayaan doesn’t practice Islam, so I’m not even sure why you would bring that up. My father is another story.”

“So then why is Dayaan a fool?” he said, deciding to humour her.

Falkia narrowed her eyes at him. His heart jolted, and it felt as though a huge sign had been lit above him. Instead of waiting for her reply, he changed the subject.

“This is supposed to be a lunch date in honour of the loving couple. So why are they late?” he muttered.

Just as he was about to reach for his phone, the two arrived. Viviana squealed as she reached for Avalon, pulling him into a crushing hug.

“I went for the roses,” she announced.

“Old news,” Avalon grunts.

The two of them sat opposite Avalon and Falkia. To Avalon, Dayaan and Viviana were like night and day. Viviana was bright and bubbly, and attracted everyone. Her light skin, like milk tea, glowed, and her light brown, wavy hair looked like a halo around her. Her hazel eyes darkened quickly if she became irritated and angered over something trivial. Though Avalon shared the same characteristics, his skin was slightly darker, and hair slightly courser. He retreated into himself often, where his sister lashed out.

Dayaan, on the other hand, was always the envy of all the other boys at school. His Middle Eastern, bronze skin was flawless, and his dark, straight hair was always cut in the latest styles. He was the tall silent type, broody, intelligent and slow to anger. So it was all the more shocking to Avalon when he had revealed his fury and aggression that night.

“Where were you guys?” Falkia complained, gesturing to the waiter.

“Sorry Sis, had a last minute meeting with the caterers before we came here,” Dayaan rumbled, rolling his eyes.

The trivial talk was boring to Avalon. All he wanted to do was get away. Just go home. The bachelor’s party was happening tonight, and he’d already made his apologies. He’d avoided looking at Dayaan’s dejected face. He had wanted his best friend to be there. But Avalon couldn’t face it. Couldn’t bear to watch the man he loved partying the night away, and then tying the knot. He was going to be standing beside Dayaan as they watched Viviana walk down the aisle. That was enough.

“So then everything is settled?” he asked as the waiter neared their table.

“Yep,” Viviana answered. “You coming to the hen party, Falkia?”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” she replied. “What about you, Avalon?”

He shook his head, “Nope, staying in. I have some work to finish and submit before the wedding tomorrow.”

While Viviana and Dayaan were ordering, Falkia leaned closer to Avalon, and whispered, “You are a fool, too.”


For hours Avalon gritted his teeth and pushed through, editing and re-editing, and finally submitting. And now it was midnight, and he was wide awake, and thinking about Dayaan, and feeling sad again.

A loud knock at the door startled him. He walked to it, not really wanting to open up. The person knocked again and called out.

“Avalon, open up!”


Avalon felt like ignoring him and just heading to bed. But there was something in his voice that gave him pause. Just to be difficult, he kept the chain hooked as he opened the door.

“What? Shouldn’t you still be out with your friends?” he kept his voice neutral.

“Open up Av, you’re killing me here.”

“Oh my God, Dayaan, are you drunk?”

“Not drunk enough to justify what I’m doing now.”

“Whatever.” Avalon’s hand moved quickly to unchain and open the door.

“Get your ass in here, before someone sees you!” he scolded.

Dayaan wobbled into the lounge and plonked himself on the couch, hunching over to lay his head in his hands. Avalon locked the door and remained there, unsure of what to do next.

“It’s forbidden,” Dayaan mumbled.

“What?” Avalon asks as he looked at Dayaan confusedly.

“Why weren’t you there, Av? I needed you.”

Inside, Avalon cringed. He didn’t know what he could say that wouldn’t admit the truth. So he walked over and sat next to Dayaan.

“Why did you come here, Dayaan? You should be with Viviana,” Avalon said.

Dayaan sat up and glared at Avalon. “Tonight, I’m going to be selfish,” he said as his voice rose. “Tonight I’m going to do what I want to do. Tonight you are going to shut up about everything else, and just feel. Tonight the whole world out there doesn’t exist. Just you and me.”

Dayaan leaned over and kissed Avalon. Though he’d somehow expected it, Avalon still froze. His whole body was tingling and his heart was speeding in his chest. Heat pooled in his groin, his arousal shooting through the roof.

Oh my God! He thought.

The kiss broke and Dayaan sprang up, pulling Avalon along towards the bedroom.

“Shut up, shut up, shut up…” he kept muttering as he gripped Avalon’s hand.

“Dayaan, no we-”

“I thought I told you to shut up,” Dayaan growled, and shoved Avalon onto the bed. “Take off your clothes.”

Avalon’s cock surged in his pants, and his heart skipped a beat. The vision of Dayaan standing before him, pulling his clothes off and revealing his bronze, toned body was breathtaking. The t-shirt dropped to the floor, followed by his pants. Dayaan’s underwear was straining in the front. The huge bulge seemed to pulse. He pushed them down and his cock sprang free. It was dark, like the rest of him, and hard, pointing straight up. He was neatly trimmed too.

“Tonight this is yours, and tonight, you are mine.”

The words sent thrills all along Avalon’s body. His clothes were thrown to the floor and he shuffled further onto the bed, making room for Dayaan.

“You’re body is amazing, Avalon. I want to touch it all the time.” Saying so, Dayaan gripped Avalon’s ankles, and roughly pulled him closer, before laying his hands on his chest.

Avalon gasped, and his cock twitched. The hands touching him were rough and calloused.

“Day…” Avalon gasped. He wondered if he would regret this in the morning, but decided to let it go for now. Instead, he pulled Dayaan down and kissed him. He could feel the man’s stubble rub against his skin, and he deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue along Dayaan’s lip, encouraging him to open.

He was rewarded when Dayaan’s body melded to his, the skin finally touching, their cocks rubbing against each other and sending sweet electric thrills along their bodies. Avalon jerked his hips up, and heard Dayaan moan. The man broke the kiss and leaned back.

“I wanna fuck you so bad. Feel my cock deep inside you.”

“Not too fast, arsehole,” Avalon chided, before pushing Dayaan over.

He made Dayaan lie on his back, and then he ran his eyes all along the man’s body, before focusing on the hardon that pulsed slightly and was leaking. He’d imagined this. Wondered what Dayaan would taste like.

Avalon gripped Dayaan’s cock gently, and lowered his head, opening his mouth and taking Dayaan down deep.

“Fuck…” Dayaan moaned.

Avalon swirled his tongue around the head, which made Dayaan buck, and then started sucking, bobbing his head up and down, and shuttling his hand up and down, too. With the other, he caressed Dayaan’s thighs, before fondling his large balls, and squeezed. Dayaan’s cock jerked in his mouth.

“Stop, or I’m going to cum in your mouth.” Dayaan pushed Avalon off and rolled him over. “I want to taste you too,” he said huskily.

Avalon lay back and watched as Dayaan moved lower. The man lowered his mouth to Avalon’s nipples and sucked. Avalon gasped at the tingly shock that ripped through him. Dayaan’s tongue flicked over it a few times, and then he moved to the other side. Avalon was moaning now, and while Dayaan was suckling on him, his hand went to his own cock, wanting to pump it while he felt Dayaan’s mouth on him.

“Uh-uh, don’t touch,” Dayaan said as he slapped Avalon’s hand away.

He left Avalon’s nipples and moved lower and lower, until Avalon could feel Dayaan’s breath on his head.

Avalon felt Dayaan’s tongue flick over his head. “Your first blowjob, right? I’ve got one rule. No teeth.” He teased.

“Shut up,” Dayaan ground out, before engulfing Avalon’s cock in wet heat.

“Shit,” Avalon gasped, trying not to buck, and gag Dayaan.

The man began bobbing his head, sucking and twirling his tongue alternately. The edge was there, and if Dayaan continued, Avalon would go right over it, and spill his seed into the man’s mouth.

“Fuck me now, Dayaan,” he begged.

The cold air assailed his cock when Dayaan pulled off.

“Lube,” Dayaan demanded.

“Side drawer. Condoms, too,” he added.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Dayaan asked.

The look Avalon threw at Dayaan brooked no argument.

It’s not for my protection, you idiot. He thought to himself.

Dayaan relented and hurried to cover his cock. “What about you? Don’t I need to, uh, loosen you up, or something?” he asked hesitantly.

“Don’t worry about me,” Avalon chuckled. “I just want you to hurry and put your cock in me.”

Those brown eyes darkened, and before Avalon could say anything further, Dayaan crushed his mouth against his, shoving his tongue all the way in. He gripped Avalon’s legs and raised them, positioning himself at Avalon’s entrance.

Avalon gasped as he felt the blunt head touch his hole. Dayaan exerted pressure, and Avalon could feel Dayaan’s cock pushing at him, demanding entrance. Avalon relaxed, and pushed out, and Dayaan slowly eased in. He struggled not to let the initial pain show on his face, but it was pointless, because Dayaan’s eyes were closed, and his face was scrunched up in rapture.

It’s so big! He thought himself. But more than that, everything felt surreal. Part of him hoped this was all a dream. That this wasn’t really happening, that he was asleep at his desk.

Dayaan bottomed out, and reality set in. Avalon banished all thought of tomorrow, and revelled in the fact that Dayaan’s huge cock was balls deep in him. His own cock was rock hard, and he knew that if he touched it now, he would explode.

“Come on, fuck me already,” Avalon demanded.

Dayaan chuckled, and Avalon could feel it in the way Dayaan’s cock twitched inside of him. “Fuck you? Alright.” Dayaan’s hand slid up Avalon’s torso to his neck, and he wrapped his hand around it, squeezing slightly, before pulling his cock out partway, and then thrusting back in.

“Ah!” Avalon cried out. “Fuck!”

“Your ass is so tight and hot. I can feel your heartbeat right there,” Dayaan moaned.

He thrust again, slow and deep. But this was not enough for Avalon.

“Faster, you bastard,” he choked out.

The man complied, and gave short, quick thrusts that rubbed over Avalon’s spot. His cock was a leaking faucet, waiting for that final twist when he would explode. He pulled Dayaan down and kissed him. As Dayaan fucked him, his stomach rubbed against Avalon’s cock

“I’m gonna cum soon,” he said to Dayaan.

“I’m close too.”

The man moved faster and faster. Avalon couldn’t hold back any longer. “I’m cumming!” he screamed. He felt his hole constricting around Dayaan’s pumping cock.

“Oh fuck!” Dayaan ground out, and pushed in one last time.

Avalon felt Dayaan pulsing inside him. He held onto Dayaan tightly, hoping the man wouldn’t feel the falling tears.


The sun shone on Avalon’s face and he scrunched it. Turning over, he felt the bed next to him. But it was empty. He sat up and eyed the room blearily, and his gaze fell on the note lying on the pillow beside him.

Taking a deep breath, he picked it up and began reading.

I don’t fucking regret it.

Avalon burst out laughing at the first line. And he was fine.

“Crass bastard,” he muttered, then continued reading.

And don’t you either. Last night was for me mostly. But I wanted it to be for you, too. My circumstances don’t allow me to love you as a man, even though God knows that I do. But I’ve resigned myself to it. My decision affects too many people in my life. So, I chose to love your sister, too, and to spend my life loving her as a man would. And that means that I can love you as a brother. No way am I giving you up that easily. Get over me quickly. This is an order. Go out and meet a guy who’s the total opposite of me, so you won’t be comparing him to me, got that?

Now, get your ass out of the fucking bed, and get ready for my wedding, you kinky bastard.

“Shit,” Avalon swore, and laughed. He crumpled up the letter, tossed it into the basket beside his bed, and did as he was ordered.

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