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Davina Does Scotland

By LimeyLady

Copyright Mark C Woolridge (writing as LimeyLady), 2017

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All characters and events in this publication,

other than those clearly in the public domain,

are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons,

living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Table of Contents

Chapter Forty-Three - A first night with Kat

Chapter Forty-Four - Double delight

Chapter Forty-Five - Off travelling

Chapter Forty-Six - Margot again

Chapter Forty-Seven - Aberdeen

Chapter Forty-Eight - Sue

Chapter Forty-Nine - A day in a branch

Chapter Fifty - Not so straight after all

Chapter Fifty-One - A slow seduction

Chapter Fifty-Two - Sex with Sue

Author’s Note

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Chapter Forty-Three

That very first time with Kat was amazing. She hadn’t been joking when she said that she’d do ninety per cent of the giving. In fact, for the first four and a half hours, she achieved the perfect ratio of one hundred and did it non-stop.

Yes, I know I’m sounding nerdy again (four and a half hours! I might as well have translated it into two hundred and seventy minutes or sixteen thousand two hundred seconds!!). But please don’t think that I was clock-watching in any way; let me explain.


Propositioned by the sexiest, most beautiful woman I’d ever met, I decided to forget my night class for once. And we didn’t hang around. After only a couple of drinks we went to Kat’s and were in her bed a tad before seven in the evening. Perhaps inspired by my willingness, she then set out to prove exactly how eager she was to please. Easily slipping into my so-obliging Kiki Girl persona, I decided to just let her do her thing. If she got off on getting me off, who was I to complain?

Comparisons are, as you already know, a big no-no for me. Let’s just say that Kat’s pussy-eating was second to none. Lying back and taking it was no hardship, especially as she took care to suck, nibble, lick and chew bits of me I hadn’t even realized I had.

And didn’t she make me cum! My usually endless supply was starting to deplete when, sure that it had to be after midnight, I asked her if I could take my turn.

Well, maybe begged would be closer to the mark.

‘It’s your birthday,’ she replied through half a mouthful of fanny. ‘I’m doing the doings.’

‘It has to be after midnight,’ I gasped.

‘It’s half past eleven,’ she countered. ‘Shut up and enjoy.’

So there it was: my four hand a half hours, non-stop. And, as estimates go, it’ll have been precise. As I subsequently discovered, Kat was one of those people who always knew what the time was, even if there wasn’t a clock for miles around. I didn’t know that then, of course, but even with her face buried deeply in my groin, distracting me from rational thought, I tended to believe she would be right.

Consequently I stayed on my back and waited until I reckoned another forty minutes (and five decent-sized cums) had passed. Then I tried again.

‘It’s after midnight. Please let me take my turn.’

‘Not listening,’ she replied.

‘Come on, Kat. It’s not my birthday anymore. And you can’t go on like this forever.’

‘Yes I can. And it’s your birthday all night as far as I’m concerned, so there.’

Kiki Girl was not one for fighting her corner so I stayed as I was, enjoying as instructed and doing my best not to feel too guilty about my ongoing lack of effort.

Oh, okay then, I did moan a bit about birthday presents, insinuating it was better to give than receive.

Eventually, God knows when, Kat slid up my body. ‘This is what you want, isn’t it?’ she said, pushing her right breast into my face. ‘You’re a tit-girl, aren’t you? I can tell your sort from fifty paces.’

I didn’t waste breath answering. Never one to miss an opportunity, I kissed and licked and sucked . . . and nibbled, gnawed and chewed too. And Kat’s nipple astonished me. Already harder than hard, as I suckled and cajoled it got harder still. I could feel it swelling between my lips.

Cue instant orgasm . . . no, cue two mutual orgasms.

Kat swapped tits and I repeated my actions, mildly disappointed that her left nipple was already fully erect but not letting such trifles stop me. And, for an encore, it was a good one. Off again we finally went, just as mutually and, if anything, even more violently.

‘Okay birthday girl,’ she said, cruelly removing her chest out of range, ‘I’m still doing all the doing, but now you get to pick your present. What haven’t I done yet?’

‘Toys,’ my treacherous mouth replied, not giving my brain chance to consider.

Her chuckle quickly developed into a throaty laugh. ‘Sorry,’ she said, ‘but I’ve been travelling. Toys are frowned upon where I’ve just been.’

I realized I hadn’t had the decency to ask her about her travels and hadn’t a clue where she had most recently visited. ‘Oh,’ said I. ‘I didn’t know.’

‘It’s sad but true,’ she said. ‘Not everywhere is as liberated as England . . . But, if my memory serves me, there might possibly be something in my knickers drawer.’

I watched as she got up and walked around the bed, only then appreciating the fact I was lying on her side of the mattress. That did, believe it or not, please me. Maybe I’d been submissive for too long, or maybe I was just happy to take any sort of small victory.

Kat’s bedside cabinet was within my arm’s reach. She clicked on her lamp and I was not in the least bit dazzled; the bulb must have been of the lowest wattage ever manufactured. Not that I complained. With it on I could see her ass quite clearly. And, when she bent and began to root about in the second drawer down, I could not resist pinching an inch or two of bun.

‘Naughty,’ she said, without otherwise objecting.

Encouraged, I pinched again.

‘Ta-dah,’ she cried, still not objecting and turning, waving something at me. ‘I knew I hadn’t thrown it away.’

I gaped. She was waving a double-ended dildo and it looked enormous. I had never seen one in real life before and, although it turned out to be eighteen inches and compressible, right then it looked to be more like five feet and as thick as my arm.

‘Can you take it?’ she wondered, putting a finger to her lips, as if she were the world’s biggest tease.

I wasn’t about to admit I wasn’t sure. And, self-doubt aside, I sincerely wanted to get on opposite ends with her.

‘Of course I can,’ I said, ‘bring it on!’

Chapter Forty-Four

My hopes of sharing weren’t immediately fulfilled. At first Kat manually used one end on me, and used it well. To be honest, she used it as well as anyone ever had done anything on me manually. And you don’t need bother asking if I came out with cries, screams and all sorts of verbal garbage . . . just take it for granted.

Then, when she’d reduced me to a quivering wreck, Kat instructed me to “assume the position”.

‘What position is that?’ I asked rather naively.

In response she took hold of my legs and raised them until my feet were above my head.

‘Grab behind your knees,’ she commanded, ‘and make sure to keep tight hold.’ Then, chuckling, ‘And don’t you ever take off your glasses?’

‘Only when I go down on a girl,’ I countered. ‘Assuming my lover wants me to take them off. And assuming she has the decency to let me go down.’

‘Not listening,’ Kat said again.

I guess I knew what was coming when I felt the dribble of lube running down the crack of my ass.

‘I’m sure you’ve done this before,’ Kat purred, circling my ring with her index finger before slipping it all the way in.

‘Yes,’ I purred, back. ‘Oh yes, yes, yes.’

Without going into too much detail, she took me manually up the ass, first with her fingers and then with the dildo. As I couldn’t really see what she was doing, what with my knees crushing my specs and what have you, I simply closed my eyes and basked in all the wonderful sensations.

‘Yes, yes, yes,’ I groaned at regular intervals. ‘Yes, yes, yes.’

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