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Between the Sheets

By HM69

Copyright reserved by HM & Hunter

Published by Hunter n Prey

Smashword Edition

Please note, this is a GAY fiction book.

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Please do not read this if you are emotionally, culturally, socially or legally unable to handle homoerotic content.

Forward from the authors

‘Between the Sheets’ is a straight forward, almost vanilla gay fantasy. It could happen to any man / woman on a business trip, anywhere in the world.

Business trips often provide an opportunity for illicit, anonymous sexual liaisons. In this case Raj is not seeking anything and gets propositioned by the ever enterprising Marco. Handsome bellboy with an attitude, Marco is always looking for new sexual conquests to make. Sucking cock is his favourite activity and he rarely gets refused. Having sucked men of every description, Marco is somewhat of a ‘cum-connoisseur’. Marco likes the taste of Raj and comes back for more.

HM & Hunter


Forward from the authors


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Chapter 1

Raj whistled along to a pop song on MTV while getting ready to remove his pubes in the hotel bathroom.

Business trips afforded him the time, leisure and peace to do this without being disturbed by inquisitive flatmates. Raj mused on the fact that hotels are perfectly anonymous for doing things others in society might challenge.

Just as he got his clothes off, the doorbell rang.
Drat, thought Raj. Wrong time.
He quickly put on his boxers and opened the door.
A cute bellboy in purple and gold stood there, with a “give me a tip” smile.

“Yes, what can I do for you?” asked Raj.
Crestfallen, the bellboy simply said, “Here are your bags sir. You asked me to bring them up to your room.”
“Wrong room,” said Raj. “I have my bags. Thank you.” and closed the door on the bellboy's astonished face.

Raj went back to the bedroom to increase the volume of the TV. Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’ was playing with the original video. Stripping out of his boxers again, Raj went back to the bathroom, whistling along with Madonna.

Just as he was about to open the top of the hair removal cream, the doorbell rang again.
“What now!” Raj was annoyed. Looking for something to wear, he realised his boxers were on the bed.

The Bell rang again.

Raj quickly wrapped a short hand towel around his waist and went to open the door.
The cute bellboy was there again, minus the bags, but he still had a broad smile on his face.

“What is it now?” asked Raj.
“Sorry to have disturbed you again sir.” Glancing at Raj from tip to toes in a slow deliberate manner, he carried on, “Sir, can I help you with something?”

Raj, getting rather annoyed with the bellboy’s cocky smile, asked, “Does it look like I need your help with anything?”
Smiley bellboy, with a flat stomach and nice biceps simply said, “I can help with whatever you are doing in that tiny towel. Sir.”

Raj was flabbergasted, “That’s very presumptuous of you!”

Without breaking a sweat, the bellboy replied, “The outline of your growing dick tells me your ‘Jonny’ likes my suggestion!”
Raj was now annoyed – with himself – and his mounting erection.
Bellboy continued, “Sir if you let me in, I can suck you off. However, I can’t do that while standing in the doorway.”
“What makes you think I want to be sucked off?” asked Raj, questioning the motives and

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