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Between the Sheets

By HM69

Copyright reserved by HM & Hunter

Published by Hunter n Prey

Smashword Edition

Please note, this is a GAY fiction book.

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Please do not read this if you are emotionally, culturally, socially or legally unable to handle homoerotic content.

Forward from the authors

‘Between the Sheets’ is a straight forward, almost vanilla gay fantasy. It could happen to any man / woman on a business trip, anywhere in the world.

Business trips often provide an opportunity for illicit, anonymous sexual liaisons. In this case Raj is not seeking anything and gets propositioned by the ever enterprising Marco. Handsome bellboy with an attitude, Marco is always looking for new sexual conquests to make. Sucking cock is his favourite activity and he rarely gets refused. Having sucked men of every description, Marco is somewhat of a ‘cum-connoisseur’. Marco likes the taste of Raj and comes back for more.

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Forward from the authors


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5


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Chapter 1

Raj whistled along to a pop song on MTV while getting ready to remove his pubes in the hotel bathroom.

Business trips afforded him the time, leisure and peace to do this without being disturbed by inquisitive flatmates. Raj mused on the fact that hotels are perfectly anonymous for doing things others in society might challenge.

Just as he got his clothes off, the doorbell rang.
Drat, thought Raj. Wrong time.
He quickly put on his boxers and opened the door.
A cute bellboy in purple and gold stood there, with a “give me a tip” smile.

“Yes, what can I do for you?” asked Raj.
Crestfallen, the bellboy simply said, “Here are your bags sir. You asked me to bring them up to your room.”
“Wrong room,” said Raj. “I have my bags. Thank you.” and closed the door on the bellboy's astonished face.

Raj went back to the bedroom to increase the volume of the TV. Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’ was playing with the original video. Stripping out of his boxers again, Raj went back to the bathroom, whistling along with Madonna.

Just as he was about to open the top of the hair removal cream, the doorbell rang again.
“What now!” Raj was annoyed. Looking for something to wear, he realised his boxers were on the bed.

The Bell rang again.

Raj quickly wrapped a short hand towel around his waist and went to open the door.
The cute bellboy was there again, minus the bags, but he still had a broad smile on his face.

“What is it now?” asked Raj.
“Sorry to have disturbed you again sir.” Glancing at Raj from tip to toes in a slow deliberate manner, he carried on, “Sir, can I help you with something?”

Raj, getting rather annoyed with the bellboy’s cocky smile, asked, “Does it look like I need your help with anything?”
Smiley bellboy, with a flat stomach and nice biceps simply said, “I can help with whatever you are doing in that tiny towel. Sir.”

Raj was flabbergasted, “That’s very presumptuous of you!”

Without breaking a sweat, the bellboy replied, “The outline of your growing dick tells me your ‘Jonny’ likes my suggestion!”
Raj was now annoyed – with himself – and his mounting erection.
Bellboy continued, “Sir if you let me in, I can suck you off. However, I can’t do that while standing in the doorway.”
“What makes you think I want to be sucked off?” asked Raj, questioning the motives and manners of this handsome, hunky but rather impertinent bellboy…with an engaging smile.
“Sir, in my experience, ALL men like to be sucked off. And judging by the increasing angle of your erection, I think you do too.”

Chapter 2

Raj wasn’t sure what to do, but having THIS conversation in a public corridor wasn’t ideal, so he moved aside to let the bellboy in.

Raj was surprised that the bellboy came back deliberately to suck him off. This was a plot idea straight out of a porn movie! Things like this never happened to him! MTV was playing ‘I am walking on Sunshine’ form the 80’s.

Presumptuous to the core, the bellboy deliberately grazed Raj’s groin as he walked past Raj, caressing Raj’s crotch with his open palm, forcing Raj to tighten the grip on his towel, lest it should fall off.

Once in, the bellboy pushed the door closed, turned to face Raj and promptly got on his knees. He moved his hands up Raj’s thighs, slowly, carefully, gingerly caressing his nuts, before grasping his rigid rod. With his lips, he gently peeled off the towel. Nice dark dick! Uncut and curved straight up! It was about 5 inches straight up – perfect for deep throating. Looking at Raj to gauge his reaction, the bellboy saw Raj taking short, shallow breaths. Seeing the panic in his eyes, he knew this was a fresh one. This one obviously didn’t visit dark alleys or crowded clubs for furtive sex sessions with unknown men.

“Don’t worry sir, I won’t bite – unless you want me to.” And with that, the bellboy started to kiss and lick Raj’s dark dick, leaky with precum. “I like uncut men,” said the bellboy as he kept kissing, licking and occasionally sucking Raj’s ample balls, gleaming cock head and glans. Enrique’s song “tonight I am fucking you” was playing at full tilt on MTV. Raj grabbed the curly blond hair of the bellboy and brought him closer to his crotch.

Raj wasn’t sure what was happening to him. It was all too fast. He simply braced himself against the main door with the framed ‘rules and regulation’ inches from his head. Raj was sure there was nothing in there about being sucked off by bellboys, but he knew this would be against the rules none the less! Having been to yoga classes – especially Tantric and ‘sexual yoga’ classes, he knew he had to breathe as normally as he could to avoid cumming too soon.

Bellboy took Raj’s rod deep within his mouth, burying his button nose into Raj’s dark curly pubes. Bellboy wrapped his tongue around Raj’s thick dick, every which way he could. He also glided his hands from Raj’s heels towards his butt, feeling each tremor of pleasure in Raj’s body. Bellboy was enjoying his sweet, fresh, innocent, new conquest. Virgins are hard to come by in hotels – especially amongst the travelling businessmen.

Still keeping Raj deep in his mouth, the bellboy caressed Raj’s round butt with circular motion of his hands and started to massage and probe his ass lips. Raj suddenly sank a bit, his back chafing against the wooden door. The sensation of having his ass lips stroked was beyond his previous sexual experiences. But Raj raised himself again, giving out a long whimper and sigh. Encouraged by the sexual noises, bellboy tried to slip his ring finger into Raj’s ass, but Raj’s hand clamped around his wrist and said, “No entry boy.”

‘Yes,’ thought the bellboy, ‘He is a fresh meat.’ Bellboy dutifully carried on massaging, caressing and squeezing Raj’s hairy bubble butt and avoided the actual man-hole. Raj drooled plenty of sweet pre cum. It was sweeter and stickier than most!

For Raj, this was a weird and wonderful new experience. No one had ever walked up to him and demanded sex from him as casually and coolly as this young man had. Why was this cute bellboy, with a winning smile sucking his cock? HIM of all people? But he wasn’t going to argue, at least not now! With all the butt play, deep throating and ball sucking, Raj was just too ‘excited’ to ask any questions of the bellboy – least not now.

“I am about to cum,” Raj said as his feet arched and he got on his toes. Bellboy switched his attention from Raj’s ever tightening balls to devour Raj’s rod again. He wanted to make sure he didn’t miss a single drop of cum from this guy with a such sweet pre-cum.

With music at full blast, playing “O my gosh!”, Raj exploded in waves, deep inside the bellboy’s throat. Like a true trooper, the bellboy held Raj’s butt tightly to steady him in the throes of sexual release. He devoured every last bit of Raj’s massive eruption without losing a single drop. He only released Raj from his tight embrace after Raj’s post ejaculation spasms had died away, Raj was standing on the ground properly and breathing normally again.

Gingerly, the bellboy let Raj’s dick out, knowing how most men’s dicks are very sensitive to touch - even minutes after ejaculation. He kissed the reddened tip of Raj’s rod and with a single swipe of his tongue, cleaned up near the base of the glans.

Chapter 3

Sir, can I help you with your bath, or whatever you were going to do in the towel?” asked the bellboy in a deeply sincere voice.

Raj had forgotten about the cream on the washroom’s marble top.
“Umm, I was going to remove my pubic hair.” Said Raj rather innocently.
“Shave or cream sir?” asked the bellboy without a hitch! “Whichever way it is, let me help you sir.” bellboy said with a wicked grin.

Surprised, Raj simply nodded ascent.

Bellboy went into the bathroom and looked around. Picking up the cream, he turned to Raj, “Sir, do you like to remove the hair in selective areas of your crotch or is it all over?” Seeing Raj’s left eyebrow arch in a questioning manner, bellboy fell in love with Raj all over again. To keep the conversation going, he continued, “For example sir, I remove hair on my balls and ass, but leave the top of the crotch lightly trimmed.”

As he spoke, the bellboy slipped out of his own jacket and shirt. “Don’t look so worried sir, I am only doing this so that my clothes don’t get the cream on them.” and he proceeded to remove his pants too. Raj was surprised to see the hunk went commando and had a throbbing hard-on already. His nice thick dick was at least 8 inches long and curved to the left.

Raj’s mind was racing fast now. This wasn’t an everyday thing for him, but here was a handsome young man, well hung too, offering to provide personal services. Why was he stripping? What did he want? What should I do?

“Sir ?” asked the bellboy again.
“Umm, well, I usually take all the hair off my groin area and my butt crack too,” said Raj regaining his composure and confidence. He had to reclaim his poise he thought. After just one blowjob, how could he possibly become as ‘jelly’ as this!
“May I presume sir has used this brand of the cream before?” Bellboy’s question was rather odd, thought Raj.
“Yes, but why do you ask?”
“If you have used this before, I won’t need to do a patch test sir.” Bellboy’s cheeky smile was addictive. “Does sir also remove hair from his armpits?” asked the bellboy with the sincerity of an English butler and the cocky smile of a Californian surfer.
“Yes. Of course,” said Raj rather matter-of-factly, sitting himself down on the edge of the bath.

“Very well sir.” and the bellboy began to apply the cream on and around Raj’s nuts. Manoeuvring Raj’s post-ejaculation semi erection aside, he applied cream in the area above the balls, between the balls and thigh. He was particularly careful to cream all the hair between Raj’s dick and waist. Raj raised his arms and the bellboy applied the cream in his armpits too. Requesting Raj to rise, he turned him around and creamed up his tight ass crack, all the way up to the top of his ass cheeks. Caressing the bubble butt, bellboy resisted a strong urge to kiss and bite the naturally tanned coloured ass of this Indian hotel guest.

Raj noticed the bellboy looking at his watch and asked, “Are you getting late?”
“No sir, I was just looking at the watch to make sure we don’t keep the cream for more than is good for your skin.”

With a quick flourish of the electronic door key and some toilet tissues, the bellboy removed all the unwanted hair and hair-removal cream with the flourish of a sexpert. He cleaned Raj’s groin area with great tenderness, making sure Raj did not feel sore as he cleaned each ball separately.

Bellboy started the shower, making sure it was just the right temperature before inviting Raj to step in. He closed the curtain for Raj to finish off his shower in private.

Raj was thoroughly confused.
What was he to do?
Here was a naked hunk in his bathroom, cleaning, bathing and sucking him off without any preamble.
What did he want?
Was he after money?
Did he want something else?
Just then, the Bellboy peeped around the curtain, “Everything OK sir?”
“Umm, Yes.” said Raj, rubbing his hair as if washing out the shampoo.

It was a long, confusing shower. Raj had no idea what to do. Getting a hard on when thinking about the bellboy didn’t help either.

When Raj stepped out of the shower, he saw the bellboy leaning against the sink counter. His erection had gone, but bathed in all the spot lights of the bathroom, he looked utterly gorgeous. His broad shoulders and washboard stomach were utterly captivating.

The handsome hunk simply came forward and dried Raj off, patting the tender groin area clean, before proceeding to rub and dry the rest of Raj as vigorously as possible, especially his head.

Once Raj was dry, the bellboy took body lotion from the complementary set on the sink top and rubbed it in his hands to warm it up before applying it all over Raj, especially in the tender skin around the groin and butt. He relished applying the cream on Raj’s chest – especially around the small dark nipples. Soon, Raj stood there, in the glare of the lights, shining softly and smelling like a delicious fruit.

“What now?” Raj asked.
The bellboy sighed, “Sir, I must return to the lobby.” and simply pulled up his pants, donned the jacket, and with a quick kiss on Raj’s lips, he was gone!

Chapter 4

Raj was totally confused now – even more than before.

What did this bellboy want to do?
Having done ‘all this’, he was just going to go downstairs as if nothing had happened?
Raj sat on the edge of the bath and wondered what to do. MTV wasn’t helping. It was playing ‘Relax, don’t do it’ from
Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Just then, the bellboy popped back into the bathroom, surprising Raj. He came forward, kissed Raj again, on the lips, “By the way sir, my name is Marco. If you need anything, anything at all, just ask the reception for me by name. Good night.” And ‘Marco’ was gone.

Why did ‘Marco’ come back to tell Raj his name?

Once again, the bellboy came back in the bathroom, shocking Raj yet again. With a smile, sweet smile, he whispered, “I…like you…sir.”

Once again, “Marco” left the room just as quickly as he had entered. He was gone as if he had never been there!

Raj wasn’t sure what had just happened. A handsome man had just given him a blowjob, removed his pubes and massaged cream all over his body without prompting and said he ‘liked him’. WOW. Was it real or not?

Music still blared out of the TV with Olly Murs’ “my heart skip skip skips a beat….”

Confused, elated, feeling happy, Raj went over to the over-stuffed large bed and flicked through a few channels, trying to make sense of the events of the night before sleep overtook him.

Chapter 5

Raj opened his bleary eyes.

The TV was a dark blank poster on the far wall. Pale pre-dawn light was creeping in through the half-closed curtains.

There it was again.
Soft, but sure.
What was happening in the room?
“Who is there?” Raj asked in a voice thick with sleep.
Shit! He thought, maybe the door wasn’t closed properly and someone has come in to rob him.
Was the thief armed?
Would he “slash” him?


Thoughts of various types of dangers that lurked in foreign bedrooms raced through Raj’s mind, chasing his sleep away.

“Shhhhuuuu!” and a warm finger landed on Raj’s cold lips. “Good morning sir.” It was Marco the bellboy.

Shit, shit, shit ! Thought Raj.

So that’s what the bellboy wanted to do – rob him and the blowjob was just an act to get into the room. Why didn’t he see through the ruse! Who else would do all those things for free? Maybe he had tried to look for something while Raj was in the shower, but he didn’t find the wallet and so he had come back?

Shit, shit!

“Like I said sir, I like you. I like you very much. I just had to say “good morning” and “goodbye” before I left for the day.” Whispered Marco. And with that, he was sucking Raj’s dick again.

Raj’s head sunk in the plump cushions. His body told him this was the best “good morning” it had ever had. All his fears about Marco melted away as sexual desire flooded his brain. Raj could feel Marco’s warm body right next to him. Marco pulled himself over, lifting his left leg over Raj’s head. Raj could smell Marco’s groin, pressing down over his face. Raj bent Marco’s erect dick towards his mouth and copied what Marco was doing to him down below.

Raj’s first taste of someone’s precum was pleasant enough.
However, he wasn’t sure what to do with a mouthful of penis.
Where do the teeth go?
What does the tongue do?
What do you do with your saliva?
What do you do with your saliva and his precum?
What do you do with all these sexual liquids in the mouth?
How do you swallow an engorged penis without gagging?
Why was there a strong smell of sweat from Marco’s balls?
He wasn’t sure how to enjoy what was happening to him but kept sucking and licking Marco’s meat.

Marco’s smooth, tight balls blocked Raj’s nostrils, making him breathe through his mouth, which was full of Marco’s thick dick.
Marco’s bubble butt started to bob up and down over Raj’s face of its own accord.
Raj wasn’t sure what to do now, but lay still and let Marco face fuck him.
Marco’s own mouth milked Raj’s morning wood with relish.
Marco’s expert fingers probed Raj’s firm butt, massaging his ass lips.

Marco’s unshaved chin scrapped Raj’s upper pubic area and Raj winced. But he didn’t let go of Marco’s dick, instead, he moved his hands over Marco’s toned waist, and held him close to him. Being face fucked was a strange sexperience and he wanted Marco’s butt to be ‘still’.

As Raj learned to suck dick, his own dick erupted in Marco’s mouth.

As Raj’s toes curled and his breathing stopped, his tongue pressed urgently against Marco’s piss slit, activating all the nerves in Marco’s brain. Marco tried to prolong the moment, but he involuntarily erupted in Raj’s mouth. Raj wasn’t sure what to do with all this cum, but with Marco’s bulk over his face, he had no choice but to drink some before spluttering out the rest.

Several minutes later, the men separated from their intimate embrace as Marco rolled off Raj.

Marco turned and came face to face with Raj. “Sir, from the hotel computer, I found out that you were leaving us this morning. Sorry but I had to come and taste you again.” Marco’s voice was husky with emotion. “At least one more time.” Marco looked directly in Raj’s big brown eyes, “I like you too much not to have you cum again.” He kissed Raj, his breath still heavy with the smell of Raj’s spunk.

“Umm, I kind of like you too.” said Raj rather weakly.

With a finger on Raj’s lips, Marco silenced him, “You don’t have to say that sir.” Marco smiled, the Sun’s first rays hitting his clear blue eyes. “I did what I did because I like you. I don’t expect you to like me in return.”

Raj simply nodded. The young man was utterly complex!

“If you do come back to stay with us sir, I will be happy to give you ‘Room Service’ again.”
With those last words and a silent kiss, Marco dressed quickly and melted into the darkness near the door.

Raj looked around the room and he was alone again.
Raj wasn’t sure what had just had just happened to him.

It wasn’t a dream, though. He could still taste Marco’s cum, its smell rising towards his nostrils from deep within his throat.


© HM and Hunter


Hunter and I, write, edit, proof reading, look for artwork, create the book cover etc ourselves. Therefore, we are eternally grateful to our negligent spouses and off-mood children who have no idea what we are doing for endless hours on the PC. Without their benign neglect, we would not have found each other on the net or be able to write our books.

We are very grateful to https://pixabay.com for providing us with free pictures for the cover art.

We would like to also acknowledge and thank https://www.tumblr.com which has provided us with an endless stream of ‘inspirational’ pics, gifs and videos for our stories.

We are grateful to Smashwords for creating an environment at https://www.smashwords.com/ where we can publish and share our homoerotic fantasies with as wide an audience as possible across the globe.

Most importantly, we are grateful to YOU – our audience. Without our readers, there would be no point to this entire exercise! So we acknowledge and THANK YOU for providing us with a reason to write. We thank you for reading our stories, writing to us and following us on our Tumblr blogs

HM & Hunter


About the Authors

Hunter and I are soulmates who live and work thousands of miles apart. Our closets are very claustrophobic and if it wasn’t for the internet, we would have died frustrated old men, believing our fantasies were our own perverted purgatories. Thankfully, living in the age of internet has allowed us to live with sanity and dignity denied to so many men, women and transgender people in the past.

As one of our safety valves, Hunter and I write sexual stories together, adding to each other’s sexcapades. Sometimes we expand on a chance events. Sometimes we write about ‘WHAT IF…’ moment in our lives. Sometimes it’s purely fictional – a dream, or a nightmare, that would, could, consume us if we ever let it become a reality.

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