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Fist Full of Gringo Dollars

By HM69

Copyright reserved by HM & Hunter

Published by Hunter n Prey

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Forward by the Authors

Exploitation of the poor is an age old dilemma. By paying the poor for their ‘services’, are the rich misusing their position, power and wealth? Or are they ‘helping’ the poor by giving them an opportunity to acquire some wealth?

Wealth and poverty are relative concepts.
But, is ‘trickle down economy’ exploitation by ‘any other name’?
Or does it help the poor get on the ladder of wealth?

Is this how capitalism is supposed to work?

When rich tourists visit poor countries, they spread the wealth during their visit. Eating, drinking, sightseeing, buying souvenirs from ‘local’ shops, travelling, staying in hotels – nice hotels. Every time they open their wallets, they are transferring some of their wealth to the locals. However, in the context of the local conditions, their ostentatious display of wealth is sometimes jarring and grotesque.

In all tourist resorts, sex is always available at a price. If for a few thrust of hips, men and women are willing to part with large quantities of money, then why not? Someone always needs the money to pay for roof over their head; educating a child; taking care of medical bills; or just to eat. Poverty is a terrible thing. It makes people do things they never thought they would do in their darkest nightmares. In most societies, sex work is frowned upon. Yet the poor can’t afford pride. Living with disdain of your equally poor neighbours is better than being dead.

In our short story, ‘Fist full of Gringo Dollars’, we explore the power play between a rich tourist and a poor bellboy.
How much is he willing to compromise with his own conscience to earn a few dollars?
For a few dollars, how far can he be pushed?

HM & Hunter


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Chapter 1

Duncan paid for the cab and looked casually at the line of men waiting to pick up his bags.

He pointed to the youngest bellboy who seemed to be the most enthusiastic of the lot.

Pedro came forward, tipped his ridiculous hat and collect Duncan’s bags from the boot. This was a busy time and all the trolleys were taken. Undeterred, Pedro smiled as he picked up the bags, hanging them on his body like Christmas ornaments.

Duncan looked at him from behind his sunglasses, considered if the boy was too slim for the job, but decided it would be fun to watch him carry his bags. Duncan adjusted his cowboy hat as he walked behind Pedro, watching his globular ass move up and down as the young man walked quickly towards the hotel front desk.

The hotel lobby was colourful with Persian rugs, modern art, plush leather chairs, potted plants and large flower arrangements. Duncan paused at a paintings of a youthful nude, climbing out of a pool. Duncan considered the boy in the painting and turned to the bellboy struggling to keep up. He caught the bellboy’s eye and looked at the painting a second time and then back at the him.

Pedro wondered what rich men and artists liked about nudity. Poverty and nudity aren’t beautiful. Gringos had money to buy expensive ‘swimwear’. He was lucky enough to have one short he wore when he went bathing in the stream or the sea. Bathing naked would be so embarrassing. Only the poorest bathed naked.

Duncan turned and proceeded to the front desk. With the flourish of an extravagant traveller, he paid for his stay in cash. The bellboy’s eyes watched wide eyed. These gringos have more money than the Papa in the cathedral! Duncan’s wallet returned to his back pocket.

The bellboy proceeded to the room as quickly as he could. Corralling the gringo’s luggage with care, Pedro reached Duncan’s room and opened the door for the gringo. He tipped his hat and said, ‘Welcome sir.’ With a grin.

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