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Fist Full of Gringo Dollars

By HM69

Copyright reserved by HM & Hunter

Published by Hunter n Prey

Smashword Edition

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Forward by the Authors

Exploitation of the poor is an age old dilemma. By paying the poor for their ‘services’, are the rich misusing their position, power and wealth? Or are they ‘helping’ the poor by giving them an opportunity to acquire some wealth?

Wealth and poverty are relative concepts.
But, is ‘trickle down economy’ exploitation by ‘any other name’?
Or does it help the poor get on the ladder of wealth?

Is this how capitalism is supposed to work?

When rich tourists visit poor countries, they spread the wealth during their visit. Eating, drinking, sightseeing, buying souvenirs from ‘local’ shops, travelling, staying in hotels – nice hotels. Every time they open their wallets, they are transferring some of their wealth to the locals. However, in the context of the local conditions, their ostentatious display of wealth is sometimes jarring and grotesque.

In all tourist resorts, sex is always available at a price. If for a few thrust of hips, men and women are willing to part with large quantities of money, then why not? Someone always needs the money to pay for roof over their head; educating a child; taking care of medical bills; or just to eat. Poverty is a terrible thing. It makes people do things they never thought they would do in their darkest nightmares. In most societies, sex work is frowned upon. Yet the poor can’t afford pride. Living with disdain of your equally poor neighbours is better than being dead.

In our short story, ‘Fist full of Gringo Dollars’, we explore the power play between a rich tourist and a poor bellboy.
How much is he willing to compromise with his own conscience to earn a few dollars?
For a few dollars, how far can he be pushed?

HM & Hunter



Forward from the authors


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Chapter 1

Duncan paid for the cab and looked casually at the line of men waiting to pick up his bags.

He pointed to the youngest bellboy who seemed to be the most enthusiastic of the lot.

Pedro came forward, tipped his ridiculous hat and collect Duncan’s bags from the boot. This was a busy time and all the trolleys were taken. Undeterred, Pedro smiled as he picked up the bags, hanging them on his body like Christmas ornaments.

Duncan looked at him from behind his sunglasses, considered if the boy was too slim for the job, but decided it would be fun to watch him carry his bags. Duncan adjusted his cowboy hat as he walked behind Pedro, watching his globular ass move up and down as the young man walked quickly towards the hotel front desk.

The hotel lobby was colourful with Persian rugs, modern art, plush leather chairs, potted plants and large flower arrangements. Duncan paused at a paintings of a youthful nude, climbing out of a pool. Duncan considered the boy in the painting and turned to the bellboy struggling to keep up. He caught the bellboy’s eye and looked at the painting a second time and then back at the him.

Pedro wondered what rich men and artists liked about nudity. Poverty and nudity aren’t beautiful. Gringos had money to buy expensive ‘swimwear’. He was lucky enough to have one short he wore when he went bathing in the stream or the sea. Bathing naked would be so embarrassing. Only the poorest bathed naked.

Duncan turned and proceeded to the front desk. With the flourish of an extravagant traveller, he paid for his stay in cash. The bellboy’s eyes watched wide eyed. These gringos have more money than the Papa in the cathedral! Duncan’s wallet returned to his back pocket.

The bellboy proceeded to the room as quickly as he could. Corralling the gringo’s luggage with care, Pedro reached Duncan’s room and opened the door for the gringo. He tipped his hat and said, ‘Welcome sir.’ With a grin.

Such a ridiculous hat, thought Duncan.

Chapter 2

Light filtering through the window cast a golden aura in the large room.

Decorated in muted tones of mauve, cream and gold, the room looked just like it did on the internet. Duncan pushed his gallon hat back as he watched Pedro with amusement. The sinewy bellboy was carrying his laptop bag, duty-free bags and dragging a large suitcase behind him. The young man was obviously weighed down by it all but he persevered in hope of a quick reward. Even with the air-condition being working full blast, beads of sweat were building-up on the bellboy’s forehead.

With cold calculating eyes, Duncan toyed with the idea of how to make this beautiful young man sweat a bit more.

“It's all here sir.” Pedro said with a toothy smile. Pedro tipped his hat again.

Duncan took out $30, counted them and stuffed $15 back in his wallet and slid $5 into the bellboy’s back pocket, letting his fingers linger there for a minute longer than necessary. Duncan enjoyed the feeling of warmth radiating from the bellboy’s pert bottom.

Turning, Duncan left two $5 bills on the table beside him. He enjoyed seeing the boy’s smile wane and eyes drop to the floor. Yes, it was easy to manipulate people Duncan thought, especially when you know “you” have something “they” want.

“You can earn some dollars if you put these clothes in the closet for me,” Duncan said with a wicked grin, getting comfortable on the sofa in his room. He took out his mobile and turned it ‘on’. Switching off the ringer volume, Duncan scrolled through the apps and clicked on the camera. He liked the boy’s slim look and wanted to ‘share’ it on his blog. Taking photos indoors can be a problem, but he can play with brightness and colours later. Duncan took a couple of quick photos of the bellboy near his suitcases.

The bellboy boy looked at the suitcase trimmed with crocodile skin. It shouldn’t take more than 10 – 15 min to unpack and store the clothes away he thought. Pedro needed the money and he knew $5 didn’t go very far now-a-days.

“I will call the front desk and tell them I am helping you unpack sir.” Said Pedro with a wry smile.

After Duncan had unlocked the bag, Pedro got on his knees and began to carefully open the case, making sure the clothes didn’t get messed up as he opened the lid.

Duncan liked the small, compact curve of Pedro’s butt. He deliberately brushed it with the steel toe cap of his snake-skin-cowboy-boots.

Pedro jumped, but assumed it was an honest mistake and reset himself just out of reach of the boots as he began to unbuckle the straps holding the clothes flat inside the bag.

It was no mistake though. Pedro felt the steel toe cap caress and poke his butt again. Eyebrows arched, Pedro looked at Duncan, who was smiling wickedly again. “Boy, if you want to make more than just $5, you had better do the unpacking without your dusty uniform.”

Pedro was shocked. “Sir, that is very….irregular.” He wasn’t sure what “American” words he should use to tell this rude gringo how crazy his request was. He was no cheap fuck-boy for the gringo to get him to strip like this – that too for $5!.

“Do you care about ‘irregularity’ or your tip ?” Duncan said flatly, putting aside his hat and playing with his long golden locks. “Unpack my precious clothes without your grimy uniform and I will pay you extra.” Duncan said deliberately and slowly.

Pedro thought for a minute, his eyes glued to the tiled floor. With a slowness that even surprised himself, Pedro unbuttoned and removed his mustard coloured shirt. Duncan liked Pedro’s broad shoulders, smooth sun-kissed flesh, his muscled pecs with large aroused dark nipples. Shiny, dark, damp, curly hair protruded from Pedro’s armpits. Thousand wicked thoughts ran amok in Duncan’s mind. The boy was beautiful enough for him to toy with for sure!

Pedro took out a shirt from the bag, unfolded it and hung it on a hanger in the closet near the door. As he walked back, Duncan looked him up and down and yawned, “If you want to get paid boy, you had better remove the entire uniform.”

Seething from within, Pedro turned around, facing away from his tormentor, fumbled with the front of his trousers and slowly let them slide down. The clink of the metal belt buckle, striking the stone tile, filled the silent room.

Duncan’s wicked smile broadened as the bellboy’s stark nudity confirmed what he thought about Pedro. Yes, the bellboy was dirt poor. So poor, he couldn’t even afford underwear. He can be made to do lots of things for “gringo dollars”.

With a lazy voice, Duncan ordered, “Get on with the unpacking boy. You can keep the hat on if you want. I don’t have all day you know.”

Chapter 3

With what seemed an eternity, Pedro turned, golden sunlight playing on his dark skin.

Duncan enjoyed watching the bellboy’s uncut dick dangle shyly between his skinny thighs, framed by low hanging balls and dark curly pubes. His taut skin was definitely glowing in the sunshine. Duncan took a few more surreptitious pics for his blog. He can always edit and remove those pics that are not in focus later. Much later, reliving these delicious memories. Better to have more than too few thought Duncan.

Pedro walked quickly to the bag, bent down, keeping away from Duncan’s shoes, took an armful of shirts and hung them quickly in the closet, shivering in the process. “Is it too cold in here?” Duncan said casually. “Turn up the heat if you want.”
“No sir.” replied Pedro, trying to work quickly.
But Duncan had other ideas. “Open the door to the balcony. I want to feel the sea breeze.” He ordered.

Pedro walked over to the balcony and slid open the doors. Hot afternoon air rushed in, making the net curtains billow all around his naked body. Thank God the room faces the sea, thought Pedro. At least no one can see my shame. Duncan enjoyed the view from the rear though. Pedro’s balls and elongated cock silhouette against the azure sky. Duncan quickly snapped a few more pictures on his cell phone. The bellboy was photogenic for sure.

Untangling himself from the net-curtain, Pedro began to empty the bag – trousers, underwear, socks, electric gadgets, shaving kit, toiletries. As Pedro paraded these items back and forth, arranging them around the room, Duncan carried on smiling, enjoying the sight of a nicely hung Latin bellboy. He liked the way he was swinging his lead-weight-of-a-dick as he walked from the bag to the closet and the bathroom. Swiping the camera app, Duncan took a short video of Pedro moving around the room.

“It's all done sir.” Said Pedro, eyes downcast.
“Well, you had better come here and claim your tip then.” Duncan smirked.

Pedro walked over, but he wasn’t sure how close he should get to this rude hotel guest. If the gringo was going to be busy on his phone, making deals to make more money, what was the point of making him walk around the room in the nude? Was this just some sick power-play for the gringo, seeing how much he can humiliate the Latinos? Maybe the gringo preferred looking at more muscular men. Or maybe someone as big and flashy like himself. Who knows what these gringos do! Maybe he doesn’t confess his sins on Sundays either. Pedro would confess though. He had to. His immortal soul was in jeopardy for a fist full of dollars.

Duncan picked up the two $5 from the table, looked at them, looked at Pedro, smiled, dragged an edge of the notes up and over Pedro’s inner leg and torso, up to his chin, past the flushed cheeks and stuffed them in his ridiculous mustard, green and gold hat.

Pedro breathed easy. OK, $10 wasn’t much. But at least he wasn’t made to do anything horrible for it. Pedro turned and bent down to pick up his clothes, inadvertently exposing his puckered ass to Duncan’s piercing gaze.

“If you want to earn some more,” Duncan said quietly, “you can help me some more.”

Still naked, clothes in hand, Pedro turned on his knees, questions forming in his dark brown eyes. “Well boy,” Duncan carried on, “you can help me take off my boots and clothes. If you do it well, I think I can give you, ummm $5.”
“$10 for sure,” Pedro said a tad too quickly. It wasn’t much, but it was better than 5.
Duncan smirked. “Don’t get smart with me boy.”

The two men eyed each other over the expanse of white stone tiles. Pale white gringo and sun tanned Latino, each waiting for the other person to blink first.

“Ok, you can have your miserable $10.” Duncan relented. “But for that, you take off the socks too.”

Pedro crawled over to Duncan. Sat near Duncan’s chair. He took the brown and white snakeskin boots in one hand, Duncan’s leg in the other and gently pulled.

It was tight.
He pulled harder.
It was still too tight.

Pedro moved in front of Duncan, grabbed the cowboy boots with both hands and pulled. With a knowing smile, Duncan placed his other boot on Pedro’s bare chest and pushed. Pedro hated the boot on his chest, but what could he do ? A couple of tugs and pushes, the boot came loose.

As Pedro pulled the other boot off, Duncan placed his freed foot on Pedro’s chest, swirling his heel on his pecs, bruising them. One more push on Pedro’s bare chest with his foot and the boot was off.

Placing the boots aside, Pedro moved in closer to roll the gringo’s socks off. They smelled of sweat and foot spray. Pedro pushed them in the boots and waited for Duncan to give him the money.

Duncan was enjoying the foreplay. He snapped another pic on his cell phone of Pedro from the side, taking a pic of the bellboy crouching on the floor. His friends and followers on the blog will enjoy this one for sure.

Duncan rolled up $10, put them between his lips like a cigarette, made a mock sign of smoking it and flicked it at Pedro.

These gringos, thought Pedro, forever trying to copy their film stars. Yuck, the dollars had his spit on it. Ah well, best use it to pay rent with this one, he thought. Pedro, tucked the $10 dollars in his hat.

Chapter 4

Duncan walked over to Pedro and planted his feet on either side of the naked bellboy.

“You can make extra $5 by taking my jeans off for me.” Duncan was noticing wetness on the boy’s piss slit for the first time. Encouraging he thought!

“Mister, I am a good Catholic boy. I am hungry so I will do this for $10. I will give some of this filthy money to the church when I go for my confession.” Pedro hated being so desperate for cash. But what can you do when you are poor? God had stopped raining manna from heaven 3000 years ago. Hunger was a terrible sin. Taking gringo’s trousers off was just daily necessity.

“For $10 you can take off my shirt too.”
“$20 sir.”
“$15. Take it or leave it.” Duncan’s voice was curt.

Duncan was standing just inches from the bellboy’s face. Pedro stared up from the floor. With a hot sigh, he worked on the large silver and turquoise buckle on Duncan’s crocodile skin belt. Once it was off, with trembling hands, Pedro unzipped the designer jeans, moving his head just in time to stop the jeans from hitting him as they fell with a loud thud on the floor.

Inches from Pedro’s face, Duncan’s grey Vivendi underwear were glistening with dark patches of precum. Pedro could smell sex and lust pouring from every pore of Duncan’s body. Moving away, Pedro got up, unbuttoned Duncan’s checked shirt and moved behind as Duncan peeled it off his muscled, hairy body. The cowboy’s hair was as pale as his skin. The gringo smelled of sweat and expensive aftershave. These gringos spent more on perfumes than he earned in a month thought Pedro.

Duncan bent down to pick up his jeans and extract his wallet. He deliberately went slowly so as to make sure Pedro could drink in his gym chiselled calves, thighs, abs, biceps, bubble butt very clearly. Taking out $15, Duncan sniffed them. He walked up to Pedro and circled him like a hungry hyena, his mouth salivating at the thought of how he could corrupt this clean Catholic boy. Pedro’s ass cheeks involuntarily tensed. Seeing Pedro’s ass twitch made Duncan happy, very happy. Duncan’s fingers lingered, then inserted crisp dollar notes between Pedro’s ass cheeks. Taking them out quickly, Pedro stuffed the $15 under his hat.

With a hearty laugh, Duncan walked away from Pedro. “It’s too hot for underwear, isn’t it? Boy?”

Pedro nodded his mute ascent. What else could he do, standing there butt naked under the sun’s fierce gaze, lighting him up like a beacon.

“Take my underwear off for me,” Duncan commanded. Not even offering to pay this time.
“I have to be back at the front desk for more gringo …. American guests.” Pedro offered.
“Surely a clever boy like you can manage my underwear and your other guests too.” Duncan was enjoying toying with this bellboy. Oh, the stories he would tell his buddies back home. Devious, delicious thoughts about Pedro made Duncan lick his lips.
“$10 and this is the last thing I do for you. The manager will be cross with me for being so late.” Pedro was desperate to get out of here. But he was desperate for dollars too.

Chapter 5

Taking Duncan’s silence as agreement, Pedro came forward and fumbled with the gringo’s Vivendi underwear, trying to push them off Duncan’s massive bubble butt without looking at them.

“Boy, you are NOT going to use your grimy nails to take off my underwear.” Duncan stepped away, moving closer to the open balcony. His massive gringo frame obscured the sun, making him seem like a silhouette of some cosmic villain. “You had better be careful as you try to take them off with your teeth.” Duncan settled comfortably on his double bed, bouncing with a wicked smile, elbows digging in the quilt, his torso propped up.

“With hands, $10. With teeth, $20.” Pedro was beginning to get an idea of how to make the best of this bad situation.
“$15 and not a penny more,” Duncan responded evenly.

Pedro came to the bed, resigned to his role in this little power play with the gringo. Naked, anxious, Pedro got on the bed, his bull balls swinging behind his load-stone dick. Duncan moved back, further towards the headboard. Pedro inched forward, lowered his head, a tiny gold plated cross swinging between his collar bones. “You can take that silly hat and that Catholic chain off,” Duncan said in a voice, thick with anticipation.

“Mr, the hat I will put on the table, but the cross stays on.” Putting his hat and its contents of cash carefully to one side, Pedro lowered his head again.

Duncan rolled over onto his stomach. Carefully, gingerly, with his teeth, Pedro separated the elasticated fabric from Duncan’s warm body. There were additional orange elastic bands on the grey fabric, crossing from the gringo’s ass to his waist. Pedro wondered if the bands held up the gringo’s ample butt. So much flesh on an ass! It was surely thicker than his stomach.

With his lips, Pedro pulled the Vivendi down. He had to do this several times, all around Duncan’s extra-large waist. It was particularly tough for Pedro to lower the underwear down Duncan’s crack, his nose rubbing in the fine golden fuzz. Duncan’s hairy ass smelled of expensive body creams. Pedro knew just a small tube of these creams cost more than $50 in the shop downstairs. Aye aye aye! These men have more money than sense!

Duncan turned over. Pedro lowered the Vivendi on either side of Duncan’s dimpled ass.

Then came the tricky part. The crotch. Pedro took a deep breath. The strange orange bands were obviously ‘cupping’ the gringo’s crotch. The bands somehow ‘packaged’ his ‘package’ in a way that made it stand up and out. This wasn’t going to be easy. He could see the ribbed, doubled lined, grey underwear was tenting fast.

With yet another sigh, Pedro dropped over onto Duncan’s waist, bit the broad elastane and pulled it down. His nose skid over the gringo’s super smooth skin, along with an engorging dick, encircled with a thick black rubber cock ring. Duncan’s ass may have been hairy, but his crotch was shaved smooth, maybe waxed or even lasered ! Who knows what these gringos do !! The tight cock ring made Duncan’s balls seem like an oversized, hard, golf ball. Smooth to the touch, Duncan’s balls seemed taut with a dark sheen to them. Pedro was worried that if he touched them, even with his nose, they would burst. Pedro’s nose became wet from touching the sticky precum, which was leaking profusely from the gringo’s circumcised dickhead. What pains I must endure for a few dollars thought Pedro sadly !

Now that the underwear was “off” the waistline, Pedro grabbed it and tried to pull it down, but he could not move it an inch with Duncan sitting on it.

“That’s not the deal boy. If you want your extra dollars, you have to take it off with your teeth, all the way to the floor.” There was no end to the wickedness Duncan could devise.

Pedro looked at his watch. It was taking far too long to earn $55. He ducked again, grabbed the precum soaked front of the Vivendi in his mouth and pulled them down. Pedro moved off the bed with the underwear held securely in his mouth. Duncan took yet another picture with his cell phone.

Wicked gringo, propped up on his elbow, watched Pedro with a smile from his bed. He wanted Pedro to beg. Beg for money. Beg for more humiliation. Beg for sex - humiliating sex.

Clothing in hand, Pedro put out his hand for the $15.
Duncan motioned for him to go get the wallet.
Silently, Pedro got the wallet and handed it to the hairy gringo who shaved his macho parts.
Duncan took out $20, mused, “Oh dear, no change. I only have $20. What would you like to do to earn an extra $5 ?”

Pedro saw Duncan’s dick rising with alarm. Duncan’s dark purple dick head was glistening with more precum. His piss slit smiling and drooling as wickedly as its master. Pedro was mortified. The gringo expects me to blow him like a slut for $5 !!!!! Even a 40 year old puta on the beach charged more than that!

With a shaky hand, Pedro took $20 from Duncan’s tight fist.

Lifting his hat, Pedro produced $5, placed it on Duncan’s tight abs, tipped his hat and walked out of the room clutching his clothes. It is a better to get dressed in the service room nearby than stay a minute longer in the gringo’s room thought Pedro.


© HM and Hunter

By Hunter n Prey


Hunter and I, write, edit, proof reading, look for artwork, create the book cover etc ourselves. Therefore, we are eternally grateful to our negligent spouses and off-mood children who have no idea what we are doing for endless hours on the PC. Without their benign neglect, we would not have found each other on the net or be able to write our books.

We are very grateful to https://pixabay.com for providing us with free pictures for the cover art.

We would like to also acknowledge and thank https://www.tumblr.com which has provided us with an endless stream of ‘inspirational’ pics, gifs and videos for our stories.

We are grateful to Smashwords for creating an environment at https://www.smashwords.com/ where we can publish and share our homoerotic fantasies with as wide an audience as possible across the globe.

Most importantly, we are grateful to YOU – our audience. Without our readers, there would be no point to this entire exercise! So we acknowledge and THANK YOU for providing us with a reason to write. We thank you for reading our stories, writing to us and following us on our Tumblr blogs

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About the Authors

Hunter and I are soulmates who live and work thousands of miles apart. Our closets are very claustrophobic and if it wasn’t for the internet, we would have died frustrated old men, believing our fantasies were our own perverted purgatories. Thankfully, living in the age of internet has allowed us to live with sanity and dignity denied to so many men, women and transgender people in the past.

As one of our safety valves, Hunter and I write sexual stories together, adding to each other’s sexcapades. Sometimes we expand on a chance events. Sometimes we write about ‘WHAT IF…’ moment in our lives. Sometimes it’s purely fictional – a dream, or a nightmare, that would, could, consume us if we ever let it become a reality.

HM & Hunter


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