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Night with Nonu

By HM69

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Published by Hunter n Prey

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Forward by the Authors

Have you ever had a crush on a colleague at work?
Have you ever thought…what would happen if I got naked with this HOT person?
Have you ever jerked off to sexy thoughts about someone you met at a conference or networking event?

In 2010, I met a handsome ‘Nonu’ at an IT conference in Spain. He was helping out delegates from our company and I went back for his ‘help’ several times. I savoured his toothy smile, hoping it wasn’t just a ‘front’ and he was genuinely happy to ‘help’ me. If only I had the courage to ask him out for a drink! Best I could do at the time was to write a story of how I wanted to spend a night with Nonu.

When you are in a closet, every situation is weighed with different degrees of danger. You are forever worried about the work colleagues or friend or family finding out the secrets you only dare whisper to yourself. Asking out a stranger in a foreign town seems like the best chance to ‘live a little’ until you realise that you are surrounded by hundreds of your colleagues – people who know your employee number and email address! Life in the closet is very claustrophobic. But the alternative, coming out, isn’t always possible either.

Fortunately in our story, ‘Night with Nonu’ we have a totally different scenario. Ajay and Nonu meet in an office and their ‘friendship’ flourishes at the restaurants and night clubs. An accidental spill leads to a delicious game with ‘peanuts’, ending in a blissful sexual embrace.

If we were 1-on-1, maybe this could / should / would have happened with my own ‘Nonu’!

HM & Hunter


Forward from the authors


Chapter 1 Meeting

Chapter 2 Nightcap

Chapter 3 Peanuts

Chapter 4 Hide and Seek

Chapter 5 Good Night


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