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He got out of the car and approached the girl who was cutting her wrists.
"Not those dolls, Asera," he whispered, "but this one."
And gave him a Barbie in white wedding dress but with seven months of pregnancy. Something like the Lady of Tepeyac.
"I always wanted one." She smiled.
"I know. And no longer follow those who want you to define yourself as a man. Female you are inside, like outside hermaphrodite. And that black eye?"
"My brother. I hate my condition".
"Let's go to the cops. Everything will be solved with them. And then, even if it's only this time, accompany me to chaste kisses under the moon with the other actresses.
And if they went to all that.

Then, climbing to the table, this speech he shouts:
"Because neither Pentheus nor Pilate saw me as God, I was moved to reduce them both to humiliation so that they lamented to their last hour that fatal decision they had made when I invited everyone to celebrate my feast to acknowledge me so (because I needed to feel skin), those two just saw me as a stinker as well as someone unacquainted with the civilized world and therefore I had no choice but to make them crazy, both senses, of excited and lunatic! I am a tramp poet who hallucinates you merely in exchange for a few cigarettes and a little attention, and I know that how far as the titanic establishment goes, it would corrupt me, devour my eternal adolescence and tear me apart without hope of recovery. However, know that yes, I will be recognized even if the 'mother' Hera hurts me with alienation, in me a male she wants, because the 'mother' Hera does not realize that I was born to be happy in this other my true form . I am the son of Semele, that is to say, I am the son of the Earth, and therefore I do not recognize another mother, nor home than the latter. In fact, I begot myself: I am my own father, I am my own son; my education came from my loneliness and from the books, from an intense abandonment and an immense emptiness. I will always be the eternal stranger, and in addition the eternal drunkard and pot-user, but behind me is the Primordial One, The Great Universal Uterus: not exactly a constant being, not even someone bearded a moment and the next effeminate, but man and child at once I am. At the same time, violently peaceful, lover and killer, the artist and the destroyer, both poet and musician, awakening from enlightenment in the form of chaotic night. My thirst for deadly revenge is blatant as indestructible life that has just arrived: one day you can be a woman of home and family, and the next an excited cannibal that dances around a giant penis ... And you can stay like that, baby, until dawn amid ecstasy and lysergic acid, if you admit that I am your Lord, and we shall certainly dance together in the joy of youth! Come to me, I'm waiting for you, do not you realize that I want only your hand, not your sex, I want only a moment of intimacy? Do not be afraid: hold me and hold me by my hand! Do not you realize that only I am waiting for you and that, in saving you, I am redeeming myself? Please do not let me die again".
With this, from the table he takes from the hands of somebody (a friend, I imagine, although Denis is crazy and can do it to anyone, and I suspect that especially the Panchos Villas to whom he particularly dislikes), a bottle of beer (I think it's black lager that he snatches, of the kind that has a wild wolf or at least a very feral dog painted on the beak ... or is it the ones with a key drawn over?), and he spills it over all those who unfortunately for them sat very close to him, soaking them, even those who may have come well dressed. He does not care.
"It's baptism, bunch of assholes! Do you not feel that you are saved? Ha! Now you can devote yourself to the vulgarest sex with dirty cussing, which, thanks to my will, is neither sinful nor repulsive anymore".
And he left. Alone.
"Shall we follow him?", asks to all the clients Cédric the indigenous transgender, “Yes, let's do it for a while at least to see what happens ... Do you understand? He is a super antihero of which there are not many: worthy to go in tow of, believe me".
Cats also accompany him; and he plays with the breeze as with a maiden, with the offshore wind as with a lad, and both respond to his authority.
But it is with fallen shoulders that the boy walks towards his house. Will you have authority problems with your mother, the psychologist?
The boy collapses crying on the bed without anyone knowing.

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