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Teddy Brown

By HM69

Copyright reserved by HM & Hunter

Published by Hunter n Prey

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Forward by the Authors

At a work related conference, everyone is a stranger.

At a work related conference, every stranger is a potential client, vendor, future colleague or a customer.

At a work related conference, every stranger is greeted with an open smile.

Would you ever invite a stranger at a conference to your bedroom?

Would you ever invite yourself to a stranger’s hotel bedroom?

Would you ever allow a stranger to hug you late at night?

We never know when or who finds us attractive ‘out there’.

We never know when someone is quietly perving for us.

We never know if someone is silently stalking us.

Toby is approached at the hotel bar by Ben and unwittingly ends up inviting him to his bedroom. Ben confesses that he is missing his ‘Teddy’ and Toby becums the substitute ‘teddy’ for the night….

HM & Hunter


Forward from the authors


Chapter 1 Well Met

Chapter 2 Hug Me Tight

Chapter 3 Confession Time


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Chapter 1
Well Met

Toby was enjoying his well-deserved beer when a fellow delegate came up to introduce himself at the bar. This was the problem of drinking at a bar in the conference hall, you get accosted by people you don’t remember from the conference through the day. Oh well, there was no need to be rude. It was the first day of the conference and he could be a potential lead. Another hazard of being a travelling salesman, you have to be nice to EVERYONE, just-in-case.

Toby flashed his winning smile and motioned to the empty barstool next to him. Flashing his perfect white teeth, the young man in an expensive suit sat next to him, extending his hand in greeting. As he leaned in for a handshake, Toby was overpowered by his obviously expensive aftershave. No one smelled this nice after attending a conference for an entire day! Toby could only think the man must have doused himself in aftershave after the conference closed. Oh well, he looked young enough to be that vain.

“I am Ben, Ben Cummings.”

“Toby, Toby Cockburn.” He could see an amusing smile spread over Ben’s face. “Yes Ben, I have heard ALL combination of jokes that go with that surname.” Toby volunteered. Seriously, some surnames should really be changed. Maybe he could be a Buffett, Turner, Clinton or a Trump, anything but a Cockburn!

“Tell me all about it over a beer Mr Cockburn.” Ben laughed. “As a ‘Mr Cummings’, I totally understand your feelings!” Ben ordered beers and the two of them started to talk about sports. It’s always safer to talk about sports than politics or religion. Never talk about politics or religion with a potential business associate. Business always creeps in, no matter what you talk about. It comes with the territory. Toby was keen to understand what he could sell Ben and Ben wanted to know about Toby’s background. There was no direct synergy there, but hey, in the sales world, things change so quickly, you never know what you could be selling next or who you could be working for in a year’s time.

Ben was a middle level manager and offered to buy dinner. It was all going to go on expenses and Toby was enjoying talking to the lively, likeminded Ben. After dinner, they had a couple more beers before going deciding to turn in. Ben seemed sad at the prospect. Being the nice guy that he was, Toby asked what was wrong. You would right? Anyone you have shared a few beers with, you would ask why he was sad. Right?

“My office messed up my dates and I don’t have a room tonight. Hotels in this area are all full.” Ben seemed dejected. “I will have to slum it in some sleaze motel miles out of town for the night and come back tomorrow for the 2nd day of the conference.” Ben sighed as he twirled his beer bottle.

“Surely the hotel can fix this?” was Toby’s automatic response. After thinking for a minute, “Can’t you share the room with someone from your company?” It was worth a try, thought Toby.

“There is no one else at this conference from my company and apart from you, I don’t know anyone here.” Ben said with a big puppy-dog-face.

Toby was in a quandary. Having suggested the idea of sharing a room, he felt he should offer to share his own room. The guy seemed nice enough, but he didn’t really know him properly. Was it safe? Was it OK? What would happen if the guy was a psycho? Too much to think after six beers and a great dinner. That was a point, the guy did buy him dinner.

“OK Ben, I am going to rescue you tonight. You can stay in my room.” Toby offered magnanimously. It was the least he could do to help out this well dressed middle manager who seemed like a really nice guy.

Ben ordered more beers and the two businessmen clinked their bottles as they drank to a new friendship. Around midnight, Toby decided to turn in. It was going to be another long day and he didn’t fancy having a hangover that lasted till lunch.

Chapter 2
Hug Me Tight

Toby was impressed that Ben seemed to have his entire change of clothes, laptop and files in a small roll-on-bag. In the room, Ben apologised that he didn’t have a ‘night dress’, as he hadn’t worn one since he was a teenager. However, he did promise to keep his Andrew-Christian briefs on. They were rather colourful for mid-level-management – but hey – who was he to comment! Now that the guy was in his room, it was too late to do anything about it and Toby just shrugged his shoulders as he too striped down to his tighty-whities.

Though slightly drunk, Toby told Ben to keep to his side of the bed.

Once in bed, Ben tossed and turned a lot. This was too late for tossing anyone out of bed, but Toby had to ask why his new bed-mate was unable to get to sleep! Ben apologised and told Toby he missed his brown teddy. “I know it sounds crazy, especially at my age, but I need to cuddle my teddy to get to sleep.”

“Did your assistant forget to pack that in your bag?” Toby tried to make a wry joke, but it was too late for either of them to laugh.

After some more tossing and turning, Ben asked, “I know it sounds a bit strange, but can I just hug you for a few minutes? It might help me settle down.”

More than slightly drunk, desperate for sleep, Toby agreed.

Ben hugged lightly, then tightly.

Hugs from a warm hard body seemed to chase the sleep away. In the slurred conversation that followed, both men talked about what they liked to do in bed. Conversation naturally veered towards sex. Giggling like teenagers, they both agreed, blow jobs were their favourite. Afterall, even straight guys LOVE blowjobs!

Ben said he could give Toby a blow job just to say ‘thank you’ for letting him stay – that’s the least he could do!

Befuddled by alcohol, excited about the prospects of getting an unexpected blow job, Toby agreed without actually saying yes. After all, a blow job is a blow job – right? Ben dived under the covers, removed Toby’s underwear and gave Toby the blow job of his life. Ben’s tongue was everywhere. He even licked inside the hood of his foreskin. Mr Cockburn’s cock really burned bright that night! Ben swallowed Mr Cockburn’s burning cock whole, down to its root. Toby wasn’t sure when Ben removed his Andrew-Christian underwear, but Ben’s naked butt bobbed slowly near Toby’s head. Toby could smell man musk from Ben’s crotch. He could feel his pre-cum, its sticky wetness spreading between his shoulders and cheeks. But Toby was enjoying the blow job too much to make Ben change his position or to make him stop.

Ben used his mouth and tongue to expertly massage Toby’s cock. Toby Cockburn’s cock was literally burning with pleasure. Maybe it was the alcohol. Maybe it was the blowjob. Maybe it was the idea of a man blowing him without having to ask for it, but Toby was convinced that this was a blow job out of this world. Toby grabbed the bed sheets tightly as he arched his back before cumming in spasms. What made this the best blow job Toby was the fact that Ben Cummings drank all his cum. Every last drop.

Without much ceremony, Ben came off Toby. No need for a thank-you or a post cumming conversation. Ben hugged him from behind, grabbed Toby’s now limp dick, whispered, “You be my Teddy Brown tonight.” and duly fell asleep. Toby couldn’t get over what had just happened to him. He had never been anyone’s ‘teddy’ before. As Ben was asleep, there wasn’t any chance of an explanation either. Toby simply wiped Ben’s sticky precum off his face and having just cum, he fell blissfully asleep.

Chapter 3
Confession Time

In the morning, Toby woke to find Ben ‘down there’ again, giving him the best wake up blow job ever! As Ben’s dick was dangling right above him, Toby smelled and licked Ben’s dick. Maybe it was his own morning breath, or taste of Ben dick, but Toby didn’t want to go beyond the lick. Ben didn’t seem to mind. He finished sucking Toby off, drank all the cum as before and then went off to brush and shower. Once again, no ceremony, no congratulatory kiss or celebratory high five.

As Toby was processing Ben’s attitude to sex, wondering how refreshingly different it was, he noticed Ben’s mobile flashing a message. Curiosity made him look, it was a message from Teddy Brown!!!

Hotel says u have booked in ur suite.

But u r not answering the phone in ur room.

Hope u r ok.

See U tonight.


What did this mean?

Who was Teddy Brown and why didn’t Ben take the room he was booked into?

Ben came in, naked as the jaybird, wiping his ass, smiling like a salesman. “Thanks for letting me stay last night. Hope you liked the way I show my appreciation.”

Toby simply pointed Ben’s phone at him, the message still lit up.

After what seemed like an eternity, Ben answered with the look of a school boy being chastised by the headmaster. “Sorry I lied Toby. You see, I liked you from the moment I saw you. I just had to have a night with you. I am sorry I lied, but I couldn’t think of any other way to get to hug you.”

“And the sex?” asked Toby with tight lips.

“That was a bonus. Trust me, I wasn’t hopeful, but when you said you liked blow jobs, I thought I would take my chance.” Taking a step closer, Ben pleaded, “Believe me, I am grateful that you allowed me to stay the night with you and let me suck you off.” Letting the towel drop, Ben came within sniffing distance, he smelled nice and warm. “I am not called Mr Cummings for nothing. I changed my surname from ‘Carter’ to ‘Cummings’ because I like cum, mine and everyone else’s.”

“Teddy Brown?” Toby was still not convinced Ben was as straightforward as he sounded.

“He is my personal assistant.” Ben offered, his dick stiffening in Toby’ face.

“XOX? Who signs off XOX?” Toby was sure Ben was hiding something.

“He is an assistant with benefits.” Ben sat down on the bed, his dick pointing due north. “I won’t lie to you Toby. Ted and I do have sex. But trust me,” holding Toby’s hand, Ben looked Toby in the eyes, “I really enjoyed our time together – you and me. Not just the sex, but the whole evening.” Ben’s hand slipped to Toby’s dick which was hardening against his wishes. “With a name like Cockburn, I was genuinely interested to find out how hot your cock was.” Ben smiled, showing his pearly whites, “Believe me YOU have one HOT cock.”

With that, Ben kissed Toby on the lips, got up and started to get dressed.

Stunned, Toby sat watching the well-toned body of a middle manager, from a non-descript company, getting ready for a conference, in his room. What was he to say? What was he to do? Why had Ben chosen to spend the night with him?

Still sitting there, naked, Toby asked the only question he could, “Why Ben? Why me?”

Dressed in a killer white shirt with a Burberry tie, Ben turned around, “Because I like you. I wanted to spend the night with you Toby. Is that such a crime?”

Toby had to agree, this was as good as reason as any.

As he spoke, Ben put on an Andrew-Christian brief and adjusted his cock and balls so they sat in a pouch of their own. WOW! Toby was impressed how the briefs gave Ben an instant ‘package’ out front.

“Toby, you look hot and I had the hots for you. Wouldn’t you have done the same if you fancied someone?” Ben tightened his Armani belt as he talked. “Hope you won’t get all ‘girly’ on me.”

Ben winked and gave his signature smile.

WOW. Toby had no idea he was that good looking! It was a one night stand and someone actually fancied him enough to LIE to get in bed with him!

Thinking about it a bit more, Toby felt good.

With a smile and a bounce, he got out of bed and headed to the bathroom, accidently walking into a haze of Ben’s expensive after shave.

Slapping Ben’s as he went, Toby chirped, “You aren’t so bad looking yourself.”

As Toby got ready in the steamy bathroom, he thought more about what Ben had said and decided he didn’t mind being someone’s hotty for a night. Hey, maybe he could use his good looks for better sales!

Ben had ordered breakfast and paid for it on his card.

Toby sat there, eating fried eggs and bacon to chase away the hangover.

This was the first time someone told him to his face that he looked hot and his cock was hotter still.

Toby was happy he was a ‘Mr Cockburn’ after all!


© HM and Hunter

By Hunter n Prey


Hunter and I, write, edit, proof read, look for artwork, create the book cover etc ourselves. Therefore, we are eternally grateful to our negligent spouses and off-mood children who have no idea what we are doing for endless hours on the PC. Without their benign neglect, we would not have found each other on the net or be able to write our books.

We are very grateful to for providing us with free pictures for the cover art.

We would like to also acknowledge and thank which has provided us with an endless stream of ‘inspirational’ pics, gifs and videos for our stories.

We are grateful to Smashwords for creating an environment at where we can publish and share our homoerotic fantasies with as wide an audience as possible across the globe.

Most importantly, we are grateful to YOU – our audience. Without our readers, there would be no point to this entire exercise! So we acknowledge and THANK YOU for providing us with a reason to write. We thank you for reading our stories, writing to us and following us on our Tumblr blogs

HM & Hunter

About the Authors

Hunter and I are soulmates who live and work thousands of miles apart. Our closets are very claustrophobic and if it wasn’t for the internet, we would have died frustrated old men, believing our fantasies were our own perverted purgatories. Thankfully, living in the age of internet has allowed us to live with sanity and dignity denied to so many men, women and transgender people in the past.

As one of our safety valves, Hunter and I write sexual stories together, adding to each other’s sexcapades. Sometimes we expand on chance events. Sometimes we write about ‘WHAT IF…’ moment in our lives. Sometimes it’s purely fictional – a dream, or a nightmare, that would, could, consume us if we ever let it become a reality.

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