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Hunt for Love

Written by Amber Ross

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Copyright 2017 Amber Ross

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Chapter 1

Being on call was one of Jen’s least favourite things, especially when her girlfriend wasn’t. But it's to be expected when one wants to be a surgeon and is only a 2nd year resident. At around 4 am she could hear her cell phone ringing and vibrating in her pants pocket, which was discarded in the hall just outside the bedroom door, during, her girlfriend, Maddie’s mad rush to undress her that night. When she finally answered it, it was the nurse’s station telling her the update on one of her patients whose health was declining and she was needed back at the hospital. Quickly Jen had a shower to wash the smell of sex off, left a note for Maddie, grabbed her stethoscope and her id badge and walked out the door pulling her long dark brown hair into a messy bun longing for the days when residency was over and she had more suitable hours like her girlfriend who was already an attending, and department head.

She and Maddie hadn't long moved in together and there was still a room or two filled with all of Jen’s belongings. Maddie had already owned the house when the two had met so it was only logical that they live there when they began discussing living together and not the tiny loft apartment that Jen was barely able to afford.

Whereas Maddie’s house was big but not massive it was a beautiful bedroom house, had a pretty decent backyard as well. Charlie, Jen’s dog, certainly enjoyed this feature. Maddie though a bit older than Jen and had already made a name for herself which was aided by the fact that she came from one of Boston's wealthier families.

A few hours later Maddie began to stir from her sleep with a lazy satisfied smile on her face until she discovered that she was in bed alone. The smile that was there was replaced with a frown. She opened her eyes to see a small note on the nightstand leaning against the lamp on Jen’s side of the bed.


Sorry you had to wake up alone, work called. I had something planned for us today so I’ll try not to take too long. I love you babe, grab a shower, and call me when you’re done.

You’ll want to dress casual today so jeans and a t shirt.

Jen xo

Maddie rolled out of bed and had a long hot shower, thinking about everything that had happened the night before. After her shower she wrapped herself in a large towel, mindlessly humming a tune and was making her way to the steam covered mirror, when she noticed something new.

On the mirror it said:

Morning Babe,

I love you Mads


Love you so much,


PS there’s something for you on the kitchen counter.

And beside the words was a giant heart that said Jen + Maddie = Love Forever. Maddie giggled at the sight before her covering the double mirror. It amused her how cute Jen was sometimes. People would never really think of Jen as the hopeless romantic she really was because though she looked feminine she had always stated she was “one of the boys” Maddie grabbed her phone to snap a picture of the mirror before the message disappeared.

After getting dressed she called Jen on her way to the kitchen to see what was on the counter for her. Jen’s phone went to voicemail, so Maddie hung up and decided to text her instead.

To: Jen Rogers

Hey Sweetie thank you for the notes, I tried to call but it went to voicemail; call me when you can and, oh, what’s in this box?

Love you,


Maddie had just picked up the white box that was sat on the counter, when Jen came in through the front door. The sound of Jen’s text tone made Maddie jump. With a hand to her heart she turned around to see Jen standing right in front of her with a very smug but tired smirk as she read Maddie’s text. Jen grabbed Maddie’s waist and turned her around so they were both facing the counter now. Jen loved being just those few inches taller she much preferred to be the big spoon while in bed or standing. She rested her head on the smaller woman’s shoulder while wrapping her arms around her waist. She pulled her left arm up to remove the hair acting as a barrier between her lips and Maddie’s neck.

Jen nipped on Maddie’s ear a little bit knowing what very few knew about her fellow doctor’s sensitive ear. Coaxing soft hums out of her girlfriend, she moved from the ear down to Maddie’s neck, then slowly down to where the neck and the shoulder met eliciting soft encouraging moans from the beautiful blonde. Once there she laid her cheek on the Maddie’s shoulder, a soft whimper escaping from the blonde as Jen looked up to her and said, “Well, if you want to know what’s in the box open it.”

Maddie turned her head to capture a quick kiss from her girlfriend before setting on her mission to find out what was in the small white box.

Once it was opened Maddie stared down at the key on a key ring attached to a small laminated note that read:


You already have the metaphorical key to my heart, this key does open a heart though, find it, unlock it and you will have your next clue.

Love Jen.

Maddie looked at it for a few seconds trying to keep the lone tear from falling. Slowly she turned to Jen who stole a kiss from the blonde. After pulling away Maddie still looked at Jen trying to figure out where this locked heart might be. Jen stared back at Maddie for a few seconds then said “stop staring at me or you’ll never find it.” Maddie blinked a few times and then batted her lashes and gave Jen a mischievous grin and asked “can I at least have a hint Doctor?” Emphasizing the word doctor with a seduction dripping from her voice, knowing that Jen really liked being called that outside of work, but Jen simply made a gesture to indicate that her lips were sealed.

Maddie began looking around the kitchen, then the living room that was attached, followed by a quick peek into the sitting room, but to no avail. Jen had gone up to change in the time Maddie had done her preliminary search and had then taken up residence in the living room with her much deserved and needed coffees she was planning a full day and would need the boost after the eventful night and busy morning at work.

After about 20 minutes of searching Maddie silently walked into the living room and kneeled between Jen’s legs. Jen hadn’t noticed Maddie sitting in front of her until the sports section of the paper she was half-heartedly trying to read was snatched from her hands to reveal a defeated looking Maddie. Jen grinned and spoke “Aww can’t find it honey?” Maddie said nothing just shook her head no with an adorable pout that Jen just couldn’t resist. Jen conceded to Maddie’s earlier request “Okay, how about we play hot and cold?” the blond smiled hopeful but perplexed asked “hot and cold? Isn’t that a little juvenile?” Jen simply replied “Do you want to know or not?” Maddie just nodded enthusiastically.

Maddie stood up and went back to the kitchen by the fridge “Freezing cold” thoughtful Maddie began moving towards the other end of the kitchen awaiting Jen's conformation of temperature in proximity to this elusive locked heart. “Cold" Maddie moved into the entrance of the sitting room, Jen glanced over and called “arctic freezing over there babe.” Maddie was about to begin spouting off facts about the temperatures in the arctic she’d seen on a recent documentary that Jen had fallen asleep to the week before, but decided against it.

She moved back into the living room at the far wall “cold” Maddie stopped for a second and began calculating and began moving closer to the couch “Warm.” She looked on the table and noticed nothing new. She moved a little closer to the couch “warmer” she came to stand between Jen’s legs again “You, are hot, but still warmer” Maddie bent down at the waist and placed a kiss on her girlfriends awaiting lips and went back to her search. The blonde doctor moved over to the bookcase waiting for Jen’s answer but was met with a wink and the same sealed lip gesture. Taking that as her hint she scrutinized every part of her bookcase.

The bookcase was filled with various medical textbooks and journals on the lower shelves and less educational books the higher the shelves got. The top shelf she hadn’t filled yet and when Jen and she had moved in together she allowed Jen to use that shelf, because she hadn’t filled it but also because she couldn’t really see it as easily as Jen could because of their height difference. When she hadn’t seen anything on the lower shelves and figured that if it was in the bookcase it would be up there, she scurried to the front hall to get her high heeled shoes from last night.

When she returned she dropped them on the floor slipped her feet inside and could see the top shelf a little easier. After looking at some of the books Jen had put up there she noticed that the books didn’t make it to the end of the shelf, but were all standing perfectly, she made her way over and found a heart shaped container with a keyhole in the front. She grabbed it, kicked off her shoes and made her way to sit beside Jen on the couch looking carefully yet sceptically at this box in her possession.

Chapter 2

After nestling up right beside Jen, Maddie stared at this box for a second thinking about what Jen was up to and what was in this box, was it another clue, or was it perhaps a ring. The thought came to her because over the last couple of months they had talked about getting married, but that’s all that it ever came to just talk. Maddie was forced out of her thoughts by a vibration against her hip; she looked down to find Jen’s hand going to snatch her cell phone out of its holder.

“Yup, ok got it be out in a second. K thanks bye.” Jen hung up the phone and looked apologetically at Maddie. “Sorry Hun, I have to go that was the hospital again, I need to get back and check on my patients. But I’ll catch up with you later; just follow the directions very carefully.” Jen grinned pressed a quick kiss to her stunned girlfriends temple and was out the door.

Maddie, after watching Jen dash out the door returned to her senses and opened the box. Inside there was another note wrapped around something, and wrapped around the note was a key ring with her spare car key that she had given to Jen for when she borrowed her car. Carefully and confused she slipped the note out of the key ring and unravelled it. Once unravelled the item that was wrapped in the note fell to her lap, she looked at it slowly piecing things together before reading the note. “Tootsie Rolls, and my car key, where are we going that would be far enough Jen would know I’d need a travelling snack?” she mumbled to herself deciding to stop trying to guess and look at the note.

My Love,

You’re probably wondering where you’re going to be driving to that would be far enough to warrant the Tootsie Rolls, but trust me you’ll like it, the rest of the bag is in the cup holder in the car. I’ve already packed everything you will need and I’ve set your GPS just follow the directions. There’s a bottle of water in the fridge cooling for you to take if you get thirsty on your drive. Wear the shoes I’ve left for you at the garage door, and don’t worry about the pets ma will look after them. I’ll see you when you arrive at your destination.

Forever yours,

Jen XO

After that she found the water bottle her shoes, grabbed her jacket off the hook and was out the door. In the car her there was a note on the GPS

So you don’t find out the end location too soon I’ve left a series of stops where the attendants will give you further directions. Also the note book on the seat will help you figure out who you need to talk to.

Staring in disbelief and still so curious she began on her journey to her first stop which was work, upon arriving she looked to the notebook and directed her to Chief Hillard. Upon finding him she had to sign a couple of papers and had to appoint who was to be in charge of neurology during her absence. After clearing up all clerical stuff she asked “Do you have any idea what Jen is up to?” he responded with a simple head shake. Maddie had turned to leave when Chief Hillard called out “Dr. Wilson hold up, I think you’re forgetting something.” She turned around and saw him holding an envelope out for her she thanked him rushed back to the car politely excusing herself from everyone she passed and with the sneaking suspicion that Jen wasn’t actually in the hospital when everyone she’d passed had said that they hadn’t seen her since the night before.

Dear Maddie,

I love you so much and you are probably going insane right now not knowing every detail about what’s going on. That big brain of yours is probably working double time to figure out all these clues I’ve left you. Yes, we will be gone for a few days. I thought that considering we haven’t had much time off lately especially time off together we could go away this weekend. Now, get a move on, go see ma in the cafe she’ll be expecting you and she can tell you where to go next. And please remember that I love you so much.



Once Maddie arrived at the cafe she soon spotted Lorraine, Jen’s mother sitting at one of the little tables with an envelope. Lorraine simply handed her the envelope and said “Better hurry sweetie, you’re burning daylight. Have fun we’ll see you in a few days, and don’t worry about the pets, I’ll take good care of them.” Lorraine returned to the back room before Maddie could even thank her.

Maddie returned to the car after what was probably the shortest conversation she had ever had with Lorraine. She put the new location into her GPS and was gone, hurrying as much as one could while still going the speed limit and snacking on her Tootsie Rolls. Her next stop was at a small winery about 30 minutes outside of town. She and Jen had gone there on one of their first dates. She again looked at the notebook to indicate the person who she was looking for. Looking solely at the notebook did nothing to aid Maddie’s discovery of the final destination it was just a list of names with numbers corresponding to the clues.

Inside she went to the counter and asked where she could find the owner Julie Lewis. After being directed into the office Julie greeted her with a warm smile and an indication to sit before speaking “You must be Dr. Wilson, I’ve been waiting for you. Doctor Rodgers was very accurate about her guess as to when you would arrive.” Chucking and looking at her watch she continued, “You are a very lucky lady to have someone like Doctor Rodgers to set something like this up for you. Here you are, feel free to sit there while you read it.” She said as she slid an envelope across the desk to the almost impatient looking blonde.

Maddie hurriedly opened the envelope but already knowing from the notebook that there would be at least another 2 stops before she finally found Jen. Knowing that Jen had gone to such lengths to do this though was incredibly touching to Maddie. Jen didn’t often get the chance to show her playful romantic side but when she did Maddie loved it. Inside the envelope there was yet another note.


I remembered that you really liked the wine here but I couldn’t remember which ones were your favourites. You’ll need a bottle of red and a bottle of white. After you’re done picking your wine go back to the car and text me from there I’ll give you further directions.

Love you babe,

Jen xo

Maddie quickly recalled the wines she liked and the owner was quick to have them located and rung through knowing that Maddie was in a hurry. Back in the car she pulled out her phone to text Jen.

To Jen Rodgers

Ok Jen, I have the wine. Where to next? I love you and I can’t wait to find you, my body is already missing your hands on it, and my lips are missing yours. – Maddie

To My Sexy Dr. Wilson

Mmmm I miss your body, your lips, your smile, well you all of you too. You really should hurry up and find me. So speaking of, keep following the highway out of town, after about 20 minutes you’ll see a sign on the right side of the road that looks like the picture I’m going to send you. When you get there turn down the pathway and follow it until you get to the office. Love you come find me soon. – Jen

Shortly after receiving that message a picture message followed, Maddie turned right to keep following the highway until she found the sign that looked like the one in the picture. Taking the turnoff down the pathway she followed it until she saw the office. Looking down at the notebook, she grabbed it and went to the counter and asked “is there any chance someone named Dale Chaney works, or is here?” The 2 girls behind the desk identical twins, who couldn’t be more than 20 years old Maddie guessed both, looked up at her with surprise in their eyes. One of them stepped forward and stuck out her hand for Maddie to shake “Well welcome ma’am, I’ve been waitin’ for ya. My name’s Dale.” Maddie shook her hand and smiled politely silently hating the fact that she had just been referred to as a ma’am but then realizing that it was probably part of the southern vocabulary matching this girl's accent.

“Hi, my name is Maddie Wilson, my girlfriend told me to come here and find you and you would direct me where to go?” she said almost shyly ending what should have been a statement with more of a question. Dale smiled and shook her head and indicated to Maddie to follow her outside. Once outside Dale turned to her and said “well whatcha gotta do now is ya see the path up over there?” Maddie nodded looking to where the girl was pointing “ya gotta follow it about 10 minutes and it’ll come round this big curve and then you’ll see a small beach, but ya can’t stop ya gotta keep following the path till ya get to a fork in the road at the fork there’s a booth there, oh can I see your notebook there?” Maddie listened intently and then showed her the notebook with all the names. Nodding Dale continued “yeah, ya that name there?” pointing to the name below hers on the list. “Jackson Rivers, he’s the fellow that works in that booth real nice guy too he’ll help ya out after that. Have a good day ma’am, hope ya'll have fun.”

Maddie returned to her car and followed the path as directed she came around the curve saw the beach and then continued cautiously till she came to the fork in the road. Through the window in the booth she could see a large bellied man with a moustache almost in the handlebar style, reading a paper with a cowboy hat on and his feet propped up. Maddie got out of the car and walked over to booth, smiling, she gently knocked on the window. “Oh hi there, are you Jackson Rivers?” she asked sweetly. He startled a little at the knocking and looked at the woman who disturbed him. “Well Howdy ma’am are you miss Wilson, the lady that Miss Jen told me bout?” he asked with a southern drawl, much more of an accent in his voice than in the previous girls. “Hi, yes I am but please call me Maddie.” She blushed. “Well ya know what Miss Maddie, Miss Jen didn’t tell me how pretty you were, shoot.” Maddie’s blush grew a little deeper in colour. “Well Miss Maddie, you're gonna have to park your fancy car in that there lot” pointing to where her car should go. “then you’ll have to follow me, miss Jen said that she had most of the stuff ya’ll are gonna need while you're here, but I’ll help ya with whatever it is ya gotta pack up there, it's gonna be a bit of a hike so I hope you’re wearin’ comfy shoes.” He finished. “Thank you, I don’t have much I was only told to pick up a couple bottles of wine. So I’ll just park over there? And then you’ll escort me to?” she asked trying to find out the answer. “That’s right you park your car, grab your wine, and I'll escort ya to your destination miss Maddie.” He said giving a slight affirmative tip of his hat to her.

Figuring Jen probably told him not to say anything she went to park her car. Grabbing her purse, the remainder of her candies, the half full bottle of water, the notebook, and lastly the wine, she moved the GPS to the glove box and was sure to lock her car checking it before returning to the booth.

Chapter 3

After gathering everything from the car which conveniently all fit in the giant purse Maddie often carried, she made her way back to Jackson.

“Ya ready to go Miss Maddie?” he asked. She nodded and smiled in return, and away they began on their hike. “I should warn ya bout this trek, it's gonna take bout 45 minutes to get there. I hope you’re ready for that.”

“Oh, I don’t mind, living in the city we don’t get the chance to go hiking as much as I’d generally like, but Jen and I often go running.”

“Ok, but just be ready cause this ain’t no picnic of a run it's far steeper than the places you run and it ain’t paved, let me know if ya start to feel like you’re slippin.”

“Oh, I’m sure I’ll be alright but if I do begin to feel like I’m going to slip I will let you know. So you say it’s about 45 minutes until we get there? Where exactly is there?”

“Oh Miss Maddie I wish I could tell ya but Miss Jen was very specific that I ain’t allowed to tell ya that. There is there, you’ll know it when we get there, and don’t you try and use that big brain Miss Jen says ya got to get me to tell ya. I wouldn’t think a woman as nice as you would go about usin her smarts to manipulate a simple man like me.”

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