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For the Whored:

A Draenei Saved

GG Ryan

Copyright 2017 GG Ryan

Smashwords Edition

***Chapter 1***

A few days later, Renwa found her by the fountain, drawing.

“What did you do to my Captain?”

She sat her pencil down. “Why?”

“Because he won’t look me in the face, and he avoids Grogek at all costs.”

“Oh… do you want the specifics? Because that might not be a good thing to discuss in public places.”

“I wanted you to make him relax, not make him edgier.”

“Oh, don’t blame that on me. He’s the one who went for a twofer, and that was AFTER Grogek got involved.”

“Holy shit.”

She shrugged. “I got plans for you when I get you and Grogek in my room at the same time.” She winked.

He actually blushed. “You know no bounds.”

“Damned skippy”

“Huh. The caravan is early.” Renwa walked the direction of the entrance to town. Elunara closed her board and followed along.

The foreman of the wagon train jumped down.

“You’re early.” Called Renwa.

The wagon master nodded. “Yeah, about that.” He nodded to Elunara before turning back to Renwa. “You see, we picked up some extra passengers recently. A group of adventurers freed some slaves from the ogres. You know how that goes.”

Renwa nodded.

“Anyway, they had nowhere to go, so we’ve carried them with us, trying to find someone who’ll take em off our hands. Unfortunately, the women came from the sex slavers.”

Renwa swore.

The wagon master nodded. “They’re kind of messed up; if you get my meaning. Anyway, they heard about your little art project, and they’ve acted like it was their mission in life to get here.”

Renwa sighed. “I just figured out how to store all of the new recruits we got in. Now I have to figure this out. How many?”

The wagon master winced. “Twelve of them.”

Renwa groaned.

Elunara popped open her board and began to draw. The other crew had begun to empty the wagons, and passengers climbed out. She continued to document the scene as Renwa continued to talk to the wagon master. She saw them. They were sort of obvious. Four Draenei women huddled together in a lump. They looked around the area and looked frightened. Elunara strolled towards them, sketching them all the while. Finally one of the women noticed her and nudged the others.

Once she was close enough, Elunara added details. She recognized that almost dead look in a couple of the faces, but the one in front looked at her with avid interest.

“Are you the artist?” Her accent was pretty thick.

Elunara held up the quick portrait of the four women. They looked at the picture in amazement. “My name is Elunara.” She smiled and held out the picture.

The front woman took the picture. “I am Tulani.” She handed it to another woman. “This is Nia, Lysel and Minya.”

“Come, let’s go somewhere more private.” Elunara cocked her head to the side and then walked on. She led the small group of women to her barracks and let them in.

The women eyed the beds nervously, so Elunara pulled out some chairs. Three of the women had their chairs close enough that they could continue to lean on each other, but the fourth woman, Tulani, watched her like a hawk. Elunara could appreciate the sentiment.

“I have heard you came to participate in my portrait project.”

Tulani was the only one to speak. “We heard that you were drawing people to make a catalogue of them. So that they can be found and identified, should anything happen. We want to do that.”

Elunara considered. “I have not done women yet, but I’m willing to give it a shot. Let me explain my methods and your options.”

Tulani nodded.

“First, I will draw you, fully clothed, in a standing position. Front, sides and back. Next I will draw you in the nude. Front, sides, and back. When I am satisfied with my drawings, I will go over your body completely, finding scars, skin shading, tattoos, anything like that. Once I am finished, we can work on poses. If you want a simple portrait, fully clothed, we can stop there. You will have to describe any anomalies that I need to catalogue. However, for the process of identification, being fully naked is the most accurate. At any point in time, you tell me to not continue, I will stop. Are you ok with that?”

The three women whimpered and cringed as Elunara spoke. Tulani had twitched, but maintained herself. “I will do it all.”

“Tulani!” Whispered one of the women.

Tulani stood up and stripped off her simple dress. Even Elunara was forced to blink and stare.

“I want my body back.” Tulani turned to the women. “You hear me? They took it away from me, and I want it back! This” She pointed to Elunara’s board. “This will help us. This will give us our bodies back.”

Elunara coughed. “This is currently my home. If you ladies are more comfortable, the healer has opened a room in her building for this process. She felt that you might feel strange in my home, rather than in a clinical area.”

Tulani nodded. “I will do it here. They may wish to do it at your healers.”

“Please put your clothes on for now. I will see about getting the four of you a place to stay while you’re in town.”

Tulani picked up her dress and tugged it over her head. “Forgive me.”

Elunara stood up and patted Tulani’s arm. “It’s fine. I understand about wanting to take your life back.”

They walked out of the door and Elunara saw Grogek coming up the path. Three of the women shrank back against the wall, and Tulani half scooted behind Elunara.

Elunara turned her head. “Grogek is… what you might call my husband.”

Tulani’s eyes grew huge. “But he is of Iron Horde.”

Grogek stopped in front of Elunara. He bent down and brushed his lips on hers. “Who are your odd followers?”

“They came on the caravan, they want portraits.”

Grogek raised an eyebrow. “Women?”

Elunara shrugged. “Where are you headed?”

“Renwa asked for my help with strong arming some of the supplies out of the wagons.”

“I’ll join you.” She turned to the women. “Follow us, and we may be able to get you that help.” She didn’t bother to check. Tulani was at her shoulder, and she knew the others wouldn’t want to be left on their own.

It took a few days, and a few unlucky troops got to sleep outside, but eventually another Barracks was raised. Tulani had become Elunara’s constant companion. Even when the other women wanted to stay behind, she was at Elunara’s side. Elunara just hadn’t had time to do her portrait.

Once in the barracks room, Tulani stood as Elunara had left her. Elunara worked with Tulani until Tulani said she wanted a seated portrait. Elunara complied, giving her what she wanted. Then Elunara asked for Tulani to remove her dress. Carefully, Tulani put it to the side.

Elunara narrowed her eyes. “What’s that?” She pointed to Tulani’s leg.

“It is a slaver tattoo.” Tulani said quietly.

Elunara nodded. “I’ll get to it then.” Elunara continued through her method, including running her hands over Tulani’s body checking for marks. She was quite upset by what all she had found on the Draenei’s body. Only the most seasoned of the army had scars like these. There were burn marks, cuts, and deep, not quite healed bruises. The more Elunara found, the worst she felt for the poor woman. She ignored the desire to kiss them better, and instead marked them in her papers.

“The man who told me about your portraits…” Tulani began.

“Hmm.” Elunara acknowledged as she examined the tattoo. She ran her fingers over it. “I’m going to have to get you to sit so I can get this one better.” She guided Tulani to a chair and had her spread her legs. She knelt there, in between Tulani’s legs, examining the intricate tattoo. “Who did this?” She started recreating it in her papers.

“The ogres hold us down and carve these into our flesh. Each one means something, but I don’t know what. When the sale is over, another ogre carves the name of the buyer.”

Elunara looked up into Tulani’s face. “That’s horrible.”

“Some of them take “liberties with the merchandise” when they do it.” Tulani whispered.

“I’m so sorry.” Elunara almost wept for the woman.

Tulani shook her head.

Elunara returned to her task. “It might be helpful to catalogue these tattoos. That way we can track who is doing what.”

“A noble idea.” Tulani shifted. “The man who told me about your work… he said that you have sex with the men you draw.”

“I’ve been known to.” Elunara held up her hand. “I need to touch this to read it better.”

“Go ahead.” She shivered when Elunara laid her fingers gently on Tulani’s thigh. “And your orc does not care?”

“Not a bit.” She spread the flesh of the thigh slightly and scribbled the results. “Grogek and I have an odd relationship. We have never had a ceremony, yet we are what you would consider life mates.” Elunara continued drawing. “Moving my fingers.”

“Have you had sex with many men?”

Elunara placed her thumb and forefinger right at the crease in Tulani’s leg. She dragged the skin back a little, pressing her thumb into Tulani’s pelvic hair. “I’ve lost count in my head, but I’m sure I have it written down somewhere.” She jotted down the missing bits of tattoo.

Tulani shifted a bit more, her breath becoming ragged. “And women?”

Elunara laughed; her attention on the tattoo. “Usually hate me. They don’t understand what I do.”

“I meant sex with women.”

Elunara’s head snapped up and she looked at Tulani. She didn’t realize it at first, but her finger had slipped from its position and was resting on Tulani’s hair. Elunara pulled her hand back and blinked a couple of times.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.” Elunara looked at her hand.

Tulani grimaced. “Well, it’s just that… I was enjoying that.” She flushed.

Elunara brushed her fingers on the inside of Tulani’s thigh. “Like that?”

Tulani shivered. “Yes, I very much do.”

She considered for a moment, before brushing hr finger tips down through Tulani’s crotch hair. At Tulani’s shiver, Elunara turned back to the tattoo and gave it closer examination. She brushed her fingertips against the horrid tattoo, and after ensuring it was properly catalogued, Elunara brushed a kiss on it. Tulani shivered.

Since it was a new experiment, Elunara took her time tracing her finger tips on Tulani’s thighs. She made her way through the soft hair. Tulani shivered in response. Going by other skilled examples, using her thumbs, she slid apart that soft center and gently opened Tulani’s soft folds. Elunara ran her thumbs up and down, as Tulani gripped the chair and laid her head back. Elunara took a discrete sniff before licking the inner lip. She applied a little more pressure and got a moan and a shiver in response. Slowly, Elunara worked her way around, before reaching the clit and sucking softly. She pressed a finger in, and felt the throbbing insides. A second finger came along, and she was careful not to scrape. She sucked on the clit area as her fingers worked in and out. Tulani arched her back and with one hand, gripped Elunara’s hair.

Getting into it now, Elunara went back to exploring the outer folds before slipping her tongue inside. She looked up at the squirming Draenei. Tulani was so wet, she was making a mess. When at last the woman began to shiver and shake. Elunara pulled her fingers out and ran her thumbs gently on those tender folds. She let go and cocked her head at Tulani.

“That was unexpected.”

Tulani blushed. “I am…” She waved a hand and tried to stay on the chair. “I am equally confused.”

Elunara picked up her board and moved it out of the way.

“I thought…” Tulani stared at the beds. “I thought someday I would have to find a mate and have children. I did not think that I would…” She waved a hand, as if searching for words. “find a woman so attractive.”

Elunara shrugged. “I’ll try anything once, but I’ve never given women a thought. They’re usually quick to hate me.”

“Hmm.” Tulani stood on shaky legs and walked to Elunara’s desk. “You are so talented. You have a large male who protects you, and you do what you please.” She picked up a page. “I envy you.”

Elunara laughed. “I spent the last thirty years developing that… talent. Grogek and I stand on equal ground. As for the last… That is hard earned too.” She got up and went to Tulani. Running a hand down Tulani’s back, Elunara sighed. You have been through a lot. I hate that.” She found herself kissing a healing wound on Tulani’s back.

“You are kind. I like that.”

“Come on, get dressed. I want to show you something.”

Elunara led the way to the training area, and leaving Tulani on the sidelines, she motioned for Grogek to join her near the weapon rack. With an eyebrow raised, he left the trainee he was currently yelling at.

“Something the matter?”

“Do your best not to visibly react.”

He laughed. “What?”

“I had sex with Tulani. In a manner of speaking.”

Grogek froze. His eyes wide, his mouth open. “Wha?”

“I think I rather enjoyed it.” She commented. She shook her head. “I want to do a demonstration.” She picked up a staff.

“Hold on, I’m still stuck on the first thing.”

Elunara giggled and winked. “Come on, Sugarbear.” She twirled the staff. “I have energy to burn.”

Grogek cleared the area. At word that Elunara and Grogek were at it again, the town poured out for the show. They fought like maniacs. When they were both panting, covered in cuts and bruises, Elunara tossed down her staff. Grogek growled and tossed his axe down into the ground, where it sank. Elunara charged, and they barehanded brawled for quite awhile. Finally, Elunara was down on one knee, panting and exhausted. Grogek roared and she held up a hand.

“I concede.”

The crowd went wild. She wiped the sweat off her face. Grogek scooped her up and laughed. There were calls and whistles from the crowd.

“You think you’re so special?” She teased. “Then pick up that axe!”

Grogek raised an eyebrow.

“They won’t lift it.”

He sat her down near the weapon rack, where Ina began to heal her wounds. They watched in amusement as people began to line up in an attempt to lift Grogek’s axe. Only the most trained of them were even able to budge it out of the ground. Elunara giggled at the cussing. Grogek only shook his head. Tulani made her way over to Elunara and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Are you alright?”

Elunara ignored the look on Grogek’s face. “We do this all the time.”

Grogek had a few words with Renwa, before picking Elunara up again. Elunara curled up in his arms and motioned for Tulani to follow. Once in their room, Grogek sat down with Elunara. Tulani sat down in the chair.

“Do you understand why we do that?” Elunara laid her head against his chest and cuddled with Grogek.

“Not really.” Tulani folded her hands in her lap.

“We show them our strength. We show them what we’re capable of. Grogek’s strength, my ability. We will protect our own. Grogek shows them his compassion, by how he holds back against me.” She yawned. “Might of pushed it a bit. I’m just tired. You really are comfy, like a warm blanket.”She mumbled. “I love you so much.” Before she’d even realized it, she’d dozed off.

Grogek leaned against the wall and wrapped his arms around Elunara.

“And you?” Tulani hazarded. “Why do you love her?”

“She is strong, and yet delicate.” Grogek laughed. “Never repeat the delicate part; she’d rip my balls off.”

Tulani giggled. “I envy you both.”

He shrugged. “Elunara is a strange one. I suggest you just let things happen as they will.”

“Tell me more about her.”

***Chapter 2***

Elunara yawned and stretched. She was still curled up on Grogek. They had paused their conversation.

“How long was I out?”

“Well, it’s a good thing I cancelled training today.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright.” He nuzzled her hair. “Do you remember what you said?”

“I…” She flushed. “I said that out loud, didn’t I?” She whispered.

“That you did.” With one hand, he cupped her face, and laid his lips gentle on hers. They devoured each other.

“Oh. I’m sorry.” Tulani stood up. “I’ll give you privacy.”

“I don’t mind.” Mumbled Elunara.

Grogek laughed. “She likes an audience. I don’t care either way.” He stared into Elunara’s eyes. “I’ll probably forget you’re over there anyway.”

Elunara straightened up and lay against Grogek. They devoured each other’s mouths as he ran his hands down her body. He spoke in orcish and she responded in elvish. He took off her shirt, and she pulled off his. Their hands roamed each other’s body.

Tulani watched in amazed fascination as they completely ignored her and treated each other so softly and respectfully. Even when Elunara pulled down his pants, and his hard dick came out, he waited until she did as she pleased. She shifted and sucked him, teased him. Enjoyed him. Tulani was envious of the whole dance. When Elunara climbed back up and slid herself on to him, it was not pain, but delight. A slow enjoyment of one another.

Tulani ached inside, yet somehow just watching them together was a balm to her own wounds. They changed position, Grogek on top, Elunara on the bottom. Even as the pace quickened, Tulani saw none of the same pain and misery from the times she had witnessed before. What had been… The thought froze in her mind, and the memory shut its self down. She returned to the present moment and just watched. She knew she should feel ashamed; watching these two like this, but deep down, she wanted to know that not all of this kind of contact was painful; that some people actually enjoyed having this done to their bodies.

The pair turned back to speaking in their native tongues, and Tulani quietly slipped out of the door.

Tulani returned to Elunara’s side the next day.

“Something tells me that you’ve never told Grogek you love him before.”

“It wasn’t an emotion I was familiar with.” They sat to the top of the hill. Tulani watched over Elunara’s side while she drew.

“Your skill is amazing.”

“People keep telling me that.”

“Why do you do it?”

“Because I couldn’t do anything else.” She shrugged. “For the longest time, drawing was the only thing I enjoyed doing. Then I found men, and I enjoyed doing them too. I eventually combined these two things and came up with a usable skill.”

Tulani nodded. “I will find what I can do.”

“Well, what did you do… before?”

“I used to sew.”

Elunara nodded. “We could head to the tailor; see if she needs any help around the shop.”

Tulani shifted her feet and Elunara caught the wince.

“Can I see?” She put her board away and lifted one of Tulani’s hooves. “When have you last seen to these?”

She shook her head. “I can’t remember.”

“Come with me.” Elunara grabbed her board and dragged Tulani to her barracks. Once Tulani was seated, she went to the Stable master. “Can I borrow some hoof tools?”

He jerked his head to the side, and went back to what he was doing. Elunara gathered the things she needed and headed back to her room. She lifted one of Tulani’s hooves and began to clean it out.

“How do you know how to do this?” Tulani winced as Elunara made her way around some of the damaged areas.

“I worked in the Stormwind stables for a few years before becoming a mission specialist. Night elves have a natural knack with animals. The horses were great practice.” She used the file with precision and care. “Stand up for me.” Elunara watched her feet and kept half an eye on Tulani’s face. “Walk around a bit. Sit back down, give me the other one.” She worked for a couple of hours until she was satisfied, and then put some salve on the damaged areas.

Tulani took a few steps and smiled. “Oh that is much better.”

“I bet your friends could use a good hoofacure.”

Tulani nodded.

Elunara grabbed some fresh papers and pencils for her board and handed it to Tulani to carry. Then she grabbed the hoof stuff, and they headed down to the room in the healer’s building where the women were staying. After a bit of fast talking, the three agreed to take turns sitting for Elunara’s drawing and foot treatments. Since they were still so skittish, Elunara started with sitting portraits. When she gave a woman her picture, she went for the hooves. Elunara expertly tended to the three women’s torn up hooves.

Once they were more comfortable with standing, Elunara started her standard portraits. It was Tulani who convinced the women that, in order to reclaim their bodies as their own, to let Elunara do the healer portraits. Tulani held each woman’s hand as Elunara did her through inspection of their bodies. Cataloguing the scars and wounds tore at Elunara, but the thigh tattoos broke her heart. She blessed her training and experience that had her maintaining a professional air. At the end, each woman seemed to release a held breath of air.

She showed them all the pictures that other people might see, and offered to show them what only the healer need see. None of them wanted to see the nudes.

“I think they should.” Tulani frowned. “It will help them.”

Elunara shook her head. “Maybe, maybe not. It could also break them. They have to go at their own pace. You are stronger than them; do not feel bad about that. You cannot force anyone to do anything. You’ll do more harm than good.”

Tulani considered this. Finally, she nodded. “You know best.”

She shrugged. “I know what I know. Best… isn’t on the list.”

“Can I stay in your room?” Tulani linked their hands.

Elunara blinked. “I don’t see why not.”

“Are you certain Grogek wouldn’t mind?”

Elunara laughed. “I say something and Grogek just smiles and nods. It’s the best thing about him.”

“Damn. I’d hoped there’d be more to it than that.”

Elunara looked up at Grogek grinning down at her. “Oh, well, we are within hearing range of the more timid.”

He smirked. “What am I agreeing to now?”

“Tulani wants to live with us.”

He smiled and nodded.

She giggled. “Why are you here?”

“Had to dump a pathetic lump at the healer. Headed back to the training yard now.”


He kissed her forehead. “Later.” He moved on past.

“He’s kind of terrifying.” Tulani whispered.

“Nah. He’s a teddy bear.”

“A what?”

Elunara froze and then remembered Tulani was native. “A cute, cuddly, plush thing.”

“Ah, a stuffed elekk then?”

“Yes. That.”

Tulani sighed. “I used to make them for the children.”

Elunara tugged on her hand. “Come, let’s hit up the tailor.”

The tailor shop was filled with fabrics and basic dresses and things. Tulani fondled a bolt of fabric. “Oh, this is the best Draenor has to offer.” She breathed and rubbed it against her cheek.

“Oh, so the vendor wasn’t just saying that to jack the price.”

Tulani jerked away and put her hands behind her back.

“Hey now, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Eloise, how’ve you been?” Elunara smiled.

Eloise groaned. “Do you need more bed sheets?”

Elunara laughed. “No. Actually, I came by because Tulani here needs some more clothes. She can’t keep wearing that same dress everywhere. My budget of course.”

“Oh, but you can’t.” Tulani frowned.

“Already did.” She turned back to Eloise. “What you got to show me?”

“Ooo, you don’t get clothes from me that often. You leather wearers know nothing about good quality fabrics.”

“Tulani does. She used to be a tailor in her old village. Made stuffed toys for children.”

The woman looked the Draenei up and down. “I wouldn’t mind a hand around here. Hard to keep up with orders.”

“Well… I don’t know if…”

Elunara laid a hand on Tulani’s shoulder. “Take back your life.” She whispered.

Tulani straightened her shoulders. “I can try.”

“Good girl.” Elunara leaned on the counter. “Let me see your books.”

Eloise pulled out some books and laid them on the counter. “Of course we got older styles, but I’ve been pulling a few new patterns from around us. You can flip through and see if anything appeals to you or her. I’m going to need some measurements.”

Elunara pulled out a piece of paper and slid it over.

“Always prepared.”

“I like these two.” She looked over and saw Tulani discretely fingering the soft material. “Which two do you like?”

Tulani jumped and blushed and looked through the book. She pointed out a couple.

“Ok, those two.” Elunara selected the fabric. She scribbled a little note and pushed it to Eloise. The woman read it, raised an eyebrow and slid the note under the counter. “Also, I’d like to order three sets of these two in this fabric. Send them to the ladies at the Healer house.

“I need their…” She laughed as Elunara handed over the paper. “Of course you would.” She turned to Tulani. “You,” Tulani jumped and shuffled her feet. “I want to see in here tomorrow. We’ll see what your skill is.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“One thing…” Elunara looked around and lowered her voice. “If you tell ANYONE I will personally rip out your throat.”

Eloise blinked in confusion. “That you gave some ladies dresses?”

Elunara smirked. “No. I want to see what designs you have in wedding dresses.”

Eloise let out a noise that was somewhere between a gag and a shriek. She began to flip around like a wild hen as she dragged out books and fabric samples. Elunara took the books and began to flip through.

“I’m not looking our kind of traditional. I’m looking for something more… here inspired.”

Eloise dragged another book out. Elunara had already started ignoring the woman’s noises. She flipped through the many books and fondled a few fabrics before she stopped on one. It was heavily furred and reminded her some of the styles she’d seen in Frostfire Ridge.

“I like this one.”

“Oh, that’s a lovely design, fresh in from-“

“I want you to design me one.” Elunara decided that noise was a happy squeak. “I want it Darnassian inspired, with heavy orc elements.”

“When do you want it?” Eloise happily scribbled on a sheet of paper.

“Shortly after I get around to telling Grogek I want to do this. I figure you got a month or so.” Elunara shrugged.

“Oh, it’ll be lovely. I’ll give you my final sketch for-“

“Keep it to yourself. I trust you on this. Just… Have it ready.” Elunara leaned in close. “I’d like a bridesmaid dress for Tulani, less on the orc, heavy on Draenei.”

Eloise eyed her. “Something I should know?”

Elunara shrugged again. “I’ll let you know when I know.”

“You are a confusing young lady.”

“Eloise, I think I’m older than you.”

“You slow aging bitch.”

Elunara laughed. “You’re not the first.”

Outside, Tulani put her hand in Elunara’s. “That was very nice of you.”

Elunara shrugged. “Someone has to help them.”

“What did she mean by “slow aging?”

“Night elves used to be immortal. Then a disaster happened that destroyed the tree that gave us our immortality. We tried to fix it, but only made it worse. Now we have relatively short life spans, but it’s still double what anyone else might think. I have the body of what your kind or other races might consider to be about twenty, twenty five somewhere in there. I’m over fifty.”


***Chapter 3***

Elunara saluted. “Hello General.”

General Renwa raised an eyebrow at Elunara’s and Tulani’s linked hands. “How are you?”

She gave a slight shrug. “It’s been a nice day.”

General Renwa sighed. “I hate asking you this, but please tell me what you did to Captain Jordan. He’s actually considering a transfer, and he’s been my best man, up until whatever happened.”

She sighed. “You said full treatment, so I gave him full treatment. I happen to have decided that maybe he’d calm down if I fucked his brains out, instead of just a standard hand job, or head, or whatever else I employ. Grogek happened to show up, and slipped right on in, if you get my meaning.”

Renwa groaned as he put his head in his hands.

“Then Captain Jordan couldn’t keep up the longevity, so Grogek pulled me off, and we were having our finishing up, when Jordan jumped back in.”

Renwa’s eyes grew. “He re-joined?” Renwa shook his head. “Didn’t think he had it in him.”

“Hey, me either. Great with his hands though. Honey, he’s got some skill.” Elunara sighed. “But then he had this whole, “you don’t care, do you?” and then he took off like a shot. Or like he thought Grogek might lop his dick off. I don’t know.”

Renwa bit his thumbnail, a habit Elunara thought he’d broken. “I don’t know what to do with him.”

“Let me talk to him.” She sighed. “He needs to confront his demons, so to speak, or he’ll never get over it.”

“Your suggestion on doing that?”

“Arrange a meeting, in your office. Neutral territory, with a moderator. If you try to order him to me again, he won’t trust you, and run faster.”

Renwa nodded. “I’ll let you know.” He marched on.

“Two men at once?” Tulani sounded horrified.

“It can be quite enjoyable.”

She shuddered. “I will have to trust you on that.” She frowned. “I… I have experienced it. However, I understand now, after seeing you two, that it is not the same.”

Elunara wrapped an arm around Tulani. “I hate that you had to suffer, and I hope that I can make you see. It can be so much more.”

“You speak of it so casually. Even to that man, you could be discussing anything in the world.”

“Always remember that I am not like anybody else. Everyone still considers it to be a private act, one of secrecy and privacy. I have long ago tossed that mindset aside. It is my art, my craft, the thing that makes me who I am. Just as I have spent thirty years working on my drawings, I have spent just as much time, sampling men and all my body has to offer.”

“Can you teach me?” She whispered.

“Any time you want.”

Elunara was sorting her papers while Tulani visited with her friends. The tailor had finished the project and Tulani wanted to show off her new dresses. Grogek stuck his head in the door.

“Where is Tulani?”

“Off with her friends.”

“Are you busy?”

“Not really, why?”

He entered the door and pushed it closed. Elunara glanced over. With a grin she walked over and ran her hand on his hard dick.

“Was thinking about you a little too much, got caught up.”

She laughed. “Anyone see you run off?”

He snorted. “I’m better than that.” He walked to the bed and sat down. Unbuttoning his pants, he let his dick pop out.

“Mmm I know exactly what I’m going to do with that.” She knelt down as he pushed his pants to his ankles. She ran her tongue up from the bottom. One hand she cupped his balls, and with her mouth she sucked at the tip before sliding down. Elunara began to work him as he put his hands on her shoulders.

There was a soft knock at the door, but neither actually heard it. Tulani walked in and openly stared.

Elunara moved her mouth off of him. “Close the door.”

Tulani complied and continue to stand there. Elunara licked the length of him over and over. One hand on his balls, the other on the top of his dick.

“Come here.” Elunara called.

Tulani dropped the dress in her hand and walked forward. She stared down at the back of Elunara’s head as she slipped her mouth up and down. Grogek was careful not to look at Tulani, for he had heard enough. Elunara grabbed Tulani by the wrist and tugged her down. Tulani knelt by Elunara and watched in fascination as the Night Elf willing gave her mouth to the orc.

“You want to try?” Elunara’s eyes glittered mischievously. “Come, you might have fun.”

“Well, maybe…” She stared at the dick in fascination.

“Just like this.” Elunara stuck out her tongue and ran it up the length of him. “Now you try.”

Timidly, Tulani stuck out her tongue and flicked it on the dick. Grogek twitched, but kept his hand on Elunara only.

“Get in there.” Elunara grinned. “Come on; tongue all the way out, like this.” She demonstrated.

“This?” Tulani followed.

“Good, now, from the bottom to the top.”

“Alright.” She leaned forward as low as she dared to go. Following Elunara's instructions she licked the length.

Grogek groaned, his hand on Elunara’s shoulder, the other gripping the bed.

“Here, I want to try something different. Stick your tongue out like this…” She demonstrated. And put it at the base, right here.” She pointed. When Tulani did it, Elunara leaned forward and laid her tongue on the back of Tulani’s.”Together” she mumbled. Together they slid their linked tongues up Grogek’s dick.

“You two are killing me.” He muttered.

“Did I do it wrong?” Tulani frowned.

“No, that’s the reaction you want.” Elunara straightened up and adjusted herself against one of Grogek’s thighs. She helped Tulani get undressed and in place. She tugged Tulani forward so their breasts were on both sides of his dick. Testing it out, they discovered the idea didn’t work out as well. With a laugh, Elunara straightened up.

Elunara pulled Tulani in and kissed her. They mated their tongues together and Grogek’s hand slid down Elunara’s back and his fingers went inside her. She giggled and shifted, her own hand finding Tulani’s wetness. Elunara teased and tickled Tulani until she began to squirm. Elunara released her and grinned. Taking the hand up to her mouth she licked Tulani off of her fingers. The Draenei watched in fascination as Grogek grabbed Elunara and began to devour her mouth. He shifted the Night Elf up and slipped her down over his dick. Elunara arched her back and dug her nails into Grogek’s shoulders. Tulani found herself fascinated by the liquid dripping down.

Elunara had her head on Grogek’s chest. She reached out, and Tulani took her hand. Tulani was pulled up on to the bed, and she sat there, her hand in Elunara’s. Elunara let go of her hand and reached out, her fingertips brushing Tulani’s cheek. “I’m sorry, was that too soon?”

“I…” She hesitated and bit her lip. She looked back at the crumpled dress on the floor. With a frown she turned back. “No. No, not at all.”

Grogek shifted so his back was against the wall. He reached out, and cupping Tulani by the back, gently placed her in his lap with Elunara. Elunara pulled Tulani into her own lap, and they all lay there together.

Tulani enjoyed her head lying on Elunara’s breasts. Grogek was an odd sensation that made her slightly uncomfortable, but that was fine too.

“What’s bothering you, sweetie?” Elunara shifted around so that her back was to Grogek, and she tugged Tulani down with her.

Tulani looked up. “They don’t want me to visit them anymore.”

“What? Why?”

She sighed. “They have heard of you. They say that you are no better than the ogres we were freed from.”

Elunara looked up at Grogek who frowned.

“Who?” He asked.

“I don’t know.” Tulani sat up. “They received your gift, but you did not sign it. They think it is from Ina.” Tulani bit her lip. “When I tried to show them my clothes, they called them Whore’s clothes. They…” Tulani’s eyes began to well up. “They said I am damaged. That I am no better than a slaver.”

Elunara’s eyes glinted with rage, but she pulled Tulani into a hug, and kept her face soft. “Shh, don’t cry.”

“I’m sorry.” She whimpered. “You were kind to them and they…”

“Hush. Hush; don’t let that part bother you. I’ve been called every name under the sun. It gets old, not insulting. I need you to understand that they are broken. They are broken and hurt. They have their own standards, and it’s not your fault.” She kissed one eye and then the other. “No matter what they say, it’s not true.”

Tulani curled up in Elunara’s lap. Elunara looked up at Grogek who nodded. He shifted to get up.

“No.” Tulani grabbed his leg. “Don’t go.”

Grogek settled back down and ran a hand across Tulani’s back. “We will protect you now.” He murmured.

“You both are so good to me. I tried to make them see. I tried to show them.” She looked toward the door. “They said I sold myself for good fabric.”

Elunara’s hand instinctively flexed, and Tulani yelped. “I’m sorry.” She kissed Tulani’s forehead. “I’m sorry. I’m just so angry at them.” She hushed Tulani. “I care not what they have to say about me. But they’ve hurt you badly, and that makes me angry. I can’t stand to see you cry like this. It hurts my heart.”

“I’m sorry.” Tulani whimpered.

“Don’t apologize again. Do you hear me?” Elunara gave her a little shake. “Listen, I need to speak with Grogek before he heads back to the training yard. Can you give us a minute? We’ll be right outside.”

Elunara slipped out from behind Tulani and tucked her in the bed. They got dressed and headed outside. When the door closed, she began to pace. “I’m so pissed I can’t keep myself straight. How DARE they do that to her!” She grabbed her head. “And then fresh off of that, I drag her in the middle of us. I’m a horrible person.”

Grogek put his hands on her shoulders. “No, love. You had no way of knowing that would happen. You’re not the horrible one here.”

“Stupid bitches.”

“Should we be concerned by who told them?”

She shook her head. “They could have been all sunshine and bubbles, and still the whole “oh yeah, she has sex with anyone willing” would put them off.”

“What do you plan on doing?”

“Nothing that comes to mind wouldn’t make me worse than the slavers.” She muttered. “For better or worse, Tulani is mine now. I will protect her.”

Grogek took Elunara’s hands. “Tulani is ours. We will both protect her.”

“Well, this is terrible timing.” Elunara muttered.


“Grogek, will you marry me?” She fidgeted.

The look on his face made her itch for her paper. “I’ve been waiting so long.” He whispered. He gripped her hands for a moment and then released. “Wait, if this is a petty plan to-“

Elunara put a hand on his mouth. “I ordered the dress a couple of weeks ago. In fact, she might still need time to fix it.”

Grogek picked Elunara and twirled her around. “Yes!” He began a spate of orcish.

A runner jogged up. “General Renwa requests your presence.”

“NOW?” Elunara smacked her forehead. “His timing sucks!” With a sigh she waved the runner on. “I’ll be there. I’ll be there. Just go.”


“He wants me to talk Jordan into staying.”

“Oh. What?”

“I’ll explain later. Go beat the hell out of your troops.” She stuck her head in the door. Tulani was sound asleep. Elunara kissed her forehead and tucked a note in Tulani’s hand.

She walked into the General’s office on a mission. Captain Jordan turned sheet white and looked to make for the door.

“Stay.” Renwa commanded.

“You’re seriously going to bail, after that lovely day of magic?” Elunara added mildly.

“Elunara…” Renwa warned as Jordan turned bright red.

They exchanged a series of looks that not even Jordan could understand.

Elunara turned back to Jordan. “I arranged this. In neutral territory with an impartial judge.”

“Impartial?!” Jordan was outraged.

“I already told you, he doesn’t love me anymore. Well, not in the keeping way.” She turned to Renwa. “Oh, I should tell you, I finally agreed to marry Grogek.”

Renwa’s eyebrows shot up. “Congratulations.”

“Can you find someone for the ceremony? It’s going to take a bit to get set up.”

“We’ll figure it out.”

Elunara turned back to Jordan. “See? Not a flinch.” She leaned against the window. “And before you ask, yes I will continue to fuck anyone who peaks my interest. In fact, you’re welcome back any time.”

“I… I don’t know… what you’re” Jordan sputtered.

She laughed. “Oh, really? Then why have you been avoiding both of us since then? You haven’t checked on the troops when Grogek was there in WEEKS. He’s not stupid, he noticed. It’s easy enough to avoid me, but to shirk your duties? Come on.” She sauntered over. “I’m down right insulted. You have magic fingers, Jordan.” She ran a finger down his chest. “You really do.”

Jordan turned to Renwa. “You can’t seriously-“

“That’s high praise from her. Trust me.”

“Says the man with the magic dick.” She snickered. “You know…” She strolled to the desk. “I wouldn’t mind combining the two sometime.”

Renwa laughed. “You’re crazy. Can you get back on task?”

“Actually, I’m quite on task.” She tapped her fingers on the desk and then leaned against it. “The end result here is that I think you’re an idiot.” She started ticking off on her fingers. “Grogek walks in, and his reaction is to not get pissed, but to get aroused. He didn’t get jealous, he joined in. We made sure you were done, and since I can handle way more, we went for our fun. You could have grabbed your clothes and ran then, but no. You got all excited AGAIN.”

Jordan looked back and forth, his face bright red. Renwa was a little too busy staring at Elunara’s ass to care what she was saying.

“So, instead of, again leaving, you decided my tits were just a little too tempting to give up on. Did Grogek get mad then? No! He told you to fuck me.” She shook her head. “Does that sound like a man who is jealous and possessive over his girl? Not a bit. You’ve been avoiding us for dear life, and quite frankly we’ve let you. We know where you live, stupid. If Grogek was the raging beast, you wouldn't have been able to avoid him. We figured you’d man up and get over it by now.”

“She’s got a point. Several in fact.” Renwa shrugged.

“Running away will not help you. In fact, if you pull such a dickless move and run away from us now, I will make sure your humiliation is known far and wide.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“Are you a coward?” Elunara raised an eyebrow. “You thought I was some dumb whore taunting the mind and dick of your favorite person.”

Renwa’s eyebrows shot up.

“But, I’m the one who laid his mind to ease. Think about that, next time you decide to be an ass.” She walked to the door. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a few bitches to slap.”

***Chapter 4***

She wasn’t sure she’d actually slap them, but she headed to the healer’s building anyway.

“You’re on time for once.” Ina raised an eyebrow.

“It’s that time again?”

Ina shoved a drink at her. With a shrug, she downed the liquid. Handing the cup back, she looked up at the ceiling. “How are the girls holding up?”

Ina lowered her voice. “They have nightmares.”

Elunara frowned. “They like the dresses?”

“So you sent them?”

“Don’t tell anyone.”

“That was good of you.”

Elunara shrugged. “A girl wants to look pretty.”

Ina wiped a tear from her eye.

“Speaking of looking pretty…” Elunara bit her lip. “I’m marrying Grogek.”

Ina gasped.

She held up a hand. “Before you launch on me, it doesn’t mean I’ll stop being me.”

Ina grabbed a handkerchief and started blotting at her eyes. “I’m ok with that. You’ve made me so emotional today.”

Elunara shrugged. “I’m going to make it worse. Can you help me plan it?”

Ina clung to Elunara and wept. Elunara awkwardly patted her on the back. “Ohhh, we have so much to DO!” Ina cried.

Elunara wound up regretting the whole mess. Ina drove her nuts daily with questions and details. She spent less time drawing, and more time trying to get rid of Ina. By time the little woman was finished, Elunara had to admit the woman knew what she was doing. The place looked amazing. The entire town had been decorated in flowers and ribbons. They had set up by the town fountain. Renwa was Grogek’s best man, a thought which made her giggle.

Ina’s ability to combine elements from their home world, from her home of Darnassus, and then elements from both Draenor and the Orcs, was remarkable. It should have been a terrible mishmash, but it was actually quite amazing. Grogek had somehow managed to get a ceremonial outfit made. She didn’t care how traditional it was, she just knew she really couldn’t wait to tear it off. Renwa wore his own traditions from Stormwind. Tulani looked beautiful in her fabulous dress, which combined fabrics and looks of the Alliance and the Draenei.

The entire town was there, dressed in their best. Elunara wondered who was willing and unwilling. She noticed the snotty looks of the three Draenei women. She gave them a cool look as she passed by. Since Ina was a priest, she qualified as their officiator. A title she snatched for herself as soon as she could. Elunara walked the flowered path and decided the tailor deserved her commission. The wedding gown was magnificent. Elunara was glad Tulani found herself as a tailor’s assistant.

It was a combination of rites and ceremonies. They skimmed through each ceremony tie in they wanted to hit. Finally, after all the words were said and all the silly rituals performed, they stood together, hand in hand. Grogek held his hand out to Renwa, who placed a package in Grogek’s hand.

“It is traditional of my kind, to present you with many tokens of affection through courtship. Nothing we do is traditional… Ever.”

There were a few laughs in the crowd.

He held up a fur. “I present to you, a cloak made of the hide of a beast I slew for you.” He wrapped the cloak around her shoulders. He held up a dagger. “I present to you a dagger made of the finest steel. It has been engraved with you in mind.” He presented the dagger. She took it and eyed the intricate hilt. “The hilt is also made from the bone of the same animal in the cloak.” He took her hand. “And, in tradition from your Alliance, a ring.” He slipped it on her finger. “May these symbols show you that I will provide for you, and I will protect you; but most importantly, that I love you.”

“Kiss the bride already!” Cried someone in the audience.

“Jerry, I will smack you.” Elunara cried back.

Grogek put his hands on either side of her face. He spoke in orcish, but she knew him well. She spoke in elvish, and a couple of audience members broke into tears. They kissed long and sweet. The crowd went wild. They made their way down the aisle and the champagne was opened.

Quite frankly, neither gave a damn about the party. It was the break of morning before Tulani snuck in.

“Where have you been?” Elunara eyed her.

“Ina let me stay with her for the night. We thought you two would appreciate it.”

“Get over here.”

Tulani approached the bed and Elunara grabbed her wrist and tugged her down. “I missed you.” She rolled her eyes and let go. “Eventually.” She grinned.

Tulani kissed her forehead. “I always miss you.”

“Nothing was said, was it?” Elunara searched her face.

“About what?” Tulani looked confused. “Oh! Oh. No. They avoided me. Though Jerry was angry they were off somewhere saying rude things about you being allowed to do something so profane.”

Grogek raised his head. “I could do a few more profane things… in about an hour.” He flopped his head back. Tulani laughed.

“You laughed.” Elunara murmured.

Tulani looked surprised. “I… I guess I did.”

Elunara leaned up and kissed Tulani’s nose. “Good.”

Tulani put her hand on the bed and stood up. All at once the bed broke, causing Elunara and Grogek to come crashing down.

“Well, shit.” Elunara sat up and rubbed her back. “We did break the bed!”

Grogek lifted an arm and pointed at the ceiling. “Told you!”

Elunara sighed and climbed out of the wreckage. “I guess I’ll head to the lumbermill. Do you need help up?”

“I think I’m going to just lay here until I can feel my legs again.”

She snorted. “Wimp.”

It took a few days to get the bed remade in the size they needed, so they just used the floor. In honor of their marriage vows, as modified as they were, she didn’t entertain any one for a couple of weeks. The town was torn into two camps. Those who were surprised she took a break, and those who were surprised she hadn’t “given up the life” yet.

It was actually Renwa who knocked on her door next. She eyed him and then motioned him in.

“Where is Tulani?”

“At the tailor, helping with an order.”


“What brings you to my room?”

“I can’t believe your little “talk” with Jordan actually worked.”

“I told you, sweet cakes, I know men.”

“That you do.” He murmured. He took her hand and looked at the ring. “I can’t believe you did it.”

“Weird isn’t it?”

“So, how do things change?”

“They don’t. That’s the interesting thing.” She took her hand back and stared at the ring Grogek had given her. “He told me that the ring isn’t even a symbol.”

“It’s not?”

She took the ring off and laid it on the desk. “No. He said that he gave me the ring at the ceremony because of how we were doing the ceremony. This is not his symbol to me. That I will know it when he brings it to me.”


“He’s right though.” She flicked the little ring. “I’ve studied orcish culture, and a marriage requires a grand gesture. The head of an enemy perhaps. Who knows what he’ll deem appropriate. In fact, he doesn’t even like the ring he gave me. Says it’s too small and meaningless.”

“I’m…. Sorry?”

“I also wonder if he isn’t fibbing a little and doesn’t want to give me a ring because YOU gave me a ring.”

Renwa flinched. “I make him jealous?”

“In a way that doesn’t make sense.” She shrugged and ran her finger on Renwa’s chest. “The thing is, I can give you my body all I want, but I could never give you my heart. Grogek wants my heart to be all his. So, the fact that you tried to give me a ring first… well, that just won’t do for him.” She pushed Renwa backwards. “The other problem we both have is that for our culture, seeing a wedding ring on a woman is a “hands off” sign.” She slipped her hand into the edge of his pants. “And we all know that just won’t do for me.” She began to unbutton his pants. She tugged them down and knelt in front of him. He was already stiff with anticipation. “You always come prepared.” She purred.

She ran her tongue up his dick. He shuddered and grabbed her ears.

“Careful with those…” She slipped her hand around his balls. “and I’ll be careful with these.” She began to suck on Renwa’s dick as he shifted his stance.

“Lu…” He groaned.

The door was opened and Elunara looked up. “I swear you wait out there til I get to the good parts.” She chided Grogek.

He grinned. “Maybe I do.”

She purred and turned back to Renwa. “Bad boy, I’m not done with you.” She licked him hard again.

Grogek got down on his knees behind Elunara and pulled his pants down. Tugging her pants down, he slipped deep in her and grabbed her hip with one hand and her breast with the other. As she continued to suck at and play with Renwa, Grogek began thrusting in and out. She squeaked with pleasure as she worked on Renwa. When the man finally came, she let him come in her mouth, but discreetly spit it on the floor.

Renwa collapsed in a nearby chair. Grogek kept going, lifting Elunara up and into his lap. He thrust her up and down on his dick. He twisted her head back and devoured her mouth. Renwa’s eyes went wide with shock. His stuff was still running down her mouth, but Grogek did not care. Renwa began to feel wholly inadequate when compared to the massive orc.

Elunara eyed him. “Ready for a second go?”

Renwa stood up and walked over, unsure of what she had planned. When she slipped her mouth over him again, he groaned.

Grogek licked and sucked on Elunara’s neck, making her flinch in interesting ways. He liked watching his mate give pleasure to other men. This was something he had not understood about himself. He enjoyed seeing her play. He even more enjoyed that it was only him she drank. The man in front of them was just another toy. She may have let him finish in her mouth, but she’d spat him out, rejected him. It was he who controlled the show, even if it was Elunara’s show. He gave her what she wanted, because it pleased him to do so. It wasn’t even male arrogance. It was who she was. He hadn’t figured out how Tulani fit into this, but that was also her show.

Elunara jerked back this time, and shifted, letting Renwa release himself on her chest. She and Grogek had already finished, and she shifted off of him to sit in the floor.

She whacked Grogek on the chest. “You timed it. I know you did.”

He ran his thumbs across her sensitive nipples. “You told me you wanted that. All I had to do was wait around until Renwa walked in here.” He bit her shoulder. “I know you.”

“My brain cannot comprehend you two.” Renwa had found Elunara’s towel collection and borrowed a towel, wiping himself down. “You just don’t make any sense.”

“Pfft. Any traditional sense, you mean. Animals take multiple mates all the time. Eve night elves have been known to take additional lovers. It’s you humans and a couple of the other races that said “I’m going to dedicate myself to one person!” Then you spend years of your lives, wondering if that cute little filly three doors down would be just as wild in your bed as your wife used to be before you got bored of each other.”

“That’s a bit crude.”

“Do you have any idea how many men I’ve fucked that were just bored of their wives?” She shook her head and stood up and stretched. “Too many. Even more like to lament how much their wife USED to enjoy sex, now they don’t wanna be bothered.” She sighed and held up the little wedding band. “This means about as much to them as it does to us. A restrictive symbol. Sadder still, they were all lousy lays.”

She dropped it back on the table.

Renwa blinked. “I’m sorry.”

“Bah. It’s fine. I don’t know why I’m worked up.”

Tulani came in the door. She froze, hand on the door handle.

“Close the door, Tulani. We want to protect a guest’s dignity.”

Tulani closed the door and avoided looking at the General. “I’m back. I brought some lunch. I know you forget when you’re…” She hazarded a glance at the General, but only saw his private parts. “Busy.”

The General flushed and yanked his pants on. “I am truly sorry.”

Tulani shrank behind Elunara. Elunara shook her head at the General, who dropped his hand.

“Let’s forget it happened.” Grogek said as he yanked on his own pants.

“Let’s.” Said the General.

Elunara grabbed a towel and cleaned herself up. “Thank you for lunch, sweetie.”

The General politely bowed out. Grogek kissed Elunara, and then turned and dropped a kiss on Tulani’s head. “I’ll see you both later.”

When the door closed, Tulani looked up. “Were you doing them both?”



***Chapter 5***

The next day, Renwa caught Elunara as she climbed the hill. “Tulani is so timid, how does she survive you two?”

Elunara shrugged. “I don’t know. She just opens up when it’s just the two of us. She’s a little shy with Grogek, but she’s coming around because he’s so sweet to her.” Elunara got comfy. “I’ve been trying to teach her to stand up for herself. Especially after the way those little twits treated her.” She said with a growl.


“The women that arrived with her. They’ve called her mean names, and won’t speak to her any more. They call her “the whore’s toy”. Call her worse than a slaver.”

“What the hell?” Renwa was outraged.

“Don’t tell her I told you. In fact, don’t mention it at all.” She sighed.

“That’s horrible.”

Elunara popped open her board and pulled out her pencil.

“So… You told Grogek you wanted to have a threesome with me?”

She snerked. “That’s why you’re really up here.”

“I was just curious.” He tried for innocence.

She started her sketching. “Actually, I’m fairly certain I told him I wanted to suck your dick while he fucked me.” She paused as if thinking. “Yeap, that might be my exact words.”

Renwa’s eyes grew wide, and she quickly sketched him out.

“You’re still a strange couple.”

“You have no idea.”

“Not sure I want to.” He shook his head and made his way back down the hill. Captain Jordan was at the training yard, and Renwa met up with him.


“Hey, keep an eye on Tulani. Tell me if the women that showed up with her are bothering her.”

Jordan blinked. “Sir?”

“Just something I heard.”

Jerry showed up a couple of days later. She raised her eyebrow as he closed the door.

“If anyone asks, we were fucking like rabbits.” He blushed.

“In my experience, fucking like a rabbit is a bad thing.”

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