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Soldier’s Son

By HM69

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Forward by the Authors

Soldiers live their lives on the edge of a sword - life on one side and death on the other. Even if they survive battles unscathed, they often suffer from post-traumatic disorder from all the nightmares they have had to live through. Often, this is more debilitating than losing limbs.

Their issues do not get easier once they leave the military. We forget they need to earn a living beyond their ‘active service’. Though we make every concession to help them, how far do we go to make sure they make a good living? They need to make a living not just for themselves, but their loved ones too.

We know what we expect from our soldiers – their life in exchange for our own. We expect them to die for us, if needed, so that we may live. BUT, do we realise what we ask of the soldiers’ families? We expect them to lose their father, son, husband, lover, breadwinner for our safety. Do we ever thank them for their sacrifice? They live through all the pain and problems of living with soldiers. They live through short spurts of ‘family life’ while their loved one is on active duty. Once a soldier’s active duty finishes, family’s duty becomes active. They have to cope with all sorts issues ‘our soldiers’ bring home - mental, physical, social, psychological etc. Do we really stand by them when the ex-servicemen / ex-servicewomen’s families are going through all this?

This ‘diary of a soldier’s son’ explores some of these issues. It’s not an easy tale. It’s not a pretty tale. It bears and bares all the scares of battle in its pages. The diary brings to the fore issues of health, sex, domestic violence, incest, bi-sexuality, depression, stress, coping with death of loved ones etc. If we expect a soldier’s son to cope with these issues, can you cope with reading this diary to its bitter end?

Please note, HM & Hunter will donate 50% of profits from this book to charities helping families of ex-service men. If you buy this book ‘for free’, can we suggest you donate to a charity supporting Servicemen and their families.

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February 14 1996

My dad is GREAT!

He came home for my 6th Birthday!!!!!!

Best birthday EVER!

When he comes home from his ‘tour of duty’, he plays football with me.

We catch ball in the park.

He even lets me swing AS HIGH as I want!


July 1999

Dad has been to various ‘theatres of war’! Such a cool word – theatre of war!

He has fought in Bosnia, and Iraq.

Some of his war stories are crazy – as in crazy cool!

I want to become a soldier when I grow up and shoot down the baddies.

Dad came home for 4th of July!

We saw some great fireworks over the army base.

I love my mum and dad so much!


Happy 2000

We celebrated the new millennium in NY - our 1st family holiday!

Mum and dad are so happy!

I’ll be ‘double digit’ soon.

I will go to High School and become an army officer just like dad.

Easter 2002

Dad was fighting the taliban in Afghanistan.

He nearly died.

God for the british medical corp.

They rescued him and passed him to our guys.

Dad was airlifted out of Afghanistan and is now back in USA.


February 2003

Dad spent 6 months in intensive care and made a miraculous recovery - regaining his movement and most of his memory.

Army was great at supporting him through his recovery, but he had no job after he got well.

Dad was 'retired' after he came out of the hospital and he is home now.

Mum works 2 jobs to keep us going.

My 13th b’d was simple. But that’s OK. Having dad back with us is present enough for me.

March 2003

After a lot of searching, dad found work as a security guard at a mall.

His boss is ex-serviceman and he has promised mum that he will look after him. He will allow dad time-off for his hospital appointments and will be fine with time off if he is sick.

Mum is happy that dad has his life back.

Dad is happy he is bringing home a regular wage again.

Easter 2003

Though dad's recovery is remarkable, the months in the hospital have changed him.

Sometimes he gets moody and sometime he is super excited - like a puppy.

There is no way to know what he will be like from one hour to the next.

Meds keep him on an even keel - most of the time. But they are expensive.

His shrink is even MORE expensive.

We get help from have various ex-servicemen agencies and charities to pay for some of meds, but not all.

Mum’s worried about dad’s health.

Summer 2003

Dad’s meds, war experience and 'whatever else' he saw out there, have made him 'sexually hyper active' – that’s what the doctor tells us.

Dad calls it ‘fucking’.

I asked a kid in school who smokes real ciggies and he told me what ‘fuck’ means!

YUCK! How can anyone ‘fuck’?

Dad wants to fuck and fuck often. Sometimes several times a day.

When he wants to fuck, he wants to fuck there and then. He has no patience.

Mum has a tough time managing his sex drive. When he demands sex - even in the middle of grocery shopping - she has to take him to the toilets or a quiet stairwell and 'relieve his tension' as she called it.

At home it’s the same. She could be cooking or out in the yard and he comes up to her with a raging hard-on, demanding ‘instant gratification’ (another word mum’s taught me). She usually takes him to the bedroom, but sometimes he wants to fuck there and then - even at the dining table.

I am only 13, but I have learned to 'disappear' a lot.

I quietly leave the room and not resurface till mum calls for me or I can't hear them ‘fucking’.

Dad’s a ‘loud fucker’.

Autumn 2003

Dad likes to be naked a lot, especially when he gets horny.

Around the house it’s kind of 'ok' - but outside, we have to 'manage' his nudist tendencies and cajole him to keep his clothes on.

I am used to seeing my dad clean his guns naked, doing the front yard in his jocks - ass hanging out for all to see.

I say nothing. He is back from war and mum has told me never to question anything he does – never ever!

Mum told me to never say anything negative to dad. He has been through so much for our country and has seen so much during war that it affects him in ways I can't understand. Mum told me to accept that dad is ‘different’.


February 14 2004

Dad’s loud fucking noises made me call the police - I thought he was killing mum.

Mum spoke to the police and sorted it all out.

But now dad has to go to a new shrink.

I thought mum would be angry with me. But she wasn't.

She explained that war has done this to dad.

Nearly dying has done ‘this’ to dad.

Having nearly lost him, mum does not want to lose him again – ever!

She would rather satisfy his 'urges', as she calls them, than have him 'seek solace elsewhere.' (I had to look up some of these words in a dictionary at school!)

I am only 14. So mum explained that if dad went to ‘dirty whores’, he could 'catch germs'.

Germs would make him sick. We didn't want dad to get sick again.

So she satisfies his 'urges' and keeps him safe.

As I am only 14, I asked my best friend at school about whores and he asked his big brother who is 17! His brother told me - 'that just means your dad is a mean fucker who likes to fuck a lot.'

I thought it sounded pretty bad, but my friend's brother seems to admire dad for being a 'mean fucker'.

Summer 2004

I know more about sex than even seniors in my school.

Not ‘personally’ – but I have seen plenty of sex at home.

Not that I want to, but I can’t escape it when dad is fucking all over the house. It’s so gross!


February 2005

I made out with Charlotte. She said it was her birthday present for me!

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