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Soldier’s Son

By HM69

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Published by Hunter n Prey

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Forward by the Authors

Soldiers live their lives on the edge of a sword - life on one side and death on the other. Even if they survive battles unscathed, they often suffer from post-traumatic disorder from all the nightmares they have had to live through. Often, this is more debilitating than losing limbs.

Their issues do not get easier once they leave the military. We forget they need to earn a living beyond their ‘active service’. Though we make every concession to help them, how far do we go to make sure they make a good living? They need to make a living not just for themselves, but their loved ones too.

We know what we expect from our soldiers – their life in exchange for our own. We expect them to die for us, if needed, so that we may live. BUT, do we realise what we ask of the soldiers’ families? We expect them to lose their father, son, husband, lover, breadwinner for our safety. Do we ever thank them for their sacrifice? They live through all the pain and problems of living with soldiers. They live through short spurts of ‘family life’ while their loved one is on active duty. Once a soldier’s active duty finishes, family’s duty becomes active. They have to cope with all sorts issues ‘our soldiers’ bring home - mental, physical, social, psychological etc. Do we really stand by them when the ex-servicemen / ex-servicewomen’s families are going through all this?

This ‘diary of a soldier’s son’ explores some of these issues. It’s not an easy tale. It’s not a pretty tale. It bears and bares all the scares of battle in its pages. The diary brings to the fore issues of health, sex, domestic violence, incest, bi-sexuality, depression, stress, coping with death of loved ones etc. If we expect a soldier’s son to cope with these issues, can you cope with reading this diary to its bitter end?

Please note, HM & Hunter will donate 50% of profits from this book to charities helping families of ex-service men. If you buy this book ‘for free’, can we suggest you donate to a charity supporting Servicemen and their families.

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February 14 1996

My dad is GREAT!

He came home for my 6th Birthday!!!!!!

Best birthday EVER!

When he comes home from his ‘tour of duty’, he plays football with me.

We catch ball in the park.

He even lets me swing AS HIGH as I want!


July 1999

Dad has been to various ‘theatres of war’! Such a cool word – theatre of war!

He has fought in Bosnia, and Iraq.

Some of his war stories are crazy – as in crazy cool!

I want to become a soldier when I grow up and shoot down the baddies.

Dad came home for 4th of July!

We saw some great fireworks over the army base.

I love my mum and dad so much!


Happy 2000

We celebrated the new millennium in NY - our 1st family holiday!

Mum and dad are so happy!

I’ll be ‘double digit’ soon.

I will go to High School and become an army officer just like dad.

Easter 2002

Dad was fighting the taliban in Afghanistan.

He nearly died.

God for the british medical corp.

They rescued him and passed him to our guys.

Dad was airlifted out of Afghanistan and is now back in USA.


February 2003

Dad spent 6 months in intensive care and made a miraculous recovery - regaining his movement and most of his memory.

Army was great at supporting him through his recovery, but he had no job after he got well.

Dad was 'retired' after he came out of the hospital and he is home now.

Mum works 2 jobs to keep us going.

My 13th b’d was simple. But that’s OK. Having dad back with us is present enough for me.

March 2003

After a lot of searching, dad found work as a security guard at a mall.

His boss is ex-serviceman and he has promised mum that he will look after him. He will allow dad time-off for his hospital appointments and will be fine with time off if he is sick.

Mum is happy that dad has his life back.

Dad is happy he is bringing home a regular wage again.

Easter 2003

Though dad's recovery is remarkable, the months in the hospital have changed him.

Sometimes he gets moody and sometime he is super excited - like a puppy.

There is no way to know what he will be like from one hour to the next.

Meds keep him on an even keel - most of the time. But they are expensive.

His shrink is even MORE expensive.

We get help from have various ex-servicemen agencies and charities to pay for some of meds, but not all.

Mum’s worried about dad’s health.

Summer 2003

Dad’s meds, war experience and 'whatever else' he saw out there, have made him 'sexually hyper active' – that’s what the doctor tells us.

Dad calls it ‘fucking’.

I asked a kid in school who smokes real ciggies and he told me what ‘fuck’ means!

YUCK! How can anyone ‘fuck’?

Dad wants to fuck and fuck often. Sometimes several times a day.

When he wants to fuck, he wants to fuck there and then. He has no patience.

Mum has a tough time managing his sex drive. When he demands sex - even in the middle of grocery shopping - she has to take him to the toilets or a quiet stairwell and 'relieve his tension' as she called it.

At home it’s the same. She could be cooking or out in the yard and he comes up to her with a raging hard-on, demanding ‘instant gratification’ (another word mum’s taught me). She usually takes him to the bedroom, but sometimes he wants to fuck there and then - even at the dining table.

I am only 13, but I have learned to 'disappear' a lot.

I quietly leave the room and not resurface till mum calls for me or I can't hear them ‘fucking’.

Dad’s a ‘loud fucker’.

Autumn 2003

Dad likes to be naked a lot, especially when he gets horny.

Around the house it’s kind of 'ok' - but outside, we have to 'manage' his nudist tendencies and cajole him to keep his clothes on.

I am used to seeing my dad clean his guns naked, doing the front yard in his jocks - ass hanging out for all to see.

I say nothing. He is back from war and mum has told me never to question anything he does – never ever!

Mum told me to never say anything negative to dad. He has been through so much for our country and has seen so much during war that it affects him in ways I can't understand. Mum told me to accept that dad is ‘different’.


February 14 2004

Dad’s loud fucking noises made me call the police - I thought he was killing mum.

Mum spoke to the police and sorted it all out.

But now dad has to go to a new shrink.

I thought mum would be angry with me. But she wasn't.

She explained that war has done this to dad.

Nearly dying has done ‘this’ to dad.

Having nearly lost him, mum does not want to lose him again – ever!

She would rather satisfy his 'urges', as she calls them, than have him 'seek solace elsewhere.' (I had to look up some of these words in a dictionary at school!)

I am only 14. So mum explained that if dad went to ‘dirty whores’, he could 'catch germs'.

Germs would make him sick. We didn't want dad to get sick again.

So she satisfies his 'urges' and keeps him safe.

As I am only 14, I asked my best friend at school about whores and he asked his big brother who is 17! His brother told me - 'that just means your dad is a mean fucker who likes to fuck a lot.'

I thought it sounded pretty bad, but my friend's brother seems to admire dad for being a 'mean fucker'.

Summer 2004

I know more about sex than even seniors in my school.

Not ‘personally’ – but I have seen plenty of sex at home.

Not that I want to, but I can’t escape it when dad is fucking all over the house. It’s so gross!


February 2005

I made out with Charlotte. She said it was her birthday present for me!

Kissing is so odd! Its kind of gross to put your tongue in someone else’s mouth, but Charlotte insisted and after trying it, I think like it!

Easter 2005

Charlotte says I am ‘aggressive’ lover.

Don’t understand what she means by that. I don’t attack or hurt her. But she says I ‘come on too strong.’

Maybe I shouldn’t do what dad does.

Maybe she’s never been with a soldier’s son.

Summer 2005

Laura is fun. She is more daring than Charlotte and doesn’t mind kissing me even in the mall. She lets me go further than Charlotte and I have even kissed her breasts - biggest in our school.

Charlotte found out and dragged me to the dunes. She jumped on me and made me kiss her pussy!


But she likes it and now makes me kiss and suck her breasts and pussy all the time!

She jerks me off occasionally. But she is rough and I don’t like it. Laura is better at it than Charlotte.

Halloween 2005

I am now an adult!

I lost my virginity to Laura. Won’t tell Charlotte though!

We went to the ‘haunted house’ and Laura pushed me in a closet. She unzipped me and instead of just jerking me off, she shoved me inside her!


This is so different than making out! It’s just the next level!

Thanksgiving 2005

Charlotte thinks she we are exchanging virginity. It’s her ‘present’ to me.

We made love in the broom cupboard of the diner where she works.

It’s a bit hard faking it, but I think I convinced her she is my 1st.

Fucking like dad isn’t popular with Laura or Charlotte! They have both told me to ‘go slow’. I am learning SO MUCH from my two girlfriends!!

It’s fun fucking Laura. She is happy to try out new things – even crazy things!

It’s easier to explore sex with Charlotte – she is so gentle!

Christmas 2005

Dad’s sick. He has to go to a special hospital in DC.

Mum is worried they will ‘keep’ him.


Feb 2006

Dad came home for my 16th birthday.

I know he is odd, but he is my dad!

We went bowling.

Dad let me win.

Dad is the best!

March 2006

Charlotte broke off with me because she wants to concentrate on her SAT. She wants to go to a fancy college in California.

Summer 2006

I hate working at the burger bar. Cooking is one thing, but cleaning after other people’s shit gets on my wick (new kid at school taught me that word).

But it helps pay for my climbing lessons. I love hiking.

Hiking gets me out of the house, away from all the fucking.

Christmas 2006

Laura’s gone to NY. She wants to become a model.

She ran away from home. She left me a note and told me not to tell anyone where she is going.

2007- 2008

Summer 2007

I was never very good at 'academics'.

I started working at Pete’s garage as soon as school finished.

It’s tough work, but it pays well.

I now have my own motor bike!

Boss told me I can repair it at work if I want.

I am not stuck at home any more. When dad’s fucking gets too loud, I can ride away.

I am no prude, but who wants to watch their parents fuck?

February 14 2008

I’m 18!

Mum and dad took me to a fancy restaurant in the mall.

They bought me a new helmet with Star-wars theme.

They are the best parents ever!

Easter 2008

Weekends are fun. I go out with the guys and we hike everywhere!

I love camping in the wild. It’s so peaceful out here.

I am so alive out here!

Stars are brighter.

Sound is clearer.

I love the ‘quiet’ out here.

Summer 2008

It’s a hot summer.

As dad is hanging around naked, I started to do that too.

Mum was horrified, but I told her - if he can do it - why can’t I? I am 18 after all!

Mum cried.

For her sake, I will wear shorts when she is around.

She has suffered enough. I don't want her to cry on my account.

But if it’s just us ‘men’, I hang loose too. Why not!

Autumn 2008

Money’s tight.

Dad’s not well. His meds are super expensive.

I help out by paying towards rent and groceries.

They fuck a lot now! Even more than before!!

I think dad takes longer to cum than before. He reaches ‘crescendo’ (Kerry taught me that word) much later than he used to.

It’s painful listening to your dad groan and moan about cumming for an hour!

Sometimes I just take the bike and go – go anywhere but here.


January 2009

I hang out with the 'guys'. They buy me beer - though I am not 'allowed'.

Sometimes I hang out with the Kerry – she is the bar maid. Kerry’s super cool for a 32 year old.

If she has time, we make out behind the bar.

We make love in the woods. Mostly at night, just before I drop her home on my bike.

We can't go back to her place - she has a 3 year old kid and she lives with her parents.

We can't go back to my place - I have no idea what state dad will be in.

Feb 14th – 2009

We celebrated my 19th birthday at the mall.

We had a great meal at Chipotle. Dad bought us ice cream. Because everyone knows him at the mall, the lady didn't even charge us!

It was a cold, moon lit night.

We walked on the beach – all 3 of us.

We talked about the good times we have had.

Mum remembered how I was always goofing around the army base and everyone loved me.

I remembered how I used to climb in the tanks and pretend I was helping dad shoot the badies.

Best 19th ever!

Spring 2009

Dad is 45 now. But his sex drive is still HYPER!

He still makes out with mum anywhere and everywhere - on the porch, on the beach, back yard and especially in our cramped TV cum sitting cum dining room.

Mostly mum says nothing – she just lets him 'do it'.

But sometimes she ‘objects’ (new meaning of the word she taught me).

Mum says she is tired now – too tired for sex.

If he gets too horny, she leads him by his dick - really - by his dick - to their bedroom so he can ‘bang her’ (Pete uses that word all the time) away from my eyes.

September 2009

It was game night. My team was playing to stay in the competition.

Dad wanted to fuck mum on the sofa - before dinner!

Mum tried to get him to their bedroom, but he wanted to fuck there and then - not even wait 2 min.

I went to my room.

Few minutes later, I heard their bedroom door bang.

I came out to finish watching the game.

Few minutes later, dad stormed out their bedroom muttering to himself. Apparently mum wasn't 'feeling well' and 'denied him sex' for the first time in 25 years of marriage!

Dad was pacing the room with his dick at half-mast.

I ignored him and carried on watching the game. It wasn’t like I hadn’t seen him stiff before!

However, today dad started jerking off in front of me! He was jerking and pacing the room! Dad was muttering about blue balls and desperation to cum and how women ‘didn't get it’.

He eventually lay down on the sofa to 'finish off' (dad’s word).

It was a violent finale - loud and thunderous with vigorous shuddering of the whole body.

I never cum like that! I am ‘quiet cummer’.

As dad came, he flicked his cum all over the place - sofa, carpet and even mum's favourite china in the display case before wiping his hands on his body.

I got kitchen towels and quickly wiped the china, sofa and carpet.

I know how mum values the 'clean tidy' look of her house. She is very particular about being ‘presentable’. Over the years I have grown to appreciate her for that.

'Being poor is no excuse for being messy.' she says.

Of course, no one comes to our house because of dad’s nudity.

But we are always ‘presentable’!

I gave a handful of kitchen towels to dad to clean himself. He smeared the cum all over his furry torso and over his shaved crotch. Thankfully he used the tissues clean his hands. Thank god for small mercies – as mum says.

Winter 2009

Mum's often 'not well'. She is not well enough for dad to fuck.

Not sure what's wrong. She isn't 'sick' or anything. Just 'not well' enough for a fuck.

Dad blows his load anywhere and everywhere in the house. Mostly in the TV room or the bathroom. I always know where he has cum. He rarely cleans up after himself - not without being told.


Spring 2010

Soon after my 20th b'd, mum went to take care of my nana. Doctors say she is very sick.

Dad is upset. He misses mum. He keeps smelling her clothes. Sometimes he cums in them. If I wash the dirty ones, he finds mum’s t-shirt or dress or underwear that I haven’t washed and cums in there.

I now just let him be. No point in getting upset with him for making a mess everywhere.

I will wash everything just before mum is ready to come home.

June 2010

It’s hot! Perfect weather for the beach!

I love swimming and playing volley ball on the beach.

July 2010

Mum is with nana again. Dad calls every day to ask when she will be back.

One evening we were hanging around the house - naked of course.

We were watching some late night TV and there was a lot of graphic sex.

I tried to change the channel. I didn't want to get a stiffy in front of 'dad'. It’s kind of embarrassing even if you have seen him jerk off in front of you.

Dad took the remote and switched it back to the sex scene.

He started to jerk himself slowly - right next to me!

I cupped my crotch to cover my hard on. But it's difficult to hide an eight inch stiffy.

As I made a move to get up and leave, dad told me to sit down, reached over and started to jerk me off with one hand and kept jerking himself with the another!!

I was too shocked to move.

As the sex scene 'climaxed' so did dad. He came all over himself.

He rubbed his cum in his skin. His body hair was glistening with wet cum. (gross)

After he finished, he jerked me off with both his hands. He rubbed my cum on my belly, sniffed his hands and wiped them off on his legs.


Another night. Another movie. Another sex scene.

Dad bent down and started to give me a blow job!

DAD was blowing ME!

I was too shocked to say anything!

Dad played with my balls with one hand and nipples with another.

He pinched my nipple - hard.

He made me cum.

He swallowed.

He sat back and continued to stroke me.

Dad told me 'You taste like Skyler.'

Apparently, Skyler was dad's best buddy who died in Afghanistan.

'You can't get a good whore there for love or money.’ Dad said. ‘Many men, pretending to be boys in Afghanistan, but no real whores.'

Dad was quite for an eternity before he spoke again. 'Some of them pretend to be interested in sex, just so they can kill you and steal your kit.'

I am assuming that's what happened to Skyler.

Dad continued to stroke me and cry.

I didn't know what to do.

I hugged dad.

Dad was in a mood to talk - rare at the best of times.

He spoke about Afghanistan. He spoke about Skyler.

He told me no matter how good you are, a sniper can take you out without you even knowing!

Dad said 'TIME' was a cruel 'sniper'.

Dad told me, "Life is short. Enjoy every minute of it son."

Maybe now I understand why he is so impulsive.

He is expecting death around every corner, every minute, all the time!

Maybe now I understand why mum let him fuck her so much. She doesn’t want him to think of death.

Autumn 2010

I now drop dad off at the mall on my bike for his shift. He can’t afford to drive his car now.

Mum’s lost her work. Dad’s pay only goes so far.

Thanks’ Giving 2010

Drove by Kerry's place. She was busy - her son is teething. Her sister’s family is over for the holidays.

I sat alone on the beach and watched the surf.

I needed mum tonight.

Life is slipping me by. I need mum to help me figure out where I am. Life’s too complicated.

Mum is spending more and more time with nana.


February 2011

Mum came back for my 21st.

We had a nice meal at home – mum cooked a feast!

We looked at old photos and talked about the ‘good old days.’

Told mum and dad about Kerry and how much I love her.

Mum’s ecstatic. She wants to meet her and is already planning a wedding!

March 2011

Mum went back to my nana’s place.

Spring 2011

Dad touches my dick every time we meet - like he is greeting me by shaking my dick rather than my hand.

If I am naked and sitting near him, he casually strokes my legs, arm or dick. Once I was lying down and he started to caress my ass! I think I have a great butt, but I really don’t want my dad to take an interest in it!

He sucks me off every now and again.

Easter 2011

Nana is very ill. Mum is going to stay longer than expected.

Nana is getting frail and falls over a lot. At her age, that's dangerous.

Mum is not so well herself. Not sure if she is up to taking care of nana properly.

I offered to come up and help. She said not to bother. Dementia has made nana 'fear' strangers - especially male strangers.

July 1st 2011

Dad's boss came to the garage today to get his car serviced.

I recognized him and went over to talk to him. He was very happy to know I was working and standing on my own two feet. He seemed to value dad's work and said he enjoyed working with him.

I swapped with Pete and worked on the boss's car myself. It was the least I could do.

As I worked on the car, ex-Major Mathews told me how much he appreciated me and mum taking such good care of dad. Apparently not all families cope well with ex-servicemen and many disintegrate after army retirement.

Having someone who was 90% absent from home, suddenly become 100% present at home is tough for some families.

Some don't like the army discipline transposed to home-life.

Some don't like the fall-out from ‘war memories’ at home.

Ex-Major Mathews’ wife divorced him 2 years into his retirement.

He now takes a 10 hour trip twice a month to see his kids for a day.


Maybe that's why he appreciated mum getting in touch with him to help dad get the job at the mall.

He was also impressed that dad was always saying positive things about 'his family.' That’s rare with ex-service men who retire due to illness.

Apparently, some ex-servicemen can't cope with civilian life.

Some go mad - not straitjacket mad, but just 'mad'.

Some go back to war zones as mercenaries.

Some commit suicide!

Ouch Ouch!!

Tough shit happens in real life I suppose.

I now appreciate why mum is always bending backwards to accommodate dad. Dad's not perfect. But I can't imagine a life without him.

Never thought I would say that!

I gave ex-Major Mathews 'family discount'. Pete would have given him ex-servicemen's discount anyway. Few dollars more.

It’s not coming out of my pocket!

It made him feel good though. It's good to see a good man smile.

August 2011

One of the guys in my hiking group was celebrating his b'd. He has ‘bucke list’ of things he wants to do before he is 25, 30 and 40. He said I was living my life on ‘default option’.


Maybe I should make a bucket list of things to do with my ‘life’.

I love Kerry. We make out on the beach all the time.

When I take her home from the bar, we make love on the beach – quiet, peaceful sort of love. Weather’s warm enough to roll around in the sand even at midnight.

Fucking on the beach my fav activity. I love watching the stars as Kerry rides my dick like a cowgirl.

September 2011

Got home late.

Dad was pacing the room like a caged animal. He was muttering to himself.

I didn't ask questions. I gave him his meds - like mum does.

He calmed down after an hour.

Dad was sad that mum won’t be home soon. Asked him why he was sad. Dad said he needed mum to make him cum!!!

Mum's fears of dad going to whores weren't real. Or maybe she had kept him so satisfied, he didn't think about the whores on the street corners anymore.

I said the one thing I never thought I would say. 'Do you want me to help you cum dad?'

I was shocked and surprised I said it!

Once I said it, I couldn’t take it back.

He thought about it for a few eternal minutes.

Then he nodded his head, took my hand and put it on his dick.


I had MY dad's dick in MY hand!

I stroked his dick for a bit.

Dad told me to 'grip' his dick.

I gingerly gripped his dick.

'Just follow me.' said dad. He jerked me and asked me to do the same to him.

I did.

It was weird.

But I did as he showed me.

After 10 frustrating minutes (I can tell because that's how long it takes between ads), dad placed his hand on mine and jerked himself off vigorously!

He came loudly. His chest was drenched with cum.

Dad wiped a finger on his chest and tasted his own cum!

Dad thanked me and went to bed.

From now on, whenever dad is 'not well’, I give him a quick hand job to see if that calms him down.

If he is not better in half an hour, I let him suck me off.

If nothing works, I give him his meds.

Taking too many meds is not good for him as it builds up his immunity to them. Or so mum says.

It's also very expensive - $20 per tablet! Sometimes he needs 2!!

Jerk off or sucking me off is a cheap and cheerful alternative. No side effects either - except good, sound sleep!

Halloween 2011

Busy night for mall security. Lot of crazy people are out tonight.

Dad came in from his night shift. I heard him drop the keys on the kitchen counter.

I went to have a shower.

Dad came in to grab something from the bathroom. He saw me naked and I turned around to hide my crotch. I know - it’s a bit silly - having exchanged blow-jobs and hand-jobs with each other.

Dad came inside the shower and started to kiss my butt! He jammed his tongue up my ass and jerked me off kneeling on the tiles, sucking my balls!

Thanks’ Giving 2011

Mum's home!

Nana is with an aunt and mum has come home to take care of 'us'. She said she missed me and dad. She hugged me and cried. She must have really missed me!

When dad came back from work, he was ecstatic to see mum. He didn't even strip out of his uniform and took her straight to their bedroom.

I took my bike for a long ride and to find Kerry.

We made love in the woods. Bit cold – but just perfect! We were surrounded by fall leaves - red gold and green! We had the best sex ever!

After 2 hours of sex, we went to her place for dinner.

Her parents are nice. Her dad wears a smart jacket and pants around the house! Apparently, he wears a jacket all year around!

I had the best Thanks Giving ever at Kerry’s place.

Kerry and Ryan make me happy.

I have promised Kerry I will adopt Ryan when we marry.

I am just saving up to get us a place to stay as a family.

Jacket or no jacket, I don't want to stay with her parents or mine.


January 2012

It was cold, hard, winter. Mum's cramps were very bad. Some days she would not, could not, get out of bed. I fed her chicken soup when she was really bad. I fed her like she used to feed me - one spoon at a time. Different story between each mouthful – we were giggling like children.

Though it was a bad winter, me and mum had the best bonding time ever!

Dad has been looking a bit 'crazy' lately. I can tell when he is desperate for his 'sexual release' as mum calls it.

I haven't jerked him off lately. He sucks me off when mum is too sick to have sex.

She is too ill to have sex most times. Her entire body hurts. Periods are particularly painful she says.

Feb 2012

My 22nd birthday was the most boring ever.

We went to the diner for a meal and had lots of beer.

Mum smiled a lot, but she was super quiet. I can see the pain in her eyes.

Week after my 22nd birthday, dad desperately wanted sex but mum was sick - again.

I was working.

Dad went in the yard, though it was freezing, and he dug up the entire herb-patch along the back fence.

When he heard my bike roar into the driveway, he came indoors. I was still in my biker leathers.

Mum was lying down on the sofa, watching some girly chick flick.

Dad looked at me and mum several times. He shook his head a few times - as if to clear some internal confusion.

He dropped his jeans and said he wanted to fuck straight away.

Mum told him she was in pain.

I wasn't going to jerk him off in front of mum!

I quickly grabbed the meds and a glass of water.

Dad threw the pill away and said he wanted to fuck, not be 'dialled down' with meds or a rough hand job.

Dad's eyes were totally dilated. His breath was ragged. I knew jerking him off wouldn't be enough to calm him today.

Dad started to pull mum up and wanted to either take her to the bedroom or fuck her doggy style here and now.

I was too old to let him use mum like this.

I was afraid he would hurt her if he had sex with her.

'Go fuck someone your own size!' I said.

(Apparently, I was frothing at the mouth - mum told me later.)

Dad dropped mum's arm and squared up with me. I am now as tall as dad and I can actually 'look him in the eye'. Dad’s strong and muscle bound - he works out at the gym in the mall for free. But working at the garage has made me strong and firm. I am not as wide as dad, but I am muscular enough to matter.

I will never forget the crazed look in dad's eyes. His mouth was curled and teeth were chattering loudly.

After a tense minute, though it felt longer, dad started pulling at my biker pants, repeating, 'give me your ass, give me your ass' over and over again.

Mum was SHOCKED!

She got up and pulled dad towards the bedroom. She pleaded with him not to fuck me. She even took off her knickers and stuffed it in his face to make him go with her.

She grabbed his dick and pulled him away from me.

But dad was stronger. He simply pushed her aside several times and kept pulling at my pants.

I knew how much mum was hurting.

I knew how much dad was hurting.

I knew how much I was hurting to see them hurt so much.

I unbuckled and dropped my pants.

I turned around.

I was going to sacrifice my ass for my parents - both of them.

Mum was besides herself with pain and worry. She kept pulling dad away from me. But dad was now like a man possessed. He wanted to fuck right now and now that an ass had presented itself to him – voluntarily - he wanted to fuck that ass RIGHT NOW.

He roughly lowered my underwear. I stepped out of them and spread my legs.

I heard dad spit.

I felt his cold wet spit on my ass.

Dad bent me forward and pushed me into doggy position on the floor.

Dad started to pet my ass and grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands. He has a strong grip!

Mum ran around to face dad and begged him to fuck her. Her pubes were in my face. In my 21 years, this was the 1st time I saw her naked. I closed my eyes.

I felt her tears on my head.

My tears fell on the carpet.

Mum rushed forward and pushed her crotch in dad’s face. She kept asking him to fuck her. 'Take my pussy, take it!'

I felt her leg brush my chest and go over my back as dad pushed her aside.

I heard the side table buckle under mum's weight.

I scrambled over to help her. I carried her to the sofa. I gently laid her there and covered her with her blouse. There was a nasty bump growing on the side of her head.

'Don't worry mum. I will be fine.'

I kissed her head and faced dad.

Taking a deep breath, I grabbed his dick, dripping with precum, and led him to my bedroom.

I laid down on my back.

I wanted to see my fucker.

I wanted him to see that I wasn't afraid of him.

I was a soldier's son.

Getting on my bed, dad crawled between my legs. He pulled my legs up and threw them over his shoulders. Spitting on my ass, he smeared it around while repeating, 'Give me your ass!'

I felt dad's dick bang at my 'back-door'.

My butt refused to answer.

He tried again. And Again.

Dad pushed hard.

Dad knocked the breath out of me as he first entered my ass.

Dad pushed to get in further.

My ass clenched up.

I took a deep breath.

Dad pulled out. Spat on his dick. He took precum from my dick and smeared it on his dickhead.

Dad pushed in again. Harder than before.

Dad's 2nd entry winded me again.

It hurt so bad! I had no idea it would hurt like this.

His dick isn't half as thick as mine. But it hurt.

I clenched my teeth to stop it from hurting.

I clenched my teeth to stop from crying.

My butt clenched and gripped his dick to stop it from going in further.

'Relax and it will hurt less.' Mum was next to me, clutching at her dressing gown.

There were tears in her eyes.

'Don't cry mum. I will be fine.' I gritted my teeth again.

Mum placed her hand on my forehead and just nodded her head. 'Baby, just relax.' Tears were trickling down her cheeks non-stop.

I closed my eyes. I can bear any pain. Even the pain of being fucked by my own dad. But I can't bear the pain of seeing my mum cry.

I gritted my teeth again and relaxed my ass just like mum told me.

Dad was in and out of my ass like a piston in an engine. I know engines. I fixed one this afternoon. I know just how tight it is in the cylinders. Dad's dick was just as tight in my ass.

I heard dad scream.

I opened my eyes and saw mum pinching his nipples and twisting them. She muffled his scream by covering his mouth with hers. Dad thrashed a bit as his nipples were pinched and twisted again.

I saw dad's chest heave upwards, stay there for bit and then collapse.

His dick exploded in my ass, filling it with hot spunk.

His body was covered in sweat.

His limp dick popped out of my ass.

Mum led him back to their bedroom.

He was as tame as a lamb.

I didn't sleep.

I had no idea if dad would walk through the door for sloppy seconds.

I have heard him fuck mum multiple times in the same night.

I had no idea if he would want to do the same with me.

I had no idea how I would react if he wanted to do it.

Would I say yes?

Would I say no?

Would he still want to fuck mum?

I heard nothing from their bedroom all night.

Next morning I wanted to be out of the house before mum or dad woke up. Last night was too weird, even for our family.

Taking dump in the morning was a bit painful.

I showered to get dad's fingerprints off me.

Hiding in my hoodie, I went to the kitchen to grab some coffee before leaving.

Mum was there.

Mum had cooked breakfast for me.

Sitting me down, she held my hand as I ate.

When I finished, she spoke in quiet words – like she used to when I was young – before dad’s coma.

Mum thanked me for last night.

She told me how sex had become painful lately. By taking her place, I had saved her from another night of 'excruciating pain' - her words - not mine.

Mum is considering having her uterus removed. Not sure what the side effects will be, but it would stop all the bleeding and cramps she says. It will help her have unlimited sex - she hopes.

Not sure how much that will cost but she will have to use her precious savings to pay for it.

I can't afford to use my savings. I want to get a place with Kerry.

I hugged her and told her not to worry. I will always be there for her. How could I not be!

Mum told me that after dad's recovery from the coma, doctors said we could take him home or leave him in a nut house. If we take him home, we would have to give him his meds. Only problem would be his ‘hyper-sextivity’.

Mum did not want to lose dad. She didn’t want him in a nut house.

She got her tubes tied and provided as much sex as dad needed to remain sane.

Mum did it to keep dad with us.

As an army foot soldier, he had been absent during my childhood.

She knew how much I missed him.

She did not want him to be absent during my teens.

Mum cried. She cried because she can’t cope anymore.

I cried. Now I know how I can help her cope.

I promised to help her out.

Sex, sex and more sex.

Mum stroked my hand and told me she knew how much I ‘help’ already.

Apparently dad told her how we jerked off together while she was with Nana.

She told me that kept him ‘sane’.

Not sure how ‘sane’ it is to jerk off your son and swallow his seed.

Not sure if dad mentioned the BJs. I didn’t say anything. After all, this was my MUM!

Dad told her that when he fucked me, I reminded him of Buzz – his best buddy in Afghanistan. A bomb blew him to smithereens. Same bomb sent dad in a coma. Dad didn’t know Buzz was dead for over a year.

We both cried.

We both wiped the tears off other’s cheek.

My mum and I – we are like two peas in a pod.

We can’t escape our ‘pod’ without tearing it to pieces.

It’s tough living with mental illness.

It’s tougher living with a person with mental illness.

I have no idea how mum made it all these years – first coping alone, being a lone parent and then with a guy with high emotional dependency issues. She never let me feel the strain she bore alone.

She is my hero!

Next few weeks were ‘busy’.

I was ‘busy’ at work with ‘winter issues’ with people’s cars.

Some people forget to put the anti-freeze in their cars.

People come for new tires to get a good grip on wet, icy roads.

We always sell them ‘service’ and ‘check up’.

Hey, we are a capitalist democracy after all!

I was ‘busy’ at home. Dad had found a ‘new toy’ and wanted to ‘play’ with me every time he saw me. Even when we were just watching TV or sitting for dinner, his hand would be on my dick all the time. Sometimes I let him fuck me, but most times I jerked him off or he jerked me or I let him blow me. That worked too.

Best thing is, it kept him off mum and the meds.

Mum was happy.

Dad was happy.

I was happy.

Easter 2012

I came home late. I dropped Kerry off at her parents after her shift at the bar and took a long walk on the beach. She loves me, but isn’t sure if she wants to marry me.

I promised her we would have a life of our own.

She isn’t so sure.

My life is so screwed up, I needed some ‘me time’ to think things through.

I have to settle down.

I have to have a life of my own.

My own family.

But how can I do that without Kerry?

Why won’t she marry me?

I am so confused.

June 2012

I was still in my biker leathers when mum called me over to the sofa. I couldn’t see them but I knew they were fucking because I heard dad labouring over her.

Mum told me to let dad suck me off.

I don’t mind dad blowing me, but not in front of mum!


Legs akimbo, I kept my leathered butt facing mum and unzipped to face dad. It wasn’t comfortable poking my thick dick out of all the leather so I unbuckled and opened the front to let dad suck me off properly.

Dad fucked mum and sucked me with relish. The sound of WWII gun fire and booming bombs was seriously turning me off. How can anyone get hard with an awful war movie playing in the background!

I felt my leather pants being pulled down.

I felt my mother’s hands scratch my butt, go between my legs and pull my balls – HARD!

I tensed up!

My ass and teeth clenched tight.

My ass became 2 solid snow balls and my 2 sex balls spewed enough sperm to drown the Statue of Liberty. Dad drank it all.


Mum patted my buns and told me to go to bed.

Dad came – loudly – before I reached my bedroom.

I could hear dad being tucked up in bed.

When he started to snore, I relaxed.

4 hours of rest for sure.

Mum came in, clutching her dressing gown close to her chest. She ‘thanked’ me.

Apparently, they had been fucking for over 2 hours. They even tried 3 military movies but dad didn’t / wouldn’t / couldn’t cum. Mum was desperate for him to ‘finish’ so he wouldn’t mope around with ‘blue balls’ all night. She knew sucking on my dick would make him cum – that’s why she called me over. Mum said she ‘touched’ my ass and balls to make me cum quickly – so that would make dad come quickly.


Life is complicated enough.

Do I need this shit on top of all that?!


January 2013

Kerry’s been busy lately. ‘Stuff’ happening at home she says. We meet in the bar, but we don’t make out any more.

Maybe she has winter blues.

February 2013

I have booked a really special table for us at Marco’s pizzeria for Valentine’s.

I will celebrate my 23rd like I have never done before!

I think it’s the right time for me to propose.

Mum’s excited too. She gave me her great grandma’s ring. It has a large garnet – apparently that was an expensive stone in those days. Diamonds were rare then – really rare.

I will get Kerry a diamond for the wedding.

Feb 14th 2013

I got the day off work.

I had a ‘super smart’ haircut at Luigi’s.

I bought new clothes and new cologne.

I bought two matching leather jackets for Kerry and myself. I even bought a similar jacket for Ryan – soon to be ‘our son’.

Best thing – Peter has agreed to let me rent the flat above the garage. It’s just the right size for 3 of us. There will be no yard for Ryan to play in, but the beach isn’t far.

I am ready to be a father to Ryan – even if he isn’t ‘mine’.

Lady at the court house tells me its super easy for me to adopt him after we are married.

This will be the best Valentine’s ever!

I went to pick up Kerry.

Her father opened the door. He blocked the door.

Kerry won’t be going out with me anymore.

Ryan’s biological father is back in town and has proposed to Kerry.

Kerry has accepted.

This is the worst valentine EVER!

My world has collapsed.

Maybe I had no world to start with.

Maybe Kerry never really loved me.

No one loves me.

Maybe no one does.

It was cold. Very cold.

The woods were full of couples today, making out behind the bushes, under the trees, one was in the tree!

The beach was full of couples making out under the stars, rutting in the frozen sand.

The ‘High Street’ was full of couples eating, drinking, walking – together – hand in hand.

I took a long drive on the interstate.

Ran out of gas on my way back.

I dumped the bike by the road side and walked home.

Got home late – really late.

Heart shaped balloons floated around the floor.

Dad was still up.

He was naked – as he always is.

Even in winter – he is ALWAYS naked!

Why can’t he put on a jacket like normal dads!

The moment he saw me, his dick started to go up. By the time I took off my boots and put the helmet away, he had a raging hard on that was straining against his stomach.

Dad was desperate for a fuck. He asked to fuck me non-stop. Like an annoying ring tone on repeat, ‘let’s fuck…let’s fuck...let’s fuck Nate.’

I was frozen.

I was hungry.

I was angry.

I was very angry.


I was furious.

“For once in your life dad, maybe I should fuck you so you know how it feels to get fucked for an hour!”


OK? Dad said ok! Did he actually hear me? Did he understand what I actually said?

Dad turned around, spread his legs and placed his hands on the wall. “I am ready sir.”

Dad called me ‘sir’!

(I didn’t ‘hear’ the ‘sir’ till later – much later – after we finished fucking ‘later’.)

I dropped my leather pants and fucked my father on the kitchen wall. I was so angry and so cold, I had to bend him over the kitchen counter to continue fucking at a more reasonable angle. Eventually I came when we were fucking doggy position in front of the fake fire in the sitting room.

After I came, I was shocked with what I had done.

I wasn’t sure what I could say or do to make up for fucking my own father. My hands lingered on his back as I thought of something to say. Something to sooth him.

Something that sounded like sorry – but not sorry.

“Thank you Sargent sir.” Dad demurred and padded to his bedroom on all fours. My cum was leaking out of his ass.

This has to be the worst Valentine in the history of humanity.

I lost the love of my life.

I lost a ‘family’ before I had one.

I fucked the family do I have.

BUT I am not sure if my father knows it was ‘me’ who fucked him!

Easter 2013

I am only 23, but my life has changed dramatically.

Dad no longer demands sex from mum – not even blow jobs. He now begs me to fuck him – all the time! If I said no, he begs to fuck me, blow me or jerk me off. If I am stern and said no, he just whimpers and cries.

Mum has to give him his medication when I refuse to fuck him.

Dad has stopped calling me by my name. He now always calls me ‘Sargent Sir.’

Apparently, he was once fucked senseless by a Sargent Allcock – Sargent Nate Allcock. Dad was so fixated with his Sargent, he named me after the guy who fucked him for 4 years solid!

On Valentine’s day, when I fucked him hard, really hard, all the emotions and memories of his early days in the army came flooding back.

Taste of my spunk reminds him of Skylar dude he used to blow off in Afghanistan.

Him fucking me reminds him of his buddy ‘Buzz’ from Iraq.

Me fucking him reminds him to Sergent Allcock.

So I am literally his ‘fucking’ memory bank!

We had no idea at first. But when we took him to the shrink, things filtered out.

Shrink didn’t tell us anything – they never do.

Dad told us – in his own time.

He sometimes speaks quietly, eyes screwed up – as if he was watching something from far away. When he does that, we know he isn’t ‘here’.

He talks about his army days – and nights – in 3rd person. As if it wasn’t happening to him. It’s probably the only way for him to cope with the loss of friends – so many friends.

Me fucking him, fast and furious, unlocked deep seated memories of hopes, fears, happiness, pain, and loss. Intense loss.

Being fucked unlocked memories no meds could supress or erase.

July 2013

Kerry’s best friend is now working at the bar. I had a LONG chat with her.

Apparently, Kerry’s old boyfriend was confirming Ryan’s paternity since mid Jan. He had an ‘accident’ last year and can’t have any more kids. Ryan is his ‘only son’.

He wanted to officially acknowledge Ryan as his ‘heir’, so he married Kerry and took her to Iran. Kerry will be the ‘chief wife’ among 3 he has already.

Good fucking luck Kerry!


January 2014

I am really doing well at the garage.

I have even passed my diploma.

I applied for jobs all over the place.

Thank you internet!

After several interviews, I am going to work at the naval base at Pearl Harbour!

No more winter. No more cold.

No more memories of Kerry.

Everyone is so happy for me!

Mum and dad are proud.

Mum can’t stop crying. She baked cakes and muffins for everyone at the garage.

Dad can’t stop fucking and asking to be fucked. I know he is super excited by the look on his face when we are fucking. He is in a happy place right now. He is proud that his son is in the military.

If things don’t work out, Pete has promised to take me back – anytime.

Easter 2014

Hawaii is so cool!

We surf everyday – even if it means getting up at 5am!

Everyone is super fit.

Everyone is super FUN!

Everyone is super friendly.

No one has a family here. We are all one big family!

Work is hard. I am learning new things every day.

I am now fixing machine the size of houses!

Peter’s garage can fit in a small corner of the storage shed here.

I am having the best sex in my life.

Everyone loves a sailor!!

There are so many tourists here. I can walk into any bar and walk out with any number of girls.

Making love outdoors in warm Hawaiian nights is the best!

This is the most wonderful time of my life!

Christmas 2014

Mum tells me dad is not doing so well.

He keeps asking ‘When will Nate be back?’

I have offered to have them fly over for a holiday. They can fly over with the military anytime.

Dad hates flying. It’s one of the phobias he developed after his coma in 2002.


Easter 2015

Mum is worried – Dad has lost weight and keeps crying.

Meds don’t help.

Sex doesn’t help.

He doesn’t even want sex any more.

Autumn 2015

Mum wrote a long letter.

Last week, dad was really quiet.

On Friday he said he was going to see Nate.

Thinking dad had planned a special trip, mum asked if they were flying to Hawaii. Dad looked puzzled and said, ‘No! You know I hate flying!’

Dad took an over dose that night – mixing his anti-depression pills and mum’s sleeping pills.

Next morning, mum found him dead, fully dressed in his military uniform.


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