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Bring Me the Steam (Part One)

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Bring Me the Steam (Part One)

“It was a desolate morning. Snow swept across the luckless sky and misery blew on the wind.”

My editor arched an eyebrow at me. “And that's your opening line for an erotic story?”

I bit my lip and squirmed. “Y-yeah?”

She, pencil-straight and focused, shook her head. Matilda, as her name went, had short brown hair and the personality of a shark. “Nuh-uh. Rewrite this.” She pulled up a sticky pad and began jotting notes on it with a severely professional looking pen. “Think 'heat' think 'sexy',” again, that eyebrow arch. “Do you even know what sexy is?”

I squirmed in my chair and wrung my hands. “Y-yeah, I mean, of course I do but,”

“Think beach with hot ladies- you know, the scene.” Matilda pulled up the sticky note and almost pressed it to my forehead. Instead she changed her mind at the last minute and lowered it to my hands. “Look. Write me something steamy. Make it flow.”

I pointed to the window. “But have you seen the weather? How am I supposed to write 'steamy' when we've just hit below zero?”

Matilda smiled wryly. “Turn the heat up in your apartment and walk around in a bikini. How would I know?”

I looked to the sky and almost started cursing. Matilda thumped her desk emphatically with the tip of her pen. “Bring,” thump “me,” thump “some,” thump “steam!” Thump!

I wilted miserably in my chair and nodded.

The walk home was a miserable affair. Not because of the crisp weather that blew my scarf. Not because of the sharp bite of the air that made me pull my knits closer and snuggle into my jacket. No, I loved this weather.

Maybe that was the problem, I told myself. Maybe because I wasn't like other women.

I didn't like the heat, the bimbo appeal. I didn't want 'fast and easy' sexual attraction. I wanted steady, sensual, and loving. I wanted the warmth that came from the heart. The peace of trusting someone, not the risk of a stranger. I wanted - a relationship. A deep and compelling romance that just happened to have sex as a cheeky bonus.

And lucky, lucky, me, I had one.

“Do you realize how late you are? That'll be a ticket, ma'am,” said the police officer leaning against my kitchen counter, pen and pad at the ready. Amber was tall, blonde, and had a severe expression that could turn the hottest of steam into an ice cube - but I grinned and pushed the apartment door shut behind me.

“Oh no!” I said teasingly. “Maybe I can pay under the table.”

“Ooo, playing hard to get are we?” she said, putting her pad and pen away and striding towards me. “Maybe I'll get the cuffs out.”

“Oh no, evil officer,” I squeaked before wrapping my arms around her in a bear hug.

Alright. So maybe this was why I wasn't good at writing the sexiest of the sexy 'down and dirty' smut. I was a fluff. I was a teddy bear. I loved my wife, and we were playfully open about everything.

Amber drew back and planted a kiss on my forehead. “How was your day?” And she began unwinding my scarf from around my neck.

I let out a telltale sigh. She nodded, pressing her lips together. “That good, uh?”

I nodded back and began squirming out of my jacket. “Yeah.” It came out sounding hollow and she felt it. With a wince she took my jacket from me and hooked it up by the door. She lay my scarf on top just the way I liked it. Then, she turned to me with a frown.

“You know, you haven't had a good writing day in a while,” she said gently. I gave her my warning and flashing eyes of 'don't go there'. But she did. “Maybe you'd enjoy writing more if you took a break from it. Try another job for a while.”

I deflated. “But it's what I love.”

She smiled quickly to reassure me. “Then do it. But, maybe not so much pressure, okay? Take it slow. Write what you enjoy.”

I chuckled, pressing close to her. “I tried that. It was a steamy cold romance,” and I slid my arms up her chest. Around her neck and tugging her down for a kiss. “It was passionate and brilliant. Full of decadent pleasure and,” I brushed my lips against hers. She tensed, her breath catching. Her hands slid to my hips and pulled me tightly against her.

“And?” she whispered back, not giving in yet.

I stretched up on my toes and kissed her sweetly. When I drew back she had a dizzy smile on. I grinned in guilty admittance. “My opening line was 'too cold'. Apparently I'm the only one who likes my kind of romance.” I turned away, about to go mope in a corner or something. My hand was caught and I was turned gently back to face her. She lifted my wrist and kissed my fingers gently.

“I'm quite sure you're not the only one.” Her eyebrow arched in a much more suggestive and sweet way than anyone else's could have. “I think I'd like to read it and... give you some commentary on it.”

Well, come to think of it. I drew towards her with a sneaky smile. “There is something you could do to help me.”

“And that is?”

“My editor told me to 'turn the heat up' in my apartment and walk around in a bikini,” I purred as I slid my arms around her neck. “Could you help me with that? Inspire me?”

“Of course,” she murmured. Her hands slid down my back and she stooped slowly. Our lips brushed. My heart fluttered. “First we'll have to get you undressed.” And her palms slid down my hips. Our lips tasted the others'. My shirt was lifted, untucking slowly as she plucked it up around me. My heart fluttered a staccato beat as she drew back. A smoldering gaze looked me over. My shirt was pulled up over my head then tossed aside. She stepped closer.

We were close enough the rough fabric of her uniform brushed against my soft skin. Her hands were calloused but so warm as they palmed up my sides and slid around my back. Again she stooped over me and we kissed in a heated embrace, me pressing against her and her pulling me tightly to her.

Then, in a soundless unclasping, my bra fell loose around me.

I stepped back and let it fall off me. She guided it with the tips of her fingers, chasing it away and tossing it off to the side. Then, she took my shoulders in her grasp.

Gently but firmly I was turned against the wall and pushed up against it. Then her lips descended over me. Not to mine but to my neck. She kissed the crook under my ear and brushed my hair away. Tingles rose through me. Heat flushed up my core as her tongue flicked and teased over my sensitive skin. I squirmed. My hands clutched at the rough fabric of her shirt. As she nipped my collarbone my breath caught and I pulled on her shirt.

“Off,” I mumbled. “It's only fair.”

Chuckling, she drew back. “Fair? There's nothing fair in love.” But she began unbuttoning her shirt slowly. I watched greedily as the smooth skin of her chest was revealed, then a glimpse of her bra- then she stopped. Smirking, she took off her belt and set it on its own hook carefully. I huffed impatiently and set my weight back against the wall. Crooking a finger, I ordered her to hurry up and come closer. She did both.

A thigh pressed up between mine. Her clothes brushed against me as she continued unbuttoning her shirt. My breath was snatched away by a hot pulse that ran through me as I watched – and felt her so close. Every sense felt awakened. The scent of her, the sight, the feeling of her warm skin so close... I couldn't resist. I leaned the short distance to kiss her collarbone. Her hands were pressed between us as I tasted her skin. With a rustle and shrug she was done unbuttoning her shirt and she was squirming out of it. I helped her in a rush, adding my hasty hands to hers and pulling the shirt in all ways.

In a tussle it fell to the side. She was grinning. I was breathless and flushed. In a swoop she descended over me for a fiery kiss. I clutched at her back as our lips met and tongues swept. My fingers dug into her soft skin, clutching at her as I was pressed against the wall. The leg between mine rocked and lifted, suddenly rubbing pleasure into me. I moaned against her lips.

Then, all too suddenly, she pulled away.

Her hands slid down my arms to take my wrists. Grinning and drawing back, she tugged me after her. “Come this way,” Amber said teasingly. “We can't have you standing in the doorway for ever.”

I chuckled and followed after her. She led me across the hall then into the bedroom. I bit my lip as we swung to a stop in the doorway. I was gently twirled around her, then directed into the room as she shut the bedroom door behind us.

For a moment I was engulfed in the gentle gray darkness. Our bed lay before me, a deep wooden chest to its left and our closet to its right. Soothing light filtered in from the curtains.

“So?” hands took my waist from behind. A kiss was placed in the crook of my neck and her breath tickled. “What are we going to do?” Amber asked teasingly. “Would you like,” and I was gently turned around by my hips so I faced her. “A massage?”

“Hmm,” I made a show of considering, putting my fingers to my chin and tilting my head to the side.

“Some licks?” she offered with an arched eyebrow.

“Hmm,” I said appreciatively. She was quite skilled with her tongue... but I wanted something more sentimental tonight.

“Or-r,” she bit her lip and looked me over carefully, trying to guess what I wanted. I waited. Would she read my mind? Or would we end up laughing at how far out she'd miscalculated?

Amber gently uncrossed the arm I hadn't even noticed laying across my chest. With a warm smile she passed my hands to rest around her waist. Gently and oh so carefully she tugged us together at the waist. “Maybe you'd like something closer.”

I swelled with pride. “Maybe,” I admitted cheekily.

“Like what?” she asked. I reached up for a kiss, embarrassed. I hated voicing my desires. She let me kiss her. She even stooped, pressing a hand to the back of my head to steady our sweet kiss. When we drew apart I nuzzled into her neck, breathing her scent in.

“I would like,” and I tugged her down just a little farther. Just enough so I could nuzzled her ear and whisper into it all those things I wouldn't dare say out loud.

“Ah,” Amber said gleefully. “Just that?”

I blushed furiously. She grinned and chuckled, holding me tight against her- then drawing us into another searing kiss. For a moment the butterflies raged anew in me, fiercely demanding more- but she drew back. “Get ready then,” she teased as she stepped away.

In a flurry, I did. I squirmed out of those pants and boots faster than I thought was humanely possible. But did she squirm out of her clothes like I did? No. Of course not. No, I was treated to a slow, delicious view as she unbuttoned them. As she glided them down her thighs, leaving only her panties on. After flicking away her pants, she stepped towards me once more. “Now-?” she arched an eyebrow at me. Her hands cupped my breasts, massaging then gently tweaking at my nipples. It teased and roused- but I was distracted by those lips that were so close. By the press of Amber's body against mine. I gulped, looking over the beautiful curves that I knew so well. At the comfortable bra and plain underwear that just needed to get out of the way.

“Now we get you undressed,” I purred as I slid my hands up her stomach. I snuck them around her ribs- then moaned as she teased my breasts.

“Go on,” she said breathlessly as I tried to remember what I was doing. She stooped, kissing me feverishly. I pressed against her eagerly. My hands snuck around Amber as an afterthought, playing with her bra strap absent-mindedly as our tongues played and tasted. Somehow, her bra came undone.

As it loosened she drew back. The bra was tossed unceremoniously aside and my hands glided down her back. My breath hitched as I took in the beautiful sight before me. I stooped to kiss her nipples, gently drawing one into my mouth and nibbling it. She hissed, fingers curling into my hair. My hands slid lower. Careful not to scratch her, I hooked my fingers around her underwear and slid them down. As she stepped out of her panties I gently released the first nipple from my lips and swooped to the second one. Again, her breath hitched just slightly. Her fingers tangled in my hair and- was she getting breathless? My hands slid up her thighs, fingers stroking gently over her pubic hair. Dampness was felt on the tips of my fingers as I swept down to brush over her folds. A soft moan was uttered so closely to my ear. Her hips tilted towards me.

Now it was my turn to draw back teasingly. I didn't go far. Amber chased after me, snatching at my shoulders and drawing me in for a fierce kiss. As one hand held my head steady another slid down between us. First she tugged at a nipple, pinching just enough to tease but not harm, then the hand was skimming down over my stomach. It stroked over my pubic hair, glided down over my folds, and parted my lower lips. I moaned loudly in agreement into the kiss. Eagerly I stepped my legs apart and pressed closer- just as she slipped a finger in.

It went in just enough to tease. Just a small taunt of pleasure, and she drew out. Breathlessly she ended the kiss at the same time. “On the bed,” she ordered hoarsely. She didn't need to tell me twice.

In two steps I was at the foot of the bed and tumbling backwards onto it. She followed above me, landing on her elbows and knees and pinning me down eagerly in another kiss. It was short and passionate, ending as she began kissing down my neck.

Her hand slid down between us, fondling my breast tenderly. She shifted, nudging one leg up between mine. I didn't need her to suggest twice. My legs flew apart, squirming to wrap around her hips in an open suggestion.

With a chuckle her fingers slipped away from my breast with a teasing tweak. Amber petted her way down my stomach. Caressed my hips. Now licking and sucking gently on my neck, her fingers slid over the crook of my thigh to my folds.

I caught my breath in anticipation. Wrapped my arms around her neck and drew us together. My hips lifted eagerly, my fingers dug into her back between her shoulder blades.

Her finger slipped in easily as I was already so wet. A soft moan escaped me as her finger crooked within to caress my g-spot. Fiery need welled up within me- and she drew out almost fully. Her thumb slid over the moisture then up, gliding wetly over my clit.

Another moan escaped from me. My fingers dug into her back and I buried my face in her shoulder, knowing what was to come. A steady rhythm began. She slid in and out gently with just that one finger all while her thumb began stroking smooth circles over my clit.

Her teeth carefully nibbled at my collarbone. My breath hitched as she pressed over and over against my g-spot, stroking it longingly each time as she glided out. My clit throbbed with pent-up desire as she massaged it – but not quite at the right spot. Whimpering in need I tilted my hips for a better angle. “Just, just-” and then it was perfect.

I moaned lengthily, head falling back as what felt like ultimate pleasure bloomed within me. It wasn't a burst. It was a low, burning release that spread out like thirsty fire.

Her fingers did not go faster. Amber continued the same pace except just a little harder, pressing deeper against my g-spot. Head tossed back and eyes closed from pleasure, my hips rocked on their own to lengthen the caress.

Finally, I was sated. The fire had burnt its way over me and I was panting but relieved. “I'm, I'm done,” I gasped as I petted her back.

She lifted from the hickey she'd happily been giving me. “Are you?” she asked teasingly.

Giddy butterflies rose in me at the sight of her so happy. And perhaps also at the feeling of her drawing out after one final thrust that felt so delicious. I nodded, happy to snuggle into her and bury myself in the warmth of her shoulders. My arms hugged her tight though I felt limp all over. But... was I entirely satisfied?

I pulled my face from her shoulder. “I lied. I'm not completely done.”

Amber grinned. “I didn't think so.” Rolling onto her side she motioned for me to snuggle into her arms. I did, happily cuddling up to her. When I was comfortably settled and as happy as could be, she whispered against my ear. “Now tell me what else you'd like.”

I shuddered.

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