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Warrior and Waitress (Part Three)

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Warrior and Waitress (Part Three)

The view from atop this mountain was just... breathtaking. Amazing landscapes that I never could of imagined laid before me. We had crossed forests, plains, and finally (but most painfully) climbed a mountain. So high up, I could even see the sea. This was the first time I saw the endless and untameable blue pool of water. The golden wheat fields surrounded it like a halo. My focus was on a gray spot in the horizon. A city. Ostia. This was a big city, known quite well through the country. It came obvious to me we were headed there, and after nagging Luna she had confirmed it. On the eighth day, to my joy, we finally walked up the gates of this “gray spot”. Before me was now a tall wall, but it did not hide the tall towers over it. The sun was setting slowly, painting it in hues of oranges and reds. The guard, dressed in blue, spoke.

“Permit for the horse please?”

I blinked. Permit? What was that? Calmly, Luna went into her saddle bag and took the piece of paper out. She showed it to the guard. He smiled.

“AH! Erel Luna. It is a pleasure to meet you. It is too early to bring in horses in, but I guess I can make an exception for you. Go on with your friend.”

She smiled and nodded. Too early for horses? As we pass the guard, she noticed my confusion. She chuckled, then spoke gently.

“Horses, cattle, ox, chariots and wagons are not allowed in unless it is night. The city is too populated. It is unsafe.”

I nodded, surprised. I was too tired to be overly excited. We followed a maze of streets, walking slowly as people stared at us in awe. I didn't get why. We were positively filthy, having not bathed today, nor yesterday. Mud was splattered up to my thighs, crusting itself and mixed with things I cared not to know. But it seemed to not be a problem for these people. The awe was there, the shine in their eyes as we passed by. I noticed their eyes lit up at Luna, then wonderment and curiosity fell on me. We finally reached a house. Or, should I say, a mansion. The thing was huge. It was even bigger than the inn! A small man came out hurriedly, smiling. His brown hair was neatly cut and he had a beautiful orange tunic with green embroidery. Fancy.

“Erel! What a pleasure to see you. And she must be Sylvie! Ah yes! What a lovely face!”

I blushed. So he had heard about me, huh? I glanced at Luna, who was holding back a smile. I looked back to the man, answering him.

“It's lovely to meet you, erm?”

“Oh my! Where are my manners! My name is Tulius. I'm assuming I shall be serving her as well?”

He asked, looking up to the golden eyed beauty beside me. I whipped my head, staring to Luna. Serving. Me. Serving. Not me serving him, but him serving me. I used to serve people as a living. How can she have an individual to serve her alone??? My jaw almost fell to the floor. She, however, calmly smirked. It finally registered to my mind that she owned more than I ever knew...

“Yes, Tulius. Would you mind taking Rage to the stable? She needs a rest.”

“Of course!”

And off he was with Luna's black mare. I watched him go, stunned, then looked back at Luna. She snickered and passed an arm around my shoulders, walking me in. It was a good thing too; I wasn't moving otherwise. She opened the double door and we entered the wooden building.

“Welcome to Bayit. This is my home, and yours too.”

I stood there and blinked. Slowly, my jaw unhinged itself and I gaped. It was beautiful. We walked into a luxurious dark blue carpet with swirls and designs. The main room was fairly empty, except for the two staircases that ran along both sides of the wall, into a mini inside balcony. Maybe there was more to the upper floor, but I couldn't see yet. Before each staircase was an entryway, carved with the same swirl as the carpet. To the left seemed to be a dinning room, said the wonderful smell and the long table full of food. Wooden furniture filled the place with candles lit everywhere, making it have a warm glow.

But really, the beauty and wealth of the place fared little compared to my shock. This was Luna's home. And she is offering it to me, including me to live with her. This beautiful, grandiose mansion would be a home. Not an inn, not a temporary room. A home. Offered for free to an ex-bartender by a traveling warrior. What are the odds...

I turned myself toward her. She had let me take everything in, waiting quietly. She looked very shy, her fingers fidgeting at her sides. However, I could not cut short her misery. I was at a loss, too shocked and tired. To try to think after my first (long and tiring) trip, with said trip being a week through mountains and plains, had made my brain as numb as my legs. No sentence could form coherently in my head. So I acted; I lunged forward and kissed her senseless. It broke my daze, and then I spoke in a rush, a little breathless, but with curiosity in mind.

“Why? I mean, I'm not special and I don't deserve all of this. This is amazing, and I don't know where to begin. And your name is Erel?”

She rested her hands on my waist, holding me gently. She smiled so softly I thought I might burst of giddiness.

“Erel is my title. I have been honored the title after... a long story. I am part of the King's court. I'd like to begin with a bath, and then I'll answer all your questions, aye?”

My ears perked. A bath. At my face she laughed loudly. She shouted, and ordered a servant called Olga (Another servant. How many were there??? Where was she anyways?) to start a bath while she led me upstairs. So there was a second floor... We walked to the left, into what I guessed was the master's bedroom. In the middle sat the bed that seemed so plush... There was green sheets laid on it, and the fur of a white beast atop it. The wooden frame itself was carved, a marvelous piece of work. To the left was a table and two chairs, with a window to look out of. Beside it, another door. To the right was a wardrobe and a thick locked chest. Weapons decorated the walls everywhere. I was in awe.

She walked to the chest and opened it. She started to take off her armor. I walked slowly to the chest and started undressing. Getting rid of this chain mail felt heavenly... It had been a heavy burden on my shoulders. It had made itself more present as the days went by, weighing more and more. I sighed in relief when I dropped it into the chest, rolling my shoulders to relieve some tension. I looked over to Luna, who was staring at me halfway through her armor. She smiled, dropping her armor in the chest with a clunk. She spoke softly after.

“Perhaps, while I take this off, you could look in the wardrobe for something you would like? I doubt you wish to put these clothes on after the bath.”

I nodded enthusiastically. She chuckled and continued taking off her armor. Her voice floated in the air while I opened the door of the wardrobe. So many clothes...

“Oh, and you can leave your sword here, too.”

Hastily, I removed it and let it fall on the floor, then resumed my clothing search. Luna laughed, then I heard more clunks going into the chest. I picked a long purple tunic. It had short sleeve and minutious embroidery. It was also long enough to not need pants. I missed wearing my skirts.

I looked to the golden eyed beauty. Her eyes met mine, warm. I spoke.

“Can I take this? And what about underwear?”

The smirk she had looked downright sinful. I tried to stop the pleasant shiver running through me.

“You won't need them. I want to be back up here rather quickly. I've been dreaming long enough to taste you on my bed. Bath, food, then bedroom. Unless that is not what you would like?”

I gulped. Part of me wondered if we could skip the bath, but my skin felt itchy and my stomach agreed to the idea of food. So I just nodded numbly. This all felt so... Unreal. In a good way.

* * *

Well, surprise, there was a downstairs. The bath was made carved in the stone, enough for four people to lie comfortably side by side. Hot water had been added recently, said the steam. I had never, ever, taken a bath like this. It was just so much greater than the tiny little metal tub, cold water and all, that we used at the inn. Once she was standing beside it, slowly, teasingly, Luna undressed. Her gaze stayed on mine. Slowly, she drew her tunic over her head, showing scars and abs. Her wrap came into view, hiding delicious curves I knew. She still stared at me, the tunic now in her arms. But then her arms made my knees weak. Was she flexing? Maybe. She finally dropped the shirt on the floor. The steam made her tanned skin glow. I had a lump in my throat, already hypnotized by her. She slid the pants down along with her underwear. I was looking at the small patch of brown curls between her legs, feeling a slight shiver. But mostly? That predatory golden gaze felt hotter than the steam. She removed the wrap slowly, relishing in my gaze. Soft breast came to view, nipples erect from the air around.

Once she was standing in all her glory, she motioned me to come over. I did, numbly, still staring like a teenager. Her hand raised from her side, petting my cheek gently. Her eyes glowed warmly, tenderly. Her smirk was teasing but she leaned forward and stole a precious kiss. Just as softly she broke it and slowly undressed me with all the care in the world. Her movements were gentle, considerate. She would slide her hand on newly exposed skin, but always with care. The steam touched my exposed skin, inch by inch being revealed. Once I was naked, and feeling pampered, she took my hands and led me to the water. She took a step in then calmly tugged my hands to join her. I climbed in slowly, almost losing my footing but she held me. I think she anticipated me being this tired. I didn't. My foot joined it's twin without me falling in the water, and then we sat in the bath.

The water was hot. It took away the itches of dust and grime, it soothed the tense muscles, made the aches a far away memory. Luna's smirk turned into a soft smile. She left my hands to grab some square fabric on the side. She dipped it in the water, then held out her open hand again. I put my hand in hers once more. With the cloth in her other hand, began to rub soothingly, gently but enough to get rid of the dirt there. The cloth moved up my arms with precision. Half way through, I realize she was also massaging as she worked a knot in my forearm. I closed my eyes, sighed, letting myself enjoy the feeling and care. She calmly and methodically moved across my shoulders, all the way to my other hand. One done that, she went to my face, albeit softer. She kissed me, then poured water in my hair. Her hands slid lower, to my neck, then my chest. Our tongue played lazily around each other as she gently backed me up against one of the walls. She tenderly moved across my chest, making sure to massage and pinch my nipples slightly. My gasps and pants were lost in her mouth, on her lips. The rubbing continued lower, to my stomach, to my hips.

Then I remembered I had arms that weren't getting massaged anymore. And hands that could be touching her soft wet skin. They slid on her back, fingers digging in her back to pull her closer. I was not letting her massage me to my toes. I was tired and beyond teased. I wanted her. Holding onto her, I shifted my hips towards her, thrusting underwater. She groaned on my lips and broke the kiss breathlessly. Her eyes. Oh her eyes. Golden eyes burned me more than any flame could. I was panting as her hand slid to my folds, cloth forgotten somewhere in the bath. She teased at the entrance, dipping so slightly, never going far in or far out. I whined, staring at the fiery orb of her eyes while her gaze melted me. Her fingers tortuously slid more and more inside of me. I thrust my hips towards her, hoping to get more inside, faster. My fingers dug harder into her back. She leaned closer and nipped my neck. I closed my eyes and panted more and more as she sped up. The moment she hit that spot, I moaned loudly beside her head. I felt the muscle of her back tense, goosebumps coming forth even with the steam.

It didn't take long. Between the travel, the surprise, and just her affecting all my senses... I came with a cry, rocking gently on her hand. I let my head fall on her shoulder. Her fingers slid out of me gently. I slid my legs around her waist and hugged her. She held me, silently, hands holding my back.

The mood was shifted as her stomach growled. We both laughed and she backed up. I let her. She was smiling. That smile turned shy as we stared at each other. Growling stomach or not, I wanted her to be my food. She gulped, then spoke.

“Food. Please. Let us eat and then... You can have me however you want.”

One of my eyebrows raised, a smirk now on my lips. I leaned forward.

“However I want? My, are you feeling adventurous?”

She chuckled, kissed my lips deeply. Then she backed away hastily. She grumbled.

“I won't wash up if you keep this up.”

I laughed, the happiest I've ever been.

* * *

Luna groaned as her back hit the bed. I followed on top of her, my lips stealing those groans. The food had been delicious. Since the bath, I felt energized, and now... I wanted to treat her like a goddess. Appreciate her. Not for the sex, but to make her feel good. However way she wanted; I wanted to worship her.

The kiss stopped and I stared at the brown eyed beauty. Golden eyes were wide, blown and shining. I smiled tenderly at her, a finger tracing her collarbone lazily, and spoke.

“What would you like?”

She blinked a few times. Her head cocked to the side. Her eyes were far away, and then focused once more. Her smirk was soft.

“You. Anything you want to give.”

I chuckled and sat on her hips. I took her right hand in mine. Lightly, my fingers traced her skin, her fingers, her palm or the back of her hand. I kept my eyes on her. I noticed my heart was beating rather fast.

“I want to give you everything. You're offering me this.”

I gestured around me, taking in the room once more. I hesitated, bit my lip, but kept speaking.

“And, unless I am mistaken, you are also offering me this.”

My hand tapped lightly her chest, just above her breast. Her heart. Her breath hitched and she seemed to melt. Her fingers closed on my hand as she tugged me closer. I leaned up and this was the sweetest kiss we've had so far. She spoke against my lips.

“Yes, you have my heart. You've held it for a long time. What about you?”

I smiled fully. I let go of a breath I was holding and spoke.

“My heart's yours. I was trying so hard not to fall in love with you. I was hoping this wasn't some dream, some fake love so I could be used as a puppet. I... This is out of reality. Amazing, but just, unheard of. And I'm, I was, just a bartender. But after this week... You've charmed me. You've made me, care so much more than I have ever cared for anyone.”

She smiled so brightly, eyes light and bright. Her voice, husky, raw, spoke.

“Then love me. That's everything.”

I nodded. I've talked enough. I leaned in, kissing her sweetly. My hands roamed her skin gently. I sat up on her hip and I took off my tunic. The candles gave the air a gentle glow, surrounding my skin. But somehow, while I had done this before, this time it felt real. More sincere, and now she could see me. Her eyes were warm, sweet, as she undressed before my eyes. I lowered to kiss her lips, then slowly slid to her neck. Gradually, I went lower, and tenderly nipped each scar, licked each inch of her skin. Licked her nipples and then sucked lightly, as she liked it done. The kisses went lower, tongue licking around her abs. I nipped the hard muscle. She tensed, twitched. But she let me, she let me kiss every bit of her. Until finally, I reached for her folds.

Luna was beautiful then. I could feel she was relaxed, and open to me. She was panting in anticipation, holding the pillow under her head. I did not disappoint; I slid my tongue to her clit, dragging it slowly to tease. She moaned deeply. It was the first of many.

I did what I usually did, what she usually liked, but gently. Slowly. Taking my time to tenderly make love to her. I took my time to lick slow, languid, strokes then sucked gently, to then lick in wide circles. My fingers joined, slid into her folds. I thrust in and out, keeping with the speed of the circles. Then long strokes, trying to curl my fingers and hit that spot inside of her. She didn't last too long.

Her back arched off the bed and she screamed. When her hand slid in my hair, signaling me to stop, I paused to look at her. She was panting, staring into the void, her body still trembling from pleasure. I wiped my face on her sheets, crawling back up her beautiful body. I snuggled close as her arms surrounded me in this lovely comfort sphere we had. She let go of a deep shuddering breath. I felt myself enjoy the warmth, the slow evening out of her breath, but eventually I was cold. I dragged the lost sheets over our bodies, only to notice Luna's breathing was deep. She was asleep, and it melted my heart to see her like this, so trusting. Before sleep could take its turn on me, I got up and shut off the candles and snuggled back under the covers. She hugged me in her sleep and there was no way I could have been happier.

Under the covers, I had a home in her arms.

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