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Bring Me the Steam (Part Two)

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Bring Me the Steam (Part Two)

It wasn't that I was a cuddle bug that persistently wanted my devoted partner by my side during every intimate moment of the day but... I was a cuddle bug. I wanted someone nuzzled up on me, hands roaming and tongue doing naughty things but I wanted that presence to be close to me. Warming me. Stealing my breath away and pouring her attentions over just me.

And luckily, that was something that Amber had learned a long time ago. Perhaps she had slightly taken advantage of it. Perhaps it had brought about such Christmas gifts as lovely blankets for us to cuddle together and intimate moments at spas. I did not mind. Whenever she held me close and tight against her I felt pampered and spoiled just by her mere presence. Yet now what did I want? I had whispered to her my first desire for a close and personal finger pleasuring. Now...

I bit my lip as I nuzzled into her. My nose was pressed firmly into her neck, my arms around her waist and my legs looped around her hips.

“So?” she murmured into my ear. “What would you like?”

I worried at my lip and drew back to look at her. Then, lazily, I pulled her hair out of its ponytail. As it tumbled from her shoulders I mussed it up. It was pin- straight and there was no putting a curl to it but it was adorable when it was messy. I loved it. Now, looking her over, she seemed properly ready for bedroom activities. Naked, enticing, and sweetly ruffled. I grinned.

“Well,” and I nuzzled her ear. Doing a mental tour of my body I felt warm. Satisfied, yet still craving in the sweetest of ways. “I could go for,” and I whispered to her my deepest desires, those secret longings that I found buried within myself.

It made her smile. The slightest of blushes crept over her cheeks as she turned to look at me. “Indeed,” she whispered in agreement. “What an idea.”

I nodded eagerly. Humming in approval she rolled over me, propping herself up on her elbows. A leg slid enticingly between mine. I shuddered at the sensation of our thighs gliding together until finally she pressed just there...

“How is that?” she whispered teasingly as she rocked her leg slowly against me. It was so slow and not precise yet I was sensitive and raw from my latest pleasure. It felt sweet. Gentle at first, the steady rhythm did wonders to rekindle the coals of pleasure within me.

But better yet was how close we were. How intimate this felt. How her body moved against mine in subtle brushes here and there. How our lips connected and our fingers entwined. How the motion could be echoed by me and our bodies moved in sync together, breathed together, and if I lifted my leg too- felt together.

Her lips drew back from mine. Amber's eyes bored into me, sweet yet strong. Perhaps even slightly possessive in the gentlest of ways. The rhythm was turning faster now, turning more intense and powerful gradually with every rock. Our breaths quickened and we shifted as we tried to find the proper angles for both of us. Soft whispers slipped between us, little bursts of “Yes,” and “just like that” as we stared into each others eyes. Our fingers wound tightly together.

The fire spread through my hips. My breaths turned to moans. Her lips trembled as she panted above me. Her leg grew slippery as we rocked, intensity growing as my free hand groped down her back for a hold. With a gasp her lips lowered to my neck.

There she nibbled, she bit, and she muffled a soft cry into my skin. I wasn't far behind, the cresting peak building sweet and fiery within me. Yet the rhythm slowed as she gasped and panted- then returned as she finished her orgasm.

The increase in speed pushed me suddenly over the edge. A loud gasp burst from me. My free hand clutched at her back, my fingers digging in between her shoulder blades. The fiery pleasure rushed over me sweetly, satisfying and burning as it went. Firecrackers burst in my mind. Sweet release crackled through my veins like electricity- and it slowly burned low.

I groaned, eyes fluttering open that I hadn't realized I'd closed. Amber was perched above me, watching with a knowing smile. I grinned, stomach full of happy flutters. She chuckled and leaned down for a kiss. It was tender, provocative, and passionate. As it finished I was giddy and happy, but full of curiosity. “So,” I gulped, trying to find my senses. She grinned and licked her lips, obviously enjoying the sight of me. I cleared my throat. “Isn't it your turn next? I mean,” and the words came tumbling out. “Isn't this a lot for me? Don't you want something?”

Amber adjusted on her elbows. Settling on one side she combed her hair back with a free hand. “I just had something,” she said cheekily. “And,” that free hand lowered to trail down my chest. “I want to spoil you. That's my fun.”

I smiled giddily, feeling warm and fuzzy all over. “Really?” I mumbled as I looped my arms around her neck.

“Really,” she whispered before lowering for another kiss. I melted into it. My fingers combed through her hair and nestled into her tangles. Our lips pressed hotly together and our tongues danced slowly and sensually.

When she drew back she had the softest smile on. “Here,” and she eased herself off of me to lay at my side. Tugging, she maneuvered me so I lay above her, snuggled in her arms and onto her shoulders. “Rest a moment,” she whispered gently.

But I was awake. The scent of her, the feeling of our skin moving over and around the others'... it wasn't going to let me just close my eyes and sleep.

“No,” I answered teasingly before nuzzling her breast. My lips captured her nipple and a tiny gasp rewarded me. I sucked and nibbled. Played with it. My fingers buried in my hair. Propped above her, I crept a hand out across her chest for the other breast. It was soft to the touch yet firm from arousal. Tweaking her erect nipple I switched breast and licked that one generously instead. A low hiss answered me, her hips twitching in silent demand. My hand crept down as I sucked insistently. Her stomach fluttered as I brushed lightly over it. As my touch slid over her pubic hair I nipped, then drew back from the nipple. I wanted to see her.

Amber was beautiful. She was flushed, her soft hair spreading and spilling down the sides of the pillow. A trembling smile curved her lips and her breasts heaved with every shaking breath she drew.

“How's this?” I asked as I slid my fingers down over her lower lips. Her eyes fluttered closed. Her chest rose in a trembling breath. Dampness greeted me as I spread her lower lips in search of her clitoris. I found it, a stubborn nub that I rubbed softly in circles. A moan rewarded me then I moved on, hoping to tease her. As I glided down her legs parted and spread wide in welcoming. I dipped lower towards her entrance and the moisture grew until it was so wet. I slipped a finger in, biting my lip at the need I felt there. A low groan greeted me as I buried in her silky wetness up to my knuckle. Staying in deep, I rubbed where it felt like the roof of my mouth. Her special spot.

I continued massaging, setting a rhythm that was slow and steady. Moans rewarded me, slipping from her parted lips in time with the top of my circular motion. I listened carefully all while feasting my eyes on the sight of her.

Amber was now rocking her hips slightly in time with my motions. It was just enough to be visible. Her chest was rising in pants, her breasts heaving and tilting as she arched. A blush was spreading across her chest and throat. Her cheeks were already taken over by it. A small smile curved her lips and her eyes were pressed shut.

Making sure not to lose my rhythm, I crouched down on the bed. Lowering myself on the other arm I brought my head down between her knees. She didn't see me as I lowered myself. I made extra sure my hair didn't tickle her thighs. As I descended the last little part I held my breath- then gusted gently over her clit.

A shudder ran through her. A gasp greeted my ears. Then I set my tongue to her clit.

First, I took a long lick up her, as much as I could while my finger was buried within her. A trembling moan answered. She reached down, patting the air with a hand. When it landed with a light thump on my head her fingers buried into my hair. “Sneaky,” she muttered between gasps as I began circling my tongue in time with my fingers.

I chuckled, then busied myself with focusing on the task. She tasted sweet and musky. Her clit was stubbornly standing up, making it a strong little nub among the silky folds surrounding it. I drew it beyond my lips for a gentle suck. When I heard a hiss of satisfaction I released it. Again and again I drew her in, out, in, out, all while keeping my fingers busily massaging within.

Her breaths were ragged pants. Moans slid out faster and faster. I sucked harder, and a high-pitched sigh rewarded me. Suddenly, on a whim, I began to slide my finger in and out. Her inner walls tensed and her hips lifted to join my thrusts with their own trembling bursts.

Looking up, I saw that her hands were clutching the sheets, white-knuckled. Her head was tipped back, her breasts lifting up in a trembling arch – a sure sign that she was near her peak. Taking a careful gamble I slid my middle finger in her to join my index. A small cry punctuated the end of my thrust, especially as I swirled my tongue in circles. On and on I swept my tongue and she echoed it with her voice and hips, moaning as her peak washed over her and her hips rocked in abandon.

Finally, as her high-pitched moans grew soft and her hips stilled, she patted the top of my head. “S' ok. S'enough,” she muttered.

Grinning proudly I gave her one final lick. Then I drew my fingers out and sat up. Snatching at the tissues beside the bed I wiped my face and hands as I lay down beside her. She smiled dizzily as I snuggled into her side. “So?” I teased as I wrapped my arms around her and looped a leg around her hips. “Had fun?”

Amber nodded and draped an arm around me. “I had a lot of fun,” she whispered before kissing me gently on the lips. “Did you?”

I grinned cheekily. “Yes.”

“Hmm.” She chucked me gently under the chin before combing my hair back from my face. “Did you find it inspiring?”

I frowned, wondering what she was talking about. “Inspiring...?”

It was her turn to grin. “Your writing. Was this inspiring? You're going to be able to write a blockbuster now?”

“Blockbuster? Sure,” I teased, nuzzling up to her. “I'll write the steamiest smash hit. It'll be so steamy, glasses will fog up.”

Amber chuckled, holding me tight. “I'm glad,” she whispered against the side of my head.

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