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Mourningville: August 10th 2017: 01:40am

Snow continued to fall from the gray clouds, fluttering down unto the quiet town like dead leaves falling off a tree branch during Autumn.

Before the children of the town fell into their peaceful slumber, they couldn't hide their excitement for the sight of a few flurries invading Mourningville. Most were excited at the thought of their school closing for the day, while others wondered if the total amount of snowfall would be enough to build snowmen in front of their houses.

The adults however didn't share the same enthusiastic feelings as their children. They knew for every snowflake that fell onto the holy ground, the risk of potential damage to their crops increased rapidly.

Selling Tomatoes, Cabbages, Green Peppers and Potatoes to outside markets, were how most of the town made their living. Aside from the importation and exportation of church supplies: bibles and golden crucifixes, the town was also home to a huge tourist attraction-to which the mayor felt was disrespectful to the town’s faith. Naturally, the mayor disavowed anything to do with Witchcraft, which was an idiotic thing to do since Mourningville’s history was built by the blood and sweat of Wiccan people. Everyone who had a brain knew this and one person living in the town refused to have history rewritten to please those who were too blind in their faith to see the truth.

Agatha gazed out of the window of her wooded cabin at the beautiful glowing lake known as Crescent Lake and she wondered just how long it would take for all the dead bodies she threw in there last week, to float back to the surface.

Many of the people in Mourningville viewed the silver long haired, elderly woman as a ‘psycho’, ‘town loon’ and even ‘crazy old bat’, but the truth is Agatha was the former sorceress of the Underworld who lost her immortality forty years ago and has decided to live her remaining days in the town she used to call home. In doing this, she decided to build a cabin that sat at the edge of town near the last remaining historic landmark that wasn’t blocked by velvet ropes and didn’t require an admission fee to get in.

A familiar presence sent chills down Agatha’s back and she turned away from the window.

In a bright yellow light a Hispanic, handsome and tall man appeared before her.

"Ah-"Agatha gasped with a smirk. "If it isn't my old friend, Dominic Shyler. I do hope you are not here for a little rendezvous, as you can see I'm feeling a bit under the weather."

Dominic straightened his posture and he hid his disgust as the elderly woman smiled widely at him revealing her yellow colored teeth, which were stained with dried blood. The woman's face had more wrinkles than a silk shirt after it was rolled into a ball, but he was used to her flirtatious ways.

He shuddered at the thought of them two getting physical and addressed her.

"I came here to make sure the book has been destroyed." Dominic stated placing his hands behind his back. The handsome, mature man stood firm and straight reminding her of a Mortal man she met in 1942 in the classic and rich outskirts of New York City. He was an American soldier but there was a lot more to him than his ability to fight in a war if prompted.

Agatha's wide smile turned into a satisfied smirk, "I never knew you to be quite caring for something that does not belong to you."

"As I remember well Agatha, the book never belonged to you either." He paused when Agatha opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out. Her glare caused Dominic to continue.

"I had a dream last night-"

"Did I pay you a visit?" she interrupted with a seductive wink.

"In the dream-" he continued as he ignored the question. "I saw the world falling apart. I could smell burning flesh; I could see blood everywhere. Then out of the blinding ash I could see…I could see the book on the ground...it was opened."

The revisiting of the dream caused Dominic to choke up. The dream was very real even for him to handle and he knew it meant something tragic was going to take place.

"I assure you Dominic. Just as my heart is black and my soul is impure. The book is destroyed and it will not cause harm to anyone." She flashed him another smile.

Being the former Sorceress of the Underworld meant Agatha had to do evil things to Witches, Warlocks, Wizards, Angels, Demonic Angels and even Mortals. She devoured over thirty-six children during 1690 A.D which caused her to remain youthful and radiant-well at least during that Century; all while she murdered their parents and killed those she didn't need. However, Dominic knew one thing remained true about her; and that was the fact she never told a lie.

He nodded at her words and returned the smile. "It was probably just-“.

Agatha raised her left hand which caused Dominic to stop speaking. She felt a strange sensation tickle her spine, it was something she had never felt before, someone was coming, someone...powerful. She quickly ran over to the window and noticed it was no longer snowing but raining black ash.

"What's wrong?" Dominic asked nervously.

Without taking her eyes away from the window she muttered, "You need to leave now."

"Leave?" Dominic asked in shock she would suggest such a notion. "No, I'm not leaving until you tell me what's going on!"

In a black smoky light, a Demonic creature appeared before him. The creature stood no taller than six feet, its eyes were dark as ebony and it’s face was burned, battered and bloodied. There was no visible nose on its face or a pair of lips on its mouth, just teeth; sharp, crooked and deadly teeth.

Dominic froze in both fear and fascination. He had heard many stories growing up about this creature-an individual who roams the Earth shape shifting as both this hideous monster and a Mortal- and to see one in person, it really shocked him.

"Dominic you must go!" Agatha shouted her eyes still fixed out of the window yet her tone was assertive.

The middle-aged man closed his eyes to disappear but he was interrupted when the creature grabbed him by the neck, viciously. Dominic tried to fight the creature's razor sharp claws currently digging into his neck drawing a small amount of blood; but it was to no avail. The creature growled and whispered, "Canutus".

The words echoed through Agatha's mind and she bowed her head in remorse. Dominic didn't understand the word; he didn't understand what it meant.

He opened his right hand which caused a black orb to appear in his palm. The grip of the creature's claws in his neck caused him to wince in pain; he tried desperately to breathe through his nose as the creature tightened its grip.

Without a second to think, the creature squeezed Dominic's neck with extreme force causing it to break with a simple snap. He let out a short breath as the orb in his palm disappeared and his body went limp.

The creature threw Dominic's lifeless body across the room and with a loud thud the handsome man’s corpse landed a few feet away from Agatha's feet.

She straightened her posture as she felt the creature come closer to her.

"If you are looking for the key you are too late. It is gone." She stated staring into the glowing lake.

"The key is not of my concern Sorceress. You know exactly why I am here." The creature stated with a growl following the last word. It crept over to the elderly woman and leaned forward whispering in her left ear.

"Canutus" It repeated with pleasure.

Agatha knew exactly what the creature wanted, but she wasn't going to give in to its demand. Not now and not ever! Even with death looming just seconds away, she wasn't going to give in.

She turned around and stared right into the creature's soulless eyes. Something felt familiar about it, something she couldn't remember clearly.


Agatha waved her right hand and in a red fiery light the wooden jewelry box on her dresser disappeared. The creature hissed loudly and she slapped it across the face not only silencing it, but also enraging it.

"Ca...nu...tus" it repeated slowly.

Agatha arched her right eyebrow and gave the creature a taunting smile. "Screw you!"

The creature angrily omitted a high pitched growl.

She turned around and faced the window one last time.

The snow was no longer falling, only black ash rained down onto the holy town that was Mourningville. The citizens no longer had to worry about their crops being drowned out and the children no longer had to anticipate the closing of their schools.

She knew what awaited her next and she smiled at the beautiful, peaceful and glowing lake as she said softly, "My death...is just the beginning."

The creature roughly inserted both its razor sharp claws into Agatha's back. A smile slowly appeared on her face when the creature's claws emerged through her chest. She saw her blood dripping through its sharp claws and she smelled the sweet aroma of brimstone. She closed her eyes as she felt the blood spilling from the wounds. No worries rushed in her mind because she knew with the last breath she took, everything in the world was going to change.

All Hell was about to break loose and she couldn't be anymore happier.

Part II

Two Hours Later: 3:40am:

The streets of New York City were not as packed as Judias Grey thought it would be; considering it was Saturday morning.

He wasn’t sure if it had something to do with the pending rainstorm approaching the city or the fact the Night Life wasn’t as fabulous as it once was. Either way, the 27 year old was grateful it was only him walking through the dark empty streets of Waverly Place.

The brown curly haired male felt the right pocket of his jeans vibrate and he took out his cellphone to see the name ‘Haneltha’ on the screen.

“Oh God.” He stated rolling his eyes. He swiped the screen to the left causing the call to go straight to voicemail and placed the phone back in his pocket, making it obvious that he really didn’t want to speak to her. He was sure she was going to ask questions about his ex-boyfriend Valerius, and those were questions he didn’t want to answer. She also was the last person on his mind; he was keeping focus on another woman and her name was Diana Linx.

A twenty three year old from Michigan, who visited New York City ten days ago with her family and ended up missing. While police and FBI agents canvassed nightclubs, drug houses, bars and the local rivers, Judias had a feeling he knew where she was. The problem?

He couldn’t tell the local authorities because it would put them all in danger; so he took the initiative to find her, himself.

Judias isn’t like most twenty seven year olds living in the Big Apple…he’s a Witch!

Now, before you go on and correct me, Judias is a Male Witch because his father was one. Witches in common literature are perceived to be women while men were seen as Wizards or Warlocks but that isn’t the case here. Wizards in the Magic Realm are not born with Witchcraft in their blood; they instead get their powers from a Magic Wand and Warlocks are evil Beings who use their powers to destroy other Magical Beings. Witches on the other hand inherited their powers from their family as their Magic lies within their blood.

Walking blindly through the dimly lit streets would seem insane even for a Magical Being, but not for Judias; he was a man on a mission.

“N-No! Get off of me! N-AGH!” A scream rung out through the night and it caused Judias to run into a nearby alleyway where he found a homeless man lying dead on the floor. He had blood pouring from a bite wound on his neck. Standing over his lifeless body was a blonde woman.

“Diana?” Judias’ soft voice asked with a hint of curiosity.

The blonde woman slowly turned around to face the male Witch. Her eyes were as black as coal, her pearly white teeth were razor sharp and fresh blood dripped from her mouth.

Judias slowly backed away as the woman walked towards him growling.

Okay Jude. Do we have a Plan B? He thought to himself as Diana opened her mouth and lunged at him.

“Crap!” Judias swung his right arm in panic and telekinetically sent Diana flying into a nearby dumpster. He had hoped she would fall to the ground and give him enough time to come up with a Plan B, but she quickly jumped to her feet as if she was a villain from a Horror film.

“Okay phase two!”

Judias inhaled deeply and he let out a loud Ultrasonic high pitch scream causing Diana to clench her ears in pain as a sharp noise radiated through her brain and she fell to her knees screaming in agony.

The screams came to a stop as Judias closed his mouth, he ran over to Diana still reeling in pain and he pulled out a small clear vial from the left pocket of his jeans. The vial was filled with pink liquid that glistened in the dimly lit alleyway. He uncorked the top and poured the liquid into Diana’s mouth emptying the entire vial.

“No-Nah!!” Diana fell over to the ground and started to shake violently as if she was having a seizure. Judias glanced over at the dead male- although he could’ve healed him, the man was already dead and there was no way a Witch could heal the dead; without turning them into zombies of course.

Diana continued to scream aloud as she shook violently, Judias watched as her eyes turned from Ebony to Emerald green and her teeth turned from razor sharp to regular human sized teeth.

“Oh thank God the potion worked.” He sighed in relief.

Based on the research he did he wasn’t entirely sure the potion to cure Vampirism would actually work since it had never been done before. Considering Diana wasn’t a vampire for more than a week he knew there was a fifty-fifty chance it would.

Diana looked at Judias standing over her and she looked around the alleyway in confusion. “Wh-What…what happened? Where am I?”

Just as Judias opened his mouth to answer the question he heard police sirens from the distance, although he called them minutes prior from heading to the alleyway, he didn’t think it would take them longer than it did to arrive.

Judias flashed Diana a smile and in a purple light he disappeared from the alleyway leaving her alone. She tried to make sense of what she just witnessed but it was too much for her and she fainted, just as the police cars pulled into the alleyway.

None of the officers knew that they were seconds away from finding the missing Michigan girl; alive and well.

On the Third floor of an Office Building Located Near The Hudson River:

Judias appeared in a purple light inside of his office. He tiredly walked over to his desk and turned on the police scanner.

This is Officer Diaz…Yes! We found Diana Linx.”

Is she alive or dead?”

Alive. It appears she was dropped off here but there is a body. Some bum, he looks bad.”

Alright I’ll call a bus your way. I’ll also let the Precinct know so they can send her parents to the hospital.”

Judias turned the scanner off and he let out a deep sigh of relief.

He took a huge risk going after a hunch that Diana was possibly turned into a vampire but in this Realm he didn’t expect anything less.

There was a Vampire Cult-as cliché as that sounded- which arose a few months back and they have been invading the streets of New York City at night, preying on drunk Frat Boys, drunk Party Girls and even tourists. Their mission wasn’t just to make the Mortals suffer but it was to possibly raise an army.

Judias had been tracing them for months but sadly, he couldn’t find the leader, although he had a hunch this wouldn’t be the last time he would see a Vampire.


The Witch glared at the wooden door and tried to sense who was on the other side but so far he sensed nothing but an empty sensation.

As he walked toward the door he regretted not installing a small window that would help him see when he had visitors, but at 3:44am, he expected the visitor to be a Magical Being seeking his help or a serial killer prepared to slice and dice him. Either way, he just wanted to sleep.

Being an Amateur Sleuth meant he had to take on various cases from clients who were looking for lost items, lost people or even to find out if a spouse was being unfaithful. It was a grueling job but he loved it because it gave his life meaning-as crazy as that sounded.

He approached the door, unlocked three of the locks and pulled the wooden door open.

Standing in the doorway was a man as tall as 6’1, he had short black hair, light blue eyes, a trimmed beard and he held a manilla colored envelope in his hands.

The handsome man smiled revealing straight and off white colored teeth. “Hello, are you Judias Grey?”

Judias observed the man’s black tie, black leather jacket, black fitted buttoned up shirt, black jeans and the envelope he held in his hands. The man didn’t look like he posed any threats but if there’s one thing the Witch has learned living amongst Mortals, it was to never judge a book by its cover.

“It depends who’s asking.” Judias replied crossing his arms across his chest.

“My name is Nathaniel Vanderson and I’m here-“

“Wait-” Judias interrupted. “You’re Nathaniel Vanderson? As in Prince Nathaniel Vanderson of Midstonia?”

The man bowed his head smiling in admittance.

Judias nodded his head slowly and he turned away from the door and began to walk over to his desk in the spacious office. “For five Centuries, I have called the Mortal Realm home. For five Centuries I’ve lived here and helped Mortals as well as Magical Beings who sought refuge here after the Magic Blood War in 1462. I’ve helped them find homes, gave them answers when no one would and I even saved a few from mere death.”

The Witch grabbed a bottle of Whiskey off his desk and he turned to face the Prince as he continued on, “So if the Magic Council sent you here to kill me, I’d advise you to get in line.”

Nathaniel lowered his eyebrows as he entered the office. “The Council didn’t send me here…Agatha did.”

The name caused Judias to look at Nathaniel in confusion and he unscrewed the top of the Whiskey bottle. He didn’t need to ask how Nathaniel found him or let alone why Agatha sent him because he knew there was only one explanation and one reason why the Prince of the Magical Realm was currently in his office.

“Agatha’s dead, isn’t she?”

The Prince solemnly nodded his head answering the question. “I’m sorry for your loss.”

“Don’t be.” Judias replied taking a small sip of Whiskey. The bitter taste went down his throat and he shook his head placing the bottle back on top of his desk. “She and I weren’t that close. She saved my ass and I’m eternally grateful but other than that; we were just…associates.”

There was something about Judias’ unconcerned tone that made Nathaniel glare at him suspiciously.

The Prince cleared his throat, “Look Mr. Grey-“

“It’s Judias.” He quickly corrected. “Pronounced ‘Ju-die-us’. Mr. Grey was my father and if you’ve done your research correctly, you would know the Council tends to frown upon my last name, considering my Family history.”

Nathaniel heard the disgust in his tone as he spoke about the Council. “The Council members are not leaders of the Magic Realm. They do not dictate who is worthy or good. They cannot label anyone a villain based on the sins of their family. That is not what being a Magical Being is about.”

“You should tell them that. They weren’t pretty objective when they watched as the Townspeople of Mourningville burned me at the stake. They were too busy celebrating my demise.”

“Except for Agatha. She was there. In fact she gave you a place to stay when no one else did.” Nathaniel interjected causing Judias to glare at him. “I know all about your past with her. You had no idea that you were Immortal until you healed yourself from the stake. While the Town thought you were dead, Agatha gave you a place to stay and she taught you more things about Magic that your family never did.”

“She did and I couldn’t thank her anymore for that.”

“She also is the reason you’ve been living in this Realm undetected.”

“Well was.” Judias stated sadly. “You see, now that she’s dead, the Charmed she performed on me which hid my scent away from Magical Beings seeking me, is also dead.”

Nathaniel nodded his head and he cleared his throat. “Yes, this is why I’m here. You see, Agatha met with me a few hours before she died. Although she was very cryptic as to why she sought me out, she did however tell me to give this to you when the sun arises.”

Nathaniel handed Judias the manilla envelope. He understood if the Witch would be reluctant to take it, shockingly it didn’t take long for Judias to take the envelope from the Prince.

On the front of it was Judias’ name written in purple ink, he turned the envelope over and ripped the top open.

Pulling out a white sheet of paper, he tossed the envelope behind him as Nathaniel sat on a Victorian style cushioned chair observing the organized office space. It looked more like a loft apartment rather than an office. It had plenty of room if Judias wanted to put up some walls to separate and create individual rooms, but Nathaniel took off his focus on the office’s space and watched as Judias read the letter to himself.

The letter was written in Agatha’s famous cursive handwriting, he started to read the contents to himself.

Dear My Sweet Judias,

You and I have been through a lot in these past five centuries. From me trying to kill you and to you trying to kill me. But we both know any animosity, we’ve had towards each other left the moment I found you in the woods…burnt…broken…and dying. An attack on one Witch is an attack on all Witches and I was beyond thrilled when we became good friends. I saw that friendship blossom into something more beautiful. It blossomed into a family. While I never had children because I hate the idea of kids, but as I write this, I am proud to say that you are like a son to me.

If you’re reading this, then that means I am dead. Do not mourn me and do not avenge me. I knew this day was coming for a very long time and although there is much I cannot tell you; just know that my death is a blessing.

I’m sure by now you’ve met Prince Nathaniel, I have hired him to protect you- before you huff and puff- you and I know the spell will no longer be able to protect you from the Demons hunting you. Trust me when I say, there will be new threats coming your way after my death, but I know together you and the Prince can overcome it.

Lastly, I know you have trust issues and you have every reason to be. It was your ex-husband that led the Witch Hunters to you; but please. If there is one thing I ask of you, it is to look at every one with an open mind and to have an open heart. Not everyone is an enemy Judias.

I must go now. I don’t know when I’ll ever see you again, I just hope it isn’t until Centuries later.

Forever Grateful To Have Known You,


Judias stopped reading and he shook his head smiling at the letter. In his mind, he heard Agatha’s voice reciting every single word. “That Agatha is a pain my ass, but she’s always so thoughtful.”

Nathaniel glanced at Judias and rose up to his feet. “Look, I promised Agatha that I would protect you and if you have a problem with that-“

“No.” Judias said softly with a sincere smile on his face. “Agatha chose you for whatever reason and if there’s one thing I know about her, it’s the fact that she doesn’t do things by accident. Although I’m not entirely sure where you’re going to stay because I-“


Both men flinched as the balcony door flew open and a gust of wind entered the office causing a few of the papers on Judias’ desk to fly off.

“Sorry about that.” Judias said running over to the door. “Been meaning to find a decent repair guy to fix this door…along with everything else in this place.”

Nathaniel nodded his head and he looked around admiring the space. “This entire building is yours?”

Judias nodded closing the balcony door. He tightened the hatch and turned around to face Nathaniel. “It was an abandoned warehouse. Been this way for decades. I saved enough money and brought a few of the properties by the River. No one ever comes down here…except maybe Mobsters, psychos and prostitutes; but I’ve managed to keep this place safe.”

Nathaniel had to admit, when he did his research on Judias he was expecting to find an angry, vengeful and unattractive male Witch. Not a headstrong, sweet, understandably untrusting and attractive Witch. But he wasn’t there to make a friend, he was there to do a job and that job is to protect Judias. Question is, from what exactly?

Judias bent down to pick up the sheets of paper that fell on the ground and within a second the balcony door swung open again.


Nathaniel smirked as he bent down to pick up the papers and Judias stood up to his feet and turned around to close the door. He paused for a second as he saw something that he didn’t think he would see yet. “Snow?” he asked in confusion as the gust of wind blew in a few snowflakes.

“Is snow uncommon in this Realm?” Nathaniel asked placing the papers in a neat stack.

“It is in the middle of August.” Judias closed the balcony door once again and he locked it. He saw a flake land on his right hand and noticed it didn’t melt.

“What the hell-“ He wiped the snowflake off and saw that it left a black residue on my fingers. “Ash?” he found himself asking.

Nathaniel lowered his eyebrows shaking his head. “Now I may not be familiar with this Realm, but ash falling from the sky is not common.”

In a black smoky light a strange creature appeared before Nathaniel. “Canutus”, it growled.

Nathaniel quickly opened his right hand causing a Blue Plasmaball to float over his palm. “What the hell are you?”

The creature didn’t waste any time and it didn’t bother to answer the question asked. Instead, it slapped Nathaniel with extreme force causing him to fly into the glass door, which led to the bathroom on the other side of the room, shattering it into pieces.

Judias turned around quickly and he watched as the Creature turned to face him slowly and he let out a small gasp.

The creature had no lips just yellow stained razor sharp teeth. No pupils, no hair just Ebony eyes and slimy gray skin. Its claws were as sharp as knives and dried blood stained the tip of it. “Canutus?” It growled making its way towards the Witch.

“Not in my house!” Judias swung his right arm in hopes of hurling the creature telekinetically across the room…but nothing happened.

The creature hissed lowly and began to stagger towards him.

“Ooh okay well that’s not good.” Judias watched as Nathaniel slowly got up from the ground, his cuts and scrapes healing in a blue light. “Cover your ears!” He shouted and Nathaniel confusingly did as he was told.

Judias glared at the creature and he opened his mouth once again omitting his supersonic high pitch scream. The creature let out a sharp growl as it fell to its knees clenching its ears in pain. Judias stopped screaming and he watched as the creature rose up to its feet quickly and unleashed a loud roar. It rose its right claw up. “Canutus!”

“NO!” Nathaniel waved his right hand at Judias and in a blue light the male Witch disappeared from the office causing the creature to once again growl, enraging it.

Outside of the Building:

In a blue light Judias appeared outside of the office. He looked around in confusion, as he was one hundred percent positive he didn’t teleport himself outside. Just as he was about to move, in a black smoky light the creature appeared before him and slapped him across the face causing Judias to fall unto his back. “Ugh!” He grunted as his back hit the cement ground.

The creature bent over him and its black eyes stared blankly into Judias’.

Canutus… blood will fall. Life will expire.” The creature’s words sent chills down the Witch’s spine. It was cold, familiar, soft and yet horrific at the same time.

“Wh-who are you?” Judias asked staring into the creature’s dark eyes.

You know who I am. You know what I am. Now, you will see who I will become.” The creature lifted its right claw with the intention of stabbing Judias with it, which was until Nathaniel appeared behind it in a blue light behind it. He swiftly swung the sword decapitating the creature with brute force and ease.

The headless body of the creature fell to the ground and Nathaniel extended his right hand toward Judias as green blood dripped off the sword.

Judias grabbed his hand as he was pulled to his feet and he looked down at the creature’s body.

“Are you alright?” Nathaniel asked taking his hand back.

Judias nodded and he looked down at the creature.

Nathaniel took out a handkerchief from his black leather jacket and wiped the blood from the sword. “What was that thing?”

The Witch muttered, “Rickasè.”

“That thing had a name?”

“No.” Judias stated. “That thing is a man-well was a man. He was… my ex-husband.”

The words caught Nathaniel completely off guard and he looked at Judias as if he had grown three heads.

Judias ignored his silent confusion and he continued, “He was sent here to kill me.”

“Kill you?” Nathaniel asked finally breaking his silence. “By whom?”

“By the same person who has wanted me dead for centuries.” The Male Witch let out a sigh of frustration and he looked at the Prince. “My mother.”


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