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Written by Aaron

Artwork by Kaleem

Chapter I

The village of Loba was a perfect little place, the men went out to hunt for food, defended the people from hungry beasts an harvested off the abundance of honey and wheat. The women were the givers of life, they took care of the homes, made the food, made the clothes, disciplined the children..even the ones didn't give birth to, and told tales about ancient warriors of past. Loba sat near the great Zuzu mountains, which were so high up you would think the Gods themselves were on the very top, and the Gods must've been angry being that there was a witch doctor in the village preaching falseness turning the people away from the almighty with cheap tricks! Ozula, the witch doctor had 2 children of her own, Haran and Asheeda. Haran was eaten alive by a crocodile one day as he was near the river fishing, it was unfortunate but Ozula claims to summon his spirit using her witchcraft! Asheeda was all she had left, and she was a beautiful little girl, she must've been the gods favorite because she never got sick or was bothered by any of the beasts, we couldn't put our finger on it, but Asheeda was special! But if Ozula keeps practicing this sorcery, our days will be numbered.........

- The village elder
It was a hot humid summer day in Loba , the children were playing around in the field, but Asheeda was by herself. She was a introvert and unlike other 8 year old girls Asheeda was in love with nature! She climbed trees and was respected by the lions and hyenas, for some reason they didn't bother her. Ozula was gathering stones an beads together an lit a fire, she started chanting with the other farmers for rain to come down, for there was quite a drought goin on. Ozula then sacrificed one of the many dead goats lying around due to the drought, she took the blood an painted her face with it, even took off the goat penis, cooked it an gave it to the men as a sign of stamina! Then Ozula started to chant

"Ohhhhh, oh great spirit we ask for the rains, as I offer unto you this goat as a result from the famine oh great sprits!

"Mother, do the gods not care about us!?" Asheeda asked

"Why would you say that my dear?"

"Because we had no rains in such a long time, and Haran was eaten by that evil beast!

"My dear child, the gods do care about us, they are just being stubborn immortal, which is why I'm channeling the other spirits, and perhaps they will finally listen." Said Ozula

Then Asheeda gave her mom a hug, and then decided to go outside and play around in the village! Asheeda was kinda a tomboy, she saw two boys playing around near this hut when suddenly a scorpion slid thru and almost bit one of the boys! But then Asheeda, fascinated by the creature, decided to TOUCH IT, and the other boys thought that Asheeda didn't know what she was doing!

"What are you doing with that scorpion, you just a girl!" One of the boys shouted

"Watch she's going to get bitten and then squeal like a pig!" as the boys taunted

Then Asheeda reached out her hand, and let the scorpion into her hand, then suddenly the boys were surprised when Asheeda took the scorpion and it meant no harm to her! Then the scorpion crawled on her shoulder and not one time did it sting her! The boys were shocked as Asheeda played with the scorpion like it was a pet, then Asheeda walked thru Loba with the venomous scorpion still on her shoulder.....she went out into the plains a lil far away from the village and it was basically her place of peace, for she would pick the wild flowers and gather them for her mother. Asheeda was on her way back to the village, for it was getting dark, till suddenly, a venomous red rattlesnake was in her way! Asheeda then looked at the snake and reached out her hand, then suddenly just like the scorpion, the snake wrapped itself around her and not once bite Asheeda! It was amazing, that these wild poisonous reptiles didn't even bite Asheeda, as if they knew something she didn't. Asheeda was walking thru the village when one of the village elders saw her holding the snake and the scorpion as if they were her friends......

"Asheeda, I would like to have a word with you," said Hofi the elder

"Yes Hofi?"

"I see you have made some friends," Hofi said lookin at the scorpion and the snake

"Yes, it is like they don't want to bite me!" Asheeda said

"I see, your mother the witch doctor is doing things that trouble the gods, channeling what she call spirits fooling people with false healing, but is nothing more than sorcery, and I have a bad feeling in my soul the gods will punish us greatly....." Hofi said

"But what about me, how are these evil creatures not biting me?" Asheeda asked

"It is because you wield a power within you, as if gods themselves have anointed you, but Asheeda, I sense a great disaster coming to our village, and you will be the only one left....." Hofi said as he gave the grave prophecy

Then Asheeda went back to her hut, and as she was about to take a nap, a few of the village men came thru sayin that they found this lake near the mountain and that it had an abundance of fish which is what the village needed during this famine!

"WE FOUND FOOD, WE FOUND FOOD!" Shouted the men as they came back with huge loads of fish

"Oh let us rejoice for the spirits have granted us  a Harvest, A Feast!!" Shouted Ozula

Then as the women prepared the food for the feast to began, Asheeda then remembered what Hofi said about her mother doing witchcraft and spreading false blessings, and she started to worry about it so much that she lost her appetite and chose to eat cornmeal instead. The feast was happening and everybody in the village ate of the fish and other food! Asheeda watched as people were stuffing themselves with this fish having two or three filets! But Asheeda remained melancholy and had her gut feeling,

"Little girl why aren't you not eating the fish!" A woman shouted

"I'm just not hungry.....my tummy hurts!" Asheeda said

"Well okay, but there's more of ya change ya mind!"

Then Asheeda left back into her hut, while Ozula brought out beer and started chanting, even influenced other people to chant with her! Hofi saw this and was alarmed, but at 105 years old he couldn't really do anything to stop the people.....it was their choice! Suddenly in the midst of the chanting and yelling, a huge storm approached, after a long dry spell it was finally raining!! It seemed like Ozula chanting and sacrifices worked, but something would happen that would determine the fate of Loba....and change Asheeda life forever!!

Chapter II

After the village had the feast there was no more fish left! Everybody ate it all an spared nothing for they were really hungry! Asheeda was gathering water from the river when she saw a huge crocodile and it looks like it was coming towards her!! Just like the crocodile that ate her brother Haran, it was barely visible in the water and just as Asheeda kept playing in the water, the crocodile lunges and missed Asheeda by inches!! Asheeda was trying not to show fear but she was petrified, this beast was about to eat her alive, but just as the crocodile was inching closer to her, suddenly it stopped an kneeled before Asheeda, then it went back into the river and disappeared! Asheeda was shocked, first it was the scorpion, then it was the snake an now a crocodile, it was like nature knew not to mess with her but she had to tell somebody, so she went to see Sebe who was like a wizard in a sense. He lived in the town of Lawashika which like a mile walk south from Loba. Sebe was living on the edge of a hill overlooking the valley and he was always meditating...

"(Knocks on door) Sebe! (Knocks on door) Sebe, I need to speak with you!"

"Oh Asheeda come in..........What is it you need dear"

"I think there something wrong with me, I encounter all these beasts but I never get bitten or stung, a crocodile kneeled before me, so I just wanna know am I a witch like my mother?" Asheeda asked

"No you are not a witch, you are blessed, your ancestors were great warriors and the gods have chosen you Asheeda, you have a gift!" Sebe said

"But I don't feel like I have a gift,"

"Don't fret, one day you'll discover the full potential of your blessing, but it's getting kinda dark little girl, better get home soon before your mother scolds you!"

Asheeda was walking back to the village, she didn't know what was going on within her but she was in for a rude awakening! Asheeda came back to Loba when suddenly she saw people in the streets throwing up, stomachs in pain and drinking beer to calm their abdominal pain, and everybody who ate the fish were very very sick! Asheeda went back to her hut only to find her mother rolling on the floor in pain!

"Mother, what happened!!"

"Oh Asheeda, it's very very bad, this sickness is taking over everybody!"

"Don't worry mother, I'll get the village doctor!"

The village doctor was bombarded with requests! He went to every hut and looked at the people which meant Ozula had to wait in agony for hours! Finally the doctor came by and looked over Ozula and couldn't really diagnose what was goin on with her,

"Doctor is my mommy gonna be alright?"

"She has a powerful sickness, everybody who ate that fish is having the same symptoms, I'm afraid it's an epidemic!" Said the doctor

"Oooooooh my stomach is in so much pain, there's a boab tree outside, it's leaves are very medicinal especially for this illness" said Ozula

Then Asheeda went out to the tree and got some of the leaves, then Ozula boiled the leaves in a pot of warm water mixed with honey, then she said a small chant and gave everyone in the village a cup of this tea. Asheeda was the only one who wasn't sick, and as everybody else was having health issues Asheeda was completely healthy! After the villagers drank this tea they thought it worked once again, but until the next morning when Asheeda woke up and saw that people were still having this illness, it totally baffled Ozula, for she thought the chants would work, but turns out she was wrong. As the day wore on the disease spread and transferred its way to the other villages surrounding Loba, everybody used traditional medicine, prayer, whatever they could but it didn't help. Turns out the sickness these people has was called Polon, which was basically like Ebola but found itself into the school of fish that the men caught and everybody consumed it.....except Asheeda. When the dehydration as a result from all the vomiting an heavy breathing turned very serious it resulted in death. Ozula was lying on her bed pretty much lifeless, and Asheeda did the best she can to take care of her, but it was no use,

"Oh mother, please please don't die." Asheeda pleaded

"Asheeda, I don't have that much long to live, I'm being punished for my witchcraft, but my dear don't you worry, the gods will protect you....." said Ozula as she took her last breath

Then at that moment she died, Ozula was dead from Polon, and it affected everybody and as a staggering result, of the 170 people living in Loba....169 died! The only person left alive was Asheeda and as she looked upon the dead bodies lying down and rotting in the Zambian sun she was by herself, and she cried as there was nobody to help her! It was 2 weeks after the Polon disease wiped out all of Loba, and Asheeda was about to give up hope, even the village elders were dead, she felt all alone when suddenly in the distance, there was a van coming thru the field. It was the World Health Organization and they were in Zambia because they knew of the epidemic going on and the lack of government care getting to these places, so they went out and did volunteer work themselves. One of the nurses, Sandra DeGall, who was a registered nurse in Boston but was going back to school to get her masters, decided to volunteer with WHO as they went to Africa.

"Ugh it's so hot out here, and I just did my hair!" Said Francine an volunteer

"Francine, People are suffering left an right and you worryin bout ya hair, shallow much!" Said Sandra

"Well excuse me I'm from Massachusetts, I've never been to a Serengeti!"

"Wow, this place been really hit hard by Polon, wear these masks, so you won't catch anything it could be airborne." Said Sam, the leader of the convoy

"Hey look over there, at this village, look at these dead cows, yeah the place was really hit hard!" Said Sandra

Soon the convoy got out and surveyed the area, they tested the river waters and found out that bacteria levels were staggering! Then Francine saw vultures swarming over Loba, curious much they went over and were shocked at what they saw!

"Sandra, Sam, I think you should really see this...."

And to everybody's shock, dead bodies were just laid out all over the ground, some were already badly decomposed they couldn't make out a face, the Polon levels were very very high and the convoy was about to explore the site when suddenly.....

"Oh my gosh, did y'all see that!" Said Francine

"See what?" Asked Sam

"I think something just ran from me,"

"Francine it's probably just a rat or a lizard!" Sandra shouted

"WHO ARE YOU!" Asheeda shouted as she saw the convoy in the village

"Oh my gosh, you guys look a survivor!" Said Francine

"How is she not dead?" Asked Sam

"Little girl, we come in peace, how long you been here among these dead bodies?" Sandra asked 

"A week," Asheeda said

"We need to get you out of here, did your mom die from this disease?" Sandra asked


Then Sandra heard Asheeda answer and as good human she couldn't just leave her here! So Sandra took Asheeda with her and the convoy went back to their hotel in Lusaka the big town in Zambia, and Asheeda was in like another world! She never seen this huge city before, and when Sandra gave her a big meal an let her sleep in her hotel room that night, Asheeda let her guard down and began to trust this white woman! And while looking at Asheeda sleep peacefully, Sandra was gonna make a decision that would change Asheeda life forever!

Chapter III

"You wanna do WHAT!" Sam shouted

"I was thinking about adopting that little girl!" Sandra said

"Sandra look, I feel bad for her too, but you just can't snatch a child away from what she's used to, she ain't our responsibility let the UN take care of her!" Sam argued

"So what, so she can be used an have her face plastered across a depressing TV ad just get people's money, Look I thought about this, this little girl needs a better life, and since I had a miscarriage maybe this is God's strange way of letting me be a mother."

"I don't know about this, what if the Polon is dormant in her and she spreads it around that's a huge risk!" Sam said

"I know, but I'm willing to take this risk!" Said Sandra as she left back to her room

Asheeda woke up and Sandra was there, she gave her some breakfast and asked Asheeda about her life, what it was like in the village! Asheeda told her all the things such as the big men fighting off the lions, and how famine really made things hard in Loba, telling Sandra that her mother was a witch doctor and that the gods were angry with her sorcery. When Sandra asked about the gods Asheeda couldn't really explain it, but she knew the names....Niea, she was the god of good fortune, Adi, the god of earth, Xeema, the god of rain, Zewja, the god of fire and Ghosha, the god of wind! All this interested Sandra, but then Sandra decided it was the right time to bring up her idea,

"Well Asheeda, I wanted to ask you, how would you feel about comin with me to a new home?" Sandra asked

"What do you mean?" Asheeda asked

"I mean away from this god forsaken place, you can't stay here sweetheart, your mom died and with this epidemic goin on, it won't do you any good, you're just a beautiful innocent little girl, you deserve better," Sandra said

"Where do you live?" Asheeda asked

"I live in the United States in a place called Massachusetts, and its very far away from here but it's a wonderful place it's very accepting, a healthy place to live, great schools, and you'll have your own room in a nice big house with loving people taking care of you!" Sandra said

"Okay....." said Asheeda as she decided to go to America with Sandra

It was the next day and the whole convoy went to the airport on their way back to America. Asheeda was with Sandra and as the plane was about to take off, she took one last look at Zambia!

After a 11 hour flight the plane landed in Boston, Asheeda never saw such a huge city before, and she thought Lusaka was big, Boston was crowded, bustling, and all these big towers and to a lil gurl like Asheeda it was a huge adjustment! Finally Sandra went back to her house on the outskirts of Boston in a town called Weston, which was like a very upper class part of town, it was almost all white but Sandra assured Asheeda that she would be fine! When they got to Sandra house it was huge!! It had a big swimming pool, a big yard and trees were everywhere it was like being in the middle of a forest!

"Well here it is, my home and your home too!" Sandra said with joy

"Honey your back!" Said Richard, Sandra's husband

"Yes hi honey (kissing) how you been?"

"Just another day in the office, whose this cute little girl we have here?" Richard asked

"This is Asheeda, I rescued her after everybody in her village died from an epidemic and well I couldn't just leave her there! Cmon Asheeda I'll show you to your bedroom!"

Then Sandra took Asheeda to her room, and the room was very huge, it was bigger than the huts back in Loba, and the bed was so comfy that Asheeda started to jump up an down like a happy child, but Richard wanted to have a word with Sandra.

"Um Asheeda, mister Richard would like to have a word with Sandra here for a minute, don't worry she'll be back.....Why did you do this I thought we agreed no children!" Says Richard

"I know, but look I just thought since the miscarriage happened that this like a blessing for us!" Sandra says

"We can't look after her honey, I mean I'm busy workin my ass off......."

"Watch your mouth!!" Sandra interrupted

"Ok working my tail off, opening the newest  Pontiac dealership on the west end and I'm practically never home, plus with your schedule Sandra how on earth are we gonna take care of this kid?"

"Look we will make it work, but I just wanna give this little girl a home, cmon dear we can be great parents to her,"

Then Richard ultimately agreed, and let Asheeda stay, but before anything Sandra took Asheeda to this health clinic to get her checked out for any diseases. Asheeda was kinda nervous because of all the needles and shots she had to get but the doctor was shocked at how her body was so healthy even after being thru a epidemic, but then Asheeda noticed a mark on her arm,

"Miss Sandra, what's this on my arm?"

"Oh that's could be a birthmark nothing to be ashamed of!"

It was late at night and Sandra tucked in Asheeda in her new bed, but when Asheeda went to sleep she started to have a wild dream about Loba, and she was floating around in the sky when she landed on a mountain top, then the gods talked to her and told her a prophecy....

"Asheeda......you are the one," said the god Zewja

"What do you mean?"

"You possess the power young one, the symbols on your arms are a sign..."

"So I'm a witch!!"

"No....you are the one that will save many people, and in time you will recognize the powerful abilities you possess..."

Then Asheeda woke up from her dream, then looked at the mark on her arm, she didn't know what was about to happen, but as she got older her life would take on a whole new adventure!

Chapter IV

It's been 9 years an Asheeda turned out to be a maturing young woman, she was already a senior in prestigious Weston high school, and she was beginning to find herself. She was kinda a loner in school, not really having friends, but she did have one Friend, her name was Aaliyah and she was a beautiful girl who known Asheeda since freshman year! Asheeda was very very intelligent, she had a 4.5 gpa and was going to graduate with honors, Asheeda was kinda nerdy, she had big glasses and wore skirts down to her knees, it was Sandra's idea to have Asheeda look ladylike an keep boys away, thinking that they wouldn't mess with a girl that was a "goody tooshu"! But Asheeda wasn't really interested in boys tho........

It was in her chemistry class, which was one of Asheeda favorite classes, she was like a teachers pet sorta, but there was one other kid who was in competition with Asheeda, his name was Roger Franstien, son an heir of Bernard Franstien who was the multi millionaire owner of the huge Franstien Corporation. Roger was like very recluse type of kid, nobody In school wanted to be his friend, and he had the highest GPA in the school! But he was low key jealous of Asheeda and how the teacher always favored her,

"Ah yes, a stellar essay about molecular imbalance in our ecosystem, Asheeda you could be a great chemist!" Said miss Gilbert

"Oh thank you, and actually I was looking at either MIT or Yale, they have great chemistry programs!"

"You know those schools are Ivy League, they're very.....choosy of I should say, you really should consider something simple like community college," said Roger as he threw shade

"Or how bout you consider going back to your seat Roger......You know Asheeda I want to speak with you for a minute," said miss Gilbert


"You are a stellar student, and I should say one of my favorites, how would you like to go to Rhode Island on a marine biology field trip sponsored by the Cambridge ecology department!"

"Wow, oh my god, I would love to it would look wonderful on my college application!" Said Asheeda

"Excellent, I will put in a good word for you!" Said miss Gilbert

Then Asheeda was full of glee! She went to lunch and sat with Aaliyah. Aaliyah was very free spirited and had long hair, a perfect waistline and her skin tone was just mesmerizing! All this got Asheeda staring and she didn't know why, Sandra and Richard were very liberal so if Asheeda told them she was having lesbian feelings they probably would accept her, but Asheeda kept it to herself,

"Hey girl how you been!" Aaliyah asked

"I just got this super great offer, imma join the marine biology summer program!!"

"Oh my god I'm so happy for you, well guess whose going to San Francisco this summer, sun and Yosemite mountains and ooooh boys.....like fine ass Kevin over there!"

"Yeah he's cute..." said Asheeda as she acted like she was interested

"Girl you need a serious makeover,"

"You think so?"

"I know so, girl look, you gonna be all alone with boys on Cape Cod for a month or so, you gotta look like you got it goin on, I'll tell you what, meet me at my house after school we gon hook you up!" Said Aaliyah

Then Asheeda thought about this, she really wanted to look pretty, but she was kinda used to the way she looked but deep down she did want to change it. Asheeda went to her friend’s house and they were waiting for her, they had this cute skirt and this cute top with a matching wig, and lots of makeup!

"Hey girl ready to get fabulous!" Aaliyah said

"Wow I like that top, but can the skirt be just a tad bit longer,"

"Asheeda gurl, you ain't in a convent, it's summer show off those legs, SHOW IT OFF BABY!!" Shouted Aaliyah

Then Asheeda went inside the bathroom to try on the skirt, but as she took off the clothes suddenly Asheeda saw these tribal looking marks all over her arms and her stomach! It startled Asheeda and it made her scream so loud that she dropped the clothes and ran out the house!

"Gurl what's wrong you okay in there?" Aaliyah asked

"I gotta go home.....!" Said Asheeda as she was scared out her mind

Then Asheeda ran home and saw all the marks on her body, could this be what the gods were talking about? As Asheeda looked at the marks they were so intricate and all over her arms, then suddenly, the marks on her body glowed blue and Asheeda was totally on edge, she didn't know what was happening! The next day Asheeda was in gym class, the glass was on the field and had to conquer this obstacle course,

"Alright everybody listen up! This obstacle course is everything you learned this year, all those exercises is about to payoff, this accounts for 45% of your grade so please do it well, Asheeda you go first," said coach Owens

Then Asheeda was about to start, she saw how tough the course was, and how some of the boys were snickering and laughing at her because of her nerdy looks, but Asheeda did something mind blowing! As she started the sprinting part, she ran fast like Usain Bolt, probably the fastest coach ever seen! Then once she got to the rock climb, she climbed with the quickness as if she was hiking up Mount Everest! Then when it came to the part where she had to swing from a rope to the other side without falling into the mud (the part everybody messes up at) she swung and jumped so far that she landed perfectly on the ground and did an back flip! When I came to the spear throwing section, she had to throw it over this white line 5 feet away......Asheeda threw that stick to the other side of the field, 25 feet away!! Then Asheeda went back to her classmates, they were shook!!

"Well damn Asheeda, you really been paying attention in class!" Said coach Owens

"How did I do?"

"A plus, I mean you deserved it!! I've never seen anything like that in all the 13 years at Weston!"

Then as Asheeda was basking in her glory, suddenly a football came out of nowhere!

"WATCH OUT!!" Shouted a boy

All of a sudden, Asheeda stretched out her hand to block it but A BIG BALL OF FIRE came out her hand and melted the football crisp!! Everybody was shocked, Asheeda didn't know what or how it happened, everybody started to look at her! Feeling embarrassed Asheeda ran inside and into the girls bathroom, she looked at her arms and saw the marks glowing again......something major was happening!

Chapter V

Asheeda was shocked, a ball of fire came shooting out her hand and now she was worried folks will see her as a freak! She didn't know what to do, so I'm an act of panic she ran out of school and into this wooded area where nobody would see her. Then Asheeda stretched out her hand and saw fire come from her fingertips, then as she sat down and process what just happened, she saw that the marks on her arm were glowing again, what did these symbols mean?

"Oh my god, what's happening to me!"

But then as Asheeda sat down on this log looking at her body, this dragonfly buzzed in front of her face and as she was trying to swat it away, suddenly another ball of fire came out from her hand and hit this pile of logs, and as the flames started spreading pretty soon the whole woods was on fire!! Roger was a wealthy child, his dad Bernard owned a huge clothing factory, so everyday he get a special ride from school to his jousting class....in a Rolls Royce! Roger was reading a book when suddenly he noticed what looked like Asheeda running out the woods,

"Hey look dad that forest is on fire!"

"I see, my Jesus it's getting out of hand!"

"And look behind us, someone is running into that street over there!" Roger said

"That could be the arsonist, I'm calling the cops!"

"He looks familiar, like I seen him somewhere before....." said Roger as he noticed Asheeda

Asheeda then heard sirens and ran out as fast as she can, she didn't wanna be caught for an a mistake! Soon she was home, but when Sandra saw her she was surprised.

"Asheeda, what are you doing home so early it's only one thirty?" Sandra asked

"Um we got out of school early!" Asheeda says

"I hear the fire truck, oh my lord it's 3 of them....(gasp) oh my god look at those woods over there!!" Sandra shouted as she saw the fire burning

Then while Sandra stepped outside to get a glimpse of the fire, Asheeda ran into her bathroom, shut the door and began to undress, looking at the symbols in her arms and stomach,

"What's happening to me?" I can't go to Rhode Island like this I might burn down the van!"

After a long and confusing day, It was nightfall and Asheeda was getting ready for bed, but before she went to bed her arms started to glow again, but Sandra came in the room and Asheeda quickly covered her arms and buried herself under the covers, hoping no sudden burst of flames would happen!

"Hey dear, how do you feel?" asked Sandra

"Not so good," said Asheeda

"Why whats the matter?"

"I don't know, like I feel strange and my friends say that I need a makeover,"

"Oh Asheeda, you are only 18 years old, you'll have plenty of time to transform and blossom into a beautiful woman, but right now you are focusing on your future, your education, so don't worry about a "makeover" you are a beautiful young black woman with a lot going for herself, don't underestimate the powers within you," said Sandra, not knowing about the "change" goin on within Asheeda

"Thanks mother," said Asheeda

"Oh sweetheart, trust me, a true woman don’t chase boys, but lets the boys come to her, speaking of boys are there any that you like....?" asked Sandra not knowing Asheeda wasn't really attracted to boys

"Mom there's something I have to tell you"

"Oh what is it?"

"Um.....im hot can you turn my fan for me, pretty please!" said Asheeda dodging the awkward question

"Oh sure honey, anything else?"

"No i'm fine, goodnight!"

Then Sandra turned off the lights and closed the door, but a few hours into her sleep Asheeda, suddenly her window busted open an it was Sebe, the wizard from the mountains back in Zambia, he came into the room and surprised her!

"Oh my god, what do you want!" Asheeda said

"You are the one Asheeda...." Sebe said

"What do you mean?" she asked

"You shall see..."

Then suddenly this flash of light happened and Asheeda was inside this cave which had all the signs from the gods carved into the rocks! Then Asheeda found herself out her bed clothes, and the symbols were showing, then one of the gods came in a mortal form, it was the fire god Zewja and he basically told Asheeda what those symbols meant..

"You are the one that wields the power," said Zewja

"So i'm a witch! Just like my mother!" Asheeda asked

"No young one, when you were born the gods already gave you the gift, those symbols represent the powers within you, an as you mature so will your abilities, I hope young one that you will use those powers for good and not destruction....for it is your destiny!" Said Zewja

"So that ball of fire that came out my hand, thats my power?" Asheeda asked

"Right you are, and as you venture on to your trip to the Rhode Island, you shall discover more than fire, and your emotions will burn too...but not for who you think." Zewja said

"How do you know?"

"We are the almighty gods, we know everything...but all will reveal itself in time," said Zewja as a flash of light happened again and Asheeda was back in her bedroom, in her pajamas as if nothing happened, but as the symbols started glowing again she now had a clear understanding.

It was the day that Asheeda had to go on her summer trip, and as she went into the van she saw one or her best friends Bryan, and he was so damn cute! But Asheeda found herself kinda attracted to Bryan too, so she decided to sit by him,

"Wassup Asheeda!"

"Hey Bryan, ready for Rhode Island?"

"Hell yeah, I heard it's like one of the best spots for the summer,"

"Well I can't wait to see all the fish and crabs!" Asheeda said

"And I can't wait to be with you, you know Asheeda you're cool to be around, and like being with you....I think you're beautiful," said Bryan

"Wow thank you, that really made me feel good,"

Then the van was all set and traveled down the interstate on its way to Newport, Rhode Island, bit an hour into the trip Asheeda arms started glow again, then she thought about what Zewja said, what were these powers within her....she will soon find out, and she will discover she has more than the power to summon fire....

Chapter VI

The whole class arrived to the quaint little town of Newport, and when they saw the compound that they would be sharing for the week, an it was right on the beach too! Asheeda and Bryan talked all through the trip and Asheeda was actually getting into Bryan, an for a minute she felt straight again! It was time to get out the vans when the teacher told the classmates where an who'll they'll be sharing a cabin with....

"Alright you guys it's 20 kids and 10 cabins, so 2 must me comfortable sharing ok.....alright lets get this started, Asheeda you an Bryan will share a cabin 120," said Mister Harold

"That's fine with me!" Said Bryan

"Yeah....yeah I don't mind!" Said Asheeda

"Alright then its settled....." said Mister Harold

Then Bryan and Asheeda were in the cabin and after putting away all there stuff, Bryan decided to sneak out and get some burgers from the Main Street which wasn't that far away. But then as Asheeda was alone in the cabin getting ready for bed, suddenly as she was running the shower to get clean, her symbols started to glow again, and as the flow of water was running, it then somehow was attracted to Asheeda and went from the pipe to the palm of her hand forming and orb! Asheeda then moved it around hoping it wouldn't pop an spill over but surprisingly it didn't and Asheeda then put the water back in the tub as it went down the drain. This shocked Asheeda, now she can harness the power of  water too! Bryan then came back in the cabin and had all this food, then Asheeda an him just chilled while they ate, but as they were sharing a cabin together something was blossoming between them...

"So do you always look like that?" Bryan asked

"Well yeah, sometimes I wish I could change it all, I feel so ugly!" Asheeda said

"I told you you're not ugly, I think you're beautiful, besides I rather have a girl like you than the cheerleaders, I hate girls like that they're so prissy and superficial, you're real and I can have like good convos with you," said Bryan

"Um Bryan, I been wanting to tell you this, but I don't know......I really really like Aaliyah,"

"Wait, you're a lesbian?"

"Well I think I am, I like girls but you, you're the only guy that was ever interested in me, and you are cute," Asheeda said

"Damn that's tough, I support you tho, but I just thought we had something.....

Then suddenly, Asheeda kissed Bryan on his mouth! Bryan was taken aback at first but then they kissed again and Bryan started to grab Asheeda by her waist, and took off her pants, while Asheeda took off Bryans shirt, she never knew how built Bryan was, and after touching his body Asheeda took off her top and let Bryan touch her breast as he gently kissed an squeezed them. Then Bryan went inside Asheeda and that night felt so good that Asheeda was convinced she was straight....but the thoughts of girls were still on her mind. It was the next morning and the class was at the beach, Asheeda an Bryan were acting like a couple, they were doing things together and sat next to each other, but even on the beach Asheeda would still stare at random girls in bikinis when Bryan wasn't looking. It was time to get into the water and catch a freshwater crab, which the class will study, Asheeda and Bryan were in the water together, but suddenly as Asheeda stretched out her hand to get what she thought was a crab, she made the water somehow recede at least 12 feet and it showed the ocean floor and all the crabs that were exposed!

"Well this is extraordinary, I never see the water do that in all the years I lived here!" Said the guide


Then Asheeda saw this huge wave comin towards everybody and everybody ran back to the beach hoping to get out the way, and when the waves crashed it got everybody wet, but all these crabs washed ashore! Asheeda was so ashamed but she hoped nobody noticed,

"Well I guess this means class dismissed, thank this freak of nature that you don't have to write a lab report," said mister Harold

Then the kids went back to their cabins, Asheeda went back to her cabin and just thought about the freak things that keep on happening! Maybe Zewja was right, she does have more powers within her! Bryan then came in the cabin and changed his clothes since they were kinda wet by that huge wave, once again showing off that nice body that Asheeda was all over last night! But the day was still young and Bryan thought about sneaking out and going to the dance clubs which were nearby,

"You know, you really need to get out more!" Said Bryan

"But I gotta look at this microbiology book and this forum from Cambridge...."

"Look, you can do all that tomorrow, I mean cmon we're in a beach town for like a few more days, loosen up a lil have some fun, life isn't all about books you know!" Said Bryan

Then Asheeda decided that she deserved some fun in her life! So she went with Bryan to this club called Nine One One and it was lit! Everybody was dancing their asses off and Asheeda then let her hair down and with the encouragement of Bryan she danced on the dance floor and really had a good time! But then as Asheeda was dancing enjoying herself, suddenly the symbols on her arms glowed and freaked everybody out! Bryan then saw and feeling embarrassed Asheeda ran outside and then Bryan chased after her!

"Asheeda what's goin on, why you glowing like that?"

"I can't explain it, I just wanna get outta here!" Said Asheeda

Then Asheeda ran back to the cabin and Bryan accompanied her, and that night was a night Asheeda didn't want to remember, and she had a feeling Bryan wouldn't like her anymore after she tells him the reason......

Chapter VII

While Asheeda was dealing with her issues, back in Boston at the Franstien Corporation tower, Bernard was having a meeting......he had this idea to genetically modify and clone food and specimens! Bernard was up for an investment from powerful venture capitalists worth $50 million so he had to make a good impression! Bernard constructed a little machine which had the power to modify small animals such as rats, and then potentially humans,

"So as you can see, this machine which I called the "genetic oven", can scan and analyze the genetic code of this mouse and when he comes out he will be immune to any disease or bio hazards.....so much for rat poison (laughs)" said Bernard

"Yeah great whatever....now this genetic oven, what runs it exactly?" Asked an investor

"Well it's a power cell I constructed, with radiation, a 120 watt ion battery and a power cell of a diamond I found myself while hiking thru Botswana, it's an everlasting power source which last forever!" Bernard explain

"Ah very cost effective!"

"Now I present to you people, Steve the rat!"

Then Bernard put Steve the rat thru the genetic oven and after a quick scan and a bright light, 5 minutes later Steve the rat cane out glowing bright orange! Then Bernard sprayed Steve with rat poison, then gave it DDT, then put Steve inside a bowl with a raging cottonmouth inside! But one danger after another the rat remained alive and still the same!! Even the snake didn't bother Steve, he just simply moved away. The venture capitalists were amazed by this, but it was time to test on a actual human......it was time for Bernard to prove himself!

"Alright now I will go inside this super sized chamber which perfectly fits a grown man, now I will press this button and just like the rat, I will be genetically modify and enhanced!"

Then Bernard locked himself in an pressed the button, for the first few minutes it looked like it was working fine........but then suddenly the pressure in the chamber was off the walls pretty much and then the radiation levels was so high that a huge light shined and then the chamber exploded! All the investors screamed for cover and hopping not get hit by broken glass, but Bernard who was slowly coming out the wreckage came into some bad news,

"Bernard are you alright?" Asked an investor

"I'm (coughing) I'm just fine....just needs a little tweaking for next time!"

"Yeah I don't think there's gonna be a next time.....!" Said the investor

"Wait wait wait what do you mean there ain't gonna be a next time, please....DO YOU KNOW HOW GODDAMN LONG I SACRIFICED ON THIS!!!!" Bernard berated

"I'm sorry mister Franstien but this is just too risky for our company, we need something safer this is just...I'm mean.....you're a madman!!!

"GET THE HELL OUT!! ALL OF YOU GET OUT!!" Bernard shouted

Then all the investors left the experiment  room and while Bernard was left with the mess, he covered his face in shame! Pretty soon Roger came down to see Bernard when he saw the lab in a mess!

"Father what happened are you okay?"

"No son I'm not, they turned it down, that's $50 million and a world changing opportunity gone down the drain!! WHY! WHY! I THOUGHT I DID EVERYTHING RIGHT!!" Bernard lamented

"Don't worry father it's THIER loss, you are the greatest scientist in this damn world they'll be begging for your great mind!" Roger said

"I'm going upstairs to get some painkiller, son are you coming?"

"Yeah dad just a minute I'm just lookin at something.......!"

"Eh suit yourself......maybe you can go on to school and be a better microgenetic-scientist, actually do something for the world, not chase a pipe dream like your father......"

But then as Bernard went away, Roger saw the power cell and decided that he should take it for himself! As he went around the lab he saw the metal suit which was used in the exploration of space, he put it on his body and it was a perfect fit! But it needed a power source.....so Roger took the power cell and put it inside the battery compartment then suddenly, the radiation took over the suit with so much power it was glowing orange! But Roger needed a name for his creation tho, so he decided to call it.....G.M.O, then he decided that now he was practically invincible that there was so much to do, SO MUCH TO TAKE!

"Ah yes, I used my father’s failure as a success and who needs to beg investors, when you can just take it......."

But suddenly Bernard came back downstairs to the lab and saw GMO! And that power battery glowing on his back!!

"What in the world....HEY, WHO ARE YOU!! Bernard shouted

But then GMO ran out of this window and the suit had flying powers, so he escaped and into the night! Bernard then called the police and it didn't take long to track down GMO for he was near the docks, hiding within the warehouses. As the cops approached him slowly, suddenly GMO surged out from behind this wall and this huge crate came barreling towards the cops which totally distracted them as GMO ran! So the cops started shooting hoping to at least injure this thing, but it was no use, the metal armor he had on was super tough! But GMO decided he had enough dealing with silly cops, so he blasted away from them.....but as a parting gift he threw down one of the grenades he had stored on the side and it causes a huge explosion setting many patrol cars and buildings on fire! Roger kinda knew the mess he was causing but at that point he didn't care, the power was just too strong to let go, and now with his father’s super powered battery inside this very durable metal suit, Roger really felt invincible! But he knew he couldn't go back home with this so he had to hide out for awhile, he found this old shack on the outskirts of town where he will build his own machine, and as for the supplies, he had a hunch on how to get them......   

Chapter VIII

Asheeda and the class came back from Rhode Island trip and there were some unanswered questions. Bryan was shocked at what Asheeda had on her arms when they were dancing at the club, Asheeda sat by herself the whole trip and thought Bryan wanted nothing to do with her, but then as they were unpacking from the van Bryan came over to her...

"Hey Asheeda can we talk?"

"I thought you didn't wanna ever see me again."

"I know I should've been there for you but I fucked up, but what happened back there....."

"ASHEEDA CMON LETS GO!!" Shouted Sandra from the car

"Look I gotta go," said Asheeda

"Well look I still like being around you, you're cool and I won't tell anybody....plus how can we forget "that other night"! Bryan said referring to their cabin sex

"Thanks, give me some time I just wanna be alone right now,"

Then Asheeda got in the car and went home, as she was looking out the window she thought about why she was like this! Can't these marks just go away!! As they got home Asheeda went to her bedroom when Sandra came in,

"Hi mom,"

"Hey, so who was that boy you were having an interesting conversation with?"

"He was just a friend that's all,"

"Oh well guess what.....while you were away you missy got mail!" Sandra said as he gots the mail from the dresser

Then Asheeda saw the letter from and it was good news.....CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY!! She worked so hard to get into it and now it was the moment of truth, the acceptance letter! As Asheeda slowly opened it she was so nervous but then as she opened up her eyes she saw the news she was hoping for,

"Oh my god......I GOT IN!!" Asheeda shouted

"Oh sweetheart I'm so proud of you!!" Sandra said

"What happened?" Asked Richard as he ran into the room

"Daddy, I got into Cambridge!!" Asheeda said

"Oh sweetie I'm so happy for you!!"

"Yessss, orientation starts tomorrow at 3:30, oh I can't wait!

It was the next day and Asheeda went to school, she was so happy, but then as she was sitting for lunch she noticed Bryan with....another girl!! As Asheeda saw them together they were laughing and bonding, then Bryan kissed her! Asheeda has a thought in the back of her mind that it was probably the marks on her arm that freaked him out, and was heartbroken, especially since they slept together, it was like he just moved on like it was nothing. But then Aaliyah came over and Asheeda eyes started to wonder...

"Hey gurl!" Said Aaliyah all happy

"Hey, guess who got into Cambridge!" Said Asheeda

"Omg I'm so happy for you, how you feel?"

"I'm okay.....just something on my mind" said Asheeda as she was watching Bryan

"Well gurl have you heard, Roger is missing!"

"The Weirdo! The one whose always hating on me!"

"Yeah, his dad pulled up in that Rolls an was all up an thru the school he was real worried!"

"Wow, well I got orientation this afternoon so I hope I make a good impression,"

"Asheeda you that bitch, they'll be lucky to have you!"

"Aaliyah there's something I need to tell you...I....I want some strawberry milk can you get me some real quick!" Said Asheeda as she tried to tell Aaliyah her burning lesbian feelings

"Sure gurl I'll be right back!"

Asheeda watched as Aaliyah walked on and the way her ass was well put together, it really had her twisted......later on they say it was time to go to orientation at Cambridge university, and as Asheeda an her parents were walking thru Asheeda had such a huge smile on her face! The college was so beautiful and the classes were amazing, everybody else was very welcoming, but then as Asheeda was in the front lawn lookin at the gardens, she had to sneeze, but suddenly as she sneezed this HUGE gust of wind came out of her mouth and it was so powerful that it toppled this big tree and it had people scrambling!

"Oh my god, what happened! Asked Sandra

"Some gust of wind made that tree fell down!" Said Asheeda pretending like it wasn't her

"That's odd I don't remember it being stormy today, well cmon honey we got to look at your new dorm!" Asked Sandra

As people were looking around at this big tree Asheeda went with her parents, but somebody was watching her......the family then went into this chemistry lab where the professor was showing off all the advanced tech and equipment that he had to everybody in the room, but while Asheeda was listening, as she put her hand on a table suddenly her fire powers came out again and it started to burn!

"Oh my god fire, FIRE!!" Shouted a woman

The flame spread throughout the room and the lab was filled with highly combustible elements!

"EVERYBODY GET OUT NOW!!" Shouted the professor

Then the school sprinklers came on just in time, and put the fire out! Asheeda just stood there in shame, these powers just come at the wrong time, but somebody was saw EXACTLY what happened! After that whole ordeal Asheeda went home and just laid in her bed, but before she got under the covers there was a beetle crawling in the floor! It disgusted her so she stepped on it with her foot, but then suddenly the ground started to shake and the whole neighborhood was awaken by the tremor!

"Asheeda are you okay!!" Sandra came rushing in

"Yeah mom I'm fine, I never Boston had earthquakes?"

"I'm perplexed myself, but at least nothing is damaged, the strangest things happening today first that big tree but no storm, then that fire out of nowhere and now an earthquake....were living in the end days!"

Then Asheeda got in her bed, and the symbols on her arm started to glow again, and after her powers summoned fire, water, wind and now earth....it was clear that she is becoming something special just like Zewja said would happen!  

Chapter IX

Asheeda was preparing for something special....her graduation day! With top honors and a full ride to Cambridge University, Asheeda felt so happy, but in the back of mind she was hoping that her stupid powers don't disrupt the occasion! Asheeda came downstairs and both Sandra an Richard were just mesmerized at her..

"Oh honey, look at you, you look so beautiful!" Sandra said

"Thanks mom!

"Yes honey you're looking like a stunning young woman, I'm proud of you Asheeda!" Said Richard

"Thanks daddy,"

"Alright well we better get a move on!"

Then all three of them got into the car and headed for the ceremony, but Asheeda saw something in the trees hiding, it was silver and looked like a person, but Sandra was driving kinda fast so Asheeda couldn't really get a good view of thing, but she knew something was off. Weston High was getting ready to host its graduation which was held outside on the spacious football field! Bernard was there and the principal saw him,

"Mister Franstien, how lovely it is to see you, I see you're here to claim your sons diploma on his behalf!"

"Yeah it's hard, it's been 2 weeks and I even hired a private investigator, I don't know where Roger went this isn't like him!"

"I'm hoping he will be found eventually, he's still in our prayers, but if you mind taking a seat an we will get started,"

Asheeda sat next to Aaliyah of course, and then the feelings came back again....Asheeda felt some type of way when she saw Aaliyah all dolled up, in her heels, long hair, all this attracted Asheeda but she was still nervous about telling her about it, for she feared it would ruin their friendship if she ever revealed her lesbo feelings! But then Bryan passed by, and Asheeda felt some type of way lookin at him to0, even tho she felt as if Bryan used her and then left to another girl, a part of her still had some feelings for him, but the ceremony was about to begin and Asheeda just didn't wanna focus on either one of them!

"Hello Weston high class of 2010, today you will leave this great school and go on with your lives, some into ivy league colleges and some into the workforce, we were gonna have mister Roger Franstien come up here and say his speech since he was the salutatorian but sadly he's still missing, so ladies an gentlemen miss Asheeda will proudly say a few words!" Said the principal

Asheeda was shocked, she never knew the school had any intentions on doing this but she gladly got on the stage and then said an impromptu speech,

"Wow I mean I don't have much to say, I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for my mother Sandra who took me from a terrible situation back in my home country when I was little and made me her own, I'm a black girl growing up in Massachusetts, that's not easy at all....but I just became the first black girl to be enrolled into the Cambridge university's special marine biology program, and I'm the first black girl an Afro American in general to receive the highest honors from every program at Weston High, I just wanna thank all my friends an family I love you guys, and thank you Miss Gilbert for believing in me!

Then the crowd gave a round of applause as Asheeda made such a wonderful speech! It was Bernard's turn to make a speech on behalf on Roger but then suddenly in the sky....

"OH MY GOD LOOK UP THERE, IT COMING TOWARDS US!!" Shouted a woman as the speech was interrupted by what turned out to be....G.M.O! He swooped down and then suddenly threw what appeared to be a grenade under this big pole and as it exploded the pole came crashing down!!

"(Evil laughter) LOOK AT ALL YOU LITTLE WIMPS!! Shouted GMO

"Hey that's my suit.....WHO ARE YOU!!" Shouted Bernard

"Somebody you know......but you, I just wanna thank you for making this suit, I'm practically superman!" GMO said

"HEY GET OFF HIM NOW!" Shouted two officers

"You two ain't even a challenge!" Said GMO 
as he blasted the two cops, one of the cops tried to shoot back but GMO had this super powerful suit which bounced bullets off like pebbles! Bernard was able to slip away with security and get to safety but GMO tried to go after him! But more cops came and shot at GMO, to get them off his back GMO decided to shoot this mini missile at the support beams holding up this big electronic scoreboard, and soon it came crashing down onto the crowd of people! Asheeda didn't have time to think! She leaped into the action and shot blasts of fire from both her hands strong enough to push the big scoreboard away from the people! Then Asheeda saw GMO trying to go after Bernard, so she caused a mini quake and the jolt was so powerful that the ground opens up under GMO and the earth swallows him up burying him under the dirt! Soon everything settled down and everybody was SHOOK, Asheeda looked at her arms and saw the symbols on her arms glow again, hoping nobody would notice Asheeda then ran under the bleachers of the football field and just hid under there! There was so much chaos going on people were scrambling and trying to assess what the hell just happened!

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