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Kaylee Barnes

Chapter 40 Lost Love

A lonely man stands on a fiery cloud, awaiting his lost happiness. He had just lost his best friend whom he had loved dearly. It was his final and most prominent wish that he would bring her back.

Daren refused to see Agnes as a decent human being. It was only natural to feel impulsive hatred toward someone whom had known what a lost love would feel like. What selfishness she displayed!

The Indonesian male kicked, igniting persuasive flames. Fire was his only friend at the moment. This may be so, for quite a while.

Maybe he could confide in his brother? Wow, what a sheepish thought that is! He doesn’t know why, but his brother always despised him.

Ever since Daren had accidentally killed the two of them, his brother would barely talk to him. What made him so angry? It was because of the fact that Carver had lost his love.

The realization was completely dreadful. This must have been karma for what a hideous thing he did to his brother. Though it was not on purpose, it still had dawn an aggressively remorseful feeling upon himself.

It was known that Daren had met Sarah in the afterlife. It hasn’t been so long that he had been engaged with her. The traditions were rushed in order for everyone to feel a sense of completion.

There was still a lot he hadn’t known about the gorgeous ginger. That is: what she fears most, events she favors, and even her favorite animal. All this time, he had been so selfish.

The personality traits of the 32 year old consisted of the man being arrogant and snobbish. Though deep within his soul, this just wasn’t so. This was a defensive instinct from the brutal harassments in grade school.

A trail of fire lit the path as Daren made his way to his brother’s Zalee. This was the only thing he knew to cope. The Indonesian needed someone or something. It was always so hard to achieve his goals and arrive at his destinations.

Chapter 41 Technical Difficulties
“I’m sorry that this has happened. I’m just not the right person to talk to about this.” Carver’s hand fumbled with a Styrofoam magazine. Both brothers sat awkwardly beside one another in the confined Zalee.

Daren pleaded with a shaky and desperate tone. “Please broyo. I don’t know who else to go to. I don’t do good at coping as easily as you did with Tyrone.”

The 21 year-old with blue irises was clearly aggravated as he began to sweat profusely on his forehead. “For the last time, Daren. His name is Trevor. Why can’t you get that through your thick ass skull!?”

Daren was emotionally struck from such a assertive yell from the other. Tears dared to escape his withered eyelids. “Why...Why are you so mad at me anymore?! You know I felt guilt for what I’ve done to you, but that is no reas-”

“Go! Just leave. You wouldn’t even listen to my advice anyway. You’re such a stuck up-augh!”

The younger of two was unmistakably interrupted with an obnoxious hug from his brother. “I said; I’m sorry. Please just forgive me. I can’t go back and change it. If I could, I would.”

Carver’s eyes began to drain of a hot and unfamiliar liquid. He knew it was tears, though he hadn’t felt them in so long. He was known to control his sadness by transitioning it into anger.

As the 21 year-old’s hands shook into a mold of the hug, he began to stutter inconsistently. “I-It’s...okay. I’m sorry too. I acted like a fool. I just can’t stop thinking about what could have been. Trevor would still be alive if I would have been there to protect him.”

It was silent as both brother’s smiled warmly upon one another. Their faces were severely redden with sour tears. “So, you forgive me?”

It was quite an obvious answer to the question, though Carver answered anyway. “Yes. I can assure you that you’ll get Sarah back eventually. She stayed in order for us to be freed.”

”She’ll never come back. She is in love with that girl and I can’t compete with that. She was never in love with me. She felt bad, so she became mine. Though, she isn’t mine anymore.”

Chapter 42 Abstract Distractions
”Maybe...Uh, I don’t know. I told you that I’m not really good at advice.” The 21 year old bit his lip harshly. This was such a delicate subject to talk about to his older brother.

“Nonsense, broyo! You’re boy talks a lot about you. He’s told me-” Carver’s face grew red with intense exasperation. “What do you mean he talks a lot about me!? When are you two ever together!?”

Daren was slightly taken aback by such random behavior coming from the other. “We’re friends. I call him by the wrong name just to make you irritated. It’s hilarious to see! Why are you so angry about that?”

The younger of two scoffed as he crossed his arms in wrath. “I just don’t want you two together... You’re a bad influence on him.”

The other man dramatically rolled his caramel- colored eyes and mirrored his brother. “Hey now, let’s not get like this. He likes to talk to me about things he’d rather not talk to you about. I came here to talk about my problems, so lets do this, hm?”

Carver was not having any of this rude and immature behavior he always expects from the man. “Why don’t you just go talk with your new best friend then,
hm?” The 21 year-old was evidently offended by this and Daren had no clue as to why.

Carly. You’re such an obsessive creep. You must be in some deep lust with him. Like dude; what the fuck? He can’t have his own friends!? Don’t you think you’re being an a little to obsessive?”

Daren would call him by the name of Carly just to be a smart ass. The younger man lost it as he swiftly pushed his brother out of his Zalee. His hostility spoke for him.

Carver’s sibling had lost his chances. He was done speaking to the dark-humorous man. The Indonesian was constantly reminded just why he had labeled the other as an enemy.

It was now believed that the 32 year-old got what he deserved. It only made sense to let the man burn in his own personal hell. Daren Hadi was the only reason that Carver Hadi’s life was legitimately ruined.

If it wasn’t for him, Trevor would have never have to go through this. The young Caucasian man would still be happy and would have a bright future ahead of him. Now, nothing has been the same since.

Chapter 43 Nonsensical Emergencies

Trevor gasped with elation of the situation. Daren had came to him for advice. This guy never asked for anyone else’s opinions, especially advice.

“If she really does love you, she’ll come around. I hate to say this, but maybe she just likes you as a friend. I mean- y-you only knew each other for less then year...it’s possible-”

The Indonesian was severely offended. No one seemed to take his problem seriously! “Wow! You’re just like Carver. I should of known you know nothing of love...”

It was the 32 year-old’s way of tricking the other to be on his side. He surely knew the young man would be debilitated by such a obscene statement. As Trevor prominently became angrily flustered, Daren snickered with cruel joy.

“Of course I do! Why would you say something like that!?” This conversation soon became an arguemetnal competition.

“Why so defensive? It must be true...” The sing-song voice of the other male made Trevor leaped onto the other as goosebumps filled with wrath.

The brunette’s hand’s shook as he gripped tightly onto the other’s collar. “I know plenty! I’m just saying that things happen for a reason. God, you can be so annoying!”

Daren grinned widely down upon the other and scuffled Trevor’s thick hair. “You’re so cute when you’re angry. I can see why my broyo is in lust with you!”

The Caucasian abruptly became physically nauseous from such a disgusting message. The 19 year-old huffed in silence as he deliberately crossed his arm in annoyance. “So, are you going to accept my advice? I think you just need to go with the flow and everything will work out soon. Besides, if it’s not true love, then it will never happen. You just have to accept that and move on.”

The older male nodded and proceeded to give his friend a fist-bump. “Thanks, Trev. I know I can count on you.”

Chapter 44 Clumsy Lavender

Back on Jantung, Agnes and Sarah lain in silence. It was not a ungainly occurrence, for it felt so correct. The scent of Lavender drifted slowly as it tickled. the ginger’s nose.

The walls of the palace were painted with a dark shade of emerald whilst the floor wore a delicate maroon. These two colors seemed to fit perfectly in synchronization together.

Where did the dark go? It felt so light here. The feelings of the serene atmosphere shook the 25 year-old’s heart. Realization dawned on her that she had broken one of the most important vows with Daren.

“In the name of The Holy Spirit, I Sarah Reed, take you, Daren Hadi, to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death. This is my Solemn Vow.”

Her eyes glazed over with silky tears. She missed him deeply and truly. Though, in the back of her mind, she lied in such a vow. Sarah made her self believe that she was being honest, bu it couldn’t be further from the truth.

The older female with emerald hair and irises to match noticed her lovers sudden depression at that moment. Her thin and lanky fingers were ice cold upon the other as she petted red hair. “Honey, what is the matter?”

The question seemed innocent enough. Agnes pretty much took her away from her formal life, well...afterlife. It was brutal and she knew deep within her brain that the girl didn’t mean to act so violent. It was all done in the name of love. Jealousy just didn’t seem to fit her sweet and kind best friend.

As Sarah’s eyes overflowed with anchored tears, she began to confide in her past lover. “I know you meant well, but it was not right to treat Daren that way. A-And...I...I...know what I did to you. I didn’t mean to do such an awful thing. I beg for your forgiveness. I wish that-”

The 27 year-old gave a slight smile as she continued to pet the soft hair of her companion. “Sweetheart. I promise you that he’ll be okay. Trust me. We don’t have to worry about what other people think of us now, because we’re dead. It just doesn’t matter anymore.”

Everything that came out of Agnes’ mouth rose a spark of calmness within Sarah. A serenity that was uniquely tied down to the two of them. It was known in the back of her mind, that Daren was not handling this well, but all that seemed to matter right now was Aggy.

Chapter 45 Seventy-Two Square M.

72 Years passed with Daren still at a very low point in his life. People whom had tried to help him regain his pride were unwelcome by a sorceress of depression. It soon became too much to conceal.

A definite answer of, “No, It could have been...” arose on his mind daily by the minute. A horrifying glimpse into what hell is on heaven poked a knife into his back.

Every 72 years was a mark of something great to be done. Though for Daren, it was the exact opposite. The birthday celebration of Mozek would not be the same with the only person that lingered emotions of an undo-able kind. Today would not be like any other day.

The date of 72
M would mark the brilliant achievement that Kanoa placed on a forbidden topic. Mozek held anonymous opinions of the graceful dedication of the afterlife. This date symbolizes extraordinarily arrangements of happiness.

This is why this holiday must be celebrated in an Earth simulation in order to bring about good memories from past lives. Oh, what a joy that is! If only Daren could celebrate the first holiday with contentment.

Every inhabitant on Mozek had the right to choose where they would like to go within the Earth simulation. Trevor chose the most favorable thing he has always wanted to do, go to an arcade! Carver had followed along his friend’s choice.

Kalani sincerely wanted to be around her new friends, so she also went to the arcade. Trevor made sure he would pull a grumpy man in on the fun. Even though the 32 year-old was obnoxiously repelled of the thought of not being around his best friend, he sucked it up and went along.

Chapter 46 Motivated Astronomy

Many people played individual games at the mimic of an Earth’s arcade. Trevor grunted as he rammed the joystick of the game, knocking down his virtual opponent. It was all very comical to the 21 year-old Indonesian.

The male relaxed his palms into his black jean pockets. It was an amazing feeling to see his love sincerely happy. He really didn’t care about his brother right now. Why would he? Daren never cared about him.

“Wow! Did you see that!? Did you see that!?” The brunette male exclaimed, initiating a fit of elastic giggles from his close friend. This must be what an utopia is.

Daren hovered over the angry Kalani. He stared intensely as she yelled such foul obscurities at the machine. It was surprising just how feisty a little girl could be.

The 32 year-old huffed in silence. He thought he had friends, back up to make him feel better. The truth is, he doesn’t. “Hey, Ka..lan...i...?”

The girl with high-held brunette pigtails jumped up and down as she defeated the game. “What do
you want?” Daren rolled his eyes at such devious attitude.

“Simmer down, girly. Just was going to ask you what brought you here. I mean, why are you dead?” It was a rather forward question, but he had to take his mind off of his problems somehow.

“None of your fucking beeswax, you dicko!” The female’s behavior rang the most annoying tune in the adult’s eardrums. “You’re pointless.”

As the Indonesian began to walk away, he was abruptly pulled off to a scarce and dark side of the arcade by no other than Kalani, herself. “Listen. Dude. I got some secrets. You want to know them or are you too big of a pussy?”

This was absolutely shocking to hear such words come from the child. What did she mean, “secrets”? What would that have to do anything with him?

“I..I want know them.” This was all that could be uttered by the male. Lately, he hadn’t felt like his self. This just about proves his odd mood.

“I have the secrets of the unknown. When I get reincarnated, I’ll tell the world about them. But, for now, I will tell you.”

Secrets of the unknown. Why would this trigger such explicit curiosity in the grown man? Obviously, he knew much more of the unknown than her. She’s merely a child.

Chapter 47 Detrimental Cycle

Kalani O’kusky sees the world in a different view than anybody else sees it. Why stop at learning about the world when you can learn even more about the multiverse? It was sure that her God mother knew these things, but she dared to never speak of them.

This 13 year-old is different, for it is her goal to teach everyone the dark truth. That is, death is only rebirth. It’s a cycle that spins on and on. A cycle that no one can escape from.

What if one was to break the gnawing chains of this cycle? What would happen if all was nothing and nothing was all? These human emotions won’t matter once you die.

Emotions are just that, nothing that will accomplish anything. These are parasites that hold you down. Is there actual life out of such agonizing emotions? If so, how can we get rid of this?

The truth is, this universe or any other universe does
not exist. We don’t exist. Yet we are here. Yet we are not here. Sure, it is confusing and that’s a perfect example of an emotion tying you down to not knowing the unknown.

We will never know what we want to know if we let our emotions control everything we think and do. It is correct that death answers absolutely nothing. You will not know any information of the unknown if you still let your emotions attach onto you.

It is what makes us humans. Though, we are not real. Humans is merely a false title we put to ourselves in our false existence that we pretend is the definite reality. There shall come a day or a plane of acknowledgment that we realize that our tragedies in life will not come to haunt us if we don’t want it to.

The truth is in someone’s mind. The truth of the unknown is now revealed. The truth is that our existence is mere residue of brain tissues and receptors within a mind of another “human”. This “human” wants to know of the unknown. If only he knew, he is the unknown.

Chapter 48 Forbidden Knowledge

It was a lot to take in. It was a lot to breathe out. All this information shook his head into an everlasting whirlpool of desire.

Daren knew much more than he was born to know. He knows the unknown. How valuable and precious it is to know such knowledge.

It is excessively horrifying to understand that he is in someone’s brain. All of Mozek, Earth, Jantung, and any other planet or universe resides within another human’s brain.

“You...can’t be serious, right?” The brunette girl grinned widely and nodded with intense enthusiasm. “Oh, but I am! I know much more than this. Consider the fact, I was in that foreign world in my first life.”

This had to be a lie. It had to be made up. Could he believe such a child? He didn’t even know her well, though it seemed as if he had connected to her right then and there.

“What...What do we do with this? Does Carver, Kanoa, and Trevor know?” A blatant stare was received by the other. “Of course not! They’re to dumb to accept much facts! Kanoa does know. I thought you were ready, so I told you. Don’t even dare take this as a compliment.”

Kalani gave Daren a intimidating glare with a hint of demand. The Indonesian was in complete and utter disbelief. The man was pounded down everyday by his brother telling him how immature he is.

Wouldn’t you know it? Karma does come and it comes with a sensitive satisfaction. He wanted to know more. What was this “human” like? Are we merely thoughts or characters in some kid’s brain?

All of the man’s anxiety about losing his love soon drifted into a locked abyss, never to be thought about again. Perhaps the master of all their existence’s would take matters into his own hands. Maybe the saying is true. Everything happens for a reason.

To be continued


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