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Brendas Journey

By Lisa Collins

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Cover by Lisa Collins

Chapter 1

Sitting back in my swivel chair, I looked around the room. Working for one of the more successful law firms the city, Mallard and Mallard. A father and brother law firm, Robert Mallard and Harold Mallard. I of course am Brenda Mallard, daughter of Robert. I am one of three children. My brothers decided that law was not going to be their chosen field. Robert Jr., the youngest chose medicine and Michael, my older brother became research biologist.

Harold had no children. That was his own choosing, well… because Harold was gay. Harold does not flaunt being gay, but is not ashamed to admit he is gay. At first I was told that father was ashamed and refused to acknowledge that they were brothers. After some time, he slowly accepted it, and now has even had Uncle Harold and his partner over many times for dinner or cookouts. Sometimes the three of them sit in the den and watch the game on Sunday.

This is neither about my brothers nor my uncle. When I was quite younger, I was living the modern day princess. No harm or wrong would befall me. All my problems or troubles outside the home were soon abolished by my father. Inside our home, mother ruled, and what mother wanted, mother got. I was her baby girl and was protected as such.

When I was fifteen, Mark Thompson took me out on a date. He had brought along a six pack of beer. After drinking three of them, he got into my pants. Needless to say, I got pregnant. During the summer of my sixteenth year, I had Samantha, or Sam as most call her. My father, being the lawyer he is, got him to sign away his rights.

So now here I am, thirty-four years old with an eighteen year old daughter. Even at thirty-four, I still have my high school figure. I’m five eight, long auburn hair, my breasts are full C, and gravity has yet to make them sag. I have a twenty-five-inch waist, and tapered hips, with what some call a nice bubble butt. I have green eyes with flecks of gold in them.

Sam on the other hand is five ten, dirty blond hair and the deepest blue eyes you’d ever want to see. She is close to being a D cup, with a medium build. Because of soccer and softball, she has maintained her weight well. I was told by her softball coach that she is good enough, she might even be able to get a scholarship playing softball.

Well, enough about me and my family. It happened on a Thursday that my world was turned upside down. I was scheduled for a late afternoon court appearance, when I was checking my briefcase and noticed the files I needed were not there. I realized that I had left them on my nightstand having read they over before going to sleep.

I told Donna, my secretary that I was going to stop at the house and pick up the files I left there and take a long lunch before going to court. After bidding her a good day, I said that I would see her in the morning.

Thinking Sam would be out with her friends at the park, I didn’t pull into the garage as I might have normally done, thinking I was only going to be a moment. After I came out of my bedroom and just before I turned to go down the hall, I heard a moan coming from the partially opened door of Samantha’s bedroom.

Thinking maybe Sam was home and maybe ill, I started walking down the hall towards her room. Her door was open maybe six inches, but as I got closer, I heard someone speaking. It was a female’s voice. I stopped and listen for a minute, when I distinctly heard her say, “Oh god Sammy yes, lick me right there.”

I froze. I started thinking of someone taking advantage of my Samantha. I was ready to kill this person for violating my precious daughter. I was about to barge into the room and confront this pervert when I heard my daughters voice.

“Ever since I seduced you a couple months ago, I can’t get enough of you.”

I couldn't believe my ears. I knew my daughters voice, I knew it was her, yet I still could not believe what I just heard. My hands were shaking, I nearly dropped the folder I was holding. I quickly slipped back away silently making my way out of the house where I could think and get a grip on myself.

I pulled into the parking garage across the street from the court house. I thought I would use the restaurant attached to the garage, but I had no appetite for food at that moment. I just sat in my car, my mind going over and over the sounds I had heard coming from Samantha’s bedroom. Trying to think back if I had missed any warning signs that this was all happening, there were none. For all intense purpose’s, she was my bubbling happy go lucky daughter.

I was startled by a fellow attorney tapping on my window, bring me out of my thoughts. As I rolled down the window, he said he noticed me just sitting here and was wondering if anything was wrong. I assured him I was fine, but had my head wrapped around a case I was working on. I noticed that I had five minutes before my assigned court appearance and thanked him for his consideration before I rushed off to court.

Getting my head back into my work, I ripped the plaintive a new asshole. Thanks to Vic’s fine work and ever so detailing pictures, she had no choice to take what was offered, and a reduced settlement at that. Apparently she was out running around on her husband, and when he caught wind of it all, hired our firm to represent him, our firm Mallard and Mallard. We hired Vic to get the goods on his soon to be ex-wife.

After the divorce was granted by the judge, Mr. Holding then asked if he could have a word before I left. We stepped over near the jury box for a little privacy when he asked if he could have lunch on Monday to see if I would take on his company as a representative in all its legal matters. Almost to stunned to answer, I nodded and managed to reach inside my purse and retrieved my phone looking at my appointment calendar.

“I am free from eleven on, I have no other appointments the rest of the day.” Straightening my shoulders and trying to put some conviction back into my voice.

“Fine, I’ll pick you up at eleven, we’ll have lunch, I’ll explain the basics of my company and then we can go back to your office, meet the rest of your partners and possibly draw up a contract.”

“Fine I said, I’ll see you at eleven then.”

When I got back to my car, I yelled a loud “YES!” Pumped my fist up and down a few times and got into the car. I called Donna to make sure I was free for the day except my early morning court appearance.

The first thing I wanted to do, was properly thank Vic for the wonderful job he did on collecting the evidence we needed to win this case. Having his number on my phone, I simply sent him a text asking if he were available for dinner Saturday evening at six. I gave him the location and asked if it was not a good time to let me know.

As I pulled into the garage at home, I heard my phone alerting me that I had received a text.

“Due to unexpected circumstances, this weekend will not be a good weekend for me to meet, however if you would like to make it tonight I would be more than glad to meet with you. Vic”

I texted back, “same location, see you at six.”

I called the restaurant and made reservations for six, asking for a private table so we could talk.

When I got home, Samantha was in the kitchen making a picture of ice tea. As I sat my purse and brief case down, she came over and gave me a hug. As her arms wrapped around my shoulders, my mind suddenly thought of someone else’s arms around her naked body. Shaking off the thoughts, I gave a kiss on the cheek asking how her day went.

“Oh nothing unusual, Mel and I just hung around, went to the park, nothing worth mentioning.” As she pulled away to finish the ice tea.

“How was your day mom, anything exciting happening?”

“Oh yeah, I won my case big time, and maybe landed a corporate account in the process.” Smiling at the thought.

“Don’t worry about dinner,” I said. “I’m meeting our investigator for dinner tonight. He had done such a good job, I wanted to personally thank him.”

“Oh, ok. So do you have any idea what time you’re going to be home tonight?” She asked.

“Probably around eight or so, why?”

“Would it be ok if I spent the night with Mel?” Looking at me while biting her lower lip.

“Only on one condition, you and Mel have to be here by noon so we can all go and have lunch together. Deal!”

“Deal” She said, then added, “I need to go and pack an overnight bag and you need to get ready for your date tonight.” As she put the ice tea away.

As I was stepping out of the shower, I heard, “bye mom” and the door slam shut. I finished drying and doing my hair, and sat wondering what I was going to wear. I didn’t want to be to plain looking, nor did I want to have that over sexed look.

I put on a skirt that was four inches above the knees, and a peasant blouse showing off my chest and top of my breasts, I topped it off with a gold necklace pennate with matching earrings. I put on a pair of three inch heels.

I arrived at the restaurant a little early, so I took the table reserved for me and ordered a glass of wine. As I was sitting there thinking of how I was going to handle tomorrow with Samantha and Mel, I felt someone walk up to the table looking down at me.

“I’m sorry, may I help you?” I asked?

“Possibly, are you waiting for Vic?”

“Yes I am, he should be here shortly.” Wondering what this woman wanted and how she knew I was waiting on Vic.

“I’m Vic, I’m glad to finally meet you.” As she extended her hand to me.

I slowly extended my hand and felt a firm grip on mine, which pleased me greatly. I hated mushy weak handshakes.

As I was shaking her hand, I looked closely at her. She was tall, probably a little taller than I was. She had short black curly hair. The little curls just lapping over the ears and across the neck. She had the darkest brown eyes I think I ever saw, broad shoulders and a silk blouse buttoning down the front. Her breasts were small, probably a B cup. She had on a tan pair of slacks, not loose, but tight enough I could see that her thighs were well toned and muscular.

Finally letting go of her hand, I asked if she would like to sit. After sitting down across from me, her purse in her lap.

“I’m sorry for my perplexed expression, but I was expecting a man. Vic is the only name I knew and…” Blushing, “assumed you were a man.”

“If your too uncomfortable, I can leave so that I don’t cause you any embarrassment.”

“No please stay, I am probably at a far greater disadvantage than you, but I would like to thank you for the job you had done for me and my firm, but now I would like to get to know you better.”

“And what disadvantage would I have over you?” Raising her left eyebrow looking at me.

As I looked into those dark orbs, they seemed dull almost lifeless, and if I really needed another word, lonely.

“You probably did a full search and found out everything there is to know about me before coming here tonight.”

“I could have, but after seeing your picture on the firm’s web page, I decided to wait and see if your worth getting to know.”

Just then the waitress came back over to ask if we needed anything else to drink. I told her to remove my unfinished wine and to bring us a bottle of Henschke, Hill of Grace.

Vic just raised both eyebrows, and just as she was about to speak, I raised my hand stopping her.

“If you find that you need to forget this entire evening, I am going to make sure that you at least remember the wine.” Causing us both to giggle a little.

The waitress returned with the wine. Once she had pulled the cork, and had me sniff the cork. I nodded my head in approval. She poured a sip into a glass and handed it to me. After taking a sip, feeling it’s smoothness in my mouth, I smiled and nodded again to the waitress. She then poured an inch or so into both glasses, then put the wine in a decanter full of ice.

Lifting our glasses, and unable to come up with something cute, I just said, “To us,” touching our glasses together.

I watched her as she took a sip of her wine. Her face seemed to light up, as the flavors began to bounce around inside of her mouth.

“This is very good, not to sweet, not to tart, but very smooth on the pallet.”

We sat in silence for a few minutes, when she looked up at me with a question in her eyes.

“There is something I need to tell you before we go any farther.” She said to me.

“What is that,” I asked?

“I’m gay. You being with me and certain people seeing us together is only going to assume you are also. I just don’t want to embarrass you in anyway needlessly.” As she looked down at the glass in front of her.

“Then I assume that makes you more afraid of me, than I would of you, doesn’t it.” As I smiled at her.

Again I got that little funny look of hers, as she asked, “And why is that?”

“Because I am straight, which means I can walk away anytime and not look back. If I were to be very fond of you, there would be a very good chance I could get you into my bed, at least once. For you, no matter how fond you are of me, there might never even be a kiss, much less making love to me.”

“True, but I just might find you worth fighting for.”

This time it was me that had lifted my eyebrows, as well as my glass for a silent toast.

We had finally ordered, I had the lamb and she had the chicken. All through dinner, we talked about ourselves. I asked if she was single or had a girlfriend. When she kind of averted the subject, I decided to drop it, feeling it was either painful or embarrassing for her. I told her how I almost screwed up my life by getting pregnant and having Samantha when I just turned sixteen. With the help from the rest of my family we raised Samantha together while I finished high school then law school.

She had told me that only her friends called her Vicky, everyone else just called her Vic. When she came out to her family being a lesbian, they kicked her out of the house, then moving in and raised by an estranged aunt until she turned eighteen.

We had decided to split a double chocolate fudge cake, and while we were waiting, I asked her when she actually knew that she was a lesbian and not just some random thoughts. She told me that when she was very young, she always was around women and rarely around boys or men. She said that by the time she was thirteen and learned the art of masturbation, she only was able get off thinking of girls or women. She said that when she was fourteen, an older lady living down the street had seduced her and she never looked back since. She said that her and the lady were lovers until she was kicked out of the house and had to move to her aunt’s home.

When I put my hand on top of hers, trying to express my sorrow for all the pain she endured, I felt a comforting warmness while touching her hand. When I pulled my hand away, I silently tried to explain to myself the feelings I had just felt, but finally gave up when there were none.

After laughing and joking, some more tales of one another’s lives through our second bottle of wine, a much cheaper one, but just as good.

When we got outside after paying the bill, she asked where I was parked. I told her that I used the valet service and they should be bringing my car around shortly. I asked where she was parked which turned out only a few cars from the front door.

She laid her hand on my forearm, again making me feel the warmth and safety of her touch, she asked.

“Can I see you tomorrow? Looking at me with the expression of hope in her face.

Thinking of what I had to do with Samantha, there was no way I could get out of it, no matter how much I wanted to.

“No, I’m sorry I can’t see you…” Being cut off from finishing.

“That’s ok, I do appreciate at least meeting you tonight.”

As she looked down, and started to turn, I quickly said, “but if you had someplace or something interesting to do on Sunday, I’d love to go on a date with you.”

Vic almost tripped when she suddenly stopped and turned at the same time. I could see a faint crooked smile on her lips, with a hint of brightness in her eyes.

“Of course if you had someone more interesting to be with, I’d understand.” I said.

“I’ll pick you up at ten Sunday morning, I won’t be late.” As she leaned in a kissed me on my cheek before turning to leave.

Chapter 2

On the drive home, all I could think about was how I felt each time I touched the cheek where Vic kissed. My thoughts were becoming clouded with why I was acting so strange to a simple kiss on my cheek and by a woman I barely knew.

When I walked into the empty house, my mind suddenly came back to my real world. I knew tomorrow was going to be a long and trying day, for everyone. I just hoped that I would be able come to an understanding with Samantha. I want to keep the closeness we’ve always had, but was fearful I would lose her if I didn’t do this right.

Once back in my bedroom, undressed and in bed, wearing my long night shirt and panties, I sat up in the bed, my phone in my hand. My thoughts were once more on Vic. I felt I needed to know one thing before I could get a good night’s sleep, if that were even possible.

Turning on my phone, I found her text message and the phone number associated with it. As I pressed call, I said to myself, “I hope you’re not making a complete fool of yourself Brenda.” On the third ring, I heard her voice as she answered.


“Hi, this is Brenda.” I paused trying to get the courage to ask my next question.

“You’re not calling to cancel out on Sunday, are you?” She asked.

“No… nothing like that, I called to ask a simple question. Do you…er… would you consider me a friend?”

“Yes, of course I do, why do you ask?”

“Because only your friends call you Vicky, and I would like to call you that if you’ll allow me to.” Feeling embarrassed to ask such a question, I waited while there was only silence on the phone.

“Brenda, am I your friend, and yes, please call me Vicky.” She finally said to me.

“Ok… and because you are my friend, I’ll tell you why I couldn’t see you tomorrow. It’s because…”

“You don’t have to tell me Brenda.”

“But you are my friend, so please let me, I really need to do this for me. You see, I just found out my daughter is a lesbian, or at least she thinks she is, and I want to talk to her about it, but I am afraid that she may rebel and we will not be close as we once were. I know I sound like a hysterical mother, but I so mixed up and for the first time in my life, I don’t feel as strong as I should be.” As I tried to desperately hold back my tears.

“Brenda, for nearly four years I lived with the uncertainty of who and what I was. I think I can somewhat understand what you are going through. Just be sure no matter who or what she is, that you love her and stand behind her. She probably has those same fears, and just doesn’t know how to express them for fear of losing you.”

After what seemed like a very long silent pause, she continued.

“Would you like for me to be there when you talk to her?”

“Oh Vicky, I so much want to say yes please, but I feel this should first be between her and myself. I may change my mind and give you a nine-one-one call to come help bail me out of the mess I put myself into.”

We talked for maybe another hour or so, not just my problems, but about our personal feelings, hopes and dreams. She had promised to call me the next evening to see how things had gone, and said she would understand if I had to cancel on Sunday. I again told her I was her date for Sunday and nothing was going to keep me from that.

After I had hung up and plugged my phone in to charge, I laid down, listening to her voice in my head as I tried to go to sleep. I laid there knowing I was straight, and how I had been so taken by this woman I never knew existed before today. The warmth and security I felt whenever we touched one another. The kiss on the cheek that made me so wet, like no one has before.

A loud bang woke me to a bright sun lit room. The covers were all twisted around me, knowing I must have tossed and turned most of the night. “Mom, I’m home,” was the next thing I heard. Looking over at the clock, I realized it was nearly ten in the morning.

I got up and went into the bathroom, while I was sitting and peeing, I noticed my panties were soaking wet. I could smell the raw sex, thinking this was something I never experienced before. Taking them off and throwing them in the hamper, I brushed my teeth and combed my hair. After putting on a clean pair of panties and my robe to headed to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.

When I walked into the kitchen, Samantha was sitting there with a girl I had never met before eating left over pizza from the other night. Teenagers will eat anything for breakfast and love it. I went to make coffee, but saw that it was already made.

Getting my cup and sitting at the table, I began fidgeting with the cup on the table trying to formulate the words I wanted to use. After a minute or so and some strange looks from Samantha, I thought I was ready.

“First off, today we three are going to spend the entire day together, no but’s and no arguments. Understood?”

The both answered “yes” as if in one voice.

“Now Samantha, please introduce your guest to me.”

“I’m sorry, mom, this is my friend Melissa Banning. Melissa, this is my mother Brenda.”

“It’s nice to meet you Mrs. Mallard.” Melissa said to me.

“So Melissa, you and Sammy are really close?”

Samantha was just about to take a drink of milk, and when I called her Sammy, she nearly dropped the glass, spilling the milk down the front of her t-shirt. I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing out loud. Reaching behind me, taking the dishtowel from off the counter and handing it to her.

Melissa suddenly started to rise and say that she had to go.

“Melissa, sit please.”

“I think maybe I should go, I’m sorry.” Melissa said as she started turning all kinds of red from blushing.

“No Melissa, please sit, I’m asking you to stay.” As she slowly started to sit back down.

Reaching across the table, I took one of Samantha’s hands in mine and held on tightly.

“Samantha, please look at me for a moment. I know this is not easy for you, and I can’t imagine what you must have been going through, feeling the way you do and wanting to hopefully tell me. When I first learned of your choices, I really wasn’t afraid of losing my daughter, but I was scared to death I was going to lose the most precious and best friend I ever had. I just…”

Suddenly Samantha jumped onto the table, and literally crawled across to me almost knocking over my cup of coffee, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“Oh mommy, I love you so much, I was so scared that you would hate me and throw me out of the house, then I would only have Mel and no one else,” Hanging onto my neck, her tears began to flow freely. Sliding back my chair somehow, I pulled Samantha across the table and onto my lap.

As the flow of tears began to slow, I whispered in her ear that maybe Melissa needed a hug also. When she looked over at Melissa, she jumped out of my lap and into Melissa’s. I could hear her saying that she loved her as she held her tightly.

“Oh Sammy, I love you so so much, but you’re getting me all wet.” Samantha sat up looking at the wet spot caused by her tears on Melissa’s shoulder.

“Why don’t the two of you go upstairs, freshen up and put some dry clothes on and come back so we can talk some more, ok?”

They both stood, still holding hands as they began poking at one another giggling as they walked out of the kitchen.

When they had left, I had made myself a couple slices of toast with peanut butter and jelly and started to eat them while they were changing their shirts.

When they returned to the kitchen, I was able to really take notice of Melissa for the first time. She had a slim build, small breasts, maybe a small B, strawberry red hair, and freckles across her nose. Her and Samantha were about the same height, maybe Melissa was an half an inch shorter. She was actually cute making it easy for me to see why Samantha could have fallen for her.

Coming back into the kitchen, I had asked them if we could sit here at the table and finish our conversation while I ate. They said they were still hungry, so they also made some toast with peanut butter and jelly.

“I want to ask you both some questions, not to embarrass either of you, but I just wanted to understand the both of you better.” After they were all seated.

“It’s ok mom, I suppose I would have a hundred and one questions if I were in your shoes.” Samantha said.

“First off, Melissa I want you to know that you’re welcome here anytime, and I mean what I say. If you ever want to talk, just say so and we’ll send Samantha to the store or somewhere out of our hair.”

“Mom!” giving me her dirtiest look.

“But we are going to set some ground rules. You can hold hands, cuddle up on the sofa and watch TV, or listen to music. There will be no tongue swapping when I am around. A little peck on the cheek or on the lips lasting no more than one and half seconds, unless for special reasons, and then if I clear my throat, it’s time to end it. I don’t want to come home and find you both half naked making out on the sofa. We clear so far?”

“Yes mom.” “Yes ma’am.” They both answered.

“I’m not going to tell you that you can’t make out or make love for that matter, but I really would prefer if you did it when I wasn’t around or late at night after going to bed, but always in your bedroom with the door closed.” Clear?

Again they both agreed.

“Now for the hard questions. These are not only meant for me, but I think you both should be able to look at one another and be honest with each other.” Pausing so that they could at least think on what I had just said.

“Samantha, do you really love Melissa or is this an experiment in testing your identity?”

“Yes I…” Holding up my hand.

“Look at Melissa when you answer that question please.”

Taking Melissa’s hands in her own, “Yes, I love her very much.”

“Melissa, do you love Samantha?”

“Yes, very much.” Melissa said.

“I just want to tell you, you’re both very young and maybe this will last, maybe it won’t, I just want you both to be honest with one another. There will be days you want to scratch each other’s eyes out, and the next minute you’re willing to take a bullet to protect the other. Samantha, Melissa, I’ll always be here to talk and help either of you should you need it, ok.”

“Yes Mom.”

“Yes Mrs. Mallard.”

“Melissa, it’s Ms Mallard. I’m not married, ok. Besides, I think Brenda would be a lot easier.”

“Now I final question… then it’s off to the mall or wherever. Melissa, is Samantha a good lover?”

“MOM!” Samantha yelled turning every shade of red there is.

Melissa being a red head already had a head start on the blushing, except hers was a much deeper red.

“Yes Brenda, she is a very good lover for me.” If it wasn’t for the question, I would have sworn she was having a heart attack in my kitchen she was so red.

“I guess I don’t need to ask about Sammy, do I?”

By this time, Samantha had pulled her t-shirt up over her face to cover herself up.

“I do have one question for you Melissa. This is very important for me to know. Does your parents know that you are a lesbian?”

“Yes Brenda, I told them a little over a year ago. They know Sam and I are lovers and except her as part of the family.”

“Good, I also would like to except you as part of my family. Your both are my little girls.”

“Mother, would it be ok if I called you mother?” Samantha asked.

“Of course you may. Why did you ask me that?”

“So I can call you mom, if it’s ok with you.” Melissa asked.

Standing up and going to Melissa, pulling her to her feet, I wrapped my arms around her hugging her tightly.

“Yes, you are my little girl. You may change your mind though.”

“Why’s that?” Melissa asked with a puzzled look.

“Because I love giving wet kisses to my daughter.” As I started planting wet kisses on her cheeks and forehead. Samantha sat laughing her ass off, knowing what was coming.

“Ok, you girls clean up in the kitchen and I’ll go and take a shower so we can go out this afternoon.”

It was around one thirty when we arrived at the mall. We spent the afternoon going from store to store. I never laughed so much watching the antics of the two of them together. Around midafternoon, we decided to take in a movie. I got a bigger kick out of watching the girls then I did the movie. It was a pretty funny comic. When the movie was over while walking back to the car, it became a big issue as to what we were going to do for dinner. One wanted pizza and the other wanted taco’s. I wanted something nutritious. We ended up in a Mexican restaurant that served a little of everything.

Later that evening as I sat back in my bed reviewing another case file, my phone started ringing. I picked it up and noticed that it was Vicky calling me.

“Hello Vicky.” I answered in a cheery voice.

“You sound happy, I take it things went well for you today?” she asked.

“Yes, very well. After our little talk this morning, we spent the afternoon in the mall, going from store to store, and finally taking in a movie late in the afternoon. I laughed so hard, it was like watching two six your olds trying to out due the other.”

“Good, I’m so glad it went well for you, for all of you.” She said.

“Listen, I come by and honk for you at ten, want me to call before I leave here?”

“You’ll do no such thing. You be here at nine and we’ll all sit down and have a good breakfast. I want you to meet my daughter and her girlfriend. I want Samantha to meet the person I going to spending the day with.”

“Brenda, are you sure about this?” Hearing the concern in her voice.

“I think you know the answer to that question, but before I give you my answer, I want to ask you a very serious question, and I want an honest answer. Why do you possibly want to become involved with a woman who believes she is as straight as she could be, and with a daughter half her age?”

The pause on the phone was only for a second or two when she answered.

“Yes, I do want to become involved with this person. God help me, but she’s all I’ve been thinking about all day long and nothing I did do would to get her out of my mind.”

“So what you’re saying is that this woman is worth fighting for?” I asked starting to chew on my lower lip, fending off my nerves.

“Yes, she is worth fighting for.”

“Then I will answer your question, yes I want to spend the afternoon with this crazy lady who is willing to fight for someone she’s not positively sure about.”

“So what are you doing right now?” She asked changing the subject.

“Actually I’m lying in bed, reading over some case notes, and you?”

“I could tell you that I’m sitting in my living room, drinking a glass of wine wearing my long flannel granny nightgown, what are you wearing?” Vicky said to me.

“We both know that’s not true, besides it’s too warm to wear something like that. Actually because we have company in the house, I am just wearing a long t-shirt.”

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