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Text GenieC
By Jessica Kylie Nichols-Venon aka HawlSera

A Story Written For Smash Words

Clarissa had heard the rumors all throughout her college of the “Genie’s Lamp” app and hadn’t really give them much thought until that one odd ball known as Matt whom the dean had been trying and failing to find legal ways to keep out of the women’s restroom came in looking different than normal. Clarissa and the other girls didn’t mind Matt’s entrance into the female restroom, Matt was one whose ears were pierced, carried a piece, wore a skirt, had longish hair, and aside from broad shoulder and a flat chest put in a lot of effort to look female. Matt never bothered anyone nor did Matt hang out in the restroom any longer than was needed to pee and apply make-up. None of the girls really cared about the presence of this individual, Matt seemed like a nice person if not a little shy but was mostly harmless. All Matt ever asked from anyone was that they used female pronouns to describe her, which all of the students and most of the teachers did.

The only reason Clarissa could figure for faculty wanting Matt to use the restroom for Men when she really didn’t look or act anything like a man at all was most likely linked to the same reason Clarissa and other female students continuously got emails about how if any of the women got drunk at a frat party to not even bother reporting any sexual actions made towards their person. That said it was equally backwards the other way for as long as alcohol wasn’t involved any girl could make any accusation about the actions of any boy and the school wouldn’t even bother to verify it before slapping them with a notice for expulsion. Regardless it seemed as though Matt wouldn’t be kept from the bathroom of her choosing any longer as to the shock of many she was rather different when she came into Philosophy Class this day.

Matt seemed a little more confident than she usually did, and who could blame her she was looking pretty damn appealing to the eyes. That big obvious Adam’s Apple was just gone and Matt’s black hair was three times as long and four times as thick, not to mention the thing that the lesbians, straight boys, and bisexuals of both sexes noticed. Matt was curvy and ample busted with a low-cut tank top to show off the goods. Clarissa actually felt rather intimidated and a little cheated, she had been born into the female sex and she wasn’t rocking anything to the extent that this transgender jiggle queen had going on. Either this Genie’s Lamp app really did grant wishes or there were some sudden advancements in science and American Healthcare Laws that someone snuck under Clarissa’s radar.

Genie’s Lamp was a free app so there would be no harm in evening out the score with a sudden magick aided round of Breast Augmentation. Since she would have gotten an automatic F on the day’s assignments if she was caught with her cellphone, this erotic venture into

The second classes for the whole day were over Clarissa took out her phone and connected to the app-store to look for the legendary program. “Text GenieC”, there were as with any popular app dozens of copycats but eventually she was able to determine the real one because it had zero in-app purchases. No one ever mentioned Text Genie ever having any fees.

The woman’s mind drifted to her thought of having a larger bosom, in her mind she was playing a scenario of showing off an ample bosom around the girl’s dorm and maybe finding a fellow girl who liked girls willing to take her out for something fancy, perhaps lobster and then for dessert perhaps chocolate could be licked off of dirty pillows. Of course Clarissa was bisexual, not a lesbian, and men were oh so easily motivated to empty their wallets on a girl if given the proper incentive. “D’s? Or should I go bigger?” Clarissa said to herself in the middle of her daydream.

“Hey Claire!” Spoke a familiar voice, causing Clarissa to fumble and accidentally drop her phone.

“Uhh… hey.. Marinn…” Clarissa swallowed, slowly bending over to pick up her phone.

“Oh you’re also using Text GenieC!” Marinn laughed. “I was actually thinking of making a wish myself…. I’ll give you a hint…” Marrin grabbed at her own set of c-cups behind a solid black band t-shirt. “Mooo!”

“That’s what I was wishing for!” Clarissa felt far less embarrassed, after all, Marinn put it far more suggestively than she ever would.

“Really!?!?! I figured I was the only one who had that in mind… COOL! We can be the milkiest girls in school!” Marrin cheered as she was very excited about her body’s oncoming changes. “Mmm, may need to look into some bigger shirts…”

“Yeah! I’m just now installing the app!” Clarissa said looking to her phone which now read 100% complete. Pushing the play button brought her to a stereotypical Arabic Themed page with a dark skinned sapphire eyed genie woman wearing a turban and in what was usually the kind of clothing reserved for a male djinn than a woman.

“Welcome to Text GenieC, The C stands for Corporeal. Due to the limitations of this app, your phone’s capabilities, and the laws in your area surrounding the use of Magick you can only make wishes affecting YOUR body, Clarissa Rancher.” The genie spoke in a text bubble from which Clarissa read aloud.

“Heh.. Rancher, your last name is Rancher.” Marrin laughed, looking over Clarissa’s shoulder. “Only affects our bodies eh? I guess that takes the guilt out of not being the one to wish for an end to world hunger or for all disease on the planet to be cured.”

Clarissa reached into her purse and jammed a bunch of tic-tacs into her mouth trying quickly to get her mind off of questioning herself as a person. No matter how this day ended she would on some level have to be aware that she was in reality a shallow enough person to count her bust size at the top of the list of things to change. For a split second Clarissa remembered her own bisexuality and realized that even before her wish was limited she never thought about wishing for equal rights or even a Liberal Supreme Court majority to prevent the ones she had from being eroded. This was of course only for a split second, there are wishes to be made and fantasies to indulge after all.

“Let’s see here, any other restrictions? Ah yes, customers may be billed for texting, see your local phone company for details.. Blah blah… AH! There we go, only one wish a year and be careful of auto-correct.” Clarissa typed in her wish and hit send without a second thought, moments later she got a text in her mailbox telling her that her wish met all the criteria and all changes to reality would be applied the very next time she went unconscious. “Whelp… I guess we’ll see how moo I get after a nap.”

Marrin gave a sly grin as she put her phone into her purse. “And me, oh I can hardly wait. The ironic thing is, now neither of us are going to be able to get to sleep.”

“I guess I can get started on studying for one of the upcoming exams. That will conk me out in no time.” Clarissa joked, in all seriousness she actually rather enjoyed most of her studies and found most of her subjects to be rather engaging. Philosophy and Magicks most of all. Magicks were a rather new field most public use dealt more with theory than practice, so the idea of a wish granting app was more difficult as opposed to impossible in terms of belief.

Marrin had been most correct as Clarissa went home to her mother’s house, no one could afford to move out of their parents’ house in this day and age, and despite laying in bed for what felt like an hour tried everything to fall asleep she found it just wasn’t coming. The excitement of undergoing such a dramatic physical change from flat chested to busty was too much to bare.

It was equally difficult for Clarissa to bury herself into her studies because her mind couldn’t remain focused there, instead her thoughts kept drifting to take a few days to herself to try on various bikini tops in a more well structured and confident body. Never before were the hours leading up to sleep so painful or capable of summoning the burning flames associated with the very Ifrit personifying frustration.

Whether for better or worse time does not halt for any man nor any woman, eventually Clarissa did conk out. Ironically she had done so at a much later time than when she tried to stay up late for the midnight release of a game purchased off of a web client or for a television show she rather enjoyed to air a new episode.

The next morning Clarissa did have big boobs just as she anticipated, two green glorious globs of milk producing fat attached to her chest that she was all ready to explore with her four three fingered hands. Something about this seemed at least slightly off from the way Clarissa had envisioned it.

“Aieeeeeeeeeee! Chirp!” Clarissa jumped straight up into the air and banged her head on the ceiling in an impressive but disconcerting display of vertical movement. “What the heck has happened to be me?”

The young woman made her way over to a mirror to have a full look at herself, her face was shaped rather queerly still cute and feminine as usual. The woman’s eyes however were much bigger than usual and her mouth could be more accurately described as a mandible, she was very pretty for what appeared to be a bug. Most specifically some some of humanoid grasshopper or cricket, were they different bugs or different names for the same insect? Clarissa was not sure.

It was strange to look at herself, the bug and girl contrasted so differently. Though Clarissa now had even wider hips and a more rotund rump than ever before her legs were not only longer but much lankier as well. “This is not what I asked for…. My boobs are bigger but….”

The newly-christened grasshopper jumped atop her bed and reached for her phone, opening the Text GenieC app she saw a message. “Congratulations! Your wish ‘I wish I had bug boobs’ has been granted. It took us awhile to figure out what you meant, but we hope you are satisfied with being a bug with big boobs. If this wish is not to your liking, you can make another Body Based Wish in 365 Days!”

“No no no! I have class in an hour! I can’t show up to school like this!!!” Clarissa rubbed down each of her four arms with one of the other four arms and noticed how weird her exoskeleton felt. The texture was rough but the lack of bone or muscle, just a bunch of fluids that emulated such things, felt rather squishy and soft.

After thinking long and hard about it, Clarissa had no choice but to go to class looking like this anyway. The woman had a freakish appearance but that was no excuse for forsaking her highly expensive education.

Once she had gotten into the white Chrysler jalopy hand me down from her mom, a car so old it was built way back in the early 90’s that served as her only transportation, Clarissa began to find some of the upsides to this new form. Having four arms did make it easier to multi-task, only two hands were needed for the wheel, the other who were free to do whatever. It was a small pleasure and didn’t quite make up for being a freak in an alien body, but the ability to change the radio station without having to take any ounce of concentration off of the road was something to smile at.

Clarissa played with the radio for about fifteen minutes having way too much fun with this newfound ability before stopping on a station that was playing Bon Jovi, because how can you go wrong with Bon Jovi. Day one of being a cute but gross insect and a slight shiver of silver sunshine was found bringing momentary relief. The moment however was up the second the grasshopper saw red and blue lights, she was being pulled over by the cops. Why? Well she didn’t know, she was doing 45 while the speed limit was 50, her tail light was fine, the car had just been inspected. Still it was best to play it cool and hope it would go smoothly, at least that’s what Clarissa would be attempting if she was still pink skinned with two arms and not green skinned with four. Breathing inward and outward, the grasshopper tried to find her calm but the closer the chubby police woman got to the driver’s seat even more did the little bugling squirm.

Horrible scenarios ran through Clarissa’s head, would she be arrested and sent to a secret government lab for dissection. Clarissa sank as her mind moved between visions of despair from being put on trial for being a dangerous mutant with plans of world domination or perhaps shunned by the Church as a sign of the end times.

Clarissa was prepared for any scenario other than the one that presented itself upon this very day.

“Ma’am, do you have any idea why I pulled you over?” Was the first thing the cop said.

“Because I’m a grasshopper?!?!” Blurted out the highly startled twenty four year old, immediately upon saying this covered her mouth with all four hands. For a second Clarissa thought she had damned herself with this statement but then remembered how silly she was being. The police woman was very clearly not blind and would likely have noticed a bug person even if it wasn’t pointed out to her.

“What?! No no no, I can’t blame ya for thinking a cop would be racist in this day and age..” The cop looked rather uncomfortable with this line of questioning, but moved on regardless. “Let’s not get into that. You’re in a hurry and I’m in a hurry. Just get out your license and registration.”

Clarissa stared at the officer in pure disbelief. “What?”

“License and registration.” The officer repeated.

Clarissa was still lost, but quickly reached for her purse and got out the necessary legal documents.

The officer looked over the paperwork carefully before handing it back to the bug, satisified in that knowledge that everything seemed to be okay. “Alright Clarissa, we’d been getting some reports of some drunk driving around this neighborhood and I understand it’s a college town, but we’ve gotta be firm. That said, you don’t appear to be intoxicated, so all in all. All I’d really recommend is that you update that license photo, I had to squint to tell it was you… Whelp, good day.”

“Umm… good day officer… SKREEEET” Clarissa jumped in her seat upon accidentally making her first chirp as a grasshopper.

“Heh, cool..” The policewoman commented before driving away.

With that out of the way Clarissa had a straight shot to school where hopefully things would be just as uneventful as the conversation she just had with a perfectly understandable and agreeable constable. Upon stepping into the philosophy classroom she found that the word of the Text GenieC app had really gotten around. The classroom looked very strange and full of people who would definitely stand out, one was a boy who had wished for the body of a greek god, but the auto-correct made it say geeky dog which somehow translated to a rottweiler wearing a Star Trek t-shirt, glasses, and an uncanny ability to quote Monty Python. “I’m telling you that Text GenieC application is worse news than the Fall of Lordaeron, and I don’t even know how I know what that is!” he barked clearly unable to handle this shift in species, intelligence, and interest.

Another boy wasn’t saying anything but seemed very nervous about himself, Clarissa couldn’t tell why he seemed so conspicuous or why he appeared to be blushing as red as the ripest tomato she ever wanted to put on a salad. At least, she couldn’t tell until she realized the young man was going to great lengths to hide the lower half of his body. Peaking under the desk showed the grasshopper the boy was failing to hide a massive buldge that even most stallions would jealous of. “Okay, I’ve gotta ask… You do realize any sane woman is going to run in fear of that behemoth right?”

“I know, I know…..” The boy, who had very well groomed with his nice black hair and deep baby blue eyes. Despite the fact that he was clearly flustered and nervous between having his hunky hyper cock fighting to escape his trousers and from how sensitive the thing got rubbing against the table, his voice still sounded like one most record labels would do a balancing act on a sharp blade for if auto-tune wasn’t a thing. “I wanted a more handsome body to help me be more direct with people, and instead it thought I typed ERECT!”

These two weren’t the only ones, there was that valley girl Veronica trying to affix make up to her boar-like body, literally attempting to appear human by putting lipstick on a pig. “That stupid app, I wanted to make it BIG on broadway with my looks, not pig SNORT!”

Literally everyone in the classroom had been transfixed, though not everyone was taking it badly. After all, there was that girl who wanted to be the best at sports who instead got to BEE the best at sports. It seemed to have transformed Kimberly into a queen bee which she had no problems with after all being able to fly meant more money to spend at the tennis court and less to waste on gas. Like the queen she was she was attempting to find the most comfortable yet regal way to sit.

Marinn sat there calmly not making any movement one way or another, she also appeared to be a big chubby black and white genuine cow with two of the biggest breasts that Clarissa had ever seen on anyone ever, not even the most well built of the pornstars that helped her discover her own bisexuality seemed to have anything on where Marinn was out now. Clarissa couldn’t help but to stare at those perfect melons struggling to stay in her sweater, the woman also had an udder which wasn’t staying in the skirt or sweater at all and just kind of hung there which Clarissa had to admit she was somewhat curious about, but unfortunately she had already tried barking up a similar tree when Marinn was human. Unless bovinity cured one of the boring condition that is heterosexuality, Clarissa wouldn’t be learning how to milk a cow.

“Okay, I’ve got to ask, how can you stay so calm when that freaky cow turned you into a cow, even a smoking hot one like yourself… I mean cows are fat and all, but damn girl between those tits and that ass you’re gonna turn me into a chubby chaser.” Clarissa could feel a slight nosebleed coming on, she had meant to say one thing but Marinn’s was enough of a cut of beef to get the insect to start thinking with her vagina and not her mind.

“I appreciate the compliment but even with hooves I’m still as heterosexual as the Governor of Texas pretends he is, so unless you become a bull next year, I’m gonna have to turn you down.” Marinn mooed, and then giggled with delight. “Isn’t this great, I’m thinking of getting a cowbell.”

Clarissa’s eyebrow started to raise at this comment. “You didn’t have auto-correct screw up your wish did you.”

Marinn laughed so hard that Clarissa was sure that milk was gonna come out of the girl’s nose. “Just because everyone else was dumb enough to leave autocorrect on while making a wish you think I was. No I just REALLY love dairy cows and I’ve always wanted to be one…” Marinn stroked her big pink udder and smiled. “Cross that one off the bucket list.”

“Wait you’re in the furry fandom… aren’t you?” Clarissa wasn’t a furry herself but was very familiar with the concept.

“Duh…” Marinn responded. “I mean I don’t exactly run around campus in a fursuit, oh god, with all this fur that’d be a dehydration nightmare… but yeah, I always had been. Why do you think I had all that artwork on my phone?”

“I figured you just liked Zootopia, how the hell can you be a furry. You’re STRAIGHT!” Clarissa piped up in confusion. “Who on God’s green Earth has ever heard of a straight furry?”

“Look I’d really like to focus on class….” Marinn brushed her friend off and that was that, it took a while to get the class under control, but the but the now lioness teacher was able to get people to focus more on Cartesian Skepticism than their new bodies with one roar. Which had been interesting considering their philosophy teacher was a man prior.

“Alright, before we get into how the Evil Genius was defeated, before anyone asks I wished to be able to intimidate unruly students with the body that would make a pride of lions obedient… I didn’t realize they were matriarchal. Yes I intend to become a male lion after a year, and no I will not be taking any further questions or smartass comments!” The leonine teacher snarled.

Over the week more and more students kept downloading the app with the same results, though some were starting to get the idea to turn off autocorrect as more and more people kept wishing for things they didn’t intend. Such as a girl with a rash who wanted her itch to go away, but accidentally wound up being a bitch instead. The fact that it took her wish so literally that it used the archaic meaning of the word meaning a female dog specifically in heat made her more popular around school. Much like the now female philosophy teacher, others were more literal meanings than that, the ones by people who didn’t read the rules were the most humorous. These included a man who wanted his girlfriend’s pussy, so it just turned him into an anthropomorphic version of her female kitten leaving him not only female and furry, but around eight years old, and a woman who became a powerful grizzly bear after wishing she could sleep in later. Both of these two had been rather confused until they double checked and realized the wishes could only apply to the user’s physical body.

No real harm was done as it seemed most people rather enjoyed what they became for the most part. The school now had an all-star tennis champion who could fly gracefully after the ball due to no rule saying she could not, a woman studying for a STEM field became amazingly buff after wishing to outdo her male peers soon became the first weightlifting champion to be considered for a paid internship at a prestigious software company, Marinn of course had quite the mood boost and never came to school with a frown or without cow puns ever again, the boy with the overly large phallus found a future for himself in fulfilling many niches porn, and so on and so forth. It seemed everyone no matter how badly they screwed up their wish inadvertently got a happy ending of some kind. All of them except for Clarissa who never got used to her body, day in, day out, up until the end of the semester she just felt worse and worse. Sure people had done freaky things to themselves like the stoner who wanted his world turned upside down causing his arms, legs, head, and genitals to swap places and functions, but everyone either grew used to it or found positive silver linings, but all Clarissa ever felt like was a freak who could jump really high.

Every day, Clarissa would hear the same tired arguments of how it’s not so bad or all the cool things she could do as a bug, but it didn’t make her feel less awful and no amount of acceptance could ever do such a thing. The semester was rapidly ending, but as far as Clarissa was concerned it had all just become a countdown of the days she had to go until she could be human again.

The final day of school came and Clarissa was as down as she could be, she still passed her classes, but the depression she had fallen into over this time had caused her grades to slip from the expected A to the less impressive C. The grasshopper had been emptying out her locker to take everything home while sighing, everyone around her was just so comfortable in their bodies and yet she still couldn’t enjoy her own.

“I’ll catch MOOOOOOO!!! Later” Marinn laughed as she waved at a special someone she’d been eyeing lately. “Hahaha, you coming to the end of the year party. Sasha’s gonna be there, and I think she likes me…”

“I thought you told me you were straight…”

“Yeah, but she is really buff and between you and me, her I Want To Outdo My Male Peers In All Regards Wish did give her a retractable penis, so technically she’s not male or female. Well she is female because that’s how she identifies but….. still…” The cow murred with delight. “Come on lesbean, being my Wing Woman… Come get white girl wasted till you’re no longer green in the face. That’s exactly what you need…”

“Actually, I think I’m gonna go home and watch youtube videos… I don’t think I can handle people right now…”

“Not even if I let you milk me. Come on I know you still stare at it….” Marinn wiggled the pink mammary gland in front of her friend, jiggling it all around and letting her hear it all sloshing with milk. The bovine’s udder was always full and bloated mainly because Marinn had been very specific in just how her new body had worked when she made the wish, no need to get pregnant to reload her udder it just did that. “You can drink the whole bucket.”

“As erotic as that sounds… I think I’m gonna pass…” Clarissa sighed looking over her textbooks, pondering if she’d really get much of anything from the buyback program.

“I hate to leave a friend in need, but it’s your loss.” Marinn sighed, and off she went though she did ring the bell she started wearing for her friend to see if it would do anything, alas nothing.

Clarissa picked up her bag and walked to the girl’s room staring at herself in the face. “You’re a freak, and I hate you… You can jump so damn high, why not do off a building and splatter yourself like the bug you are!” she screamed into the mirror angrily. “YOU FREAK!!!!” she said as she continously punched the mirror.

The rampage and onslaught against her own reflection carried on and on with no end in sight, the fury of a thousand angry wasps being unleashed from one grasshopper onto the mirror again and again, eventually she was snapped out of it only by a flushing toilet. Clarissa was snapped back to sanity from anger to fear, was someone around and how would they react to her completely losing her shit? Not positively, would that rat her out for the damages done to the mirror.

Out from a toilet stall came Matt, ah yes, the curvaceous one whose speedy gender transition had proved the Text GenieC app worked. Clarissa could feel the rage building back up, she’d still be human if only Matt were still a man waiting patiently for the day she could find a way of affording her surgery instead of relying on magick and opening that door. “FUCK YOU TRANNY SLUT!!!” The words just kind of fell out of her maw, but Clarissa was in no mood to walk them back.

“Excuse me?” Matt seemed rather taken aback by this comment. “What may I ask prompted that, aren’t you Clarissa… One of the girls who tried to argue in favor of me using the women’s restroom?”

The pure rage coursing through Clarissa’s body guide her next set of actions as she charged at Matt, pinning her arms and legs to the wall with one of her four arms on each limb, having her arms on the inner-thigh of the transformed woman enraged her even further. The legs of Matt were so smooth, so meaty, so perfectly feminine, the indention in those trousers of her vulva was a work of divinity. Matt got a wish so perfect and healing of the heart, while Clarissa’s had been flawed and so soul shattering. “YOU, YOU HAD TO THROW THIS PERFECT BODY IN OUR FACES…. And LOOK.. LOOK AT THE CONSEQUENCES! EVERYONE’S A FREAK, BECAUSE YOU COULDN’T ACCEPT THE LOT YOU WERE GIVEN!”

Matt squirmed, the bug was practically frothing at the mouth. “I didn’t invent the app, I just used it. And I hardly threw it anyone’s faces… People just saw me and just started looking for it… Some of them couldn’t even find the right one… Please… this isn’t my fault.. If I hadn’t been the first to use someone else would have..”

Clarissa snapped and decided to headbutt Matt right in the stomach, she had decided that and did so with full force. Matt winced and nearly threw up from the impact. “I don’t care, my life is hell now and someone is going to pay.”

“And that right there is how I felt before I used the app!” Matt called out, unsure that these words would accomplish much of anything. “How I felt about all women!”

Something about the desperation in Matt’s words forced Clarissa back to sanity and she put her down. “....Sorry… I… I just… I can’t stop hating myself….To be completely honest, if I couldn’t reverse this in a year I think I’d kill myself…”

Matt walked closer to Clarissa and began patting her on the back, the pats turned into rubs as Clarissa gave an approving chirp. “And I bet people tell you you make a great bug, heck I’m tempted to tell you that I was planning on becoming an insect with my next wish… but that would just make you feel worse… I’m kind of mentally kicking myself for bringing it up.”

Clarissa met Matt right in the eyes. “How did you know that…”

“Because my family told me that all the time. Oh Matt what a handsome young man you are, or Matt I beg a stud like you gets all the girls. It just made me feel worse, I’m a woman damn it. I’ve never wanted to be a woman, I ALWAYS was a woman…. Not some man, yet, people kept telling me otherwise…” Matt shuddered, visibly anguished from remembering the words of her family even if they were spoken with the best intentions. “When I started hormones they kept telling me I was too manly, or that I didn’t want to ruin my male fertility by taking a gamble on HRT when anti-depressants were a, and I use this term lightly, sure thing…. I don’t have any male fertility now. Because we found an honest to God magic app, I am more woman than any surgery could make me. I can even get pregnant….” The woman smiled as she rubbed the underside of her belly. “I have a womb, but most important of all. I have a heart that isn’t broken.”

Clarissa smiled a little, it seemed like Matt was actually getting it. “Next year, what kind of bug are you going to be? I’m gonna hold you too it just so you’re not bullshitting me.”

“Eh, probably an ant, because I love sweets, no wait. Maybe a mosquito so anything I eat will go to my butt and not my stomach.” Matt laughed, bending over and squeezing her rump playfully. “No joke, I have quite the collection of bugs I’ve caught over the years. I’m actually studying to be an entomologist.”

Clarissa was now completely calm and the two began to discuss facts about grasshoppers, some that Matt had learned from her studies such as how a grasshopper can eat half of its weight in plants in a single day. This was something Clarissa hadn’t known previously but it had explained why she had been ordering larger salads and why she’d been ignoring the junk food, every transformation does have a silver lining. Dietary wise Clarissa had been in one of the better shapes of her life. The two kept talking for around twenty minutes and only stopped because Matt had checked her phone and realized she was running late. “Hey uhh Claire, I gotta going, there’s this party your friend Marinn invited me to, an end of the year transformation celebration bash… I’m not sure it’s your scene…”

“No… I think I’d like to go with you… as your date…. If you like girls that is..”

“I tend to do like them more when they don’t headbutt me in the stomach.” Matt joked, shooting Clarissa a sharp look that cut through her like katana through many unworthy opponents.

“Oh….sorry I was still a little fucked in the head…” Clarissa laughed nervously still in sheer belief she had it in her to just attack someone, she was quite amazed she was being forgiven at all, let alone offered a date.

“It’s okay… you can by my date just fine. Under one condition.” Matt leaned, puffing her lips out for a kiss.

“What’s that?” Clarissa pulled Matt close and delivered one of Central Plattsville University’s first inter-species human-grasshopper open mouth kisses in campus history.

“Please, call me Amber.” Amber cooed with passion, after three minutes of the greatest duel of tongues the two had ever experienced. In spite of how much fun they had at the party it would be the kiss that eventually lead to a happy marriage that the two remembered from this magical night. Well that and the reaction people had when Marinn revealed that she had provided the milk for the white russians, some people didn’t take it so well.

Amber stayed by Clarissa’s side and never once abandoned her, the two quickly become so closely knit that none of their friends could tell where one ended and the other began. Though Amber had grown very attached to the grasshopper parts of Clarissa and was sad to see them go, Amber still remained with her though it helped that Clarissa finally got that larger bust she wanted initially. Besides, Amber’s relationship didn’t really lose its grasshopper, it just switched persons. Clarissa loved being held in four arms far more than she enjoyed holding another in the same way, she still misses the convenience they brought though. Perhaps that would be something to consider for next year’s wish. There was no way Clarissa was going back to being a grasshopper, but there was no harm in being creative as long as dear sweet Amber approved the final draft of the wish to ensure it would go more smoothly than the first time.

The End

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