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Kaylee Barnes

Chapter 59 Entangled Veneration

”What is real to you,
Trevor?” The Indonesian’s serious tone of voice made the younger of the two leap within his skin. “U-uh...I...don’t really know anymore.”

The voices in the brunette’s head began to expand. He usually looks up Carver for directions, though it seems vice versa right now. The male with charcoal sighed with no intent of disclosure.

“Do you remember...when you went into a delirium?” What was with all these odd questions suddenly? Trevor grimaced as he shook his head swiftly.

As they both made strong eye contact, the older of the two frowned. “That’s okay. It was due to being blocked off in your waking life. I’m glad you don’t remember, because it was heart-breaking to see you like that.”

The brunette noticed that his friend was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. “Maybe I do remember, but I just don’t want to.” The taller of the two nodded and smiled sympathetically.

“Do you remember your life as Trena?” The 19 year-old felt utterly suspicious due to all the questions being asked all of the sudden. Was Carver tricking him into something?

“No. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” That was the only answer he could come up with. To be honest, he had no idea what the older male was talking about.

“Is it okay if we just sit and talk for a few? I would like to fill you in on what had happened before that...psychosis.” Trevor obliged with everlasting curiosity.

They both made their way towards a mountain made of sharp shreds of metal. Underneath, a cave formed within a soft cloud. As the brunette was led into the dreary cave, he was suddenly grabbed by a hot and clammy hand.

“Dear...I want you to know I would not let anyone else in here intentionally. It is sacred. So, I want you to be aware that things in here may seem ugly, but it’s my heart and I couldn’t change it if I wanted to.”

Trevor sat on a bound of wet, blue glue. The 19 year-old gasped, echoing the cave with a yell. Carver gazed down with a frightened expression.

“Oh no! I completely forgotten that this would of been here! I’m so sorry.” As the 21 year-old desperately tried to help the other up, he grunted as he pulled continuously with no avail.

“What the fuck is this shit!? Get me out!
Get me out!” The brunette sobbed with an alarming sense of dreaded fear. “I...can’t...”

The substance is elastic glue that only appeared in Jantung. This is a defense mechanism that holds the heart strings together when the human vessel is ill or endangered.

The more it multiplied, the more at risk the person would be for a mental breakdown. It will hold together the one thing that occupied the person’s most deepest insecurities or fears. The reason why it chose Trevor, was because Carver was terrified of losing him.

Chapter 60 Elegant Interruptions

The situation was embarrassing, humiliating, and mortifying.. Though the older of the two knew it was no use, he yanked on his friend’s arms as they both gasped for air. “I can’t be stuck here forever! There has to be a way to get me out!”

Carver saw in the greenish-yellow eyes of his companion that the boy was absolutely terrified. This dream was slowly, but surely turning into a hideous nightmare. “I’m sorry., dear. I don’t know what to do. It’s useless. It’s all my fault that we may never wake up.”

Trevor aggressively sneered as he pulled the 21 year-old’s blue-striped tie. The Indonesian soon crashed atop of the other, getting stuck in the glue in the process. “You’ve gotta be kidding me right now! Don’t you have any control of this place?”

The taller of the two bit his lip and grimaced. “No. This is my heart. I have no control of this place. This is “lem”. It’s a defensive mechanism that holds feelings and fears down, so they can be better controlled.”

The brunette blinked twice as he processed the new information. “Oh. This is a lot different than Mozek, huh? Why are you afraid of me?” Trevor was oblivious to everything. “I’m not afraid of you. It’s holding both of us down, because I’m just afraid of you know...just...”

The 19 year-old took the initiative and dove in for a bold kiss.”Don’t be afraid to tell me. Who knows what it’ll hold down now! “ The Indonesian subtly giggled as he huffed in defeat. “I’m afraid that you’ll leave me and that no one else will want to have anything to do with me.”

The younger of the two was severely shocked. He hadn’t even thought for a second that this perfection of a human would have flaws and/or insecurities like himself did. It was breath-taking to acknowledge the fact that his most precious friend’s eyes lacked optimism. He finally felt what it was like to be on the other end of things.

Trevor took a deep breath in and struggled to move his legs. It had seem like the grip of the glue had tightened even more than it already was. “You should know that I’d never leave you. You’re the only person I have truly fallen in love with and I’m excited to tell you that I think your world-your heart-is the most beautiful place I have even been. I’m really thankful that you accepted me in here. I didn’t think it was possible, but you have showed me that I love you even more.”

That was the most elegant think that Carver has ever heard his best friend say. By this time, the “lem’ had loosened enough for the two to finally be free. That was the only sign the brunette needed in order to realize that his boyfriend actually trusted him.

Trevor was eager to explore more of Jantung. Though, his friend was nervous to open more of the world up to him. It was just so magnificent and the temptation was so obtrusive. The 19 year-old respected his friend;’s decisions and agreed to take his time and talk one-on-one with each other.

Chapter 61 The Known
”Hopefully, you do know that the people and scenarios you make up in your head are just as real as the ones that happen in reality.” The brunette’s chest seems to be hollow whilst his heart seemed uncomfortably full and heavy. “What...do you mean? Do you mean I actually hurt these people?”

The Indonesian nodded sluggishly. “Yes. Your world, Mozek, is a planet within the universe of your brain. I can understand why it would be difficult to accept this or even believe it. Thought, it’s true.”

This was when Trevor unleashed a fountain of tears. Carver bit his lip, weary of his reactions to all he was going to say. “I can’t believe this! You know I never meant to hurt anybody, right? Please tell me you believe me.”

The male with charcoal hair smiled freely. “Of course I believe you, dear. I know you struggle with a lot and it’s the only way to cope.. I know this, but I just wanted you to realize that-”

The younger of the two sniffled before howling with resentment. “How come you know all this stuff and I don’t!? Nothing is adding up. I don’t even know if this is really happening or..I can’t tell between.…”

This was going to be extremely painful to tell an emotional man these facts. “The reason I know is because I’m your Teren (guardian angel).” Trevor clawed his skull as he violently grit his teeth together.

“That makes no sense! You're not dead, you just started talking to me, and...and...” The Indonesian patted lightly on his friend’s leg, assuring the other that it’ll all be okay.

“I know it’s a lot take in. I thought you would feel more comfortable in a dream. Everybody has these worlds in their mind. It is only natural to create such a thing. Would it be beneficial if I just tell you bluntly?”

The brunette grunted as he nodded his head with force. “There are many universes. You exist in plenty of them. Once, you died in another universe much similar to the one you live in now. However, you knew me back then. Kanoa, is your Godmother. She helps to control your thoughts and actions. You succeeded in suicide and she had reincarnated you.
You are the same person. You have these memories, you just have to unlock them. This is where I come in. I’ve known you since you were born multiple times. You have the same soul, you just get recycled. I am part of a spiritual group. We exist to keep everything in balance.. I am assigned to solely help you as you venture in this plane and all of the planes out there. I am your spiritual guide for the rest of eternity,”

These statements were incredibly difficult to take in, though Trevor managed it, somehow. Suddenly, everything seemed to slowly piece together. The Unknown transitioned into The Known.

All of the sudden knowledge jolted the brunette out of the crowded dream. Gasping for air, he looked down to see his best friend still asleep. Could all this really be true?

Chapter 62 Awaken by Dawn
Explosive tears began to drip abundantly. His face drained of color and his throat began to dry. Trevor was a mess.

It was an urgent calling for him to know such knowledge, but now that he knows, he fears that he may have never been ready to do so. As the 19 year-old glanced back down at his friend’s clenched facial muscles, he sees the man stirring awake. The younger of the two bit his lip and furrowed his brows.

The Indonesian blinked his eyelids open, and peered up at his friend in a daze. “Did you sleep good?” What a simple question to such a complicated answer.

Trevor was too afraid to talk. The only time he ever felt comfortable to speak would rely on whether he was in Mozek or on Earth. Carver sat up quickly and proceeded to brush his friends bangs out of his eyes. The brunette refused eye contact and swatted the other male’s hand before it ever reached him.

The taller of two lit up a severely appalled expression as he felt his heart quake. He had just accepted his best friend into his world, into his heart, and it seemed as if it was the wrong thing to do. “What’s...the matter, dear? Please speak to me.”

The 19 year-old shook his head has he glared in the opposite direction. This was the oddest behavior he was emitting. The older male’s eyes glistened. “Why don’t you want to talk? Was it too overwhelming?”

The younger of two scrunched his face and nodded exasperatedly. Carver knew not to lay a hand on him, when he was like this. Though, it’s all he knew to do to comfort.

“I can’t help you, unless you tell me what’s overwhelming you.” Trevor grimaced before parting his lips. “I-I-I-I c-c-can’t...t-t-t-talk.” The male with charcoal hair sighed before proceeding.

“You know I’d never make of fun of you, dear. I like to hear your voice.” This was the everlasting moment that the younger adult slowly, but surely, locked eyes with his companion.

The mental connection that these two held was sensational.”B-B-But, I-I...ca-c-can’t u-under-s-stand..w-w-why..I-I-I w-w-was..cho-c-chosen.” The Indonesian drew out a wide grin as he cupped his palm under the other male’s jaw.

He grazed his thumb along the edge of the prominent bone as he tilted his head sideways. “You’re special, dear. You have potential to be a voice for the public to learn from you. You’re soul is of a Holy Spirit. Everything you do, feel, hear, smell, touch, is for a purpose. That purpose is unique to you.”

Trevor could not take this anymore. To know The Unknown is more than just overwhelming. It’s extraordinary and prodigious. He had just been given the greatest gift of them all: The knowledge of The Unknown. It is his duty to use this wisely and fairly.

Chapter 63 Happy Ending
It was an ordinary day for an extraordinary man. After his classes, he skipped home. Sarah greeted him as he chirped with joy.

The ginger stopped the male in his tracks to ask an innocent question. “What have you been so happy about lately? Not that I’m complaining, but don’t you think you should share some happiness with your BFF?”

Trevor sputtered at the sudden request. “U-U-U-U-Uh...” His eyes drifted to the ground as he counted out all the tiles in the flooring. “I know you got a new friend. What’s his name, if I may know?”

The brunette gulped loud enough for the other to hear his nervousness. “C-Carver.” Unexpectedly, Sarah began to chuckle lightly. “Carver Hadi?”

As a nod was reciprocated from the other, the ginger sparked up. “I know him. Well, I know his brother, Daren. He’s my uh...my recent boyfriend.” The younger of the two grinned, sheepishly.

“Y-Y-You h-h-have a-a b-b-boyfriend!” The female blushed mildly as she held her head low. “Yes, haven’t you?” The 19 year-old choked and was soon held in an intense coughing fit.

The male’s face was blemished with a bright shade of crimson. “W-W-W-W-What m-m-makes...y-y-y-you t-t-t-think I-I-I’m g-g-g-g-gay!?” Sarah almost blew her most important cover.

“Oh, no, honey. I meant- I’m sorry...I didn’t mean...I just thought that your friend was your-” This was getting embarrassingly awkward by each moment. Trevor would love to just crawl in hole right now and die.

The brunette dashed into his small bedroom, throwing himself on his bed. Tears flown too quickly for his liking. How could she have known?

How come everyone seemed to know all his deepest secrets? It was as if...she had violated his mind. Could she be part of it all?

A knock on his door awoke the man from his pressing thoughts. “Open up, Trevor! I didn’t mean to make you upset. The last thing I want to do is be a bad memory,”

Sarah Reed was the sweetest woman that Trevor has ever known. The brunette leaped up to unlock his door. Once the ginger had opened it up, she was met with a teary-eyed man.

Sarah had treated Trevor as if it was her own son. “Can we talk?” She knew for a fact that talking was not on this kid’s to do list. Though, she had to try.

“W-W-W-Wha..t?” The female led the man to sit on the edge of his disheveled bed. She loosely wrapped her arm around him and decided to whisper with a delicate tune.

“Do you remember the story I use to tell you when you were younger?” The younger of the two sighed involuntarily. He knew where this was going. Why couldn’t he ever act like a man and conceal his feelings?

Chapter 64 Similar Truth
”The story goes that there once was a confused little girl. Everyday, she wore pigtails that bounced as she skipped. No one payed any attention to her and she hadn’t known why. It never bothered her. That is, until she got older.

The days got more dark, cold, and rainy. She realized the truth. All she ever wanted to know what was never suppose to be known. A boy came from the sky. This boy was a spirit from The Heavens.

He had taught her to let go of her past that she had already forgotten. That is, the truth that she had passed away before she could of ever been born.

The two friends flew to heaven and was promptly met with a Goddess. This Goddess denied to be called a Goddess even though everyone thought of her as such. The boy and the girl found out that they were lost siblings that were finally re-united with their Great x72 Grandmother.

They met many friends there and soon came to the realization that life is what you make of it. No matter your dark history, the most important time is now. The present is a gift. That is why they call it a present.”

Trevor acted as if he was very tired of the same story every year, but he absolutely adored the story. Everything about it comforted him. The very first time he had heard the “tale” was when he first joined the foster home. This story marked the day his life changed for the better.

S-Sarah?” The female’s breath hitched at the sudden voice. “Yes, hon?” The brunette drew in a long, refreshing breath before attempting to talk. “H-H-H-How d-d-do y-y-you kno-know i-i-if t-t-this rea-reality i-i-is...w-w-well, r-reality?”

The ginger locked eyes with the young man and bit her lip as she quickly turned her gaze. “Maybe it’s all a dream or maybe, your mind is more real than reality.” This answer gave Trevor much more insight as to the theory of Sarah knowing more than she is willing to give.

Chapter 65 Irrelevant Pause.

Cramped in time, the diamond emits greed in the season of winter. Two queens of Jantung reminisce with their past. It is stunning until the moment it breaks.

A graceful woman holds her chin high as she dances along her companion with elegance. Dedication of righteousness was ageless to the couple. It was sinful, yet sinless to be united once again.

The ginger glanced down upon her friend. “You know, I think Trevor is catching on to knowing The Unknown. He keeps hinting in my waking life, that he knows. There is no explanation as to how he knows it. But, it’s really scaring me. Because, what happens if he does will-”

The woman with long, emerald hair shook her head viciously. “Don’t worry. It’s probably not so. Don’t stress about such things, sugar.” The younger of the two grimaced as she anxiously latched onto her friend.

“We have to be prepared if he does know. It could
kill him and then, Mozek would not exist. He is the only one that holds such a unique power that holds all of our consciousness together. I knew the day would come that he would find out, but I didn’t expect it to be so early. All of our lives depend on this man’s existence. We have to prevent it before it’s too late.”

Agnes smirked, persuasively. “Even if he did find out, there is no way he would believe such a thing. I love you. Please don’t worry yourself to death. That will do no good.” The older of the two petted her friend’s hair and murmured with concern.

Sarah scowled and huffed obscurities. “I have a feeling someone broke the law and told him. Just look around Jantung. You can tell by the lifeless scenery that Carver has done something terribly wrong. Jantung is ending as we know it. It’s evident that Carver broke his contract and told Trevor the truth.”

The lonely world around them began to quake with fire-lit lightning. An alarming scent of ammonia perfumed throughout the whole palace. Both girls ran out only to be met with an obnoxious sight of a gaseous cloud made of ethylamine.

It multiplied until it crowded all of Jantung. The two citizens coughed and wheezed obsessively. “He knows! He knows! There is no luck!”

As the blue smoke casually precipitated, the two noticed that a man was endorsed within it. It was the owner of this world. He was in an abundant fit of anger, illustrated by his two fists pulsating.

The two woman were clinging onto one another, terrified for their lives. The male stomped closer and closer. The ginger leaped as she held her palms together, pleading. “I’m sorry, Carver! I didn’t mean to-”

The Indonesian grit his teeth before shouting his frustrations. “I told him. He needed to know! It was for the better. He felt that he was useless and I couldn’t stand being a bystander anymore!”

Sarah instantly shook with fear as Agnes held her composure together. “You broke the contract. You do realize that now you can no longer be his Teren (Guardian Angel), right? You screwed up, Carver. Admit it.”

Chapter 66 Literal Metaphor

He didn’t want to admit it, but it was true. When he signed up for taking such a prominent rule, Kanoa had aligned rules for him to follow. He took the vow to follow those rules. He lied.

Carver has known Trevor far too long to just be a bystander. All his focus was to make the most important person in his life to understand what power he beholds. Trevor is his life, metaphorically and literally.

The contract clearly states that if this boy was to be awakened, then everything would be completely diminished. Though, Carver did not believe this. The threat that the people of Mozek feared the most was that any human would not handle the forbidden knowledge maturely.

In the Indonesian’s heart (Jantung), he believed in this chosen boy. All of these people don’t believe in his friend, it seems. Carver has faith that Trevor would use the knowledge wisely.

Many mistakes over the decades were due to Terens putting too much trust into their counterparts. This took place in the very beginning of time. Kanoa was the first Teren of Deast.

Obviously, he used the knowledge for evil and created a new planet just to destroy Mozek. But, Trevor was not like the Deast. He was compassionate, adventurous, and hopeful.

There was no possible way that this sympathetic human would turn on him. He was too kind. Deep in Carver’s heart, he was utterly depressed.

This man had taken the most dangerous risk of them all. It was true that he would soon be punished for what he did. He would no longer be a part of Trevor’s life.

He would exist forever in the Inclur, pondering on all his mistakes. There would be no kisses, hugs, or kind words shared by the couple. There would be no Carver and Trevor.

Though, it would be worth it. All the Indonesian’s goal was to make his best friend realize what an amazing soul he has. The only goal since his existence was to make Trevor happy.

Carver Hadi was synthetically born for the sole purpose of helping a god. He had done his job. Now that it has been done, he must die.

The only goal he lived for had already been won, there was no purpose of his own existence now. He’ll die knowing that what needed to be done is done. It is final, there is no turning back,

Chapter 67 Shaken Mentality
Trevor awoke in cold sweats. He promptly noticed that his tongue was bleeding due to being bitten in his deep slumber. His hair stuck to his burning forehead and all of his blankets had been thrown off.

The brunette anxiously rubbed his skull and groaned inwardly. “W-W-W-What...h-h-h-happened?” Little did he know, he had a grand-mal seizure when he was sleeping last night.

The young man went to stand up, before falling to his knees. His legs felt that they weren’t even there. Come to thing of it, his whole body felt numb. Tears dripped from his eyelids as his heart began to thump. It was scaring him.

“S-S-S-Sarah! S-S-Sar-ah!” His echoing screams persisted until his caretaker barged into his room. The ginger was panting as her eyelids widened at the sight before her.

The female yielded to her friends aid. “What happened, honey? What’s wrong? Did you have a nightmare? Are you okay?”

Sarah grasped under the male’s arms, lifting the boy back on the bed. Trevor screeched due to the soreness of all his muscles. The pain was truly agonizing. “I-I-I-I- d-d-d-d-don’t k-k-know. I-I-I-I w-woke u-u-up a-a-and m-my b-b-b-body’s n-n-numb...”

The woman proceeded to bite her lip. She knew this would happen. Carver thought he was doing the right thing. He hadn’t known that the knowledge would cause Trevor’s brain to sluggishly shut down.

“Hey, it’s okay. You probably just had a small seizure. You use to get them when you were little. You just need time to recover.” The brunette was severely shocked at this new information.

“I-I-I-I h-h-h-had a...a s-s-s-s-seizure!?” The brunette’s tears flowed like rockets as the ginger did her best to console him. “It’ll be okay, honey. What will take your mind off it?”

Trevor sniffled involuntarily and shuffled his weight. “C-C-C-Can I-I-I-I-I s-s-s-see u-u-uh...C-C-Car..ver?” There was no way in hell Sarah would let that happen. He was the one that caused this.

“He might be busy. How about we watch a movie?” She desperately tried to get this boy’s mind off of the evil bastard. If he really cared about Trevor, why would he do this to him?

“I-I-I-I’ll c-c-c-call h-him.” The ginger gritted her teeth with frustration as she ripped the man’s cellphone out of his hand. “No, you can’t see him.”

This threw the younger of the two in complete shock Why is Sarah acting so strangely? Why wouldn’t he want him to see his friend?

“W-W-W-Why t-t-t-the f-f-f-f-f-f-fuck can’t c-can’t I-” The woman scoffed. “Language! It’s an order. You either get up and go to class or you rest. You can’t see your friend today.”

Trevor shook his impulse to cry away and let his anger rage. “G-G-G-G-ive m-m-m-m-m-me m-m-m-m-my...ph-ph-phone...y-y-y-you …
psycho!” She never wanted a fight to come in between them, if only he knew that she was protecting him.

“That’s it, Trevor! You’re grounded. That means no-phone, no T.V., no outside, and no communication with friends!” He had never been grounded before. This was the last straw.

The moment that his “caretaker” would leave the room, he would flee out. There is no reason as to why he can’t. He’s 19 years-old. It shouldn’t be like this, but it is.

Chapter 68 Fairy-Tale Bliss
The young man escaped through the window, through the woods, and came crashing down onto his friend’s footstep at his his house. The cold snow fluttered excessively as the brunette shivered. He had no time to get a jacket or pants.

Trevor sat at the doorstep to Carver’s house, shivering. He struggled to make a subtle knock on the wooden door, though it did sound. He had forgotten that the door would open out, but he was quickly reminded when the door had opened to created a purple bruise on his back.

Oh my God! Trevor! What are you doing here?! Where’s your clothes? What’s wrong, dear? Come in.” As the younger of the two was helped into the warm house, he trembled even more.

“I-I-I-I-r-r-ran...a-a-a-away.” The Indonesian sat his friend down at the kitchen tables as he bent down to his friend’s height. “Why, dear? Why?”

The brunette watched his friend’s blue irises twinkle with immense concern. “I-I-I-I-I’m g-g-g-grounded.” The taller of two grimaced. “This doesn’t make any sense. You’ve never been grounded. What happened?”

The 19 year-old shook his head as he began to lightly sob. “I-I-I-I h-h-had a...s-s-s-seizure l-l-l-last n-n-n-night a-a-and she w-w-wouldn’t le-l-let m-me s-s-see y-y-y-you.” As Carver swept his companions bangs out his face he stared upon the other.

“Oh my God! You had seizure?! I’m so sorry, dear. I wish I could of prevented it. But, who wouldn’t let you see me?” The two both took a nervous inhale. “S-S-S-S-Sarah.”
That bitch.

Well, she probably wanted you to rest and recover from the seizure. Perhaps, she is just looking out for you.” That manipulative piece of- “Maybe, but I don’t really care. I just feel confused today.”

Could it be true that Trevor’s fragile mind would be rejecting the forbidden knowledge? The Indonesian planted a fresh kiss upon the brunette and smiled with a sad tone. “Let’s get you dressed and we’ll talk.”

Chapter 69 Greedy Sins

The world of Mozek was diminishing as the two spoke. Each piece of information caused elaborated destruction. Mozek is an unique place that all of Earth dreams reside in.

Without Mozek, there would be no dreams. Without dreams there would be no consciousness, and without consciousness there would be no existence of life. It was against all odds that everything would be okay.

Kanoa was furious as she stood alongside Kalani. The girl with pigtails pleaded for the queen to listen. “I know a lot about my brother. We share a lot of similar features. I
know that his brain can get through this. That’s my big brother, I believe in him.”

The elder woman was distant as she huffed, echoing the mirrored walls. “Carver is to be dead by the end of this day. He has done the worst crime of them all.” The child began to weep as the mirrors cracked and fell from the skies.

“Please don’t kill him, please! He needs Carver. Mozek would surely be ruined if it weren’t for him. You’re seeing this all wrong.” Daren obliviously took a bite out of a ham sandwich and pointed up at the reflective walls.

“Y’know...if we were to all die, at least we know we tried. Am I right?” This douche-bag never took things seriously. The 72 year old sneered at the Indonesian.

“I need you to go on Earth and stop Carver from telling him more, now! That’s an order!” When Kanoa got like this, there was no going back. Before leaving, Daren bowed as he drifted out of Mozek.

A loud knock interrupted the couple out of there conversation. Carver opened the door to find his brother standing on the other side. “What do you want, Daren?”

The older of the two pushed his way through. “Just wanted to see what my bro-yo is up to. Hey...What’s that kid doing here?” The older male acted as if he knew nothing of the pressing situation.

The 21 year-old sighed in annoyance with his sibling. “He
knows, Daren. Have you been sleeping under a rock?” Daren made his way to the table, lightly punching on the brunette’s shoulder to get his full attention.

“So, nice to meet you. I’m Carver’s favorite person. He really looks up to me.” It was the older Indonesian’s orders to distract Trevor from new knowledge being learnt while Kanoa comes up with a solution.

Carver was infuriated that everyone seemed dead-set against him. He was only doing the best for his friend! “Daren. You need to leave. I know they set you up to do this. I’m not hurting him!”

The confusion of the youngest male was strengthening by the minute as he spoke up, violently. “W-W-W-Who’s t-t-t-t-t
hey?” The question was innocent, but the answer was not.

Chapter 70 A Deaf Equation

”Listen Trevor, there are more things I need to tell you.” The male with charcoal-hair was abruptly shoved. “Don’t you fucking dare! He doesn’t need to know! Why would you think such a stupid thing would help him?!”

Carver hissed at his elder brother. “Because I don’t consent to keeping secrets from someone that makes our very existence possible!” That was it. The ball has been dropped.

“W-W-W-What i-i-i-i-i-is g-g-g-going- G-G-G-Goddamit! I-I-I-I c-c-c-c-can’t f-f-f-fucking-w-w-what i-i-is g-g-g-going-o-o-n.” Carver ran to his friend’s aid. He noticed that when Trevor had a lot of anxiety his stuttering got worse.

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you, dear. You’re not allowed to know. But, I think that you are entitled to such knowledge. I’m in trouble for breaking this rule.” Daren threw a harsh punch, knocking one of his brother’s tooth out.

“You fucking blew it! You’re dead to me, you know it? Now, we’re all going to fucking die just because you can’t keep your big ass mouth shut.”

The younger Indonesian coughed, sputtering a line of blood on the white tile flooring. Trevor was beyond pissed, he was infuriated that someone had just laid a hand on his lover. The brunette plowed towards the oldest man.

“G-G-G-G-G-Get y-y-your h-h-h-h-h-ha-hands o-o-o-off h-h-h-h-him!” As he battled to push the tall man out of the door, Carver shouted with a nuisance of fear. “Trevor, don’t-”

Daren mouthed the words, “fuck you all” before kicking the youngest male in the rib cage. As the 32 year-old stormed out the door, the brunette fell to the ground with an echoing shrill.

The Indonesian rushed to bend down to the other’s level. He feared that if his friend got in the middle of one of his brother’s behaviors, he would get severely injured. This was why Sarah was so reluctant to leave Daren in the first place. It had been an intense abusive relationship. Carver wondered why his brother still remained in Mozek and not Inclur. The system was not right.

As Trevor hissed with deep and agonizing pain, he whimpered. “P-P-P-Please e-e-e-e-explain...”The older male nodded in defeat. “Not until I know that you are mentally ready. If you become more upset...then...” The brunette jumped and grasped onto his friend’s wrinkled T-shirt. “Y-Y-Y-You s-s-s-said I-I...w-w-w-was...e-e-entitled. T-T-Tell m-m-me...”

The Indonesian sighed and reluctantly began his description. “You are a god. Mozek is the universe we live in. It was the greatest mistake for a god to live along the human population. You were not suppose to know that. It is
The Forbidden Knowledge. Everyone on Earth had to sign a contract saying that they would not spill information. I take on the most important role. I am you’re Teren. I was synthetically born for the sole purpose to help you live the best life. I didn’t believe in keeping secrets to the man that holds our existence. Mozek is the place in your head. Everyone goes there when they dream. If there are no dreams, there are no consciousness, and if there is no consciousness, there is no existence. Kanoa, Kalani, Sarah, and Daren fear that your mind will become overwhelmed and it will collapse. Seizures are the first sign of this. This is why Sarah did not want to further the destruction. Kanoa was the first Teren before time. She walked alongside Deast in life, until he found out The Forbidden Knowledge. He used this for evil to overrule Mozek. Earth was created when you were born. It was all an elaborate decision held by Kanoa, your Godmother. Kalani is your soul sister. She is on our side and will do anything in her power to protect you. She is your other side. This is the 72nd Earth. You died in your past life, you were reincarnated, and then, you died once again only to find out that you died on another Earth.”

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