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Written by Aaron


Indianapolis - March 2016

This city was country as hell, the only thing worth talkin bout here is that stupid 500! But there were these 4 boys.....Steven McAllister, Jonathan Willis, Princeton Hernandez and Braselton "Braze" Greene, each of these boys were just finishing community college together! They were friends all they life, it all started back in kindergarten when Steven walked over to Princeton who was crying for some reason, and after being all nice they became friends! Then years later as Steven an Princeton went to Kobe Bryant Elementary school they were in math class when 2 new kids cane in....tall ass Braze an cute lil Jonathan! After realizing they had a lot in common they all 4 became friends! When they were old enough to get cell phones they would talk all the damn time talkin bout they crushes an whatnot, but all 4 of these boys had something in common, THEY WERE ALL GAY! Steven came out first to Princeton while they was talkin on the phone, then Princeton revealed his gay ness when he saw this gay porn magazine at his aunties house and he liked what he saw! Then a week later Jonathan an Braze came out while the boys were all texting each other! Jonathan was wilder tho, he already had 3 boyfriends before he was 14....all in the same year! And when he was 15 he was at summer camp when this cute ass boy who he was crushing on shared a cabin with him, and Jonathan sucked him dry!! Fast forward to now, Jonathan (who's 20), was the lit member of the group an he always goin to the club with his home girls Tiana an LaKeyshia. It was Friday night and he was gettin ready to get all the way fucked up....

(Jonathan's mental commentary)
bitchhhh I am so ready for tonite yesss! I hadn't had dick in like 2 months, I already douched an put on this cute ass see thru thang I bought, so tonight lord I'm hopin I'll get lucky..

"Hey Tiana gurl you late where you been my ass gettin cold in this mesh!"

"Nigga I had to get gas, and why you wearing that thing anyway I mean it's cute tho...."

"Cause tonite imma get some..." Jonathan said all excited

"Hoe ass nigga!"

"Uh don't hate cause I get way more than you, an I suck it way better than you wit these suction cup lips god blessed me with!"

"Whatever you know I'm playin wit you boo, LaKeyshia couldn't make it but tonight we goin to the Hot Tamale oooh an I know you gon like it cuz it's gay men's night!" Said Tiana

"Well okaaaaaay then, I'm ready to fuck shit up!!"

Then Jonathan an Tiana went to the club, Indy aint got a lot of gay people so there was like one or two gay clubs, an The Hot Tamale was the most lit one! When they both got to the club Jonathan saw the place was packed an the men were FINE!! He went to the bar to get a drink since it was $1 till 11:30, and as he sat on the bar stool he poked his booty out a lil bit to kinda drive attention....and then it happened!

(Jonathan mental commentary)
Lord Jesus!!!! He cute asf ooooh he got a beard an Everythang, oh shit he sittin next to me..THIS COULD BE MY LUCKY NIGHT....

"Aye What's yo name!" Said this man

"My name Jonathan, who are You wit yo cute self?"

"I'm Trevor, you single?"

"Yes and.....ready to mingle, ooooh you so sexy, Why don't we go back to my place....." Jonathan said all seductive

(Jonathan mental commentary)
Oh shit this is itttttt

"Nah I don't mind!" Trevor said Lookin horny

Then Jonathan an his one night stand Trevor went out the club, Tiana saw and Jonathan winked at her.....he caught himself a nigga! Jonathan apartment just happened to be near the club and after a few drinks, Trevor took off his shirt and then they both started kissin real good, Jonathan was gettin turned on feelin on Trevor's big arms!

"Oooh, you got juicy ass lips!" Trevor said

"Thank you. And imma use them real good real soon...."

"I like the sound of that! You look like you a pro with them jaws!"

"Listen I gotta pee first so go in my room and take all them clothes off, I'll be ready.."

Then Jonathan went into his bathroom and he was kinda nervous but excited at the same time, but he put on his sexy lotion and got the cinnamon apple lube, it was time for demolition of his walls!

(Jonathan's mental commentary)
Lord, please don't let this dick be too big, hopefully he ain't too rough or catches feelings for me I just need him to bust this nut an go home, but my body needs this oooh he waitin on me gotta hurry this up...

Then Jonathan came back out wearing his sexy see thru underwear, but when he got to the bedroom he got the shock of his life....Trevor ON HIS BACK WITH LEGS UP IN THE AIR,

"GIVE IT TO ME NIGGA!!!!" He shouted

(Jonathan mental commentary)
WHAT THE ENTIRE FUCK! THIS NIGGA A BOTTOM....HOW....I MEAN HE WAS ALL MANLY IN THE BAR, but I ain't letting this fine nigga go to waste I guess I can be a top for one night I mean all I gotta do is put it in an pull it out.....

Then Jonathan went over to him and got the lube, As he got on top it kinda turned him on a lot to see Trevor arch that ass like that! So then it was the moment of truth....Jonathan put it in and went back an forth, then grabbed Trevor's ass and went a tad harder! Jonathan really started to like this.....and so was Trevor the way he moaning!! But only 5 minutes into this one night stand Jonathan felt this weird feeling, so he pulled out and to his horror....his dick got the dreaded "paint job"!! It even got all on his sheets and the smells was nasty! Jonathan was really pissed....


"I thought I did you know I guess it was the chipotle....."


Then Trevor got his clothes on an ran out the door, and Jonathan was really upset, he got painted on and he ain't even a top! He was supposed to be the one bent over not the other way around!!

(Jonathan's mental commentary)
Omg this is soooo....I swear this the last time I'm picking up man from the club!!"

Sunday Brunch

All 4 boys decided to get some grub at the Cheesecake Factory, Braze invites all of them cause he had some exciting news! Braze an Jonathan were like the golden girls they were always shading each other, but Jonathan had news of his own and he was eager to spill!!

"Hey sis you look fabulous today!" Said Braze to Jonathan

"Well you sure don't!"

"Nigga At least my walls are still intact tho, yo bussy wide open like this bagel!" Said Braze

"Well at least my dicks are over 18...." Jonathan said

"For the last time I didn't know he was 16 he was tall as me!"

"Oh my god y'all niggas goin at it this early in the mornin!" Said Steven as he came in with his cute self

"Heyyy, you lookin cute Werk it with that small waist!" Jonathan said

"OOOP these shades Prada, okaaay mister Steven I see you, we both high fashion..." Braze Said

"Braze you shoppin at Goodwill ain't exactly what I call "high fashion"! Jonathan said as he sipped his orange juice

"(Chuckle) Why the hell y'all fighting," Said Princeton

"Hey prince boo, anyway I'm glad you all are here cuz I got exciting news.....Well I told y'all I got a internship at this firm and it's in ATL yessss, imma be movin next week!" Braze Said

"Omg Im happy for you, well you know how I'm been like trying to build my modeling career, well this one agency want me an guess where it is.....ATL!!" Steven said

"Yesssss we can be roommates!" Said Braze

"Well I got news too, I'm goin to graduate school at Morehouse so y'all make room for me too!" Said Princeton

"Yesss my besties lives are comin together I'm livin for this!!" Braze shouted

"Oooooh Morehouse that's fine nigga central, nothin but chocolate men JESUSSSS!!" My bussy hurts thinkin bout all thatttt!" Jonathan said

"Your hoe ass would think that, and speaking of being a hoe I heard you got lucky the other night!" Braze Said tryna be messy

"More like it got funky.....ok so it all started when my girl Tiana took me to this club an I saw this cute guy, an he looked like a top, so when we went home I get undress an this nigga archin his ass!"

"Wait....he was a bottom, but ain't you a bottom too?" Steven asked

"....a messy bottom," Braze murmured

"Yes but he was so cute I actually topped him..."

(All other the boys laugh)

"What in the hell is so funny," Jonathan said

"You....A TOP, I just....I just can't!!!" Steven cackled

"Well I did an I think I was doin good he was moanin like I would do an then I felt somethin mushy so I pulled it out and (dramatic fake crying).....I got a paint job!!!

"Hold up, you mean he forgot to....." Braze asked

".....yeah he did,"

"You went in pale but came out brown?" Princeton asked

"(Dramatic crying).....yesssss all on the sheets I abused the washing machine gettin all that shit off ugh these guys here are so immature I can't wait to get out of here!" Said Jonathan

"Then what you waitin on come to ATL with us at least for a few months so you can get a change of scenery an so we can all be roommates with our crazy asses!!" Braze Said

Then Jonathan gave it some thought, and he decided to pack his bags an he was just about pack his douche when he realized something....

(Jonathan's mental commentary)
Maybe it's time I stop doin all this fuckin around, I'm tired of givin my all to some random guy only for him be around for one night then he buss his nut an goes home and I start all over again, I really need to that's exactly what I'm gon do!

The next week....

It was time an all the boys packed they bags and met up at Braze house they were gonna ride to Atlanta together! Princeton was still living with his parents who didn't know he was gay and on top of that had inner issues such low self esteem an insecurity with his darker than usual skin. Princeton had this skin brightening cream which nobody really knew he used...

(Princeton's mental commentary)
God I hate the way I look maybe that's why no boy wants me, why couldn't I be lighter, maybe in ATL I'll have some luck.....and get away from them two out there!

"Honey you almost ready," Princeton Mom asked

"Yeah I'm ready for Morehouse!"

"Awww look Ivan, he's all grown up, now you make sure you be on your best behavior!"

"Yes ma'am...."

"An you only focus on school not those fast tailed lil girls!"

"Yes ma'am....."

"An don't get mixed up with that sissy faggot stuff I heard Atlanta got lots of it down there," Said Princeton's homophobic Dad

" me I won't, Braze is coming I'll be waiting outside," Princeton Said as he walks out the door

"Byeeeee, call us when you get there!!"

(Princeton mental commentary)
Ugh I hate them so much, my dad is such an asshole I'm glad I'm getting away from him! You would think the Britney Spears be a dead giveaway....but ATL here I come!


Somewhere in Kentucky...

The boys were comin down the highway an Braze had to make a stop, the trip would've been more comfortable if Braze wasn't such a terrible driver or the fact he won’t shut up! The boys were singing along to "Single Ladies" by Beyoncé when they got hungry, so Braze pulled over to this IHOP...

"Ugh how long till we get to Atlanta?" Steven asked

"Only 6 more hours," Braze Said

"Well we would've gotten there way earlier if Steven hadn't had diarrhea, nigga what you eat!" Princeton asked

"I don't know I had chocolate milk but I didn't know the milk was expired...." Steven said in shame

"Yeah till we were 3 hours into the trip an there was no rest-stops, I'll never look at a Bush the same way ever again!" Braze Said

"Well you feelin better now?" Princeton asked

"Yeah I do now, but I just want some orange juice,"

"Well I got some news, im no longer a hoe, IM CELIBATE!" Jonathan shouted

(All the boys laugh)

"What....I can stop suckin dick,"

"Nigga you can't go 5 minutes without thinkin bout a man!" Braze Said

"Yes I can just watch, for a whole 3 months I won't suck or fuck!"

Then while the boys were about to order, soon this cute lightskin waiter with sideburns came towards them an Jonathan was smitten!

(Jonathan mental commentary)
Oh sweet Jesus this man so....omg what am I doin, He got me rock hard an I'm supposed to be doin this celibate thing, BUT IHOP ON THAT DICK!!

Braze was on his way to the bathroom when this kid ran in front of him an when he stepped out his way, he bumped into a unexpected familiar guy....

"Omg Elijah how you been what you doin here!"

"Im seeing family, but I been alright how bout you......."

(Braze mental commentary)
God I use to love this man with every thing up in me, he was kinda rough around the edges but he treated me right...till awhile back we had a fallin out over something stupid I can't remember but just lookin at him tho, how can I possibly stay mad, sometimes I wish we can start over....

"I'm doing fine I'm on my way to Atlanta with my friends we're starting a new life together but it was nice seeing you again!"

"You too I hope everything goes well an who knows we might see each other again....Elijah said

Then after the breakfast was over the boys went back inside the van and headed south for ATL finally!

"You guys I ran into my ex Elijah today like out of the bloom and I think he still wants me?"

"Braze you need to focus on your money an get your life together you don't relight an old flame if there ain't nothin there, besides all those men in ATL just waiting for us! You do know where ya goin right?" Steven said

"Yes nigga, yall gon love the townhouse it's so cute and it's like 4 rooms so we each get our own," Braze Said

(Princeton mental commentary) 
I can't wait till we get to Atlanta, I have a feeling that I'll find somebody that'll like my ugly ass....

(Steven mental commentary) 
I hope these modeling people like me, I remember my exes said I was too ugly to be a model, what if they right....fuck them im cute an I'm gon make it!

(Jonathan's mental commentary)
3 months, I can do it, I'm tryna prove these niggas wrong that I'm not that big of a hoe, but this 3 month of no dick (sigh)....lord

(Braze mental Commentary)
Damn all of our crazy asses gon be roommates, ATL should be quite an experience, but I low key wish it was Elijah that was with me instead of these hoes...


The boys finally arrived in town, Braze went to this townhouse he saw on the west side of town and the bedrooms were kinda small, but they were just happy they finally made it to the hippest gay city in the country! The boys went to the store to get some snacks while Braze stayed behind movin in the bags and setting up the air mattresses, but then across the street this fine ass guy who was walkin his dog came over.....instantly catching Braze eye,

(Braze mental commentary)
Well damn who is this, fine ass an caramel wit big arms an ooooh he in a tank top too, niggas in tank tops make me heart still with Elijah but we can least be friends

"Hi uh who you are you?" Braze asked

"I'm Bryshere I'm your new neighbor, you guys like roommates or something?"

"Yeah we all just moved from Indy just tryna start over ya know!"

"Yeah I hear you, it's like you just......."

(Braze mental commentary) 
Damn those arms, oh dear god I can't stop lookin an oh shit, I didn't know his lips were that....succulent an he needs to stop lickin them like that,

"Oh yeah yeah I hear what you sayin," Said Braze pretending to listen

"You don't mind if I ask....are you gay? I mean the way you lookin at me" Said Bryshere

"Yes I am and I have a boyfriend, well ex-boyfriend, me an him didn't work out,"

"Well that's a shame you kinda cute, I'm gay I'm single, so if you wanna go out sometime...

"YES!" Braze suddenly responded

"Alright well here my number, text me..." Said Bryshere as he walked away

Then Braze was all giddy on the inside, he only been in Atlanta for an hour an  he already got a date! When the boys were all settled in, Steven was about to go to bed when he saw Jonathan in his room reading something

"Nigga what you reading, Playgirl?"

"No the Bible...."

"Ok wait wait wait you was serious bout this dick diet?"

"Yeahhhh I mean I'm trying to go on the right path, I'm trying to be pure IM TIRED OF SUCKIN DICK AN GIVIN MY BOY PUSSY AWAY AN NOTHIN IN RETURN!" Jonathan shouted

"You BETTA not start singin his eye on the sparrow!"

"What y'all doin it's 1:30 in the mornin!" Braze Said

"Jonathan readin the Bible....." Steven rolled his eyes

"Yess cuz im gonna see my Jesus PRAISE HIM!"

"Jonathan, sis you can read the first word of Genesis to the last word of Revelation an yo ass still goin to hell roasting like a pig on a open fire!" Braze Said

" if y'all will excuse me I got some meat to beat!"

"WAIT, I thought you was all holy an shit! Steven said

"I said I stop suckin dick, the lord don't care if I bust a nut! Goodnight!"

Then Braze went to his room when his phone went off, it was Bryshere and they were talkin bout gettin lunch together! Steven saw Braze smiling and tried to get the tea!

"Who you textin?"

"Why you all up in my business, his name Bryshere he lives in the neighborhood he asked me out!"

"Ooooh Okay Braze I see you, but I need to ask you still got feelins for Elijah? Asked Steven

"I'm not even thinkin bout him goodnight!"

".....yeah okay," 

(Braze mental commentary)
Hell yeah I still got feelins for him but I'm moving on maybe Bryshere might treat me so good I'll forget bout Elijah...but It's hard as fuck

The next day.....

Steven was starting his new modeling career an it was a photo shoot happening, the photographer was the famed Algee Smith an his work an editing skills were amazing as hell, and he was also cute too, with his scruffy face and his style oooh Steven was trying hard not to get hard especially on camera but the way Algee took control and tellin people what to do and the way he cross his arms omg! All these little things made Steven dig him even more! Steven wanted to share his portfolio with Algee an see if he can get somewhere with him,

"Yo Steven, these pics straight fire my nigga I mean you just own it you give so much of yourself and that's what I like about you," Algee Said

"Thanks listen I have like a portfolio and I don't know if I can but I wanted to like show you what I'm capable of and my stuff!"

"Yeah I don't mind, listen um there's this great like ice cream spot up the street meet me after work and you know we'll make magic happen baby!!"

(Steven mental commentary)
Damn nigga I just wanna suck you all over...wait...I sound like Jonathan hoe ass! Steven get it together he ain't all that, oh shit what am I sayin he a sexy ass nigga!

"Yeah we can meet like after 5 I'll um see you there!" Said Steven

It was later on that day an Steven met up with Algee at this place he was talkin bout, THIS WAS NOT A DATE, but it damn sure felt like one! Steven sat outside an waited 10 minutes, then 30, then 45 an finally an hour had past an still no Algee! Steven was starting to think it was a waste of time an was about to go but then suddenly Algee came thru an he was wearing this tight ass shirt which showed off his chest!

"Hey sorry I'm late ooooh that traffic was so bad, should've never taken the 400 but I'm here now so what you got for me!!"

"Well these all my pics I ever done since 2014 and as you can see I like personal eclectic shots I don't know I think it's the ambience of it but yeah, did a few facials, some nudes an other stuff, what you think? Steven asked

"I think you amazing, yo you're like really made for the camera, I think wit my editing skills we can make you like on some supermodel shit!" Algee Said

"Why thank you!"

"Why don't you Come over to my personal studio like tomorrow or Thursday so I can feel you and get to like know you better.."

(Steven mental commentary)
Hell Yeah im comin to yo place, nigga you can feel on me anytime witcho fine ass

"Yeah I’ll see you next week!" Steven said

Meanwhile Princeton was in Morehouse an the School was filled with all these fine men! Princeton was majoring in electronic engineering and in his class was this one guy named Luke, he was like so cute an a tad older but still cute! Princeton was in the cafe sittin by himself when Luke came over

"Hey Princeton wassup!"

"Hey Luke um do you have the notes for yesterday I lost mines,"

"Yeah hold on....

(Princeton Mental Commentary) 
God this guy is sooooo, words can explain how cute he is, but I don't know if he wants me tho, lemme see how this plays out, he can't say I'm too dark for his taste cuz he dark as me, but omg what if it's my teeth, or my face lord hopefully he won't notice...

"Um listen I need help with this test next week an um....can you be my study buddy? I know it's boring as hell...."

"YESS!" Princeton Said real quick

"Aw man thanks, we can do it at my dorm like tomorrow or something and I got snacks an stuff," Luke said

"That's sounds great I'll be there!"

(Princeton mental commentary)
Ok did he just low key ask me out? Okaaay god I see you doin your thang, my parents tellin me that being gay is wrong....well if it's wrong, then I damn sure don't wanna be right!


It was 3 weeks Jonathan since gave up his hoe ways and instead of goin to the club to pick up men, he went to this book night get together (he was an avid reader). The group was in the bookstore and Jonathan was reading this book called "The Tale Of Two Bitches" and it was such a good ass book that Jonathan couldn't put it down, when this guy sat down at the table Jonathan was sitting......and he was about to change a nigga's life!!

"Yo is anybody sittin here?"

"No you can sit here, who are you?

"I'm Keith, you mind if I sit here!"

"Yeah um ain't nobody  sitting here!


Jonathan and Keith started having a convo about the book they were reading and then had conversations about other things and Jonathan was surprised at how much they had in common! Keith was so different, he didn't show any signs of being a fuckboy and he wasn't lookin to buss a nut or anything like that, but Jonathan was really tempted tho to give him the booty!

(Jonathan's mental commentary) 
Damn he's cute as hell, oh what am I doing I'm supposed to be all changed and shit, but what's the harm in getting to know him tho but damn the way he talks and his whole entire existence, I just wanna ride him like a motorcycle..

Jonathan was gettin ready to go when he noticed Keith had a bus pass, and decided to give him a ride....where it be just two of them!

"Yo thanks for the lift, I don't have many friends so I'm kinda like lame (chuckles) but I like hanging with you you're cool!" Keith said

"Yessss like who would've thought I meet a friend at book night!" Jonathan said

"Yeah an who knew I find a Nigga who was into drama an sci fi books too!"

"Uh Keith can I tell you're fuckin cute! I JUST HAD TO SAY IT! But um I'm not really lookin for a boyfreind right now tho, I had a....lot of exes and I don't know if you even gay or not,"

"Well actually imma gay nigga too, don't let my deep voice an shit fool you I got my pride!"

(Jonathan's mental commentary)
Ooooooh that means he's a top!

They pulled up to Keith's house and Jonathan gave him his number, Jonathan didn't know if he looked desperate or friendly but Keith took it anyway an smiled.......and that smile had Jonathan feeling some type of way!

(Jonathan's mental commentary)
Omg I hope he don't think I'm strange an actually calls, but if he does lord I promise to avoid the dick an imma just get to know this nigga, I mean he's soooooo....EVERYTHING!

Braze and Bryshere had been goin out together for a bit and Braze was loving every minute of it, Bryshere was just everything Braze wanted from a he thought this was too good to be true! Elijah was the same good ass man and then BAM he cheated with some ugly ass nigga which shocked Braze! But Braze had his thoughts about Elijah tho, yeah he fucked up but his good qualities outweigh the bad....and that's not including the sex! Braze felt his heart strings were constantly being pulled but one afternoon he went to Piedmont park on his lunch break when suddenly....

"Elijah, oh my gosh what are you doin here!

"I live here now! Um you look good babe....I mean Braze, well uh it was nice catching up wit you but I gotta go!" Elijah stuttered

"I still love you......."

"Say what!"

"Elijah you meant everything to me, I was really hurt when you cheated on me, but ever since then I learned to forgive you an I know this is out the ordinary but I......."


(Braze mental commentary)
Fuck.....I forgot how good it was to kiss him! He knows the exact spot on my lips an when he slowly pulled on my bottom one when he was done, lord Jesussss...

"I been wanting to do that to you for so long, I know I messed up, I was dumb as hell to mess up our good thing, but I'm changed, I'm sorry bout everything Braze, I just wanna kiss on you again, I missed touchin you in places that drive yo ass crazy (chuckles)....can we start over? Elijah pleaded

"Look Elijah it's been so long an I moved on...."

"I just wanna have you one more night, witcho sexy ass layin next to me...."

(Braze mental commentary) 
Damn lord, I tried but I just can't resist this man, Bryshere my boo now but, lemme at least get one for the road...

Then one thing led to another and then Braze an Elijah went back to Elijah's place and then they both were kissing each other so hard! Elijah tore Braze shirt off an pushed him onto the sofa and then Braze took off Elijah shirt and felt on his damn dark chocolate chest and Braze couldn't resist givin that pipe a lil kiss before he showed what his mouth could really do! Elijah was so pleased as he whispered dirty things in Braze ear an he made Braze bend over and then hearing Elijah deep moan while he was balls deep inside made Braze so excited he didn't want him to pull out, instead Elijah went DEEPER, practically poking Braze kidneys! Then Elijah grabbed Braze neck givin him a lil choke (Braze likes that rough shit) before he busted the biggest nut he probably ever did! An Braze felt love he never felt before as the juices flowed thru him, as Elijah sealed it with kisses on Braze highly sensitive neck an gave a lick which sent chills down Braze spine it made him tremble! The boys were done makin up for lost time and Braze laid his head on Elijah's chest, but then Braze woke up an saw it was like real late at night! As Elijah was sleeping Braze just threw his clothes on and went back to his place, and as he snuck in he thought the coast was clear, but......

"Nigga where you been!" Steven asked

"I was real busy at the office!" Braze lied

"Braze you get off at it's like 2 in the morning!" Steven lamented

"About Time Yo ass came back!" Princeton said

"Ugh What's all this damn noise!" Jonathan said

"Braze just now gettin in!" Steven said

"Well since we all awake imma get me a drink!" Said Princeton

"You guys something happened....." Braze was saying


"Well I fucked but it wasn't Bryshere tho......YALL ELIJAH IS BACK, HE MOVED TO ATLANTA AN WE SAW EACH OTHER IN THE PARK AN THEN I SAID I STILL LOVED HIM AN SHIT AN HE GOT ALL ROMANTIC AN OOOOH YALL....I was weak, I gave him my goodies an he blessed my boy pussy, an my neck, an my back!"

"......An He wobbled that tongue tween yo crack?" Princeton said

"Yesssssss! He even choked me a lil bit y'all know I liked that rough shit!"

"Ooooop this sounds nasty as fuck!!" Gimme all the details an was he any good?" Asked Jonathan


"Nigga, you doin it again! You running back to the dick when you swore you leave him alone an supposed to be moving on wit your life!" Steven said

"Look I was just givin him a remainder of what he was missing we aint back together can't no nigga compete with my head game! Nite!" Braze Said

Then Braze went back to his room where he was getting ready for bed when suddenly he got a text from Bryshere! Braze was so caught up in Elijah he almost forgot bout HIS CURRENT boyfriend and tried to make the best of both worlds.

(Braze Mental Commentary) 
Lord this is a first, I'm torn tween 2 fine ass boys! Like I feel like a dirty ass, loose booty hoe.....I wonder how Jonathan does it?

Princeton was in the school cafe when Luke sat next to him, Princeton was really crushing hard on Luke, he was just so gorgeous an had a sexy laugh, plus he really made Princeton feel comfortable every time they talked! Which was something Princeton never felt he didn't want it to stop! The boys decided to take a walk through campus an just talk to each other, even tho Princeton really wanted to hold Luke's hand but he knew he couldn't....

"So how you get into Georgia Tech you barely passing nigga (chuckles)?" Princeton asked

"I'm just lucky I guess, plus I cheat off the right smart ass (laughs) but nah this just one class I'm struggling in I'm Gucci in the rest, I mean what does algebra have to do with software design! How you come all the way down here?" Luke Asked

"Well I got a scholarship but I only did this to get away from my parents," Princeton Said

"Oh what you mean,"

"Well.....they kinda don't like the way I am, I'm gay, and I remember the first time I came out it was horrible me an my dad got into a big fight he almost hit me an my mom cried like a overly dramatic bitch, it was soooo hard and it hurt me so much emotionally cause I see my friends with their parents an they love them for who they are an I just wish I had that an then they make fun of me cause I'm dark as fuck an they make me feel so ugly ugh.....I hate them! Im sorry I'm so stupid unloading all this on you!" Princeton said

"No it's okay, you can tell me anything.....cmon our class bout to start I'll walk with you if you don't mind!" Luke said

(Princeton mental commentary)
Damn, I don't a think a boy ever made me feel sooooo...comfortable with him, I never opened up to niggas like that annnnnd he wanna walk with me to class I think he crushing on me just as much as I'm crushing on him, I wanna ask him out but I don't know I don't wanna spoil the moment, might as well enjoy him while he all nice an shit before he becomes a fuckboy.....


Steven was on his way to meet up with Algee at his studio, when he got there he saw there was nobody else there.....just them two! Steven walked in an saw Algee in this room fixin his camera with a tank top on showin off his big arms an that turned Steven on, and Steven didn't know what to expect but he kinda a thought in the back of his head....

(Steven mental commentary) 
Ooooh This nigga all buff an sexy an shit, ain't nobody else up in here I might make my move.....

"Awww cool you here already! Well we gon do some dope shit Im just gettin my camera turned on an the flowers all ready!" Algee Said


"Yeah I wanted to like bend the gender rule a lil but you know it's okay for men to like flowers an be creative!"

"Alright alright I'm feelin this, it's gets kinda boring doin all these masculine type shots sometimes I want to explore an be free with my gay side!" Steven said

"Well Ain't nothin wrong with gay I mean you do you, it's like a betrayal against yourself if you try to be somethin you not!" Algee Said 

Then Steven went over to this garden type of scene and Algee told him to take his shirt off an not to be afraid of his body.......which Steven did gladly! Then Steven posed as if it was a vogue shoot, the dandelions an roses galore Steven felt so comfortable with Algee as he snapped pics! When it was done Algee took the photos to his editing room an Steven met with him as they were in this lil room all alone!

"Wow they came out so good!" Steven said

"Yeah man, I'mma genius!

Algee got up to go get something, while Steven looked around at the extensive photo collection.....then things happened!

"Damn you did all these?" Steven asked

"Yeah man, I see what others don't see in a person, so Steven tell me a bit about yourself like what makes you YOU!" Algee Said

"Like I said before I'm gay as fuck, it's just that I'm kinda more masculine I'm not too flamboyant like my besties but I love miss Beyonce! Whether it was my parents split up or my triflin exes her music really helped me through it and the way she's like so fuckin fabulous she inspired me to model an everybody said I wouldn't make it an that I was ugly but those bitches can go TO THE LEFT TO THE LEFT with that hatin ass shit!" Steven said

"Wow that's deep! You smell good what you got on?" Algee asked as he got closer to Steven

"It's my cologne I bought you like it, I sprayed a bit too much on my neck tho...."

"Nah it's sexy on you, it's drivin me crazy damn you smell so good....." Algee as he was all up on Steven

"Wait you like me?" Steven asked

"Look Imma be honest you like so sexy to me, not just your good ass looks but everything about you, the way you are, you give no fucks an I fuckin love that, I know it's kinda unprofessional to be all up on you like this but......" Algee was saying

"No, yo fine ass can do do to me!" Steven said as he was feelin on Algee big arms

Then Algee took off his shirt and was pressed against Steven, kissin on his neck as Steven gripped his back cause the sensation was so great! Then Algee took Steven by his hand an they went to this part of the studio which had a bed an it went down! Algee laid Steven in the bed an his tongue flickered across Stevens navel which sent shockwaves across his body! Then Algee lifted Steven legs to the moon and kissed all on that plump booty of his buryin his face into it! Algee even used his thumb and stuck it inside which had Steven practically yellin! Then Algee eased his dick inside and as he did his thang he moved his hips shifting the dick around Stevens walls! Then Algee started breathing harder an harder as he busted his nut an laid on top of Steven!

(Steven Mental Commentary)
Thank you Jesus.......this nigga banged the fuck outta me I think I'm pregnant!

"I wanna see you again, ain't nobody gotta know if you don't want to!" Algee Said

"No we can keep this tween us," Steven said

While Steven was gettin his walls demolished Meanwhile Braze was gettin it on with Bryshere, (trying to get the moment with Elijah out his head) They reached a point in Their  relationship to make love, they had like a lil dinner at Bryshere place and then they started kissin on the couch, Braze took off Bryshere shirt couldn't help but touch that hard built chest!

"Damn babe your lips so juicy!" Braze said

"Yeah an I love suckin on yours!" Bryshere Said

"Lets go upstairs cuz I wanna suck on somethin else....."

"Before we do that I gotta tell you something, promise you won't get upset or dramatic," Bryshere Said

"Babe you can tell me anything!"

"Okay......I'm HIV positive!" Said Bryshere

"SAY WHAT NIGGA!!" Braze jumped up

"I got HIV an I thought you Said you won't overreact!" Bryshere Said

"Look I'm sorry but that's huge! How'd you get it?"

"Well I was kinda wild in my high school days I was fuckin girls an Boys an I always went in raw but this one night I wasn't so lucky and I raw dogged this fine ass nigga Who I knew from back in the day and then I went for a check up an the doctor said I had it....3 years positive an I take pills an when I dated I never got close to a guy where I wanted to go to that level but you different Braze, I love everything about you and the temptation to smash is sooo strong cause now the sex will actually mean something....." Bryshere Said

"Look I gotta go home......"

"Braze please......!"

"I'm not breaking up with you I just.....need some time to think." Braze said as he left

(Braze mental commentary)
Damn, I thought he really was the one, ok God is your half ass way of tellin I should be with Elijah, cause I don't know if I can handle a man with a disease, ugh men are such dogs they're never careful, times like this I wish I didn't have feelings for boys so easily!

Braze went back to the townhouse where he was surprised to see Steven walk thru the door a few seconds after him and they kinda startled each other!

"Oh shit Steven it's you I thought you were Bryshere!"

"No why what were y'all doin?"

"Oh nothin, hold up why your pants unzipped?" Questioned Braze

"Oh that....I FUCKED MY PHOTOGRAPHER!" Steven shouted

"Oooop spill this tea!

"Well you see, he invited me personally to his like studio and we did like these beautiful ass shots with flowers and shit, and then I opened up to him bout how I like Beyonce and me being gay and then he sniffed that sexy shit I got from Victoria secret the other day and then bitchhhh he fucked the shit outta me!" Steven said

"Oh shit, Steven isn't he like your boss, nigga you a hoe!!" Braze said

"I ain't Jonathan....besides it's not like I was there lookin for hookup he came onto me!"

"Then why didn't you stop him?"

"Cuz he was fine as a muthafucka! Braze he was in a tank top you know niggas in tank tops make me quiver and he....stuck his thumb, like in my booty, boyyyyyy that was best 9 seconds of my fuckin life!!" Steven said

"Well that could've been me an Bryshere tonight but, he dropped a fuckin bomb on me, we like at his place gettin horny an shit an we bout to do it when suddenly this nigga tells me he got HIV!" Braze said

"HIV!!! How long he had it?"

"3 years, he said he was fuckin raw an wild back in the day but he told me I was different, I'm special and......ugh I don't know!"

"NIGGA GO GET YO MAN!" Steven shouted

"Look he got HIV I'm just uneasy right now, I'm going to bed!"

3 days later....

Jonathan and Keith have been talkin an texting back an forth an decided to finally go out on a date! Jonathan was so falling for Keith he made him smile hard as hell and Keith was EVERYTHING! The way he dressed, the way he talked, how he was so great to have conversations with and he was such a nerd...a really cute nerd! They went out to dinner at this trendy lil sushi joint and they were enjoying each other's company so much!

"This is nice, oooh sushi an steak an margaritas, you tryna get some!" Jonathan said

"(Laughs) nooo, I just thought it be a change from Burger King!"

"Well im full as fuck, I'm ready to go!"

"Hold up Lemme pay this thing you go my man!" Said Keith as he hands his card over

"Thank you!" Said the waiter

"Ugh I just like Lookin at you, I don't know why, I sound so weird (chuckles)" Keith said

"No it okay, to be honest I think you're super amazing like your whole entire existence does something to me!" Jonathan said

"You do something to me too....."

Then as the boys held each other's hand sharing a moment, the waiter came back with some bad news....

"Um sir you're cards been declined you have any other cards?"

"Declined? But yo I could've sworn....."

"It's ok I'll pay it!" Said Jonathan

Then Jonathan paid with cash (since he won a scratch off!) and both boys went back into the car, Jonathan drove to this spot near Stone Mountain where you could watch the stars, but Keith was really hurt by the restaurant thing and he was so unhappy!

"Babe what's wrong?"

"I'm not good enough for you, I don't have my own car, I take the bus, I work at a fuckin Target an tonight I couldn't even treat my date to sushi! Imma fuckin failure!" Keith lamented

"Don't say that! Keith you always pay, let me take care of it, it's only one bill! You already are the best boyfriend ever!" Jonathan shouted

"How, I want to take care of you like a real nigga suppose to's a pride thing for me, I never had a bae before and I just didn't wanna seem like I ain't got my shit together!" Said Keith

"I don't care bout any of that stuff I just want you!" Jonathan said

"Wait what?"

"Keith you're so real! You're trying your hardest and that's not easy, look I just know you'll be great in whatever in life you do I believe in you nigga! I'm your number one fan! If you fall down I'll pick you up, if you need something anything I'll get it for you.....Cause I love you!!"  Jonathan shouted as he said those 3 big words

(Jonathan's mental commentary)
What the.....did I just say that! Oh my god I actually said that! Keith must be the one for me after all!

Then after Jonathan said that, Keith an him kissed under the stars, it was beautiful! Both boys were so in love that they went to this nearby hotel an stayed the night! Jonathan thought he was gonna break his rule of no dick for 3 months, but in that hotel room Keith didn't smash, instead they decided to just lay together, sharing an intimate moment. When the sun rose up in the morning Jonathan looked at Keith while he was sleeping, putting his head on Keith's strong chocolate body.....

(Jonathan's mental commentary)
Even tho last night I was a lil tipsy, I meant everything I said to him, he could've taken advantage of me last night, but instead of some quick dick he gave me something else, he gave!


Princeton and Luke were getting real close, Princeton found himself opening up an telling all his secrets to, and he loved how receptive Luke was, and Luke was hella fine! He knew how to dress, when he wore tight shirts his bulging chest would show and that turned Princeton on so much! But there was one thing Princeton couldn't come straight with, the fact he was so insecure within his skin color......Princeton always thought that he was ugly, he thought that he was too dark an some throughout his childhood an in his teens people would call him names, making fun of his skin an sometimes the ridicule was so bad that it made him cry! Even tho his close friends told him he was cute, Princeton self esteem was so low that he wished he was someone else. A few months ago he bought this skin-lightening cream and he just wanted to be lightskin, just like Braze an Jonathan, Steven was dark but not as dark as Princeton. Princeton kept this lightening cream a dark secret, he never even told the other guys, it was taking a toll on him emotionally and he decided to use the cream more than usual! Steven was using the bathroom when he opens this cabinet by mistake an suddenly.....

"Light bright skin cream, turn into the shade you desire, what the fuck, this a skin brightening cream, an Why is it in Princeton's side......oh damn, omg nooooo Why is he doing this to himself I gotta talk some sense into him!" Steven said

Then Princeton was about to leave the house on his way to school when Steven stops him in his track.....

"Um Princeton explain this light bright shit?"

"Nigga what you doin in my stuff!" Princeton Said as he snatched the cream out of Steven hand

"I opened yo cabinet by mistake but it's a good thing I did, Princeton, you don't like being black?" Steven asked


"I didn't know, Princeton look at me, you are beautiful!! Yo dark skin is a blessing nigga own that shit! You're not ugly, nigga you are AMAZING an you just as fabulous as the rest of us! Please don't change that!" Steven pleaded

"I just want to be happy....I don't tell you guys any of this because I didn't wanna be like a burden or anything like that!" Princeton said

"Prince Your our friend, our bestie, you can tell us anything we here for you, we'll cry with you nigga we fuck wit you hard cause your real an different, we love you!!" Steven said as he started to shed a tear

(Princeton mental commentary)
I just want to be happy, I want to feel good, damn God why you make me so fuckin ugly!!

Princeton then left to class, but all day he was thinking about the borderline mental abuse from his dad especially, and all the other people ridiculing him and the low self esteem was so prevalent that he had a depressed face all thru the day! Princeton went over to Luke's dorm it was like another study date but as Princeton went to the bathroom, he looked real hard at himself in the mirror and then the depression took its toll on him and Princeton locked himself in the room an cried!

"Prince you okay in there?" Luke asked

"(Crying) yeah I'm fine!" Princeton lies

"It sounds like you're crying what's wrong?" Luke asked

"I ain't shit that's what's wrong, (Crying) I.......hate being so ugly, I never had a boyfriend cause they all took one look at me and said they don't like dark niggas, (sniffling) I ain't their type an they don't want to be seen wit dark ugly niggas and.....and (Crying) I'm goin home I'll see you tommorow!" Cried Princeton

"No wait, I wanna talk to you for a bit!" Luke said

"(Sniffling) what is it!" Said a teary eyed Princeton

"I want to say that what ever nigga told you that is a dumb ass you have no idea how sexy you are to me, your personality, everything about you I love crazy!! I can hear the depression in your voice I was there once, I felt I was too dark and nobody liked me but I just encouraged myself whenever I could an I just want you to stop crying please! It hurts me soooo deep when I see you cry, I can't have my boyfriend depressed!" Luke said

(Princeton mental commentary)
Wait did this nigga just call me his.....boyfriend?

"Say what?" Princeton asked as he was shocked

"Princeton I wanted you ever since I saw you in class, and then we clicked I just need you In my life, so please will you be my boyfreind? I know this kinda lame but......."

Then suddenly Princeton kissed the fuck outta Luke, Luke the realized that this was a special moment and he turned on "Babydoll" by Mariah Carey and they soon both took off their shirts! Luke was so damn sexy that Princeton felt on that chest and kissed it! Then Luke kissed on Princeton's neck and his back and Princeton was all his!! Princeton sucked the soul outta Luke and then when it came time to bottom, Princeton was kinda scared...."

"Damn this is so good but I never got dick before so go easy down there," Princeton Said

"Don't worry I'll be gentle, just close yo eyes an relax babe!" Luke Said

Then Luke went down and lifted Princeton legs, then after playing with his booty for a lil bit he slowly ate Princeton OUT, gently licking an flicking the tongue on the spot and Princeton starts to quiver......then wit a lil lube, Luke went inside Princeton and was slow an tame with his strokes, slow enough to lean over an kiss Princeton! Then Luke went a lil faster an harder Until finally he busted that nut and after the sex was over Princeton laid in Luke's arms!

(Princeton mental commentary)
Damn....I never had sex like THAT in my entire life, dear God, thank you for finally giving me a boy that truly loves me!

Meanwhile Steven was at his modeling gig and Algee was still on his mind! Algee sexy ass kinda distracted Steven and they would meet up regularly at Algee studio for "personal shots" but really they just fuckin an Steven was enjoying every every inch, Algee had to offer! Steven went to go to the bathroom to get something but when he was walking down the hallway he saw Algee hugging an kissin a WOMAN and this lil girl callin him DADDY!

(Steven mental commentary)
Oh hell no! Who this bitch he kissin up on, and did that lil girl call Algee Daddy......this nigga got some serious explaining to do!

Steven then got a text from Algee for their Thursday night "hook up" an Steven was reluctant but he needed answers so he decided to go anyway! Algee an Steven got in the bed and Algee was all up on Steven he was five minutes away from dicking him down, but Steven felt uneasy and confronted him...

"Damn bae, you know I like feelin on you an touchin you shit! Lemme kiss that neck......"

"Who is she?" Steven asked so suddenly

"Say what!" Said Algee as he stopped kissin an jumped up

"Who was that woman you kissed in the mouth today on the set, you know the same mouth that ate my booty 4 times a week!" Steven said

"Alright I'll tell you......that's my wife Shanice, and that's my daughter Allison, I'm bisexual I like being with you more than I liked her, even tho she my wife! But I connect with you more Steven and I can't show her that!" Algee Said

"When was you gonna tell me this! Was my boy pussy that tight it made you forget YOU HAD A WHOLE ASS WIFE AN KID!" Steven said

"Well I mean it's tight as fuck I ain't gon lie but, I'm just so into you nigga you don't understand.....look I'm working thru it, can we just get back to (kissing) you know...." Said Algee as he was gettin fresh

"I just don't feel right, I can't watch you kiss a girl then be all over my ass like this,

But then Algee nibbled on Stevens ear an and rubbed his Booty cheeks givin it a lil smack! Steven liked that shit and then once Algee put his hardness in Stevens hand, Steven felt himself get hard too an ooooh he couldn't resist!!

(Steven mental commentary) 
Dear god, why you make dick so hard to resist, I mean this nigga fine so I'm still gon get some while he givin it, but now that I know this wifey thing about him I really do feel kinda uneasy....

Braze was sitting outside sitting at this Starbucks enjoying his latte when he saw Elijah.....and some cute rican nigga on his arm, Braze wanted to approach him but he technically wasn't in a relationship with Elijah anymore, he just demolished his walls with that good "I missed you" sex! The two boys didn't notice Braze was sitting right there so Braze decided to call Elijah an tell him how he felt,

"Omg you are so wrong!! (Laughs)" said the boy Elijah was with

"Yeah I know it was funny as fuck, but not as funny as the time when (phone ringing) I'm sorry I'll be right back....listen order us two frappes

"(Answers phone) hey Elijah it's me Braze....."

"Oh hey, listen I'm kinda busy right now it's something important I gotta do!" Sayin Elijah as he told a half truth not realizing Braze was lookin right at him

"I know, I know listen I just....wanted to say that I'm sorry things didn't work out an I love you and I appreciate the dick i mean it's been a dry spell....but I think it's time we moved on, I found somebody and I'm learning from the mistakes I made with us an, I'm hoping he understands me," Said Braze

"I'm pretty sure he will, listen I still love you, I'm sorry it didn't work out with us, but listen I gotta go I'll um.....see you when I see you," Said Elijah as he hung up

"Bye baby....."

(Braze mental commentary)
Damn I really messed up, I can't keep a fucking man! Im bout to buss out in tears seeing my Elijah all happy with this other dude, lemme get the fuck outta here......

Braze decided that now the fantasy with Elijah will never happen, he decided to go Bryshere to repair the thing he had with him!

"I didn't think you was comin back," Bryshere said as he saw Braze at his front door

"Look Bryshere I'm sorry about that other night, I was scared, I was totally inconsiderate to your situation and....I don't wanna loose you!" Braze said

"Babe come in here so we can talk.....(door closes) I'm not mad at you honest to god, I was hurt tho you walked out on me when I told you my most personal shit, when I'm bout to do it with a nigga or....a girl, I just stick it up in there buss my nut an only make this HIV shit worse, I don't think twice i just do it! But Braze I care for you, I care bout you so much that I actually warned what was up with me, cuz you special to me Braze an I don't wanna see you get in a fucked up situation all because of me I'll never forgive myself if I carelessly pass this on to you,  I can't fight this by myself, I NEED MY BABY!" Bryshere said as he got emotional

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