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Max & Alex

By HM69

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Published by Hunter n Prey

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Forward by the Authors

Have you ever fallen in love with someone at work?

Have you ever had the courage to own up and tell them you love them?

Have you ever been so thankful to someone, you are willing to have sex with them?

Have you ever falling in love with someone because of what they did for you out their love for you?

This book is about an unlikely pair of young men who find themselves in a crazy casino specializing in slavery, dungeons and sex-games. Love blossoms under the most unusual conditions and somehow, don’t ask me how, Max keeps his virgin ass intact!

HM & Hunter


Forward from the authors


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Chapter 1

It’s the recession, they said.

Everyone must tighten the belt, they said.

We must save money where we can, they said.

It was easy for the “Expenses team” to give out such orders, but they don’t have to do the sharing. Even if you are unhappy at the prospect of having to share a room with a colleague, what can you say? What can anyone say when the finance department decrees something? Max and Alex were told they too had to save money and so they had no choice but to share.

Max put on some Classical music on his i-pod as he relaxed. He contemplated how by now by now he would have completed his abs workout three different exercises plus 100 push up. He pulled off his tee-shirt considering if he could get his workout it in before his co-worker arrived to ruin his privacy. He hated sharing his private space with a stranger.

Max came early to lay claim to the bed of his choice. He liked to be on the ‘inside’ of the room, away from the windows. Max drew the curtains aside and opened the window to expel stale odours from the closed room. Cream and brown satin walls of the room were suddenly flooded with sunlight. A gust of air made his nipples hard. He pinched them, thinking of women he may seduce at the bar or the conference tomorrow. Woman in a tight black skirt. His cock hardened at the thought of seducing a smart woman with glasses, in a figure hugging dress. He imagined her tossing the glasses away as she fell on top of him in the generous sized bed.

Practicing his seduction techniques, Max tried a few different smiles in the bathroom mirror. He didn’t understand why, but women had said to him that they liked the small gap in the middle of his front teeth. He kept his tight curled black hair short. His pan-sexual hairdresser told him it was ‘professional and sexy’. Max wondered if she just said that to get him into her bed or get a big tip. The more he looked at himself, more he thought that he had the looks, the brains and a killer body - and he knew it.

Max noticed his double pleated cream coloured slacks were tenting more than expected. What?! He opened his belt and slacks and pushed his slacks to his knees. He pulled up his tee shirt and looked at the swirls of hair around his belly button. Darn, there is always some fluff in there. He gathered it up and tossed it in the bin. Max admired his killer abs as he turned from side to side to look in the mirror. He was impressed how the new workout had given him a lionial narrow waist (as his South Indian trainer called it) and his ‘ass shelf’ (as his ex-girlfriend called it). His generous package was tenting inside his fitted boxers. As he pulled his boxers down, his cock swelled and stood up to attention. He pushed his manhood flat, downward let it go. BOING! It rushed up like a spring and hit his waist with a satisfying slap. Max smiled. He was THE MAN! Reluctantly, Max tucked his manhood back in the underwear and tee shirt into the boxers to keep things ‘tight’. However, handling his cock made it damp. Darn! Was he going to spot his dress slacks again? Argh! Recession was bad news for a travelling businessman as he couldn’t bring anyone back to the shared bedroom. Max desperately wanted to undress again and jerk off to his favourite porn clips.

Shaking his head free of such lusty thoughts, Max set his laptop on the table and opened his bags to get the office papers. Alex wasn’t here yet so Max piled his things in ‘his half’ the cupboard and switched on the TV. Wearing sensible checked shirt, Max logged in on his laptop to check for work emails and looked at the inventory of what they were exhibiting at the trade show. Being the technical lead, he was expected to be shit-hot on all the latest specifications and modifications. As sunlight moved across the room, Max was immersed in pdfs and white papers on latest developments on their products.

A ping on his PC made him look at his email. Alex had just landed and sent an introductory mail from the airport. Nothing long and complex, just a simple ‘Hi’ and that he was looking forward to working with him. ‘Creep’ thought Max.

Alex was new to the company but he already earned himself a solid reputation as a great salesman. Max wasn’t sure what to expect from the ‘star salesman from Seattle’. Probably a cocky guy with a swagger and a six pack. All the young sales guys were like that. A bit too loud. A bit too full of themselves. Always talking about themselves. Gym rats, the lot of them! Alcoholics too. Max sighed. Why did he have to share a room with a peacock? The recession was bad news for a traveling businessman.

An hour later, Alex walked in on a cloud of expensive aftershave. He walked in with a swagger of a salesman and put his bag down with a broad smile. He was a tall strapping man with easy going manners and a friendly, yet cock-sure attitude. His greeting was gregarious and he held Max’s hand for slightly longer than necessary. Thankfully his introduction wasn’t all about his ‘sales successes’. He seemed likable enough. But then all Salesmen are supposed to be ‘likable’, right? It’s a professional requirement, right?

After setting his clothes in his half of the wardrobe, Alex stripped naked – turned to Max and said, “Hope you don’t mind Max, I like to walk around au-natural indoors.” As Alex walked past, Max noticed he was hung like a bull but smelled like a garden. Max had to give it to him, Alex was good looking – all over, and he had an attitude to match.

As Alex moved around the room, Max noticed how his pale white skin seemed to glow in the room lit by late afternoon sun. Max was intrigued to note that Alex was a closet ginger. He had a well cut, dark head of hair, but his pubes and hairy armpits were fiery ginger red. Was it vanity, or was it his saleability, that made Alex change his hair colour? Who would trust a ginger salesman? Max chuckled to himself. Oh well, it’s probably business. Another quick look confirmed everything Max had guessed already.

Yep, Alex was a gym rat with a six pack.

Yep, he had biceps and triceps too.

Yep, you could bounce a quarter off his firm butt.

Nice size dick, uncircumcised. Maybe his parents weren’t that religious.

Max decided to ignore the naked hunk in his room and returned his attention to the technical specifications. Around 6 pm, Max and Alex went downstairs for dinner and drinks. Having been in the company longer, Max felt it was his duty to remind Alex they were here on business and must come back early from ‘partying’. They had to set up their stall next morning. A hangover would not be appreciated.

The unlikely pair did what most traveling businessmen do at most hotel bars - they eyed the ladies, talked big and discussed sports. Dinner was good but dull, the same old menu in every corporate hotel in the world. The same old mix of Italian foods, steak and burgers. As they ate and talked, Max began to warm up to Alex. He wasn’t such a creep after all. Maybe he was a little in-love-with-himself, but a ‘likable lad’ none-the-less.

Feeling friendly, Max decided to discuss the possibility of bringing back women to the room. He decided to explain the ‘neck tie rule’. Basically, if there was a neck tie on the door knob then the guy would know he was late and the room was being used for sex. As neither of them was wear a tie, they would just have to rummage through their luggage to see what else would suffice. Alex agreed with the idea and said he had a ‘dog toy’ they could use instead. To Max’s amazement, Alex pulled out a red rubber ball attached to a black leather strap from the inside pocket of his jacket! Max checked out the buckle and though unusual, it would definitely fit on the door knob.

Afterward, in the in the bar, they drank the same beers and seemed to like the same sports, same teams. After 10 pm, music came on and Alex danced. He was good. In fact, Max thought he was very good, especially for a white guy! A blonde with big tits wanted him. She danced around him like a python trying to swallow its prey. Alex whispered something in her ear, they kissed and walked over to the toilets. ‘Wow’, what a smooth operator - Max was impressed.

Back at the bar, sweating and smiling, Alex winked and asked, “Max, do you like getting a blow job?”

“Tell me a man who doesn’t!” Max replied in an instance. So that’s what the blond was offering him! Wow, the guy was good. It was difficult to talk with all the music so they sat, swigged their beer and ogled at the eye candy on the floor. Max noticed how Alex enjoyed dancing. He kept asking Max to join in, but the music wasn’t his type and there were no ladies he fancied on the dance floor that night. Just before midnight, Alex, yes Alex, told Max, “Come on Cinders, let's get you back to the room before our coach turns back into a pumpkin.”

What a creep thought Max. I am not the one who is going to have problems waking up tomorrow.

Chapter 2

Back in the room, Alex once again stripped, smiled at Max, “I haven’t worn pyjamas since I was 12. Hope you are OK with that Max.”

Max just grunted a mute acknowledgment. He was too tired to put on his nightshirt too.

Max noticed that Alex had actually cropped his pubic hair and manscaped them to a perfect fiery ginger triangle pointing up towards his navel. What’s more his bull balls were shaved. Different strokes for different folks mused Max.

Taking off his day clothes, Max went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. As he checked out his gums in the adjustable shaving mirror, Max could see Alex sitting on the sofa, switching channels, his loose ball sac hanging between his extended legs. Judging from the ‘music’, Alex must have settled on a porn channel of some sort. Max could hear grunts of a man, making out. But it seemed odd as there were no usual female grunts to accompany it. May be the guy is using a flashjack, thought Max.

Finishing up with the final piss of the day, Max slid silently into his bed. As he looked at the TV, though, Max was surprised to find that Alex was watching gay porn! Alex seemed to understand his confusion and said, “By the way, I am gay. Hope you don’t mind Max.”

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