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Author Alex Palange

Editor H. E. Olsoe

May 2018

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Copyright © 2017 by Alex Palange. All rights reserved

Chapter 1: Letter from Mr. Smith

Chapter 2 - Mr. Smith’s Residence

Chapter 3 -Mr. Smith

Chapter 4 - The mysterious lover

Chapter 5 - Letter from Mrs. Simith. Yes, that is right Mr. Simith, not Mr. Smith

Chapter 1: Letter from Mr. Smith

It was a long, boring day at work. The weather outside was gorgeous but I was stuck inside, because I had to attend a few very long meetings. Around lunchtime, I managed to slip away for a few minutes. I went outside, sat on one of the lunch tables on the back side of the building, and turned on my tablet to check my personal emails. There was nothing interesting, just a few e-mails from my bank, few advertisers, and an email from someone named Mr. Smith. I didn’t read any of them. Instead, I turned off my tablet then went back to my desk. After a few hours, however, I couldn’t quit thinking about the e-mail from Mr. Smith. I didn’t know anyone by that name and that e-mail peeked my interest not only because of the name but because the subject line only contained a smiley face. An hour before the final part of my work day, at a moment when nobody was close to me, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I tore open my purse and withdrew my tablet and opened that e-mail. The e-mail consisted of only one sentence:

All I thought of when I saw that picture of your sexy ass was: sticking my tongue in your tiny asshole while forcing as many fingers in that sweet pussy as possible.... :)”

What I had read caused a warm sensation to wash over my face. I knew I had turned a bright shade of red. I turned off my tablet immediately. The first thought that entered my mind was, “…. Wow… clearly, this is a misunderstanding. This email is not for me. I will never send a picture of my ass to anyone by e-mail. That is ridiculous, who would actually do that? And who would actually have that conversation by e-mail…”, but somehow, what I had read had aroused me. My imagination began to play hard. The fantasy of a lover ran through my mind. It was a lover with a muscular physique that radiated just the correct measure of desirability. The thought gave me a raising heartbeat and I felt a wetness accumulate in the warm folds of my labia.

The thought of sex was ever present in my mind for the remainder of my workday. On my way home my pair of underwear was soaking wet. When I arrived at my home I immediately freed my horny body from all of my clothes. I decided to take a shower, just to cool me down and to make me stop thinking about sex…, but that didn't happen. A few seconds after the nice warm water started caressing my naked body, I felt a tingling in the center of my pleasure, my heartbeat increased and without realizing what I was doing I slid my hand between my legs. My fingers started to slowly massage the swollen pearl of my labia. A groan of joy escaped my mouth. My body was ready to explode in a wonderful orgasm, while my imagination painted colorful pictures of myself bent over a kitchen table. My imaginary lover knelt behind me, kissing and biting my ass cheeks. He had my swollen pussy lips in the palm of his hand gently squeezing them together and sliding them against each other. In this wondrous moment, my house phone began ringing and my hopes of pleasure were dashed.

I put a towel on my tingling wet body and I went to the bedroom, I found the annoying phone and with anger turned the volume off. I looked around, everything was how I’d left it this morning. My bed was a mess, on one side was the tangled lump of my blanket and on the other side of my bed was my laptop… I considered lying down on the bed and to resuming my search for pleasure, but something felt off (something was missing) – and I knew what that was – the excitement….

I looked around one more time and opened the drawer where I kept my lingerie to find something comfy to put on. Immediately after I opened it, my gaze stops on the pink dildo that I had left there a few days ago. I picked it up, held it in my hand for a few seconds, trying to think of something that would put me in the mood to use it. Without knowing why, I knelt and stuck my dildo on the floor near to the bed. I gazed at it for a few seconds, enjoying how its shaft swayed left and right. With a smile, I stood up, overstepped it, bent over on my bed with rested my elbows on it. In that provocative pose, I turned my laptop to me and moved the mouse. The first thing that I saw on the screen was my e-mail box (I’d left open yesterday) and the e-mail from Mr. Smith. I opened it again and I read it. Without realizing what I was doing, I lowered my ass just enough to feel how the tip of my pink dildo caressing the burning desire of my asshole.

I liked anal sex, but I usually didn’t like to feel the whole length inside of my ass. When I was aroused a lot I usually enjoyed the feeling of only the head coming in and out, but what I really love is the gentle kiss of the tip on my asshole right before penetration.

The idea that this mysterious Mr. Smith will fuck my tiny asshole with his soft tongue drove me crazy. I started reading this sentence, again and again, imagining how Mr. Smith’s tongue would penetrate in my asshole. The gentle touch of my soft pink dildo made everything feel so real. My whole body bristled with a sensual excitement that made nipples hard. Without realizing, I ran my hand down over my stomach and down my body until my fingers reached the folds of my labia. I stopped there and started very slowly and seductively to caress them. I flung my head back in ecstasy while massaging the swollen pearl of my labia. It felt so good that I lost track of the time and I soon found myself reaching a marvelous climax. It was great…

After my mind came back to reality I realized that my butt cheeks were touching the floor. My pink “lover” was buried inside me and for the first time in my life I did not feel pain or discomfort, but of course my first reaction was that I needed to stand up... and I tried, but the feeling my tiny asshole sliding over the veins of the realistic dildo was so good, that instead of standing up I started riding it. After a minute, my slow and uncertain up and down motions, became more and more hectic, while I took my dildo all the way in and out. It was incredible. For the first time in my life, my body was aroused at that much insertion. My asshole had stretched enough to accept my lover completely. It allowed “Him” to bring me unreal pleasure. I felt like my heart would pop from my chest and my legs started shaking, but I didn’t want to stop. My fingers started caressing my hard nipples, my ass cheeks slapped against the floor every time when I took my “pink lover” all the way inside me. I started screaming with pleasure. I slid one of my hands between my legs and started rubbing my clit and a few seconds I felt my body explode in another unearthly orgasm. It was so good that I really wished that this pleasure would never end. I stopped to catch my breath while I kept my “pink lover” deep inside me. My whole body was shaking and I realized that I didn’t have more strength to continue.

I climbed on the bed and laid on my back, breathed heavy. My asshole was still burning with desire for more and I couldn’t stop thinking about sex. In my imagination, I just had a wild anal sex with Mr. Smith. My fantasy was so realistic that I felt a desire to have a real conversation with him. That was the moment I decided to reply to Mr. Smith's e-mail. I took my laptop, clicked on reply and started thinking about what to write. A few minutes later with a big smile on my face and without knowing why I was doing it, I took my phone, made a provocative pose, put the phone behind my back and took a picture of my aroused ass. Without even looking at it, I attached it to my reply to Mr. Smith and wrote a short message below:

Are you talking about this ass?”

The last thought in my mind, before I hit send was.

I will regret this in the morning. This is really crazy… but why not? and I send it.

Of course, the next morning when I woke up I regretted it, but the first thing I did was to open my laptop and check my e-mails, and… Wow… I had a new e-mail from Mr. Smith. My hands started shaking and my heartbeat rose as I moved the mouse to click on Mr. Smith’s name to open the e-mail. This time, the email was a bit longer and was addressed to me.

Hello Beautiful,

For this lovely, sexy ass, I have more fantasies than you can imagine.

It looks like you are a very beautiful and sexy submissive and I have a proposal for you. Instead of telling you what my fantasies are, I would love to show them to you.

If that sexy ass wants to experience more pleasure than you can imagine, please send me your address and you will receive an invitation to my next party and a special gift from me. Believe me, you will not regret this.

Your Master, Mr. Smith”

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