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Poems for a Favoured Lover

By Rori O'Keeffe

Copyright © 2018 by Rori O'Keeffe

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Savage Love

The Final Proposition

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Poems for a Favoured Lover


Silhouettes up in your window at night

Are scratching for your pain

The arch of your back tells a tale

Of how you spend your dreary days.

I wait downstairs in a velvet lobby

I see your lover vanish through the doors

My turn for taking life from your skin

Is upon me now as I push the button.

Into your arms with muscles taut

I can sense the feelings you hold me with

Your love is for love itself and lovers race

To be the body you will embrace next.

By your window you will me to go

Gauze curtains brush my knee as it climbs

How your hand can reach me there

Is a mystery I'll dream of on other nights.

Nipples press dimples into my breasts

Water from our skin makes a moist slope

Out of my mouth comes your sweet name

Again I am filled by the passion of life.

A finger has touched the small of my back

And seems to hold me gently aloft

All of a sudden with pulsing abandon

It is over and I am at your feet.

As you touched me on this evening

I caress you with my curled tongue

The taste and scent of autumn leaves

Draw me deeper into the mound.

When you've come for me you lay a hand

On my hair and twist it around your thumb

I am the only one who returns your love

And I wish forever we could be alone so.

Savage Love

I've waited days for your reply

Dust is strewn in the air around me

A meandering finger on my thigh

Is the the only sign that I think of you.

There is always a way out for me

If you decide to drop me flat

The faucet here in my bathtub

And the pills I have brought for comfort.

One too many and I will slip under

Hidden forever from this world

Would it pain you in the end

To know I'm better off dead than without you?

The sunlight has given way to moonbeams

And now I hear the clink of your decision

Oh you strange narcissus bloom in my life

The little death you've brought me is a delight.

If we only had money we could have love

Your note to me glows in my weary face

I tell you that coins take the place of passion

All I desire is the gold in your secret cave.

A sound comes into my bedroom now

So much like your own heavy breath

It sighs as I pull another pill from the bottle

Would you believe I have come this close?

The Final Proposition

Dear Merlin was a wizard so entombed

In a crystal prison with no escape

There is you and there is nothing else

For what have I come this far?

It is so that happy endings are not for me

Another will know your angelic hair

I anticipate the worst from you

You who've always spurned my promised love.

Live with me a moment and we will live forever

I can't drop to my knees over and again

Are you willing to become one with me

And end this charade that you are a loner?

Your tears have told me you share my loneliness

Your body knows that it can be one with mine

What would be so wrong with a cottage in the country

Where you and I could make love in golden fields?

Will you ever let your surly self slip away

Into a place where pride vanishes?

In our travels as they would unfold

I ask you to join me on this trail I've found.

Take my hand and follow me, sweet woman

Time is dissolving the chains that hold you so

Wrest yourself free from the eyes that imprison you

And be a woman embraced by whom she truly loves.

The End

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About Rori O'Keeffe

Rori is a passionate proponent of liberty and participatory democracy in times when things seems to be turning against freedom and democracy. Not beholden to any particular ideology, she prefers a hodgepodge philosophy that takes into account the imperfection of human understanding. We exist as individuals and communities simultaneously, and compassion should be one of our guides when we decide which way to look at society in any given instance. She hopes that her World on Fire Poetry series will make a little difference in how readers see the world, if they don't already agree with Rori.

When not being serious about social and political issues, Rori likes to play the clown for her readers, drawing inspiration for her humorous pieces from her personal life and surroundings. She has six cats, a dog, and numerous goldfish as her steadfast companions, and she may write something about her lifelong love of house critters before too long.

Rori wishes all her readers the best in humour, health, and happy times.

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