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Kiki Kay Lee

Mozek: The Forbidden Knowledge


His name is Trevor, a "Mozek" enthusiast. Mozek is a conspiracy theory that entails the afterlife of the human species. Trevor is currently 19 years old and lives in a foster home whilst his abusive mother resides in prison. While this young man has chronic depression, he is certainly distracted and obsessed with this theory.

Trevor blocks his life out by daydreaming and writing down theories about the afterlife of Mozek. I suppose you could say it intrigues him to the point he cannot function in high school. This does not stop him because his life is already a hellish nightmare. This young boy wishes every day that he soon could join Mozek.

It is on this note that Trevor leaps off of a high bridge down towards the flash of high speed traffic. His final feelings are relief. His screams ensuring him that this is actually happening.

The End Begins

It is so dark, yet so bright. It is so cold, yet so warm. It is so loud, yet so quiet. Trevor feels a sense of familiarity, yet it's so foreign. He clenches his eyelids as he lays his palm on his forehead. It's painful. The young boy begins to shriek and soon stops. There is no sound. Trevor's eyes bolt open.

All that he can see is his own reflection for miles. This is so confusing! The brunette attempts to continuously create tears, but it is impossible. He struggles to run but he cannot see or even feel his legs. This time he can feel dread. It's worse. Where is he?

Trevor suddenly spots a brilliant blue light which happens to be in the shape of an oval. "" Nothing will sound. The blue light floats closer and closer. The young man begins to have a breakdown. Desperately, he shields his eyes for whatever was to come.

"I will not hurt you." Trevor listens within his head. This is strange. It is just like the light spoke within his mind. No, this couldn't be! The man springs upward and chimes, "It's real! Everything I read. It's true! I'm home, I'm safe, I'm here!" Though the brunette has an inability to produce tears of unbearable joy, he surely feels it within his heart.

The light speaks in a disguised monotone voice."Hi, Trevor." The boy in question disrupts his excitement. "You...You know my name?" The blue light starts to disfigure into a familiar human being. The younger male takes a sharp breath in as his eyes widen with pure astonishment. Trevor knows this man.

"C-Carver?" He cringes for stuttering involuntarily. The brunette shrinks the proximity of the two. "You shouldn't have done this, Trevor." This man known as Carver is Trevor's best friend. When he was just 21, he was hit by an oncoming train with his impaired brother whom was driving. This was whom Trevor lived for until he had passed away.

"I had to take my chances." The frustrated teen replied along with a dark gleam in his eye. The man with charcoal-coloured hair gripped securely onto Trevor's shoulders and brought him into an emotional embrace.

While the shorter male engaged in the long-lasting hug he searched for words to explain. "I remember that you strongly believed in Mozek, so I took interest. I can't believe this is real. You don't realize how much I have missed you!"

When the younger of the two took a step back to take in the view of the other's stature he noticed that Carver had glowed the same brilliant navy blue that the oval light emitted. "I'm so glad I'm here!" The taller of the two aggressively glared upon him. "You shouldn't be." He scolded indefinitely.

This surprised Trevor to the point that a burning sensation built up within his chest. " Why shouldn't I be!? My life was horrible! I was always in so much pain from getting beat every single day! I had no friends, no one to talk to, and most importantly; I didn't have you!" The last sentence was barely spoken, though the older male could comprehend him.

"I don't want you to be in pain, dear. I know that if you have had let yourself live, you could have gone far." The brunette gulped and abruptly wailed, "Fuck everything! All I need is you! I don't want anything else or need for that matter. I loved you and you left me all alone!" Trevor dropped to the ground sobbing uncontrollably. Carver sighed, defeated. "I love you too. I just want the best for you. I'm sorry, dear."

The younger male sniffled with a dramatic sense and stood back up with a slight smile. He cupped his palms around the other man's chin and dove in for a starved kiss. The taller of the two snugged his arm around Trevor's waist and reciprocated. When they unlocked each other's hold, Carver rose one brow upward with a sassy smirk. "So, I should show you around, huh?"

Overwhelming Introductions

"Not everything is lined up to the books of Mozek. You'd be surprised at all the differences there are." Carver leads Trevor through reflective mirrors. This is all that can be seen for miles. "It seems so dull. Why is everything a mirror?" The shorter of the two asked innocently. The older one glanced over and rose his brows. "That I cannot answer. However, I will explain the purpose of Mozek."

The man who had slightly slanted eyes and tan skin began his explanation," These are portals," Trevor's yellow-green eyes widened with pure astonishment. "We can visit our loved ones through our personal portals." Carver grew the bright white portal with his third eye. "That's amazing! Who do you visit?" The small boy pondered.

The other man looked like a deer caught in headlights. "Uhm...W-Well...My family and...and you." His eyes glistened as he refused eye contact. Trevor felt deeply disturbed. At what times was he watching him? The 19-year-old scored new-found confidence within himself. "What is the point of watching me?"

Carver's cheeks were dressed in a faint crimson. "To check on you and make sure you were doing okay." Trevor heightened his suspicions and gave a few forced chuckles. "I-I'm just messing with you. Don't get your panties in a knot!" It became rather awkward between the two before the older man huffed and mumbled, "You're still the same Trevor."

Before he could reply, an ear-piercing shrill interrupted them. It left the two horrified. Carver rushed to grasp Trevor's open hand. "What's that god-awful sound?" The brunette clasped his free hand around his right ear. "It's an alarm. It's a galen (demon) trying to break into this universe. We must act quick!"

With this said, the older man pulled his friend into a white vortex. All the young man could see was an obnoxiously bright light. He felt that he should definitely be afraid, though he felt an unbearable sense of comfort.

"Carver!" The brunette anxiously yelled out. A glittering ball of blue light emitted by Trevor's side. "I'm right here. Don't go anywhere. It's approaching." This statement made the small boy leap in horror. "What's approaching!?"

The 19-year old's vision became slightly less blurred. He could make out a pitch black circle floating towards them. Soon followed numerous colors of luminous light all surrounding the solitary black hole.

After a burst of golden rays cracked upon the galen (demon), all of the auras deformed into human beings. This, of course, made Trevor's hair stand on end. "These are what souls look like. They are all auras of generous people who had passed. Sometimes a portal is left open and galens (demons) break through. Thus, we must get rid of it at once.

All the younger man could do was nod with awe. Carver wrapped his arm around Trevor's shoulder. "I know it's your first day, but are you too overwhelmed to continue on with the tour?" The brunette glimpsed down at his feet. "Well...It is a lot to take in. Can we rest? I'd love to talk with you more." The male with charcoal-coloured hair led his friend to his Zalee (home).

A Zalee is perhaps like a cocoon dressed in soft fabric. The owner can crawl into the Zalee to rest. The older man directed his arm for the other to crawl into the Zalee first.

Trevor hesitated for he did not know how to enter. "It's okay. You just dive in. Would you like me to go first?" The taller male got on all fours and climbed into the Zalee with Trevor soon following after.

It was cozy, though awkward and new. The shelter conformed to the body containing it. However, there was not enough room to fit two people in the Zalee.

The brunette's cheeks resembled a rose. He took a sharp and difficult breath in, noticing that Carver was smiling warmly upon him. "Are you comfortable?" The older man inquired. "Y-Yes. Is this like...where you sleep?"

Carver chortled. "Of course not. We're dead. We don't need sleep. I go here when I'm done with work." The realization dawned on Trevor. How could he forget? He's dead; he can never go back. Why did his heart feel heavy and unfulfilled? He wanted to die and now he is forever with his best friend. How could he miss home, the abuse?

Carver's grin suddenly evaporated. "Did I say something wrong? The 19-year-old violently shook his head. The 21-year-old did not believe such a lie. "Trevor, what's wrong?" He pushed in a stern voice. The younger one finally budged. "I just realized that I'm dead. I can never go back. Even though it was a horrible life. I just...I don't know."

Carver sighed quietly and brushed Trevor's bangs out of his eyes in order to comfort. "I know. I'm sorry. There is a way you can go back." The brunette perked up. "Really?"

Everlasting Truth

"Reincarnation. In Mozek, you can only choose once. Either stay a Teren (Guardian angel) or live a new life." The brunette's eyes glazed with sudden interest as he contemplated the new information. "If I can be reincarnated, will you be too?"

Carver shook his head with a steady rhythm. " I already chose once I first arrived here. It is a strict rule held by the Kanoa (queen). There are no exceptions." Trevor furrowed his brows in with intense bewilderment.

A Kay-Kanawa? What the hell is that?" The man became irritated with his friend's foul mouth. "The ruler that reinforces the rules of Mozek. You will get to meet her here shortly. Since I am your Teren (guardian angel), I am in charge of your schedule for a few."

The younger male nodded deep in thought. " Is the Kanoa nice?" Carver shuffled to exit the zalee. "Sometimes. She is not a god. She is ordinary. The Kanoa has a story of her own." The brunette accompanied the other.

"Why was she chosen to be the ruler?" The shorter male inquired. The man with jet black hair chuckled at Trevor's naive nature. "She created Mozek. There was no afterlife until she created such a thing in her living life."

The other jolted with utmost enthusiasm."What? How?" Carver gleamed proudly."The way of astral projection, lucid dreaming, and meditation of course!" Trevor praised,"That's pretty neat!"

As the 21-year-old led his friend to the Kanoa's sanctuary, the younger man watched both of their reflections walk forward. Suddenly, the older of the two made an abrupt stop that caused his peer to collide with his back. "Why did you stop?" Trevor let his curiosity get the best of him.

Carver shook his head in disbelief. "You ask so many questions, dear." The younger of the two scowled, crossing his arms in agonizing annoyance."I just want to know!" The man answered his questions by way of creating a clear, off-white vortex with his third eye.

"This is why. Sanis are portals that bring us to different planets in different universes of Mozek. This is the main planet where all Zalees are.We will now go to Kanoa's sanctuary."

The young man wheezed, obnoxiously frightened. "I… am… not… jumping… in… there." He pronounced with elaborated austerity. Carver tilted his head, rather confused about his friend's behavior. "Why not?"

The brunette was stunned as he sputtered "B-Because...uhm…It's..." The older man gleefully smirked as he brought the other to his chest."Don't be scared, dear. I won't let anything happen to you." Trevor dispelled an invisible tear. "Okay."

They both soon leaped into the Sani (portal). The men both found themselves surrounded by many round, multi-coloured flowers presently blooming as they walked passed each one. A mist of vanilla scent was apparent.

The taller of the two escorted the 19-year-old to an infinitely tall brick of gold. "This place looks a lot like an Earth's meadow but, what's that suppose to be?" Trevor knew he asked a lot of questions that got on his friend's nerves, but that's just who he is.

"The Kanoa is falling asleep on Earth. So, she will awake here." Promptly, after these facts were spoken, the brick began to melt into small crystals of gold rock. The brunette's eyes grew as wide as two flying disks.

"Whoa!" He exclaimed with profuse elation. A gorgeous lady dressed in white soft fabric stood peacefully.This small woman had a pixie cut of bleached hair with ivory eyes to match in accordance. Kanoa rested each palm in one another and spoke with a soft, yet strict tune. "I've been looking forward to meeting you, Trevor."

Suspicions Arise

"Oh. Yes. Uhm...same for you." The brunette flushed a bright pink, dropping his sight to the ground. The older teen gave a friendly pat on his back, murmuring silently.

Kanoa spoke up with a stern, yet soothing voice. "Now, Trevor. You have taken the way of suicide. I cannot reward you for such behaviour. So, I will give you another chance at life. Please do well." Both men spilled vehemently.

"What! I do not want to be reincarnated! Not without Carver! Please don't do this, please!" Trevor begged frantically. The taller man winced as he muttered. "No, this can't be..." They were both understandably in utter disbelief of such a demand.

The serene female-initiated technicalities. "I'm sorry, Trevor. You may still keep Carver as your Teren (Guardian angel). However, you will be absent from all memory of your past life, him, and Mozek."

This is when the 19-year old brought himself to his callused knees and wept maniacally. "I screwed up!" The male with charcoal-coloured hair grimaced apprehensively. Kanoa glowered with extensive agitation. "There are consequences to all actions. Now, say your goodbyes." The brunette was strikingly distraught. "Can I just have about an hour or so until I leave?"

If it wasn't for this single request, the agreement would not have complied with the situation. The feisty queen let out an alarming huff. "One hour to say your goodbyes. Use this wisely."

Just when these surreal words had reached the eardrums of the two men, the Kanoa had vanished within the thin atmosphere. It was rather reticent as the two teens gaped at one another. "Well, what do you want to do with your time, dear?" Carver compelled himself to smile with no intent of apparent mortification resembling his feelings of complete despair.

Trevor held a devilish expression, one that compromised his friend's sanity. A smirk and inauspicious gleam in his yellow-green irises bewildered the older man. "I would say to explore Mozek more, but since I won't remember you, I would like to spend it with a certain someone."

All the 21 year-old could do was furrow his brows in pure demoralization. "With who?" The younger boy was contentiously thrown into a pit of turbulence, dropping his hands swiftly. "You!"

Carver enlarged his eyelids in alleviation. "Oh. Okay! What do you want to do with me, dear?" Trevor's nostrils flared involuntarily as he grinned with discernible inspiration. "Let's go to your Zalee (home)." They both hastily left through an indigo Sani (portal).

Within the Zalee (home) The brunette clambered atop of his discombobulated companion with each of his thin pale legs on each side. The older man faltered. "What...are y-you doi-?"

Before he could finish his deranged queries, he was halted by a harsh pair of damp lips. The 19-year-old violated his entrance within his friend's crowded mouth. Their soft tongues tussled one another as Trevor had thrust his bony hips into the other's, letting out a deafening moan.

Both of the male's engaged breathing became a harmonious and exhilarating rhythm. This was Carver's chance to slip a cold palm under the man's camouflage sweat shirt. The older male flicked the enticed bump on the other boy's peck.

This earned him an ear-piercing groan of secret desperation from the smaller man. "C-Carver! P-Please!" The shrill was hypnotizing to the other. "Please what, dear?" A wicked grin arose from the older man as he halted his caress.

The brunette wailed with agitation. "Can...Can we...just…u-uhm..." As he trailed off, the male below him snickered viciously and began in a sing-song voice. "I won't know what you want from me until you tell me, dear."

Trevor whined, mashing his hips against the other's responding length. The bashful male bit his bottom lip, almost drawing blood. "Have s-sex with me?" Though he said so rather quickly and boldly, the other seemed to finally understand.

As the duo refused eye-contact, they both glimmered a benevolent shade of crimson. Peculiarly, Carver's aroused expression evaporated."Oh." He mumbled under his breath, seeming distressed. The brunette's eyes glistened with bitterness. "You...You don't like me?"

The older male frantically shook his head. "No, no! It's not that. I'm..I...just-" The reality seemed to take an appalling turn that was fairly short-lived. "You can tell me. What's wrong? Are you not comfortable? We...we don't have to. I'm so sorry if I pressured you. I didn't mean to."

As the younger man rambled furiously with obnoxious anxiety, Carver flinched. "No, no, no. I've just never been seen is all." It was the 19-year old's turn to be utterly puzzled.

"What do you mean seen?" The male with charcoal-coloured hair clutched his jaw in humiliation before whispering subtly. "Naked." After this was barely spoken, the brunette teen erupted in a fit of high-pitched giggles.

This offended the other man as he was not expecting to be made fun of at this point. "That's it? I've seen a guy naked before. I won't judge. There really is no reason to be shy around me. You should know this by now, Carver."

The male with charcoal-like hair dropped his head in entire debacle."I know but, I was born with a certain deformity." Trevor was severely shocked that he hadn't known such an enclosed secret about his friend.

His voice shakily wavered as he spoke. "O-oh. What...what is it?" The young man let his curiosity lead his actions. The other internally sighed with recognition of his friend's concern. I'm sorry if...this changes our relationship."

A sharp inhale was induced by the two. Each one afraid to speak, both frightened that they'll say something destructive. The shorter male exhaustively worries that his friend may become distant if he did not speak now.

"You don't have to be ashamed of anything. You're still very handsome to me." This compliment made the male counterpart's face burn. "Does...this change us?" The brunette gasped and had fretted that he had hurt his friend's feelings by being reluctant to talk.

"No! Of course not! I'm sorry. I just realized I have less than an hour before I go. I'm just really upset-" He was abruptly interrupted with an impulsive kiss from his companion.

The two had made passionate love for the first time.Their desires were so strong due to prolonged inactivity. Their love was true. Nothing could ever break them apart.


The two men arrived to Kanoa's sanctuary ten minutes late. "My, my. What took you so long?" Trevor clenched his jaw and bowed, unexpectedly. "I'm so sorry, your highness!" Carver pushed an odd expression his way as Kanoa giggled with false innocence.

"Do not worship me, Trevor. I am only an ordinary human. So, I'm assuming you said your goodbyes?" The last response was merely a statement, however, she did not want them to know so. As the tall and frail woman switched her relaxed gaze to one another, she continued.

"I will have you lay still on this platform as I rejuvenate your soul into a new physical vessel on Earth. The young male gulped steadily and climbed onto the reflective cold bed whilst the older teen stood by feeling rather guilty.

"Before I do this, you will need to relax and fully let go. Breathe slowly, yet deeply. Follow my white string." The blonde female dipped the string back in forth as Trevor's eyes grew increasingly heavy. This soon drained the boy as he fell into a deep slumber.

Carver watched in agony. The body of his friend seemed lifeless, even though he had just been given a second life. The 21 year-old broke into excessive sobs whilst Kanoa tried to console him by way of patting him on the shoulder. "I've lost him so quick." He wailed with intense liability before the ruler quickly rose his hopes.

"Listen, Carver, I understand that your souls are connected and empty without one another. So, I am going to do the same for you. If that is what you'd like me to do as long as you behave and carry out tasks."

An obnoxious ring irritated within the male's eardrums. He absolutely could not believe what he was hearing. His eyes locked on Mozek's ruler."You don't really mean this, do you?" He was completely astonished, to say the least.

The tall female chuckled lightly. "I would not have said so if I did not mean it." Carver readily leaped onto another reflective bed. "Now, don't get in a big rush, Carver. You must complete three tasks whilst on Earth." The man with charcoal-coloured hair replied eagerly. "Oh, yeah. What are they?"

Kanoa gave the man an authoritative glare."You must befriend Trevor as early in life as possible, you must defend him from self-harmful thoughts or actions, and you must not get distracted, harming yourself in the process." The male with indigo irises beamed. "That sounds easy enough!" As the queen put Carver into a hypnotic state, he soon drifted off.


May 12, 2018: A proud soon to be mother and father latched hands in a hospital room. Boisterous cries echoed through the white halls. Hours had passed stagnantly of everlasting shrills until a newborn was finally delivered. The nurse confidently announced that the infant was definitely a female. Tears of overwhelming joy fell from the couple.

The mother held her gorgeous baby in a white, rough towel. "Hello, Trena." This is the beginning of Trevor's new life as Trena. Although she does not comprehend much at this moment in time, she is sure to have a wild personality from her mother. This girl will soon find strength and intelligence passed down to her from her father's side.

May 12, 2022: A petite and pudgy girl sat at her brown wooden desk at elementary school. It was her 5th birthday. Her own birthday was by far the best holiday ever! A mundane mathematics worksheet was passed out to her by her teacher, Mrs. Fran. The blonde girl grimaced. This was not how you celebrate a birthday!

This infuriated the child so much so that she viciously crumbled the glossy textured paper. "I want presents and cake!" This soon followed with the very miffed kindergarten teacher that illustrated her anger with her hands on each side of her hips. "Trena, make your way to the principals office right now." As the young girl traced the adult's pointing finger, she noticed it led to the dreadful door. Her eyes began to overflow with tears. However, the child minded and stormed out of the classroom and dashed to the office.

What came to view was another girl with short jet black hair sitting patiently outside of the office. Obviously, she was exceedingly distressed. She was muttering incoherently until Trena skipped up to her presence. The blonde sat down next to her and began to yap her debut. "Hi, I'm Trena!" She waved, suddenly in a cheerful mood again. The female with black hair shot her attention to the other and gasped externally.

"Trevor!" The blonde was utterly bewildered by this response, though she laughed it off before reiterating. "No, silly! It's Trena. It's my birthday and I'm five. What's your name?" The other child could barely comprehend due to the speedy voice tapping against her eardrums. "I'm...I'm Carly. Happy Birthday. It's nice to meet you." Carly grinned with a composed posture.

"Well, were you bad? What did you do?" The marginally older female was somewhat put off by this question, "Huh? Oh. This is my first day at this school and Mr. Fintch is going to assign me a mentor." Trena swung her feet in a swift rhythm , popping her tongue to an unknown tune. "Cool!" She clearly lost interest in the subject.

The taller child coughed uncomfortably. "So, you’re five, huh? I'm seven." The tanned female answered quickly. "Yup! Want to come to my birthday party at my house? I'm going to have so many presents from Mommy and Daddy!" A giggle was sounded by the older child. "Sure!"

May 12, 2022, 4:12 P.M.: Carly's dad aggressively pulled up at Trena's house, grumbling. " You know I'm not picking you up. So, just walk home. I don't give a fuck." Her dad was not like her other parents in her past life. This one was a grumpy alcoholic who left his wife when his child was born. The mother has plenty of issues of her own.

Upon entering the estate home, her new (old) friend tackled her in a compacted embrace."Thanks for coming, Carly!" A yellow gift bag was pushed towards the stout blonde. "Yay! More presents! Thanks! Come on in!" The child was pulled in rather huskily before she bowed to her parents hovering over her. "Hello. I'm Elizabeth and this is Steve. There is no need to bow." Carly's cheeks bloomed a tangible dark crimson. "Uhm...nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Los."

Steve applauded with outstanding encouragement. "What a respectful gentlewoman." Chandeliers hung from the ceiling over a marble table. Maroon drapes hung over the windows. Elaborate decor hung on the tan walls. It seemed like Trena (Trevor) had a very nice life that is very different from her past. She had a very loving family, a home, and was doing well in school...sometimes. Carly (Carver) thought that this would be a simple task to keep her friend safe. However, she did notice that she was only one to come to her birthday party.

"I want chocolate cake!" The blonde child demanded as she pounded her callused fists on the table. Her mother chuckled with delight before announcing, "Okay, let's sing Happy Birthday." The 7 year-old joined in the out of tune singing, feeling her heart flutter. Trevor was never this happy. Once the cake was served with chocolate ice cream drizzled with strawberry syrup, the taller child snickered as her friend shoved the whole slice of cake into her mouth. Yellow icing was on the tip of her nose and cheek. This had to be true happiness.

Disaster strikes

December 18, 2030: A teenager slammed her bedroom door shut, alarming the structure of the house. "I hate you! I just want to die!" The blonde girl sobbed, irritated by her constant text alerts. Her parents were too strict. They wouldn't let her do anything. She couldn't go to the mall, she couldn't wear makeup, she couldn't wear "revealing" clothes. The list goes on and on of what she can't do. Most importantly, she was not allowed to have a boyfriend.

Her guardians said she was too young even though everyone else was dating already. She is definitely the last to do everything. She was more mature than her parents were! Trena was ready to end her life. She has had enough of her psychopath parents preventing her from having any friends. The blonde knew she had Carly, but Carly was more like a person that just latches onto you. It was kind of annoying.

The 12-year-old ripped her phone out of her jeans. She read the text with a blatant stare. It read:

Carly: Why won't you answer? Are you okay? Trena dramatically smashed the letters on her keypad.

Trena: NO MI PARENTS WONT LET ME HAV A BF. On Carly's side, she felt the agonizing discomfort of jealousy burning in the pit of her stomach.
Carly: Will they let you have a girlfriend?
Trena: um no im not gayy wtf
Carly: I didn't mean to offend you. I'm sorry.
Trena: m goin to kil miselv
Carly: Don't say that! Everyone will miss you!
Trena: i hate evry1 m levn tis warld bi.
Carly: I'm coming over right now!

This was way too much to take in for the young girl. She was doing just fine, watching her friend. What had made things go so wrong? The girl with charcoal-coloured hair blamed herself for this situation. The task seemed easy enough, but somehow she failed. No matter what life Carly (Carver) was in, she always seemed to fail the only person she truly cared about.

The older teenager barged into her friend's bedroom door to find the girl playing with a yellow lighter. Carly snapped the lighter out of the girl's hand. "What are you doing? You scared me, Trevor!"

The female with pitch black hair shrieked with a hoarse voice, her heart pounding out of her chest. Trena appeared frantic. "Why do you keep calling me that? That's not even my name!"

The other female was taken aback. Why did she keep making that mistake? "I'm sorry. It's just somebody I used to know. Forget about it."

Both were manically hysterical. Their hair was disheveled and their mind was extremely chaotic. The blonde gnawed her teeth and tightened her fists. "I'm tired of everyone lying to me! Tell me who this so-called person is!" Carly could never say no to Trena. The blonde was always so demanding. She got what she wanted from her friend all the time.

"He was a friend of mine." Technically, she did tell her the truth. However, the other girl was not satisfied (she never was). "That's it?" Carly flinched, huffing before she ignored her subconscious. "Fine. He was my...m-my boyfriend. He killed himself. You just remind me so much of him. I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable."

The shorter teen raised her brow in confusion.

"Oh, so you can have a boyfriend! Wow, even you got a boyfriend before me. Now I know I'm a completer loser. What? Do I look like him too? Are you saying I look like a guy?" Carly was use to this mocking and edgy behavior. It was somehow appealing considering, Trevor was the exact opposite. "No. I'm not saying you look like a boy or that you're a loser. You're...eyes and facial attributions just remind me of...of..him."

This is when disaster stricken. The older female was completely unaware of the voice in her head chanting, no, don’t do it!” or she just didn't care any longer. Carly was tired of pretending and just being merely a bystander of Trena's existence. It was exhausting and debilitating. She just could not control her actions any longer. This was when the older female slid in for a harsh peck on her friend's lips.

The taste of strawberry was swiftly vanished before being violently rammed to the carpet. All of the events happened in a bright flash before the enraged blonde began to quarrel with the other. "Why the fuck did you just do that? You're one of those nasty lezbos, aren't you? I bet you never even had a boyfriend. It was probably a girl!"

Carly was severely ashamed of what she had just done. She had violated the girl's amenity. This had made her feel a foreign sense of selfishness quake inside her chest. Just when she thought it couldn't get any worse, it had done just that. She had just ruined her first task and now she has completely failed the system.

Established Dedication

October 24, 2010: Red, yellow, orange and brown leaves ruffled as they were tossed at one another by two boys. One preteen was 12 whilst the other was 14 years old. Their names are Carver Hadi and Trevor Fredrick. They have been best friends since preschool. Carver Hadi had parents from Indonesia, however, he was born in the U.S. Trevor Fredrick was born in Maine, U.S.

The older boy was harshly pushed into a small pile of wrinkled leaves. He soon glanced up, his eyes glazed in wonder. He took in the view of his peppy friend, noticing that he smelled of strawberries and chocolate. Trevor's hair was very sloppy with an obvious sheen of grease. He wasn't the most hygienic person he knew, but it never bothered him.

Carver was pinned to the ground, no resistance to the hold before the brunette spoke. "D-Do you h-have any f-food? I'm-I’m h-hungry." This boy was always hungry due to his malnourished state.

April 3, 2015: A teenage male was flung against a cold brick wall, carpeted in open wounds. An obese woman with tan skin and grey hair grimaced down upon her son. I asked you where you were after school. Answer me now." The mother insisted with a rigid voice. Trevor was stunned by the rough punch that consisted of knuckles colliding with his nose. Followed after was a drainage of hot blood.

"I-I-I was a-a-at C-Carvers!" The teen knew better not to lie, because that entailed a more brutal punishment. "What did I tell you about talking to fags?" The boy could not even create any more tears. It was just not possible any longer. His brain has blocked everything out by this point. It was an endless cycle. "Go to the basement, since you can't comprehend words. I will show you what any fag will do to you."

A nightmare from hell arose. Shrieks reflected the dark room. Deep laughter was imposed. This was the night that broke any last strand of hope. This was the night that Trevor's identity would be lost. This was the night that Trevor lost his innocence to his step father.

April 5th, 2015: A knock alerted the 21 year-old. A boy burst in the door sobbing in cohesively. "Hey, Trevor. What's wrong?" As Carver led Trevor to his bedroom and sat him down on the bed, he probed. "Slow down. It's okay. Did your mom do something to you again?" The teen with jet black hair always had a way of staying calm in alarming situations like this. The brunette grumbled into his elbows. "Mhm."

The older male streaked his friend's oily hair. "Do you think you can tell me, so I can help?" The boy dramatically shook his head. " I-I-I d-d-don't w-want to go b-b-back." The taller teen was excessively infuriated. He had ignored this situation far too long. It was getting out of hand. It was time to take drastic actions. Now is the best and only time to do it. "I'm calling the authorities." Trevor's eyelids snapped wide open in urgent incredulity. "N-N-No! Y-You c-c-can't! P-P-Please don't! I-It w-w-will make t-things w-w-worse!"

This was the one time he did not obey his friend's orders. After his mother and step father was arrested, it was down to where he was going to go. Carver's parents worked deliberately to adopt Trevor. However, they did not succeed. Instead, another kind family brought him in.

August 9th, 2016: Two teenagers were in a bedroom with little to no lighting. It was about 8:00 P.M. They both were listening to fast music. The younger of the two was reading a thin magazine with a cover titled, Mozek: The Most Controversial Conspiracy Theory of the Decade. The older male peeked from across the room. "What are you reading?" The brunette was shaken by the sudden voice. "U-Uhm, it's…i-it’s about a c-conspiracy t-theory. H-Have y-you e-ever h-heard of Mozek?"

Carver beamed, grinning with buzz. "Yes. It's actually not a theory. It's real!" This response caused the younger male to explode in a fit of derisive laughter before he realized that his friend was in fact not joking. "O-Oh. Y-Y-You're s-serious." Trevor anxiously cleared his throat. He was in complete embarrassment from mocking his friend.

"U-U-Uhm, T-Tell me a-about it." The shorter one cleared the awkward atmosphere somehow. "It's a religion. It's the afterlife. You may be a Teren (Guardian angel) or be reincarnated, depending on your deeds on Earth." Trevor loved his friend's enthusiasm with certain topics. The way his eyes lit up as he rambled, the way he grinned when he got excited, and the way his voice got deeper when he talked.

"N-Now, t-t-that's s-some neat a-a-ass shit! Is there l-l-like a g-god too?" Carver rose his brows. "Hm? Oh, yeah. A ruler that reinforces the rules of Mozek." This is when the older of the two handed the other male a thick hardback book that looked as if it was from the 19th century.

"This is the Lurin. It will tell you everything there is to know about Mozek." The brunette cringed involuntarily. "Y-You e-expect me to r-read all o-of this?" The older teenager smiled coyly at Trevor's usual childish behavior. "Of course not."

Dream's Memory

September 21, 2016: "H-Hey C-Carver? Can I-I ask you s-something?" The older male shot his attention toward the other. "Yes?" His voice wavered due to the unknown question that was to come. "I-I h-heard s-some things a-about you at s-school. I'm just w-wondering if t-they might be...t-true." Carver was severely bewildered by this statement. "They say a lot of things about me. Which rumour is it now?" The brunette furrowed his brows in contemplation.

"I h-heard that, uh, y-you w-were...g-gay." His male counterpart inhaled sharply. "Oh, Okay." The older of two ultimately avoided the topic, but Trevor was not having that. "S-So...are y-you?" The taller boy let in, clicking his tongue before he began. "Well, I understand that you probably don't want to have anything to do with me now." The brunette was compulsively confused.

"W-Wait. S-So you a-a-are?" The male with charcoal-coloured hair rolled his eyes, sighing harshly. "Yes." One word changed the whole atmosphere between the two. "O-Oh. U-Uhm. T-That's okay. I-I d-don't c-care if y-you're uh..." The two teenagers locked eyes with an awkward attitude. "Thanks. Sorry if that grosses you out. It's just how I am." Carver's raspy voice seems to contain Trevor's sanity.

A few mentally extended minutes had passed before the brunette spoke up again. "I-I t-t-think I'm g-gay t-too." This declaration disoriented the older male. He hid his finger by his thigh, pinching himself through the tight jeans. He wasn't dreaming at all. "O-Oh. Er…What...What made you realize?" The older man critically tried to shield his hot cheeks by breaking the eye contact. The younger boy was eager to answer, he didn't seem effected by this predicament at all.

"I j-just never f-felt a-anything really s-spark with a g-girl. I-I don't k-know if I l-like guys, but I-I'm o-open to it. I'm j-j-ust not r-really sure yet." Carver nodded his head. "That's understandable." A part of him wanted this conversation to be over while the other wanted this conversation to last forever. "W-What m-makes you s-sure that y-you're gay? L-Like, how do y-you come to the c-conclusion of t-that?" The other teenager gnawed down his jaw, he felt his heart pound unsteadily against his chest.

"I found out by a kissing a few males here and there." The teen with charcoal-coloured hair spoke rather fast, though his friend could comprehend. "S-So, I-I j-just have to k-kiss a guy?" Carver wheezed. "I-I...guess?" Trevor pouted as he crossed his arms perilously. "W-Well, t-t-that will n-never happen! I look l-l-like a h-hobo!" This boy had a funny way of lifting the spirits up in any tense conversations. The older one was defensive for his friend who loved to loath. "That's not true! A lot of people would!"

The brunette gave the other a discriminating expression. "L-Like who?" This is when Carver mentally broke down. His palms became viciously clammy. The teen bit his tongue, drawing blood. He did a brave and daring task. "W-well...uh...I-I would. I mean just to help you find out, not for any other...reason." Before the other could reply, the taller of the two flinched with clenched eyes. He was surely unprepared for the outcome.

His eyes were sealed shut, all he could hear was shuffling of the other. "I-If I d-didn't know any b-better, I w-would think you h-have a l-little g-girly crush o-on me. Is t-this true, C-Carver?" The 21 year-old believed he was melting right then and there as he babbled nervously. "I don't want to make things awkward or lose you as a friend. I can't risk-" He was silenced by a pair of moist lips against his own.

Deja Vu

Jun 18, 2031: A blonde girl awoke from a lucid dream. It gave her agonizing migraines that wouldn't go away. These dreams were odd and very intricate. It gave a disturbing sense of deja vu. All of these serene dreams had one thing in common with each other, That is, her identity was of a boy named Trevor. The name suddenly rung a bell. That is what Carly mistakenly calls her all the time.

Trena began to piece clues together like a detective. Carly's friend supposedly committed suicide. She shook her head with aggravation. She couldn't have been him! Reincarnation is a tale, it's not true. Though, if it was, something was not adding up. Carly wasn't that old. How would she know of an adult man that died years ago? She needed more evidence to clear things up.

The female dialed her friend's number. "Hello?" The woman's voice on the other end was understandably groggy, considering it was 5:03 A.M. "Carly. Did you have an adult boyfriend? Because I'm pretty sure he was a pedophile."

She could hear shuffling on the other end with a series of obscurities announced. "No. He's not a pedophile. Uhm. Why are you up so early? Are you okay?"

Trena whined with over dramatic tendencies. "I'm fine! I just had weird dreams that woke me up." It was alarmingly quiet until the older of the two spoke up. "May I ask what they were about? Were they nightmares?" The blonde pondered if whether she should tell her or not. "No, not really nightmares. It just seemed really...real." Carly sat up on her bed with a new piked interest.

"Please tell me more. Maybe I can help you understand it?" The blonde sighed. "Hear I go; I'm sorry I made fun of you and was mean to you a while back. I keep getting dreams that...that I am a guy named....Trevor and there is this other person called Carver and we did all this stuff together. In my nightmare, I was raped by my dream's step dad. That's what woke me up."

The female on the other end bit her lip and clenched her facial muscles. Could she have inflicted those memories to happen? Trena wasn't supposed to remember! The world is falling down around her. "Oh, that seems like a neat story. Well...not the nightmare." The younger female growled. "Please tell me I'm not crazy! I know you believe in reincarnation and you said I look like your friend. Could we both have been reincarnated?"

The question stayed stagnant in the air for a few moments. "I'm sorry. This is my fault. I shouldn't have brought you into this." The blonde grimaced at the needless apologies. "Wait, what are you sorry for? Do you know something I don't know? You have to tell me." Carly's eyes watered, she definitely wasn't crying right now. All of these female hormones are difficult to get used to.

"I can't tell you. It would mess everything up." A grunt was sounded from the pudgy girl. "Tell me now or I'll make you!" The other was pushed to her limits. "Fine! What is it that you want to know?" The younger girl huffed. "Are you reincarnated? Am I reincarnated? You know the answer." Carly's tears began to drain as she spilled the information over the phone. "You're Trevor. I'm Carver. That's all I'm going to say."


Both girls decided to meet up in secret at a reservoir. The two sat atop of a high hill. They gawked at the sky, speculating how or who was to start the pressing conversation. "So, is that really all you're going to tell me? I kind of already figured out that I'm Trevor. Just tell me a little more, please?" Carly made two huge mistakes right then and there. She eyed her female companion, noticing the girl's eyes were polished over with her bottom lip slightly sticking out. She appeared so adorable when she begged. The older of the two could never say no.

The second mistake came, giving in. "You were given a second chance, therefore you have been reincarnated. Kanoa allowed me to be reincarnated as well as long as I took care of you. I can't say much. If you do remember Mozek, unlucky consequences will happen." Trena let the information sink into her brain.

"What's a Kay-away? What happens if I start to have memories of a Mozek? By the way, What's a Mozek?" Carly shook her index finger back in forth. "No. If I tell you, it could trigger memories and then you'll be taken away."

The blonde crossed her arms and pouted melodramatically. "Who will take me away?" The girl would not stop until she got more details out of her friend. The older female nodded, attempting to be at peace. "You'll go to the Inclur. The ruler of Inclur is called: D-E-A-S-T. Do not say this out loud, he'll appear and take you to the Inclur. It's not a place you want to go. I think we’re done with conversation, okay? I can't keep telling you more. It would be my fault if you got trapped there."

The younger female arranged the letters in her head, before disobeying her friend's orders to not speak of the name. "Oh, I'll be taken a way to an in cooler and I can't say Deast? You're a paranoid motherfucker. You're making this up!" Carly gasped, startled by what had left her friend's mouth. She had ignored the names she was being called and slammed her palm over the other's mouth.

"Mph!" The girl with charcoal-coloured hair panicked, looking everywhere for the Deast to appear. The younger female ripped the grip of Carly's palm off her mouth. "What are you looking for?" Trena screeched before standing up and attempting to make her exit. "You're a lunatic! I'm leaving!" She began to dash before her friend latched onto her arm. Trena tried desperately to get out of the hold, though her friend was much stronger. "I'm scared for you. I don't want you to be taken. He'll show up any minute. You have to stay with me so I can protect you."

The blonde grimaced. "What, just because I said a made-up word? If you're right, he would already be here! I wish he'd take me away. My whole life is an asylum and I'm the only normal one here! DEAST DEAST DEAST! Ha! See, nothing happens-" Before the woman could finish, a 7ft man appeared within thin air. He wore a large smirk and an auburn mohawk.

Both females were frozen out of extensive disbelief. Carly's head dropped as she held back aching tears. Trena was utterly bewildered and completely shaken. "Did someone speak of the Deast?" The man sneered, making his way to the stout blonde. She muted, her vocal cords not allowing her to speak. "Wow. Hi there, cutie. Did you want to come with me? We'll have lot's of fun!"

Carly ran in front of her friend, shielding her from the danger. "Don't mess with her! She doesn't want to go with you!" The buff man slammed the frantic girl into the ground. "She said so herself. If I didn't know any better you seem pretty jealous....Carver." Hearing Deast say her formal name gave her a pain in her forehead. "She has to stay here! You can't take her!"

The elder male pointed over his shoulder at Carly. "We need to get rid of this yapper, don't we?" Trena rose her left brow. "No! Even though she is annoying, she is still my friend!" The girl planted constant punches to the 7ft man's stomach. Deast chuckled viciously."I don't give a flying fuck what you want, baby doll. I'm getting rid of it for my own sake. " Both females eyes grew large as the male with the mohawk pulled out a black pistol.

Deast moved his hands in a specific pattern, causing Carly to be frozen in place. As he began to shoot, the blonde leaped in front of the target. She was instantly hit by the bullet. The chubby girl fell to the ground as she bled profusely. Carly hurried to bend down and press her palms on the girl's open wound. "No, No, No! I was supposed to protect you! Please…please stay with me! " Deast snickered, vanishing within the thin atmosphere.

Carly's rest of the year entailed sitting by her friend's bedside at the local hospital. She has been on life support and today was the day her family decided to pull the plug. It was the worst night ever. She had failed at her most significant task. The end of Trena's (Trevor's) life is the end of Carly's(Carver's) life.


Carly sat at the edge of her bed, allowing her feet to dangle. Her tears moistened the picture in her hand. The photo was of him and Trevor smiling proudly. The girl sighed breathlessly. She hadn't been eating lately, she was lacking in hygiene, and she just slept all day. It was 2:00 A.M. and The girl could hear her father stumble in the door, probably drunk and accompanied with a woman. It was a good thing she had her door lock, now if only she had soundproof walls.

Carly have been having intrusive thoughts. They wouldn't go away. Maybe if she acted on them, there might be a chance of saving her best friend. She just didn't have the guts to do it! The consequences gnawed at her brain. She could lose Trevor or save him. It was very hard to tell the outcome.

The girl with short hair lightly kissed the photo before rummaging through her bedside table. The female winced at the noisy sound of a medicine bottle that was prescribed to her father for high blood pressure. There was plenty to take for a fatal overdose. She never thought that she would actually do it, but her time has come.

The girl knew what would happen if she did so, but if only she could convince Kanoa that all she wants to do is break Trevor out of the Inclur. Her frail hand's shook excessively. Her heart rate plummeted, her face hot. The woman was already feeling dizzy and sick to her stomach. It was now or never.

Carly woke up as her formal self, Carver. He was very irritated by all the stimulation going on around. It was loud, yet so quiet. It was cold, yet so warm. It was so foreign, yet so familiar. It took him quite some time to orientate himself. "I'm in Mozek." He mumbled to himself as he stood and glared at the reflection of his form. He deliberately created a Sani (portal) before hopping in the transport to Kanoa's sanctuary.

Once he arrived, Kanoa was ready to greet him. Though this time she seemed angry. "Why did you do this? You know very well what happens when you do!" The male staggered towards the ruler with a glare in his eyes. "I had to. Trevor is in the Inclur. I need to save him. It...It was the only way." The frail woman crossed her pale arms. "I know he's there. I cannot enter the Inclur myself. You must not go. It's too dangerous."

The 21 year-old’s anxiety grew lavishly. " I have to! Don't you understand? I'm nothing without him." The male was delirious as he shook with his palms and grasped his scalp. The elder female sighed deeply. "I understand that. If you are willing to sacrifice where you will belong for all eternity, I think I understand what true love is." Kanoa bit her lip, deep in thought.

"Is there a way if I go there I can bring him back to Mozek?" His burning question melted into the atmosphere. "You can make a portal, however the Deast will surely catch you." The lean male took a sharp inhale and spoke. "I have to try." Kanoa lain her hand out. "You may go, but do not say I did not warn you." Carver nodded before jumping into the pitch-black portal that would possibly trap him for all eternity.

The temperature was scorching. The temperature was crisp. Shrills sounded and echoed. Everything is pitch-black. The absence of colours dominates. Carver leaped up, due to the fiery ground incinerating him. "Trevor! Where are you? I can't see anything. Oh my God...." The horrendous sound of wicked laughter arose.

He knew the Deast was somewhere in his presence, but he could not see anything. "Tell me where Trevor is!" The 7ft man snickered obnoxiously. "Will take a note of that, will do. But before that, my dear baby, I'm glad you decided to show up. It's been oh-so lonely here without you. Why don't we chat a bit, hm?" Soon the darkness seemed to fade a little. However, everything was grey.

"I don't want to chat! I need to find Trevor." The 21 year-old began to sob continuously. "Well, I suppose we can skip right to the fun." The large man's sing-song voice blared into the other's eardrum causing him to shrill in pain. Deast clapped his hands. He used the magic of the Inclur to make Trevor appear.

Carver darted to his frail friend, hugging him tightly. However, the brunette acted dazed and confused by the sudden hug. He hadn't shown any response and did not say one word. "What's wrong with him? " The male with charcoal-coloured hair shrieked thrillingly. "Oh...about that. I reduced his thinking process and well, I did what any decent person would do; I induced a psychosis upon him."


The Deast was nowhere to be seen. Carver didn't let go of his friend in fear that he may disappear too. His frown molded into his permanent expression. "Hey! Please...please say something, dear." The older male prodded and was left with only a blank stare. At least Trevor wasn't in so much pain anymore.

The 21 year-old deliberately created a bold blue portal before it dissipated into the black nothingness. Once again, the 7ft muscular man appeared. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Just what do you think you're doing? You can't leave without attending some playtime." The elder initiated a figure eight with his left hand.

The brunette's ankles and wrist were clipped in metal shackles. His screams would soon be muffled out by a black leather gag. Carver was offensively repelled by these actions. A large knife was placed in his hand as he gulped loudly. "If you do love this scumbag, wouldn't you love his insides as well? Cut him open, draw with his blood. Let him cry in pure agony!"

The male with jet-black hair flinched at the Deast's sharp echoing demands. "Never! I would rather stay in the Inclur than to inflict pain on him!" The taller of the two teens were sweating profusely, his heartbeat exhilarating, and his whole body became paralyzed. Deast sneered with a sloppy grin. "You have two options. I let you go if you do as I say or you do as I say and you stay here. What's it going to be, honey bunches?”

Carver knew this had to be a sick lie. It is known in the Inclur that the pain is much more unbearable than it is on Earth. You cannot die in the after life, yet you can surely feel pain. "You're lying. You wouldn't let us go." The 7ft man applauded. "Oh, hello Mr. obvious! You should trust me on this one though. I'll regenerate your boy's thinking process and let him go. How about that?"

The 21 year-old knew to never trust the Deast, but something was laced within his words. Carver felt a tinge of sweetness on his tongue. He felt...soothed. A clumsy smile appeared as he brought the knife up. "Okay, master." As the elder male chuckled, he snapped his fingers.

The man with charcoal-coloured hair ran the blade over his friend's collarbone. A line of blood began to drain as Trevor wailed in ferocious pain. Hot tears exploded from the brunette's eyes whilst he dropped to the ground. The ear-piercing shrills alarmed Carver to snap out of the hypnotic state.

The male with black hair released a stinging gasp as weakness glided him down to the ground. He latched onto the brunette as he chanted apologies. "I'm so, so, sorry, dear! I didn't-I...I...d-didn't mean to! It's going to be okay. It's going to be okay. " It was a lot to take in for the both of them. They sobbed in tune to one another as lightning shook the universe behind them.

Someone was breaking into the the Inclur. An elder female with a long white dress appeared while gritting her jaws together. Her fist in position for the quarrel that was bound to come. Deast was astonished. He had made this universe to be Kanoa proof. They both raged at each other.

"What the fuck are you doing here!?" The 7ft man lain a punch to his ex- wife's forehead. She blocked it in a timely manner and smashed a kick onto the other. It hadn't done any good. Kanoa quickly blasted the large man with a bright light. The queen multi-tasked as she created a portal with her other hand. "Hurry, jump in!" The two men did as told, thanking the female in the process.

As all three arrived at Mozek, Kanoa began to seethe. "I hate that guy. There is no way to kill him off. He's too powerful. " The elder female glanced at Carver who held Trevor in his arms securely. She rubbed her temples. "What did he do to him?" The 21 year-old man became breathless. "He put him into a psychosis. You have magic to turn him back, right?"

The queen knitted her light brows together. "Oh no...I can't. Deast is the only one whom can alter people psychologically." The male with charcoal hair was certainly not expecting such an answer. "Wait. You can't? But he can't talk or anything. How is he..." Kanoa shook her head as she patted the man on his shoulder. "I'm sorry, Carver."

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