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I hate Jason Dillinger. I hate that he's gorgeous. I hate that he's rich. I hate that he's an asshole. What I hate most is that I've never wanted to have sex with anyone more than him.

Jason Dillinger works with me as a camp counselor at Camp Rockaway. It's only been a week and even at orientation we discovered how much we can't stand one another.

We are opposites in every way, except for our age. We're both 23, but other than that we're completely different. He's fit and toned with a thin frame and beautiful features, like he stepped out of a men's magazine. I'm built and rugged with a sharp, thick jaw and more body hair than he'll probably ever have. He's from a rich family. I'm from a dirt poor one. He's a sarcastic smartass who always has an opinion. I'm a quiet, strong type who would rather debate with my fists.

"Um, hello?" Jason asks. He waves his hand in front of my face and snaps like I'm a dog. "Earth to Trenton. Are you with us?"

"What?" I realize I was staring at his lips.

We're outside at the ropes course. Jason is in charge of organizing how it will be set up. I'm in charge of putting it together. It's hot out today in the woods, so I'm sweating and having trouble concentrating, especially when Jason is wearing those shorts that show off his firm butt.

"Ugh, figures," Jason groans. "Do you ever pay attention? Or does all your stupid muscle get in the way?"

"Shut up, pretty boy." I picked up some rope slack. "Alright. Just tell me which post to set this to."

Jason pointed to a wooden post at the left. "Over there, idiot."

"Great, asshole." I made it a point to shove him as I walked by.


I can't stand Trenton Braxton. He thinks he can push me around just because he has all that muscle. All that hot, testosterone filled muscle just bulging and roaring to be used. I hate his deep voice. I hate his chiseled jaw and masculine features. I hate the way he talks like he's alpha of everything. And I hate the way he makes my body heat rise whenever I'm around him. Seriously, I've never had so many erections I've had to hide while workinf a summer job. But Trenton makes me harder than a rock. And the way he smells, I could bottle it. But I hate him.

"Don't push me again, asshole," I tell him.

He turns around and steps up to me. "Don't try to fight me, pretty boy."

I hate it when he calls me that, but part of me likes the way he gets rough with me. He shoves me.

"Ugh, just give me the rope." I try and take it from him.

We fight over the rope. We start yelling and grabbing at one another. I hit him on his shoulder. He yanks the rope back from me and pulls it so hard he breaks the pulley it was attached to.

That's when our boss sees us. "Trenton! Jason! What the heck is going on?" Our boss is Reggie. He's a large man with a voice that could knock down a tree. "I swear. You two haven't stopped fighting since you started working here."

"It was Trenton’s fault," I say.

Trenton punches my shoulder. He has so much muscle and power he barely touches me and it hurts.

"Ouch!" I say.

"Knick it off, both of you." Reggie gets in between us. "That does it. You're both going to the isolation cabin until you can learn to get along."

My stomach drops. The isolation cabin? Where I'll be alone? With Trenton?

Trenton is red in the face and his nostrils are flaring. He doesn't look one bit happy about it either.



I can't believe I'm stuck in a cabin with this pretty boy. There's only one room here with two small beds. And it's hot as hell. And Jason is getting on my damn nerves.

"I can't stand it here," he complains. "I can't believe you got us into this."

"Hey, I didn't do anything." I walk to him and stand behind him. "You think just because you're rich and pretty that you don't have to take responsibility for anything, huh? But you're such a jackass."

He turns around and smirks at me. His lips are pouty and full. I bet they would feel great on my cock. "So, you think I'm pretty?" He smiles and I can't tell if I'm turned on or even more enraged. But I make fists and get into his face.

"I oughtta take you down and show you who's really boss in this cabin," I growl.

He gulps. He's scared of me, but he has no choice to stand still because I have him cornered. "Go ahead and try, asshole." His lips are full. His body seems to shake. He's under my power, and it starts to make my cock swell.

I've never been around a guy as hot as Jason. I've never even looked at guys that way before, but Jason is one of a kind. The way he looks back at me awakens the challenger in me. I can feel the testosterone pumping through my blood and I want to take him, get him naked and have my way with him to show him who's boss.

"Screw you,” I tell him. I turn away from him because I'm afraid of the way he's making me feel. I head for the cabin door.

"Where are you going?"

"None of your business that's where!" I slam the door shut.

For the next hour I stay outside on the trails around the cabin. I'm alone in my thoughts an i try to figure out how I'm feeling this way about Jason. Why can't I strip thinking about his stupid smile, that cocky grin, or why can't I stop thinking about how hot his body is under those stupid, preppy clothes? By the time I get back to the cabin I'm sweating and I'm, well im horny. Thinking about Jason does that to me. As much as i hate him, he still turns me on. I'm ready to get ready for bed when I get back because the sun is setting. I'm tired. I'm angry. I'm sexually frustrated. And I'm ready for some sleep. But I catch Jason using the outdoors shower when I get back to the cabin.

Holt shit, I think. There he is. Naked. Under the hot water. Right there in the open on the backside of the cabin. And damn, he looks good without any clothes on. I should leave, I think. Just walk around to the other side of the cabin and go inside. But I don't want to. I want to stay and watch him shower. The soap lathers down his body under the water. He bends over and washes his legs, and I get a perfect view of his ass. Firm. Tight. Jason obviously does squats and keeps his butt in shape.

I start to drool. My blood starts pumping harder and the animal within me awakens. I want a taste of Jason, that handsome bastard. The water rinsed off the soap from his backside in little rivers that go down his legs and drain.

The blood rushes in between my legs and my cock begins to swell. I lick my lips. My eyes are stuck on him. It's like he moves in slow motion with a perfect body and ass. Then, he sees me staring.

Jason jumps. "Holy shit!"

I stand up and try to look like I wasn't watching. "Oh, hey." But it's impossible for me to hide my hard erection that presses against my shorts.

"Were you watching me?" Jason asks. He turns his back to me and stays under the water.

"No, of course not. Why would I do that?"

"Then what were you doing?" Jason starts to blush.

"I was about to kick you out of the shower." I step down to the edge of the outdoor shower and strip off my shirt. It's the best lie I can think of. "Now get out. It's my turn."

Jason turns and faces me when I try and push him out of the water. "No, back off." He shoves me back. "I'm not done yet." He looks down, then he turns back around fast.

"What are you hiding?" I grab his shoulder and make him turn and face me.

"Man, stop!" Jason faces me and I see he has an erection. His dick is full and hard and wet and twitching. "Leave me alone."

"Damn, what's your problem, dude?" I stare at his cock. "Does being around me turn you on that bad?"

Jason yanks his arm away. He looks down. "You're one to talk."

I look down. My dick has gotten harder in my shorts. It's pointing straight at Jason. It's so hard that it aches. "Shit," I mutter. I try to push it down but that just hurts.

"So, you were watching me," Jason says with a smirk on his face. "And you were getting hard?"

"Hey, screw you!" I'm so mad that I storm at him and grab his wet, hot flesh. I throw him up against the wall. I end up under the warn water and it starts soaking me. "I wasn't watching you. Why would I watch you? I hate you!"

"And I hate you, too!" Jason looks back at me with fury in his eyes. But as I press against him his erection presses against mine and we both start feeling hot and bothered. Make that extra bothered...

Jason tries to push me off of him, but I'm feeling so aggressive that I fight back and keep him pinned against the wall. "You're an asshole," he tells me.

"And you're a rich pretty boy," I growl.

"Fuck you," he says.

"Fuck you!" I say louder.

We stare at one another. There's so much anger and fight between us we could burn from it. And then I'm the first one to break. I can't hold myself back from his pretty lips any longer and I attack him with a kiss.

Jason freezes.

I kiss him hard and move my lips upon him.

But he doesn't kiss me back.

Suddenly I'm nervous. I pull back from him. "Oh shit." I shouldn't have kissed him. I shouldn't have lost control like that.

But then he grabs my face and pulls it back to him. He starts moaning as he kisses me hard. His lips goes wild. His tongue slips into my mouth and explores me. His hands grab me. He touches my chest and my stomach. His hand trembles as he creeps lower to my shorts.

I can tell he wants to stroke my cock, and my cock is aching for it. So I grab his hand and put it in between my legs. He grabs my dick. He squeezes and I groan.

"Damn, you're big," he says with a deep breath.

"Yeah, you like it, don't you?" I kiss him hard. I keep my hand on his wrist and make him stroke me.

I take off my shoes. I slip down my shorts. I take everything off. Then we're both naked under the shower water. Jason looks at my cock like he's never seen something so gorgeous.

"You want it?" I ask with a cocky grin.

"Maybe..." He bites his lip and looks sexy as hell.

"Get on your knees and suck it."


Suck his dick? Suck Trenton’s dick? I want to. But I'm nervous. I've never sucked any guy's cock. And now I have this monster of a penis staring right at me and throbbing for me to put it in my mouth.

"Come on," Trenton says. "Don't be a pussy."

I glare at him. "I'm not a pussy." I get down onto my knees. His cock stares me right in the face. I gulp. I'm nervous. But I'm horny as hell. Trenton is the hottest guy I've ever been around or even seen, and now he's going to be in my mouth. My cock is dripping at the mere thought of it.

Trenton gets closer to me. "Come on, man," he says. "I really need this." He takes a hold of my face and pulls me towards his cock.

I open my mouth. I brace myself. Then bam. The head of his thick meat slides in between my lips. He pushes in further and I have to stretch my jaw. I grab his legs before he can push too far. His shaft is halfway into my mouth and his cock tastes better than I thought a man would ever taste. It's salty from his sweat, musky. I love the scent and taste, but it fades soon as he stands under the shower water.

Trenton grabs the back of my head and tries to push my mouth further on his cock. I gag and pull off. I punch his leg. "Hey, stop it."

"Then suck my cock like I want."

Angry, horny, I stand up and grab Trenton by his muscled shoulders. I push him back against the wall and look into his beautiful eyes. "I'm going to suck you how I want, got it? Or you're not getting any?"

He smiles, a horny twinkle in his eye. "You're kinda hot when you're like this, pretty boy."

My cheeks turn red and I try to stay stern, though I break a smile because he's so damn cute. "Shut up and enjoy it." I get back on My knees, take a deep breath, then slide his cock back into my mouth.

I get the hang of it fast. I bob my head back and forth on his cock, drooling on it and getting him wet.

He cradles his balls and massages them. He starts groaning. He starts trying to thrust further into my mouth.

I start to taste something else. Something salty. I start to taste his precome. Is he getting close? Am I going to let him come in my mouth?

"Keep going," he groans. "Keep sucking me." He grabs the back of my head and starts humping. His balls tighten. His cock begins to throb.

"Mmm, mmmm!" I don't know if I'm ready to take his come. But he won't let me go, and I want it. I hold onto his legs and let him have what he wants.

Trenton thrusts one more time into my wet mouth, then his cock explodes into orgasm and he grunts and groans. Come floods into my mouth. His come. His hot come. I feel it at the back of my throat and swallow fast. He keeps coming. I can't keep up, and I gag. I force him away and catch my breath.

"Holy hell," Trenton sighs. His skin is red and his muscles engorged. His cock is still twitching and dangling come. He breathes deep. He breathes slow. He pats my face and tells me, "Good job, man." He's about to walk away.

I stand up fast. "Hey, get back here!"

He laughs as he turns around. "What's the matter, pretty boy? You didn't get enough of my come?"

"No." I grab his arm and yank him back to me. "It's not fair. I just sucked you off. What do I get out of it?"

He flashes me a wicked smile then moves my hand away. "You get the satisfaction of having my come in your stomach now."


He gets mad and gets into my face. "This isn't some sort of love affair, Jason. All I wanted was to get some good head. I don't care about getting you off, too."

"Back up from me."

He gets even closer. "What are you gonna do about it, faggot?"

I become enraged. "Faggot?"

"Yeah, you heard me." He shoves my chest. "What are you gonna do about it? Suck my dick again?"

I lose my temper and hit him. I hit him in his chest. He attacks back and tries to grab my body. But I won't let him get the upper hand. I make a fist then swing. I punch him in his eye. He stumbles back and loses his balance.

Suddenly I'm afraid that he'll hurt himself. "Trenton!"

He grabs for the water pipe that runs the shower. He falls back, and the pipe doesn't hold up. It tears from the wall. Water spews like a geyser, and we've broken the shower. Now we’re really in trouble.

I was expecting Reggie to be mad at us. I was ready to get fired. What I didn’t expect was to have the hottest sex of my life that night with Jason…

To find out what happens, get Seduced at Camp Part Two.

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