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Feeders and Bleeders

Chapter 1

Cait Fallon, Ms. Fallon to her students, paused before opening the door to her classroom and turned to the transfer student behind her. The girl's name was Snow Bennett, and like most of the students in her grade, she had just turned eighteen. Cait couldn’t help but stare at the girl. She had grown so much. The redhead could still remember seeing Snow when she was still in diapers, but even though she knew of Snow, the brunette didn’t know of her. Cait hadn’t seen her since she was just a baby, and she had made Snow’s mother, Integra, promise never to tell her daughter of the promise Cait had made to Lidia, Snow’s grandmother.

“Are you ready?” Cait asked.

Snow took a deep breath before nodding. Cait smiled, then opened the door. The scene in which they walked into was one unique to their type of school. The room was in absolute chaos. One kid, a tengu or crow demon, was flying around the classroom while another boy with an extremely long neck, a rokurokubi, was trying to catch him between his jaw. A girl was singing an alluring tune to another boy. He looked dazed, while she looked as if she was about to take a bite out of him. Cait sighed, before taking command. She turned back to Snow.

“Wait here. I’ll formally introduce you.”

The brunette nodded. Cait turned back to her new students for the year. She clapped her hands getting their attention. “Takeshi, come down from the ceiling and take your seat. Jared, pull your neck back in before I chop it off and Sarah, quit singing before the whole class falls asleep.”

Within minutes all the students were in their seats and facing forward. Cait smiled. It seemed her reputation preceded her. Guess it helped when most of the school feared her losing her temper. She nodded, as they should. Cait walked to the front of the room where the chalkboard and podium were. She set down her seating chart, looked up at the students she would be teaching for the year and smiled. Another mixed bunch. She looked forward to whipping them into shape. Even though this was a monster high school, it was still her job to get the students ready to face the outside world.

“Good morning everyone.”

“Good morning Ms. Fallon,” they replied in unison. Cait smiled. Whatever rumor the previous seniors had passed along was working wonders.

“We have a new transfer student today. I know it’s only the second day of school, but I want you all to give her a warm welcome, and help her get settled in. Come on in Snow.”

Cait had to hand it to her. The girl walked in with an air of authority, and confidence, and stood by her facing the class.

“This is Snow Bennett. She will be in our class this year. You can take your seat next to Sarah. Sarah, can you raise your hand please.” Snow smiled back at Cait and whispered a quick thank you before walking towards her seat. Cait felt her stomach flutter and swallowed. Maybe she was nervous to be teaching another class this year. She turned back to her class.

“I’m going to lay down a few ground rules for this homeroom. First of all, I don’t mind if you do your homework here so long as you stand during the pledge, and at least half listen to morning announcements. What I will not tolerate are any shenanigans or foul play. You will behave yourselves in this classroom, or you’ll piss me off, and I’ll tell you right now, you really don’t want to see me mad.” She saw the students take a collective gulp.

“Now, that being said, I understand you have certain needs depending on what you are. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I might look young, but I know a lot more than you do. Any questions?”

One student raised his hand. Cait looked down at her seating chart. “Yes, Cole?”

“How old are you?”

Cait smiled. “How old do you think I am?”

All the students stilled and seemed to be holding their breaths.

“Um, twenty?”

She nodded. “Works for me. Now let me turn on morning announcements.” With that, she picked up the remote from the podium, switched on the television in the corner of the classroom, then took her seat at her desk in the back of the room. The whole room seemed to let out a collective breath as each student went about their own business, some pulling out homework they didn’t finish the night before, while others whispered quietly among themselves. Cait couldn’t help but look up and search out Snow. The girl was whispering to Sarah, and the two seemed to be getting along. Cait smiled and started pulling out her work. She felt like she always had something to do these days. Being a teacher in the modern day was a hell of a lot more work than it used to be.

* * *

Snow was mystified and intrigued by her homeroom teacher, Ms. Fallon. The woman didn’t look a day over twenty, but she held herself with such confidence that it commanded the attention of everyone in the room. She seemed like a nice woman, though. When Ms. Fallon had spoken to her earlier, it was done in a familiar way, almost as if she knew her. Snow was sure she had never met her homeroom teacher before today. The woman really was a mystery. Her mane of long red hair was kept in a high ponytail, and she was slender, but not skinny. She was really tall, too. Much taller than the brunettes five-foot-eight inches. Ms. Fallon moved in a graceful way, unlike Snow’s own clumsy bumbles. It was almost predatorily. Snow began to wonder what exactly Ms. Fallon was while she sat down next to Sarah.

“Hello, my name is Sarah Ginn, and I’m a siren.” Sarah held out her hand as she boasted. Snow was shocked for a moment as she had never met another person that immediately said what exactly they were. It was usually an unspoken agreement that most people would try to keep that information to themselves for fear of showing their weakness. She was hesitant to return the favor, so instead, she simply shook the girl's hand. “I’m Snow. It’s nice to meet you.”

“So why did you transfer here? Did you just move here with your parents?”

She had been anticipating this question, but now that it was asked, she was hesitant to answer. “Actually, I just moved here by myself.”

“You’re living by yourself?”

“Yeah. My eighteenth birthday was last week.”

“Wow. Why are you even going to school then? I would like, totally drop out if I was eighteen.”

“I just want to finish. My mom went to this school. It’s where she met my dad. I just kind of want to see it for myself, you know?”

“That’s so romantic!”

Snow smiled but was startled by the bell ringing.

“What’s your first class?”

Snow pulled out her schedule. “I have English first.”

“Ah, I have Calculus. Who's your teacher?”

Snow glanced behind her to the woman working at the desk in the back of the classroom. She turned back to Sarah. “Ms. Fallon.”

Sarah nodded. “Well, I hear she’s a really good teacher despite the not so subtle threats she gave out this morning. Just don’t piss her off and your day will go smoothly.”

Snow smiled as her seat buddy packed her bag and left the room along with the mob of students. Looking around, she realized there were only two other students in the classroom. One was the tengu boy, the one that had been flying around the classroom earlier. The other was a boy on the other side of the classroom sitting in the back. He was bent over his desk scribbling away on a piece of paper. Suddenly, he looked up and met her gaze. She sucked in a sharp breath. His eyes were two glowing red orbs staring back at her. She was used to seeing red eyes. Her grandmother had them as well, though her's had been much kinder. This boy's scared her. He was a vampire, and he looked hungry.

Snow’s gaze was broken as other students filed into the room taking their seats, and she turned to face the front. Taking several deep breaths, she tried to get her heart to settle. Whoever that boy was, she was going to stay the hell away from him. Her thoughts were interrupted by the earthy smell of fresh rain. She immediately felt herself relax.

“Are you okay, Snow?”

She looked up. It was Ms. Fallon.

Snow nodded.

“If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask. I promise I don’t bite.” The redhead smiled.

Snow giggled. She couldn’t help the calming effect that Ms. Fallon seemed to have on her. It was like she just knew that if anyone messed with her, Ms. Fallon would step in and always be on her side. She shook the feeling off as she watched her teacher walk to the front of the room and began her lecture.

“Okay class, today we will be starting one of the books off your reading list. I hope you all brought Frankenstein, Jezera’s edition.”

“Wait, we weren’t supposed to get Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein?” one kid yelled out.

Cait sighed and thought, we get one every year. “Don’t worry I have a few spares.”

“What’s the difference?” the same kid asked.

“There is a huge difference. Mary Shelley’s is the classic, but Jezera’s edition is more of a meditation on the actual life of Frankenstein, and how he survived until this modern day.”

“You mean Frankenstein is alive?”

“Don’t you know?”Another kid snickered.

“Enough of that. To answer your question, yes, Frankenstein is still alive. He lives in Alaska with his family. Jezera interviewed him several years ago, and this book is the result of that interview,” Cait said.

“What’s it about?”

“Well, you’ll just have to read it and find out, now won’t you.” Cait placed a spare copy of the book down on the boy's desk and turned around to retreat to her own desk. “Go ahead and read for the rest of this class. I don’t want to see anyone working on other homework.”

Snow waited until Ms. Fallon took her seat before walking over to her desk. Cait looked up from the paperwork she was filling out. “Yes, Snow?”

Snow felt her stomach flutter at the way her name sounded coming from the red head. It always came out as a song. “Ms. Fallon, I don’t have the book. I lost it while moving here.”

Cait nodded and picked up one of the spares from the corner of her desk and handed it to the brunette. When their hands met briefly, it felt like an electric shock traveled up Snow’s arm, and settled in her chest. Snow jerked her hand back, and the book fell to the desk.

“Sorry,” She rushed out.

Cait stared at her hand in shock, before shaking her head, handing the book back to Snow, careful not to make skin contact. “It’s fine. It was probably just static. You can borrow the book if you like. Until you get your own.”

“Are you sure that’s okay?”

“Yeah, they’re mine. I don’t mind sharing.” Cait smiled, and Snow smiled back as butterflies were released in her stomach again. What was that?

“Thank you.”

“You better get to reading.”

Snow nodded and went back to her desk. Cait watched before turning back to the forms she was filling out. What had that electric shock been? It had gone straight up her hand and to her heart in seconds. She could still feel the residual tingles of it. She needed to speak with the principle about this. He knew a lot more about her species than she did. She had no one else really to turn to after all. Cait felt the familiar anger bubble up in her gut, blocking out the earlier pleasurable feeling, but she squashed it back down and refocused on the forms in front of her. She would speak with the principal when school was over. It was never good when something new popped up with her. Whether it was a new feeling or whatever. It usually meant something bad, or so experience had taught her.

Chapter 2

The end of the day couldn’t come fast enough, Cait thought, as she marched down the empty hallways towards the principal's office. She had been feeling off ever since the morning, and she didn’t know why. Well, she knew why. It had to do with that electric shock she had felt come out of Snow. It had thrown her out of whack or something. She had been short with her students, putting them on their best behavior, so as not to get her any more riled up than she already was.

The rumor going around was that a student had forgotten his book in the morning class, and asked a bunch of dumb questions that pissed her off. Cait snorted. Like that would piss her off for a whole day. She had more control over herself than that or so she thought. The tingles from the morning were still running throughout her body making her other half bump up against her mental cage. It was really making her antsy and irritable. She needed to speak with Remus. He knew more about this stuff than she did. He still had his clan to teach him these things. When she reached his office, she didn’t bother with knocking and burst through the door, only to pause mid-step.

Snow was sitting in one of the chairs across from Remus holding an ice pack up to the side of her face. Cait took a whiff and caught the scent of fresh blood coming from the girl. Her other half rammed up against her mental cage. Through sheer willpower, she physically restrained herself by gripping the door jam, holding herself in place. That didn’t stop the snarl coming out of her as she turned to Remus.

“What the hell happened?”

Remus gave her a leveled look, calculating. “Cait, I’m busy at them moment. Can you come back later?”

“I asked what happened?” Like hell, she was coming back later. Snow was hers to protect. She had promised. A blood pact.

Remus looked from her face to her death grip on his door. “I’m trying to figure that out right now. If you could-”

Snow whimpered as she moved the ice to a tender spot. Cait barged into the room and shut the door behind her. She immediately squatted next to Snow to be at her level.

“Are you okay, Snow?”

Snow nodded.

“Can I look at it?”

The girl removed the ice pack to show the damage. A large gash ran from her temple to the middle of her cheek. There was a salve on it, and it had been stitched up well. The nurse's station at Monster High was basically a hospital due to the dangerous nature of the children that attended the school. Cait let out a breath between her teeth and gently tilted Snow’s chin so she could get a better look.

“What happened, Snow?” Cait asked softly.

Snow felt herself relax under Cait’s gaze. She felt her mouth moving of its own volition. “I got into a fight in the girl's bathroom, with a harpy.”

“What? Why?”

“She said I didn’t smell right. That I smelt like a half-blood. What’s a half-blood?”

Cait pulled back her hand as she felt her claws beginning to come out. She didn’t want to hurt Snow. “It’s nothing. I mean, it’s not a bad thing.”

Cait was struggling to keep her voice level. She didn’t want to scare the girl next to her, but her other half was biting, and scratching at her mental cage. It was demanding the blood of the harpy. “What was her name? Who was she?”

Snow opened her mouth as if to answer but Remus interrupted, “Snow, you can leave now. We will continue this tomorrow after school. I need to speak with Ms. Fallon right now.”

The brunette nodded but didn’t move from her seat. She didn’t want to leave Cait’s presence just to go home to an empty house filled with boxes she still had to unpack. It was weird. She didn’t know why, but she suddenly didn’t want to go home at all, when only minutes ago she had been trying to find an excuse to leave the principle’s office without telling him what happened.

Remus cleared his throat getting both Snow and Cait’s attention. He stood and walked around his desk, helping Snow stand up.

“Mary? Come here please,” Remus called out. The door to his office opened, and a woman with striking green eyes and a leopard's tail came into the room. “Yes, Remus?”

“Can you please take Ms. Bennett home. She is injured, and the buses have already left.”

“Of course.” Mary made to move forwards but was intercepted by Cait, who glared at her. Mary looked unsure and turned to Remus. He sighed. He would have to do this carefully. He had no command over Cait, and she seemed to be quickly losing control. He would have to plead with her other half. Remus leaned down to whisper in Snow’s ear.

“I need you to say that you are okay and that you want Mary to take you home.”

Snow looked up at him startled. “But--”

“I really need you to say it, Snow. I need your help with this one.”

“But I--”

“You will see Ms. Fallon tomorrow, I promise. You have her as your homeroom teacher, right?”

Snow nodded.

“Don’t you want to go home and rest. I’m sure you're tired.”

She nodded again.

“Good, so can you, please say what I asked you to.”

Snow looked unsure as if she was fighting her own inner battle. Remus could smell her confusion. She seemed to win this time and turned to look to where Cait was glaring down Mary.

“I’m okay Ms. Fallon. I want Mary to take me home.”

Cait’s head jerked in her direction, and she had a kicked puppy look on her face. Snow almost changed her mind, but Remus gripped her shoulder to remind her.

“Really, I’m okay. I just want to go home, and I want Mary to take me.”

Cait seemed to be struggling to find her words, nodded, and moved aside while looking down at the floor. Mary quickly moved and swept Snow away before the girl had a chance to change her mind.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Ms. Fallon,” Snow whispered as she walked by.

The room was still after the two left. Remus moved back around his desk to take a seat. “Please, sit.”

Cait’s movements were jerky as she maneuvered herself into the chair Snow had occupied only moments before.

“I take it you have some questions?” Remus’s voice was level and soothing. As if to placate.

Cait nodded. She couldn’t think straight. She should be the one taking Snow home not that other woman. She was Snow’s teacher. Why did Snow say she wanted Mary to take her home? Was she really going to be okay?

Her thoughts were interrupted by Remus’s calm voice, “Cait?”

She met his gaze. “Remus, what’s happening to me?”

He nodded. This was the problem when a person didn’t have their clan to teach them. Cait had been so young when her clan was massacred. He sighed. “Did you make any physical contact with Snow earlier today? Like, was there any type of, I guess some would call it a static shock, or warmth?”

Cait nodded. “It was earlier today. Our hands met, and I felt an electric shock from it. It felt like it traveled straight to my heart. What’s wrong with me, Remus?”

“It’s for reasons like this that I wish you had accepted my offer to join my pack, Cait. This could be very dangerous for both you and Snow. You’re a lone wolf with no master, no alpha.”

“What’s so dangerous? What are you talking about?”

Remus sighed. “What do you know about imprinting?”

“Not a lot. Just that it’s how my parents met. They said it was when you fall in love with someone.”

Remus laughed. “You must have been very young when you asked. Imprinting is when a werewolf meets their soulmate. Their one true mate. They bond with that person for eternity.”

“What exactly are you saying, Remus?”

“That feeling you felt when you touched Snow. That’s what it feels like to touch your imprint. It’s how you know you’ve met your soulmate. Usually, I’d say congratulations, but like I was saying earlier, this could be dangerous for the both of you. When a wolf first finds their imprint a few things have to occur before the human side can regain control of the wolf.”

“I imprinted.”

“Yes, Cait. You imprinted. On Snow.”

“How is that even possible?”

He smiled. “Why wouldn’t it be? Did you never think you would find your imprint?”

“Not in this lifetime. Not after what I’ve done.”

His smile fell. “But you did. Now, there are some choices you need to make.”

“Why is it dangerous?”

“As I was saying, a few things need to occur so you can stay in control. Usually, the alpha of the pack would take control over your wolf until you have finally completed the blood bond. Only then, would you have the strength to take back control over your wolf.”

“But I don’t have an alpha.”

“Therein lies the danger. Snow is a half-blood--”

Cait growled, “Don’t call her that!”

“I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. Her father was human and her mother a salamander. She is essentially human but with an ability passed down from her bloodline. I understand her grandmother had the same ability?”

Cait nodded. “She did.”

“Werewolves rarely mate to humans in this day and age. They usually imprint on stronger races. It’s in our DNA to seek out strong mates. The ones that do mate to humans usually have an alpha to help with the mating ceremony.”

“I refuse to bow my head to you, Remus. You are a good friend, but I’m also an alpha, I won’t bow to another.”

Remus sighed. “You always did come from a proud people. The Fallon’s were a great clan. May they rest in peace.”

“What would happen in the case when an alpha imprinted?”

“The omega would take on his wolf.”

“The omega?”

“What do you remember of your omega?”

“She wasn’t a strong woman, but everyone in the pack respected her. She was definitely smaller than our alpha, my father, though. How could she handle an alpha's wolf?”

“The alpha of a clan protects their omega. A clan that can keep their omega alive is a proud and strong one. An alpha would never attack their omega, the weakest wolf of the pack. The omegas have a calming effect on the whole clan. Most werewolf packs are volatile, but their omega helps the clan stay together by calming the younger wolves as well as, the more short-tempered ones.”

“What about their mate?”

“The mate can only do so much until the blood bond is complete, only then will they be able to handle their mate's wolf. Wolves are territorial. What would you have done to that harpy?”

Cait growled. “I’d rip her wings off and feed them to her!”

Remus chuckled. “Exactly. Would you have normally reacted that way if it was another student.”

She sighed and said, “I see your point Remus, but I refuse to join your pack.”

“Pride can be a dangerous thing Cait.”

“I’m a bad luck charm for any clan, Remus.”

“That’s silly.”

The redhead stood. “Say what you will, but I know what I know. I’m going home. I need to think.”

He sighed. “I advise you to think quickly. I’ve never seen a bond form quite so strongly, or quickly between both the wolf and the mate. You two may both need the guidance I can offer.”

“I’ll think on it. Goodbye.”

Cait closed the office door and made her way past Mary’s desk. She glared at it but shook her head to clear her mind. This was bad. Remus was right. How was she going to handle this if it was so strong? This need to claim what was her’s. Next thing she’d know, she’ll be peeing on Snow to mark her territory. Cait shuddered at the thought.

Chapter 3

Mary pulled into Snow’s apartment buildings parking lot and cut the engine.

“Would you like me to walk you up to your apartment?”

When the girl didn’t immediately answer, Mary looked over to see that she was staring out the window, as if in a daze.


The brunette jerked, startled, and turned to the leopard. “Yes?”

“We’re here. Come on; I’ll walk you to your apartment.”

“Okay.” Snow unbuckled her seatbelt and climbed out of the tan Honda Civic. The leopard met her on the other side of the car, her tail flicking languidly behind her.

“Shall we go?” Mary asked. Snow nodded and followed her.

“Ms. Mary?”

“I don’t mind if you just call me Mary.” She smiled, her green eyes lighting with humor.

“Mary, then. Forgive me if I’m overstepping my bounds, but are you a werecat?”

Mary continued to smile. “It’s no problem. I am, and I’m proud to be one. It’s kind of hard for me to hide it after all.” Her tail flicked lazily bringing a smile to Snow’s face.

“Why do you ask?”

“You reminded me of someone I knew. She used to be my bodyguard before I left home but I never had the courage to ask what she was. Probably because she’s been watching me ever since I was little. She doesn’t have a tail like you, though.”

“Mmm, I’m still young in werecat terms. I’m a little under a hundred. So, I’m still learning to hide my nature. Why do you think we are alike?”

“She moves with the same grace as you and has similar eyes. They are more hazel, though.”

“I see. Well, I don’t know her, but I would have to agree with your judgment. Why were you afraid to ask her what she was?”

“She’s kind of unapproachable. Very stoic but still kind.”

“I see. Well, it seems her job was to protect you so I can understand her need for distance.”

They climbed onto the elevator, and Snow pressed the button for the fourth floor. “Do you know Ms. Fallon well?”

Mary’s tail paused a moment before picking up it's lazy swishing. “Not particularly. I know Remus better, and he knows her well.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Why do you ask?”

Snow shrugged. “I was just wondering.”

Mary smiled. The elevator doors opened, and Mary followed the girl's lead down the hallway. “Do you know her well?”

Snow stopped mid-step before resuming to her door. She pulled out her keys. “I don’t know. I don’t think so.” She paused and stared at the door to her apartment. Apartment 401.

“You don’t think?” Mary urged.

Snow sighed. “I don’t know; I just feel like I know her from somewhere. Like from when I was really little, but I just can’t seem to remember.”


Snow turned to look at the leopard. “Is that strange?”

Mary shook her head. “I don’t think so. I’ve learned in my lifetime to trust my gut or in my case, my instinct.”

“But, she didn’t act like she knew me from anywhere.”

Mary nodded. “Maybe she doesn’t want you to know that she knows you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, nothing.”

“What do you know, Mary?”

“What don’t I know?”

Snow laughed. “Is getting a leopard to give a straight answer always so hard.”

“Is it?”

“Fine, okay. I’ll figure it out myself. You’re worse than my bodyguard.” Snow unlocked the front door, walked through the entrance, before turning back to Mary. “Thank you for driving me home.”

“It’s no problem…” She trailed off as she caught a glimpse of all the boxes inside the apartment. “Did you just move in?”

Snow glanced behind and blushed. “Kind of.”

Mary chuckled. “I’m going to go out on a limb. Would you like me to help you unpack? I don’t know if you know many people around here, and no offense, but you don’t look very muscular.”

“Um, you have no idea how happy I would be if you helped me. I really don’t have any friends here, and I was dreading having to unpack all of these boxes by myself.”

“It would be my pleasure. My schedule was clear for the rest of the day anyway.” Mary smiled and walked past Snow, pouncing on the first box in front of her. “Let’s get to work,” she sang.

* * *

A growl ripped from Cait’s throat, as her fist flew out, connecting with the purple padded helmet of her opponent. The man’s head snapped back, and he dropped like a fly. Cait pulled her mouth guard out, panting as she walked to her corner and grabbed a towel. Nathan was waiting for her with a lopsided grin on his face. The jagged purple stripes on each side of his face moved as he spoke and ran a hand through his military cut white hair.

“Think you’re done beating up my students today? I don’t think any more of them will be willing to get in the ring with you, even if I paid them.” He chuckled.

Cait grunted, took the towel that he offered to wipe the sweat from her brow, and took a drink from her water bottle.

“Come on; I deserve more than a grunt. What’s up today? The last time you took out ten of my top students in a row was when your last girlfriend cheated on you with that succubus.”

“I never liked that bitch.”

“That’s beside the point. What's eating at you?” Nathan followed her as she climbed out of the ring and sat down on a bench. The students that had gathered around scattered like ants and refused to make eye contact as if she would gobble them up.

“You wouldn’t understand.”

“Give me a little credit. I may be younger than you, but I’ve seen a lot in my time being what I am.”

“I don’t know Nathan. I don’t really want to talk about it. It makes me mad just thinking about it.”

“Come on! Talking about stuff is the way it gets better.”

The redhead sighed. She could use another perspective, and Nathan knew how to keep a secret. “Just don’t tell anyone. It’s kind of personal.”

Nathan sat down next to her and looked up at his students who were a little too close for Cait’s comfort. “Alright everyone, hit the showers. I don’t want to see you smelly gorillas until tomorrow.”

The students scattered again but this time towards the locker room. They couldn’t get away fast enough. “You should come here more often. It helps keep their egos in check.” He laughed.

Cait sighed again.

“So what’s the problem? Girl trouble again? Need me to beat anyone up for you?”

The werewolf cracked a smile at that. Nathan had always been like a big brother to her. He was always there to make her laugh or just hear out her problems whenever she needed someone to lend their ear.

“I’ve imprinted.”

His smile dropped. “Shit.”

Cait frowned. “You know what that means?”

“What? You didn’t?”

“No actually. Remus just told me today, after it happened.”

“Didn’t your clan ever teach you about it?”

Cait’s features darkened and she simply said, “No.”

He studied her curiously. “Huh, usually that’s taught to a pup when they hit puberty.”

“How do you know what it is?”

“Haven’t you figured out what I am yet?” He chuckled, trying to lighten the mood.

She stared at him thoughtfully for a moment. “No.”

“I guess I’ll just tell you then. It was a fun game while it lasted, but you won’t understand how I know about imprinting until I tell you.”


“Drum roll please!”

Cait chuckled.

“I’m an inuyoukai.”

“A dog demon?”

“Our species are very similar. We don’t imprint, but we do have one true mate. I just know what imprinting is from what my mentors in my pack told me. We are taught our similarities to other species as well as our differences.”

“I’ve heard of inuyoukai, but I had never met one. Or at least, I didn’t think I had. How come you don’t smell like a dog.”

Nathan grinned. “What do I smell like?”

“Spicy. Hot. Most dogs that I meet, or at least shapeshifter that shift into dogs smell earthy. Even most werewolves smell earthy.”

“That’s the demon in me you're smelling. Or at least that’s the best explanation I can come up with. It’s how I always describe it to other shifters or were beasts.”

“Oh, that makes sense then.”

Nathan clapped his hands. “So you met your imprint? Is she everything you imagined and more? Most people are happy to meet their soulmate. Why are you so pissed?”

“I’m not really mad…” she trailed off as Nathan gave her a look that said, ‘tell that to my students.’ “Okay, but it’s mostly my wolf that is mad. It wants to be with my imprint. Like right now. But I can’t be.”

“Why not? Isn’t it bad to be away from them? Especially in the beginning?”

“Why in the beginning?”

Nathan shrugged. “I don’t know how much werebeasts, werewolves in particular, share in common with our demon customs, but in the beginning when an inuyoukai meets their mate there is an overwhelming need to stake their claim, so no one else will try and claim them. The only way I can describe it is, primal.”

Cait studied him. “I do feel a strong tug on my instincts to be near, and to mark my territory, but Remus said it would be dangerous without another alpha or omega present.”

Nathan nodded. “Remus is that werewolf friend that is also your boss?”

She nodded.

“Well, he would know more than I would but isn’t he also the guy that keeps trying to claim you in his clan?”

She nodded again.

“I would take what he says with a grain of salt. I don’t fully know your situation, but he might use all of this against you. Isn’t there someone in your own clan that can help you? I know you’re not on the best terms with them, but you might need some council without ulterior motives.”

Cait’s features darkened again. “No. There is no one.”

“Now isn’t the time to be prideful or picky, Cait. There’s a reason werewolves stay in their clan. I’ve never really commented on your whole lone wolf act. I’ve never understood it myself, but I’ve respected it. I really think now is the time to seek the counsel of your elders. I know you’re an alpha from your scent but even an alpha needs to know when to ask for help.”

Cait had stood during his lecture and began walking towards the locker rooms.

“Cait, are you listening to me?”

She stopped and turned on him when he reached for her shoulder. She snarled, and he held up his hands in surrender. Her eyes were hard when she spoke her next words, and her voice sent a shiver of fear down Nathan’s spine.

“They are all dead, Nathan. All of them. My whole clan and I don’t need you reminding me because of your ignorance. I have no one, and I don’t need anyone. So, you can shove your lecture up your ass, or I’ll do it for you.” She turned on her heel and went straight to the front door. Screw getting her gym bag. She needed some air, just needed to get away from all these people with opinions on what she should do with her imprint, she needed to go for a drive. Cait slammed the door on her way out and didn’t look back.

Chapter 4

“You have no idea how grateful I am that you stayed,” Snow said as she sat heavily on her clean couch. All the empty boxes had been thrown down the trash shoot, and everything was put in its proper place.

“It was my pleasure. I couldn’t leave a weakling like you to try and do all the work by yourself. You probably would have hurt yourself.”

“You damn werebeast. You have way too much strength and energy then you know what to do with. I wish you would share it with the rest of us.” She laughed and threw an arm over her eyes as she lay her head back.

Mary looked down at her watch and sighed. “Well, it’s getting late, and I need to make some dinner before I starve. All this strength and energy that seems endless to you is actually fueled with mountains of food and my tank is almost on empty.”

Snow nodded and stood, but was interrupted by a yawn. “I’ll walk you—to the door.” she finished.

Mary chuckled. “It’s okay. I can see myself out. Make sure you find the energy to do your homework and try not to oversleep and miss the bus.”

“Thank you, Mary. I don’t know what I would have done without your help.”

Mary smiled and waved as she made her way down the hall to the front door. The brunette waited as she heard the door open but was surprised to hear another voice instead of the sound of the door closing.

“What are you doing here?” the female voice all but growled.


“Get out of here!”

Snow jumped up quickly and ran down the hall. The other person at the door sounded ready to commit murder. She went around the corner and was surprised to see Ms. Fallon glaring at Mary. The poor leopard looked ready to pee her pants.

“Cait, it’s not what you think. I would never take what’s y—”

“I said get out!”

Snow felt the bite of hot anger burn her gut. How dare she speak to Mary like that after the leopard had been kind enough to help her unpack. Snow marched right past Mary and poked Cait in the chest with enough force to bruise a normal human, but Cait barely budged.

“How dare you speak to her like that in my house!” Snow yelled trying to push the red head back, but the woman seemed to be made of stone. Snow could see her muscles ripple through her shirt as they flexed as if to hold back a movement. Cait stilled as she focused her electric blue eyes on Snow.

Mary felt it was time to leave and slid past the two who had left just a big enough gap for the leopard to get past. She slunk away down the hall without making a peep. She needed to call Remus. The leopard knew she wasn’t strong enough to deal with an alpha. Especially, one as old and battle worn as Cait. Mary feared what might happen to Snow. She had really become attached to the girl in the short time they had together.

Cait stood in the doorway, coiled and taught, watching Snow while trying to rein in her other half. The wolf had nearly broken through her mental barrier and ripped Mary to shreds. How dare that woman go after what was hers. How dare she leave her scent all over her imprint and her apartment. This was hers. Mine!

“Are you listening to me, Ms. Fallon? You need to learn your place. This is my home! If Mary wants to be here, then she has my permission, and every right to be.”

That caught her attention. “No, she doesn’t!” Cait growled.

The brunette was stunned by the growl in her teacher's voice and stepped back. “What?”

Cait advanced as her alpha persona kicked in. Her mate needed to learn her place. “I said no, she doesn’t.”

Snow’s cheeks puffed out as she poked her finger into the werewolves chest again. “I said, she does.”

“Do you choose her over me?” Cait breathed through her nose as she bit the inside of her cheek. She needed to gain control again. Her wolf was winning. She could feel her primal side taking over and the need to claim what was rightfully hers was growing stronger with every word. She needed to make her mate see that she was strong enough for her. Even if she had to do it forcefully.

Snow paused at what her teacher said registered in her hazy mind. “What?”

Cait moved forward as if she was stalking her prey and gently grabbed Snow’s finger, removing it from her chest, and bringing it to her mouth where she kissed it. “I asked if you chose her over me? I’m stronger, faster, and just better than her. Do you need me to prove it?” Slowly her tongue snaked out to wrap around Snow’s finger, pulling it into the hot depths, and sucking languidly on it. Snow felt the warmth travel from her hand straight down to her groin. Her cheeks flushed as she took another step back while trying to reclaim her hand. Cait moved with her. Her tongue was stroking the finger still in her mouth. Snow’s legs suddenly felt like jello, her hand shot out to the wall, helping her regain her balance. What was happening? Her whole body tingled as those electric blue eyes bore into her.

“Ms. Fal—” Cait gently bit her finger before allowing it to slide slowly out of her mouth.


Snow’s was dazed as warmth surrounded her, and Cait moved closer, caging the girl in between her arms and the wall. The werewolf kicked the door closed, and nuzzled into Snow’s neck, giving a testing lick.


“I said, my name is Cait. Not Ms. Fallon.”

Snow was quickly losing her train of thought as the woman in front of her began to lightly nibble on her neck. She just felt so hot. It was like Cait was a furnace, but it felt good. She wanted to be closer to that warmth. She had always been so cold due to her ability. The warmth of the woman in front of her was intoxicating. In the back of her mind, she felt like something was wrong. There was danger, but she didn’t know where, and her mind was too hazy to remember what they had been talking about. She whispered out, “Cait.”

“Yes, that’s right.” Cait breathed as her hand teased the bottom of Snows school polo. One hand was resting on Snow’s waist, while the other dared to slip under the polo, to meet the warm skin of the girl's stomach. They both gasped at the contact and the shock that traveled between them.

“Cait.” Snow gasped and leaned fully back into the wall as the woman settled against her body.

“I’ll make you forget that leopard.”

Leopard. Who was that again? Snow thought as something hot and wet dipped into her ear, before pulling out, only to be replaced by teeth that gently nibbled on the outer shell. Hot breath fanned against her cheek as soft lips brushed their way back down her neck and to her collarbone.

“Wait. I think…I think we should stop.”

Cait didn’t even pause. “Why?”

“I’m not sure…” Snow trailed off as the hand that had been rubbing circles around her bellybutton suddenly traveled higher to tickle just underneath her bra.

“You’re mine, Snow. I don’t share well.” Cait bit Snow’s collarbone making the girl gasp before she soothed it with her tongue.

“Yours?” Snow mumbled.

Cait nodded as her hand finally slipped under her bra and made contact. Snow gasped and gripped at Cait’s arm.


“No. I want you. Now.” She circled the girl's nipple making it harden before she pinched, Snow to cried out.

“Cait! Don’t…”

Cait ducked her head down, and her mouth replaced her hand. Snow’s head slammed against the wall as her nipple was sucked and nibbled on. She could feel herself getting wet between her legs and rubbed them together hoping to get some friction. She was so hot. Cait’s other hand traveled down and coerced the brunette's legs open. The werewolf quickly settled between them and gasped out as wet met hard abs.

“Snow, you’re killing me,” the werewolf groaned.

The girl had begun to rub herself against Cait, trying to get more friction as she moaned out. “Don’t stop.”

Cait gripped her ass, pulling her harder against her, as Snow wrapped her legs around the redhead’s waist. One hand supported the girl as the werewolf licked and sucked on a breast. She pulled the nipple into her mouth, and twirled her tongue around it, eliciting another moan.

“Please…” Snow trailed off.

“Say you’re mine,” Cait growled.

“I’m not…”

“Say it.” Cait bit her nipple, and Snow cried out as she rubbed herself harder against hard abs.


Whatever Snow was going to say, was cut off, leaving only coldness. A snarl filled the air, and it took a minute for Snow to register what had happened. She stumbled back into the wall, as Cait had been holding her, but had suddenly dropped her. The brunette's mind slowly began to focus and what she saw made her blood run cold. The principle, Remus, had Cait in a headlock but it didn’t last long. The redhead had managed to escape it and lashed out at him in a blind rage.

“Mine!” The sound that left her mouth could only be described as animalistic. Cait’s teeth had elongated, and her ears were pointed. Snow also saw that her nails had grown to points as the woman slashed at Remus ripping his suit. Mary was suddenly beside her, helping her stand.

“Are you okay, Snow?”

The girl nodded, but she didn’t feel okay. She simultaneously felt hot and cold. What had she been about to do? It had happened so fast she wasn’t even really sure. “What happened?”

“I’m so sorry. I don’t really believe in interrupting a mating ritual, but I felt it was necessary since you’re human. When I told Remus what was about to happen, he said we needed to stop you two.”

Snow couldn’t help the irritation that filled her even if she didn’t entirely understand where it came from. “Why?”

Mary gave her a pitying look. “Have you ever seen an alpha werewolf mate with their imprint for the first time?”

Snow shook her head.

“Let’s just say, that their mates take some damage if there isn’t an omega to oversee the ritual. Really, it’s only the first time that’s bad. After that, her human side will gain control, and I’m happy to say most have a healthy sex life.” The leopard smiled at her blush.

Another snarl ripped through the air as Cait sunk her teeth into Remus’s shoulder. Mary winced.

“I always knew Cait was strong, but I had alway thought Remus was stronger. It doesn’t look like that now,” Mary mumbled.

The brunette looked over to the two werewolves and Cait seemed to have the upper hand if Remus’s bloody leg and shoulder were anything to go by. Remus managed to get out from under her jaws and slashed at Cait’s chest drawing blood.

“Will she be okay?” Snow felt dread in her gut at the sight of the woman’s blood.

“I don’t know. When a mating ritual is interrupted, it’s a guaranteed fight to the death.”

Snow’s head jerked to meet her gaze. “They're going to kill each other?”

Mary shook her head. “Normally they would, but Remus called his pack. I think he did it as a precaution though. I think he thought he could handle Cait. It’s a good thing he called for backup. Now, he just has to survive until they get here.”

Snow shuddered. “What happens if he can’t?”

Mary frowned. “Let’s just hope he does.”

“Why don’t they shift? I heard werewolves preferred to fight in wolf form?”

“We’re in your apartment. They wouldn’t even fit in here. They might tear down the whole building.”

“They get that big?”

“I take it you’ve never seen a shifted werewolf?”

Snow shook her head.

“Let’s just say they are big enough.”

Suddenly, there was a whimper and Snow looked over to the battlers to see Remus on his knees. Cait had her hand buried deep in his shoulder. She looked monstrous but beautiful. The ding of the elevator was heard just as Cait raised her clawed hand, ready to plunge it into his chest. The sound of several pairs of footsteps was heard as her hand descended. She was tackled to the ground by two burly men that could easily be linebackers. Her hand left Remus’s shoulder with a sickening wet plopping sound as the two men body slammed her into the ground. Two women were close behind and paused by their alpha, who was gripping his shoulder. Blood fell from the gash on the side of his head into his left eye.

Remus gasped out, “Help them; she’s in a blind rage, but she’s strong.”

The two women nodded and helped the two men hold Cait to the ground. The redhead struggled wildly thrashing and several times she nearly got free. Snow wondered what their plan was. Were they going to just wait until she wore herself out? The girl looked at the red head. That didn’t look to be happening anytime soon. She just looked like she was getting more pissed off. The elevator dinged again, and another woman came running down the hallway. She wasn’t as tall as any of the previous werewolves, and she looked less muscular. Her hair was a light blond that was pulled up into a messy bun. The woman ran over to where they were holding down Cait, and after one confirming look from Remus, she dove on top of the redhead, landing on her chest. She placed both her hands on either side of Cait’s head and forced the woman to look in her eyes. Cait suddenly stilled, and the fight seemed to leave her.

Snow whispered, “Who is that?”

“That is Gwen, their omega.”

Chapter 5

Gwen held Cait’s gaze and spoke in soothing tones, “I’m sorry we interrupted you.”


“I know, I know she’s yours, but you would have hurt her.”

Cait whimpered. “No. Hurt.”

“It’s okay, though. She’s okay.”

“No, hurt?”

“I promise we won’t her and you didn’t either.”


“Yes, she is yours.”

“Not mine.”

Gwen paused and without looking away from Cait she called out for Snow,

“Bring the girl to me. Move slowly.”

Mary began to lead Snow over to them when suddenly a growl ripped out. “Not hers!”

“Mary let her come by herself.”

Mary nodded and gave Snow a gentle nudge. The girl slowly walked over to them and waited.

“Come down here,” Gwen said softly, and Snow kneeled down next to them, in between the two men that were holding Cait’s arms down.

“I need you to reassure her.”

Snow looked puzzled. “How?”

“She’s lost to her wolf. I need you to speak with her wolf. I can only calm her; I can’t bring her back. I need you to reason with them.”

“I don’t know how.”

“You can start by touching her.”

Snow hesitated but slowly reached out and let her hand make contact with Cait’s cheek. The wolf seemed to lean into her touch.


It was asked like a question. She didn’t know how to respond. Only moments ago she had been so sure of her answer but in the heat of the moment. After the vicious display, she was scared. Scared of the power the woman in front of her could wield. Scared of who she could hurt.

Gwen laid her hand on top of Snow’s. The girl immediately felt a wave of calmness flood her. Among the calmness, she felt something hot and spicy mixed in. It wrapped around her and made her feel safe and loved. She met Gwen’s gaze and whispered, “What is that?”

“Those are her feelings. She can’t articulate them right now because the wolf is in control, but that is what she feels for you.”

“I don’t understand.”

Cait whimpered, and Snow found herself rubbing her cheek softly. The woman relaxed slightly.

“I don’t understand them.”

Gwen nodded. “You don’t have to. Right now, she just needs assurance.”

“But, I don’t know if I can give that to her.”

“You are her imprint, right?”

“Her what?” Snow asked.

Gwen looked startled. “Don’t you know?”

Snow shook her head. “I don’t know what that means. What is an imprint?”

Gwen looked back to Remus who had already begun to heal. The hole was still in his shoulder, but the gash on the side of his head had sealed. “Remus, why doesn’t she know anything? What clan does this woman come from?”

Remus grunted. “Fallon’s Clan.”

Gwen’s face paled, and Cait began to become restless. “No wonder,” she mumbled before turning back to Snow. “Well, I guess we have to do this the hard way then.”

“What’s the hard way?”

Gwen smiled cheerily. “I’m going to need you to kiss her if you can’t vocalize it.”

Snow cheeks immediately turned red. “What?”

“It’s just a kiss, but it will be enough at this stage.”


“Will you let her verbally claim you? Will you submit?”

Snow shook her head in confusion.

“Then a kiss will suffice.”

Snow pulled her hand back from Cait’s cheek, and the werewolf began to move, as she watched the two women go back and forth. She was beginning to get irritated.

“I don’t know.”

Gwen sighed in exasperation. “Well, you have to give her something. She’s sworn herself to you for eternity…” Gwen trailed off as she saw Snow becoming more and more pale as she spoke.

“Just think about it as the equivalent of saying, I’ll think about it.”

Snow still looked uncertain, so Gwen tried a new tactic.

“You like this woman, right?”

“Cait,” Snow mumbled.


The brunette looked up. “She’s not just some woman. Her name is Cait.”

Gwen smiled. Now they were getting somewhere. “I’m sorry. You like Cait, right?”

Snow blushed.

“Don’t you want her to go back to normal?”

“Because her wolf is in control right now?”

Gwen nodded. “Her wolf won’t relinquish control until you give it your answer. Even if it’s just a maybe. It needs to be reassured.”

“A kiss will be enough?”

“For now, yes. It will do.”

Snow looked down at Cait, whose once electric blue eyes were now gold, and seemed more wild than usual as they bore into her own.


Snow smiled and placed her hand back on the woman’s cheek. She slowly leaned down until she was just hovering above Cait’s lips. It was just a maybe. It shouldn’t hurt, right? She closed the distance. The kiss was just a soft light touching of lips. Cait’s lips were soft even though they had looked so hard. She pressed more firmly into the wolf suddenly needing the reassurance that she didn’t mind the kiss. Suddenly, there was a gentle hand on her own cheek and Cait pressed into the kiss. Snow felt warmth flood her as well as the hot and spicy feeling she had felt earlier. It was intoxicating, and she found herself deepening the kiss wanting to feel more.

Cait’s hand guided her closer, and the girl felt the warm tip of the wolf’s tongue slide against the seam of her lips. She hesitated at first, but when the tongue asked for entrance again, she felt a sudden boldness and opened her mouth to accept the woman. Cait wasn’t polite upon entry. She immediately dominated Snow’s mouth as if she was trying to claim it as her own. When their tongues touched Snow let off a low moan at the silky feeling as they dueled for dominance.

Snow’s other hand framed Cait’s face and stroked it softly as they moved against one another. She wanted to touch more of the woman. She wanted to be touched. Those thoughts startled her, and she pulled out of the kiss, needing air. She rested her forehead against Cait’s as she panted. When she met the woman’s striking blue eyes, she saw they looked more human. The wildness was still there, but it looked subdued. Cait’s gaze had softened. She was back.

Snow moved back to give the werewolf some space. The brunette didn’t know when the other werewolves had let go of the woman, but she was now in a sitting position, as Gwen had moved off of her chest. Cait smiled at her causing the brunette to blush and tuck a strand of chestnut hair behind her ear. “You’re back?”

Cait nodded. “I am.”


The werewolf chuckled. “Hello.”

“I hate to break up the happy reunion, but we should probably move from the hallway,” Gwen said as she helped Remus stand. He staggered but nodded.

“Cait, we need to talk.”

Cait sighed unrepentant of what she had done. “I know.”

She stood and held out her hand for Snow to take. The girl smiled and accepted it allowing herself to be led back into her small two bedroom apartment. All the werewolves filed in after them along with Mary. She wasn’t going to miss out on all this action.

Cait and Snow sat down on the loveseat while one of the male werewolves pulled a chair over for Remus and Gwen.

The blond smiled at him. “Thank you, Sam.”

“My pleasure, Gwen.”

Remus sighed as he sat and waited for everyone to get comfortable. He cleared his throat and began.

Chapter 6

“I would like to start by saying that, I’m sorry, to you Cait. What I did was…” he trailed off.

She sneered, “Stupid?”

Remus nodded. “Yes, it was stupid, but I believed it was necessary. I hope you can forgive me.”

Snow interrupted. She was officially confused. “Why are you saying sorry? You were the one to get attacked.”

Gwen decided to answer that one. “A mating ritual between a werewolf and their imprint is sacred. When Remus interrupted, he indirectly challenged Cait for the right to have you, even if that wasn’t his intention.”

“I’m confused.”

Gwen nodded. “I can understand that. I take it neither of you are really aware of imprinting, or the mating ritual, or you wouldn’t have engaged so quickly without the proper precautions?”

Cait growled before huffing and looked away while crossing her arms. “It would have been fine,” she mumbled.

“No, it wouldn’t have. You were out of control Cait. The wolf completely took over!” Remus yelled.

“I said it would have been fine!” she yelled back.

Gwen stood between the two of them breaking their eye contact. They both growled but Gwen cut them off. “That’s enough.”

Then she turned to Cait. “You obviously have never seen an alpha mate if you think it would have been fine.” She turned to Remus. “And you aren’t her alpha, so quit trying to subdue her. She’s obviously stronger than you and I know she is older.”

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