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The world of Heaven and Hell in the Archangel trilogy by TM Smith…

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The Messenger

The Archangel trilogy book 1

Working synopsis (as this book is still being written and not yet gone through edits, there are things that could change)

For centuries Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer have worked together, coexisted in the same universe. And yet, Gabriel remained silent and secluded, by his own choice; preferring the garden in the Hall of souls, dancing beneath the tree of life, bare foot and with reckless abandon. That is until the day he looks into the eyes of another Angel and sees the dreams he’s kept silent mirrored there.

Eons have passed since the moment Michael came to be, the General of the All Father’s army in heaven, the protector of mankind. Michael has been in love with Lucifer for as long as he can remember, their relationship progressing slowly, like the passage of time for an immortal being. But lately, Michael has begun to notice cracks in the surface of their love, sensing that his lover is not as angelic as he seems.

Lucifer was the All Father’s first creation, the bringer of life, his Morning Star and he has set to the right of the throne every day since the dawn of time. Two things were tasked to the Archangels from the start… put no other before the All Father and protect the humans he cherishes. Lucifer challenges both sacred rules the All Father covered his being with when created. He puts his love for Michael before his love for his creator, and he questions his creator’s wisdom when it comes to the atrocities he has seen committed by mankind.

One will fall while two remain and grow stronger, for a battle of wills is on the horizon, and not only mankind, but the fate of all will hang in the balance.

A list of characters and definitions you’ll want to skim through before reading the book.

All Father – God, Lord, Father, Creator

Truth – The Holy Spirit

The Archangels are fierce and absolute. They're Heaven's most terrifying weapon. They were the first and strongest class of angels to be created at the same time that the All Father created the heavens, earth and mankind.

Lucifer the Morning Star, God’s right hand

Michael the Prince of all Angels and protector of mankind, the General of heavens army

Gabriel the Messenger, he is the voice of God

Daniel the strength of God

Uriel the regent of the sun, protector of earth

Raphael the healing hands of God

Ariel the lioness of God, second in command of heavens army

Raziel secret of God

Azriel and Azraal the twin Angels of death and destruction

el’ literally means God so whenever ‘el’ is at the end of an angelic name it means “of God”

Nephilim are the offspring of Angels and Humans. Not to be confused with Nephalem who are the children of Lilith.

Seraph an angelic being in celestial hierarchy, associated with light, ardor, and purity.

Cherub powerful, almost frightening angels that guard the All Father from sin and corruption.

The Guf the Hall of souls in Heaven. For the purpose of this world, however, it is the tree of life that holds the souls which is in the hall of souls.

Stardust and Angelic Fire poems written exclusively for The Archangel trilogy by L.C. Bellami all rights reserved by L.C. Bellami 2018. I’m saving the two poems for the book when it publishes, sorry folks. I will say that the book is split into two parts. Part one, before the fall, and part two, after the fall. Each part is prefaced with a poem that my good friend wrote that encapsulates the love triangle between Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer.

Theology is defined as the study of the nature of God and religious belief.

Religious beliefs and theory when systematically developed.

For those reading this and thinking I’m going to be shoving my beliefs down your throat, or this is going to be a bible study with sexy times, wrong on both. I’m simply using spirituality as the backdrop of the story. In this series I’m going more with the latter of the definition of theology as I’m somewhat systematically developing my own version of heaven and hell. It’s a delicate balance to create a believable vision of these two places and not alienate readers on both sides of the fence. So I’ve decided to straddle that fence, so to speak.

Heaven is a broad stroked canvas with some ideas pulled from ancient and modern thoughts on the afterlife, where you go and what you become. An angel’s home will often be referred to as their sanctuary and that sanctuary is pulled from their conscious minds. For instance–Gabriel’s sanctuary is within the Hall of souls in heaven as this is where he feels most at peace. As God’s Messenger he also has the gift of sight, he can see what the All Father has seen, to an extent. Michael is drawn to water so you will often read him by a pond, lake or body of water. My angels have a soul, a heart and a mind of their own. They can communicate with each other and God telepathically, but they can also shut off their thoughts, almost a wolf pack mentality. They read books from a library with never ending shelves, they swim in lakes that are bottomless with trees, grass and birds as far as the eye can see, and beyond. It’s an infinity angle I’m using to try and pull readers into the world I’m building.

I’ve done a lot of research to try and keep a somewhat loose reality of heaven and hell and the thing that rings true with me more than anything else is balance. Without dark, there can be no light and also, knowing the difference between wrong and right. Angels are not blameless or above reproach, they have to answer for their actions. I used a balance equation for behavior specifically. Every angel is created with a balance of dark and light, almost like a void deep within and each angel has to decide whether or not they want to feed the light or entertain the darkness. I go back to the wolf theory here. A story told for hundreds of years within the Native American community is the story of the black and white wolf, many variations. Basically it’s this, within all of us there are two wolves, a black and a white. We have to decide if we want to be inherently good and therefore feed the white wolf, or swayed over to the dark side by feeding the black wolf.

This circles back to souls as well. You see, both mankind and angels have a soul, but an angel’s soul is created specifically for that celestial being by the All Father. Furthermore, angels are immortal so their soul would never leave their body. Mankind’s soul comes from the Hall of souls in heaven so when a man, woman or child dies, their soul will either return to heaven or be led to the pit, depending on how they lived their life. The pit for all intents and purpose is hell, though it will not be referred to as hell until the second book.

While all the angels listed in the character listing above are at least briefly mentioned in this book, the core of this story is the relationships between Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer. Gabriel exudes innocence and is often said to be almost childlike. It’s why the souls are drawn to him. Michael is this all powerful angel, the general of heaven’s army, smart, gorgeous and powerful. Lucifer is dark and dangerous but he’s also cunning and fiercely loyal to Michael. While Gabriel, Michael and the majority of the angels follow their creator blindly and without question, Lucifer sees things that others either don’t, or chose not to see and it makes him angry, makes him question their creator. The anger and confusion coupled with the distance growing wider between him and Michael feeds the darkness in Lucifer, thus causing a struggle within.

The book should release in early September, check my social media pages for exact dates. In the meantime here is chapter one to wet your whistle.

Chapter One


Dangling from a sturdy branch by his knees, Gabriel swung his lean body back and forth, chuckling when one of the birds landed on his chin. The small creature’s thin, silvery wings brushed over his Adam’s apple, her chirp subdued but insistent. “Alright, give me a minute.” He took her delicateness in his hand, closing his fingers before flipping and landing on his feet in the dew covered grass. The bird jumped and danced in his open palm, flying up and circling his head, her song as crisp as the breeze on his bare chest. Nissa, his cat, circled his feet, purring and patting his toes with her paw. Many of the angels had spirit animals that followed them through the halls in heaven and watched over them as they watched over mankind.

He closed his eyes and relaxed, letting his wings unfurl, the warmth of the sun teasing the veins in his feathers. Here in the hall of souls, the branches of the tree of life stretching, twisting and continually growing, Gabriel truly felt most at peace. He too held a soul in his being, given to him at the time of his conception by his creator, the All Father. An angel’s soul was vividly different than those awarded to mankind, however. Gabriel and his brethren were luminescent and pure, a constant glow surrounding them like the center of a flame. But without darkness there could be no light, so all angels had a void within them, an almost imperceptible speck of obscurity placed to balance the scale. In the centuries he could no longer count since Gabriel came to be, only a few angels had fallen to the pit, their conscience taken over by damnation. It was almost unheard of though… almost.

Nissa purred, nudging his calf with her nose, her tail smacking a dove with vibrant purple and green feathers out of the air. A flock of multicolored fowls swooped down and chased the cat back into the low hanging branches. The shouts from the souls descending from the tree of life were almost deafening for a split second before coalescing, the cadence becoming a song of joy and promise. Their small, delicate bodies began to shimmer and disappear until all that was left was the heart of each soul, a circular mass of brilliance and yearning that was so pure, it felt like lightening diving through Gabriel’s wings. The connection he had with the souls was one that had been forged over centuries of collections, their bond built on a foundation of trust and intimacy. No other Angel aside from Azriel could command a soul to return to the tree of life in the hall of souls in heaven. And not even Azriel could get the cawing birds to behave like Gabriel could.

“It is the innocence you possess that calls to them Gabriel, that draws them home.” The All Father explained the first time a soul followed him back to heaven.

“Did you steal a ray from the sun?” Azriel asked jokingly. As the Angel of death, Azriel was charged with returning a soul still of the light home. His twin brother, Azraal, or Z as the other Angels called him, was the Angel of destruction, pointing the way to the pit if a soul was beyond redemption.

“Apologies father, I only meant to deliver your message.” Gabriel ducked his head, cheeks flushed and colored from embarrassment.

The tall, thin Angel with white hair and equally white wings, skin translucent and eyes a deep shade of violet clapped Gabriel on the back. “No apology necessary Messenger, I welcome a companion on my journeys.” Looking up, he saw the sincerity in Azriel’s gaze and smiled awkwardly. “I might suggest keeping your distance from Z though, he doesn’t play well with others.” Death teased. Looking over Azriel’s shoulder Gabriel met Z’s crimson glare and tried hard to swallow the lump in his throat. Thank goodness the All Father had created the twins with one unique difference, their eyes, or Gabriel would never be able to tell them apart. Well, that wasn’t entirely accurate. Death was always pleasant, smiling and joining conversations. Destruction seemed to wear a permanent scowl and rarely spoke to anyone aside from his twin and Lucifer. Being the bridge between death and eternal damnation had to wear on a guy though, so everyone gave Z a wide berth.

Spreading his aileron wide, Gabriel titled his head back and smiled at the sun, his senses buzzing with the life forces circling him, their joy unbidden and raw. It wasn’t long before they began to tire, their song no longer deafening. Bells chimed and he couldn’t tell exactly where the sound came from, the footsteps on the concrete steps behind him were louder though, and coming closer. His pulse, which he’d just brought down from the high of flying with the souls, quickly revved back up when the unmistakable scent of myrrh infiltrated his senses. Michael.

“I thought I’d find you here.” Michael’s melodic voice rang in his ears like a chime floating in the wind. He briefly wondered why the General would be seeking him out, the question answered without even being asked. “All Father has commanded all the Archangels to Jerusalem. A sickness has claimed many lives and more to come.” Nissa purred loudly from her perch on one of the lower branches in the tree. Her thick, white fur blended with the birds and she would often go unnoticed unless you sought out her eyes which were half blue and half amber, the colors separated by a thin, black slit in the middle.

Gabriel whispered to the flock still circling his wings, sending them back to their nests in the tree. Turning, he sucked in a breath and quickly coughed to hide his reaction. Michael was the most beautiful creature Gabriel had ever seen, of that there was no doubt. Eyes the color of sapphires that lit up when the angel smiled, rested on high cheek bones. A smattering of the pale blond hair that danced around his shoulders like waves covered his upper lip and jawline and Gabriel fought the urge to reach out and caress his face. In his dreams, Gabriel had traced the thick, gold band wrapped around Michael’s bicep with his fingers before leaning in for a kiss that set his insides on fire. Dressed in full armor, the handle of his sword sheathed on his back nestled in a bed of wings, glimmering in the light of the morning sun, Gabriel was having a hard time keeping his feet on the ground when all he really wanted to do was climb up the angel standing across from him and suck on his lips for days.

Stop. It. Get a hold of yourself, he is honor bound to Lucifer, your brother Archangel.

Michael cleared his throat and Gabriel blushed, praying to All Father that Michael hadn’t heard his thoughts. Or worse, the choirs or Lucifer. “Ah…. what was the question?” He croaked. Why did he feel so drawn to this Angel in particular? There was no one else that made Gabriel’s entire being quiver with anticipation, made him long for something more. Why couldn’t he feel this pull to another? There were dozens of other heavenly beings he could bond with. In fact, there were several he could readily think of that he’d seen looking upon him the way he felt he looked upon Michael. The difference was, none of those other angels were already committed to another as Michael was to Lucifer. And none of the others brought Gabriel’s conscience to life or made him yearn for something he could never have.

“You spend too much time with the souls Gabe, you’re forgetting how to speak.” Michael joked, one corner of his mouth lifting. “All Father wants us in Jerusalem.”

Gabriel snapped his fingers. “Right, yes, sickness. I’ll just go change and meet you at the gates.” Darting around Michael, he tried to ignore the feeling of pure joy zinging through his wings when the tips brushed over Michael’s. His steps faltered briefly when two of the souls zipped by, their insistent song making his ears ring. Swatting them away, he looked over his shoulder, seeing Michael watching him with a smile on his handsome face, strong arms crossed over his chest. Shaking off the sudden rush of desire just a simple smile brought on, Gabriel rushed into his sanctuary, determined to clear his mind and focus on the task at hand.

TM Smith

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A military brat born and raised at Ft. Benning Georgia; TM Smith is an avid reader, reviewer and writer. A Texas transplant, she now calls DFW her home. Most days she can be found curled up with a good book, or ticking away on her next novel.

Smith is a single mom of three disturbingly outspoken and decidedly different kids, one of which is Autistic. Besides her writing, she is passionate about Autism advocacy and LGBT rights. Because, seriously people, Love is Love!



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