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EZ Rider

By HM69

Cum Ride with me

Copyright reserved by HM & Hunter

Published by Hunter n Prey

Smashword Edition

Please note, this is a GAY fiction book.

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Forward by the Authors

Have you ever seen a biker in a pub or a club and thought…what if…
This story is about that ‘what if’ moment and how a straight laced office worker has some kinky fun with a tattooed biker.

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HM & Hunter


Forward from the authors


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Pub Pick-Up

Gliding into the pub, EZ avoided spilled beer on the floor and picked a barstool with a good view of the main door. Having a good vantage point to spot sexy guys was important to ‘Catch’em early’, which was one of EZ’s daily goals. The pungent smell of burnt popcorn hid the smell of stale piss and cum that was coming from the male toilets nearby. EZ noticed that the barkeep was busy and earning his keep. He notices that the barkeep’s bushy beard is well oiled. He has potential. EZ took the load off his legs and scanned the pub for inspiration.
It was quiet. Oh well, it is Wednesday. The Monday through Thursday crowd is a mix of older and younger, singles, usually regulars, so how can inspiration happen with that? Then again if it were Friday or Saturday the flesh peddlers would be invading like hungry wolves. Wednesday can be good. It’s as good as an ‘early Friday’ if you’re just finishing your shift at work and are horny for something different.
Other smells competed for EZ’s attention. Old oiled reins and buckles from work-horses lining the walls of the ancient pub, smell of old leather sofas, alcohol and centuries-old wood, soaked with tobacco smoke. The ancient pub was inviting and comfortable. Old sepia photos of workmen in cloth caps, field workers with pitchforks, haystacks spread across sunny fields, long boats with bold floral patterns, precious memories sealed behind dusty glass. The place definitely has my kind of atmosphere, thought EZ!
A cute bartender wearing an electric blue shirt, unbuttoned to showcase some of his muscled chest and with his sleeves rolled up to display his tattoos asks “What’s your poison?…your drink mate?” His sly smile holds a promise of ‘after-hours-fun’. With hormones stirring below the waist, EZ orders, “Cobra.”
“What?” the bartender is confused.
“Bottle of Cobra and a plate of chunky chips.” EZ clarifies, “Please.”
“What’s your table number?” asks the bartender, “Please.”
Scanning the pub, EZ spots a secluded corner in the rambling old pub. Going over, he checks to make sure the spot is free. He picks up the coaster with the table number and passes it to the lanky barman. Their fingers glide over each other, lingering longer than normal. Seduction is subtle, and both understand the sexual energy that is passing as their hands touch.
“Will that be cash or card?” he asks in a hoarse whisper. Keeping his eye contact with the ginger barman, EZ silently passes his credit card, smiling ever so slightly. The bar smiles back, “The chips will be delivered to your table as soon as they are ready.” EZ slips his hand under and slides his fingertips against the bartender’s palm. With the quick dart of his eyes, the handsome ginger checks to make sure no one else is looking. ‘Closet Case!’ No good for my kind of play, sighs EZ.
EZ goes back to the corner sofa, it’s a good spot to watch the trickle of people coming in and out of the place. Late afternoon light creates pools of light streaming in from glass panes cut from old mouth blown glass. Pulling out the book ‘What Men Think of Sex’ from his backpack, EZ eases into the sofa and begins to read. He knows having a book like this in your hand will repel the straight conservative types and attract the curious horny ones. Occasionally he peers over the top of his book to sort through the nice booty that crosses the bar at the other end of the pub. Nothing exciting so far.
A student with a tight bubble butt, young and cheery, bounces off chairs and tables to deliver Raj’s chips. EZ noticed he is wearing a tight short shirt, exposing his thin waist. Maybe he is secretly offering something extra to those who notice the purple diamante in his navel piercing. As he bends over to put the chips on the table, the top of his skinny jeans slips, revealing a ‘bitch’ tattoo over his ass crack. Shiny white smile, reddened cheeks and an over-eager shake of his booty makes EZ smile. He wasn’t his type, though. Too young and too inexperienced. EZ’s tip of a few coins brings a warm smile on the young man’s face. Unexpected extra money, this early in the shift, is always welcome. EZ imagines plundering that skinny ass…but maybe in a couple of years’ time, when it has filled out a bit. He didn’t want to be the wanking fantasy in the young student’s dorm room. The waiter comes back with a basket of mayo, ketchup, vinegar, salt and pepper. “Call me if you need anything more.” He beams. Dreaming and creaming about ruining young men is best left as fantasies, sighed EZ. As the boy disappears into the kitchen, EZ picks up his book and starts to read again.
EZ is chuckling unawares at the incredibly immature office games of the protagonists in the book. Time is sliding as slowly as his ‘Cobra’. “What are you drinking with that?” asks a handsome man in a white office shirt and colourful silk tie. He looks older, sophisticated, smooth. Even in the dappled light of the pub, EZ can make out that his shiny blue eyes are smiling.

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