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A Happy Wanderer's Tales

By Wild Rose Cherry

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Table of Contents

Time Traveller



A Day on a Farm

The Root Canal


Home Again



A Happy Wanderer's Tales

The Time Traveller

Black raspberries are the best

Because they are different and rare

Wild ones more so

She picks a cup of black treasure

Feeds some to her dog

Takes the rest one by one

Into her mouth

Sucks on the tart fruits

Seeds stick in the gaps of her teeth

She is ready now for her trip

She walks by the swamp cedars

Crosses the dirt road

Over bleached brambles

Under a waiting bough

Stands on flat shale in the sunlight

Dimples in the rock underfoot

Are where worms once lived

Protruding bones are from a prehistoric fish

A shell is all that is left

Of an ancient nautilus

She closes her eyes

Wills the world to life

Now she is in the indigo

Where trilobites skitter about

A nautilus propels itself to shelter

Schools of fish dart overhead

And a plesiosaur looms

She crouches low in the soft clay

And watches afraid as fish are found

By the gaping maw

The sea turns ochre

She can smell the blood

So she tip-toes to the seaweed

And hides with the nautilus

Until she wills it all away

Her mother asks her

Where were you?

Purple hands and seeds in her teeth

In the sea that used to be here

She loves ancient times

Before she was born

Later, she'll have her eyes

On times yet to be.

Rescuing Peter

The drive across town

On the dullest of rainy days

Deceives the eye

It's a bright day to her

The day she's meeting her cat

The lady they meet

Seems quiet and discreet

Poor Peter had no home

Ate trash, lived by his wits

Cups clack in saucers

Pumpkin bread is devoured

Before long

She rises to go and get the cat

And the lamp begins

Speaking to the young teen girl

The sights that have been seen

By my light

Parties for friends

Staying up all night

Laughter and pipes

Dances in my low light

She's alive

She knows how to live right

And the men and the women

Loving one another

This is a place of mirth and joy

The lady returns with Peter

Purring, sharing their love for cats

They are like family now

The lady will take Peter back

On occasions

Like tropical vacations

All is well

The young girl smiles at the door

As they are leaving with Peter

I'm so pleased to have met you

And seen your warm home.


Roommates in the dormitory

At the lonely end of the hall

Laundry scents drift about

Mingling with the smell of writing

And girls sweating

She loves her roomie

From afar


Still of night

Frozen in bed

She closes her eyes

Feels Jane next to her

A lavender scent arouses her

Hands touch

Fingers entwine

Lips slide over shoulders

A warm fuzzy neck is kissed

Nightshirts fall off

Leggings drop to the floor

Jane whispers


No one could possibly hear – could they?

I love you

Love is all about her for an instant

Her eyes open

Frozen in bed

Jane snores in the other bed

Unrequited love

Is the purest of all.


Life is different here in the village

Welcoming life pulses within the walls

Friends now

So many friends

Her family in truth

Emily is her first love

Sprawled on the futon

Napping before the late shift

At the cabaret

Long legs crossed before her

Emily speaks now in her sleep

Dance with me

Find your rhythm, girl

Try slow, medium, now fast

Tempo is the trick

Swing now, low, low, lower

They melt into each others' hearts

In their bachelor pad

A sweet orgasm fills her now

Bliss and ecstasy is her life with Emily

Best friend and first love

She wants to exalt her lover as a wife

But those days aren't here yet

She wills this moment

To last forever

Now she opens her eyes and Emily snorts

Rolls over heavily

Having her own dreams of passion

They were meant to be together

For a favourable moment

During her days in the village

If only their love had lasted.

A Day on a Farm

Slopping the slovenly pigs

Is more fun than she had forecast

The way they wiggle at the teats of the sow

Grunts and swee sounds fill the happy barn

Sunlight pours itself through the window

And a crowd gathers at the trough

Splash go the corn, carrots, and apples

Swee swee swee swee

Munching and gulping

Their eyes as wide as her own

Until the sun glares onto her face

And for a moment

She is herding boars on All Hallows Eve

Taking them to the cairn

She stands outside the tomb

And howls at the wind

As it brings evil spirits

She protects the dead

Is in love with the past

Knows it is her proper place

As a banshee

To guard for all time

The boars and sows about her

And the bard saying verses in his green cloak

Keep the evil at bay

Yet again

Until the day marauders with swords come

And blood is let in the land

The terrifying druids defeated

The bards and banshees burned as witches

The children taken, converted

A new religion

With new hopes

But the same old terror

She starts at footsteps behind her

And is back in the barn

Thanking her host for a magical day

It's been an education for this city girl

A timeless adventure.

The Root Canal

This time she goes

Three weeks of agony

Coming to an end

At the skilled hands of Doctor Lorenzo

Maria takes the x-ray

Her teeth look like carrots

Grown together in the image

Now the needle

Thin as a hair

Numbness gnaws at her lip

Music comes on

Slow tempo jazz

Thelonius Monk

Magical piano

The dentist sashays in

And the drilling begins

Her eyes shut under hazy goggles

Dr. Lorenzo romances Maria

In a lounge

On 52nd Street

He twirls her

Maria's slenderness beckons

She dips with him expertly

Even the pianist takes note

Of Maria's elegant seductiveness

When it looks like she's being led

But it is Dr. Lorenzo

In his three-piece suit

Who is perspiring

Pursuing the enchanting Maria

Bubbly champagne awaits them

Back in Maria's loft on 48th

If only the Doctor can prove

He is the man who can lift her

When she springs towards him

He struggles in vain to raise her

And an interloper appears

Asking for the next dance

The two women hold the seated patrons in thrall

Acrobatic moves

A thick woman and a thin woman

Taking turns leading

Maria has met her mate

And she pulls her hips to her own

And they kiss until

Every heart melts

And the pianist stops

At the spectacle before them

Her eyes flicker open

As the root canal is done

And the needed cup is offered

Dr. Lorenzo says his goodbye

And her hand and gaze

Brush the enviably beautiful Maria

Sending a thrill from her numb tongue

To her sleeping toes.


Falling, falling

Like an endless dream

She is a chickadee

Pushed from the nest

Heavy wings don't beat

She flops onto the ground

Uncertain how to make her way

Inconstant in her effort

Must I do this thing

Flying means I'll be on my own

I must try

Make the attempt

But I don't want to leave

She looks now at the door

Closed in her face

Clutches her suitcase

And wonders how she'll make do alone

Without Emily

Jealous woman.

Home Again

Nothing much has changed

A few new office buildings

A new house up the avenue

But the same grey pavement

Same street signs

Same trees

Same old ghosts

Her head spins as she approaches

The old family home

The taunts come at her

From bushes

Her erstwhile friends

Her own bedroom


Their favourite epithet for her

Disgusting girl

Neighbours teach their children

You're going to hell

The curse

Her own parents disown her

On the front porch one evening

Her eighteenth birthday

She's a pariah

A heap of sins

Upon her head

And a crown of thorns that she left with

Her composure returns

And she stares back the ghosts

Who flee in the air

Like bats into the church belfry

I never sinned

I only loved

I was a dove among hawks

A flower sprung in winter

I'll never forget your hatred

I've known your kind all over the land

Your ostracism of me

Has put iron in my spine

Though outnumbered

And only defending against

Furious aggression

I prevailed

You could not destroy me

Solace for you

Is a bitter drink

I have been restored by loving friends

And now I am stronger

And happier than I believe

You have ever been

On your narrow paths

Your ropes you cling to

As you are pulled along

By some dystopian teacher

And the survivors

Of your vilification

Will envelope the land with love

One day

For it is a truth that those of us

With wanderlust

Know the way

Of the human beings.























Close your eyes

Wandering ones

Let your spirits soar.

The end

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