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Naked Buffet
in New York

By HM69

Copyright reserved by HM & Hunter

Published by Hunter n Prey

Smashword Edition

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Forward by the Authors

Have you ever had your existential idea of ‘who you are’ challenged by your own behaviour?
Have you ever had an ‘instant connection’ with someone you just met?
Have you ever loved and feared someone in the same heart-beat?
Have you ever had so much fun, you never wanted it to end?
Jogging in Center Park, a young man falls in love with a handsome interracial couple he just met. His life changes irrevocably after an invitation to dinner by these two alpha masters. As the moon rises, the young man finds himself modelling as the centre piece of a ‘naked buffet’ for five handsome, horny men.

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NY – Part 1

Warmth was radiating from the asphalt path and the sparkling sunlight was subdued by his golden Oakley sunglasses. Hunter breathed easier as he tipped his head back and sipped water from his drinking bottle. Jogging in Central Park at this time of day had its perks. Mid-afternoon heat forced most male runners in the Park to run half naked. So much eye candy to absorb before dinner! Hunter was in his own private-public-heaven.

Up ahead, Hunter could see a muscled blond beauty, running with youthful exuberance, sweat pouring off his smooth back in sparkling rivulets. Hunter started a new jogging pace to catch-up with him and grab more views of the blond. Sometimes you can tell someone is beautiful from just a glimpse of their arm. Sometimes, that could be dead-ringer, a false read, and you can get it so so wrong. Hunter wanted to find out if this blond was as good from the front as he was from the back. Aye! His firm butt bounced just a few paces ahead of him and Hunter was already beginning to bone. Those calf muscles!

Hunter kept pace before a gaggle of tourists separated them. Chattering loudly, clicking photos, unmindful of other park users, the tourists crossed Hunter’s path as if they were they were the only ones in the park! For a moment Hunter lost tract of the young runner. But less than 100 yards ahead, he was glad to see the young man was sitting on the grass with his legs crossed, one of his running shoes was off on the ground. Hunter caught up. It was pay dirt when he saw the Blond beauty’s bronzed chest and hard nipples. Adjusting his shorts to hide its obvious tenting, Hunter continued to admire the young Adonis. It made him smile when he could see a part of the young-man’s nut-sac, covered in blond fuzz, trying to peek out.

Hunter slowed his breathing, took a swig from his water bottle and moved in a little closer to get a better view. Just then, his cell phone rang to an absurdly old tone of ‘Oh my gosh’. “Oh, it’s you Raj! I am just jogging in the park. Something really interesting has just ‘cum up’.” Hunter now had the perfect excuse to stop running and sit down next to the blond beauty. He continued the call, “Can you get down here right now? YOU should ‘meet someone’ right now. I think I have a great idea for our soiree.”

As he talked, Hunter brushed his leg with the beauty’s, leaving it braced against his flesh, acting like he didn’t even notice him there. As Hunter spoke, Beauty adjusted himself, exposing even more of his ball-sac. Hunter knew his own eyes were as big as saucers – thank goodness for the Oakley’s he chuckled. “Raj, hurry right down. We need to talk right now.” Hunter said in a choking voice.

As he put his cell away, Hunter looked down and excused himself to the blond beauty, “Pardon me.” Moving his leg slightly away, Hunter adjusted his shorts to expose part of his smooth bull balls. “A great day isn’t it!” he carried on the conversation to engage the young man. The blond saw Hunter’s impressive balls, looked up to get an eyeful of Hunter’s athletic body and handsome face. He pulled up his legs from the knees to stretch and exercise them further. “Yes Sir, it sure is a great day.” Blond replied enthusiastically, his eyes riveted to Hunter’s balls. The middle-aged man was impressively built. His hulking mass of muscles were smooth and shiny with perspiration. His nipples had unusual shiny silver circles around them. The man’s shapely thighs were wider than his own ass, thought Curt.

“Nice shorts.” Hunter commented. Now he could clearly see the young man’s balls and his cock head slipping through the absurdly short shorts. It had no mesh underlining. Hunter kept talking and looking at the same time. “You must like running, quite a pace you were setting out there. You have such strong legs. Do you work out as well?”

“Yes, sir!” Blond beauty said with self-pride and he almost got up to salute Hunter. His shorts were tenting already. One of his shoes was still off, sitting on its side on the grass. “My name’s Curt, sir. I like to come down to the park and get a run in before I hit the gym, and then later I have classes to attend to. It’s a busy day, but I always like to have my run.” Young people like to talk so much.

“Fit, intelligent and handsome! Wow, Curt, you are something.” Hunter smiled. He took off his sunglasses as he spoke, “Tell me, what kind of classes are you taking?”

Curt was mesmerised by Hunter’s sky-blue eyes. He flushed red, adjusted his body and his cock head just slipped again outside his tiny shorts. Hunter smiled when he saw the blond was circumcised and smiled even broader when he saw what looks like precum dripping on his left leg. Hunter moved closer and held up Curt’s shirt that was tied to his waist to read it, “Harvard University! Damn! You must be smarter than smart.” Hunter moved in a bit more legs touching again and tugged on his own crotch. His erection was very visible to the blond.

As they talked about his course and exercise routine, Raj came by and said, “Hi!” Lowering his glasses, “Hunter dearest, who’s your friend?”

Curt looked at Raj and was instantly horny! That velvety chocolate skin, dark hair and all conquering smile. He was smitten. “My name is Curt. I study economics at the University Sir.” His nipples were hard from excitement and his cockhead was sunning itself under the clear sky. Curt must have felt the sun warming his dickhead because he noticed he was exposing himself and stood up immediately to hide it.

Hunter followed suit, standing by Curt’s left side while Raj stood directly in front of him. Raj took off his glasses and looked directly at Curt, making him blush again. Hunter again brushed his leg against Curt again and asked him if he wanted to eat ‘late-lunch’ with them.

Curt didn’t know it yet, but he was the latest prey of Raj and Hunter in New York.

Curt was locked in a trance with Raj’s brown eyes. Hunter put his hand on top of Curt’s bubble butt, hoping to encourage him to eat with them. When Curt didn’t flinch or move his hand away, Hunter slowly lowered his hand inside Curt’s shorts and felt his ass crack with his index finger. Raj once again asked Curt if he wanted to have a meal with them. Curt couldn’t take his eyes off Raj, he was totally captivated by his smile. Hunter had his hand is inside Curt’s shorts, exploring the tight valley between his ass cheeks with his fingers. As Curt continued to gaze unblinkingly at Raj, Hunter squeezed Curt’s ass to wake him up from his trance. Curt shivered a bit. Hunter wasn’t sure if this was from fear, anticipation or pleasure, or all three at once. Bushes behind them made it possible for Hunter to be as bold as he liked and still be as discrete you need to be in any public place.

“Sorry Sir, I have a class in an hour and after that, I am meeting a friend for beer.” Curt said apologetically. Keeping eye contact with Raj, he flexed the muscles in his legs, ass, chest, making them ripple just for the pleasure of his new acquaintances. Pleading for time, Curt asked, “Can we reschedule? May be tomorrow?” Hunter took off his own Maui t-shirt, tied to his waist, and handed it to Curt. Curt wiped the perspiration off his face, took a sniff of Hunter’s scent and put the t-shirt on without a second thought. Judging by the puppy look in Curt’s eyes, Raj and Hunter knew they could take him anywhere they wanted.

“OK, how about joining us for dinner?” asked Hunter – almost whispering in Curt’s ear. Hunter’s hand expertly manipulated Curt’s ass, massaging it. Raj’s tickled Curt’s one-eyed-monster peeping out from the top of his shorts. Curt took a sharp breath in but didn’t make any move to remove Hunter or Raj’s hands.

“You know, YOU are dinner, don’t you?” Raj smiled, making his eyebrows dance as he informed Curt.

“Sir?” Curt was confused.

Raj, whispered, “If Hunter can own your ass in an open park, in broad daylight, and I can stroke your dick without you screaming for help, just think what we can do together, behind closed doors.” He challenged Curt to disagree. He didn’t. He couldn’t.

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