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Chapter One

I was a fucking mess. I was wearing fifty percent of all the drinks I'd made today. My makeup was smeared all over my face because it was the same makeup I'd been wearing when I closed up the night before. My hair was a glorified bird's nest on top of my head because I'd been too freaked out to even think about getting in the shower where I might be vulnerable. And I jumped every time the damn bell on the coffee shop door rang. A fucking mess.

"Campbell?" Even with the voice pitched low, the intent clearly not to startle me, I jumped again, squeezing the cup of scalding hot coffee in my hand and making it pour over the top onto my skin. I yelped, full on dropping the entire thing on the counter, where it toppled immediately and shot more of the scalding liquid in Coach Kalvin Walker's direction.

Thankfully, he had better reflexes than I did and he managed to jump back, spreading his legs so that he didn't get splashed.

"Shit!" I said, scurrying around the counter and grabbing a stack of napkins on the way, shaking out my burnt hand before dropping to my knees on the floor in front of him and slapping the napkins down on the mess. "Sorry, Coach."

Not how I usually fantasize about being on my knees in front of him, but now isn't the time for an erection. Think about your hand. Ow, that mother fucker hurts!

He groaned above me and I looked up to catch the slightly pained look on his face as he bit his lip.

Had I actually got him with some of that hot-ass coffee? I hoped not because his perfect person shouldn't be marred by third-degree burn scars like mine was going to be.

I worked frantically to clean up the mess, feeling absolutely ridiculous. It had to be Coach Walker of all people who got to be dragged into my meltdown. The man with the prettiest eyes God ever saw fit to put in a man.

He was young for a coach, and I had no doubt he wore the scruff on his face to make himself appear older. Unfortunately, all that scruff ever did was make me want to rub my face against his…and possibly a few other parts of my anatomy. Parts that had better not start popping up on a day when I couldn't seem to keep from spilling seven-hundred-degree drinks on myself.

Looking down, I noticed I was more spreading the mess around ridiculously than actually managing to get some of it sopped up.

Coach Walker squatted down next to me, and I very deliberately did not glance over in his direction, not wanting to see the muscles in his thick, delicious thighs or the bulge where his pants no doubt pulled tight over his package. Don was understanding of a lot of things, but greeting customers with a tent under my apron might be pushing him a little too far.

"Are you okay?" the coach asked as he helped wipe up the mess.

I could feel his eyes on me, and I hated to think what he might be seeing. And I was going to hope the thick, rich coffee smell from all the drinks adorning my apron hid the smell of a man who'd sweat his ass off at work the night before yet skipped the shower.

He was just standing so fucking close.

I coughed to hide my moan as I watched his strong forearms flex with the wax on wax off motion. "Of course," I squeaked, immediately rolling my eyes at myself. "Why wouldn't I be okay?"

"I have literally never seen you spill anything." His voice sounded fond and when I glanced sideways at him to see his expression, he smiled softly and my stomach flipped. "You're usually so graceful and sure." He did that stupid, sexy thing that all sexy men do where he sat back on his heels, propping one arm all casual like on his knee. "You look like you're about to jump out of your skin."

Of course I glanced at the goods! He was practically waving those damn light wand things like he was directing my eyes down the runway…to park my plane.

Oh, Lord. I should have gotten more sleep last night. Unfortunately, every fucking noise had had me jumping like a scardy cat, sure that a monster with big claws and big teeth was going to pop out of nowhere and…

Needing solace from the visions spinning in my head of something I wasn't even sure I saw, I met the kind, white-blue eyes of the gorgeous coach and found myself wanting to tell him what actually had me on edge. "I just…"

"Campbell," Don said, his voice making me startle sideways, bumping against Coach Walker's leg.

Instead of tipping like any normal human would have done––including me and I'm a fucking dancer––he easily kept his balance, catching me.

His hand held my bicep, scorching my skin more than the coffee had and I struggled hard with getting control of my body while I glared up at the older man that was my beloved boss.

I had worked for Don since I was sixteen. I'd needed a job to continue to pay for my dancing lessons when my grandmother passed because my parents absolutely refused.

Gran had been my mother's mother. A tiny scrap of feisty that even from her death-bed would put my mother and father in their places when it came to me. She'd been my only advocate while I was growing up. The one who pushed me to join dance when I would frolic around the house. They one that knew I was gay before I did. The one that literally smacked my mother in the back of the head during Christmas dinner one year because she'd called me the F-word.

When she passed, I'd had nobody. She'd left me money, but I didn't have access to it until I was eighteen. Which was probably by design since she knew my parents would try to con me out of it.

So, I'd walked into Don's little coffee shop, hoping he wouldn't look at me in all my effeminate glory and tell me to beat it. Instead, he'd hugged me, a boy struggling with the loss of his grandmother and clearly feeling completely alone, and told me to put an apron on and get to bussing tables.

I'd been working for him for five years and he was more like a father to me than the man who I actually shared DNA with.

Don didn't even react to my glare, just gave the wad of napkins in my hand a disgusted look. "Why are you using napkins to clean that up?" His voice told me he thought I was being an idiot and it was honestly probably the truth.

I hadn't been thinking straight at all. With a mush brain from lack of sleep and the presence of the man I'd been drooling over for a couple months, I'd just reacted. In the process, I'd made a bigger mess than the spilled coffee had.

"Braden!" Don yelled, looking me over with narrowed eyes. When the sweet, shy dishwasher poked his head out of the back, Don motioned to the mess. "Grab a towel and the mop, please." The kid nodded and moved from the door, letting it fall shut and Don turned his head to yell at him. "Don't forget the wet floor sign!"

With Coach Walker's help, I gathered the soggy wads of disintegrated napkins and stood, turning toward the large trashcan at the end of the counter…and almost ran into Parker Bradley, Silver Bell's handsome boyfriend.

"Hi Campbell!" the guy said a bit too energetically making me jump and nearly drop the nasty napkins on his feet.

"Fuck!" I squeaked, juggling the soggy, dripping mess before getting control and glaring up at the man.

I could tell by the ridiculous smirk on his face that he'd actually meant to startle me and I nearly let the napkins fall just so they'd make a satisfying plopping sound against his boots.

Fortunately, I controlled that urge. Don would kill me if I soiled a customer. Especially one that belonged to Silver because like me, the lineman was like another child to him.

"Campbell, language," Don chastised distractedly while I took a long side-step around Parker the pest.

Rolling my eyes, I dropped the napkins in the trash. "You're not fucking Captain America, Don." But I lowered my voice, glancing around to make sure there weren't any tiny ears.

"What is wrong with you?" Don's eyes narrowed on my face and then raked over my hair. "And did you put your makeup on in the dark?" Belatedly, he glanced at Parker and Silver, standing to the side with amused expressions on their faces. "Hey boys."

"Don," I said as calmly as I could manage. "I will cut you."

He shrugged. Shrugged. Like he didn't think I'd do it. And he was right. I loved the old bastard way too much for that. But I was also usually in a lot nicer mood, so who knew what I was capable of that day.

"Look at you." He swept a hand up and down in the air, pointing out my person. "Have you been snorting coffee beans or something?"

"I've seen things, Don," I said in a low voice as I moved toward the sink turning on the tap to wash my coffee soiled paws. "Things that would make you shit your pants."

Rolling his eyes, Don sighed. "Go fix your face. You're scaring the customers." He opened the cookie case, before slowly laying the Christmas cookies he'd made that morning out for display, dismissing me.

"I'll show you scaring the customers," I grumbled, stomping to the back.

Unfortunately, as soon as I entered the deserted hallway that ran along the back of the shop, I couldn't help but notice how many dark rooms there were with open doors between me and the bathroom.

"Suck it up, Cam. Nothing is different. You'll be fine." Taking a deep breath, I briskly walked to the bathroom, nearly sprinting when I was only a few feet from the door before I dove for the thing.

Good thing Don was too damn trusting to put cameras up or he'd have probably replayed the sight of me being a big idiot for me to see over and over.

When I looked in the mirror, I cringed. It was worse than I thought. No wonder Don had bitched at me. I looked like I'd just slept off a bender. Rolling my eyes, I grabbed some paper towels and wet them, thankful I hated the way waterproof mascara clumped my lashed when the black came out from under my eyes fairly easy.

The eyeliner was another story, but after I added a dab of soap, I was able to get enough off that it only looked like I had residual makeup on from a bad wash job instead of looking like I was the victim of gang violence.

When I leaned forward to splash some water on my crazy hair in hopes of taming it, I felt a presence behind me and spun, squeaking and slinging water…all over Coach Walker.

"God!" I said, collapsing back against the sink, clutching my heart and hoping the thing didn't get sick of my shit and bolt right out of my chest. "Why is everyone so damn sneaky today?"

Coach glanced down at his damp chest before lifting just his eyes to look at me from under his brows. "Tell me what's going on."

Damn, he was sexy. Even during a mental crisis, I couldn't help but think how good that big, sexy body would feel pressed against mine.

I bit my lip, I cleared my throat, ready to tell him I didn't know what he was talking about, everything was perfectly fine, but when I opened my mouth, that wasn't what came out. "I think I saw something I shouldn't have." I flung my arms around erratically, drawing them back in to make clawed fingers our in front of me while I showed him my teeth. I'd probably replay the whole thing in my head later and hate myself for ever looking so ridiculous in front of the man, but freak-outs do what they want when they want.

Moving forward, I gripped the front of his damp shirt in both of my fists. "It was something out of a fucking horror movie and now I can't get that shit out of my head."

Coach Walker blinked in surprise at my behavior and I honestly couldn't blame him. Even though I could see how crazy I was acting, I couldn't seem to stop.

Wow. His face is even more gorgeous from a few inches away. My gaze dropped to his mouth and I couldn't stop the whimper that escaped me. He had such perfect lips. The lips they should use for every lipstick kiss left on any paper anywhere. The shape was absolutely amazing and I would give my firstborn child just to bite them once.

To leave them red and shiny from my mouth on his.

I don't know how long I stood there, clutching his shirt and staring at his lips, but it was longer than was necessary.

Swallowing, I looked down at my hands, actually having to forcefully unclench my fingers and released him. "Sorry," I whispered, stepping back and putting my hands behind my back where I couldn't attack the man again. "I'm losing my shit."

His ice blue eyes were always so startling next to his fairly tan complexion and that moment was no different as he stared at me, his gaze serious. "What did you see, Campbell?"

"Blood," I whispered, my eyes losing focus as my mind went back to the night before. "So much fucking blood." Blinking to get the sight out of my head again, I focused on how soft his lips looked. "Usually, I'm not squeamish. I can't even tell you how many scrapes I've had to fix up at the studio. We go hard, you know? And when we go down, we go down hard. And not in a good way." I gave a halfhearted laugh and then sighed. "Fuck! I can't even enjoy a good innuendo!"

"Where was the blood, Cam?" Coach Walker asked, slouching down slightly to look me in the eyes. I hadn't even realized I'd looked away. "Was it on you?"

"No," I whispered, my throat closing along with my eyes as the bloody scene played across my mind. "He had claws and sharp, sharp teeth and he just sliced her open. From bellybutton to sternum." My eyes popped open, unable to stomach what was in my own head. "Everything was everywhere. Everything. I screamed."

"Shit," he growled and the sound was oddly calming. He reached up and grabbed my shoulders, bringing my wayward eyes back to his face. "Where did this happen?"

I bit my bottom lip, wishing he would pull me into his arms. I hadn't been held in so long and his arms were so thick and welcoming. They looked like they were made to hold me. "In the alley behind here. Last night."

I'd closed for one of the girls who usually got the night shift but she'd asked to trade so she could go to a Christmas dance. Oddly, though it definitely wasn't something I had wanted to witness ever, I was glad it was me rather than her. She was a young high school girl. She didn't need to be subjected to something so terrifying.

"Can you show me?" Coach Walker asked, his eyes anxious and serious.

"Wait, you believe me?" I gasped, reaching up to latch onto his wrists where his hands were still resting on my shoulder. His skin was warm and my fingers tingled pleasantly, though I forced myself not to rub the softer skin on the inside of his wrists with my thumbs.

He nodded, giving me a sympathetic smile.

I licked my lips, glancing at the door to the bathroom and wondering if I would be brave enough to walk into the alley I'd seen so much bloodshed when I could barely make it down the hall without a major freak-out.

"Will you promise not to leave me?" I asked on a whisper, bringing my eyes back to meet his.

"Of course." He squeezed my shoulders gently before dropping his hands.

I gasped when one of them found mine, but I didn't pause long before latching onto the offered appendage with a fierce grip. If he was going to let me touch him, especially when we were about to have to go out back where I'd seen the most horrifying thing in my life, I'd jump at the opportunity.

Reaching in his pocket, he watched my face, probably trying to decided if I was going to run to one of the stalls and start trying to flush my foot down the toilet or something. When he pulled out a cellphone and hit a couple buttons to call someone, I leaned my head to the side, wondering if he needed to be somewhere and I was holding him up. Was he calling his girlfriend to let her know he'd be late to meet her?

Did he even have a girlfriend? I was pretty sure he didn't have a wife. Or, he'd never had a woman with him when he came into the shop.

"Parker," he said into the phone, still watching my face as I gnawed on my lip. "I think I need your help. Meet me around back."

"You're going to tell Parker?" I asked on a squeak once he hung up.

I didn't really want to broadcast this situation to the world. What if it turned out I was just crazy? I wasn't sure if I wanted everyone to know that.

"It's okay," Coach Walker said, rubbing his thumb on the back of my hand, smiling reassuringly. "Parker is a friend."

Giving my hand a little tug, he pulled me with him as we headed down the hallway to the door that lead out back into the alley. The dark rooms seemed far less intimidating with the coach by my side, holding my hand.

He's still holding my hand!

In fact, he didn't let go until I pointed out the area I was pretty sure had been where the girl had been gutted the night before. He eased his hand from mine, probably knowing I was pretty much using him as a lifeline.

Kneeling down, he searched the ground for something, stopping to sniff the air every few seconds. I couldn't see any blood or gore and the alley looked like it usually did when I brought the trash out right after my morning shifts on Saturdays and Sundays.

I swallowed hard, looking for any indication of what I'd seen the night before, but there was nothing, everything was gone. How does someone slice a girl open, without leaving even a small amount of blood?

"Maybe I'm just crazy," I said, just as Parker and Silver came around the other side of the building. "Everything is gone."

Standing, Coach Walker moved toward me, grabbing my shoulders and looking me in the eye. "You aren't crazy, Cam. Just because you don't see anything right now, doesn't mean it didn't happen."

Parker walked over to where Coach Walker had been kneeling and started up where the man had left off, moving stuff around and occasionally sniffing the air. "A bear," he said frowning down at an old couch cushion he'd just moved.

"That's what I smell too. And blood." Coach Walker was still holding my shoulders, but he was looking over at Parker.

"What do you mean, that's what you smell?" I asked, trying to look around Walker to see what Parker was looking at on the ground.

"Okay," Coach Walker said, turning back to look me in the eye. "I need you to go inside and tell Don you're getting sick and you need to go home."

I swallowed, once again trying to lean around the coach to see what it was that Parker was so diligently moving around back there while Silver stood over him, cringing occasionally.

When the coach gave me a little shake, putting his face in front of mine, I nodded, licking my lips and moving away. "Okay," I whispered.

I didn't want to analyze why I was just blindly following the orders of a man I only knew through his weekend visits to my place of employment, but I was going to follow his orders.

Something inside me told me to trust Kalvin Walker. It also told me to ride that man like a rollercoaster with my hands in the air screaming, but I was only up for one major event at a time.


"Holy shit," I said, watching the two animals leave the room and head off to wherever they'd left their clothes.

I'd just spent the last hour and a half listening to the history of shifters and how that related to what I'd no doubt seen the night before, and I had to say, I didn't feel any less crazy. Even when I'd had my fingers sunk deep into the fur of a beautiful cheetah, I still wasn't been sure my hallucinations hadn't hit a new level.

"Are you okay?" Silver asked tentatively, easing onto the couch arm next to me.

We were at Coach Walker's house, sitting in his lovely living room. It was a fairly decent sized house and I found it hard to believe he lived there alone. Maybe he really did have a girlfriend. Or even a wife.

Figures. Nobody that perfect is single, Cam.

"Sure," I said, shrugging. I blinked up at the handsome man, trying to give him a smile, but I was pretty sure it came off as more of a grimace or even a cringe. "Your man's a wolverine, Coach Hotass is a cheetah and there might be a bear wanting to kill me. I'm just dandy."

Silver smirked, biting his lip. "You should probably know that they can also hear really well too."

Sighing, I closed my eyes. "Perfect."

"Well, Cam," Parker said, making me open my eyes as he plopped down in a chair, throwing his leg over the arm like he lived there. "What do you think?"

Coach Hotass shuffled into the room, blushing as he pulled his T-shirt on over his head and I knew I should look away. I'd already made the man uncomfortable enough with my stupid comment if the blush was anything to go by. Full out gawking at him was probably not going to make things any easier for him.

He eased onto the other end of the couch, keeping space between us and I couldn't help the flash of disappointment that went through me.

Coach Walker didn't seem to be a homophobe. He willingly chose to spend time with Parker and Silver more often than not and he'd always been very kind to me and a person would have to be blind and deaf not to know where my sexuality fell.

It wasn't like I expected him to sit next to me and hold my hand. And I was sure the distance was so I didn't get the wrong idea, but I couldn't help but feel like my runaway mouth had made him feel uncomfortable in his own home and I hated that.

He bit his lip, looking over at Parker and Silver before clearing his throat. "I think you should stay here for a while." Holding up his hands like he expected me to interrupt, he continued. "Just until we make sure this bear isn't after you. He probably honestly doesn't care that you saw him, but just to be safe."

"But, won't you be busy? Do you really want a virtual stranger living in your house?" I didn't know why I was arguing other than the fact I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to keep my massive crush a secret if I was staying under the same roof as Kalvin Walker.

There was absolutely zero chance I wasn't going to say something completely inappropriate or do something to embarrass us. I wouldn't purposely sexually harass the man, but come on, eyes will be eyes.

Shaking his head, Coach walker smiled. "We just entered off season." He shrugged. "I can take a little time off and let the other coaches handle training while I hang out with you and make sure you're safe. You might not be able to go out partying for a while though."

I scoffed. Who did he even think he was talking to? I didn't go out anymore. Who had the energy for that shit? "Not going to be a problem. So, you're offering to be my bodyguard?"

"I do like the way you make my coffee. Somebody needs to keep those skills safe."

I smirked, rolling my eyes. "Oh. Like when I basically pour it at your feet?"

"Can you handle living with me?" he asked, frowning. "I'm boring as fuck but I'll keep you safe."

I stoked my chin with my fingers, pretending to think. "Boring as fuck, you say? Sold."


I couldn't handle living with Coach Hotass. Coach Hotass liked to walk around half dressed all the time, looking fucking delicious. Coach Hotass was super nice and somewhat funny and occasionally looked at me like I was fucking amazing.

Coach Hotass also told me to call him Kalvin and that I could treat his house like it was mine. Coach Hotass was even more perfect than I'd imagined and I'd only spent two days under his roof.

Whatever discomfort I may have caused that first night by not guarding my words was long gone. In fact, there were times when my stupid brain thought he might be throwing a little flirting my way. And he touched me all the fucking time.

I didn’t' really have any problem with it except that it gave my body and my mind ideas. Ideas about jumping him. Ideas about cuddling up on the couch and watching a movie. Ideas about living in his house with him forever and getting married and adopting millions of babies.

Damn! Way to go full on creep, Cam. You're a prize, you are.

If he walked by me one more time, brushing his bare chest on my bare back while holding my hip so he could lean around me for whatever fucking thing he was reaching for, I was either going to tackle him to the couch and have my way with him, or I was going to propose marriage. I didn’t fucking know which, but he was killing me!

Chapter Two

I didn't know how much longer I could make it like this. I should probably just tell him we were mates. He'd taken everything else in stride, surely he'd be the same with this information. I'd almost told him several times. I was just nervous and I didn't know why.

He'd been asking questions over the last couple days about shifters and we'd even discussed mates. In fact, he'd asked about mates quite a bit, seeming to be intrigued by the whole idea. But I just wasn't sure he was intrigued by me. And that was where the problem lay.

Mates were supposed to have some kind of wild attraction. It was there on my side. I'd imagined bending him over just about every surface in the house multiple times and I was spending far too much time in the shower stroking my self when those imaginings had me so hard, the throbbing could actually be seen through my cut off sweats.

But beyond calling me Coach Hotass when I was in the other room and he didn't think I could hear him, he hadn't said or done anything else that would lead me to believe he was attracted to me in any way.

In fact, he'd taken one look at the mistletoe Parker had perkily hung all over my house one day when he and Silver had randomly showed up, and nearly killed himself trying to pull it all down, blushing the entire time.

Sure, I'd occasionally pick up the scent of his arousal, but he was young. I kind of remember getting hard when the wind blew at his age. I honestly wasn't much better now with his gorgeous ass in my house.

Today he was running around like mad, making sure everything was clean and orderly, like he thought he was going to be kicked out on his perfect ass if he didn't. And the way he moved. The man was a dancer through and through and every move he made was sure and graceful, and it made me feel like a lumbering oaf.

"Cam, you don't have to pick up after me like that," I told him for the eighty-seventh time. "I promise I can handle it."

"Are you kidding me? You are letting me stay here for free. You are acting as my very own bodyguard and you are being the best sport about being dragged to the dance studio every damn night. You aren't lifting a finger as long as I'm here."

The fucking dance studio. I had a love-hate relationship with that place. It was where already too fucking gorgeous to look at Campbell Springer stripped down to tights and nothing fucking else and gracefully danced around the stage, showing the long lean lines of those small but powerful muscles, and his perfect, rosy-peach colored skin.

The man had zero flaws. Zero. And he could lift his fucking leg right up next to his head like there were no fucking ligaments in his entire body.

Every night for two hours I watched him move with perfect precision and grace in barely any clothes at all and all I could do was sit there with my mouth open and a hard-on I'd had to start hiding with a book.

Thankfully, he was usually only one of two or three people there and only one so far had seemed to notice my preoccupation with him. She'd smirked, bouncing her eyebrows at me, but otherwise kept doing her thing.

"Cam, can you please sit down for a minute?" I grumbled when he made yet another pass, bending low to dust the very bottom shelf of my bookcase and presenting that bitable ass. "You're giving me anxiety. Is this about what Parker found out earlier?"

"I knew her, Walker," he said, spinning to look at me with wide, haunted eyes, the rag he'd been using to dust clutched in his hand. "I served her a caramel cappuccino that night."

Well, at least he wasn't still calling me Couch Walker or Mr. Walker anymore. Though I really wished he would just call me Kalvin. It would sure make it easier to finally set him down and tell him what he was to me.

Sighing, I snagged his arm as he walked in front of me, probably headed to the trophy case in the corner to destroy the happy homes of some dust bunnies. I dragged him onto the couch next to me and smiled softly.

"I'm so sorry you're going through this, Cam. If I could take it all away from you, I would, but I don't have those powers." I wrestled the dust cloth out of his hand, tossing it over my shoulder. "However, if you don't stop cleaning my damn house, I might strangle you."

"Why, Mr. Walker," he said, putting his hand to his chest and batting his made-up eyelashes at me prettily. "Did you just threaten my life?"

I winked, standing up to walk over and shut off the main light switch, bathing the room in the soft light coming off the gorgeous Christmas tree I'd dragged out of storage just for him to decorate and the garland that was strung across the fireplace. It was maybe a little warm in the house with the fire going, but he'd seemed so excited at the prospect of it, I'd had a hard time telling him no.

"Let's watch a movie," I said, plopping down beside him on the couch, not leaving much space between us and resting my arm along the back, behind him.

Swallowing, he glanced around, eyeing the darkened kitchen entry and then the hall where very little light leaked into the shadows. "Without the lights?"

Letting my arm drop around his shoulders, I pulled him closer to my side, flipping to the movie section and hoping for a Christmas movie. "Yes, but you can sit right her by me and I promise I'll keep you safe."

I could feel his gaze on the side of my face as I flipped through the movie listings and when I glanced over he was biting his lip. "You won't mind me sitting so close?" He whispered after a moment of me just watching his teeth worrying that plump, tempting treat.

"What?" I asked, tilting my head to the side. "No. Why would I mind that?"

Rolling his lips in, he frowned slightly. "You know I'm gay, right?"

I didn't see the problem in how he dressed or wore his makeup or fluttered his hands when he talked. All of those things made him endearingly adorable and drop dead gorgeous, but surely he knew it very obviously pegged him as gay as well.

"And?" I asked hesitantly, not sure how surprised I should act.

He smirked, probably reading my thoughts in the way my body had stopped moving completely. "Aaannd…you seemed so uncomfortable when I called you Coach Hotass," he said finally, rubbing his palms against his jeans and looking away as a blush stole up the sides of his face. "I know you aren't homophobic or anything, but I don't want you to feel like you need to worry that I'm going to jump you."

"You mean you wouldn't jump me?" I asked teasingly, trying not to laugh when his eyes widened and his mouth moved like he was trying to figure out what to say.

When it was clear he was struggling with how to handle my question and getting increasingly more unsure by the second, I jostled his shoulder and smiled down into his confused face. "I wasn't uncomfortable, Cam," I said quietly, unable to keep from leaning into his space while he was sitting so close and his mouth was only inches from mine. "I was flustered. When a sexy man calls you hot, it makes you flustered."

I probably shouldn't have admitted that, but I'd have admitted to anything in that moment when his tongue swept across his bottom lip, wetting the plushness and making them even more bitable. He swallowed, his eyes moving over my face continuously. "Sexy?"

"Oh yeah," I said, leaning even closer, letting my breath fan against his face. Against his lips.

Swallowing, he let his eyes stray to my lips before meeting mine again. "So, you're gay?" he whispered, blinking those beautiful blue eyes.

"Oh yeah."

He narrowed them, frowning slightly. "And you're attracted to me?"

"Oh yeah."

Raising an eyebrow, he smirked. "And you're an inarticulate jock?"

I chuckled, nodding my head. "When it comes to you?" I paused, running a thumb across his bottom lip, making him close his eyes and moan quietly. "Oh yeah."

"Wow." He bit the lip I'd just caressed, leaning back and opening his eyes to watch my face as I followed, leaning in even further and putting my mouth practically to his.

"That's what I was going to say," I whispered, letting my lips drag against his lightly.

He gasped and the sound traveled straight to my balls. Restraint became a dream as I reached up, grabbing the back of his head and firmly pressing my mouth to his.

He whimpered against my lips, opening slightly. I took advantage, running my tongue over the delicious flesh of his bottom lip before dipping inside and tasting his warm, sweet mouth.

He let me continue to lick and suck on his lips and tongue, moaning softly when I stopped every once in a while to nibble.

When he was apparently done with my teasing, he growled, lurching forward to press his mouth more firmly to mine and easing me back into the seat of the couch before climbing up over me and straddling my lap. When he ground down on my hard, leaking dick, I gurgled out a sound, latching on to his hipbones.

I wanted him so much. Had wanted him for so long. I was ready to claim him right then. Forget the fact that he'd just found out I was even in to him and hadn't really had time to process any information beyond the fact that we had a definite and mutual interest in each other. My body, my heart and my damn cheetah had been building to this moment for months.

If we got naked now, there would be absolutely no going back for me.

Jerking back, I grasped his hips, gasping for air. "Hold on." I groaned, hating myself in that moment for being the guy who needed to let him know what he was getting himself into. "You need to know something before we get too far."

"Okay," he groaned, letting his head fall back on his shoulders as he rolled his hips again, pressing his dick against my abs. "But hurry. I've been wanting you to fuck me since that first time you came in when I was working."

My cock pulsed, liking the sound of fucking him. I groaned, closing my eyes for a second. "Fuck. Shush for a second or I'm going to lose control."

I ground my teeth, fighting the urge to press up against him and take the entirety of his weight against the hard ridge of my dick.

"Sounds intriguing." He rolled is back grinding down on me and I growled, tightening my grip on his hips and lifting him slightly. He pouted, pressing those beautiful, smeared-gloss covered lips out in a pout I wanted to bite away. "Okay, what?"

"You're my mate," I said quickly, my stomach flipping at my own words. I bit my lip, watching his face.

For a moment, I could tell my words weren't registering. He just blinked at me in a lust filled haze, clearly rolling what I said over in his head. "Oh!" His eyes widened in surprise. "Holy shit. Why didn't you say anything?"

I couldn't read his expression, but he didn't get off of me, so I swallowed, watching his eyes as I spoke. "You didn't seem interested." I relaxed my grip on his hips, letting his body once again settle into mine.

Raising his eyebrows, he snuffed out a short laugh. "Oh, I'm interested." He shook his head, a grin sliding onto his face. "I didn't realize I was being such a good actor. If you'd seen the way I have been mooning over you behind your back or the ridiculous amount of times I've jacked off, thinking about you, you'd be embarrassed for both of us."

"I bet I could top it. That girl at the studio last night laughed, but I saw her eyeing the fire hydrant when you were doing that damn back bendy thing." When he snickered, biting his lip, I rolled my eyes, sighing. "Silver actually told me I made him sick to his stomach when he watched me watch you at the Don's."

"Aren't you his coach?" Campbell asked, looking down at my mouth. "You should make him run." His face softened the longer he stared and he swiped a tongue over his bottom lip.

I swallowed, my dick jerking under him. He gasped before rolling his hips again, milking more pre-cum out of me.

Rubbing my thumbs against his hip bones, I closed my eyes tight, grunting at his whine. "I can't fuck you until you're sure you want to be bound to me forever." I whispered huskily, my body burning up. "There is no way I can be inside you and not claim you."

Reaching down and setting his hands over mine, he spread his legs even further, grinding his dick against my abs. "Are you proposing to me, Kalvin?"

I captured his gaze with mine, needing him to see just how serious I was. "Essentially, that's exactly what I'm doing."

He bit his lip, his eyes thoughtful as he searched my face. A small smile tilted the corner of his mouth. "We're mates, right?" he whispered, sounding…awed. "That means most likely, we're going to end up together anyway, right?"

"Yeah," I said, perplexed by the wide-eyed hope on his face. "It means emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually…all the allys––" Rolling my eyes, I shook my head. "You are the most compatible with me in the whole world and I'm the most compatible with you. We're perfect for each other."

Huffing out another laughed, he gave me a pointed look. "Then it sounds like we have plenty of time to get to know each other. Make me yours, Kalvin."

He wrapped his arms back around my neck, pressing his mouth to mine and humming when I allowed his tongue to breech my lips. After a few moments of intense, amazing kissing, he rocked, drawing a deep groan out of my throat when the friction nearly made me see stars.

"Please don't regret this when you're not horny," I breathed against his neck, loving the way his moans vibrated against my lips as he continued to roll against me in maddening waves.

Pulling back, he smirked down into my face, his blue eyes dancing happily. "What is this not horny you speak of?" Since this hot ass coach started coming into my place of employment, I've basically been constantly horny."

Chuckling, I stood, taking him with me. Marching over to the fireplace, I kneeled with him still wrapped around me and eased him back to the floor, growling at the sight he made lying there, his hair a mess and his shirt rucked up, showing off those delicious, well crafted abs and smooth skin.

"Fuck, that's sexy," he groaned, crunching up to tug at my shirt. "I love that you're that strong. Someday, I want you to fuck me against the wall."

Taking the hint, I smirked as I jerked my shirt off, watching his dick jerk under the material of his flannel pajamas as his eyes caressed my body.

When my impatience got the best of me, I leaned forward, sliding my tongue along his bottom lip as I placed my palms against his stomach and slid them up, taking the shirt with me, easing it up until his nipples were exposed for me.

Pulling back, I looked down at his shapely, gorgeous body. The same body I'd seen bend and move in ways that should be illegal in public for the safety of those of us who have zero ability to look away from his talented body. I'd wanted to taste those delicious nubs since the first time I watched him strip his shirt off when he became hot during practice and they'd pebbled up under the slight chill of the air around him compare to his hot, hard working body. Before actually.

Finally, I was going to get my chance. Leaning down, I blew across one, dark-pink nub, growling lightly when it beaded beautifully and I flattened my tongue against it, loving the way if felt.

When he whined, letting his head fall back, his neck arching beautifully as he remained on his elbows, almost like he was presenting his perfect chest to me for a feast.

I licked the other one, stopping to press my entire open mouth over it and flick my tongue across it before sucking.

"Oh fuck, Kalvin," he cried, his arms finally sliding out form under him and sprawling out on either side of him.

Using the moment, I pulled his T-shirt up and off of him, tossing it to the side and sitting back on my heels to grip the tops of his pants and jerk them down. His dick slapped against his stomach, and I immediately swooped down, taking the leaking tip into my mouth.

His body tensed and his back arched in the most obscene way and I pressed my hand to his abs, running it slowly up to brush the tips of my fingers over his nipple, while gently lapping at his tip.

"Stop!" he yelled, pushing against my forehead until I popped off, licking my lips and enjoying the flavor of his pre-cum. "If you keep doing that, I'm going to go. Hurry! Go get some lube. I need you in me like right now."

Chapter Three

Kalvin sprang to his feet, racing out of the room and I did my best to lay there, breathing hard and fighting with my own body so I didn't reach down and take my dick in my hand and finish before he had the chance to make me his.

I didn't know what that involved, but I trusted him. And I really wanted to be his.

Holy hot Cheetos! I'm about to belong to Coach Hotass and he's going to belong to me!

When he finally came back into the room, he leaned all the way over, setting the bottle down next to my hip before unbuttoning his pants in a hurry and shoving them down around his ankles.

I gawked. I did, and I didn't really care because Kalvin Walker was big and beautiful everywhere and if he wasn't made for me to gawk at then I didn't understand anything.

He sank to his knees between my legs, lightly laying his hands on my thighs and caressing upward. "You're so smooth and gorgeous everywhere Campbell," he whispered, making my heart flip happily.

I'd always been considered too feminine, too pretty to be a man. The hair that grew on my legs and all over my body was pretty fine and as blonde as the hair on my head. I liked ballet and make-up, and shiny things often made me forget what I was doing.

Needless to say, it had been hard to find acceptance in Kansas, but that is where I'd lived all my life. Those people who had accepted me where my family now and the idea of leaving any of them hurt.

I'd always been into big, jock type guys, but in a place as small as this, the likelihood of finding one that was gay or into an effeminate, ballerina barista were low. When silver brought his boyfriend around, to say I was shocked that either of those two manly-men were gay was a major understatement, but it had brought me hope that I'd someday find me a big jock to spend the rest of my life with.

When Coach Kalvin Walker had started coming into the coffee shop with them, I'd been blown away by the man. He was seriously everything I'd ever wanted in a man physically and so fucking nice.

He hadn't taken one look at me and sneered like so many had in the past, thinking my make-up was a sign of weakness.

I dare any other man to walk around in public with make-up on and tell me it doesn't take a backbone of fucking steel. Especially in a place like Kansas.

But Kalvin had been genuinely kind to me. And though I didn't see it as a favor to me like so many thought I should look at their kindness and willingness to accept my make-up and personality, I had been pleasantly surprised by his kindness.

And I may have slipped him a free cookie every once in a while. Don always just rolled his eyes, teasing me about the hearts in my eyes and telling me he was going to put pillows behind the register just in case I had a fainting spell.

But who could fucking blame me? Coach Kalvin Walker was dreamy as hell.

"I've wanted to see you like this, touch you like this since the first time I saw you." He smiled softly. "Did you know you were the reason I even started going to Don's? I used to go to a little coffee shop closer to the campus, but when I helped Silver and Parker with their little Richelle problem, I caught your scent and knew I had to come back."

He leaned forward, thumbing one of my sensitive peaks. "The moment I walked through that door the first time and saw you standing there, your body moving to the song on the radio, your hair and make-up done beautifully and that sexy fucking black shirt that is slightly sheer and just barely gives a peek of your nipples––" He smiled, shivering. "Parker said he thought he was going to have to hit me over the head with a chair or something because I immediately started growling."

I probably looked stupid staring up at him, my eyes big and filled with tears and my mouth hanging wide open. But I didn't know what to say. Maybe that mall Santa had been legit.

Though maybe not because I don't think the real Santa would normally spring wood when a grown man sat in his lap.

But some kind of Christmas miracle had happened, because I was about to become the forever mate to the man of my dreams. And I was going to tell everyone.

Picking the bottle back up and opening it, he squeezed a decent amount of lube onto his fingers and rubbed them together before pressing them to my hole and tapping. I shuddered and my dick jumped, pre-cum pouring out of the tip.

When he circled my opening before pressing first one finger all the way in and then a second, stretching me deliciously, I keened, loving the way the slight sting mingled with the pleasure. He added a third until I was writhing on his fingers and seconds from coming.

I wanted him to claim me, but I wasn't sure if I was going to make it passed him getting me ready. Seriously, how many times was I going to fall apart for him before he even got inside me?

He must have sensed me about to go tumbling over the edge, because suddenly, all movement stopped on his part, leaving me trying to press my ass against his fingers, but meeting resistance with his other hand pressing down on my hip.

Slowly…so fucking slowly, he pulled his fingers out and I cried out, my entire body shaking with need.

He crawled on top of me, taking my mouth. I loved the way he tasted. I didn't think I'd ever get tired of kissing this man.

Reaching between us, he pressed the head of his dick against my hole, pushing inside me, not stopping until he was fully seated and I was filled up. I screamed into his mouth, my body arching hard and nearly breaking our kiss. He froze against me, moaning, body rigid.

When we both seemed to get ourselves under control, I slid my hands down his sides until I reached his ass cheeks and then I squeezed, urging him to move.

With a growl, he pulled back, his dick sliding perfectly against the walls of my hole before he slammed back in, making me shout. Again and again, he pulled out and slammed back in, his dick rubbing my prostate the entire time.

My orgasm hit hard and my dick spurted between us. My asshole milked Kalvin's and he growled, his body going rigid as he too was sent over the edge.

When he moved his mouth down my throat, his whiskers rasping the sensitive skin, I was rung out and completely satiated. I leaned my head to the side, giving him further access, loving the way his mouth felt against me. I wasn't expecting the quick sharp pain and I yelped, but it quickly turned in to a keening moan as another earth-shattering orgasm swept through my body, followed by Kalvin grunting his second release against my shoulder.

As I lay there in wonder, staring up at the lights on the Christmas tree and trying to catch my breath, I couldn't believe what had just happened. I could actually feel the new connection I had to my mate. I could actually feel where my soul had merged with his, happily finding its match.

When Kalvin rolled off of me, I sat up, looking down at my messy stomach and then over to his, snickering. "We're a mess," I said, already getting my feet under me to stand. "I'm going to go get something to clean us up."

He chuckled, running his fingers through the quickly cooling jizz. "I like being marked my you."

"And I like being marked by you," I said softly, reaching up to run my fingers over the slightly raised skin.

Has it already healed? That's amazing.

Smiling like an idiot, I shook my head, striding toward the wall with the light switch, knowing I wasn't quite ready to tackle the dark hallway just yet. Even getting as close to the thing as I was made my heart rate spike just a bit and I wasted zero time getting across the room.

"Uh, Campbell?" Kalvin said, his voice sounding odd.

Stopping at the light switch and flipping it on, I looked over my shoulder at him, noticing how hard he was staring at my ass. "Yeah?"

A slow smile slid onto his face and he sat up on one elbow, looking ridiculously sexy. "One, you have a gorgeous ass and along with wall sex, you are totally riding me backward sometime so I can watch it bounce and grab ahold of it." He growled. "Fuck you have a perfect ass." Shaking his head, he blinked, finally looking up at my face. "But we should probably talk about the mark on your left cheek and what it means."


"What's up, Parker?" Kalvin said, listening for a moment before putting the phone on speaker, and holding it up close to my face.

We'd moved to his room in the middle of the night and stayed up watching Christmas movies and laughing. It had been fun, but it also meant sleeping in late and when I looked at the time on my phone, I sighed.

It was already noon on Christmas Eve. If I wanted to get Kalvin's Christmas present, I was going to have to fight the last minute shoppers. Yay!

"I just wanted to let you and Cam know that the bear who killed that girl has been taken care of." I didn't know what taken care of meant, but after what I'd seen him do to that poor girl, I couldn't really say that I cared.

"Apparently, he's been working up to a mental breakdown for a while. His mom actually reported him to the immortal division of the FBI since the shifter one is shut down," Parker continued. "I guess she found him still covered in that girl's blood in the basement of her house the day after it happened, and when she tried to check on him because she thought it was his blood, he attacked her, giving her a pretty good slice across the face. Green just called this morning to let me know since it was in my area, but I guess he's already been found and…you know."

By Kalvin's cringe, I was pretty sure I'd gotten pretty close to guessing right in the first place.

"Thanks Parker," Kalvin and I said at the same time, making the other man chuckle.

"No problem guys. You can name your first child after me or something." He hung up and I smirked.

About that. Looking over at my boyfriend…at my mate, I laughed. I might have had a tiny bit of a freak-out the night before when he'd told me what my mark meant, but he'd assured me that I could take birth control to keep myself from getting knocked up before I was ready and the more I thought about it, the more I thought I might someday like to have little Kalvin Walkers of my very own.

It was Christmas Eve and we really needed to go get groceries so we could settle in for Christmas and not have to leave.

Well, that had been the plan before the phone call.

"Uh, Kalvin?" I asked, sitting up and looking down at his gorgeous face before looking away. "Now that I'm safe from big, psycho bears, did you want me to get out of your hair? Do you have people you want to visit for Christmas?"

"What?" Grabbing my arm, he jerked me back down until I was laying my head on his chest again but with my head tilted back so I could look into his eyes. "You, my precious mate, are the only person in the whole world I want to spend Christmas with. But if there is someone you need to visit, we can do it together."

"Not really," I whispered, unable to keep from smiling. "I'd like to drop Don's present off to him sometime, but we can do that today while we're out getting groceries. Are you sure you don't have anyone you'd rather spend your Christmas with? Or even just get me out of your hair for a while?"

"I know you haven't had long to digest this, but you're my mate," he said softly, cupping my face and dragging me up his body. His deliciously naked body. It felt absolutely amazing against mine and made it extremely difficult not to rub my hardening dick against him. "That means, I want you around me every minute of every day because you are literally my perfect companion. There is no way on earth you could get on my nerves or make me want to get rid of you. If you need space, let me know, but I'll never be asking for the same."

"Shit, you're amazing." Leaning down, I pressed my mouth to his, my dick making itself known as it filled completely.

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