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A Girl For Her Series Volume 1

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, business establishments and events are the product of the author's' imagination or are used facetiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

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Jana & Angel


Copyright ©2016 Amber M. Kestner

About The Book

Seeing her as more than just a friend would drive my heart wild, she is special to me in every way. Let's call her Jana, and she has no idea what she makes me feel inside. I have known her a little over two years, but feels like forever even when we talk every day.

It's not like we haven't planned to see each other again, it has been in my mind to finally be in love with a woman, and she's the closest to my heart for years. Jana and I have the same thoughts and beliefs of a happy couple. She's never been with another woman, so this is my chance to show her the love I feel but take it slowly and thoughtful as possible.

I believe Jana can be happy with the right person as though it might be scary at first but what woman isn't when they go for someone new? This is my story of how my happiness to Jana Johnson was worth it. My name is Angel Knight, and I'll be guiding you to beginning to the end.

Chapter 1

Angel was living with her grandmother since she was seventeen and her own mother kicked her out and then abandoned her, leaving to another Country. All that happened just because she kissed a girl, Scarlett Thomas, which her mother didn't approve. Luckily, Angel's grandma wasn't so conservative, and she took her in, creating a home for both of them.

Before the kiss, she had no clue Scarlett liked her that way. But after that first kiss, they have been dating until Graduation, the whole year and a half. Later, they broke up, agreeing they were too different to continue with their relationship and their relationship always had a abusive way to it that made Angel cringe of the memory. Scarlett found another girlfriend in High School, but Angel never even tried. She didn't see a point.

She was living in a small town, called Rose County. There were almost no schools or kids. People usually picked this town for vacations, rather than for living.

With her blue eyes, long blonde hair with soft curls. Angel always loved her own body, and many people would agree that she was a natural beauty. She played on the guitar and loved to work at her bookstore, down at the Strange Creek Rd.

And who wouldn't want a cozy bookstore to settle in and relax after a long day? She adored that small place with all her heart.

She liked to be alone, as she never believed in love like you can read about in the books, nor she never saw a point in it. When any guy attempted to have her, she pushed him away immediately. She thought about them as useless creatures, thinking of that icky thing between their legs. Yuck!

Of course, even though she wasn't in any relationship, she wasn't alone. She had a really good friend, Shauna Meigs, who worked in her store, and Angel could always rely on her. Unfortunately, the only thing they had in common was a book. They tried to talk about other things too, like school, friends, relationships, political views and such, but Angel never felt like she can give her the number of her cell to hang out after work.


“Do I seriously have to go on this date? I mean seriously what if he's like the last one?” Jana complained to Destiny, who was her best friend for more than fifteen years.

“Girl, I have already settled down and had a child, you need to give this guy a chance. Heck who knows, Gunther could be the one. Did you ever think of that?” Destiny tried to support her friend and give her the courage to proceed with preparations.

Jana rolled her gray eyes then looked herself in the mirror. Her short, brunette hair, barely touched her shoulders. She always loved to go out with her friends, but dates were something entirely else. She sighed.

“Gunther looks nice, but it's only one date. I don't believe I can find the one just like that. For all we know, he could be a stalker or even a murderer.”

Destiny got a laugh out of that response. Jana was sometimes so melodramatic, she wondered how did she even get through her life.

“You know Jana if you would prefer a woman I do know someone that would make it worth your while.”

Jana turned away from the mirror and raised an eyebrow at her friend. That was the most ridiculous proposal she ever heard.

“I'm straight, and you know it. I'm not going to date a woman just because you find it amusing to assume I'm so phobic about men. Don't even try to convince me.”

Destiny shrugged. It was worth a shot.

“Suit yourself. Just don't be so judgmental about Gunther. He doesn't deserve that, and all you know, he could be worth it.”

Jana heard the doorbell rang. She jerked her head to the sound and quickly answered. “You got me there but doesn't mean anything.”

She went to answer the door. Just as she expected it, there was standing Gunther. He was in a black suit with a red tie, which made Jana think they are unintentionally matching. She wore a lovely red dress that fit her body perfectly.

Gunther took her hand in his, kissing it like a true gentleman. When his lips touched her skin, she felt nothing. She tried not to frown, disappointed in the lack of chemistry between them.

Before his eyes meet hers, she quickly put on a fake smile on her lips. She could just hope the date won't be boring, and she won't start yawning somewhere in the middle.

“You look very beautiful tonight. Are you ready for our date?” His voice was deep, created to send chills to the woman's body. Just not in hers, apparently.

“Yes, I am.” Jana sweetly smiled.

Then as she was about to close the door, she let out a call to the back of the house to her friend.

“Destiny, if you're going out tonight please be sure to lock up. See you later this evening.”

As Jana closed the door behind her, she walked down the steps to Gunther's car and saw how gorgeous it was. Sometimes she liked to peek into a car magazine, so she knew it was a red, brand new 2003 Monte Carlo with tinted windows. It blew her breath away. Maybe this evening won't be so bad after all.

As Gunther opened the car door, she saw it had leather seats and knew it had to cost a fortune to get a beautiful car like this. She sat in the passenger seat, waiting for Gunther to make his way around. As he got in on his side, she looked over at him and smiled again, then turned away and faced the road. He started the car, and they were on their way to a fancy restaurant.

Gunther cleared his throat. “We are going to Maya's Italian Diner. Is that okay with you?”

“Sure, sounds perfect.” Jana lightly smiled. She wasn't exactly fond of Italian food, and she would rather have a steak with some potatoes and green beans. But since the Italian is good too, if you know what to choose, she decided not to complain. She didn't want to hurt his feelings or sound like an ungrateful person.

They arrived at the restaurant ten minutes before their reservations. As Jana got out of the car, she saw the beauty and enjoyed the cool breeze of the evening. She noticed a fountain in the distance and walked over to it. She sat down and took off her heels, then climbed on the edge with her shoes in her hands. Taking each step around it, she enjoyed the feeling.

Gunther looked bored and disapproving. He seized to her, trying to take her down.

“I'm just having fun. Relax nothing to be embarrassed by.” she told him, her good mood drifting away.

Gunther replied harshly. “You know what? This is supposed to be a serious date where we should get to know one another, not fool around and act like kids. Come on, we are both professionals, working in a hospital. Get a grip.”

Jana didn't like his smart mouth. What was wrong with this guy? Shouldn't he just let her be herself for a while? It's not like she was playing in the dirt, she was just dancing around the fountain, trying to have a good time.

“Then I guess I'm not the one you want. I like to have fun and not be serious all the time.” She stopped moving, glaring angrily at him. He was a complete asshole.

“Just go home and find someone else. This date is over.”

Gunther didn't even try to convince her to change her mind. He shook his head in disgust at her childish behavior and walked off, leaving her on the side of the fountain.

Jana walked around it several more times until she headed home herself. She felt something wet on her cheeks. Tears. Great, she thought to herself. That's just what I need.


Angel was taking a jog near her favorite fountain when she heard this couple arguing. That lady was beautiful in that red dress, and she took her breath away. Angel wanted to approach her, but it seemed to be bad timing with the guy looking like a jerk.

Angel took out her phone and snapped a picture of the woman so she could remember what she looks like the next time she went out.

As she turned to leave, some stranger guy approached her. “So, what are you doing out here in the middle of the night by yourself?”

Angel rolled her eyes. Like she had the time to talk to him. It annoyed her how some people thought they can just start talking to her.

“How about none of your business?”

The guy was acting like he didn't hear her. He just continued with his babbling. “Listen here baby you're coming home with me tonight alright?”

Angel pushed him away and walked off as the guy grabbed her shoulder. He pulled her toward him.

“I don't like the way you are treating me. You might want to behave, little missy.” He hissed in her ear. Angel shook in disgust. That was just too much.

She struggled against him and the kicked him with her knee, right between his legs. Bastard. There was fury inside her, that made her disliking of guys even bigger.

He stumbled back, his hand losing his trip. His face is twisted in pain, and he was completely out of breath. Angel felt satisfaction. He deserved that.

“How about this, you ignorant asshole! Keep your hands off of me and leave me alone!” she spat at his face. She barely held back, to not kick him again.

The guy didn't respond, and he was still whimpering.

Without looking at him again, she ran to the other end of the park. There she saw the lady from before, sulking in her tears. It seemed she was heading home too. Angel slowly approached her.

“Miss are you okay?” she gently said.

The lady looked up at Angel and nodded. “I am having a bad night,” she told her.

Angel patted the lady on the shoulder. She felt like that was the best way to soothe her.

“Would you like me to walk you home? I'm Angel by the way,” she asked her.

The lady smiled. “Sure, it wouldn't hurt. I'm Jana.” She wiped away her tears. She wasn't crying anymore.

Angel had to remember her name. Jana was so beautiful and nice, she to break her no-dating rule. Since she was a girl, Angel wouldn't mind getting to know her better.

As they walked about four miles away from the park, she realized, Jana was looking flushed. She remembered how that man ditched her, probably before the date.

“You look like you haven't eaten this evening. Would you like to go somewhere to eat that is both reasonable and fun? Maybe a cafe down the road?” she asked politely, hoping the woman will agree.

Jana smiled at Angel uncontrollably. “That would be wonderful. I'm starving since my date decided to be a jerk and left me before dinner.”

Angel felt so happy at that moment because the left her and it was her chance to make a new friend.

“Don't worry I had a rough one too, some random guy just tried to take me home with him, so I kicked him where it counts making sure he couldn't get up for a while. What went wrong with yours?”

“He just didn't want to have fun and I did. He wouldn't even join me on the fountain for fun.” Jana sadly replied.

Angel shook her head. Some people were such jerks. “I would have joined you. That sure sounds fun and enjoyable.”

Jana was relieved to hear her say that. She could just die if Angel thought she was childish too. She felt like she just made a new friend in the middle of that night. And she wasn't going to be alone when she comes home.

As they reached the cafe, they realized it was already closed. They stayed in front of the building for some time, not knowing what to do. That was when Angel came up with another plan. She gently patted Jana on the arm to get her attention.

“How about we go to my place? It's just another block away. I can make you something, like a cup of coffee or tea or whichever would you prefer. What do you say?” Angel suggested.

Jana smilingly nodded.

“Sure. That will be great. I don't want to be alone tonight since my roommate and best friend went out. I would really like a night away with you.”

Angel released her shoulder and smiled all the way to the house feeling pleasant that she got someone to finally hang out with.

Chapter 2

After Jana was left alone to walk herself home and a distresses date with Gunther, she couldn't help herself just bursting into tears. He needed to be more fun and not so uptight. After another horrible date with some guy who is always talking about work and don't know anything about fun. Was she really so unlucky?

She couldn't help herself but cry over it, even though it was just plain stupid.

But then she was about a mile away from the park, she heard some noises. There was a commotion going on. She turned around to see an unknown blonde lady getting into some struggle with a guy.

Jana wanted to turn away. It wasn't her business whatever was happening and she was also too scared to go their and help. She started walking again, but then a corner of her eye caught a sight of a woman kicking the guy into his sensitive parts.

That made her smile and giggle a little, through her tears.

Then as she saw the lady running in her direction, she continued walking at a slow pace no rush to get him into an empty house. Destiny and Roscoe had a date night on the town, so there was nobody waiting for her.

Jana got a startled as the lady approached her to check on her. As they kept talking, she ended up getting to know what happened. It turned out the lady's name was Angel, and she seemed fun to be around.

She was kind of in shock when she invited Jana to her house for a drink since the small cafe in the town was closed. Jana couldn't believe she made a new friend that night. As they finally approached a small apartment complex, it gave her a whole new perspective that some like to live in quiet and alone.

Angel and Jana walked side by side to Angel's apartment as they got about three stories up the tall building they finally reached the door. On them there was a number 30C, made of brass, proudly hanging on them.

Angel reached for her key in the back pocket and slid it into the hole. She turned it and opened the door, watching them slide aside.

“Guests first.” She waved her hand to her apartment.

Jana walked in. It was very dark, so Angel closed the door and turned on lights, apologizing for it not being organized. Jana looked around, curious to see how Angel lived.

“Oh it's alright, I understand being busy and exhausted.”

Angel rushed over to Jana and grabbed her hand, guiding her to the kitchen and setting her at the bar. She smiled at her.

“What would you like Miss Jana like to drink and eat? I have Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Sweet Ice Tea, Milk and of course Water. As for food, I can make Mac & Cheese, Sandwiches, Ramon Noodles, and possibly a TV Dinner of Lasagna.”

Jana felt her stomach rumble.

“I will take water and I'll settle for a Sandwich. I'm not picky, so whatever you'll make it will be good,” she honestly replied.

Angel smiled, grabbing two glasses from the hanging cabinet.

“I will do the same for myself then. So Jana, what are your thoughts on dating?”

“I don't like them because they are usually no fun,” she mumbled, looking down at the counter.

Angel could relate to that matter. That was usually the case with her too.

“Yes, you're so right about that. It seems like guys want only one thing.”

Jana looked up at Angel with a shy smile. “When was the last time you've dated or been in a relationship?”

Angel looked down as she served the water to Jana and started making the sandwiches.

“I have done both. Unfortunately, the one I was with for two years, left me for someone else. It was hard to move on from that relationship, and I haven't found anyone else just yet.”

Jana couldn't beat that she has never been in a stable relationship to experience. Angel could see the sadness in Jana's eyes, realizing it wasn't best to ask the question and avoid it at best. So Angel figured asked a different question as she put the sandwiches on the table as she waved Jana over saying,

“Dinner is served. We have ham and cheese with light mayo, lettuce, tomato, and light salt with pepper. I hope that is okay? I also wonder what made you move to this town?”

Jana walked over to the table sitting in the chair beside Angel replying,

“It sounds great and looks yummy. I have moved out here because I wanted a change of pace and also to try and explore what is around here. I am from Sampson, which is about two hours from here.”

Angel smiled with her mouthful with finishing her bite.

“I have an idea where that is,” she responded.

“Though I have never left here ever since my grandma passed away. Being alone has been my best option for me. I rather don't want to deal with a roommate.”

Jana liked her best friend and roommate, but they needed one another for the support. She couldn't imagine being by herself too much, with no one to speak with.

“I am sure in time you will find someone to love and support you. Someone, you will want to share your life with,” she told her.

Angel laughed.

“Sorry, I rather just deal with my customers and my co-worker and friend Scarlet. Everyone else is just annoying, and they don't understand me.”

Jana felt compelled to say something but didn't as she finished her sandwich and Angel handled the plates and glasses.

Angel could suddenly feel the tension between them as it turned into a rather late night. It was already close to five in the morning with neither of them on set minds and in need of rest.

Angel went to the closet, getting Jana her bed clothes on the couch since she didn't feel particular having someone in her bed, she folded the blanket at the end of the couch and set the pillow on top. Then went to her room grabbed a nightgown for Jana, brought it to her.

“This is all I have the bathroom is in my room, but I will not barge in on you until you are done, go ahead and get yourself settle in will speak later.”

Angel watched Jana head to the direction of her bedroom and could feel so curious what it'd be like to be with Jana full time. She shook her head, thinking better of it not to imagine being with another woman it only causes more heartache.

Even the thought of being in love felt wrong, especially what Scarlet did in the end that left her hurt so bad to where she felt so sick to her stomach that she rather hurl then feel that type of relationship again. Angel decided to watch television until she heard Jana get out of the shower since she rather not walk in since it is rude.

Angel knocked on the bedroom door saying,

“Jana, are you dressed?”

Jana replied instantly,

“Yes, I am”

Angel walked into the room as Jana came out of the bathroom and Angel sat on the bed looking at Jana with sorrow eyes saying,

“I am sorry for earlier ever since my last ex-girlfriend left me, I feel that I have to act on it by hurting someone.”

Jana sat next to her.

“It's okay, you didn't mean to. We both have had a rough night I will take the couch it's fine,” she said.

Angel shook her head no and slightly grabbed Jana's hands replying,

“Can you please stay with me in here, I have slept alone for quite some time now, and I can't take it much more.”

Jana looked around nervously trying to come up with words to say but could only respond,

“I am not sure I could this is all still new to me being with another woman.”

Angel felt such remorse to her thoughts of being with a beautiful woman that has literally taken her heart for extra leaps.

Angel held onto Jana's hands a little longer saying,

“I understand if you must know though I think you are beautiful in your own way, and I will be here if you need me.”

Jana released her hands and walked away, closing the door behind her as Angel heard Jana crawl onto the couch and go to sleep.

Angel sighed as she made her way into the shower with her night clothes. As she stripped down completely, turning on the faucet to the shower and just getting right in relaxing in the heat feeling her tense body having a hard time calming down.

When she heard the bathroom door creak open, she jumped from surprise. She peeked through the glass and saw Jana looking at her. She just scrubbed her body even, feeling Jana's eyes on her. She turned her around slightly she saw that Jana had sat on the toilet.

“Angel, I can't sleep,” Jana complained in a tired voice.

“Oh, I'm sorry if the shower bothered you, Jana. I wasn't trying to disturb you.” Angel replied apologetically.

“It's not that, Angel.” Jana's voice became shaky.

“I just never had a friend who cared as you do. My best friend Destiny doesn't understand me, she has a husband and a child. A life I have always wanted, but unfortunately, tables have turned to where I can't find that one guy I could love.”

Angel felt bad for feeling lust for the straight woman. She should have known better.

“Jana, men have no idea what they are missing. You are as beautiful as they come and I would appreciate you more than any man would.”

Jana turned her face away. She was embarrassed by those words.

“Thank you, Angel, but I am not interested in women by far. I just want a guy to understand how much it would mean for me to settle down and not rush me into the bedroom.”

Angel sighed and shut off the water as she saw Jana leave the bathroom. Feeling unsure how to handle Jana, she just dried off and looked herself in the mirror, then slipped her clothes on and headed to bed in silence.

Chapter 3

Jana left the bathroom in silence as soon as she saw Angel get out. Now, she was just sitting on the couch.

Her thoughts were swirling around the fact Angel admitted her attraction to Jana. It made no sense whatsoever, she just didn't understand.

She got out of the night clothes and slipped into her date night clothes, then left to her own home closing the door quietly not disturbing Angel. She was thankful they didn't switch numbers at that moment.

As soon as she got halfway down the hall, she heard a voice call her. Feeling guilty, she turned around to see Angel, her face looked betrayed.

Jana slowed her pace.

“Angel, I must go this isn't right for either of us. I rather just be left alone since I am straight, and you are obviously lesbian.”

Angel walked over to Jana and turned her to face her.

“Look at me,” she ordered in a soft voice.

“So what if I feel attracted to you? I'm actually bisexual, I just prefer women. That makes me no different. Jana, I will not hurt you in any way, just come back to my apartment. Please.”

Jana shook her head, trying to deny Angel's words. The next thing she knew, there were soft lips against hers, not longer than a second. Jana couldn't breathe. She looked at Angel and touched her lips with shaking hands.

“Why did you do that? I told you I don't like women in that way, and you just kissed me anyway. An innocent woman, and with such hunger.”

Angel shook her head. Her lips twisted into a sad smile.

“You are literally blind, Jana.” Her words didn't put any blame on her. Angel knew she has to be the one to open Jana's eyes, making her realize, she can like a woman. That she can like her.

“You are beautiful, and I want you to come back to my apartment. I am not out to hurt you at all, I find you very attractive, and no man will ever treat you the way I will.”

Jana didn't like that speech. She shoved Angel against the wall.

“You have no idea who I am and what I am. You can't just assume what I will feel towards a man if there is one good enough for me.”

Angel crossed her arms over her chest. She won't give so easily.

“Jana, you didn't even hear me, again. But that is okay.”

Angel gently removed her finger from Jana's her lips. She grabbed her by the hand and dragged her back to the apartment closing the door behind her.

“Okay, listen to me one more time. I find you very beautiful, and I'm not going to be some guy who leaves you hanging like that idiot did yesterday evening. I am willing to show you what a real woman can do to please you in every way.”

Jana stood they're just looking at Angel dumbstruck, unsure what to say. She just thought of what to say next, but nothing came to words. Jana sat on the couch without a word. Angel sat next to her.

“I am sorry for being so honest with you. But since I met you yesterday evening, I just can't and won't let my feelings go without knowing.” She sighed. She just wished Jana could feel the same way about her as she did about Jana.

Jana looked at Angel. Her eyes were full of questions.

“Why me? Out of all the women in this world, you choose me. I'm nothing compared to anyone else and my best friend Destiny has the life I want and crave for.”

Angel smiled and hugged Jana. She didn't try to leave her to embrace. Angel counted that as a small win.

“That is where you are blind on. Women that are friends or couples can have all that as well. Please, just give me a chance to show you and will go from there.”

Jana took a deep breath looking down at her hands. She was still deciding if she should accept Angel's suggestion.

“Are you sure about this? I mean we just met, and I am not sure what to think of all this? I wouldn't even know what to tell anyone that knows me?”

Angel placed a finger over Jana's lips responding,

“We can keep it hidden, do you agree? I just want what is best for you and me, for us. I have never been attracted to a straight woman before, but you took my breath away.”

Jana slowly nodded. After passing so much time with Angel, she could have admitted to herself that she felt more connected to her than she did to Gunter.

“I have never met anyone so crazy about me. I need to call my roommate Destiny first and let her know where I ended up. She might still think I'm with Gunther.”

Angel grabbed her house phone.

“You can just tell her you ran into me on the way home, and we are just having coffee or whatever you wish to tell her.”

Jana nodded then took the phone into the bedroom as she dialed the apartment number upon answering the first ring was Destiny.

“Hello, who is this?”

Jana sighed. There she goes.

“Hey Destiny, it's me, Jana. Just calling to tell you my date with Gunther went bad, and I am safe with someone new that I came across while walking home.”

“Where are you? I am coming to get you now...You better give me that address.” Destiny sounded frustrated.

Jana didn't respond and just hung up the phone. She walked out to the living room to see Angel smiling.

“How did it go?”

Jana shook her head. She probably shouldn't just hang up, but she didn't want for Destiny to come.

“Destiny thinks she can just take me from where I am and take me back home. She would probably lecture me on my dating points. I hung up on her before that so she couldn't find. I hope you didn't have caller ID.”

“I don't so she can't come and get you,” Angel smiled.

Jana smiled to herself, thankful for Destiny not able to find her right away. In the meantime, she will get to know Angel a bit more.

Jana and Angel talked most the day away, stealing kisses every now and then, but nothing more went beyond that even though in the back of Jana's mind she wasn't sure what to feel with Angel. It was a whole new path that has taken her for a leap of faith. Jana held Angel's hand and looked her deep into her eyes.

“I am glad we met, but I must get changed and head to work. Even though I don't want to, with Destiny also working there.”

Angel held her hand a little tighter.

“How about we take a different route for your job, you can come work at my new and approved bookstore cafe downtown? It isn't that far, and you can leave that job it obviously isn't worth it.”

Jana shook her head responding,

“No, it isn't worth it, and I am glad to have lost a day of sleep with you. I'm ready to move on to your job, but I mustn't wear out my stay I must go back to my apartment and work on living near you. At least so I'm not too far out of my way, but it'll take me a while to get where I need to be.”

Angel nodded with a smile kissing Jana softly on the lips then releasing replying,

“We can take this slow and date it is no issue, I would love it if you lived near me but I know money can be tight and such so in time you will be here in my neighborhood.”

Jana smiled then walked with Angel to the door as they gave each other one more kiss then Jana grabbed her purse and left. Angel could feel herself getting a bit chilly being by herself then a knock startled her thoughts, she peeked out the door it was Jana as she opened it saying,

“I forgot to give you my number let me write it on a pad for you.”

Angel smiled grabbing a pen and pad of paper as they switched numbers then they kissed one more time than Jana left as Angel watched the beautiful woman walked in pleasure. Angel slowly closed her door then sighed as she leaned against it feeling the sudden loss of her new love leaving for a while which they forgot to exchange on, and they have a positive outcome. Soon as Angel got up from the door, her doorbell rang she was hoping it was Jana coming back again for something else, but when she looked at the peephole she saw it was Scarlett so she sighed and unlocked her door saying,

“What do you need Scarlett? We broke up a long time ago.”

Scarlett pushed Angel inside, and they both landed on the couch as Scarlett kissed her long and hard as Angel tries to shove her off then once she pushed her off saying,

“What do you need Scarlett?”

Scarlett gave a sweet smile replying,

“I want you back of course baby, you are my world I realize that.”

Angel shoved her out of the apartment replying,

“Get the heck out of here and never come back, you found love in someone else and so have I, so get out, GET OUT!”

Angel locked the apartment again then crawled into a corner rocking herself with the freight of Scarlett breaking the door down since she is crazy enough too. Angel fell asleep an hour later with a thought of Jana in her mind seeing her beauty in her dreams as they kiss with pleasure taking on a full sexual thought from feeling each other's breasts to going down on each other than ending in a cuddle that made her heart leap. As soon as she heard a knock, her door she could hear Jana calling her name and she ran to the door hugging her tightly saying,

“I have missed you, oh my goodness I have had a rough evening after you left, my ex-girlfriend Scarlett came by and forcefully kissed me and expected me to take her back, oh please, please, please just stay with me Jana so she doesn't come back.”

Jana held Angel gently brushing her hair and pushing her lightly to the couch replying,

“I have missed you too, and I am sorry you had a rough night. I will stay with you as long as you need me and Scarlett aren't getting you, you have me.”

Angel looked up with teary eyes responding,


Jana nodded and wiped away the tears replying,

“Yes, I am right here and I won't let you go.”

Angel kissed Jana's cheek as Jana did the same as she lifted Angel's head saying,

“So, when you did sleep what did you dream of?”

Angel turned away and blushed to reply,

“Ummmmm...I am not sure how to tell you this but.....I um..uh...had a hot dream of us.”

Jana turned Angel around responding,

“Oh really?”

Angel giggled replying,


Jana and Angel giggled together then Angel got up from the couch and pulled Jana with her to the kitchen saying,

“We need breakfast, it's been a long weekend, and we need to eat more than that sandwich from the other night.”

Both ladies laughed as Jana grabbed the eggs and Angel got the bacon out as they both made a meal together while talking and carrying on.

After they had eaten, Angel grabbed Jana by the waist, kissing her with gentle ease. They moved on to the bedroom and Angel pushed Jana to the bed as they kept kissing with passion.

Their tongues intertwined together, feeling the mist of each other. Grinding their hips together and fondling each other's breasts with their clothes on, as each feeling the pace of their breaths together and they kept going in motion together.

They both squirmed beneath each other. When Angel placed her hands outside of Jana's jeans, she felt the wetness soak through. Jana was repeating the act, as both kept kissing in intensity. They rubbed each other in between the legs and both let out deep moans in between kisses. They tried not to holler each other's names into the air, as Angel felt Jana's wetness soak even more. That was when they both stopped and looked at one another in the eyes.

“That was amazing,” they said at the same time.

They both giggled, and Angel rolled off of Jana with a sweet sigh as did Jana. Angel lifted up on her shoulder.

“I know that wasn't actual sex,” she started. But that was wonderful in so many ways. Jana, you are amazing in more ways than one.

Jana smiled at Angel looking into her eyes.

“As you are but don't we got to work today?” she replied.

Angel shook her head.

“I gave everyone in the bookstore cafe a break from working so much, we've been going non-stop since we opened last year.”

Jana sat up looking at Angel in surprise. “How long have you given all your workers time off?”

“About two weeks, enough time for everyone to recover from the major holidays,” Angel winked.

Jana didn't know what to say because that is a lot of work from last year's opening to now. “So how much is the shop up to in money wise?”

Angel couldn't hide it they made quite a lot in the past year.

“We've made over a thousand or so plus paid taxes and such,” she told Jana.

“Wow!” Jana was still in complete shock.

Chapter 4

Jana couldn't believe that she and Angel just made love in their clothes. That has never happened before that, she can recall even with a male partner in her past. It was just so breathtaking that Jana would do it again with Angel, just to feel her closeness beneath her fingertips.

As Jana watched Angel go to the shower, the urge to follow was right in her panties. She held herself from following and just waited until Angel got out as she finished rubbing herself off more. She could hear Angel finishing herself off in the shower, which excited her even more. She came in her panties the same time she heard Angel came in the shower, which was a sigh reliever for them both.

Jana moved away from the bathroom door and went into the kitchen to wash her hands. Angel smiling.

“I am not the only one who needed pleasure by the voice of another.”

Jana blushed.

“I guess not. I'm going to hop in the shower really quick, I'll be right out.”

Angel nodded seeing Jana rush off to the shower as Angel turned on the television to see that Scarlett got put into a mental ward for abusing her girlfriend, Anissa. Jana came out of the shower seeing Angel smile.

“What is going on?”

Angel smiled even more.

“Scarlett is in a mental ward for abusing her current girlfriend. Finally, because I never had enough proof to get her even behind bars,” she told her.

Jana picked Angel up and twirled her around while placing a kiss on her lips.

“Thank goodness, she is gone for a while,” she agreed.

“So, I got to thinking. Since you don't like to be alone, and we just made love in our clothes that I was thinking to move in with you just in case Scarlett tries to come by here again after she gets out.”

Angel grinned even more by kissing Jana repeatedly.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes. Thousand times yes!”

Jana giggled at that enthusiastic answer.

“Well, then it's clear I'm moving in. I need to get myself more clothes, extra stuff and come back.”

Angel nodded excitedly.

“How long will it take for you to get everything and return?”

Jana thought about it.

“I would say about an hour or two, no longer than that,” she responded.

Angel gave an a-okay nod. Jana left Angel's in a hurry. As she walked by, she caught the eye of Destiny, looking at her in the evil eye, knowing this is going to be hell to get away from Destiny now.

Destiny approached Jana saying,

“Where have you been for the past twelve hours? You haven't come home at all since you met this new friend.”

Jana shrugged. She didn't want to answer. Destiny shouldn't act to her like she was her child or girlfriend. She should leave her alone.

“It is none of your business, Destiny. You got a man who keeps you busy I'm sure, between the sheets.”

Destiny looked closer into Jana's eyes then responded,

“You have fallen for someone I can tell your mood has changed, and I know it isn't Gunther or Max since you more than likely pushed them away, so who is it?”

Jana rolled her eyes replying,

“If I told you who will you leave me alone?”

Destiny nodded then waited for the response from Jana,

“Destiny, I am dating a woman her name is Scarlett Thomas.”

Destiny finally moved back from Jana replying,

“You are with that crazy chick on the news, are you nuts? I would have been happy if you just told me you were with another woman but, no, no way you have to move out of my apartment because she isn't welcome at hear me?”

Jana laughed and got in her car as she responded,

“I am glad you agree with me moving out because that is what I am doing and I am actually dating a better woman than Scarlett Thomas, but that is for me to know and you too never found out, see you later Destiny.”

That was when Jana walked off and got to the apartment stuffed everything in a bag including anything else in a bag then rushed out of the apartment and headed back towards Angel within fifteen minutes to spare as she knocked on the door. Angel smiled seeing Jana with everything in one bag and curiosity got her saying,

“Where is the rest of your stuff?”

Jana walked right into the apartment replying,

“I am not worried about it Destiny can sell the rest for rent or buy her a new place with a man she is with.”

Angel raised an eyebrow responding,

“Did you and Destiny leave on bad terms?”

Jana smiled with a reply,

“Yes, and I am glad we did she was way too noisy for my liking and stalking my every move.”

Angel nodded then closed the door as she went to Jana and gave her a hug. Jana stepped away from Angel's hug saying,

“Now I need to find a place for my clothes and essentials?”

Angel grabbed Jana's hand replying,

“How about we place them in my drawers for now until I can get a bigger place for the both of us, so you will have privacy too.”

Jana nodded responding,

“Though, we could go find a house or bigger apartment this weekend. I do have extra funds from being with Destiny, she actually kept giving me money. So I'd go out, but the money went towards books and saving for elsewhere to live. It sounds selfish I know, but I got tired of hearing her nag about me not having a man in my life.”

Angel shook her head giggling replying,

“How about this we will stay here in the meantime, and when the time comes we will move, right now we will share my room along with everything else, I honestly don't mind.”

Jana blushed responding,

“Sounds good to me.”

Angel kissed Jana on the lips whispering,

“Just so you know my mind never left that afternoon we made love in our clothes, you are beautiful in my eyes.”

Jana's lips curved into a smile whispering in return,

“I never thought that would happen and not sure why I am not sure what to think or say besides thank you.”

Angel grabbed Jana's hand leading her towards the couch as they both sat down, Angel said,

“Jana, I know we just met forty-eight hours ago it's just you are wonderful as far as I got to know and wouldn't trade it.”

Jana blushed a bright red not sure what to say at all with a woman like Angel confessing her heart to a woman she barely knows.

Chapter 5

Angel couldn't believe her eyes. Seeing that Jana returned then tore Destiny out of her life, it was like a miracle happened before her very own eyes. As she looked deep into Jana's eyes, it was like complete spark went off again in her body as she could feel the urge to keep holding hands, and even making love.

That afternoon just sparked them closer. It was such a feeling of excitement that Angel couldn't contain from Jana that within grasp. They could make love without clothes in time and see beauty under clothes would just make Angel go completely crazy. Angel took a deep breath then spoke.

“Jana, how about we get you arranged in my room? That way you can rest and be recovered before we head to work in a couple of weeks.”

Jana nodded as she got up from the couch grabbing her luggage and carrying it to the room as Angel watched Jana bend gracefully picking up her bags as Jana turned around saying,

“Are you enjoying the show?”

Angel laughed getting up off the couch and helping Jana with the luggage replying,

“Actually, I was you got a nice butt by the way.”

Jana rolled her eyes not sure how to respond to Angel's flirting ways. Angel giggled, even more, seeing Jana react the way she does it seemed that a woman has never hit on her before which is surprising seeing how beautiful she is in every way possible that makes it breathtaking. As they both put up clothes, essentials and such all around the house Angel could feel closer to Jana with her personal belongings then the house phone rings Angel picks it up saying,

“Hello, how may I help you?”

A voice on the other end replies,

“I need to speak to Jana please if she is there.”

Angel saw Jana still putting away things.

“May I ask who is calling?” she said.

The voice on the other end gave a shaking voice replying,

“I work partner...can I please speak to Jana?”

Angel sighed in frustration then responded,

“Sure, hold on a second.”

Angel placed the phone down then went over to Jana saying,

“Gunther is on the phone for you.”

Jana looked up shocked replying,

“How did he get your number, oh my gosh, this is not what I needed, I am so sorry Angel....”

Angel grabbed Jana's hands responding,

“It is okay, don't worry about it.”

Jana nodded then answered the phone, and as she spoke into the phone she could hear Jana getting frustrated then Angel heard Jana say,

“I am lesbian go the heck away and never call here again...GOODBYE!!”

That is when Jana looked at Angel with a shock that she said that within earshot as Angel said.

“Well, that is a nice way to get a man off your back.”

Jana shook her head replying,

“I have no idea where that came from...I never said that to anyone before.”

Angel hugged Jana tightly whispering,

“You have nothing to worry about it is all going to be okay.”

Jana nodded agreeing then kissed Angel gently as Jana could feel the heat between her legs warm up as she said,

“Angel, I never thought I'd be attracted to you like this, and now all I want to do is be with you even in bed...I know we already fooled around once even though it wasn't deep passionate lovemaking....”

Angel cut off Jana replying,

“Jana, sweetheart, breath, I had a feeling as we saw each other attraction would be through the roof but I don't want to break your heart either since you aren't even sure who you are. I mean sexually you are still straight and could be bi or lesbian later just can't determine it right now, I know I'm lesbian because for one a man's penis makes me sick and queasy also it is just disturbing to even think about I'll never want to sleep with one. Now as for you, I can't answer whether you have slept with a man and liked it or you are a virgin still learning who you are.”

Jana heaved a sigh responding,

“I am a virgin never had sex with either gender, but you are I need to explore before I even say I am straight, bi or lesbian. Though being attracted to you is an amazing feeling at least in my mind.”

Angel kissed Jana's forehead replying,

“In time we will be in bed together, for now, let's just enjoy one another like sharing a room and getting settled into this new beginning together.”

Chapter 6

Jana was up extra early getting ready for her new day at a bookstore cafe sleeping next to Angel has been a blessing compared to the men she had always ended up sleeping next to always wanting sex, and she wasn't all for it.

Angel felt Jana get up. She looked at the woman, seeing her amazing luscious lips and her beauty of the nightgown fall on her beautiful form. That made Angel licked her lips, but she kept her hormones in check to not scare Jana. They had kissed a few times and ground against each other when hormones were up, but they didn't go any further.

As they both fell for each other day by day, it was a miracle that nothing happened in between including exes. Angel and Jana held hands in public, kissed at times but never jumped each other like rabbits to make their relationship fall.

Angel grabbed Jana by the wrist as she whispered,

“Don't leave the bed yet, I have a surprise for you.”

Jana giggled because Angel has been showering her with gifts non-stop. From roses, teddy bears, jewelry like homemade necklaces, homemade bracelets and now another gift. As she saw Angel got out of bed naked and moving with a pure grace that was when she saw a present in her hand, wrapped perfectly in red with a blue bow and it was a small box.

They have only lived together six months and life was perfect for them no matter what it was. So as Angel got down on one knee saying,

“This isn't an engagement ring so you know, it is a promise ring from my heart to yours. This has been an amazing six months even without making love to you. I can just kiss you and sparks fly. Jana, you are the most amazing woman, and I promise to take you as mine for as long as you want me too. So will you take this as a promise?”

Jana smiled with tears streaming replying,

“Oh Angel, it is a beautiful blue ring with the right stone, you are amazing too, yes you can keep me like a promise.”

Angel slipped the blue heart-shaped ring on Jana's finger as they kissed with tears of joy. They haven't argued and stuck together through everything since living together and working together at the bookstore cafe that had been amazing as well. They have discussed renaming it to something stronger for costumer's and redesign to make it stand out.

Jana and Angel showered together again then got dressed in their uniforms for that day even though Angel is manager she made Jana her assistant and everyone loves her way of working. Jana kept up with everything from sales of books and coffee to the organization and much more. It blew Angel away completely that Jana could move just as fast as her.

Jana looked at Angel in curiosity as she saw amazement in the woman's eyes saying,


Angel smiled as she replied,

“You are just beautiful when you work the way you do.”

Jana giggled with a smile responding,

“So you find this ragged body beautiful?”

Angel grabbed Jana's butt replying,

“Sure do.”

Jana smacked Angel on the shoulder as they went back to work enjoying the day.


After a long day working in the store with Angel, Jana felt relieved to be home with her lovely girlfriend, she couldn't believe the ring on her finger as it shimmered in her eyes. Jana saw that Angel fell asleep on the couch with the television on and her sweet tea on the coffee table. As Jana went into the kitchen to get a drink, the doorbell went off scaring Angel out of her sleep as she rushed to the door with her eyes wide open seeing Angel looked at Jana with a big buffy man standing in the doorway saying,

“I need to speak with Jana.”

Jana stepped out from behind Angel replying,


The buff man pulled Jana on the wrist as they walked down the hallway a bit as he whispered to Jana,

“Since when did you decide to be with a woman? Last I checked you were straight, and we were supposed to be married soon.”

Jana whispered back to the buff man,

“I am not sure who I am yet, and I do like Angel she is wonderful. Wallace, just give me space, hell you have multiple girlfriends anyways I don't fit into you're picture life. Oh here is here ring back I have meant to return it.”

Wallace shoved Jana in the wall and kissed her with desperate as Jana shoved him off saying out loud,

“That was rather rude, now just leave, I am not coming back with you after this.”

Wallace had tears in his eyes as he walked away looking down at the floor. As Jana got back inside with Angel saying,

“I am so sorry, that is my ex-fiancee Wallace....we had a relationship of fifteen plus years, but he just is too busy for me and never really loved me.”

Angel hugged and kissed Jana as she replied,

“Don't worry Wallace can't hurt you no more, I'm here for you.”

Jana shook her head as memories flooded off the bond they used to have as she responded to Angel,

“I feel like I'm letting you down since you've had to deal with two men that have had forced themselves on me which were Gunther and now Wallace.”

Angel patted Jana on the back as she replied,

“Relax, it is all those two aren't even worth any of the hell that I can turn around on you by just making love to you.”

Jana laughed.

“You are something else, Angel,” she told her with all her heart.

They kissed a bit more in the doorway, then went inside. They decided to watch a romantic lesbian movie called “Perfect Ending.”

To Be Continued...

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