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Chapter One

It is in the middle of June, and I'm sitting on the park bench waiting for the little boy who didn't promise, but said that we will meet each other again after five years. Eight years have passed, and I still wait here every year for the same day at the same time, for he never showed up three times. He was the bravest person I ever met, and I used to be a very fat young girl during that time.

Bullies came to me and wanted to get the ice cream that I just bought from an ice cream truck. All three of them forced to steal it from my hold and when it was tossed into the ground they picked some of it and wiped it on my face. I started crying and slumped myself on the ground. Then suddenly I heard a thud. I saw the boy who wiped some ice cream on my face lying on the ground holding his right cheek. I wiped my tears and some ice cream on my face to see what was happening around me. The two other boys ran away from something they were afraid of.

"Now, say sorry to her." I looked at the one who spokes, and he poked the boy on the ground using his skateboard. Instead of apologizing, the boy ran away faster than a blink. He offered me a hand so that I could stand up and I dusted off myself. He was a boy about my age, and his hair is blonde.

"Are you hurt?" He asked having a serious concern looks on his face. It's just that I noticed; his eyes are of different colors, right is green and left is blue, and they are so beautiful. He is a young handsome angel sent from heaven and saved me. I was backed to reality when I heard him clear his throat.

Moments passed by, he helped me cleaned my face using his hand towel that he wet from the fountain nearby. We sat at the bench under an old tree, then he asked me my name and because I was too shy to ask his, he told it to me instead.

"Layla is a beautiful name, and it fits perfectly to a beautiful girl like you. By the way, my name is Cyrus." And he flashed his beautiful smile. He left me for a while and came back with two ice creams in cones. One is strawberry flavored and the other is chocolate. We ate together while talking some things about us, we laugh at his jokes and his funny faces. I knew that he was left-handed since he has his wrist watch on his right, and he uses his left hand to eat the ice cream.

He told me that his mom passed away three months ago, and he's living with his Nanny. I felt sorry for him, for he lost his mom at the very young age of eight.

I asked him if how much do I need to pay for the ice cream and the help he had done for me, but he answered "What about we meet each other again after five years on this same place on the same day and the same time?"

We shook hands as I agreed with him. Then he added. "And also a kiss on my right cheek is more than enough." Then he winked at me. I think all my blood rushed to my face, and I can't understand what I feel. I leaned in to kiss his cheek, but he suddenly faced me and I have kissed his small soft lips. No words came out from my mouth as we parted, I was just speechless. I stared at him, and he had a light and smiling face. He stood up and looked at his wrist watch saying "I have to go now, so see you again My Layl Lovely Lady." I saw him waved as he skates away from me.

That short moment with him made me forgot that I am an ugly fat eight year old girl. He stole my heart and my first kiss together with my dream to just die to get rid of my unpleasant self. Thank you, Cyrus, and see you five years from now.

I stared at my wrist watch feeling nervous and sweaty. What if he'll finally show up after eight years? How does he look like now? Do I look okay? Will he show up or will I end up waiting for nothing again? These are the questions I keep on asking myself. Fifteen minutes before eleven o'clock, it is the time he said that we will meet, and there are only five minutes left that he will show up. I have my full hope that we will meet again, I just believe in him. He didn't promise because he said that promises are meant to be broken, like how his mother promised to never leave his side.

That time is now, and nervousness never left me alone. I kept on looking at people that pass by, and the people near this bench. I scrolled down my phone to make myself busy and not looking like I'm waiting for someone that is not sure if he will show up or not.

"Can I share a seat with you?" Somebody asked, and from my peripheral vision it is a blonde girl wearing blue tight jeans, red fit t-shirt and sunglasses. I nodded 'yes' to the girl since it was 7 minutes passed, he will just approach me and ask if I am Layla.

"So, are you waiting for someone?" She asked me, I stopped on what I'm doing on my phone and looked around my surroundings again.

"Yes." I just answered short for it is to make her realized that I have no interest in talking with her, so that she'll just leave and find another bench to sit.

"How long have you been waiting for that person?" The nosy girl asked again. Okay, so now how can I get rid of you, silly?

I never noticed that the time passed by with this naughty girl kept on asking me about this and that that I never really had a single interest, and it is already twenty-one minutes past eleven. A blonde guy on a skateboard passed by, but he just ignored everyone, well maybe it's not him. Or maybe he won't come because I am with this talking girl; he would think that I am not me. I surely look different from my fat young self, my height is five feet eight inches, I weigh about fifty-five kilos, and my hair is shoulder-length and wavy chestnut brown.

Minutes passed by again and again, but this girl never left. She had asked me where school I study and where I reside, in which I answered with incorrect information. The girl finally stood up forty-five minutes after eleven. This is it, and she will finally leave. I just noticed that she got a skateboard with her. She looked at me and said "I have to go now. So, I'll see you again." She waved as she skates away from me. Well anyway, no more nosy girl that I never knew the name of.

Thirty minutes after, I left the place feeling disappointed and hopeless, again for four times now. Will I still wait for him at this same place and day next year? The answer is, I do not know and only time will tell.

Chapter Two

It's the start of the school year again, and I am on my 11th grade now. I walked through the hallway and as usual since my junior years here, students stare at me like they just saw me. Well not hastily, but I am actually one of the school's cheerleaders and belong to the school's most popular girl group, I gained this because of hard work and talent. Having my ideal self gives me a lot of confidence to face people and to slap it right on the faces of the people who bullied me before because of being fat and ugly.

My friends greeted me at my locker and asked me about my summer vacation that actually went boring, well not really boring for I just spent it at our house with my family. Belle is a good friend of mine, my best friend actually. She hurried near me and whispered something about a new girl that the new student council president is with, and she thinks she is a transfer student. And indeed they are now walking down the hallways. I stared at them especially at the new girl and I guess all of us are, that blonde girl looks familiar. Where did I see her before? I kept on retrieving my memory and yes, she's that nosy girl from the park.

As they got closer to us, I noticed that the girl was staring at me. Our gaze locked, and we now have a staring competition. She gives me a meaningful look like accusing me of lying to her, maybe because I gave her the wrong information about the school I am studying. Well, I don't know about her, but one thing is for sure, I don't care about the girl. I looked away first, rolling my eyes at her. That doesn't mean that she won the competition. It's just that I don't have any interest on her, and I hate her for maybe she's the reason Cyrus never approached me that day. I know it's mean to treat a new student like that, but I don't care. My friends looked at me then asked if what was that, and I just shrugged at them.

The months went by uneventfully, well not really uneventful since there's no nosy girl but an annoying one comes to my school life. Every school-day she greets me 'hi' or 'good morning' and says 'see you again' when I leave, or she leaves. She always keeps on saying things to me even if I ignore her or don't listen to her at all. Now I've learned to avoid her at any corner of the school that she's around, but still I can't avoid her inside the classroom. We are actually classmates for all of my subjects, how unlucky I am? Why won't she just stay away from me? I am already treating her badly, and she still talks to me even I don't give her any attention and interest. What does she want?

Another month came, and she made a very embarrassing moment in front of the school and our opponent school. It was our yearly sports competition within our city. She just brought a banner and a megaphone then cheered on me, while we cheer for our basketball team. I could just wish for the ground to open up and swallow me alive. Not just that there are a lot more, and she's even friends with my co-cheerleaders, and they really like her. I know that all she does is being nice, but it annoys me so much, especially when she looks for my attention that I don't want to give to her.

This girl is seriously getting into my nerves; will she just leave me alone? Why do I treat her like this? It's just because she is nice to everyone, she's friendly and cheerful, her jokes can make a person laugh even if it is your saddest day, she helps everyone in need especially the bullied students and even the janitors.

Chapter Three

Time passes by so fast and it's now the end of the school year. Our teachers have said goodbye and our classmates are having the year-end parties, but the one that I will attend is our cheerleader's captain. She had the grandest parties ever; there is no doubt why people love her so much.

The party tonight starts at 6:30 pm, and I know that there would be a lot of school kids coming. I went to the party with my best friend Belle. I brought my car since she doesn't have one. The music is so loud, and we need to shout so that we will hear what the other is saying. Everybody's enjoying the party, there are lots of food and drinks, and of course liquors will never be absent.

It's ten minutes past eight, and I am sitting alone here in a bench near the pool. People are getting drunk; my best friend left me to cling with her boyfriend because she's afraid that he'll spend the night with some other girls. I don't know maybe she doesn't trust the boy. Drinking any liquors especially when party like this aren't my thing, many unpleasant things can happen to you if you'll leave yourself drunk at parties. Then suddenly somebody asked to sit beside me as usual, it's the nosy annoying girl again. I guess she's a bit tipsy since she holds a can of beer.

"Enjoying the night?" She asked while taking a sip of her beer. Should I answer her? I guess, there is no need so that she'll just leave me alone. I keep scrolling through my phone looking at my social media accounts. She clears her throat and offered me the beer she's drinking, which I refused. I put down my phone and looked at her face. There's no doubt. Kailey Forrester looks beautiful, tall, and sexy, she's smart, she's nice, she's friendly, and she's every good thing you can say and some other bad things like she's annoying and nosy.

"Tell me Layl, why do you hate me so much?" Her question makes me stop thinking things about her. And the most annoying thing about her is that she calls me Layl, my friends and family call me Lay or Layla. Only one person calls me that, and it's Cyrus. Even if I already told her too many times not to call me that, she's just so stubborn.

"Do I need to answer that? Or just find the answer within yourself." I told her, while looking at the blue water on the pool dancing with the wind. "What do you mean? Have I done something wrong to you to treat me like this? Tell me please, what do I have to do to make you acknowledge my presence?" She asked me and I can feel that she's sincere.

"Just leave me alone now, and by that way I can acknowledge or even appreciate your presence with your absence. Do you get me?" I said to her rudely. It's just to keep her away from me forever. She sighed then I looked at her face and I can feel that she's hurting for tears are threatening to escape from her eyes any moment by now. She nods her head slowly while biting her lower lip, and then she stood up and walked away from me. I really don't know if what I am feeling right now, there are some pinch in my chest and a lump in my throat. Should I feel sorry for what I've said? I don't know.

She left her can of beer, and I think it's not empty, I took it and made a large sip, only to realize that it tastes like soda. I looked at it closely, and the can says it's a beer, and then I have suddenly pulled a can of soda from the can of beer. Smart girl, she's good at hiding.

I finished the content of her soda and went inside to look for my friends and then find Kailey hugging a random guy on the dance floor; they're actually dancing with the slow music that the DJ is playing. I think it's her boyfriend. Right now, I just can't explain the tension I am feeling inside me, I want to pull her away from the crowd and maybe apologize for what I have said. It's just; I feel pain in my chest, but why?

Since I didn't understand what I felt on the party seeing that girl, I texted Belle to just ride with her boyfriend's car for I don't feel good. My parents and my younger sister asked me why I went home early that night, I just told them that I got a headache and needed to rest. I tried to put myself to sleep, but I can't. Kailey keeps on invading my peaceful mind and now I can't sleep and it's already two in the morning. All I need is to stop thinking about you, please let me sleep.

Chapter Four

Summer vacation is starting and as the way it is, it's the time all the students are waiting for especially me. It is now again in the middle of June and my hopes is back to meet up with Cyrus again. And I really hope that this time, he would finally show up.

I am again sitting with this usual bench that I always sit to wait for him every year. Memories of that very time we met came back to me, but it was cut by the thought of him that what if he won't show up again? Will I still be that same young girl that dreams that he will actually come back, and we would be happy together? I am sure that I love him, or maybe Belle was right that it's just a puppy love or just a child's dream.

I sighed and looked at the time. It's now that time. Then again and again, I kept on looking at the surrounding people, my surroundings and searching for any signs of Cyrus, but there's none.

I scroll down my phone to look for the photos I made this school year, just to keep me busy. A sound of a skateboard that just stopped by the person in front of me made me startled. Who might this person be?

My gaze travels from the rubber shoes slowly to the legs, to the thighs, and it's wearing a short shorts. Alright no doubt, disappointingly it's a girl, again. I never bothered to look at the face of the girl when she started to speak.

"Can I sit beside you, again?" Her annoying voice and also irritating voice filled my ears. I just sighed and looked at the person and said something rude as usual.

"Are you stalking me all the time?" She just got a confused look and shrugged.

"You know what; there are a lot of other benches around that you can sit." I told her, so that she'll leave me.

"Well, they're all occupied." She simply said and sat beside me. It is her again from last year that I went here to wait.

"Then sit with them." I added coldly.

"But I like you. I mean I like to sit with you." She said, stuttering. My ears perked up upon hearing what she just said.

"But I got here first and you can't sit beside me." I argued her.

"Do you have a name on it? And does it say that I am not allowed to sit beside you?" She asked and got the confidence that she's right.

"No, but do you?" I asked her, not letting her win this one."Yep, and you're actually sitting on it." She answered.

I stood up to look for it and I found something written. "My name is Kailey, and I can sit here with the beautiful girl with a beautiful name, Layla." It says.

"Haha, very funny." I said sarcastically and sat back down.

"It's not a joke." She seriously said staring at me. Then I remembered something.

"I thought it was clear to you to stay away from me, and now you're bothering me again?" I reminded her rudely.

"Hold on a second Layl girl, you never said that. What you said was to leave you alone just that night, not forever or staying away from you." She argued. This girl is really getting into my nerves. And I think my face turned red from frustration? Or at the words she had written on the bench that I am sitting on? I don't know, but this girl is really something unpredictable.

"What actually are you doing here?" She asked me to break the tension.

"I should be the one asking you that." I answered with a grouchy face.

"Well, I always skate here especially on weekends and sometimes after classes. But now it's summer vacation, so I think I'm here every day. And I also live in a nearby apartment. Yeah, what about you?" She explained, and I just answered that I just sat here to watch people and get some fresh air. Honestly, my house is forty minutes drive from this park and it's far, so I just come here once a year.

Moments passed by with this girl talking nonsense to me, while I scroll down my phone. She makes jokes that are actually funny but I won't show her that I'm actually listening and not mind my phone. She also shared some of her experiences from her old school, that she was used to be bullied because she's different from the other girls in their school. I used to be bullied before, but it was a long time ago when I was younger. Thanks to Cyrus who gave me the inspiration and my motivation to become who I dream to be. And talking about him, he's still not around and it's already thirty minutes past eleven.

I sighed and looked at the surrounding people, in which I momentarily forgot that I am with somebody. She placed her right hand gently on my left thigh to catch my attention and asked me if I am alright. I looked at her face, and she really showed concern. I just noticed that her eyes were of a beautiful shade of blue, and it perfectly fits with her beautiful face and straight blonde hair. She's actually so hot with what she's wearing; no I should not say anything like that about a girl. I'm not a man looking hungrily at every sexy woman. Then I just erased the thought of her.

As the minutes passed by, I went quiet and blank, like I can barely think of anything. My companion is also quite, while scrolling through her phone. I wonder if what she's looking at, for she keeps on smiling like crazy. Maybe she looked through her photos of her boyfriend. She's so lucky to have a sweet boyfriend. I keep sighing and sighing realizing that my childhood dream would never come true, and it'll forever be just a mere dream.

While I am busy looking at my messages, Kailey called my name and as I looked at her she snapped a photo of me using her phone.

"Hey, delete that one." I yelled and tried to get her phone from her grip to delete it myself, but she stood up and ran with her skateboard. She's five meters away from me, and then she said that she has to go, and she'll just see me again, which I shouted back that I don't want to see her ever again. And I know that she won't be minding it.

I looked at my watch to see that it's already twelve eleven. I didn't notice that the time went by so fast. Maybe that's because of Kailey. She kept me distracted about the slow pace of time. Alright thanks to her, and I think I should go home too. I'm so sorry Cyrus, but this will be the last time I will wait for your return. Goodbye, and thanks for everything.

Chapter Five

A month and days passed, and it's the start of class again. Should I be happy or sad that this was my last year in high school? I don't think so, I'll just enjoy the time I have left as a high school student.

I walk through the hallways and the students still stares at me with some whispers at their groups. I wonder if what they are talking about me. As I got nearer to my usual locker, my friend Belle hurried to me and told me that I am actually a hot topic of the school together with Kailey. I just gave a confusing look, for I really don't know if what they are talking about. And what she said shocked me most.

"Kailey came out as lesbian and confessed her love to you at our year-end party last time." Here I am with my mouth hung open, totally speechless.

"I thought you were there that time? She actually announced it with the microphone." She added, but I can barely hear her. My brain is gone emptied with thoughts. How should I react? Should I be mad or glad? Why would I be glad, when she embarrassed me in front of the school? I should be mad with her, really mad.

This is very shocking news to me, and yet that girl talked to me last June like she just done nothing big. But she got a boyfriend, how is she a lesbian? I don't know, maybe she's just fooling around with them.

My friends kept on talking about Kailey that she's too beautiful, sexy, and she just went to like girls, then how she stupidly confessed something. Others say that she was just drank that night.

While I stayed quiet listening to their gossips and experiences, somebody nudged my side and I saw Belle looking behind me. I looked at where she's looking and there I saw Kailey with the boy she danced with that night that who I thought is her boyfriend. The boy's arm is actually around Kailey's shoulders, and I felt something familiar, the same feelings I felt when I saw them dancing together. Am I jealous? No, of course not. She's a girl, and I shouldn't like a girl, and I hate her like so much, and I am also mad at her.

How could she say something that she's not responsible? She told everyone that she loves me, and yet she brought her boyfriend afterwards in school. I now conclude that she's just playing with my emotions. This is her vengeance to me for actually hating her and treating her badly since we met. She's just one plastic girl and a bad liar.

As they come closer to our direction, I took a deep breath and turned my back to go to the classroom alone. I heard her say "hi" and "good to see me again", but I just ignored her and walked away from them. I just can't see their faces right now.

She greeted and talked to my friends, well she's also friends with them too. And maybe she introduced her boyfriend to prove that she's just playing around that night when she said that she's a lesbian, or maybe it was just a dare from a Truth or Dare game. Yeah, that would be it. So, I should not feel bad or something about it. But why do I feel so hurt inside knowing that she got a boyfriend? No, maybe this is just confusion because of what she said, and I shouldn't think of some other things which are unnecessary.

Days passed by and my feelings changed to something lighter than before the moment I knew that the boy whose name is Zan, that I thought were Kailey's boyfriend is gay, and they're just childhood best friends. He transferred here for it's his eleventh grade. I don't know but I somewhat felt happy, I guess. I still haven't made sure if what she had said is true, and that should really come from Kailey and not from gossips.

I'm just wondering why I am feeling something deep and unexplainable for her. I told Belle about it, and she said that maybe I am developing romantic feelings for Kailey, but I don't want to believe in that.

Chapter Six

Months have passed and things are normal as it seems, except for the flowers that I am receiving from random people every day. That if I'm going to ask them if where did it come from, they won't answer me. There's a card that says some sweet words, but there is no name on it. I wonder if who's the one responsible for all of this, yet there is one person on my mind and it's Kailey.

One Friday afternoon, Kailey approached me while I was on the school's parking space. She attempted to say something more but failed, all she had said was that she was happy to see me. I just gave her a confused look and rudely told her to continue to say what she wanted to say. Then what she said next hurt my feelings.

"You wouldn't care about it anyway. So I think I'll just see you whenever." She left me speechless and I realized that was I that numb towards her? Then reality hits me, that every time she approaches me or talks to me, all I give her is a cold treatment. I always say rude things on her, yet all she had done is always treat me nice and was patient about my bad attitude towards her. I'm so sorry for everything, Kailey, if I could have just said those words to you.

I have finally decided to tell my family about how I feel, and they told me that it was okay, and they support me. My family is so nice and understanding, and I am very lucky to have them. I heard stories about some girls who come out to their families are disowned, and some are sent to conversion camps. My best friend accepted me, and she's really supportive about it. And she's very okay with Kailey for she knows that she's a very good person.

A week and a half have passed, and I'm beginning to worry about during those days, for I haven't seen Kailey. My friends kept asking me if I was okay or not, for I have been acting so different these past days. They also noticed that Kailey wasn't around for awhile now, and I'm actually thinking if maybe that it has something to do with what Kailey wanted to tell me that day at the parking lot. I gathered all my courage to ask her best friend Zan if he knew what happened to Kailey or where she is. Her absence made me so worried, that what if something bad happened to her or what if she's sick, but I hope that she's in good condition right now.

Zan told me that she went back to New York for she's resolving a conflict with her father. Her father knew that she was misbehaving at this school, and he threatened to freeze her bank account and other stuffs. Now I became more worried on her than before, especially that Zan is not sure if when she will come back here. New York is eight hours flights from here and it's very far.

Today is Saturday and staying at home is making me feel uncomfortable, so I decided to drive around the town and get some fresh air. I don't know how my car brought me to the park that I supposed to wait for the person who never returned. The thought of Kailey being here when I felt bored waiting for Cyrus made me smile. How she asks if she could share a seat with me, her jokes and her smile. I sighed as I realized that I am missing her. The words I have said to her that I could only acknowledge and appreciate her presence with her absence are now coming back to me. If ever, we will meet again, I am really going to ask for her forgiveness for all the things, mean things that I have said to her, and for the way I have treated her.

As I sit here at the usual bench of the park, four guys approached me, and I know that they have bad intentions. They asked me to give my name and my number. I refused, and they threatened me, that they knew if where I go home, which made me scared. What if they'll stalk me? I should report them to the police.

One of them sat beside me, and he says things about him, that he is great, and he found himself having an interest on me as he saw me sitting here alone and asked me to go with him. It really terrifies me for how I am going to escape from them, they're too many. I can feel that I am about to cry for I can't explain what I am feeling, I'm scared and worried about myself. I told them that I wasn't single, and I'm not interested in him, that made them furious and mad. And now what I have gotten myself into? If Cyrus was just here to save me again, no he never came back. Kailey, I need you now, but she never said that she would come back. What should I do?

"Hey Dudes, you know what? You are messing with the wrong person." Somebody said behind them, and that made us look to the one who spokes. I instantly felt alive and safe as I saw her beautiful face again. Kailey, she's here, and I am not dreaming. It's her, with her skateboard as usual, and looking so hot and sexy.

The guy who sat behind me stood up while the others are taunting her for she's another hot chick. Now I am worrying about her. She told them to leave me alone and said that I actually belong to her. That was such a sweet music to my ears, and I think I am blushing. Some of them reacted as if they were disgusted; one guy said that he can make the both of us straight. Kailey's just keeping her cool as she forms her hands into fists, and I can see that she's gritting her teeth.

The guy who sat beside me earlier has not said anything, and I can sense that he's scared of something, maybe it's Kailey. Does he know her? Kailey stared at him like she wants him to say something. The guy apologized to me and swears not do it again. Then he dragged along with him his companions and left us alone. Now I know that Kailey could be scary sometimes.

As they left, I run to her and kissed her on the lips. It was soft and moist from her lip gloss. I felt something weird, and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. She turned stiff for a moment for maybe she's shocked, and then she responded. I don't care if there are people watching, all I need is Kailey. I hugged her tight as we parted; she hugged me back and kissed my forehead. I thanked her for saving me, and I told her how sorry I am for everything.

She asked me if I am okay or anything hurt, and I felt overwhelmed as she's here again with me now. I also confessed to her my feelings and with that she looked me straight on the eyes to know if I am joking or if I'm serious.

One thing is for sure, I love her.But as I stare at her eyes, I noticed something different with her. Her eyes are of different colors, right is green and blue on the left. Her eyes made me remember of someone, Cyrus. But it can't be, Kailey's eye color is blue. She noticed that I am confused and immediately looked away from me. No, I need her to say something about this.

"Tell me, Kailey, what is it? How are your eyes in different colors?" I asked her continually, but she just went quiet.

"Who are you? Look at me in the eyes Kailey, or should I say Cyrus." I asked her again, a little angry.

"Don't lie to me. Who are you?" I added for she's not saying anything. I told her to sit down with me. How oblivious am I not to notice her with me all the time I am waiting for Cyrus? She comes on time and leaves on time, she calls me Layl, she never says goodbye but instead I have to go and see you again, she always had her skateboard with her, she's left hander, she got blonde hair, but why does she have to hide her eye colors?

She has been staring at the ground for too long, and then she finally looked at me and apologized for everything. She confirmed that her name was Cyrus Kailey Forrester, and that she's wearing a contact lens on her right eye whenever I'm around. I finally caught her because she wasn't expecting to see me here today.

"Why do you have to lie, Kailey?" I asked her, and I could feel that she's nervous.

"I was afraid. Afraid that you won't like me or you'll get disgusted by me that I am not who you thought to me be. I'm so sorry Layl." She answered, shaking.

"I only thought that you were the bravest person I ever met. But I was wrong." The look in her eyes shows that she regretted everything. I can't blame her, though. It's actually me who was so oblivious about everything.

She told me the reason behind it that her mom tolerated her before to do what she wanted, and to look like a boy is one of it. She always wanted to be a boy since she was little, and it was one of the reasons of her parents' divorce. And when her mom died, her father brought her to New York and made her what she should be, a girl. That was the reason she went back there for her father knew about her behavior in school that she came out as a lesbian and not caring about the society's view.

Her father let her stay here with her Nanny for business matters and study at her birthplace. That guy earlier, who threatened me, is actually working at the establishment that Kailey's father owns. She had told her father to disown her for misbehaving and that she doesn't care if she would live a simple life without him yet a happy life, rather than she has every money, material and food, but she just had to hide for who she really is and be lonely and regretful for the rest of her life. She left her father no choice for she's his only offspring, and no one would inherit all his business and things.

Kailey is indeed a brave person, for she fought about how she feels even if most of the society and her only family left is against it.

Am I lucky? Or it is just fate that made a way for me to love the person whom I once loved.


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