A directory of free gay and lesbian-themed ebooks, from the authors and publishers at Smashwords.

Poems for a Favoured Lover by Rori O'Keeffe Poems for a Favoured Lover by May 23, 2018 1,120 words Read a sample
Will she ever be ready to leave the closet? I've waited for years, and still she won't end my misery. Are these poems the answer? Adult-only.
Love Lost by Lady Lilium Love Lost by May 22, 2018 67,770 words Read a sample
Softcore/slice of life yaoi
Samus' World S2: Episode 1: Samus' World S2: Episode 1: "Hello Again, Friend of a Friend!" by May 21, 2018 5,050 words Read a sample
In this episode, Samus Ortiz is back one month after his attack. He is already taking on a new responsibility at his new job while also juggling a relationship with his new boyfriend. But things take an unexpected turn when he is confronted with a ghost from his past! And the arrival of a new threat will change Samus' World forever!
Samus' World: Episode 6: Samus' World: Episode 6: "The Last?" by May 17, 2018 4,260 words Read a sample
In the finale episode of the season, Samus is fired from his job but receives an amazing opportunity from an unlikely source. Meanwhile, Samus' attacker is revealed and it's probably not who you were expecting! And the lives of Samus and his friends are changed dramatically in an unexpected way.
Samus' World: Episode 5: Samus' World: Episode 5: "The Truth Revealed!" by May 15, 2018 3,660 words Read a sample
In this episode, Dylan tells Samus the reason he blocked him after their date and the truth causes Samus to make a decision. And the flash forward reveals the last visitor Samus had over the house, before he was stabbed!
Samus' World: Episode 4: Samus' World: Episode 4: "Next!" by May 13, 2018 3,470 words Read a sample
In this episode, Samus goes on a date with Thomas Redfield, a proud nerd and Gaymer. Things take a very weird and disgusting turn. But Tara comes to the rescue with her speed dating event where Samus encounters all sorts of guys-each messier than the next; but the night ends with Samus running into an old familiar face! And, the flash forward reveals the fate of our protagonist.
If Lost, Please Return To by A.M. Valenza If Lost, Please Return To by May 12, 2018 13,310 words Read a sample
Niamh's rookery doesn't approve of Feliz. He's human, not selkie, and Niamh is always giving him her fur for safekeeping. It doesn't matter that Feliz has never tried to take or hide it, just that Niamh trusts him, a human, to guard it. Feliz doesn't mind the rookery's scorn so much, as long as he can be with Niamh. But then Niamh's cousin, Flannán, decides on a surprise visit to his home...
Clockworld by Will Perks Clockworld by May 12, 2018 21,020 words Sample 20%
Come to Clockworld, it's full of drugs and too far away for anyone to cause trouble. Better yet, send your troubled, snooty children there and call it a boarding school. Blackhall is light years from Earth, but for the boys stuck there--the ones dealing with hormones, relationships, brain chemistry, sexuality and every other thing--it's their very own home-slash-prison.
The Good Book Of Bad Stories by Bonnie Aubigney The Good Book Of Bad Stories by May 11, 2018 18,520 words Read a sample
A book of short stories about queer love and the supernatural.
Samus' World: Episode 3: Samus' World: Episode 3: "Porky" by May 10, 2018 2,900 words Read a sample
After a confrontation from his ex boyfriend's current flame, Samus goes on a date with an older man and it takes a strange turn no one was expecting. And the flash forward pins our hero against all odds.
Orion's Circle(Sirius Wolves 1) by Victoria Sue Orion's Circle(Sirius Wolves 1) by May 10, 2018 57,330 words Read a sample
Aden, a young were, has been his pack's omega ever since, at the age of fifteen, he didn't shift like everyone else. Caught, reviled, and tortured because of his empathic abilities, he knew on the night he was told to run as sport for the pack hunters that it would end in his death. Rescued by his three destined mates he discovered his role and that the fate of all humankind rests with him.
Samus' World: Episode 2: Samus' World: Episode 2: "Exes and Oh...Nos" by May 08, 2018 3,170 words Read a sample
In this episode, Samus and Ursula catch up on their crazy love life- or lack of one. Then Samus goes on a date with a man named Phillip who isn't quite as ready to move on as one might think. And, a flash forward reveals the fate of our protagonist.
The Powers of Prophecy by Rori O'Keeffe The Powers of Prophecy by May 05, 2018 3,590 words Sample 33%
What would you do if you made a brave coming out to your family, and the worst things happened to you as a result? Annie is fourteen when she tells her homophobic family that she is gay, and all seems benign until her devout sister Christine takes on a malevolent hatred for her. Christine warns her that God will subject her to punishments, and what occurs traumatizes Annie. ~3,000 words.
Samus' World: Episode 1: Samus' World: Episode 1: "Pilot" by May 05, 2018 4,220 words Read a sample
In this episode, we meet Samus Ortiz who is the Entertainment Writer for NYC's top LGBTQ paper, 'L&G Daily'. After a date goes awry, Samus decides to start writing a dating column geared towards Gay men, which doesn't go well with his boss. The ending will leave readers in shock and waiting for the next episode.
The Complete Edition of the Rick&Jerry Series by Karl Five The Complete Edition of the Rick&Jerry Series by May 05, 2018 98,200 words Read a sample
"It seemed that nothing was going to go right for me that day. I had finally made up my mind to end it all and jump off the Neuse River Bridge. Then I picked up a hitchhiker and the world changed." This is the complete edition of all 7 of the Rick&Jerry eBooks. I hope you’ll follow along with them as they pull their lives together, face their fears and failures, and search for their dreams.
Hot Tar and Woody:  Happy Memories of Youth by Rori O'Keeffe Hot Tar and Woody: Happy Memories of Youth by May 04, 2018 2,830 words Sample 33%
This short memoir centers on my memories of budding sexuality. I can never forget my first lover, at the end of high school, who treated me like gold. Although I was in the closet about also liking girls, and had a lesbian best friend, my first time could not have been with a better guy at a better time. I'll always be grateful to Woody for showing me the way in matters of love. 18+. ~2350 words.
Date with a Festival by Karl Five Date with a Festival by May 04, 2018 16,440 words Read a sample
Asheville is having a Gay Festival. When Rick asks if Jerry wants to go, Jerry suggests that they take Lonnie, a young teen-ager who thinks he may be gay. Rick agrees and Jerry replies, "It’s a date." But that date turns into something they never expected to happen. And it wasn't good.
Lightning in a Bottle by K.L. Noone Lightning in a Bottle by April 27, 2018 7,860 words Read a sample
Despite his skill with a guitar, Adam’s never had much stage presence -- he leaves that to Lee, his band’s lead singer, who makes his lyrics rock. The problem is, Adam's lyrics are secret love letters for Lee, though he's never had the courage to say so. But when a legendary rock star and scandalous sex demon turn up at their show, Adam might finally figure out how to get everything he wants.
Max & Alex by HM69 & Huntern Prey Max & Alex by
& April 23, 2018
11,630 words Sample 20%
An unlikely pair of young men who find themselves in a crazy casino specializing in slavery, dungeons and sex-games. Love blossoms under the most unusual conditions and somehow, don’t ask me how, Max keeps his virgin ass intact!
Quench by Xondra Day Quench by April 16, 2018 5,130 words Read a sample
Lost in a post-apocalyptic world where water is scarce, Bryan is desperate to quench his thirst in more ways than one. When an old friend suddenly reappears, Bryan realizes there is hope for the future. Old memories of a once lush world help to ignite long buried emotions. Can love survive in this dry harsh world?
"You're leaving?" "For Sleipnir." by April 12, 2018 2,520 words Read a sample
LOUIS is a rough and tough cadet of the Institution. What he's got in talent, he lacks in emotional stability. A chance encounter puts him in the hands of the Institution's legendary captain, JAY LEFEVRE...
The Darkness of Our Wounds: Ciarán by Xia Xia Lake The Darkness of Our Wounds: Ciarán by April 10, 2018 10,530 words Sample 50%
Ciarán is a young, gay submissive, member of a very select BDSM club for the rich called the Downtown Private Gentlemen’s Club. He is a pain slut, and can achieve pleasure only at the sting of a bullwhip. Ciarán needs to have a breakthrough before it's too late and his pain need puts his safety in real danger.Richard seeks the help of one of the darkest dominants he knows to help Ciarán.
Mission: Protect The Ex by Alina Popescu Mission: Protect The Ex by April 10, 2018 9,280 words Read a sample
Sean never thought his military career would ever have him babysitting his ex who he hasn’t seen in six months.
Breaking Free (Freeing Beck Book 1) by L. Loryn Breaking Free (Freeing Beck Book 1) by April 07, 2018 19,970 words Read a sample
Dark haired, green eyed Beck’s finally ready to attend his coming out party. He’s bent on finding his freedom when he meets Tobias who’s bent on setting him free.
The Future is Deadly: A Supernatural Sunglasses Story by Foxglove Lee The Future is Deadly: A Supernatural Sunglasses Story by April 06, 2018 8,580 words Read a sample
When Tucker finds a pair of psychic sunglasses, he’s convinced he can see the future. And the future is deadly! Tucker and his boyfriend organize estate sales. When they’re hired to clear out a mysterious manor house, he discovers a set of vintage sunglasses. Through their lenses, he sees a murder that has yet to take place. What lengths will he go to in order to keep the victim safe from harm?
Breaking Bonds by Lady Lilium Breaking Bonds by April 03, 2018 68,540 words Read a sample
Gay sex – mouth fucking – and constantly mounting the uke and treating him like a slut and making him moan like the little bitch he is. (This is a slice of life - NO MINORS - CONTAINS MATURE SEXUAL CONTENT)
Costumes by Dianne Hartsock Costumes by April 01, 2018 6,140 words Read a sample
While exploring the attic one day, Jordan and his boyfriend Bennie come across a trunk full of their old Halloween costumes. But they also find a strange old key, and a door that couldn't possibly lead anywhere...
The Arrangement by Sasha McCallum The Arrangement by March 28, 2018 23,140 words Read a sample
A woman plays landlord to her cousin and finds herself pulled into the girls life.
The Omega's Wager by Colbie Dunbar The Omega's Wager by March 27, 2018 5,760 words
Easter is approaching & Lord Cuthbert ‘Cuddy’ Trenton’s mate, Viscount Henry Caldwell is planning a ball & a journey. Against a backdrop of political turmoil, Cuddy is resistant to change while Henry revels in it. As an omega, Lord Trenton must bend to his alpha’s wishes, but before the pair can agree on their plans, their lives are upset by something more remarkable than a holiday or gossiping al
Into the Deep by S.A. Meyer Into the Deep by March 18, 2018 5,230 words Read a sample
Hattie's always felt like a fish out of water. She had no desire to get married or start a family. All she wanted was to travel the sea and learn her secrets. She didn't care that it was improper for a woman to be a sailor and she had no faith in superstitions. Hattie should have been more careful what she wished for.
Where Death Meets the Devil :Coda by L.J. Hayward Where Death Meets the Devil :Coda by March 17, 2018 7,370 words Read a sample
Jack Reardon's homecoming isn't quite as peaceful as he hoped it would be . . .
Omega Society Auction: Episode One by Eileen Glass Omega Society Auction: Episode One by March 15, 2018 21,680 words
Powerful alphas seek mates who will submit themselves voluntarily. But who would sell themselves and become a breeder? Rourke’s terminally ill mother needs a cure that’s only accessible to the very rich. An omega auction can pay for it.
Growing Pains by Megs Pritchard Growing Pains by March 15, 2018 8,700 words Read a sample
Being a single father isn’t easy after his wife died, but Damian loves his son with all his heart. When he encounters another single father at the same nursery, is he ready to embrace a part of his life he’d left behind? M/M Romance – hot sweaty man sex! Don’t read if you don’t like men getting it on.
The Adventurer King by K. A. Cook The Adventurer King by March 10, 2018 12,000 words Read a sample
Seven years ago, Darius Liviu met a talking sword belt in the Great Souk, an eldritch being who changed his life forever. In that time, he has learnt something of the sword, mastered strange magic and survived dangerous jobs, but he still feels out of place. A wandering monarch, Efe Kadri, has an offer that might provide that certainty, if only he has the courage to say yes...
Rx for Sex by Bru Baker Rx for Sex by March 07, 2018 6,210 words Read a sample
Dr. Barr Campbell and his partner Dr. Charlie Winters are no strangers to long hours and brutal schedules, but when Charlie has to pick up extra night shifts Barr finds it hard to adjust. Luckily for him Charlie has a plan--and an Rx for Sex might be just what this doctor needs.
Heartbeat (Part One) by James Ryder Heartbeat (Part One) by Feb. 23, 2018 10,660 words Read a sample
Heartbeat follows Christopher Townsend during the turbulent years of 1930s Germany. As Nazi flags fly over every building and jackboots march on the cobbled streets, Christopher, a struggling writer, falls for the debonair and mysterious Max Ollendorf. But the closer Christopher gets to Max, the more he wonders about the man he finds so passionately attractive.
The World in His Eyes by A.J. Thomas The World in His Eyes by Feb. 22, 2018 45,060 words
Can a flirtatious young doctor and a work-obsessed computer engineer turn their hot Grindr hookup into something more?
Jaynell's Wolf by Amber Kell Jaynell's Wolf by Feb. 16, 2018 35,590 words Read a sample
Previously released Sometimes it takes a little magic to find true love…

 His father’s dying wish had Jaynell Marley signing up to attend the Mayell Wizard Academy. It only takes him a short time to realize he doesn’t belong. His abilities, far more advanced than the other students, cause jealousy. Knowing how to speak Gnome and summon a dragon puts him beyond everyone’s skills but the teachers
Bone Sliding by Anders Flagstad Bone Sliding by Feb. 09, 2018 64,790 words Sample 20%
What if you weren’t comfortable in your own skin? What if you weren’t comfortable in someone else’s skin either? Paul Olsen isn’t comfortable. But he has no cause to be that way. At least that’s what everyone keeps telling him. He has everything a teenager could want. But Paul is not satisfied. What’s wrong with him? Maybe the nagging suspicion the Universe has him unexpectedly switching bodies?
The Omega's Gamble by Colbie Dunbar The Omega's Gamble by Feb. 08, 2018 4,700 words
Saint Valentine’s Day is for lovers, but for one omega it’s full of painful memories. Lord Cuthbert ‘Cuddy’ Trenton, has agreed to attend a gathering of alphas and omegas, but instead of a dreary evening making pleasant conversation, he meets an alpha who prides himself on never being tied down or tamed. But what begins not as an attraction but revulsion, finishes with something very different.
Hidden Talents: A deliciously twisted M/M trilogy by Claire Cray Hidden Talents: A deliciously twisted M/M trilogy by Feb. 03, 2018 240,220 words Read a sample
A trickster telepath running for his life. A yakuza sex-hustler trying to go straight. A surly young torture survivor who just wants to eat some pizza. These are just a few of the beautiful weirdos called Talents. Born with extraordinary abilities, they walk the razor-sharp edges of sex, power and madness -- while trying to outmaneuver a sinister global corporation determined to enslave them all.
Always You, Only You by Suilan Lee Always You, Only You by Feb. 03, 2018 40,290 words Read a sample
Miki Hayashi moves into Shin's loft for one year of college in Seoul, and falls in love Shin. They are happy for a year, until Miki leaves to go back home to Tokyo. Can they keep the happiness they find in each other?
Heart Eyes (Adam and Penn's First Valentine's Day) by Teodora Kostova Heart Eyes (Adam and Penn's First Valentine's Day) by Feb. 01, 2018 8,960 words
A short story featuring the characters from the West End series by Teodora Kostova - Dance, Mask, Dreaming of Snow and Piece by Piece. Could be read as a cute Valentine's Day stand-alone.
Ur Mom Gaye: A Short Story by PcPowerUp by Adalyn McComb Ur Mom Gaye: A Short Story by PcPowerUp by Jan. 31, 2018 4,900 words Read a sample
is your best friend a homosexual? yes
Dawn of Dystopia: Prequel to Dystopia in Drag by C. M. Barrett Dawn of Dystopia: Prequel to Dystopia in Drag by Jan. 30, 2018 31,010 words Read a sample
Gerry, abandoned by his parents when he’s ten, gets adopted, along with his best friend by a gay man who lives in Greenwich Village. After famines and plagues threaten their charmed lives, their very survival is endangered when the Redeemers, a powerful evangelical church, threatens those who don’t toe their religious line. A tragedy shocks him into the truth of his not-quite-human nature.
MEN! by Aaron Ronnie Hawkins MEN! by Jan. 24, 2018 23,040 words Read a sample
The "Waiting to Exhale" for gay men! It chronicles the lives of 4 guys, Steven, Braze, Jonathan an Princeton who move from Indiana to wild Atlanta an they get into all types of heartbreak an situations as well as love an happiness! As they deal with these MEN, the realize at the end of the day, thru tears, hugs, an even a death....they are there for each other!
Moravia MontClare, Vampire Vexed by T.T. Thomas Moravia MontClare, Vampire Vexed by Jan. 17, 2018 9,060 words
In a fit of non-existential pique, and an irrational fear that she may have the plague, Moravia MontClare, top recruiter for the Karnofsky vampire family, quits her job, gets a pet and looks for a new lover. On the night of her birthday party, she sees something she can’t have: Basilica Sauternes, a gorgeous human, an art historian, and Straight. Life is long, and then you can’t die.
Sunrise on Birdcage Walk, and Other Flash Fiction Stories by Stuart Page Sunrise on Birdcage Walk, and Other Flash Fiction Stories by Jan. 15, 2018 2,760 words Read a sample
Sunrise on Birdcage Walk, and Other Flash Fiction Stories is a short collection made up of 25 multi-genre pieces, all at 99 words each. These bite sized experiences are perfect for when you crave the feeling of being swept up into another world, but you just don't have the time to invest in bigger works.
Fire of Ennui (Evocation Book 1) by Ivana Skye Fire of Ennui (Evocation Book 1) by Jan. 13, 2018 37,380 words Read a sample
Nena has already done the one thing she wanted in life: become the champion of a major athletic competition at a younger age than anyone else ever had. So now what’s she to do? Well, apparently, discover that she has superpowers…
The Unexpected Gift of Love Anthology by Suilan Lee The Unexpected Gift of Love Anthology by Jan. 13, 2018 13,150 words Read a sample
The Unexpected Gift of Love Ren Hill has fascinated Ryan Pape for years, but he was always unreachable. Until they meet in the parking lot at a no-tell, one star motel. Ryan must now take courage to convince Ren that they are right for each other. Monday Evenings, Thursday Dinner and Sunday Afternoon Reed and Kristos have a fight, and Reed is worried that they might lose their perfect life.